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  1. Don't worry. There's apparently still a team of people working to bring subs (non-Netflix) to those who won't have access to it in their own countries. I haven't started watching - just sharing information as I learn it - so I cannot comment on the dubbing in this drama.
  2. Meteor Garden on Netflix is premiering this coming July 13, 22:00 with 6 episodes every Friday. Unfortunately, it won't be available in Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines.
  3. Super busy weekend (super busy with work these days) so I haven't had a chance to check out those floors, but you know I definitely will. (I may have finally moved on from H2H, but I'm still at one with The Four, LOL.) The hanging lamps definitely hadn't been dusted in a long while in order for there to be so much dust falling on his face. But I think there was that much dust in the first place to serve a purpose for that scene (and not for us to necessarily think he has a dirty room). It's similar to how Heartless had a dusty sign outside his quarters, which meant that Li Mo then had to climb a ladder to dust it in order for her to fall and have him catch her. i guess the writers didn't anticipate we would dissect all these little scenes and think of everything though! Speaking of questioning things, something I've long wondered about, when Li Mo, Mu Xue, and Heartless stop at that abandoned cottage on their way back from that tribal village to the Bureau, they decide to help him find his memory by restaging Ru Yen's departure to get married and death . . . but where do suddenly they find that palanquin and the people to carry it?! They're in the middle of a forest. Haha. Oh, this drama and its logics sometimes... Hee! As for Yao Hua, oh yes, my eyes were definitely rolling hard when she tried to blame Coldblood for her decision to work with ASG. But by the end, even though I hadn't felt much sympathy for her along the way, I definitely felt bad for her in that scene outside the cave. You could just see how she regretted everything and now was having to live with those consequences, and that was rough. Also, she was never a "bad" person, she just struggled with her one-sided devotion towards Coldblood. I liked her, in spite of herself. Agree with you on Li Mo's mother. She was pretty.
  4. themarchioness

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Here to Heart 温暖的弦

    Actually, if my memory is correct, he did think it was from her (because it came from her email). That's why when WN confronted him about it she said something along the lines of how she couldn't believe he would think her capable of sending such an email.
  5. themarchioness

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Here to Heart 温暖的弦

    @kokodus, I absolutely agree with you re: ZLL's motivations. I can understand them (and WR's) as well. And it's fine even if you are defending him/her/them. I think that's the charms of all the characters in this drama. They make us feel a gamut of emotions. At any given time I was either going crazy from their actions, feeling sympathetic about what they were going through, cheering them on, or simply in love with who they were (well, okay, I can't say I felt love for every character, but you get my point). @celebrianna, an attempt at a hostile takeover (e.g., the taking advantage of Uncle selling his stocks, etc.) is something I can accept as business being business. Inserting a spy into your friend's company . . . that's pretty low and shady. Even if it was because he'd loaned ZLL a lot of money and was concerned about his investments, there were more above the board ways about going business. Case in point when WN comes back to Qian Yu; she is also placed in Qian Yu as the investor's advisor. There are gradations to corporate espionage, and certainly legal ways of doing so to keep the competitive edge. I'm just not sure where PWN's actions toe that line. But in any event, that's neither here nor there as the drama wanted us to end on a happy note for all, and I'm certainly fine with that. It was fun rewatching the drama and now that I'm done, I'm glad. I think I can finally put the drama to bed. But before I do that, the subs... I've actually started on them (was intending to include them in this post) but it's gotten long and the hour is late! I've got to go to work tomorrow. Yikes. So I'll have to finish it later.
  6. themarchioness

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Here to Heart 温暖的弦

    @celebrianna, I think you're spot on with WR's reasons for forgiving The Kid. And I actually don't have a problem with forgiveness (in this drama or generally). It's more the process that leads to the forgiveness that drives me a little batty in this drama. (I want people to be deserving of the forgiveness they receive!) For all the reasons you cited, I understand why WR would ultimately choose to forgive The Kid (I even feel sympathetic myself about how he felt caught between a rock and a hard place). I just don't know why she'd want to considering how whiny, pushy, and demanding he was after his role in PWN's schemes was revealed. At least, that's how his initial actions came across to me and it made me wish he would be more contrite, understanding, and patient. This is where I think he should've said/done things in a different way (one that demonstrated how he truly understood the ways in which he'd been in the wrong) to win her back. I do feel like he got there eventually by that scene by the concert site where he gives her the necklace, and that was where I threw up my hands during the first watch and said, "Fine, if WR really wants him that badly, then I suppose I'll be okay with this." It was the same again on the rewatch. But for all the scenes before that, I was kind of headdesking... PWN, on the other hand... well, let's just say if I had issues with The Kid's process it was inevitable I'd have issues with his given that there was no demonstration of his contriteness other than that scene at the club where he was basically, 'Sorries, my bad." I suppose the fact that he turned the company back over to his brother and his decision to leave the business altogether was supposed to be our indicator that he knew he'd done wrong and felt remorseful, but all it did was serve to highlight ZLL's magnanimity. And what a magnanimous person ZLL is! But it's fine. I ultimately choose to accept this quickie forgiveness scene because the alternative would have been to have some dragged out scene (or multiple scenes) and that's not what we need when what we needed was more scenes of the OTP. With respect to your comment about "business being business" though, I'd argue what PWN did was on a different scale than anything ZLL or NX ever did. Stealing clients from one another, that's business. Even ZLL acknowledged as much when WN felt uncomfortable about what NX had set her up to do. NX and the Alpha Project . . . I think you once asked me after the drama ended how I felt about that and, at the time, I declined to answer because I hadn't yet rewatched with subs. Now having rewatched the drama, I'll say this. I still don't know if it was ever clear whether NX knew the researcher would be leaving or if NX had already planned to join hands with the researcher when he schemed to drive up the purchase price of the project. It's possible he was just driving up the price anyway knowing that Dai Zhong would soon be in over their head regardless, and that the stuff with the lead researcher ended up being the cherry on top to their plans. Either way, I see his plan to drive up the purchase price as NX merely taking advantage of a weakness in his competitor. It may seem ruthless and certainly did to WN, but that is business. It also may have felt uncomfortable because he was our hero and we expect a drama's hero to behave with certain decorum, but on the other hand, NX never shied away from admitting that he had been doing everything he could for the past 7 years to beat ZLL. In that regard, he was not a perfect hero but he was human and I appreciated those complexities about him. As for ZLL and his taking pictures of the contract to use in the lawsuit, I suspect you'll disagree completely with me on this, but as upset as I was with him initially (and most of that upset had to do with the fact that I knew WN would end up being the one screwed over by his actions), I do believe this is also him finding a weakness in his competitor and using it to his advantage. The difference between his actions and PWN's (which I'll extrapolate on more in a minute) is that he didn't go hunting for the contracts. Instead, they fell in his lap. It's like finding a $100 bill on the street. If no one else is around, do you pocket it or do you take it to the police station? At worst, ZLL committed a moral wrong. At best, he committed no legal wrong. I think this is why WN was able to forgive him so easily. I know you think she forgave him too easily, but I actually appreciate she recognized her culpability in not having secured her work documents in the first place. I sometimes bring work home and there are certain documents that, when I do, are either supposed to be redacted or, if redaction is not possible, they're supposed to be kept on my person or locked up otherwise. For practical purposes, I don't think very many of us do. Instead, my family knows and respect that they shouldn't go near my work when I bring it home. But that doesn't mean that if it somehow landed in someone else's lap and they weren't so respectful that I wouldn't be off the hook at work. It's the same thing for WN. Certainly, she had an expectation of privacy in her home, but given her position at work she should've also double checked the documents she was taking home with her and treated them accordingly. *shrugs* Of all the acts of forgiveness in this drama, that's one of the less problematic ones for me. PWN, on the other hand, I don't know. His installation of The Kid in Dai Zhong toes too closely to the illegal lines of industrial espionage for me. I don't know the law well enough to know whether it was in fact illegal; it is a pretty complicated area of the law, after all. But his actions are so intentional and underhanded that I have a harder time brushing that one off as "business is business." On the other hand, I recognize that in order to give YX a happy ending, we have to extend some generosity towards PWN. And as much as YX aggravated me for much of the drama, ultimately I did wish a happy ending for her. (Or as the subbers would say: a blissful ending ) Awwww, Mr. Darcy! That's a nice connection to make. (Will post re: subs separately later.)
  7. themarchioness

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Here to Heart 温暖的弦

    !!!!! There's an extra (albeit very small) scene included in the DVD version that's not in the TV version, and they also changed up the order of some scenes towards the end. Not sure why as, based on the outfits the characters are wearing, the order actually makes more sense in the DVD version. Just didn't notice it while watching the TV version. Specifically, the scene with GF and GT at the club right before NX's fake engagement ceremony is missing from the TV version. I didn't remember that scene and confirmed, it's not there. Also, in the TV version, after the scene with YX in her house where she holds up her jade bracelet and wonders if PWN will come to the fake engagement ceremony, it's followed by the scene of WR leaving Dai Zhong and thinking about The Kid. She then wanders the city until they eventually run into each other by the concert site. But, in the DVD version, that scene doesn't happen until after the engagement ceremony takes place and follows the talk WR and ZLL have after the latter tells the former that NX has disappeared. That ordering makes more sense because WR is wearing the pink dress in both scenes. Also, at the end of the talk, ZLL tells her to worry about herself -- so it naturally follows she'd then think about The Kid. I wonder why they changed it up for the TV version...
  8. themarchioness

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Here to Heart 温暖的弦

    Taking a break from rewatching H2H to comment on some of the subs I've taken screenshots of for commentary thus far. - When NX's at the villa and talking to his maid, the subs have him saying at one point, "Nothing, you can go back." (This is in response to her giving him information and her wanting to know if there was anything else she could do for him.) It sounds kind of weird so I wanted to explain what what NX really says is, ""Ni qu mang ba," which translates literally as, "You go be busy then." This is one of those moments where I feel the subbers pain as there's no real English equivalent. Rather, it's one of those every day expressions that the Chinese use to basically say something along the lines of, "Thanks. You can go back to what you were doing before" or "You can go about your business now." That's rather clunky as far as translations go, so I can understand why the subbers wouldn't use those either. But that's basically what NX is trying to convey in that moment. (This reminds me of when my friend was watching and commented on when characters would say, "I'm leaving first." It sounded silly to her as she couldn't understand why people kept commenting on the fact that they were leaving first. But again, this is one of those common expressions people say when leaving.) - When WN and NX are talking by the pool, at one point the subs have her saying, "I don't know what to do so that you won't be angry at me. I also don't know what to say. That's why you believe my heart is the same as you." (This is when she's explaining why she went back to fetch the portrait's she'd done of him.) After he looks at the paintings, the subs also have her saying, "When I was in England, I draw a lot, do you believe?" Apart from the tense issues which are rampant in these subs, this is how it should've been translated: I didn't know what else to do for you to not be angry at me anymore. I also don't know what else I should say in order for you to believe that my heart is the same as yours. And then for the England part, it should be: When I was in England, I painted painted/drew even more. Do you believe me? - When WN arranges a meeting with her sister and the two men in her life, and NX comments to ZLL that he hears he's been into fencing lately, the subs have ZLL saying, "What? Do you want to bet?" But he doesn't say the word for "bet" (which would be "du"). Instead, he's asking whether NX wants to have a contest ("bi yi bi"). - When WN calls NX from the road to tell him that she's on her way to meet that investor, the subs have him answering her phone call with, "Hello, XN. Why are you still not sleeping?" Which is just awkward English. He's asking her why she hasn't gone to bed yet (since the hour is so late when she calls). - When Guan Ti meets with Xiao Dai and admits that he was wrong to leave Qian Yu and regrets his actions, the subs have him saying, "I regretted being so rash and caused our relationship to be stiff." Apart from the grammar issue, I just wanted to point out that the translation of "stiff" is not incorrect. That really is one way to translate the word "jiang" that Guan Ti uses in that sentence. But another meaning for "jiang" is "strained," and I think that's a better translation to use in this context. - When YX tells NX's mom that she's decided to finally move on, the subs have her saying, "In his heart, he will never be able to forget Wen Nuan." That's a perfectly fine translation, but the picky in me would still point out that "forget" would be "wang ji," and she said "fang bu xia," which means "to be unable to let go." So the more accurate translation is, "In his heart, he will never be able to let go of Wen Nuan." - When WN meets with NX's mother at her studio (after she returns from London), the subs have her saying, "Me and NX can no longer lose each other again." What she says (literally) is, "NX and I really can't lose each other." The "can't" that she uses is a very emphatic can't, like a helpless sort of can't , and even though "shi qu" really is translated as "lose," I think the way we'd express this sentiment in English is to say, "NX and I really can't be without each other." - When ZLL and NX meet for drinks on the rooftop after ZLL learns that NX and WN have broken up again, the subs have NX saying to ZLL, "I'm not doing anything right now doesn't mean I won't do anything." I'm sure you probably figured out what what he was trying to say, as the subs got close enough, but since I'm making corrections anyway... "Just because I'm not doing anything right now doesn't mean I won't do anything." I've got a few more screenshots but these were the easiest ones to get out of the way. And I still need to explain "bliss" as well, which I'm definitely in the throes of now. There was even a "blissing" at one point, LOL. But for now, I'm off to try for one more episode before I call it a day!
  9. themarchioness

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Here to Heart 温暖的弦

    @celebrianna, right? I don't know why people can't be made to suffer their consequences. As for The Kid specifically, I've never felt wholly comfortable that he "redeems" himself by basically doing a tit-for-tat and revealing information about PWN. Even his two reasons for doing so do not sit well with me; 1) he could tell how hurt/upset WR was, and 2) since PWN had already won Dai Zhong, he thought it was cruel of PWN to keep toying around with them like that. Well, how about just the simple fact that PWN was never right from the beginning? I'd rather he demonstrate awareness that PWN was being underhanded from the get go, and that's what bothered him. But, oh well. I'm sure I'll make peace with him by the end, as I did the first time around, but I don't think I'll ever be fully happy with him. (I still think he's an odd pairing for WR and I wish, at the very least, they'd chosen an actor who didn't look like he was still in his teens. There's young and then there's young, you know? ) But if we're to speak of the most inexplicable acts of forgiveness, for me, that would have to be ZLL and PWN. They didn't even talk things out really (at least The Kid and WR had multiple scenes). Instead, they just had that one moment at the club they always hung out at and ZLL just kind of waved everything away with one hand sweep. Like, seriously, say what??? They're supposed to be close friends and instead PWN tried to take over his company! And all because Dai Zhong was collateral damage for his attempt to take down Qian Yu. Add to that, if you really think about it, PWN had installed The Kid in the company well before any of the other stuff went down. That means he was basically waiting for an opportunity this entire time! And ZLL just lets it go with a snap of his finger; amazing. As for Mom, yes, she let herself listen to the nurses and believed them, but that's my whole point. I don't know why she listened to them. The nurses of course would think YX's baby was NX's because in the media and the public eye, they were together and still dating. But the public is not privy to their personal lives whereas Mom is. She knows that the two of them have nothing going on so she really should've known better. I think this is a case where Mom let herself listen to them because she wanted to believe that what they were saying was true. And that was just delusional. Anyway, my commentary on Mom is really just a *facepalm* sort of observation, not one that I really need an explanation for. And @kokodus, yes, because that's what a rewatch means! LOL. Otherwise I'd have just said "I'm going to rewatch my favorite/OTP parts." But I've also always said with respect to H2H specifically that I wanted to rewatch the entire drama again with subs. (Having said that, not gonna lie, I've definitely fast forwarded through some parts as well -- like the YX/PWN and WR/The Kid parts. Just not anything that discussed business because I wanted subs for those.)
  10. @celebrianna, re: JC, I don't know. She has a pretty lengthy filmography already. I'll definitely keep an eye out for her in the future! Don't know that I'm all that interested in her past projects though... some of them I've heard of, but didn't know about her then. Wu Qin’s wooden floors appeared generally clean and polished. I don’t remember if the wood seemed dirty when he was drunk though. Coldblood’s floor has some blemishes in the wood near the entrance and the carpet looks kind of dirty when the camera showed the cut waist tie from Li Mo’s maid outfit. lol However, I suppose in those days they didn’t have a vacuum closer but at least the carpet can be hung up outside and beaten to get rid of the dirt. I feel like I must now do a full rewatch again just to inspect these two floors! (Convenient excuse? I'll let you decide . . . ) I will say though that, in general, one gets the sense that Wu Qin is into the finer things whereas I'm pretty sure Coldblood would be happy to just have a roof over his head and clothing on his back. You can sense their different styles from their clothing and their choice of decor (which is something I did notice about their quarters). That may, however, account for some of the other differences you noticed as well. (I'm definitely going to go check out that carpet since you've identified that specific moment, lol!) About that scene where he takes Li Mo’s hand, I felt bad for YH though. You're a kinder person than me then. It's not that I don't have sympathy for her or that there aren't moments where I feel bad for her, but on the whole, I also feel like it's a choice she (and other characters like her) make. He couldn't have been clearer with her when he told her to live her own life, but she still persisted, held on, and refused to go. I don't know. It's hard for me to feel sympathetic in that moment. I find it so curious that after getting together the only time Li Mo and him discussed his revenge at length was when he was trying to break up with her. He did mention his revenge the night he proposed to her but only briefly. Perhaps because his revenge plans were so widely known by then and plus she knew from having read his mind what was in his past and his future. Honestly, when he explained his revenge plans to Yao Hua, I felt like that was as much for the viewers' benefit as it was for her so that we, as watchers of the drama, would better understand his character and know what he was going through. Yao Hua was a convenient vehicle for that explanation and it worked the plotting of the story. I don't place any significance then on the fact that he discussed it in greater detail with her versus Li Mo. Also, when he returned from Long Xi without Li Mo and was in her room sitting on her bed, it suddenly occurred to me that after they got together there was only one or two scenes of them together in the room now compared to many in the past when they were not together. It also probably reinforced Li Mo’s decision to leave since they weren’t talking and they still shared the same lodging. Talk about uncomfortable. Re: discomfort - so true! It was already tense and awkward for them when they ran into each other along the corridor. Re: the reduced number of scenes of them together in their rooms though, I think that's because he got called before the temp-emperor (or whatever we're calling that guy) soon after they were able to return to the Bureau. That was immediately followed by his attempts to break up with her and then their next journey.
  11. themarchioness

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Here to Heart 温暖的弦

    Rewatching the scenes after it is revealed that The Kid was working with PWN is just bringing back all my aggravation towards him. I dislike how he pressures her for forgiveness and makes it sound like she's being unreasonable or something. Um, that was a pretty big betrayal on his behalf! I get that his feelings are separate from his actions, but it still doesn't quite work that way. Now I'm just back to wishing WR had stuck with her initial reaction to never forgive him ever. In this rewatch, I'm reminded that she had broken up with a cheating boyfriend at the beginning of the drama (something I admit I totally forgot until the rewatch) and I wished her resoluteness with that ex had channeled to The Kid as well. Also, rewatching the scene where YX tells NX's mother that she's letting go of NX and implicitly acknowledges that she's moved on to PWN, now has me wondering why when the pregnancy rumors came out Mom would have thought that was NX's baby.
  12. @celebrianna, yay! You found time to watch more eps. Regarding JC, she performed really well in that scene where Coldblood and her were arguing that night at the inn. She was so upset that she was trembling and even the way she spoke shakily while holding back tears was so natural. I really find her acting so real. And when Coldblood wiped away her tears and promised her that he won’t allow anyone to hurt her, that little sob that escaped from her lips nailed it for me. She is great in this drama as well. I was just rewatching that scene where Coldblood drags her back to their quarters after saving her from the first rapist. Her expressions and gestures as she refuses to tell him the real reason why she wants to continue being a deputy are just spot on, but also so natural. She is Li Mo, just as ZH is Coldblood. I have only seen JC in "H2H" and "The Four," but her work in both dramas makes me want to scout out her other work. (I'd love to watch her and Wallace Chung in "Best Time," but I've read about its ending....) I meant when she left her aunt/uncle’s house and came to the bureau. Yu Er seem knowledgeable about making it on her own. She planned her path to enter the bureau. I liked that about her. I also thought it was very nice of her to give Li Mo travel money when she was headed to Long Xi. I'd have to rewatch that scene. I don't recollect her indicating whether there was any great distance between her relatives' house and the Bureau, but I agree she definitely had a plan for bettering her situation and that is admirable. She was a good person and I was glad she and Li Mo were able to be friends. I imagine they'll be together forever. As to their personal income, I also do not think they make much. Hearing the princess talk about the “little” status of a deputy, I figure they also didn’t get paid much in comparison to court officials etc. However, the bureau does indeed provide them with daily essentials which is a good thing. "Perfect Couple" was another drama where the main character was a deputy and my recollection from that drama was that he didn't make much money doing that work (like it was an actual point the drama discussed) but it was a highly regarded position and he was fortunate to come from a wealthy family that allowed him to be a detective but still live to his accustomed standards. I imagine similar situations here for The Four. In addition to being provided resources through the Bureau, Coldblood is the adopted son of a royal family member. Chaser must come from a similarly wealthy/high position family if he's been friends with the Princess since childhood. And my impression of Heartless, based on his back story with Ru Yin, is that he also comes from (at the very least) a comfortable background. It's only iron First who doesn't come from money. I remember the fabric print for Li Mo’s bed but I admit I didn’t realize the pattern in the other places even though they were right in my face. lol You’re quite observant. I did however notice how clean Heartless’ floor is in his room compared to Coldblood’s. You mean except when he was drunk and had all his things scattered across the rooom? I can't say I have ever compared their floors . . . was Coldblood's dirty or do you just mean cluttered with things? And you will not be able to miss the pink flowered fabric now that I've pointed it out! Haha. In that scene I think Coldblood was absolutely furious with Yao Hua, her underlings and the princess. I didn’t see him as truly angry with Li Mo. I think it was more like he was scolding her than he was angry with her. . . Also, if we assume the scriptwriter is trying to make a point through the words of YH’s underlings in the arrow incident, they too seemed convince that Coldblood’s fury was unnatural and could only mean he cared very much for Li Mo. Yes, that is what I mean exactly. I also don't think he's truly angry with Li Mo. He just sounds it because that's the only way he knows how to express his care/concern. For Li Mo who doesn't know any better, she assumes he's angry at her, but for everyone else who've been around him longer and know what he's normally like, they know that this is him being different. Yao Hua gives a similar explanation to Li Mo when they're cooking the medicine together at the Inn, and she's trying to stake her claim and Li Mo wonders why she's bothering. I find it so hilarious how afterwards when Li Mo was sitting by the pond recalling how Coldblood rescued her, she started to vocalize her thoughts about how he’s a strange cold blooded animal while she’s chuckling and he was right there when she turned to get up and he had to steady her with his hand and then he asked her if that’s how she repay him...by making fun of him. LOL They are toooo funny (and cute!). You know that fan music video I posted a few weeks ago that has all their cute moments (including the one you described)? I confess I watch it all the time. LOL. I just love that collection of the OTP's antics. I did catch up on some more episodes but I keep rewatching the ones at the inn after they returned from the fight with WRY. I really like those episodes so I’m savoring them before the upcoming separation. I totally understand that. Especially since the separation is SUCH a drag. It's hard to move on, particularly when the episodes that come right before it are SO great. It sounds like though you finally moved on. I just finished the arc with Coldblood’s healing from the poison and while watching today, I realized I can watch this show a gazillion times. lol I wanted to own this show so bad but I guess I will just have to be satisfied with Viki for as long as the license last. After the first time watching on Viki with subs, I've just been rewatching the unsubbed version on YouTube. I have found that it's great to put on in the background when doing housework or cooking. Haha. This is when I'm grateful that I can still understand and know where the drama is through listening alone, even if I can't watch also watch. (It's actually playing in the background right now while I respond to your posts. Heh.) I admit I disliked when Coldblood and Heartless were yanking Yi Yi when they found her at the inn with the poison. I do understand that she was a part of the clan but I thought they were all acting unreasonably towards her even after she told them it’s Wen Ru Yi who poisoned the people and Ru Yan. Seeing them manhandle and constantly threatening her annoyed me. It's always unpleasant and dramas seeing characters manhandle others so I get that. I guess Coldblood and Heartless were feeling desperate at the time. It was unfair to Yi Yi though. Ru Yan. At first I thought she was asking Li Mo to stay by Wu Qin’s side as a companion if she died but I later decided she must mean it platonically. Otherwise, it would have been too much if she was asking for more not knowing Li Mo’s circumstances. I think you're right. Plus, we know from the conversation she and Li Mo had before they were initially set to part ways that she wasn't unaware of how Li Mo and Coldblood felt about each other. That forceful prince in the foreign tribe sure didn’t care what Li Mo thought. I couldn’t believe when he told her that her important person is no longer her fate since the day she entered his village. For him Li Mo’s feelings didn’t matter. I hated him with a passion. For the reason you cited and everything else. Did he just think she would really stay there forever, leaving behind her other life??? He thought very highly of himself, that's for sure. I pity the women who does eventually end up with him. Oh random observation because the video in the background just alerted me to the fact that it's on that scene where Coldblood and Li Mo reappear and the Princess goes running into his arms, but he sets her aside and goes after Li Mo: I love that he takes her hand as they walk off together. HE HOLDS HER HAND. And this is all before they make clear their feelings for each other. You could see he was sincerely concerned about her and felt burdened by what she was doing. When he told her that she should go back to the bureau, find a good man and get married, I admit that must have hurt but it was necessary for her to hear because he knew only the truth could help her to let go. Agreed. I give Coldblood props for that as well. There were many times throughout the drama, even before he had feelings for Li Mo, where he tried to set the boundaries of their relationship. (For example, when she tried to give him that special pillow thingy to sleep better because the weather was warm, and he declined.) I also agree that you can tell how her unrelenting affections for him weighed on him -- and not in a, "he found it annoying" sort of way (like with the Princess) but that it was a responsibility he had to carry. It's too bad Yao Hua who was so reasonable in most other things just couldn't give up on him. Even her underlings mentioned to her on more than one occasion that it would be advisable for her to move on. Sigh.
  13. themarchioness

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Here to Heart 温暖的弦

    I just reached the episodes where they start using “bliss” and “blissful” and it is, as I suspected/guessed, they’re trying to translate “xing fu.” I’m gathering as many of those moments so I can explain properly. I’m also gathering other moments where I’d tweak the subs to post about later. I wish I could’ve been an editor for these subbers! I give them heaps of credit because it’s hard work, and I certainly wouldn’t want to start from scratch, but just to clean them up a little....
  14. No, no, no. If i"d wanted wanted to talk about you, I'd have just tagged you (so you could weigh in with your thoughts) since I know you've participated in this thread before! Instead, I was just sharing the same observation I had made previously with you to @celebrianna.
  15. themarchioness

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Here to Heart 温暖的弦

    @celebrianna, oh dear! To that I can only say, "Logics, people!" If a person goes away on a business trip, surely they must have plans to return at some point as well??? And so it was his always intention that when he returned, he would celebrate his wife's birthday with his family. But the turning point in this drama is that he returned sooner than originally intended. I don't know how that is at all confusing. It sounds more like people were unhappy with Mom and wanted to find more things to blame her for, which skewed their perspective. As for "bliss/blissful," heh. You asked me that before. Same answer as previously (as I'm still not there), but I appreciate the reminder since I'm not sure I would've remembered to keep an eye out for it given that it's been a while since you asked. I'll try to keep it in mind!