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  1. SongSong must be one of the few couples whose romance transforms from reel to real in a short amount of time. Dreams do come true. Be proud SongSong shippers since the ultimate bragging rights are yours!
  2. Mr. Right is Song Joong Ki! What fantastic news to cheer the fans up upon the second half of 2017. Congratulations to the Song couple, and all the best of luck to come!
  3. Congratulations to SongSong and their devoted shippers! The ship has reached its destination to conclude in marriage. I am having a difficult time accepting the sudden but somewhat expected news.
  4. Movies: FIRST and LAST

  5. Movies: FIRST and LAST

    Kong: Skull Island
  6. Mr. and Mrs. Lee are glowing together! Lee Min Jung is a doll, more elegant graceful through the years. <3
  7. Movies: FIRST and LAST

    Inside Out
  8. Movies: FIRST and LAST

    Gone With the Wind @Lmangla The sparkles in the usernames are exclusive to the Soompi administrators and moderators as of the latest forum upgrade.
  9. So Ji Sub 소지섭 - Best Korean Actor & Rapper -

    So Ji Sub is quiet these past few months although I continue to anticipate his return to K-Dramas soon. <3
  10. From the repeated delays, I would expect Advance Bravery to provide results at the caliber of a Hollywood high-budget production.
  11. I cannot believe that Rain and Kim Tae Hee are married at last. The last few days seem surreal.
  12. Mr. & Mrs. Jung... how I adore the sound of that! BiKim's wedding is simple and elegant, true to their humble personalities. Have a successful marriage!
  13. Congratulations to Rain and Kim Tae Hee's upcoming wedding! This is the best news to welcome 2017!
  14. Legend of Madame White Snake is a classic favorite of mine, and it is great news to see a remake in the works. Yang Zi as Madam White Snake sure fits the role in terms of appearance.
  15. The moderator recruitment is closed with enough spots filled for 2017. It was a difficult decision for us to review and select potential applicants. Thanks to the members who took time applying!