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  1. PBY stylish always come after PHS. It is pby stylish is belong to us too? how i expect PBY style next? black and white strips? hahaha . the two have been in same theme colors since swdbs, post drama interview, and till now. both stylish must have been working together so much and share the same taste time by time... my delulu mind say the stylish keep contact each other as well pby and phs keem seeing each other (?) if not i wil say Fate is playing with us or Timing is in our side? bonus* i love their match denim concept during swdbs, i miss them being together so much
  2. it will the best thing if they are dating, everyone support them. who are that 4 people dislikes the first comment? they must be odp, the culprit, and amh gossip girls in amh office kekekeke onion is cute tho, don't you know. i will learn about flower more i will reflect hahaha first, she may appear like having a low self esteem, but trust me she doesn't. she just kinda down to earth. she know she is precious human being and lovely (she may hear this lovely thing all times in her live). the thing is she need to subtle herself, she will not reject phs. why am i sounds confident? if you not comfortable with someone you will not share laugh and being touchy lovey dovey and even starting the touchy touchy herself (my words souds cheesy kekeke) second, she knows he is serious that is why she is wondering and being shy, my opinion maybe biased and delusion, but i'm mentally health to understand their body language. SHE IS NOT REJECT HIM, she just being curious and shy hahaha.... i should watch her vlive often, im such a unloyal fans of her hahaha i hate that ugly sausages people that leave comment in her vlive mention about her shade nose, or her eyes, or her physical. that's is why i want phs date him, he know how to treat pby better, she showers her with praise. park boyoung is mine, park bo young is Goddess, park boyoung is love, park boyoung is lovely. park boyoung is no1. and hope near future he will claim his nuna as his girlfriend. you have the same thought as me, as i wish kwanghee isn't in military kekeke, thanks for liking my post, i write more in future. don't wait, it will be takes time kekeke girly bongbong hahaha, if pby is dbs, we already witnessed her transformation of fashion, is that the symbol of fallin in love? PBY always says she doesn't have aegyo while aegyo is her exsistance itself, i always wonder with pby that make me wanna know her better and love her to the fullest
  3. @kdramachoseme you always fed me with puppy pics as always, hahaha, btw is there any hd quality gif for the 2nd last pic? @ladynoel she is Park shinhye, she and phs act in the heirs LOL, every thought of every shippers no need feeling hurt, if there are any article out just expecting more more denial from her. if she say yes, it will be the end of our hunting hahaha if it is not planned, i so called it is destiny hahaha #putDotsOst here, and i aways crack up whenever Dispatch logo on their pic,,, kekeke... it is like their tease us over and over i agree with you, if PBY get interviewed like a hundred times, she will not admit a thing betwen them. it is a sucide kekeke in another light i'm super happy that she give more detail explanation about her ideal type, not something generic that we always hear like someone understanding and someone mentally health LOL, every thought of every shippers no need feeling hurt, if there are any article out just expecting more more denial from her. if she say yes, it will be the end of our hunting hahaha
  4. The lady called Park Bo Young (part 1) This is my first post after 40 pages I think, keke, so before stating my opinion, I would like to share my point of view. I am Park Boyoung casual fans, I watch her movie and drama but was not that attentive on it, I also couldn’t finish oh my ghost since school life was hectic. So swdbs is the drama that got my 99% concern and until now I suffer the withdrawal syndrome kekeke. For Park Hyungsik, I know him since ze:a day, he wasn’t my favorite back then (now he is my A-list oppa). Please read my opinion with light heart and yeah I cannot credit (if any of your content I put here, please contact me to credit you) or backtrack some article, I write this in the mid of crammed homework. Since their interviews and videos are already recorded in my brain, I push myself to fulfill my promise by writing my opinion. If you think this opinion need to be in PBY thread, I will copy to there too. This will be a long rant of me >.< since she is denial, I cannot let you guys down whenever PBY interview is out. 1. Low Esteem VS Down to Earth As you may know, PBY seems show her low esteem. Never in interview she is brave enough to state that she has big role in a movie or drama. She always thank the fame and capability of her co-actor like Cha taehyun, song joongki, and of course Park Hyungsik (coz he is more beautiful than her … kekeke). Kim Sooro even said she will hit daebak in her career, but she is so denial pfft…. She relates her bully experience because her peers thought if PBY can act, so do them. PBY is the type of person who cannot slip an appreciation to herself, but I do agree she is conscious like 100 % she is a great actress. If there is an award for down to earth celebrity, she deserves to win. I like how PHS adores her for her acting, man usually fall for looks but here is PHS fall for her passion in work. he has ideal type that fit PBY exactly. 2. Urban look VS Country side look Park Boyoung addresses herself as country side look. We can see how she choose her outfit during swdbs that kinda retro and classic. Even her picnic dress is like something my mom use during her youth (no offense, I love her no matter what). I don’t agree completely she is country side look, she can be innocent, and sexy too (Ahn minhyuk approves this). It is just her smoll body wear that retro outfit make her looks like country like girl add she is always like high schooler for me (cute lil pie). Please flood his vlive comment section by appreciation of her look hohoho….. 3. Ideal Type which never change vs Hidden ideal type I take some of her interview at the end of 2015, the mid 2016, and the latest is the post swdbs interview. She always says something like a person with healthy mind, a person who understanding. Her ideal type is so general unlike phs newest ideal type (detailed pby-like). She never mentions about physical, making me so curious like hell >.</// she acts with so many handsome actors back than but she doesn’t feel any physical interest (?). Indeed I try to understand what is good looking in her eyes, and I found out she likes glamour look (urban look as stated above). She like glamorous look/body and beautiful person (entertainment weekly interview). She also said she will work to show his sexy charm (guerrilla date post warewolf). Me: PBY just please date PHS, he has that sexy and glamorous body that you like ! My conclusion is, whenever we read about Park Boyoung’s article, it is better to see it by two sides. There are still so many about her to be explored. She is like onion, small but every layer has its story. Don’t let yourself down whenever her interview doesn’t suit our expectation in this ship. Tomorrow will be her fan meeting event, don’t forget! I wish I will write part two near future if you all request it. Haha see ya, have a nice parkpark days! bonus* Cannot you see her eyes filled with honey drip too?
  5. Best couple ever after hahaha @xscalsve Thank you for the article translation dear
  6. I think JTBC staff get in Bali, despite they upload all blessing BTS... Hahaha.. Hyunsik-ah, take that one step closer to your Boyoung-ie nuna, palli!
  7. The last article is so nice interview hahaha I can't wait someone to translate it. PHS really adore his noona boyoungie I hope pby get recovered soon. Aigoo she seems so much in strugle. I think im the type like pby, i always use mask in airport and ninjaing. Pby onnie fighting!!!
  8. 2 hours before the four actors arrive at Bali. Why am i suddenly feeling uneasy... Hahaha May they upload their activiyies there. Im hoping the staff will do that hahaha
  9. Omo, mongmong couple where are you? Romeo should pick up Juliet late then... The hungry for phs and pby airport pics is real for me It will be hilarious if hyungsik doing his infamous open-the-door-style in airport
  10. They will never upload twoshot photo in their personal account like ig. The fangirl thing is scary tho. I prefer someone upload the video or pic like last hug scene. It capture the scene more natural and sweet @dhedhede Oh, pby like sofa scene too. Why am i happy to hear that No wonder phs said that is most unforgetable scene. Both of them really got the feel to act out that scene
  11. sorry to cut your post. MH already fallen while BS call him minhyuk-ssi, if only she called jagiya, MH could be fainted. and who (reporter) said she doesn't have aegyo. she is aegyo itself i know that is cheesy, but but but that is really cute in dramaland when couple addressing each other with jjagi/ jjagiya. i'm even already curling my finger the stare competition not only once, in the office too while he said he is MinMin hahaha.... the answer is kinda predicted tho, i forgot that LMH had dated PMY. i just too swing with their current relationship with other
  12. their response is too normative to me, i think every actor/actress will avoid any comment which lead to dating scandal. from now on just prepare of neutral response from PBY hahaha, it is not surprise at all. how i hope they are going to attend any ceremonial together just like blood couple who walk hand-in-hand on the red carpet.
  13. that scene when MH confessing monolog in front of BS house and being recorded by cameraman director. his eyes is honey dripping too, AND PBY was so touched about that. maybe that's why PBY says MH really born with honey drip eyes. hohoho she is too good in responding so the reporter will get nothing regardless the otp ship, or may i call the reporter also part of the thirsty shipper kekeke how can i cure the feel of 'cannot get enough' with this drama, i know it is already ended but time by the time i'm refreshing this site like Crazy. It has been a long time having this kind of withdrawal syndrome since reply series
  14. Aigoo must be hard for her. May her condition get better I think i would understand with PBY doesn't want having sns aside vlive. Remember the fuss from her ceo years back than while posting a post in facebook complaining law of jungle. At the time PBY also apologized with misunderstanding and that was quite big issue back than. And about PHS interview, i expect less in upcoming days. I rather he get some rest, he also get vocal critic after HS interview. Hope the best for mongmong couple and welcome to Bali... Ah, sad i can't go to Bali or Singapore while the journey just take a couple hour flight
  15. Hi hi! I just drop here to regain my mind about mongmomg couple...