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  1. Our clue was that they had the amusement park date. Any outing/date in a Kdrama is always followed by a separation. +2
  2. Noooo.... that is disappointing to hear. I was really hoping that preview would prove to be a fake-out. JR you're too smart for the Noble Idiocy trap!!!! *sigh* +2
  3. @taeunfighting Oh yes! I know exactly which video you are referring to. LOL. It's a favorite of mine. I believe he was dancing to celebrate the end of their filming for that drama - and pretty sure you are allowed to link such videos here. I know I've linked it in a different thread and it was a-ok. Haha!
  4. If there any videos you need help understanding let us know -- can't promise to know everything he's saying either, but we can probably come up with the gist of what he's saying. I know, it's like I keep waiting for him to turn around and backstab one of his co-workers. Haha. And yup! His new drama with Yang Mi was just announced at the beginning of this month, so I expect it'll be a while before we see it. I think I've exhausted YouTube of its ZBB interview videos. If you find any good ones , let me know!
  5. The problem with that voice is I can't separate it from the simpering way in which he delivered his betrayal towards CY in prison, LOL. This is going to be incredibly amusing if he ends up being the co-worker that dates that other female co-worker because she believes him to be the heir to the magazine company founder. As for Mydramalist, whenever a drama's air date is unknown, they always set it to the last day of the current year. And if the drama doesn't end up airing in that current year, on January 1 of the new year, it resets to the last day of the new year. So, I wouldn't set much store by the 12/13/19 date. It just means it doesn't have an official air date yet.
  6. Haha, aww, thanks! I don't know if watching "Pretty Li Hui Zhen" counts as a recommendation though; it's more like I'm just watching it for the sake of ZBB. Since it's a remake of "She's So Pretty," we know how the drama will end. The OTP will be together and ZBB, as the second male lead, won't end up with the girl. Whether that ending is a happy one will depend on where your heart lies, I suppose. LOL, that's a lot of love right there. But I totally get it! Welcome to Soompi! Yay! In honor of our watching it together, I pressed on to episode 4 last night and guess what I discovered! His Traitorness Mr. Traitor Traitor Pants is also in this drama, LOL. They were having their staff meeting at the magazine when one of the co-workers started talking. I wasn't paying attention to the screen at the time but when I heard that voice, I quickly turned back because it was like, 'That voice! I know it!" I rewound and sure enough. I don't know that I'd have noticed him without his voice, since he looks so different in his modern day wear, but I looked up the filmography and it's him. Too funny. As for ZBB's next modern drama.... sigh. You know how C-dramas are. Never know when they're gonna air, so sadly, no air date yet.
  7. Right??? I keep asking myself the same question. It's like he wants us to stay stuck in his vortex forever. I would love company in watching "Pretty Li Hui Zhen"! Send me a message, or something, if you want to chat about it -- company would probably encourage me to keep up with the show regularly. Heh. (My expectations are kept low as well.) And I felt exactly as you did when looking at his past period dramas. Although, I confess, I did seek out the last episode of "King's Woman' (knowing already how things would end) and I have to say, my interest was a little bit piqued! I don't know that it was piqued enough to watch a drama of that length, but I'm seriously considering reading the recaps for the drama at the very least. Haha. As for his next modern drama, I watched a trailer: Here.
  8. Hehehe, fancy meeting you here in this thread @taeunfighting. It sounds like we are on the same trajectory as it relates to ZBB! I feel like I have now watched every interview of his worth watching on YouTube, and it only makes me eager for more. Haha. I love how honest and low key he is in his answers. His personality only adds to his attractiveness. I've started watching "Pretty Li Hui Zhen," but making my way s-l-o-w-l-y through it. The thing is, as much as I loved Siwon's character (and Siwon's acting) in the K-version, I still supported the main couple through and through. In the Chinese remake . . . well, let's just say I'm not finding the male lead as charismatic as Park Seo Joon, and thus his character comes across as completely flat. I swear it's not my bias when I say that ZBB is the only thing worth watching so far. I found the trailer for ZBB's next modern drama and alls I can say is, it needs an air date - and stat! Haha.
  9. If it's a Chinese drama that's also being aired through an online streaming service, it is. Some dramas air only on television, some only online, and some both. This drama is one that aired both on television and online. For those dramas that air online, as far as I am aware, you will always get some raw episodes released earlier. This is because to make money, the streaming services offer VIP memberships where people can pay to be a member. Paying members have to have perks in order for anyone to want to pay for membership! And one of those perks is to get episodes "in advance" of everyone else. If you don't want to pay, that's cool too, you just have to wait for the episodes to be made available to the free members. That's how each drama ends up having a VIP schedule and an official schedule. Legal subbing websites, like Viki, reach agreements where they get the episodes per the official schedule. It's only after those episodes are released that their volunteer subbers can go in and add subs. That's how it seems like raw episodes are released earlier than subbed episodes, but understand that's not really the case. It's just those who have VIP memberships stripping the videos they get in advance and making them available online for others. Technically, they're not supposed to be made available to everyone. Does that make sense? (Not sure I’ve explained that well...) P.S. Thanks to all who shared the novel's ending(s)!
  10. Episode 51 - the quick & dirty recap THE END In conclusion... how satisfied am I by that ending? It's hard to say. I feel like I was spoiled so much as to how things would turn out, that by the time the end credits started to roll, my only thought was, "Yup. That's about what I expected would happen." Quite frankly, that made it difficult for me to experience any emotions while watching the last episode. But what did stand out to me was the infinite amounts of love between BQ and CY, and as that is what has always been my hook for this drama, it was nice to see that played out through to the end. I think it's no secret that I have loved this drama dearly. There's no other reason for why I would dedicate so many of my hours translating/recapping episodes for this forum thread, if that wasn't the case. But even with my all-consuming love for this drama, I can be objective enough to admit that the last two episodes of this drama, especially, were hastily put together to give us an ending. Now that the drama is over, I can look back on it as a whole and think things like, "I wish they'd taken out scenes from when BQ was at Zhu Manor to give us more at the end." I never begrudged the drama for the amount of time BQ and CY spent apart -- it was integral for what was going on in both their lives at that time, and it gave us time to get to know DFS as well -- but if we think about it... All that stuff with her grand-aunts, for example, since that never really went anywhere, what was the point of having them? Also, why bother giving us a reunion scene with QW and QY if that wasn't really going to go anywhere either. I guess that was the drama's way of explaining to us the end of QY's storyline? But it certainly didn't feel like it even in episode 50. And then there's the death count . . . this topic probably deserves a post on its own, but I'll just say for now that I've tried to put myself in the writer's shoes and think I've reached that point where I can understand the choices made. But as a viewer, it still seems like a lazy way to reach an ending since with each death, the writer then doesn't have to take the time to explain what happens to them. Despite all that, I still loved and do love this drama. The ending can't take away everything that came before. Every interaction that CY and BQ had remains a precious memory, and I feel that way about their interactions with other character too (minus the baddies). Now that it's over... there's definitely a hole in my heart. So I guess I'll now have to go back and watch the episodes subbed. Thank you all for indulging me in my recaps and rambling thoughts... Knowing myself, I'm sure I'll still have more to say - haha - but for now, I'm going to take a break and think a little bit more about this drama and its ending.
  11. <--- When your drama is over and you realize there will never be any more new episodes to watch.... 708
  12. Episode 50 - The Quick & Dirty Recap Honestly, not too much of substance happens in this episode. Although, having said that, stuff does happen in this episode. I think the reason it feels like not much happened even though stuff did happen is because the drama is clearly rushing to get everything in before the end, so as you'll see, we barely touch the surface of the stuff that does happen in this episode. It's just a constant stream of one thing happening after the next, without much development let along transition between the scenes.
  13. Eeeep, nervous but excited. About to take a lunch break to watch the first of the last two episodes. I can't believe the end is already here...
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