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  1. I laughed so much with the tram ride, with some of the funny memorable lines. What a funny convo: "The mountains of Joseon belong to the King, but most lands belong to me (HS)" to which the counter was given: "All the easier for me to find your burial spot." Another one after the tram suddenly stopped and the hug between the two men, with HS asking nervously: "Are you alright? You could have ended up with an injury. I am fine." and DM's response of "Shall I look for a burial spot nearby?" LOL AS barely containing her laugh was funny by itself . But what a revelation of HS: "Whether you wear my suits to protect the country, or sell them, I will be your shadow." Wow, I thought he's just a happy-go-lucky guy, but he has his heart in the right place after all.
  2. This series is a gem! LBH is such a compelling actor, and KMR, even at such young age, already shows good acting abilities! I can't wait to watch for the next episodes, but I just hope we get a happy ending for this drama.
  3. Just noted that main lady character here is named Ha Jae-yi, while the one in Come and Hug Me is Han Jae-yi... :).
  4. merlnpau

    [Drama 2018] Come Here and Hug Me, 이리와 안아줘

    Another great star in the making, I guess, in Jang Ki Yong! Loving the series so far... and gosh, he can also sing! Wow!
  5. I am so far loving this series, the story is being laid out perfectly and the two leads have great chemistry. Wow, after While You Were Sleeping, I would have imagined JHI being cast as leading man faster than the speed of light (he has great abs and he can act!!)! Glad hough that he is partnered here with SHJ, cause they REALLY are making me swoon like a school girl (despite being an ahjumma already). Though I enjoy all their scenes, my favorite scene actually which kept me from re-watching it over and over, was when Jon-hee was with Seyoung and Ms Geum in the elevator, he accepted readily Ms Geum's invitation to eat lunch, and then had that smile after the two girls exited. I might say time to change my avatar now! Should be able to find a new pic of JHI, which might be staying there for a long time