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  1. If you mean the OST album, it’s being sold tho? A couple of websites were doing preorder/sales. Unless you mean something else then my bad haha. Really unfortunate about the DVD ...I’d be willing to preorder the making scenes one but just the international shipping fee to me will make it double the actual price. Anyway, I’m super late to the party but I watched clips of the last ep and man idk what I expected but it really fizzled out in the end...my overall feeling of the drama hasn’t changed. But...all the possibilities that could have been!!!
  2. Ep 33+34 Text Preview With the help of So Bong, Young Hoon, and Reporter Jo, Nam Shin III confidently reveals to the entire world that he is a robot. Feeling betrayed and alienated, Nam Shin goes to look for his grandfather Gun Ho, the cause of everything... So Bong, who has learned of Nam Shin III’s birthday from David, prepares a surprise party. While the members of the gym are preparing a happy time for Nam Shin III, Nam Shin who has discovered Shin3’s secret goes to find its whereabouts...
  3. @Lawyerh The only thing that caught my eye is that mom will have an important role in the ending. (And yup I wanna look like her when I’m her age too haha..she’s considered the beauty standard for Miss Korea contestants...) Unfortunately I won’t be able to join you all for live-streaming the finale, as I’m going out of town...
  4. Someone brought up on DC gal that NS (when he was wearing the brown coat he wore on the rooftop) has a bandage on the same finger as NS3(?) in the backhug still pic. We obviously know now that NS3 no longer needs to pretend to be human so, theories??
  5. @crazyyo They only uploaded this week’s text preview today so either someone is very behind on their job or it was intentional. But don’t worry, I’m still keeping a lookout for it.
  6. Looks like Seo gets dismissed from his position next week I’m not too worried about what’s going to happen to our cinnamon roll because there’s always a twist.
  7. He didn't call her, he was listening to the voicemail he didn't listen earlier. I might have missed it but maybe they were supposed to meet at mom's lab. Even if he got ridiculed and it's a way to save him, then JYH will do it. It doesn't matter if it's "too much" from our view. We'll just have to see because there's always a twist. Btw the preview is NS punches JYH , SB Birthday, NS with kill switch, SB necklace ........ I'm going to take a wild guess and say the kill switch was already taken care of.
  8. I was just about to say how relieved I was when NS didn't snatch the kill switch from David, but it looks like he finds it in the next ep. LOL I'm pretty sure he can be redeemed, by the way he reacted when he realized his mom had been thinking about him for the past 20 years. Maybe not the next ep but the final one for sure. @crazyyo No, he is loyal to Shin. He mentioned that he has to save him before he is messed up by Seo.
  9. @crazyyo NS knows Seo is trying to use him JYH punches Shin in the face and said he might as well not have woken up :0 but it didn’t give him a wake up call... Mom is looking at NS3 and SB in the gym and remembers NS’s words “if you’re really doing this for me, get rid of him” and walks away (end)
  10. YH let him do what he want on the condition that he did not hurt people, and when he did that’s why YH gave him an ultimatum. I know NS is a psychopath and the hate for him is not unwarranted, but I still think it’s early to write him off as unredeemable...as many are doing so (not necessarily here but other places on the internet)
  11. No, he said "At that time, I shouldn't have hestitated..." He believed in Shin (and I think he still does) but Shin's actions in this ep disappointed him greatly leading him to give him a final warning.
  12. At the company , grandpa and SJg are on the roof Grandpa says to SJg if he told Shin about his dad he would have to kill him. Ns3 appears and starts to choke grandpa and about to kill him SB shows up and tries to stop him Ns3 lets go of grandpa and moves on to SB She tells him she’s not afraid and a tear rolls down her cheek and falls onto his hand. He remembers rule #1 and the memories that were erased the manual mode gets broken and NS3 says sorry (end)
  13. Seo gives NS a tape of his dad and grandpa’s conversation. He hears grandpa say rather than his bloodline, the company is more important. And he throws the tape. NS goes to grandpa and asks him to give him the company. Grandpa doesn’t agree. NS3 on a bridge seeing SB error SB alone in park and calls NS3 but he doesn’t answer he listens to a voicemail from SB , she said she thought of him as human like but he seemed really like a robot at that time and she was scared. She said she she really wants to see him. NS3 runs to her. She asks what he’s doing, she’s crying and he walks toward her but at the last moment he walks past her and his memory got erased by NS.
  14. NS controls him and tells him to come down. he tells him he has no right to disappear. NS goes to the car park and gets a fist to the face and SB tells him to turn back to how he is or else. Yena tells Grandpa NS knows about NS3. Seo shows Yena the video of NS3 choking SB and threatens to show grandpa so she tells him everything Seo tells Yena to make sure to tell NS that he’s on his side but she replies that she doesn’t believe him. YH tells NS to stop with the manual mode and tells him he knows about what he was looking for. He warns him if he hurts anyone again he won’t see him anymore Seo messages NS that he has something to tell about his father
  15. Shin asks mom if there’s a way to get rid of NS3 Mom says to stop pushing her, and he replies they’re not close enough to be joking around. YH says of it makes him feel better to do what he wants but warns NS not to hurt others SB calls NS3 and he says he can’t go back tonight but turn around first before she hangs up. They go to the gym and it shows that NS turned NS3 into his plaything NS3 tried taking it off but he’s not allowed to JYH is at the pool again thinking about what happened NS3 comes and tells him he can’t move according to how he wants and asks YH why NS is doing that. And what if he hurts someone YH says he won’t because he promised and he believes in NS. NS is watching the whole thing on a tablet. Yena asks if doing this is really okay and he said he is doing SB goes to the office to see NS3 and the elevator incident happens. Seo’s lackey sees them when the door opens. They both run out and and NS3 tells SB to stay away. At the ajit, Mom tells David to get out and David tells her that he is different from the CEO and he will protect NS3 to the end Ns3 asks YH for a favor to meet NS. Yena says she has some business and NS goes on his way. She calls someone and asks If CEO is there NS and NS3 They meet on the roof. NS3 asks what he must do for NS to stop. NS says to disappear. NS3 goes to the edge of the roof and said rather than hurting people he’d rather disappear (end)
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