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  1. Staff Roles & Bios

    Administrators Administrators are head managers in charge of the general community. Creating and enforcing the rules of the Soompi forums Organizing the staff activities through various assignments Organizing community events Representing the community as spokesperson Overseeing internal affairs Answering appeals by secondary intention Working behind the scenes for improving the forum platform Issuing warnings and answering reports/member requests List of Administrators: Rebby endeavor Gotodology Hanyeoun ebullient Global Moderators Global Moderators are head moderators capable of demonstrating advanced leadership. On top of enforcing rules and answering members' concerns, they also take some administrative tasks as well. Enforcing the rules of the Soompi forums Moderating every part of the forums Helping out the community and assisting members Issuing warnings and answering reports/member requests Answering appeals by primary intention List of Global Moderators: LyraYoo angelangie Moderators Moderators are the backbone force of the Soompi forum staff. They are members who have proven signs of leadership and can also exercise fair decision-making in various parts of our community. Enforcing the rules of the Soompi forums Moderating specific forum sections Helping the community and assisting members Issuing warnings and answering reports/member requests Investigating cases List of Moderators: LavelyShai akinahana89 Tinkiebell CamelKnight jeijei bebebisous33 rainmoon phikyl Ais1ing Berou Chellsee Junior Moderators Junior Moderators are 3-month probational positions for the rank of "Moderators". Enforcing the rules of the Soompi forums Moderating specific forum sections Helping the community and assisting members Issuing warnings and answering reports/member requests Investigating cases Event Organizers Event Organizers are members willing to create and host community events with Administrators and Viki Community Staff. Unlike moderators, this position doesn't have any moderating abilities. Hosting community games Creating giveaways and events Promoting forum events List of Event Organizers: Viki Community Staff They are staff members of the Rakuten/Viki/Soompi family in charge of maintaining all technical, functional and financial aspects of the forums. Financially provides the forum platform Stabilizing the server, platform, and website Troubleshooting account related issues Representing the community Guiding the forum staff Organizing events List of Viki Community Staff: soomp benightedxflame camille_m
  2. Add and Subtract Game

  3. Zombies in the Joseon era, an intriguing combination! I already anticipate the release of Outbreak.
  4. [Drama 2012] Faith 신의

    FAITH (신의) Title: Faith (신의) Chinese Title: 信義 / 神醫 Also Known As: The Great Doctor Genre: Historical & Medical & Fantasy Episodes: 24 Broadcast Network: SBS Broadcast Period: 2012-Aug-13 to 2012-Oct-30 Air Time: Monday & Tuesday @ 21:55 PM Director: Kim Jong Hak Screenwriter: Song Ji Na SYNOPSIS CAST Lee Min Ho as Choi YoungKim Hee Sun as Yoo Eun SooLee Philip as Jang BinSung Hoon as Cheon Eum JaRyu Duk Hwan as King Gong MinPark Se Young as Princess NogookYoo Oh Sung as Ki CheolShin Eun Jung as Hwa Soo InLee Byung Joon as Jo Il Sin NEWS & INFORMATION Kim Hee Sun's 'Faith' Up for a 2011 PremiereFusion Medical-Fantasy Drama Gets on the SBS ScheduleKim Hee Sun Keeps the Faith'Time Slip Dr. Jin' Production Demands the Suspension of 'Faith'Lee Min Ho Stars Opposite Kim Hee Sun in 'Faith'Han Ga In, Kang Hye Jung, Kim Hee Sun: Married Women Take Over the Small Screen[Trans] ‘Dr Jin’ Will Be Premiering Before ‘Faith’… MBC Confirms June/July Broadcast‏Lee Kim Productions Causing Legal Problems with SBS's "Faith"?'Faith' Plagiarism Has Been Lifted and Both Parties Will Continue with Their ProductionBattle of Fusion Historical Dramas: Lee Jun Ki vs. Lee Min HoMin Hyo Rin Positively Considering Role for "Faith" Which Stars "City Hunter" Lee Min HoKim Hee Sun Seeing a Plastic Surgeon Lately"City Hunter" Lee Min Ho Thanks Fans with New Selca!Drama 'Faith' Has First FilmingJeong Joon Ho Comes Back With 'Faith'Kim Hee Sun "Acting Life Part 2"'Faith' Lee Min Ho's First Historical ChallengeLee Min Ho is an Action Hero Once Again Through 'Faith'Lee Min Ho's Hairpiece for 'Faith' Takes Five Hours'Faith' Lee Philip's Fan DanceLee Min Ho Tries to Fight the Heat and Loses 5kg in the ProcessKim Hee Sun's Passionate Acting on the Set of 'Faith'Actor Sung Hoon Sheds 5kg for 'Faith' RoleKim Hee Sun's Beauty Shines in 'Faith'Lee Min Ho Stuns Production Crew with His Horseback Riding Skills"Faith" Lee Min Ho's Sword Fighting Skill"Faith's" Lee Min Ho Films Underwater Scene Wearing 7kg ArmorKim Hee Sun is Covered in Blood in 'Faith'Lee Min Ho's 'Faith' Releases First Official Poster Ali Sings "Carry On" for 'Faith' OST Lee Min Ho Reveals He Lost 7kg in One Month 'Great Doctor' Lee Min Ho Reveals His Pretty Boy Past 'Great Doctor' Lee Min Ho Revives with Kim Hee Sun's Tears 'Faith' Lee Min Ho Surprises Kim Hee Sun with a Confession 'Faith' Kim Hee Sun - Lee Min Ho, Sweet Romance 'Faith' Lee Min Ho Accused of Treason by Yoo Oh Sung 'Great Doctor' Ryu Deok Hwan Grows Into King Gong Min 'Great Doctor' Counter Attack Begins for King Gong Min 'Great Doctor' Appearance of Lee Sung Kye Gets Viewers Talking 'Great Doctor' Lee Min Ho Will Not Talk Nonsense 'Great Doctor' Kim Hee Sun Disguised as Man, Says Goodbye to Lee Min Ho 'Great Doctor' Lee Min Ho Past Love Revealed'Great Doctor' Lee Min Ho, Kim Hee Sun Finally Get Physical 'Great Doctor' Princess Noguk Blushes at the Thought of Sleeping with King Gongmin 'Great Doctor' Lee Min Ho Accused of Corruption and Accepting Bribery Younha Sings for 'Great Doctor' OST 'The Great Doctor' Lee Min Ho, Will He Accept Park Yoon Jae's Offer? Lee Min Ho Close-Up Self-Camera for Chuseok, "Happy Thanksgiving" 'Great Doctor' Officially Enters the Third Act 'Great Doctor' Kim Hee Sun and Lee Min Ho to Part Soon? 'Great Doctor' Kim Hee Sun, Why is Her Name Yoo Eun Soo? 'Great Doctor' Kim Hee Sun - Lee Min Ho, Fate Not Coincidence 'Great Doctor' Lee Min Ho Kisses Kim Hee Sun 'Great Doctor' Lee Min Ho Takes Kim Hee Sun in His Arms 'Great Doctor' OST, Brown Eyed Soul Young Jun Participates 'Great Doctor' Park Yoon Jae Grows as a Villain 'Great Doctor' Will Lee Min Ho Strike Back Against Park Yoon Jae and Yoo Oh Sung? 'Great Doctor' Kim Hee Sun and Lee Min Ho Back Hug 'Great Doctor' How Will the Two Couples End? 'Great Doctor' Kim Hee Sun Transforms into Soldier 'Great Doctor' Princess No Guk and King Gong Min Cry Silent Tears 'Great Doctor' Kim Hee Sun, Lee Min Ho Raising Stakes on the Drama 'Great Doctor' Philip Lee to Leave the Drama 'Great Doctor' Lee Min Ho Asks Kim Hee Sun to Stay 'Great Doctor' Lee Min Ho Comforts Kim Hee Sun Rookie Girl Group One Piece to Sing OST Before Debut 'Great Doctor' Kim Hee Sun Decides to Stay 'Great Doctor' Kim Hee Sun Takes Self-Portraits for Fans 'Great Doctor' Park Yoon Jae First Appearance, Tempts Kim Hee Sun 'Great Doctor' Lee Min Ho's Suspicious Right Hand 'Great Doctor' Park Sang Won Warns Lee Min Ho 'Great Doctor' Lee Min Ho Likes Back Hugs? 'Great Doctor' Releases 37-Track OST OST OST - Part 1 OFFICIAL WEBSITE (Click to View)VIKI CHANNEL (Click to View) VIDEOS EPISODE RECAPS Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10 Episode 11 Episode 12 Episode 13 Episode 14 Episode 15 Episode 16 Episode 17 Episode 18 Episode 19 Episode 20 Episode 21 Episode 22 Episode 23 Episode 24 RECAPS, BEHIND THE SCENE COVERAGES, ANALYSES (Click to View) SOOMPI'S 'FAITH' BLOG (Click to View) Credits: Drama Wiki
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  8. LEE MIN HO ❤ SUZY BAE Name: 이민호 / Lee Min Ho Profession: Actor Birthdate: 1987-Jun-22 Height: 185cm Weight: 69kg Star Sign: Cancer Blood Type: A TV Shows The Heirs (SBS, 2013) Faith @ The Great Doctor (SBS, 2012) City Hunter (SBS, 2011) Personal Taste (MBC, 2010) Boys Before Flowers (KBS2, 2009) Get Up (MBC, 2008) I’m Sam (KBS2, 2007) Mackerel Run (SBS, 2007) Secret Campus (EBS, 2006) Love Hymn (MBC, 2005) Nonstop 5 (MBC, 2004) +++++ Name: 수지 / Suzy Bae Real Name: 배수지 / Bae Soo Ji Profession: Singer | Actress Birthdate: 1994-Oct-10 Height: 166cm Weight: 47kg Star Sign: Libra Talent Agency: JYP Entertainment KPOP Group: Miss A TV Shows You Who Came From the Stars (SBS, 2013) KangChi, The Beginning (MBC, 2013) Big (KBS2, 2012) I Need a Fairy (KBS2, 2012) (Cameo) Human Casino (KBS2, 2011) Dream High Season 2 (KBS2, 2012) (Cameo) Dream High Season 1 (KBS2, 2011) Credits: KoreanDrama
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  11. What Are You Craving Right Now?

    Right now I crave rolls and breads slathered with a lot of rich Irish butter.
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  14. Add and Subtract Game

    476 We need to keep up the momentum, team subtract!
  15. Add and Subtract Game

    480 @Jillia The previous royal red color badge would bring out the sinister side of the Global Moderators ( @angelangie and @LyraYoo) so, therefore, they have opted for lime green to evoke hope.
  16. Add and Subtract Game

    482 @kokodus The truth is that @angelangie and I want neon colors to blind the eyes of team add.
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  20. Movies: FIRST and LAST

    San Andreas
  21. Movies: FIRST and LAST

    Nobody's Fool
  22. True or False.

    False. The next person wants to visit Hong Kong.
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  24. Add and Subtract Game