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  1. I know, right? This article (and the other one recommending dramas to watch for Valentine's Day, but especially this one) brought back all the feels. I've finally reached that point where I'm able to let go and move on, but this drama is one definitely one I consider a gem of a show that will forever have a special place in my heart. Finally, as an update on my fics, apologies. I went away for a few weeks and have been adjusting back to reality. I do have two more planned though and hope to being working on them again this coming week. Sorry for the delay!
  2. Grandfather has only himself to blame for his removal. Instead of fostering the talent among his family and raising them to work together to build something better together, he pitted the sisters against each other, made pawns of his sons-in-law, and was about to do the same to the next generation. I can't approve of NJH's actions. It smacks too much of her father's trickery with her manipulation of the press, and I'd like to see her brought down for the hurt she caused with her underhanded tactics, but I think the fact that she was able to find so much support within the non-family board members only serves to demonstrate that Grandfather was a poor head for his company. He may have built Haesung into something successful, but with his own hands, he brought it down as well.
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    @kokodus, I'm in my mysterious and elusive mode. +2
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  10. There's only one choice when it comes to a "wife character" for Seo Jin = CHOI JI WOO! Hahaha, all the shippers from Three Meals and Grandpa Over Flowers would be so ecstatic if she came on this show.
  11. @justlove, yay! You finished. I sometimes wonder if that's a good or bad thing. Good because -- that ending! So sweet! So perfect! (And yes, JC's epilogue is the best.) But then being done also means the drama is over, and that is definitely a bad thing in my book. Heh. The eternal struggle of a drama watcher. In any event, I'm glad the remainder of the drama lived up to your expectations. I agree that the college/adult years passed by in a blur. I'm still not sure how to feel about it. On the one hand, it got the job done and moving at light year speed rate meant the story never got dragged down, but on the other hand, it would've been nice to be able to spend more time with the characters. Ah, well. Not yet, but planning on it. Even though it looks like the novel is being translated at a regular pace, I still want to wait until more chapters are available before I start reading. I'd like to minimize the amount of time I have to wait in between new chapters.
  12. To clarify my point, because I think maybe you're missing my point, I understand everything you're saying and I actually agree. To be a top baker, studying in France absolutely makes sense. But, there is a big BUT that should be added to your post. And that "but" has to do with what Ji Soo wants. Does she want to be a world class baker? Or does she want to work in a neighborhood bakery? Does she need to be a world class bakery to be successful? Or can she find success working in a neighborhood bakery? I'll observe that her own mentor has a successful bakery with lines out the door each day with no leftover inventory. Pretty sure he didn't go to France to learn his baking skills. I also spent a few hours yesterday morning doing work at a Korean bakery with a revolving door of customers. Pretty sure the baker of my local Korean bakery didn't go to France to learn their baking skills either. But that's neither here nor there. My point is this -- it all comes down to how you define success. The only person who can define success for Ji Soo is Ji Soo. Not us, not the Seo family, not the Choi/Noh family, and not anyone else around her. If she doesn't want to go to France, then that's that. Does it make her a less ambitious person or any less of a person? No, because that's not what she wanted anyway. And I agree with you that if I was rich and my child wanted to be a baker, I'd want the best for them as well. But let's not kid ourselves into thinking that Madame Noh wants the best for Ji Soo out of some altruistic reason. As I already said in another post, she's doing it for herself -- so Ji Soo won't be an embarrassment to her/the family. She's made it clear previously that if she had things her way, Ji Soo wouldn't be a baker as all. Trying to turn her into a world class baker is just her way of "mitigating" the damage. It's like, "Well, if she's going to a baker, at least she can be an elite baker with a gourmet shop." But again, that's simply not Ji Soo's style. I don't think less of her for being a simpler sort of person -- nor do I think this is indicative of her not having grown as a character, which is how this whole side conversation started.
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  14. Oooh, that is exciting! I wouldn't have the patience either to stand around to try and see him either, but it'd be pretty cool if our paths crossed by chance. Should that ever happen to you, I appreciate that you're willing to help me by asking him how XX is doing.
  15. This may be veering off topic but, why does one necessarily need to go to France to be a better baker? Even Ji Soo questioned that at one earlier point. Thing is, Korean bread and French bread... they're two very different things. So, unless Ji Soo has some burning desire to innovate and become a French baker or a fusion French-Korean baker, I don't see how her desire to remain in Korea is opposite to her dream. She seems to be doing alright apprenticing under a very successful baker in Korea already, and having some success in creating her own recipes. Just my opinion (and I love France, but going to study in a patisserie would not be my reason for going back, so maybe that has something to do with it too. ;)) I see this differently as well. Has anyone been able to "save" themselves from Noh family without any help? Even Do Kyung, in leaving the family, received help from a countless number of people (his secretary, Ji Soo, the sharehouse owner, even Ji An and Hyuk). Th Haesung Group is a formidable foe, and the only way any one of them will be able to take Grandad and Madame Noh down is to work together. This is why I don't see Ji An, Hyuk, and Do Kyung going in to rescue her from exile (because, IMO, that's essentially what is was) as them "saving" her, but rather they were helping her -- just as they've all pitched in to help each other when they needed it. Also, I'm not sure what compromise you expect from Ji Soo in becoming a Haesung group daughter . . . as I've seen it, she has tried, but it's either the family's way or no way. They're the ones who've been immovable. It's no wonder she now wants out when she knows she does have another family who would accept her as she is. I'm all for people improving themselves. I believe in the power of education. But that desire and need has to come from within. You say "upgrade herself" and I ask -- for whom? Ji Soo may not be growing by leaps and bounds as you might wish, but personally I think she's doing just fine. For me, a lot of her growth came this weekend when she finally understood how her birth family operated and why that resulted in Ji An making the choices she did after she learned she wasn't really their daughter. Out of all the Seo sibs, Ji Soo was the most innocent of them all -- I find it a little sad, actually, that she's had to lose that innocence, but I'm also glad she opened her eyes finally, saw the world for what it really was, and matured. Just my two cents...