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  1. I can’t move on from this drama, so I have marathon it again. Yes again and these points I wanted to highlight •Seo Ri waking up from coma from music, so wonder she wanted to become music therapist since music and violin is passed to her by her mother. Foot bridge of love, it started from SR and her mom, teaching her about the moon rabbit and that very place where her love grows to WJ Fang knows all the history of SR’s family until she was taken care of WJ’s parents and then WJ to ease his loneliness. Bless her soul she should given an award! No villain, the villain is themselves. Fear, insecurity, social phobia, “if” or regrets etc. I love it when there is no third party to test the OTP. SR stages in life accomplished in one! Imagine at the end, she got herself a loving husband, stable career, savings, and study! What more she could ask? Anyway she deserve it after being an orphan and got in coma, the heaven help her to build her life again. WJ growth! I love how much he grows each episode, not knowing that he is becoming his old self, happy and kind. Just because of a slip of a girl! His special girl 13 Years back that cause him trauma, but also healed him. First love: they said first love never dies, well it’s true on this story. I admit this is one of the greatest love story of this time. Falling in love with your first love and falling in love again NOT knowing it was your first love?! Hahaha! What cute is they have their first kiss after 30 Years and it’s special because it’s both of their first! The chemistry! Omo! Not only the main OTP is electrifying but also the friendship of Chan, HB, DS. Jennifer as the house keeper rocks I love all her talk with WJ in the garden, she was practically the adviser of WJ. HS, HY WJ their team work is amazing! I love this company, holding their own time, visiting places, meeting outside etc. what a fun work! Chick junior and Chan of course they are both adorable!
  2. Hi everyone! I have been a silent lurker in this thread but now it’s time for me to say my 2 cents, I love this series! When in saw the trailer and it was NJH I know I should watch this! Another Monday and Tuesday to anticipate with, I have PT with 30but17 and I know this the right drama in line. I don’t like amnesia plot story line, but this ko is exceptional because I find the crown price annoyingly cute and adorable, and the way his wife nag at him to work on his butt is so hilariously! My heart tugged when HS told WD that he promise him to marry her and make her happy, I know she was pertaining to her childhood experience not knowing that it was him all along! I’m curious how will the writer unfold the truth regarding their past. The villain in this story, I clearly remembered this actor in Gu Family book, I haven’t seen his work as a villain before that why I’m looking forward to the conflict that he will create. I don’t mind about what is happening to the place, I know from the start it will be all about power grabbing, I don’t care about crown princess and even she will make her child a crown prince (maybe she will have a girl I hope so) all her father’s plan will come to an end one day. I now know why her father just choose to be a prime minister rather than the king, because PM tends to control the kings, they said kings sometimes are lonely and doesn’t have much power at all. I only remembered king Jumong has the real power because he established the kingdo on his own. Anyway back to the story I’m more curious on the side of HS, how she end up in that village and how his father adopted her? I love the other side character like the dad, the ajumas. By the way I thought it was a detective agency in their era that HS will establish? I’m I wrong? Why it’s like they are just accepting payment for helping people for stupid reason? Hehehe
  3. Lunch break!!! And I’m missing them already! And that wedding photo kiss!
  4. Well what can I say.....it’s sooooo satisfying! 100% overload pure goodness and innocence! I feel that I tasted that most sweets mango or the best chocolate in the world finishing this series! I applaud all the staff and crew of 30but17 and of course to the heart of the show WJ and SR nobody else can make them better that our main lead SHS and YSJ. I love and adorore everything about it! Thanks to the writer and director for making such a wonderful masterpiece. They wrap everything up and tied everything into places. I know I will not asked for more episode because they give more that what we deserve. SR got married at the same time a professional and university student and she achieved her dream as a violinist! That concert in the hospital just give tears me up because she came back to where she stayed for a long time and give love to others. HS company is doing well, she accepted SR without credentials while she hired her but she saw the inner gem and talent that SR can contribute the company. Chan is just growing up fine without skipping a step in his life, frankly going to university is one of the best years of one’s life. Not everyone can have that opportunity. Jennifer is just suited for opening up a restaurant she is the best cook ever I wanted to go to Korea just to eat in her restaurant. WJ, our Mr. Gong matured as well, I can’t stop my tears when he is narrating how his life have been, seeing him with that long hair and beard just made me realize how much he changed just because the heaven let this 30yearold girl with 17 year old mindset came to his life and together they created a because music. I wouldn’t trade them in the world! This the the best romcom first love kdrama ever! Lastly thank you all especially @meechuttso for starting this thread I enjoyed reading all your comments and post and all the active member here that keeps us happy at all times! We will all see each other again! P.S so DK and Fang are twins?! So they are two of them! Sooooo adorable it reminds me of my two beagle dogs that I have back home!
  5. Hahaha so curious! I’m just counting on you guys I’m like a blind person here just reading all your post!
  6. Just arrived home and my oh my! So many goddies! What a treat! That is why they are doing this to us, because it’s ending few more minutes I downloaded all the ost in iTunes and listen to it every morning please be nice to us Pdim!
  7. Finally watched the episode even it’s 2 am here in my zone. As usual the episode give me another roller coaster ride from giddiness to sadness. I just broke down on Jeniffer scene, it must be painful losing all the people you value most, the only consolation price is that she found a new family, I can imagine that she will be like a granny to WJ and SR children hehehe. For me I’m glad that Chan confessed his feelings, that is the way his character is “don’t think, feel” still an innocent boy who will reach his goal no matter what and for sure he heals fast like super Sian he wil think back that he has no regrets. I feel that somehow he is the most mature of them all. Taking care of the people he love, he also feels that SR will be a member of the family in the future; he really value his family. I’m glad that HT respected WJ by calling him first regarding SR business. I also feel that the truck driver paid his sins already by taking care of SR’s hospital bill, even he went to the police the case is too long already. I’m curious for the finale tonight why the uncle got divorce and in preview is just misleading. Anyway I feel that’s I still can’t let go of my 30but17 I will miss them soooo much. What shall I do with my Monday’s? This separation anxiety is just sinking in....
  8. Ok I saw the preview I’m just “don’t, think, feel” it because there is no sub, if TR invited her to go study with her abroad, I feel that she needs to do it for her own sake because she need it! I mean really NEED it, it’s for her ownself. But of course she need to discuss it with WJ and to be honest I know for sure WJ will be happy if SR achieves her dream even it’s too late. So please mr pdim give us an excellent ending tomorrow please!!!!
  9. Wait let me breath! I’m spazzing over SR and WJ walking to their house! I just neeeeeedddddd aiiiiirrrrrrr! I think I’m going to faint! Heeeeellllllpppppppp!!!!
  10. The stills I can’t belive its already ending my heart!!! This is the first on-going kdrama that I watched! I normally watch series that has complete episode this one is from the premier till now the end! Good thing there is work to distract me me later before I loose my mind! Edit: by the way I love the stills it just shows how their relationship step up, now that SR discovered that WJ is the boy from her past, now she will see him in a new light and I feel that she matured at that moment!
  11. Hahaha, that auto correct! It’s Jennifer! I’m guess I’m too sleepy! Thanks for pointing out!
  12. Yes! Thank you for sharing! I’m glad as well that Chan finally confess! There is nothing wrong with his feelings, and I admire him that even though there are some signs that they can’t be together he decided to be brave and he will leave without regrets! And Jennifer finally having emotion! I’m glad as well that she become human again, and let it all out with the driver, I hope Amanda pray that she will finally have some peace at the end of the of this story. And of course the kiss! Swooning over here in the Middle East! I’m so sleepy and getting into my afternoon nap and then bam! Preview! My senses are all awake
  13. In the 3rd photo, there's a man with an umbrella  Something in the rain??? Cameo
  14. Another flash back! I hope our Chan will remember as well, is this the time WJ brought him hot dog? Can’t wait for the finale!
  15. This drama is so different from what we expect, we are like Channie, he expected that when he is with SR they will look like a couple the lady called them noona and aunt relationship so far on what expected; them this! we thought they will be boyfriend relationship but grandma thought they are husband wife relationship. I can imagine that their children will be an excellent artist! Imagine music genius and professional sketcher! What a blessed genes!