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  1. Ok I just came back from watching that last scene in you tube...... my gosh I forgot how to breath! I’m kicking my bed sooo hard because I feel I’m going to explode with excitement because of one damn kiss!!!
  2. Yes!!!! Finally our kiss! Hahaha my first time reading all your spoilers tonight thanks a lots my guys!
  3. I swear if they are just going to tease us with the preview of that kiss, there will be flipping table tonight
  4. Ok I need to catch up later, but I’m sooo excited if the kids will happen! I’m one of the lucky winner if ever kiss happens!
  5. I feel that the chebol will threaten JS if she will continue to have relationship with JR, maybe he will say that he has the power to destroy him that will lead to JS breaking up with JR
  6. Actually that is my dilemma, I’m torn between 8 and 9, but everyone is positive that kiss will happen this week, so I just keep my fingers cross
  7. @stroppyse thanks for the transition and @Yeojachingundeul thanks for sharing the info! Im looking forward in weeks episode it’s going to be fluffy and hilarious again because Ms. SoloMotto and Mr. Dense will face each other’s feelings head to head! One will depend n Mr. Google and one will wear her heart on her sleeves! Hehehe I wonder who will take the initiative of the kiss?
  8. Well what if the biggest twist is that in the final episode KJR will be hire as an attory for the CEO stalker if he will get caught? And that CEO will try to Black mail JR if he will not depend him??? anyway my mind just went wild with imagination hehehe!
  9. Episode 6 is just amazing! I’m getting diabetic in their fluffiness especially OJS, I’m glad she convinced Park to tell the truth. The contrast between her and the lady prosecutor is that OJS always humble herself and open to the person that she is talking, in the way their heart is opening; unlike the prosecutor that her walls and self confidence is too high that no one can climb and open up. She should relax for a bit! She is just thinking of her career but not aware of the people around her. It’s still early and I hope she learned from her mistake. JR is also slowing becoming more and more competent and human hehehe! He really needs someone like JS that soften him up, although he is dense about her feelings but what makes this story exciting. I’m glad this week there is no stalker issue but I know that they need to deal with it and I feel that is for the finale of the story, right now they can focus on other issue of people and I’m excited what is in store for us next week! PS: I’m so addicted to the new ost WHAT IF LOVE, ever since I heard it on episode 4 when they are exchanging messages at night, I can’t wait for it to release and yesterday I downloaded it in iTunes and now it’s playing non stop! Love it!
  10. Ok done watching episode 5! Ang my lord, my thigh is red now due to slapping out of giddiness because of JS silly innocent and adorable way liking our attorney JR, that hand in the pocket scene I will never forget in my entire kdrama life I just died in embarrassment for her! Hahaha! And JR is also innocent about the pasta! I just have to catch my breath when she was drunk and complain that she didn’t eat pasta! Hahaha! And that pink decoration just floored me, especially the heart post it! But in fairness OJS is one of capable secretary of a lawyer huh? From not knowing how to transfer call to helping JR in the cases, I really admire her, I think when she put her heart into it she really shine like she said that she learned a lot in portraying different role in her drama, but why I’m wondering why is is bad in acting? Hahaha! Her advise to attorney DMH is just heartfelt that she followed her advice, hahaha that she herself is so innocent! That ending scene “do you like me?” Just made me scream in my pillow! Hahaha! Thank God I’m not really watching spoiler prior to watching, I will just wait for episode 6 to be sub!
  11. @triplem sorry my mistake anyway hello everyone! Just in time to have a read and I haven’t ready any of the spoiler I just saw the poll! Hehehehe! Anyway got to watch yesterday’s episode and let me process what is happening
  12. Hello everyone! Just new to this thread! I’m one of the fans who got excited when Grim Reaper and Sunny will make another drama! Well the long wait is over! It’s finally here! I’m glad I have finished the first two episode and I’m really loving it! The chemistry is on fire! And for me I’m dead in laughing when YIN can’t pick up the papers LDW dropped because of her dress! Hahaha! I just can’t! Even though YIN plays an actress here (like in her other drama) she always gives her character a life, for me I applaud her for doing comedic act even without ruining her beauty, LDW one of my fave actors that whomever he is paired with he can create chemistry with the actresses. So far I’m liking the story and looking forward OYS, and wonder why KJY always call her OJS? Hehehe so curious. I love the manager or cousin right? Relationship but at least the manager and CEO be honest with her? Actually they are the one who is sugar coating her everytime, but I’m glad that she is kind of a person that is willing to work and learn new things. KJY as well knows how to acknowledge his mistake and humble to apologize. I hate characters that are cocky and high and mighty. She far I’m also liking the people in the law firm, that other lady who has crush on that young man employee was in goblin as well right? The ghost? Hehehe! Let’s see if she will have a chance with Mama’s boy lawyer hehehe! And cute law firm CEO, fan boy of our beautiful actress! Loving his character so much! Hahaha can’t wait for next week episode!
  13. Finally have time to catch up till the latest episode! My gosh this drama series is making me crazy! It can’t utter words that can describe how interesting and intense this drama is! First of all I know that we all hate the real king not because of him but what becomes of him, but in my opinion no one has the right to die just because he become evil, everyone deserves second chance, but of course other will not agree because he was a murdeder as well and he almost kill our queen! In my alternate universe, I think of him in a far away place having peace and healing his wounds and preparering a great comeback that we will get confuse whom to choose, but sadly he is not there anymore. Huhuhu.... let us just move on and see what will happen how will the villains (now that they will form alliance) will try to take the kingdom to our HS, but they will never know that our fake king.... now the new king is also a great performer because of his background will play tricks on their minds and is ready as well to protect what is given for him that we can see how much effort he already poured just to make a good nation, and his motivation is there, his queen, family and the people. I’m really curious what will transpire when the queen will know that truth, I know she will feel betrayed but she knows that she fell in love not with her really husband but with a common man that has high integrity and big heart. I feel like he is the only king that will be loyal to his queen, he is deeply in love her already( I really wanted him to get rid of all the concubines) I don’t know why I don’t want him to have ladies around him! I feel jelous for the queen! Hehehe! Bless our eunuch he will be like the real family of HS in the place. One thing as well that bothers me is his family especially DH claiming that he was prison my the monk although it partly correct because he is really in house arrest because of his living condition in the place. I’m leaving looking forward for more episode! Go! Go! Go!
  14. My sister and I just finished watching episodes 3 and 4, and man I love the story how it unfolds still keeping me on my toes with excitement! I’m glad that HS is being expose in the real deal in the palace and I like how he express his mind to Sec. Lee about what should they do and not, even sec lee is waivering with his words. I ship HS and the queen, they deserve each other; but on the other note I was just shocked how many concubine the king has!!! And the queen was like, ok I’m your leader here I will give you reward if you serve the king.... but honestly I don’t really like idea that it’s like the ladies is just treated like an “object” on the time and they have to right or whatever. Sometimes I want to slap the Queen hard and take ownership of her man, but let us see in the flow of the story when she will fall in love with HS, she will claim her man all for herself! Hahaha girl protect your man! Anyway I still love the tandem of eunuch and HS, I find it sweet and loyal that the personal eunuch treats HS like a real king. Now that HS will become a real king, I hope his integrity will stay intact and not be influenced with people in the palace, I just laugh at the face of the left minister about staying loyal to the king, I just wanted to punch his face and good thing HS gave him a nice one! Regarding the real king, I want him to be cure, but please do not go to the palace, his payment for his sins is just he need to live an ordinary life and work hard, so he can start with a clean slate. I hope of next week episode we can still feel the excitement and the story should still hold us! What in excite about is that the queen is trying to get close to HS, I hope that she will find out the truth and will love HS as he is not a king.
  15. Hi every one!!! I’m new here! It’s been a while for me to watch a new series, none of the kdrama lately caught my attention. My last drama series was 100 days my prince, and well here am I in another seuguk drama! I love the story line of the characters, I love now a Days two characters in one role, love YGJ! He nailed the character nicely the bad king and the innocent while LSY is performing well, I love her since she played Buja in Korean odyssey, man that was excellent but YGJ this is the first time I see his full acting because I just watch him with small screen time in some of his previous drama. Anyway, love the conflict and I’m into political sucker drama, I hope there will be some action too! I’m really looking forward to this drama, even though what happens to his sister was horrible, he found a motive to stay in the palace and soon he will develop feeling with the queen, and of course like we all said many times already the we hope for a happy ending, well who loves tragic ending right? So anyway I can see some of familiar faces here so we will have a blast!
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