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  1. I find it really irritating whenever JJ suggests to his grandfather that, if it hadn't been for him (the grandfather), he (JJ) wouldn't have lost the one love of his life. I mean, he presumes MJ was ever interested in him. She wasn't. She only ever saw him as a friend! It's like his grandfather once told him: even if he had shown up that day, she still wouldn't have been his. MJ's heart was already connected to TZY's. Ugh. I wish JJ would stop being so delusional. In other non-ranty news, I decided to delve into the background of the actress playing YJB's adopted sister (I forget what her name is in this drama). She was Xiao Dai in H2H and I remembered from looking up her filmography previously that she was also in another drama of ZH's before. With three dramas connected to ZH, I wondered if she was an actress under his studio, and she is. Pretty much from the year she joined his studio, she's been in every single one of his projects! Haha. "If Paris is Downcast" seems to be a special project for ZH's studio though because not only her, every actor/actress in his studio is in this drama! That includes his best friend (the one that's dating, sorta, Duo Duo), that random friend of MJ and DD's who dies, and . . . wait for it: YJB!
  2. I had to take a break from watching because the Mom and JJ were getting on my nerves. I swear with every episode JJ loses a few marbles, to the point where I wonder if he'll just be completely off his rockers by the end of the drama. The only side benefit to all this is that MJ sees him for what he is exactly, a manipulator, and isn't persisting in her naivete. Sometimes dramas do that and, when they do, it drives me nutters. Here, at least she isn't going along with him out of some misplaced, innocent trust; rather, it's because she feels she hasn't a choice. Small comforts, I know. But I take what I can get! As for TJY's mom . . . sigh. I really dislike these types of Drama Moms. They make my brain hurt. And the hypocrisy! When she found out TJY and MJ had secretly married and accused TJY of being "selfish," I actually had to turn the screen off for a little bit, I was that angry. I just thought it wax extremely rich coming off the heels of that scene where she basically begged TJY to sacrifice himself and his happiness, to marry a woman he doesn't love, all in the name of saving the family company. And why must the company be saved? Because it's the only thing that props her up and gives her comfort, as it serves as notice and a reminder to all (including herself) that she's her husband's legal wife. I mean, that's just . . . *rolls eyes* pathetic is the only word that comes to mind.
  3. themarchioness

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Here to Heart 温暖的弦

    @celebrianna, thanks for the tag! I heard about the uncut scenes in the Netflix version; so exciting! Unfortunately, I don't have a Netflix account so I'm unlikely to be able to view those expanded episodes anytime soon but fortunately (?), a lot of those scenes were previously uploaded to various IG accounts so I've seen them there. I just don't get to see them in the full context, but at least it helps me to feel a little less left out. How interesting! Those are sure to be nice additions. To be honest, more than expanded scenes/episodes, what I've really been wanting lately is to be able to read the novel! I've spent the past few weekends in the company of my parents and whenever my mom and I around each other we seem to gravitate towards rewatching H2H, picking up each time where we left off (and by mutual agreement, fast forward through The Kid's scenes ). In rewatching though, sometimes I feel like the more I watch, the less I understand what's going through Nan Xian's head. In those times, I wonder if reading the novel help to fill in some of those gaps. Alas.
  4. Glad to hear you're still watching @USAFarmgirl, and I know!! @TRAN Welcome to the thread! It's nice to see someone else here.
  5. Check now. Looks like 29 and 30 were uploaded about an hour after you posted.
  6. LOL, I know well that feeling of, "I should go to bed, but . . ." I may have stayed up later than I should have last night, too. Since you're all but caught up (impressive work!) I'll share some thoughts, but under a cut, in case it's a spoiler for others. But only a few (and quick ones at that), as I'm still at work and really need to do some more of that. Ummm... I have more to say but WORK. LOL.
  7. Two episodes each Sunday through Tuesday.
  8. @USAFarmgirl I really like the drama's OST too, particularly the opening credits song. Lately, I've been playing this one on loop in the background at work.
  9. themarchioness

    Add and Subtract Game

    I couldn't find any subs for Devilish Joy last night, and pretty sure that's b/c of DF, who had exclusive rights to that drama. I was watching DJ on DF, but I would notice that 'other sites' would also have it the same evening. Not yesterday... (Thanks for calling me to this thread @USAFarmgirl. It's been a while since I've been to Soompi generally. Slowly making my way around again. ) +2
  10. Ohhh.... I wouldn't say it's like "Here to Heart." At all. LOL. On the one hand, yes. It's tough not to draw comparisons because both stories are set in Shanghai and feature ZH. It also involves family-run corporations fighting so there's lots of contract talk, and one company trying to undercut the other, just like in "Here to Heart." But in tone and tenor, I find the stories to be vastly different. I don't want to say there aren't ever any moments of levity in "If Paris is Downcast," but if I had to pick between the two, "Here to Heart," is definitely the cuter drama between the two. In fact, the OTP in "Here to Heart" definitely shares a lot more cute moments whereas in "If Paris is Downcast," I actually find that ZH has more cute moments with his best friend than the female lead, LOL. But it's fine. They're two different dramas, after all, so it's okay if I find "If Paris is Downcast," to be the more serious and dramatic drama. As for the yo-yo relationships, it's true that Wen Nuan and Nan Xian had their up and downs, but it was more prolonged over time (in comparison, at least). I mean they had their initial break up. Then they had their song and dance before they got together. And then London happened. And then eventually they got together again, only to be torn apart again by the opposition from Nan Xian's mom, before finally reuniting in the end. But the fact that I can describe their up and downs in one paragraph says a lot because, in "If Paris is Downcast," I'm only on episode 21 and I've already lost track of the number of times it's happened. (I'm actually tempted to go back and rewatch the episodes just to make annotations, because I find it so comical. I do recall that the drama set a record when they managed to break up/reunite in less than the length of one episode. ) Anyway, I agree with you that the charm of a drama is watching the OTP go through trials and tribulations before reaching their happy ending -- no pain, no gain, and all that. But it's also fair to say that "If Paris is Downcast," appears to be one of those dramas that is trending towards the extreme end of putting its OTP through the ringer. (Keep in mind, I'm not even halfway through so you know that just means there's still A LOT more of the rollercoaster ahead.) To that extent, I like to give people fair warning because while some may like that sort of thing, for others, it's very wearying and makes them roll their eyes and/or run for the hills. And in full disclosure:
  11. themarchioness

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Here to Heart 温暖的弦

    @celebrianna, hi, long time no see. You probably don't visit this thread anymore, so I'm tagging you in the hopes that you'll see it then. I'm sorry I disappeared from Soompi this summer for various reasons (work, etc.) but now that it's a new season, I'm finding wedges of time to make it back to Soompi. Prior to my Soompi-hiatus, I was in the process of sharing my take on some of the Viki subs for this drama and unfortunately it's been so long since I last watched the latter half of H2H, that it'd be too much work for me to try and recreate what I'd started before (I'd have to go back rewatch again and while that's not necessarily a hardship in and of itself, it's the lack of time factor). BUT, having said that, there was one word/phrase you'd asked me about and I definitely wanted to give you an answer for that, as it's kind of been weighing on my conscience since that time. Heh. Specifically, you'd asked me about the rampant use of "bliss" in the subs. IIRC, at one point, the subbers even managed to turn it into a verb, LOL. As I had suspected when you first asked me about it, I was able to confirm later through rewatching that the subbers were trying to translate the phrase, "幸福 (xing fu)." To be fair to the subbers, "xing fu," is not an easy word to translate into English, and that's because it has a very broad meaning. So how it gets translated depends a lot on the context in which the phrase is being used. But, at its most basic level, and if you were to look it up in a translation dictionary, it would probably tell you that "xing fu," means happy, or happiness. But it's more than just being happy, because if I wanted to say I was feeling happy (or happy about something) in the sense that we tend to think of "happy" in English, that would be "快乐 (kuai le)" or "开心 (kai xin)" in Chinese (e.g., if I wanted to say I was feeling "happy" to be posting on Soompi again, I'd say I was feeling "kuai le," or "kai xin"). So, what kind of happiness then is "xing fu" referring to? It's more the state of being. The thing you want to achieve in life. It's a wish for someone or yourself. In fact, it's a common expression shared at New Years and on people's birthdays. In addition to wishing your friend a happy birthday, for example, you might also say, "I wish you xing fu." In that context, "xing fu" can be translated in a variety of ways, e.g., happiness, fortunate, good fortune, auspicious, bliss, blissful, etc. Probably the best way to explain is through the use of examples. In the scene where Nan Xian and Zhu Lin Lu finally have their heart to heart talk, after their fencing match, NX says to the latter that he actually felt "xing fu" that his company went through the troubles that it did, as it allowed him to see who was really by his side. There, instead of "bliss," as the subbers used, I would've said that NX was trying to say he felt fortunate. In that same heart to heart talk, ZLL made the comment that if NX did anything to make Wen Nuan sad or suffer, he would use his abilities to bring punishment to NX. In response, NX said that he welcomed ZLL to monitor his and WN's "xing fu." There, I would've translated that as happiness. When NX and Yi Xing have their heart to heart talk (at the networking event, after she came to accept NX was no longer the one for her), NX observes that he can tell that she's more relaxed at work these days and looks "kuai le" (happy). When NX asks her if she's really with Pan Wei Ning, she nods and explains to him how currently she's feeling "xing fu." There, you could translate that to happy, fortunate, or even blessed. NX responds that as her long time friend, to see her "xing fu", makes him "geng kai xin" (happier; geng means "more" so more happy is happier) than anyone else. In that context, I'd translate "xing fu" to happy. At the end of their conversation, YX says to NX that she also wishes him "xing fu, "and there, she's referring to his happiness. As for another possible translation, going off-topic for a second, but I don't know if you watched "Crazy Rich Asians," but there was one scene where Rachel met Nick's grandmother for the first time. Her grandmother looked at her nose and commented that the shape of it was very "xing fu," and the movie translated it as auspicious. That stuck out at me as the time as I was thinking about this thread, and made a mental note to remember it for this post. As you can see, there's really a variety of ways to translate "xing fu." As I said at the outset, it all comes down to context. Bliss . . . it wasn't wrong, per se, it just probably wasn't the best way to convey the intended meanings more than half the time. Hope this explanation helps -- and again, sorry it was so late!
  12. In all honesty, this drama is not going to be for everyone. There's a lot of push and pull (hence the yo-yo comment earlier). I sometimes feel like the OTP spends half their time together, but in tears, and the other half trying to run away from each other. I've already lost count of the number of times they've gotten together and broken up (all for noble idiocy reasons, of course). Much of the drama also revolves around business/corporate dealings, which I know can be a bore for many, and ZH's mother is a real pill (the male and female second leads aren't any better in the *headdesking* department). In light of all that, I would easily understand if someone complained that they found the drama frustrating, repetitive, and even ridiculous at times. But . . . the thing is, I kind of love that stuff. When I'm in the mood for it, at least, and clearly I currently am. I eat up the crazy and, I don't know, it just makes me chuckle even as I roll my eyes. Perhaps that makes me as crazy as the drama?
  13. LOL. Zhang Han is always worth a look. As for the story . . . get your yo-yo ready.
  14. Yes. Someone on DF said they reached out to DF’s customer service and was told RM was removed due to licensing issues; the same thing as last time.
  15. Dimsum.my is not available in the US, but the drama's Chinese wikipedia page does mention that this drama aired officially on a one-week delay through dimsum in Malaysia. How fortunate you are. I suspect that other sites will rip subs now that they are available to some (depending on country) on YouTube, but I've gotten so used to watching the raw videos on Mango TV's (the official Chinese distributor) YouTube channel that I'll probably just continue doing that.