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  1. I just sent you a PM. @angelangie, those pics of ZBB with his gentle, smiley gazes... be still my heart. LOL.
  2. It's up on Viki as of this week, in case anyone's still interested in watching but needed subs!
  3. But we get new eps today so, with VIP access, that means the raws will probably be at 17 by the end of the day (and 21 by the Thursday). Excellent job catching up, and welcome to the thread @sunkissedluna! I'm looking forward to the same. From the previews I've seen for upcoming episodes, it looks like we're in for an exciting ride. I can't wait.
  4. I just finished watching Episode 17 and have only one thing to say: IF YOU THINK SOMETHING MIGHT CONTAIN A BOMB, DON'T TRY AND OPEN THE PACKAGE!! OMG. That's what the police/experts are for. As for the latest google finds, the place where Qi Xun purchases "tempura" for Shuang Shuang in Episode 6 is this place, Arts Fresh Inn. And it looks like the exterior for MIST is actually the Lanyang Museum.
  5. The original novel has not been translated into English. If you can read Chinese, you can probably find it by googling the novel the name. As for what day it airs, Tuesday-Thursday, two episodes each day, with 51 episodes total. (Some websites may have more episodes than others because they’ve been ripped by those who have VIP access to the official streaming sites.). The first post of this thread contains all the information you seek. I also like Mydramalist as a resource for this kind of information. Welcome to the thread!
  6. I'm very good at Google research. *shake hand* You're making me want to rewatch All About Eve (for the millionth and one time...)
  7. My friend started telling me about how she wanted to try and see the Super Blood Wolf Moon eclipse today, and the entire time she was talking, all I could think was, "Will Coldblood make an appearance?"
  8. OMG....... YEEEESSSSSSS. How fitting that you should name him as an example, as he is also my Go-To example for that as well. My first Korean drama and always a first love in my heart, LOL. But to make sure we also stay on point with Flipped, let me share that one thing I like to do when watching a drama is figure out from background clues the location of where things are being filmed. It looks like much of the drama was filmed in Beitou, Taipei, Taiwan. We see the She Zi bridge a lot in background scenes, and I assume the Aloft hotel that they stay at is also the one located in Beitou. When Shuang Shuang travels for work, the place they visit is Renshan Botanical Garden in Yilan County, Taiwan. And the place that Qi Xun and Kun Lan visit when they're looking for that painting is the Western Museum in Taichung County, Taiwan.
  9. I do appreciate that he keeps his distance and doesn't allow himself to be caught in her traps. I hate when, in dramas, the male leads are too naive and let themselves get caught in compromising situations with evil second female leads! But here, he's handling her with skill. I laughed when he did his flash travel thing to the other side of the room after she got too close to him on one occasion. LOL. But yes, it seems like he only goes along with what the other woman is doing when she dangles Shuang Shuang in front of him. It's hard for him to pass up any potential opportunities in that regard since he's so desperate to win Shuang Shuang back right now.
  10. @angelangie, I don't think you're necessarily wrong and what you say makes sense (particularly with the idea that in order to maintain balance, when something flows in something also has to flow out), but what I am saying is that I don't think the Rules of the Special Powers have been well explained in this drama, which is why we are able to debate it as we have today. Because apart from a general overview explanation of how things work, we haven't been provided a specific explanation detailing how every parameter works either. And I get it. To an extent, it would be probably be going into too much of the weeds to be of interest to the viewers. But, on the other hand, viewers aren't stupid either so there needs to be some logic to how things work. To be honest, I think this is a problem that many dramas struggle with when they start introducing the concept of Special Powers, Worlds, etc., and whatnot *shrugs* We'll see what happens. As much as I've been debating this point, it's really not my main focus of the drama. LOL. I'm more interested in Qi Xun and Shuang Shuang figuring out their relationship. I hope it won't be long before she gives him the opportunity to explain that while he may have initially sought her out because he believed her to be the Healer, in the end, it was her (and not the fact that she was a Healer) that he fell in love with. In fact, when he fell in love with her, he had already ruled her out as being the Healer! I'm also curious as to the Introduction of the new woman, whose name I can't recall. She acts like a friend in front of Shuang Shuang, but a seducer in front of Qi Xun. It seems clear she is also a Healer and my guess is that even though the drama has thus far painted her as a two-faced person to both Qi Xun and us (the viewers), we'll eventually learn that she's just been testing Qi Xun this entire time .
  11. I rewatched the first few episodes this weekend and something I noticed with respect to the scene where the Ming Yue assassin appears at BQ's rundown hut and kills the Ninth Uncle is that, when the assassin arrives, she actually announces herself as being from Ming Yue. This means something should've been triggered in BQ when it was explained to her during the Lantern festival that the Mo Family was competing against the Ming Yue Clan for the best lantern show. But maybe with the trauma of everything else that happened that day, it's something she's forgotten and will remember later. Also, I think the Viki subbers have been going back and cleaning up the subtitles after the fact, so I just want to give out a shout of thanks to the subbers. Finally, I wanted to also make an observation that for one of the background/insert songs used in this drama, am I the only one who mentally screams NUTCRACKER every time it's played? It's kind of distracting, actually, but makes me laugh at the same time. ETA to clarify my above point about BQ not remember having heard the name "Ming Yue" before... I completely understand why she wouldn't remember the assassin saying that at this juncture of the story. Not only did her Ninth Uncle die that day, but she's also been more focused on remembering his last words to her from that day. (In other words, there's a lot that happened that day for her to remember and think about!) But BQ has also proven herself to be a smart and clever person, and details don't escape her. So it is my hope that at some point in the future, she will remember that moment -- in order for it to not become a plot hole.
  12. @angelangie, it's true that a Healer can't heal everyone -- we've been beaten over the head with that concept through the Evil Guy and his older brother (when he was alive) -- but it's clear Shuang Shuang can help Qi Tian (and did, to some extent, when she gave her CPR) since that's why Healers exist, to be able to help those with Special Talents like Qi Xun and Qi Tian. But your suggestion that Shuang Shuang taking in wounds into her body means that she also has to heal those wounds in her body goes back to my original question which was whether Shuang Shuang would suffer any ill effects from healing someone. I'm still not convinced that Shuang Shuang fainting after giving Qi Tian CPR is a side effect that she'll experience every time a Healer helps someone -- because it hasn't been intimidated that her mother had to deal with anything similar to that when she lived. In fact, her mother was able to be a doctor because she was a Healer. Instead, I think it's more plausible that she fainted because it was the first time her power came into use and it was something unfamiliar to her (in fact, she wasn't even aware of it at that time). Similarly, I don't think a Protector is necessarily there to help a Healer get over whatever injuries/symptoms that may befall them from helping someone out. As it is, it's not like we saw Kun Lun doing anything to Shuang Shuang when she fainted after giving Qi Tian CPR. Rather, my understanding of the Protector role is that he exists to basically be her bodyguard. So, I'm not convinced that Shuang Shuang helping someone as a Healer means that she herself will fall ill in some way as well.
  13. That doesn't really make sense then. Because the result of Shuang Shuang not helping Qi Tian, is that Qi Tian will die. I think for most people, but especially Shuang Shuang who has an extremely kind heart, that would be an unacceptable situation and they would feel compelled to help. Again, I totally understand why she feels misused by Qi Xun and is questioning whether their entire relationship was founded on a lie. I get that part of the story. She's making him pay for that now, and she should. But it just also seems like given what Qi Tian's going through in the meantime, she'd want to help her -- since she also likes Qi Tian -- and deal with Qi Xun separately. Basically, help the sister, but make the brother prove himself and win her back. Maybe it's because Qi Tian's death is not an imminent thing, and were she on an actual death bed, Shuang Shuang would step in immediately to help? But since Qi Tian's just facing an eventual death, the drama feels like there's time to drag all this stuff out? Gahhh. I don't know. Another thing I just thought of is, if Shuang Shuang does heal Qi Tian, then what? Does that means Qi Tian is healed for life? And does that mean she will stop having future visions? Or that any future visions she continues to have will not drain her of life? Or is this going to be a situation where she'll continue to have future visions that drain her of life, but a Healer (whether that's Qi Tian or someone else) is going to periodically have to restore her to health? So. Many. Questions. And I suspect we'll never get answers to any of them.
  14. I don't think it's strange or contradictory. CY, himself, explained it in Episode 4 when his companion asked why he was suddenly so concerned about the illegitimate daughter (when they were searching around the city for her). He said, "The one I'm concerned about is the little beggar!" It's obvious he likes her. He finds her an interesting person, feels bad for the hardships she's encountered thus far, and thinks of her of someone worth helping. And when he thinks of her as just the beggar person, he feels he can and should protect her. But when he thinks about the fact that she's also his father's illegitimate daughter -- and what that represents -- he can't like her. (Add to that, up until finally meeting her now, he’s lived his entire life resenting her existence.) Her existence reminds him of the reason for his mother's death. So, it's not her that he dislikes, but rather, it's who or what she also is that he does like not -- the illegitimate daughter. That's why he's always running hot/cold around her, and it makes sense. He's just more nice to her when he's being LYK because in that persona, he can go around helping her out. But that doesn't mean he never goes out of his way to help her, even in his CY persona. After she's brought into his father's manor and breaks out of the place his stepmother had her hidden away in, he runs into her. He might have been cold towards her and pooed on the idea of helping her find food, but in the end, he was the one who arranged for food to be laid out and the kitchen emptied so that she could eat peacefully. It's clear, even in that moment, that while it seems like he can't stand the sight of her -- as viewers, we are to understand that the reason he can't stand to see her there is because she's there as his father's illegitimate daughter and all that that represents -- but as a person, he obviously cares for her, or else he wouldn't have bothered to make sure she had something to eat. At first glance his actions may seem contradictory, but if one looks beyond the surface, they're clearly not. That's what I enjoy so much about this drama -- this internal struggle that he grapples with: liking her, but not liking who she is.