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  1. I cannot believe that Rain and Kim Tae Hee are married at last. The last few days seem surreal.
  2. Mr. & Mrs. Jung... how I adore the sound of that! BiKim's wedding is simple and elegant, true to their humble personalities. Have a successful marriage!
  3. Congratulations to Rain and Kim Tae Hee's upcoming wedding! This is the best news to welcome 2017!
  4. Legend of Madame White Snake is a classic favorite of mine, and it is great news to see a remake in the works. Yang Zi as Madam White Snake sure fits the role in terms of appearance.
  5. The moderator recruitment is closed with enough spots filled for 2017. It was a difficult decision for us to review and select potential applicants. Thanks to the members who took time applying!
  6. Shipping BinKyo through the years was a roller coaster ride full of ups and downs with a lot of beautiful memories. <3 Goodbye BinKyo!
  7. The wait to watch Advance Bravery is making me impatient. There is still no sign of a release date.
  8. @siddy09 Your account must have at least 500 posts in order to change Fan Level status.
  9. To applicants (kenswifeu and ninabalante), do either of you have a Soompi account? If you do, inform me through PM. Thanks!
  10. Gong Jun and Xu Feng are adorable in the close-up shots of what appears to be a piggyback scene? Their radiant smiles are captivating!
  11. Aside from Lu Feng and Cheng Yi Chen in A Round Trip to Love, Yuan Zong and Xia Yao in Shi Bu Ke Dang are also one of the hottest couples in BL dramas up to date. The trailers so far are action-packed that I cannot wait to watch the series. Chinese production companies are stepping up their game with the recent casting of handsome men to entice viewers.
  12. Gao Tai Yu and Huang Jing Xiang's on-screen chemistry is dazzling in A Round Trip to Love. However, I sense that their intense connection cannot transfer off-screen. Gao Tai Yu's aloof, distant nature in real life contrasts Huang Jing Xiang's outgoing, sociable disposition, which causes their off-screen moments to be awkward when I observe their forced interactions in order to promote the movie.
  13. Watching Uncontrolled Love's BTS on YouTube, I realize how awesome the skinship between Bowen Wang and Meng Rui is, affectionate and carefree! The pair is a simple pleasure to watch.
  14. What pisses me off is outright deception from the Swap's production crew. Adhering to the regulations and censorship in China is understandable, but I would expect them to be honest in presenting a heterosexual romance upfront than to advertise a BL premise on the surface as a trap for unsuspecting viewers. Either make authentic BL series or stick to the norms with BG series as a means of pleasing traditionalists.
  15. KO looks like he dotes on Mojata a lot judging from their scenes in Love O2O. Xiao Nai is super pretty to look at.