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  1. Wait guys, is this not the "kiss" from the highlight? I didn't expect to see it so soon.
  2. To me it seemed like human NS was just waking up from his coma in that scene. The wires attached to his head looks like the thing they use to monitor electrical activity in the brain. I know I said we can afford to suspend more logic than usual for this show but implanting NS3's memories into NS is a little too much even for me, haha. ... JYH won't allow it anyway either.
  3. Haha, I don't think it was posted here but I've seen this before.. they're wearing the same outfits in the promo pic in falling snowwhere Like I mentioned before, NS has no excuse for his horrible actions, but his story is so sad .... I hope he gets a happy ending. Below is a tidbit somewhat explaining why he's so rough...
  4. He is not a robot. Not sure how reliable this info I read is, but basically he was an orphan brought up by PK group backing. Also I read a tidbit on the KBS website that maybe answers why he protects NS so much: he saw himself in Shin, pretending he was comfortable and okay being alone but in reality he was lonely and yearned for affection. No matter what trouble Shin caused/got into, he can’t hate him. JYH seems cold on the surface but his warmth will slowly come out. I hope they go more into detail on his backstory because it’s interesting....
  5. Remember his character trailer, one of his line that stood out to me was “As long as I’m useful to Shin, it doesn’t matter... even if he doesn’t forgive me”. I don’t think he is a bad guy, he just has a lot of secrets. btw NS3 plays piano too y’all.
  6. There was a hint about the ending in a naver article Re: the kiss scenes: the one where So Bong makes the first move is definitely NS3 because of his posture imo. On DC gal I saw a few fans speculating whether human NS will cosplay as NS3 when he wakes up lol...they think the second kiss is either NS or NS pretending to be NS3. (but also NS3 is super good at pretending to be NS when it counts so...) Why are Mondays so far away ...I need to know what happens.
  7. Are we talking about the same Shin Se Kyung here? lol. If you mean LEE SUNG KYUNG who actually was in Doctors, I'd get what you're trying to convey, but SSK is another story entirely. Again, you have your opinion, I have mine, and we're just going to keep circling if this continues so let's just stop here.
  8. You must be seeing something in Shin Se Kyung and her acting that myself and many others don’t see in her one facial expression. It’s fine to not like GSY’s acting/shows, but it’s another thing to insult her as a person based on traits of the character she is portraying. That’s what I got from your previous post anyway, apologies if I misunderstood. GSY is obviously not Meryl Streep, but imo it’s a bit premature to write her off as someone who fails to render depth in a role based on 6 episodes which she has few screentime in. She is far from being the worst actress ever. You might as well just say you don’t like Gong Seung Yeon herself and call it a day. My two cents.
  9. Who's to say NS3 will lose everything? The show keeps referring to him having no heart/emotions so I'm guessing/hoping he will develop by the ending. Since we're already suspending tons of logic for this show, I think we can afford to suspend a little more that this is possible (lol). If I recall correctly, the director said there are 4 variations of Kang Joon's acting , and so far we've only seen 3. Whether the 4th is NS or NS3, we'll have to wait and see but I'm still holding out for an ending where human NS+Mom+NS3 can all be happy.
  10. Sorry, this seems like you're blaming Gong Seung Yeon for something out of her control and placing the traits of the character onto her. She worked with what she was given, and imo I don't think people are meant to empathize with So Bong just yet. If you've seen her other roles, you would know she is quite a capable actress. Gong Hyo Jin is a really seasoned actress so I don't think it's fair to compare someone who has been in the industry so much longer than someone who hasn't had many lead roles yet. Btw Shin Se Kyung is notorious for being a one-dimensional (horrible) actress and I don't recall her being in Doctors... lol You are free to your opinion though, this is just mine.
  11. I gave it a shot... please feel free to correct me. "When I casted the character of Ji Young Hoon, I wanted two things. The first was stable acting ability that could support Seo Kang Joon, and boldness that wouldn't be intimidated by Yu Oh Seong, Park Young Gyu, and Kim Seong Ryoung when coming face to face with them. On the other hand, I hoped for a vulnerability that seemed like it could break through in that kind of situation. Ji Young Hoon is a character in a position who could swallow PK group if he put his mind to it, and I wanted an actor with that kind of feel. I thought LJH was the best actor who could show us strength and worry at the same time, and he showed us that through his acting" The director was saying LJH has a real/human-like handsomeness compared to SKJ, not dissing him, just a different kind of handsomeness.
  12. I kept thinking about how NS3 says he feels nothing/has no emotions, but I think he just doesn't realize he is slowly developing more and more.. that double take he did when he and So Bong made eye contact was so human I laughed a little. I wish I could know what he was thinking at that moment. From the teaser trailer, I already knew that So Bong will fall in love with NS3 but I'm anticipating to see how it develops on the other side of the picture. Just don't give me too much angst. ;__;
  13. Oohh right..and YH is indeed mysterious. To clarify though, I meant the part where he says “Shin is more important to me than myself”, and NS3 catches him in a lie but plays it off as a joke. That kind of raised question marks for me like..how far does his loyalty go and what exactly is he hiding...haha
  14. I found it really interesting how NS3 started to use less formal versions of "I" when referring to himself (has he done that before?) while talking to JYH.. because it's a sign of familiarity, and yet JYH betrayed his trust by lying to him more than once. JYH is obviously not a bad guy, but he clearly has an agenda. Like mom and "dad", I'm very interested to see NS3's development. I keep thinking about all the ways things could happen once NS wakes up... and I think he will in the next few episodes. Hopefully they can co-exist in peace. x_x