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  1. I need to breath first! I was watching the latest episode and I can’t help but squeal in delight the way NS3 asked SB if in what percent she belongs to the survey of friends of opposite sex gosh I’m loving the story progress! When it’s was revealed that grandpa funded NS3 I was like the heck??? And now I realise how he wanted to creat a perfect NS3 in order to protect his company, weird though that he knew that his human grandsons are weak and can’t take the lead of the company like his decease son, it’s just sad that he is like creating something powerful for his own. I guess I rather thank him in a way because they created an adorable robot, what they can’t predict is that robots own progress, no need to update his system because he discovered on his own. In a way he is a miracle. I believe and will continue to do so that this story will have a happy ending and I’m waiting for the writer what’s in his sleeve regarding the story. I just realize as well that KJ must have a tough role of being a robot, imagine he can’t eat at all! It was the first time I saw him with eating scene and I saw the way he ate that sandwich and my I know he is hungry because I myself become one while watching that. One satisfactory scene is when Director Seo got upset with NS3 I love that NS3 has no emotion at all and he was like very cool in walking away in the bar, and said believe what he believe because he was just being him! Damn that face of DS! Ok now can I rant about the mom who almost kill NS3? I mean I can’t understand her, ok fine she needs her human son, but will getting rid of NS3 will make anything better? SB right now is one of my fave character I love all her flaws and her interaction with NS3! She is not perfect at all but she this complex that I can’t pin point why I like her. Sec Ji character is not evolving at all! He is like an obedient dog with the mom and the grandpa. I wish he could rebel to any of them, or fight with NS3! I feel that he is the robot in the story come on! Fall in love with SB or Yena for Pete’s sake or try to be a double agent to DS! too bad the show is over we can’t give our comment or suggestions. Anyway looking forward to the next episode
  2. Thank you ladies for the wonderful recap today although I haven’t watch the full episode with sub yesterday I’m excited for today’s episode. Anyway at the beginning of the first episode I was wondering how will human NS be redeem because of that slapping incidents, and till now he still on the bed with zero interaction at all. We watching SB and NS3 grows, and I’m still giving human NS benefit of a doubt, but all other sides stories is keeping me on my toes, I was relief that tatoo guy died, but a part of me wants him to be alive and meet human NS and NS3 revenge. I want as well a bromance for the two NS if the other one will get out from coma. I know that the story is still half way though and I’m looking forward to more anticipating episode!
  3. Yes! His eyes are sooo amazing! Same goes as well with GSY, whenever NS3 and SB is gazing at each other I feel drowning on those love hazel eyes!
  4. My ovaries just exploded with that car stopping scene! Omo! Edit: why DramaKBS didn’t upload clips for tonight’s episode? They usually upload after the drama airs
  5. Although I grave as a mom’s perspective, NS3 is more humane than the human NS, but of course I will still give him benefit of the doubt that ever since he was young he is protecting his mother from the grandpa, what I don’t like is the selfish feeling of the mom of ignoring NS3, doesn’t sh treat him like her son? Even adopted children gets love and care with their adoptive parents
  6. Thank you ladies for the live recap! Your all the best! I just knew it that NS3 is having the emotional feeling and making his own decisions. Please let him have SB! Even gumiho or goblin had their love like please spare this robot heart..... now that is feeling one
  7. It’s been a long time since I posted here, I marathon yesterday episode 1-8 and in KBS world in my cable it’s showing ep 13-16 anyway I love what is happening in the character development in our lead stars. I love how they have written kang So Bong being a gutsy independent lady who has no fear if she will get caught, and I’m surprised to till now Director Seo still haven’t find out that she is change her base and I love how she teaches our adorable handsome robot into a human nature, and Namshin3 giving his innocent pure character to SB so I guess they are really meant to be, definitely NS3 is having now a complex and he is having his open will like human do. And I have when his mother design a switch kill on him, my gosh even me I will never ever kill intentionally my electronics or car. I’m not insane that even they are objects I will let them be just like that even if they get old. one of the characters that I love is the dad, he is just innocent as NS3 because he doesn’t have any idea about the situation. like any fantasy drama I hope this one will have a happy ending.
  8. Thank you my dear for this very informative piece, at least her friend report give her a benefit of a doubt, regarding NS3 then it all fall apart when NS3 help her find her necklace from her mom. She is finally now becoming a human. I just hope that she will return that 3 million won to redeem herself.
  9. Hello everyone! Finally delurking here! I have been anticipating this drama for quite sometime and finally I have seen it, and from what I can see it’s worth that wait! I love everything in this drama that I can finally write in this thread, hehehe coz my last thread was MY Golden Life, and my last drama that I have watched is I am not a robot. But this drama is worth writing good comments and feedback. I know that SB is getting there as the female lead, I wonder what is the intention of the writer that she made her like that in the beginning? Well anyway that is where we will see her character development especially now that she’s having feeling with NS3. But I really love NS3 rather than the human one, anyway we all do. I was really looking forward for the next episode. I just wonder why they delayed this series for so long and I know the shooting is already done, but I wonder how it will turn out, I hope it will really be worth the time till the end. Anyway so long everyone!
  10. Thanks for those wonderful SC I haven’t seen anything yet because of reality, but I love the picture of Seo family having dinner! Finally they are becoming a real family! Love it sooo much!!!
  11. True one of the reason I got hook in this drama is because of JS and Hyuk, their story become stagnant, I want to have a little spice in their relationship. For goodness sake they didn’t even kiss! I want someone to purse JS, someone that will chase her for a while. Honestly they become boring already, now I’m looking forward to the makne of the family
  12. I just finished watching ep 45, and man I was crying when DK and JA kissed! So bitter sweet! After all they gone through with their life I had a feeling everything will end. Huhuhu! Soooo sad! with the preview of DK going back to the company and accepting the position is unavoidable but if I will look at the bright side at least DK can start slowly merging his bio product to HSG anyway he is the president and I hope that grandpa will not be cure sorry to be barbaric but I don’t feel pity for him, he deserve to be in that position and I hope JA is will pursue her dream in Finland. Now that JS and Hyuk is a couple I was hoping for their first kiss! But man nothing!!! I feel excited now for the youngest in the family JH and SY, man their family is complicated huh?
  13. I want to see the reaction of the sister of MH when grandpa announces DK as the heir of HS group! After all her hard work to kiss a** with grandps I’m sure she will feel betrays! But man they are like royal family fighting for the crown in Jeoson era! Love for money never do any good! Look how JS is satisfied with all she got? And JA realize that she can’t live her life to satisfy others? It lead to her suicide. Anyway if that they perceive Golden life, good luck in fighting