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  1. Drama's over; a little lonely so here's more translations from Baidu... original post by 沂笙庭 on Baidu's Park Hyungsik Park Boyoung forum : https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5030407824 The next post goes a bit out of order, back to an earlier BTS when they were in a park and Min Min gets shot at. The poster finds that when PBY is talking about the incident when the restaurant owner said PHS was prettier than she was. PHS then says PBY is No. 1 (seems like the translation in the linked English sub below is different but since the korean text seems to say No. 1, maybe the Chinese translation was more accurate?). PBY doesn't reply; she just smiles; she doesn't reject it either. It's an earlier BTS so she still has a bit of an air of a senior actress though. (my 2 cents: haha and then he goes on to distract her by calling her "my Bong Soon". Come to think of it they addressed each other by their names here though I don't remember them doing it in other BTS) This is also the same BTS where we see PBY smiling as she leans on PHY's shoulder; the poster thinks that this shows a marked difference from even earlier BTS; perhaps they started to be more comfortable with each other round about this time.
  2. @prkyjn Thanks for the video links! @hennybird no problem I enjoy reading them as I translate too @stroppyse I think "some" is exactly what they have. At least that's what it feels like. And "some" is really confusing imo. Especially in that kind of situation that they had. They're supposed to play lovers in the drama so acting close off cam but still while "at work" can be attributed to being kind of in character (imagine if PBY was like this with Jisoo I think the rumors would be even stronger since that's not THE end game couple in the story). Due to the age and seniority (in acting) difference between PHS and PBY though, now that the shoot is over I wonder what they'd address each other as. Very often in the BTS PHS just informally addresses PBY as Bong Bong or Bong Soon...Normally given the age/seniority thing he couldn't address PBY as Boyoung right? I guess we can see in any post drama interviews or in the Singapore fan meet? Ok back to translating: original post by 沂笙庭 on Baidu's Park Hyungsik Park Boyoung forum : https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5030407824 Continuing with the seaside BTS: When they're shooting the scene at the fishmongers and PHS and PBY argue about whether the fish's price would go down if it was scratched, the poster finds that the bickering and PBY's behaviour was more like a girlfriend getting annoyed at her boyfriend. That senior actress/noona taking care of her little dongsaeng attitude is gone. (my 2 cents: yeah, somewhere along the way PHS got less "cautiously respectful" and PBY seems to treat him as an equal, much like a classmate. Didn't notice until I read this post tho haha) Then they argue about drawing the heart in the sand; why do they look so happy? They're supposed to be arguing! And here's where PHS calls PBY "Babo" rather loudly in mock anger. PBY seems to glare at him quickly but the next moment they're together again and PHS's gently fixing her hair. Perhaps PBY gets conscious that there are many people around and starts asking what to do with the stick after they've drawn the heart. She throws it on the ground and PHS follows suit. The poster finds that this is one of many occasions where PHS mirrors what PBY does. In her words, "whatever little wife does I'll follow, whatever she doesn't do I won't do either". (my 2 cents: I think it's even more significant, even if joking, for PHS to call PBY, his senior and noona, "Babo" in front of so many people since it can easily be seen as rude. I don't think anyone on site thinks so, and it is borderline in character of AMH to say something like this to Bong Soon, but still...you HAVE to be close and also know that you won't offend the other party when you do it. So I am sure there's some level of understanding that the feeling of closeness is mutual?) phew, finally done with the seside bts; will come back with more later
  3. I didn't notice it at first but after I read the post and rewatched some of it, I think it is quite obvious. Though that should be expected. Surely you get closer after a few mths of working together. Continuing the summarized translation: original post by 沂笙庭 on Baidu's Park Hyungsik Park Boyoung forum : https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5030407824 Opinions are not mine; this is just a summarized translation of what the original chinese posts. 4. Next she moves on to the drunk Bong Soon saying stuff to AMH when he sends her home scene (I can't find the video again...). Her guess is that this was shot sometime in late december. Here, it seems like PHS stops glancing at PBY; he just outright stares by now. The look in PHS's eyes seems to become more and more openly fond. As they're practicing for the scene where Bong Soon pinches AMH's cheeks, there's a part where she grabs onto his shirt collar. He looks cool at first but when she reaches out and actually grabs his collar, he seems to go out of character and smiles slightly, then when their eyes meet he totally loses it and grins widely. Then comes the part where she pinches his cheeks. The poster notes that many people have said that PHS seems to deflect her hands when she tries to touch his face after pinching it hard. She says though, that if you look carefully, PHS's is probably only taking the opportunity and grabbing her hand naturally; after she puts her hand down, he's still touching her hand. If it's a rejection, normally you'd take your hands away after you've deflected the unwanted touch. (my opinion is...she pinched him really hard so she wanted to check he's ok, but all he was doing is patting her hands away as if to say "don't worry about it, I'm ok". I'd do that he did if I were him in that situation, but obviously only to someone I was comfortable with! Otherwise we'd just back away right? ) 5. She then moves on to the seaside BTS (dang Can't find this video either). They're discussing how to make the kiss look pretty and the staff suggest that PHS can go with manner legs but PBY said that won't look good. As soon as she says that though, PHS goes ahead and does the manner legs and puts his hands on her shoulders. Here PBY breaks out in a huge smile. The poster has watched the BTS for PHS's kiss scenes in other dramas and usually he's seems somewhat dignified, which she guesses might be due to how awkward kiss scenes are to film. However, in this case, both PHS and PBY seem to be in high spirits and relaxed/natural as they prepare for the kissing scene. They continue to rehearse and PHS lowers his head but breaks out in a bright smile when he does. Here, PHS's hands on PBY's shoulders seem particularly natural. She feels that even if this is just a rehearsal, if it were someone you're not close to, this kind of physical contact will still cause some discomfort and yet PBY showed no signs of rejection. Unlike most kiss scene filmings, there seems to be no awkwardness between the two; just cheerful banter/bickering. They then film some scenes of Bong Soon and AMH playing around near the water and the poster notes that PHS keeps his hands in his pockets during this time (the speculation is that he knew he had to touch PBY's face later, and it would be cold so he was keeping his hands warm for that reason). In the filming of the kiss scene, after the director yelled "cut", PHS first gives a side glance towards the camera, while PBY looks down for a while before turning to look at the camera as well. Then the both look towards the sea. The poster thinks they both look shy. Yes, shy not awkward. Why? Well because of their body language. After the kiss they didn't distance themselves; they stood where they were and PHS move his hands from her neck to her shoulders while PBY only looked away from the camera. Compared to BTS of both of their kiss scenes in other dramas, after the kiss shot is completed, they would move away from the other actor and maintain some distance. (my opinion is...when I first saw this BTS I thought it interesting how they stayed close to each other and seemed uncharacteristically quiet and subdued. Maybe it was a bit in character but then again they did look at the camera so....maybe the poster's guess is more likely?) After the kiss they even forget to get their shoes and start walking away from the beach, and here it looks like PHS wanted to hold PBY's hand but maybe because of the BTS cameras being around, he ended up holding on to her arm instead? When they were asked if they wanted to shoot the kiss scene again, it looks like PHS seemed secretly pleased about it? But PBY was probably too cold here since she was wearing a skirt. She had a look of disbelief at first before she broke out smiling and went to grab PHS while saying no to the request. PHS looks at her before he too smiles and declines. The poster thinks that its not that PBY rejects the thought of a reshoot/re-kiss; its more like it's too cold and she wants to wrap up and go. After all, she's dragging PHS as she goes and smiling as she does so. There's absolutely no awkwardness after the kiss between the two; they seem rather happy and even head off together. There's also the scene where PBY gets playful tries to "propect" PHS by blocking him from the BTS camera. This doesn't appear to be part of the actual drama shoot (i.e. seems like they're just playing around). At the end it looks like they might have been holding hands? Or at least he's holding her arm. Or wrist. Not done with the seaside BTS opinion translation summaries yet but....too long will continue another time!
  4. @Wanderlust Sure! I've not posted much on Soompi though so friends in this thread please let me know if I broke any rules posting and I'll fix it right away... original post by 沂笙庭 on Baidu's Park Hyungsik Park Boyoung forum : https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5030407824 Opinions are not mine; this is just a summarized translation of what the original chinese posts. This poster goes through the BTS videos in the probable order that they were shot in order to look at how the interactions have changed between PHS and PBY with time. 1. She starts with the one where they are shooting the scene where Bong Soon beats up the gangsters who're bullying the buss driver with the little kids in the bus and AMH calls the police. (I can't find the video...) She believes this was shot early on during the production, and it is clear from both their expressions and their body language that they're not as close as they seem in later BTS. PBY's attitude towards PHS seems to be how you would treat a pretty dongsaeng and PHS describes PBY as someone he's honored to work with (but you can see the corner of his mouth is upturned), so the poster thinks that PHS must have been happy about it. 2. Next she goes on to the arm wrestling BTS She's guessing that this scene was shot sometime in december and her opinion is that while they're starting to joke around with each other in this BTS, while PHS does try to make PBY laugh, he does seem to be a bit mindful of not going overboard. Between 1:33-1:56 of the video, she observes that PHS starts by watching the filming standing, but later goes and sits beside PBY on the sofa. After they laugh at Secretary Gong, the exchange a quick look with each other, and sit up again at the same time. 3. Then there's the Min Sook bts scene, This scene too, she believes was shot earlier given that it came out in the episode 0 show. She says that when Jisoo enters the room, PBY greets him normally, then she jokingly greets PHS as Minsook. The poster notes that essentially, PBY's attitude towards both men is the same, but in later interviews and the press conference, she's visibly closer with PHS. PBY then laughs that PHS's even wearing stockings and high heels. The poster notes that PBY's manner here is very much like how one would tease a dongsaeng. In this BTS, PBY feels very much like the noona and senior actress to the 2 younger actotrs and she tries to take care of them. She says on PHS's side it's a bit different; he seems to be blushing a little at PBY's teasing, since it must have felt a bit embarrassing to be in that getup. (I don't notice the blushing but he does sigh quite a bit at her teasing though hahahah.) She finds that this BTS came up in episode 0, and when they were asking PBY to pick if PHS or Jisoo's crossdressing was better and PBY picked Jisoo, PHS's mock angry reply and their bickering seemed more flirty than their exchange in the BTS video itself Long post...will continue later! Again, please let me know if I broke any forum rules; will fix it asap!
  5. Hello, I've been reading silently for a very long time. As an ahjumma fan, I usually don't join in since I find it hard to get THAT excited about pretty much anything but this pair just....I couldn't help it hahaha I've only seen Park Hyungsik in What happens to my family because my mom was watching it on TV. At that time I thought his acting was pretty natural. I don't usually watch dramas but ran out of stuff to watch a week ago, so when I saw Strong Woman Do Bong Soon on the front page on viu and saw Hyungsik in the banner...I thought ok just watch it. The show was fun and all the actors and characters were likable; most certainly the chemistry between PHS and PBY was very good so I kept watching and then saw the BTS. To be honest, by the time I got to ep 10, I was more a fan of the BTS videos than I am of the drama itself (though I really like the drama!) PHS and PBY's interactions in the BTS videos (and promo videos, press conference etc) are really so infectious! They seem so genuinely happy that as a viewer, I started to smile as I watched too. Now this is a shipping thread so my thoughts about this pair: - some people say that PHS is a method actor and stays in character between takes but I think AMH as a character possibly has many similarities to his own character. I just don't get the feeling he's being super guarded/cautious in all of these videos that we've seen - PBY sometimes seems a bit conscious and seems to work on staying professional while maintaing a fun atmosphere but I don't think any of the smiles aren't genuine either For the atmosphere to be that bright all the time, for you to be so physically comfortable with someone coming into your personal space, even if there's no romantic interest, you really do have to like the person as a person. At the very very least I think that's what they have (hey, tbh this is hard enough to encounter as it is!) For those of us who've had the chance to ever encounter someone like that, I think you'll know what I mean when I say, it's actually very hard even for the people involved to tell if you've met your best buddy or your best match. The line is...incredibly fuzzy. To take a leaf from the drama itself...all it takes is that one step! And because the line is fuzzy, that one step could be the ultimate success or the ultimate failure (I failed :)). It looks like they've got a good thing going between them; I hope they take their time and will continue to bless us with their bright smiles together for a long time to come! I found a shippers thread on Baidu and the shippers there are super eagle-eyed! Might translate a bit if I find time ((´∀`))ノ