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  1. It;s because Strong woman Do Bong Soon has its final 2 eps this week. I think from next week onwards they will increase. Especially after todays preview of ep4 <3
  2. OMG this drama is a total gem! I love it so much, this is even good as Goblin, only Yoo Ah In is soooo freaking sexy. I want to kidnap him and ahum.... Hope the ratings will increase because in my opinion it's so much underrated. Yoo Ah In <3
  3. MY God, this thread is all about Ha Suk Jin, and in a perverted way as well! I don't mind :P. He is one of my favorite actors as well, he seems so genuine in real life and he is the total package. Love this drama and his chemistry with Go Ah Sung. Can't wait for them to fall in love, I truly hope she won't die and was misdiagnosed.
  4. I swear GONG YOO will be the death of me. He has aged so finely, I want to kidnap him and marry him . How can his smile be so attractive? This man is the embodiment of MANLY HOTNESS. Glad the ratings keep getting higher. My guess: they need to be deeply in love before she can touch his sword (aka consummate the wedding). But he can't just die yet because there is no closure yet on his life. I hope to see more jealous petty goblin in the next episodes, he is just so damn hot and cute when he is being petty and showing off.
  5. The drama is becoming repetitive, we don't see her mermaid habits, and she is too quiet for my like. I would have liked it for more interaction between her and the trio, people are getting bored with nothing really happening. Besides, the evil man has no real plot. I liked the first few episodes so much more, there need to be more romcom and less serious stuff. Still hoping for a twist in the story asap.
  6. Because they're the reason KS became a goblin. From what I get by watching ep 1 both the queen and the king were selfish people and they were the one who brought misfortune to the Goblin. Man, I can't say how much I love this drama. I have always wanted to watch a guardian/ward drama and this one is nailing it on all points. It's so freaking good, but the OST is so so. I don't like that stupid song when they were having a stare down in the green background (the english one). It's so unfitting, I would prefer a ballad over this song. And the song at the end is so repetitive and kinda annoying. If only Gummy/Taeyeong/Hyorin were singing for this drama. Glad the ratings are doing so good! I think this is the first time ever a TVN drama rated 14.3%! Gong Yoo my man, you deserve it so much. Imagine if this was on SBS etc, I'm pretty sure the ratings would reach the 30%. Date Episode Nielsen Korea (%) TNmS (%) Nationwide Seoul Peak 2016-12-02 01 6.322 7.540 9.3 6.7 2016-12-03 02 7.904 10.024 11.2 8.1 2016-12-09 03 12.471 14.274 - -
  7. MY GOD, it's HERE!!!! Gong Yoo & Lee Dong Wook, what a pair of hotties! The cast is so amazing and everybody is nailing their role, the cinematography is BREATHTAKING, it's even better than movies. I am so happy there is so much chemistry between the leads, I thought KGE wouldn't have this much chemistry with GY, but they both are doing such a wonderful job. And it's a first for me but I am so happy to finally like Yoo In Ah! This is a character made for her, she is so cool! So who was the guy who took that leaf from her book? It seemed as if it was Goblins nephew, because of his jacket. Are we going to have a time jump? I want them to get married and all! My bet is she will see the sword only when he falls in love with her. For me this is MY NR.1 drama, and it's only the beginning.
  8. This has to be the first time for me to root for bromance instead of romance. KGEs performance was disappointing, I liked her so much in Cheese in the trap. I hope she won't be using too much aegyo because her voice was off putting. Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook used to be the two men I liked at the same time (My Girl and Coffee Prince drama). So I am freaking happy to see them in the same drama.
  9. [Drama 2016] 1% of Anything 1%의 어떤것

    Ha Suk Jin needs to lead more drama's, he is nailing the cold arrogant jerk male lead. I love him in this drama and Drinking Solo. He is also a very handsome guy, and definitly needs more recognition. Does he have a girlfriend ?
  10. OMG todays episode was SOOOO GOOOOOD! I loved their reactions when they found out he was a chaebol heir, and that KISS. Woahhh. These two should date already. I just wished they didnt go with that FSOG reference, even if it was for fun because minors are watching this drama too.
  11. I'm getting fed up with NR her behaviour, it's as if she is a totally different person from before. This one seems like a player/playboy instead of the innocent one in the first episodes. I don't like her at this moment, she is toying with both guys, how the heck can you love two guys at the same time? This is also why the ratings dropped, because people don't want to see this kind of sordid relationship. I hope the love triangle ends next week, cuz I've had it, which is bad because I loved this show so much.
  12. OK, this show is THE ONE for me. It's the best show airing currently, and the chemistry between SIG and NJH is so good. I love everything about this drama, especially how fresh the characters are and how consistent. I hope the ratings will increase. More romance between the leads please
  13. Maybe I'm the only one, but I don't like JW. He seems to perfect to be true, and is so stiff and sleek. I lost total respect for him in yesterdays episode when he dragged HS by his leg, that was humiliating and hard to watch. I just don't feel any chemistry between JW and NR, they seem more like friends (with benefit?). I hope todays episode is good.
  14. I miss the old Ra On, who had a piece of her mind and did not hesitate to voice them. They could have kept the comedy more and gone for the dark part in the last few episodes. But this is always the case with Kdrama's: they start too good to be true but after ep 8 or so they get draggy and the female lead changes from the fluffy, boyish, dare-to-do-it-all, to a damsel in distress. KYJ is doing an excellent job here, but her only flaw is that she has that too wide eye expression which I hate so much. And everytime she is supposed to act scared or flustered, she just blinks with her eyes and looks from left to right and right to left. This is her only flaw and she needs to work on this. And is it wrong to give us more skinship? She is already 18 by korean law...
  15. First time watching a drama where the female lead isn't fawning over the male lead. I can already see that her and JW won;t work, she is so confident and comfortable around him. While with HS she is all flustered, I miss that side of hers. I hope the drama will keep getting better, I can't wait for HS and NR to date. I am curious what the writer has in store for us, with this drama being 24 episodes long.