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  1. Not gonna lie I’m waiting forever for their happang! Now there is none
  2. The writer just keep our hope high on him but until this episode his character still stagnant
  3. Yes when someone pointed that out, it was such a relief that some how our OTP will have a good ending, I’m just waiting what’s in the writers sleeve how they will tie the loose end of the story especially there lots of points to clean up. -crown princesse daddy’s baby -VP. Kim’s crime and how will be the judgement at the end -the treason of the Queen -what is the real goal of Mr. Dimples? -how will Yul regain his memory -what will happen to MY at the end? -how about prince SW is he the real son? Does he really have royal blood? -how will Yul solve all the crime in the place? We we have three more episodes finish it right?
  4. Me too I feel that she will loose her baby due to stress.... she still the same manipulating lady who insisted that the baby is the flesh and blood of the king and crown prince, I hope that LY and HS deserves to be happy after all they have gone through.
  5. Omo I can’t wait for their dance! By the way I just read in dramabeans recap that prince Seowon is not the king’s son? Where I was watching all this time!
  6. Ok I just marathon episode 1 till up to date! I’m loving this series! I have to put this in my watch list! CSB is one of my fave actress since IANAR and she is doing a wonderful job here! Even though her character has a lot to learn in the field. Hehehe! I’m proud of EJ Falcon and Laureen Young, as a pinoy they give justice to the role of husband and will wife that has border issue because Mari is an OFW and Ian tried to enter Korea just for the sake of their baby, just the side comment the baby doesn’t look like a Filipino, the baby looked Korean lol! Maybe they can’t find a pinoy baby hehehe! Anyway I love each episode and I’m so curious of Soo Yeon of why he is having that arm and finally the last episode it was revealed because of the accident. So his brother is In-woo? Wonder what happened him why he left SY after the accident. I’m excited on the next episode because of Yeo-reum’s mom, I wonder what will the whole airport team will do in this kind of situation. I’m very interested on different departments and how they are connected to each other and how they need to go hand in hand in a situation. Well when I was young Dream is to be a cabin crew but looking at the situation in the airport it’s not that easy. I feel bad in employee in the airport that they don’t have staff discount in the airfare. Because here in emirates/ Dubai those who are working in the airport is having benefit airfare and even their family, my friends who are working there was always getting their family on a vacation here hehehehe lucky for them! Anyway I have something to look forward to during Monday and Tuesday beside 100DMP and after 30b17 this is a great drama!
  7. This is not what I mean he can still be a royal blood like when he was young, he was living in a noble house because they are royal family, and I believe that when he was young he was like playing a general. So I was thinking that he can still use his talent as the adviser of the crown prince and at the same time a doing his prince duty without any problem being containing in the palace because Hong Shim being a queen is like locking her in the palace as well and like what she said she is an independent woman, and living in the palace again will be power struggle as well and some will not like them again to rule the kingdom.
  8. I rather like the crowing to be done, LY should be out of the palace and live his life with Hong Shim I mean, he can be his brother’s adviser since he already live outside the palace and the condition of their people. I feel that whenever he is in the palace he is never really happy. He is like a living dead person
  9. I just caught up with last night episode, I skip some part to watch later because I have work now, but I feel replaying the kiss scene! I can’t help myself to spazz coz of their sizzling chemistry. Like some of you said I feel like WD regain some of his memory that is why he went for the kiss! I’m glad that he still choose to come back to her despite what had happened. I’m so curious what did MY inform him! I can’t wait for tonight’s episode and later after work me and my dear sister is going to enjoy the episode!
  10. When my sister rewatch episode 1 I saw JY telling crown prince Yul not to go in the war because he will die, and he said he is about to die anyway. Do you think it’s somehow related to Hong Shim?
  11. I just finished episode 7 and 8, and I like the comedic timing when they all just came from a terrible situation. I was hoping that they will consummate the wedding but unfortunately this is kdrama so I know it was hopeless, but I’m glad that WD said before they sleep together he needs to find his memory back and after that rejection he has goal to find his memory not for his sake but he wanted to sleep with HS because he started to fall for her! So far I love the character development of our lead. I’m touched with the friends HS that they throw a surprise party to WD even though it worries HS and her father. When our prince will gain back his memory this one that he will not forget; The last time he celebrated his birthday it’s a huge feast but never really enjoyed it. This time he celebrated with people around him who really cares about him, small and intimate. I was wondering if MY is dead? the VP can recognize the finger nail of the prince he knew it was not the prince. Our JSY is one man hunt and has no fear in investing the truth. I know he has a crush on HS but please she is a married woman for pete’s sake, at least in the next episode he will know the truth. I wonder for will the VP will fall at the end, I’m curious what is the writer up on his sleeves for us, so looking forward for good episode.
  12. Hello everyone! I just marathon episodes 1-4 and man that was interesting! My last family drama is my golden life and here is a potent ion watch list! I love father and daughter relationship in this series not only because they are related by blood but they truly treat each other as a family. I like Doran’s adoptive father although he doted and give favor to Doran he somewhat neglected his father duty to his other daughter Mira. I know Mira is a spoiled brat thanks to her mother, but I feel that she has a lot of potential of character growth especially now her dad is dead and the mom will kick out Doran. Let them independent and stand on their feet. I appreciate the father of Doran and Mira when he apologized and say I love you to his daughter before he passed away, at least he redeem himself to his family; mother is a richard simmons even when her husband died, she is still selfish and not even working for the sake of her family. I’m looking forward to the potential love line of Doran and Dae-ryook, although there is nothing new to hate-at -first-sight -you’re -my -enemy -and -misunderstandings.... but it always sells to me! Hahaha! It click me as well the side characters like the grandma who has dementia, the classy upper bff ladies, or the happy-go-Lucky grandson. Well I’m looking forward to all their character development. By the way I belive that the father didn’t intentionally killed the second man, because he accidentally picked up the knife when he took all the money. Anyway I need to catch up with the rest of the episodes so see you all around! This will be a long ride!
  13. I can’t move on from this drama, so I have marathon it again. Yes again and these points I wanted to highlight •Seo Ri waking up from coma from music, so wonder she wanted to become music therapist since music and violin is passed to her by her mother. Foot bridge of love, it started from SR and her mom, teaching her about the moon rabbit and that very place where her love grows to WJ Fang knows all the history of SR’s family until she was taken care of WJ’s parents and then WJ to ease his loneliness. Bless her soul she should given an award! No villain, the villain is themselves. Fear, insecurity, social phobia, “if” or regrets etc. I love it when there is no third party to test the OTP. SR stages in life accomplished in one! Imagine at the end, she got herself a loving husband, stable career, savings, and study! What more she could ask? Anyway she deserve it after being an orphan and got in coma, the heaven help her to build her life again. WJ growth! I love how much he grows each episode, not knowing that he is becoming his old self, happy and kind. Just because of a slip of a girl! His special girl 13 Years back that cause him trauma, but also healed him. First love: they said first love never dies, well it’s true on this story. I admit this is one of the greatest love story of this time. Falling in love with your first love and falling in love again NOT knowing it was your first love?! Hahaha! What cute is they have their first kiss after 30 Years and it’s special because it’s both of their first! The chemistry! Omo! Not only the main OTP is electrifying but also the friendship of Chan, HB, DS. Jennifer as the house keeper rocks I love all her talk with WJ in the garden, she was practically the adviser of WJ. HS, HY WJ their team work is amazing! I love this company, holding their own time, visiting places, meeting outside etc. what a fun work! Chick junior and Chan of course they are both adorable!
  14. Hi everyone! I have been a silent lurker in this thread but now it’s time for me to say my 2 cents, I love this series! When in saw the trailer and it was NJH I know I should watch this! Another Monday and Tuesday to anticipate with, I have PT with 30but17 and I know this the right drama in line. I don’t like amnesia plot story line, but this ko is exceptional because I find the crown price annoyingly cute and adorable, and the way his wife nag at him to work on his butt is so hilariously! My heart tugged when HS told WD that he promise him to marry her and make her happy, I know she was pertaining to her childhood experience not knowing that it was him all along! I’m curious how will the writer unfold the truth regarding their past. The villain in this story, I clearly remembered this actor in Gu Family book, I haven’t seen his work as a villain before that why I’m looking forward to the conflict that he will create. I don’t mind about what is happening to the place, I know from the start it will be all about power grabbing, I don’t care about crown princess and even she will make her child a crown prince (maybe she will have a girl I hope so) all her father’s plan will come to an end one day. I now know why her father just choose to be a prime minister rather than the king, because PM tends to control the kings, they said kings sometimes are lonely and doesn’t have much power at all. I only remembered king Jumong has the real power because he established the kingdo on his own. Anyway back to the story I’m more curious on the side of HS, how she end up in that village and how his father adopted her? I love the other side character like the dad, the ajumas. By the way I thought it was a detective agency in their era that HS will establish? I’m I wrong? Why it’s like they are just accepting payment for helping people for stupid reason? Hehehe