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  1. Happy anniversary, DotS!!! For those who were following my DotS fanfics last year, I just posted my third (and final) chapter to "Just in Time" on Asianfanfics. Originally envisioned as a short story about the days leading up to the birth of their first child with KMY waiting for YSJ to return home from a mission, the second chapter showed the two of them handling the actual birth. This new, third chapter, is about them settling down at home with the baby. I hope you like it!
  2. My heart may have just danced at this news
  3. Yes, he appears to have an allergic reaction to lies. (According to drama descriptions for his character, he's a human lie detector.) It usually manifests in sneezes, but in the beginning at least, he seemed to have stronger reactions towards LYS's lies. Hence the slumping over her at their initial meeting during the blind date fiasco. It's also why later on, he sometimes avoids looking at her when he demands an explanation from her (even going so far as to cover her eyes on one occasion) because he's afraid she'll start spouting lies, causing him to have a physical reaction. As for his germaphobia, if I had to guess (in my completely non-medical background opinion ), I'd say he's on some OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) spectrum. According to his doctor, his issues likely stem from childhood trauma. Pertinently, he can't seem to recall any of the details surrounding his parents' death. Once he figures that out, I think a lot of problems will be resolved. It's interesting to read that you think LYS is disrespecting him and his house rules. I honestly never considered it from that perspective, although I can understand why you might feel that way now that you've pointed it out. I don't think she's mocking him or belittling him though. I think for the most part, she's just being herself, which is a disorganized, messy person. In the beginning, she also just doesn't understand him and his quirks, and thinks he needs to loosen up. As she gets to know him though, I think she is more sympathetic. One example of that would be when he catches her in her office one evening, when it's just the two of them, she's got disinfectant and napkins handy to give to him. But above all, I think what makes them work so beautifully is that they balance each other and make up for each others' weaknesses. A great example of that is with the lollipop. Once, when they were hanging out together, she dropped some on the floor before offering him one and he objected on the grounds that it'd touched the ground. She could hardly believe his reaction given that the lollipop was entirely wrapped. But then not long after, he saved the little girl from getting hit by a car, and in return she picked up the lollipop she'd dropped and gave it to him. The secretary was all shocked and amazed that he would eat it after it'd touched the ground, but he just pointed out that it was entirely wrapped and repeated LYS's words at him. Similarly, in that last episode, when he goes to the neighbor and asks him to help LYS out, the neighbor comments that main guy has changed. And then he suggests that main guy think about who it might have been who helped him bring about those changes. But I'd argue that they're both influencing each other, and that's what I love watching.
  4. Hi @cdcotr, loved reading your thoughts. Thank you for sharing them. I finished watching the first 21 episodes as well, and thought I'd take a stab at answering some of the questions you posed. And putting this under a cut because my reply turned ridiculously long!
  5. Bwahahahaha... I just knew they were going to have twin daughters. YESSSSSSSS! Well. That was one of the happiest endings ever to a drama. What a cute and sweet ride this has been. I think I watched that last hour with a perpetual smile stuck on my face. I will miss having this drama to look forwards to on Fri/Sat nights. Sigh.... (And seriously, Park Hyung Sik. Why must you be so good-looking, why?! ) And thank you Soompi thread for letting me spazz with you all.
  6. Awwwwww, you know how when you're watching a drama you often think to yourself, "After everything they've been through, I wish we could just get one episode where we get to see them just being HAPPY together before the drama ends." Well, I feel like that's what we got in Episode 15 of DBS: Happy, Happy, Happy, with more Happy piled on top. And it was GREAT. Especially since, for me, it's the chemistry between the leads that carries me through the show. Honestly, I kind of gave up on the plot a while back. With all the mysteries revealed so long ago, I trust the baddies will be caught in the end, so each week, I watch for DBS and AMH because PBY and PHS are rocking it in their roles. They're so fun and so great, and I just loved seeing them being in love, being cute, and truly enjoying each other's company. The dash of jealousy served on the side didn't hurt either. Having said all that, I think my favorite scene in all of episode 15 was the one where AMH went to visit her mother at the cafe. I just love how he rolls along with them. He's going to have the best time as that family's son-in-law! Finally, I want AMH's toys. That is all. Haha!
  7. Done! Ep 5 was also subbed by yesterday. Hoping ep 6 is too though I haven't yet checked.
  8. Yessss! Just want to bash their heads together sometimes, lol! Let's hope they continue to grow and mature together. And seriously, I wish the same about my schoolmates, haha!
  9. I see subs up until 19 for now. I'm sure the others will be forthcoming. And I'm so glad to hear you're loving S2!!!
  10. And finally, here it is, my last recap! I think it may also be my longest one yet. I hope my recaps have been useful to those of you waiting for subs, and if the later ones got overly detailed, I hope you will forgive me. Midway through, I started sharing them with a friend who isn't watching the show and is only reading my recaps, so I oftentimes add more detail to give her context. This last episode was surprisingly difficult to recap. I confess I've kind of been looking forward to finishing the recaps and having my evenings back (and have vowed never to do this again ), but as I started rewatching Episode 23, it struck me that when I finished the recap, I would also be done with the drama. As imperfect as Qi Lu and Chu Xia could be, as crazy as the drama sometimes got, and as nonsensical as some things turned out being, I really loved this drama. It's hard having to say good-bye. Maybe I'll go back now and rewatch both season with subs, instead of relying on my own rudimentary understanding of the language. In any event, thanks for sticking with me, and if I ever mistranslated something... apologies! I really did try my best; it's a second language for me as well! Master Devil, Season 2 Episode 23 Recap
  11. One more ep to go... Master Devil, Season 2 Episode 22 Recap
  12. Master Devil, Season 2 Episode 21 Recap
  13. @updatingsjpoll, I don't have a link on hand to share, sorry. But I'm sure you can find it by googling the name of the drama in Chinese.