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  1. I believe it's scheduled to air tomorrow, 12/14.
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  3. Really well said @tigro -- I concur with your entire post, and I think another example that proves XX's life didn't always revolve around JC was that scene when he was in uni and she was studying to retake the exam. He called her one night and she was basically, "What do you have to say, you were the one to call me?" and when he said, "Fine, I'm hanging up," she was all, "Okay, I gotta go work on my art anyway." It was the first time JC had been so thoroughly dismissed, and he responded by kicking the low wall. LOL. I know XX wasn't the best of students but I truly believe she was just waiting to find a subject that interested her. Once she did, she threw her heart and soul into that. For those of you who've been waiting for subs for the last ep, Episode 23 was just posted this morning. Happy watching!!! Finally, tomorrow we get our special episode -- I wonder what it will be? If it's BTS, they better be some amazing ones because we've already been getting BTS videos along the way.
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    Seriously, I don't know how my mom's moved on from Jiang Chen and Xiao Xi already!!! I'm still stuck in their world... 338
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    My mom was trying to get me to watch "Black Knight" this weekend. I'm still stuck in a drama coma though.... struggling to cope and emerge from the foggy haze it has spun around me... 336
  7. So glad you enjoyed the epilogue -- I found it really cute. As for the rest of the novel, unfortunately, my Chinese reading skills are limited to basic level so an entire novel is beyond my capabilities. I'm just as disappointed -- I'd love to read the novel as well, but I think it'd take me a really, really, really long time to translate! Sorry, @zoeraindasher, my turn to cut your post! I agree, the college/adult years felt really rushed, especially in light of how many episodes were spent in the high school years. (I was actually convinced for a really long time that we would have a second season, especially when we got to ep 17 and were still in high school. But alas...) I wouldn't change the pacing of the high school years, but oh, to have another ep or two of them in their adult years. That would be delicious! The withdrawal pangs are real. I feel them too! Actually, what I really want -- especially in light of JC's epilogue monologue -- is an entire retelling of the drama from JC's perspective. Hahaha. Can you imagine how fun and interesting that would be? I always love when are given glimpses into his head, like that one epilogue scene where XX's mom asks him if there's any boy that XX likes or is particularly close to. I just love how the entire time he stands there and is basically, "Me! Me! It's me!" LOL. So yeah, to be able to watch the drama unfold from JC's eyes, I think that would be really lovely. As for Lu Yang's name, I did not notice that but scenes of phone screens usually flash by too quickly for me to catch what's written there. I think in the subs they use the 路 character for his last name. More replies to your posts... I did think the whole senior thing becoming XX's boss weird for the exact reasons you mentioned. The only thing I can think of is maybe he applied through the medical faculty and then switched to another one later one?! When I was doing some online googling to see how much doctors earned in China (to comment on a previous post in this thread), it sounded like that was actually a fairly common occurrence in China. But I also feel like that's a bit of a post-hoc rationalization for the Boss''s transformation. It'd have been nice if the drama connected the dots for us instead. WBS's transformation to a celebrity, on the other hand, seemed plausible to me and I didn't need any of those dots connected for me. I always assumed with the injury he sustained, his athletic career was operating on borrowed time. In fact, I was more surprised by the fact that he was able to return to swimming and keep on competing even while the others were in college. I was sure his shoulder would give out on him before that as it'd been described as severe and potentially career-ending. Given that he was able to continue though, and we saw that him successfully win a gold medal, I can totally see (even if it was not shown to us) how he may have gotten some endorsement deals as an gold-medal winning athlete and then have that transform into a full-blown modeling career after he had to give up his swimming career. THIS. I have had this thought so many times in watching the adult year episodes. Hahaha. I don't think she's making that much in her current job to have as nice (and large) an apartment as she does. But ah, drama logic, it doesn't always follow. So I just chuckle, shake my head, and move on. At least she and JC will have a nice place to live in after they get married?
  8. I'm supposed to be cleaning right now, but translating the epilogue of the book seemed like more fun. I thought I'd share my efforts here -- parts of it may not be perfect, but I feel pretty confident about the most important part (the convo between JC and XX). Enjoy! (And note: I've not read the rest of the novel.) Epilogue Jiang Chen’s father still does not like me, his mother likes me even less than his father, Li Wei is still living at his house preparing for her graduate school exams, Jiang Chen is worrying about his employment exam, and I have to go to work every day and work on my manga. Sometimes life gets so busy you just want to jump around and curse, but at least I’m Mrs. Jiang now! ……He actually said that if I didn’t write enough words, I couldn’t post this chapter, but posting this chapter as-is is exactly what I wanted to do!...... Chen Xiao Xi: Do you think our future child will be a boy or a girl. Jiang Chen: That’s not up to me, from a medical perspective… Chen Xiao Xi: Stop, if you keep yammering on about your medicine, I’ll birth you something that’s neither a boy nor a girl. Jiang Chen: That child takes after its mother. Chen Xiao Xi: …… Chen Xiao Xi: What if I’m unable to conceive or sterile, what will we do? Jiang Chen: From a medical standpoint, the likelihood of being able to treat it is pretty good. Chen Xiao Xi: What if it can’t be treated? Jiang Chen: Then it can’t be treated. Chen Xiao Xi: Will you divorce me? Jiang Chen: Idiot, why would I divorce you? Chen Xiao Xi: Wu, wu, wu, you really love me, don’t you? Jiang Chen: That’s not it; I hate little kids. Chen Xiao Xi: …… I love that he teases her to the end!
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  10. Who else is still wondering: Did Xiao Xi ever learn about the mp3 player and the recording Jiang Chen taped for her when she was confined in the school infirmary, and if so, when did she learn about it??? Maybe Li Wei should've told her about that at Jing Jing and Lu Yang's wedding instead of the just the botched fireworks incident.
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  12. Anyone else have the thought that if there's one person who should understand DK not wanting to marry for love, it should be his own father? He's so unhappy in his own marriage, and often disgusted at his wife and in-laws, and their in-fighting ways, that you'd think he wouldn't want his son to fall into the same trap.
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  15. I disagree that they needed the break for JC to realize that he couldn't be without her -- I think he knew that beforehand. After all, he was already thinking marriage and had refused the opportunity in Beijing initially. But, having said that, I do think the 3 years apart helped them both to deal with their insecurities. Honestly, pre-break, my sympathies lied more with him. [Note, I use the word "more" -- I do have some sympathies for her, as I will continue to explain!] I know it sucked for XX that every time she turned around, JC was either working or being called away to work. Maybe it's because I have too many doctors in the family, but I know that's exactly what it's like, and if you're going to be with someone who's in that profession, it's an occupational hazard you have to learn to handle. I do think she tried, so it's not that I don't want to give XX any credit, but clearly the comments and observations from friends and other people about JC never being around started to get to her. She let those insecurities creep in -- and she did, in large part, because she had always operated under the assumption that she loved JC more and the only reason he was with her was because she'd kept after him until he had no choice. We know that couldn't be farther from the truth, so it made it frustrating for us to watch, but for her. Yeah. Insecurities. I definitely felt bad for XX after her incident with the creepy real estate agent guy, and yeah, I could understand why she freaked and went looking for JC for comfort and reassurance. Of course, we know that instead of meeting him, she met that nurse who inadvertently blabbed about JC's Beijing opportunity. How I wish XX wouldn't have assumed and allowed him to explain when she confronted him about it, but I think it was just sort of "perfect storm" material at that point, so I don't really blame her in that moment. She had her reasons for being angry, although he may not have fully understood it at the time. He just thought she was being immature with a lack of understanding. I think the break gave them time to grow up. As someone already mentioned, they'd always been together up until that point. I think the 3 years allowed them to develop independently. Any time a couple is apart, it's always regretful, but I don't think it necessarily a bad thing here. Mostly, it doesn't bother me too much because I feel like even though they weren't together, they were always together anyway. It's clear that while JC was in Beijing, XX was never far from his mind. And for XX, I find it telling that she could never be persuaded by WBS in those 3 years and in JC's absence. Sure, he pursued her in high school too, but JC was always there to distract XX. The fact that he still couldn't win her over even with JC gone says a lot. Though she may have been angry at JC for leaving, deep down she never stopped loving him either. Three years later, I think what JC learned was that he needed to be more vocal about how he felt about XX and what he wanted with respect to her. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, he already knew back then that he wanted to marry her. But did he ever tell her? No. It's kind of like when they started dating -- he'd already known he wanted to date her, but he never told her until he proclaimed it. It's also the same as with his Beijing opportunity -- he never told her about it because in his mind, it was unnecessary since he was declining the opportunity anyway. But in failing to tell her about it (and explaining that he was giving it up essentially for her) that allowed someone else to tell XX about instead, and hence all those misunderstandings! JC also wasn't without his own insecurities, and that was most patently clear when he came back to look for her and saw her with WBS. He just assumed they would get together and I shared XX's anger/frustration when she learned about that three years later. When she asked him if he really thought she would've moved on that quickly, I cheered on the screen because I had the same question. Ha. But in seriousness, I think that the 3 years apart helped JC realize that he didn't really care what might be going on with WBS -- he just wanted and needed XX back. (He pretty much says so in that confession scene in episode 22.) So yeah . . . that's what I think the 3 years of separation meant for them. If there's one thing I would've wanted to see more of in the drama, I wish their post-reunion confrontation scene could've been expanded upon. When he told her that he lost his first patient on the day they broke up, and she told him that she'd been almost raped that day, it seemed like they were just trying to one-up each other as to who'd had the crappier day and thus it was really the other person who was more at fault for the break-up. I mean, you could see they weren't unaffected by the revelations -- JC's eyebrows, in particular, really flicked up when he finally heard about what had happened to her when she went apartment hunting -- but at the same time, it was a conversation where they were both still feeling hurt and angry. I'm still not sure they really listened to each other. Under different circumstances, for example, I know XX would've been more sympathetic and compassionate at hearing that JC losing a patient, and I've no doubt she'd help him get through that loss. But here, she just kind of bowled right over that point and went on with her side of the story. And he pretty much did the same too. I wish instead of them still being so angry with each other that it would've been more of a moment of, "Ah, so that's what happened back then. I get it now." *shrug* Minor complaint. I love the drama as it is. I think maybe if it had been an episode or two longer, we could've gotten a scene like that. But for the length that it was, it was pure perfection as is. I really, really love the drama. And I kind of like how it leaves so much open with its time skips, etc. It lets me now spend all my time thinking about the drama and filling in those blanks myself.