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  1. _ajakajak_

    What Song Are You Listening To?

  2. _ajakajak_

    What do you want right now?

    a plane ticket to somewhere far away from here...where no one can reach me or found me
  3. _ajakajak_

    What do you do when you are sad?

    i used to watch running man, but now i watch knowing bros instead... sometimes i watch a tear jerking drama, so that i can cry my eyes out
  4. _ajakajak_

    Who is the last person you hugged?

    my niece...urghh miss her already
  5. _ajakajak_

    what is your problem now

    my problem is, i hate everything and everyone around me... i need some time alone
  6. _ajakajak_

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    said i love you but i lied https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bv5vMJKBAbo&index=28&list=RDrnQhGP4tVnE
  7. i just watch half of the episode 3....can't stand the evil minister...urghhhh...look at his face, get away with everything that he wants... and kudos to the TCC team, the rating gets higher and higher
  8. _ajakajak_

    right now I am...

    been so tired lately...physically and mentally...everything is so mess up...
  9. wow what an episode...the king rage was unbearable to watch...so ruthless... jin goo did great... cant wait for the next episode...the king and clown has met..what's going to happen next
  10. lets rewatch tonight...i'm on episode 11..the basketball court episode...man, xiao nai is so obvious, wants to claim her infront everyone
  11. as i rewatch the drama last night, i realize that i have this stupid smile across my face for the whole time....damn, how can they be so sweet like that...and as i wrote this, i still have this stupid smile on my face
  12. jin goo in saegok? count me in...cant wait for this to air drama plot seems fun..never watch the movie version of this...i might check it out soon edit: teasers look convincing...posters looking good...dark seaguk i guess?
  13. agree...its so frustrated seeing that...its like watching Yang Yang kisses a statue... such a waste..tsk tsk good drama overall...relationship goals...rewatch mode is on...both lead are so pretty
  14. _ajakajak_

    Having A Bad Day? Wanna Rant? Right This Way!

    smiling on the outside....crying my eyes out on the inside... sick and tired of being a hypocrite...i'm starting to giving up on being happy... i dont think that happiness will be mine....everyone leaves me, one by one...even my dad.. maybe i'm not worthy enough to be loved...