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  1. Honestly all of those things are very common tropes in both sageuks and Western epic fantasy. So far I don't really see Ruler being more similar to Game of Thrones than your average sageuk is similar to your average fantasy/historical epic. And most of those parallels are very strained (Cersei wants the throne while Hwagun wants to help the person she loves, Westeros doesn't really have one group that has consolidated power but is in a state of almost anarchy, Jon Snow wasn't raised as a prince, &c. &c.). Have we been given any indication that Ruler is a fantasy drama? If not, I would say they are unlikely to introduce fantasy elements if they haven't done so from the beginning.
  2. I guess I will just have to agree to disagree with everyone else. JB didn't tell JH that EH was his stalker until right at the end of episode 14, because he pretended to have amnesia, and after he told her he didn't care she left him alone. I don't see how her kids were in danger previously since it's not like EH actually wanted them until episode 15 - she was perfectly willing to forget their existence as long as she had JH (and I wouldn't be so sure that she wouldn't harm JH, seeing as how she almost killed him in the past. If she finds out he is just using her who knows what she might do). And it's not like JB could have disappeared to someplace where JH and EH couldn't find her, because she doesn't have the financial means. And therefore no matter what she did, whether she bothered telling JH that EH was EK or not, the situation would have ended up exactly the same as it is in episode 15: with JH disputing custody and JB having to gather evidence for the lawsuit. That being said, I still think it would have been wrong not to tell him. Cheater or not, it's just not right to let him be taken advantage of due to his supposed amnesia, especially considering how traumatized he was in the past. JH is the one at fault for pretending rather than owning up to his decisions. I randomly read the character descriptions on KBS World today and surprisingly it does seem like JH's family was rich at some point. I assumed they lost their money when his father died, but EH is willing to do anything, so who knows. We would have to find out when it happened to know whether she could have been involved. But it does sort of explain how JH was kind of helpless if he grew up spoiled and then had to change his lifestyle. Anyway, since it looks like I'm the only one who still likes this drama I will stop reading for now. See you guys later on some other drama thread. @lclarakl Not sure why the PM isn't working. I checked my settings and couldn't even find any relating to PMs. Never mind though, I'll just try googling for the raw tomorrow.
  3. @lclarakl Where did you even watch the raw?? I haven't seen it yet. Anyway, if she were still trying to get JH to do the right thing knowing that he is using EH for the money, then I would consider that babying him. But since she thought he was actually being deceived by a crazy manipulative stalker, I don't think it's unreasonable to want to fill him in so that he could make a decision based on the facts rather than EH's lies. She and JH had decided to be friends who would raise the kids together, and that is something she ought to do as a friend. And I don't think it's unreasonable to consider the fact that her kids love their father and would like to have him in their life. I mean, I thought in the earlier episodes that they ought to coparent the kids as well. It's only now that JH has shown his true colors of being willing to do anything for money and success that it no longer makes sense for her to try to work with him. What I actually think is disappointing is BG not telling her about JH as soon as he found out. That would have saved her some trouble trying to tell him something he already knew and then she could have made a clean break sooner. And there wasn't really any reason for him not to tell her; it was just written that way for the sake of the plot.
  4. I was worried something like this might happen. If JH tries to fight JB for custody of the kids, he might win since he now has a better job thanks to EH. Although EH wouldn't be too happy about him trying to get custody... @lclarakl JB thought JH didn't know how crazy EH was, so she was trying to find evidence so he would break up with her on his own. Once she finds out he knows, from the preview it looks like she's going to try to cut contact with him completely.
  5. Guys, I don't think we have to assume that EH/EK killed the real EH and took her place. We know that her mother was the mistress of a rich man, presumably the chairman of SJ group. If EH and Brian were illegitimate kids who were not acknowledged by their father, they would have had their mother's name, Moon, originally. But then if later their father decided to acknowledge them, they would have taken his name, Lee. I have sometimes seen in chaebol dramas that illegitimate children are put on the family register as the children of the wife rather than the mistress in order to avoid scandal or something. If that were the case, then they wouldn't be able to acknowledge their real mom in public, because legally they would be the children of the chairman's wife. As for why Eun-kyung changed her name to Eun-hee, she and her mom were obviously worried that JH would recognize the name. She might have changed it just so that JH, JB and friends wouldn't know who she was. Not saying that she might not have killed the real EH and taken her identity, since you never know with this drama, just pointing out that there is more than one possible explanation. @Rose Shin Don't give up hope on Bong-gu. We don't know if he's really going to seduce her yet. @lc85 I'm surprised you think that way because I am getting the impression that the show is trying to make JH as unlikable as possible. Every single episode he keeps making the wrong decision time and time again. Personally I will be surprised (as well as disappointed, obviously) if they get back together. But I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  6. Hmm, it seems like maybe KW was lying about his rich background, otherwise why would he need money from EH? I think the thing about JW being his son is totally a lie though. Regardless of his looks, JW did inherit JH's musical ability. Plus I think JB reacts with such incredulity and chases after KW because she's shocked he would make up a story like that when they both know they never slept together. It's just another of EH's schemes. We learned a lot in ep. 7, but what's still mysterious is the murderer ahjumma and her relationship with EH. Why is she involved? What does her (dead?) son Bryan have to do with anything? As for the person who called her, I think it might be NM's friend the blonde girl who is trying to get revenge for NM. Looks like ahjumma is going to kidnap JW tomorrow? I wonder what the purpose of that is. @Mailelei This drama has 50 eps? I thought it was only 16 or 20. Everyone gives different info on this so I am very confused.
  7. I also thought it was weird that KW was fine with her calling him "yeobo" and having that huge wedding portrait up. There is more to this relationship than has been revealed. I think KW is definitely from a rich background since JB knew about that even back in their college days, but I'm not sure about EH. Since KW was talking to her father about business, it sounds like she is from a rich family as well, but is ahjumma actually her mother...? Maybe an illegitimate child? It's really hard to figure out what is going on here. I'm worried about HW as well, especially since we didn't see her in the preview. I think the thing about JW not being JH's biological son is an idea planted by EH in order to make JH suspicious of his wife. We know she is trying to break them apart although we don't know why. I tend to believe JB when she said she never slept with KW since she has always been an honest and straightforward person. I really like that aspect of her personality as well.
  8. That hospital gown that Marin is wearing (or at least I think it's a hospital gown) is actually the thing that struck me most from the preview. That will be her fourth accident or almost accident in the show so far. First the subway, then the car, the at the restaurant, and now another accident. So many times it is probably significant. What if Sojoon and Marin's connection is an ill fate and all these things are happening because they are not supposed to be together? That would explain his later disappearance. At this point, I don't think he would leave her over anything less important than a threat to her life, and even if they were to break up he wouldn't need to leave the country. Plus there was Kidoong's warning to break up with her for both their sakes. I'm pretty sure the disappearance is going to be some kind of noble idiocy. Also, if Ahjusshi is really Marin's father, maybe he also affects her fate and that is why he disappeared from her life? It's interesting that the same word "disappeared" is used for both Marin's father and future Sojoon. Maybe he was really on the subway that day (the clicking noise still hasn't been explained) and that is what caused the accident? On another subject, I don't know what Ahjusshi's deal is, but he is obviously not being honest with Director Kim. Pretending to be an investor and so forth - I'm actually surprised the director believed him so easily.
  9. I actually think the production team did take viewer opinion into account and that is the problem. Because fangirls went crazy over the king, they decided to add a loveline which was not in the original plan and which ended up being pretty squicky considering ON's birth secret. Of course that is just my speculation and I could be totally wrong, but regardless of whether or not it was planned from the beginning, I really wish they hadn't gone into incest territory. It would have been much better to see a sibling relationship develop between ON and the king. Although I also personally really disliked that ship (as a romantic ship), so I might be biased. Regarding ON's feelings for TW, they were shown earlier on in the drama; she just appeared to give up on them after TW went to the dark side or whatever. I stopped watching a while back, just following the thread to find out what happens, so I can't comment on whether the development makes sense or not. @necyhey_stv I agree that I would have preferred for ON not to be a secret royal. That makes it seem as though all her talent and so forth is due to her high birth, and propagates a classist worldview (especially since TW and JH are also from the nobility). The story would have been more meaningful to me if she had effected change as a commoner.
  10. @carmolita I saw a spoiler on viki that in the novel, I think the person Shi's mother slept with was actually the Fire King, because if she hadn't slept with him, it wouldn't even make sense for him to ask if Shi is his son. Shi's unusual powers might be due to his mother actually being from the Ice Flame Tribe. As for the black smoke, it hadn't occurred to me that it might be someone from the Ice Flame Tribe as well, but that makes sense. I think the black smoke started the war on purpose, either for revenge against both the Ice and Fire Tribes (maybe the Ice Flame Tribe was wiped out due to the previous war between Ice and Fire?), or because the war would provide an opportunity for him to come into power.
  11. After following this drama for so long, I think it finally lost me this week. Oknyeo's decision to cut ties with one of her oldest friends based on hearsay and speculation makes no sense, but if Tae-won really gave up on his lifelong revenge just like that and randomly became obsessed with power, then his character arc makes even less sense. For the sake of TW's character consistency I hope he is just pretending to side with the bad guys to further his revenge, but on the other hand that would make ON look pretty silly for taking all the bad stuff she heard about him at face value. This whole "Romeo and Juliet" thing is so contrived no matter how you slice it. I didn't even finish today's episode. I'll see what happens tomorrow, but if the writing doesn't improve, then I'm out.
  12. @mimi I actually don't find the king cute either. The whole thing with experiencing the life of the commoners for the first time with the girl has been done in soooo many kdramas I'm just bored with it. Nothing new to see. Actually I don't think romance is the strong point of this show since I'm not really having a lot of shippy feelings at all, with any of the multiple potential pairings. I agree that Oknyeo has been respected for her talents thus far, and it is using her brains and determination that she has gotten to where she is now. And I definitely appreciate that; I just hope the king gets over his crush quickly so that there isn't any doubt as to why he appoints her to her future role. @tw20127 I was rooting for the king at the beginning due to the points you mention. It would definitely be difficult for him to take control after his mother has held power for so many years, especially considering the Confucian emphasis on respect for parents. What I have a problem with is that he doesn't even seem to be making an effort anymore. He's just goofing around and indulging his personal wish to hang out with ON. It is probably a flaw in the writing, but right now I don't see any evidence that he will be a better ruler than the queen dowager. For me to start taking the king seriously he needs to do something other than just flirting with ON. And he has to do it for some other reason than to impress ON as well (so the salt contract doesn't count - and how the heck was he totally fine with promising an important military contract to a merchant group he knows nothing about, just because it would, in a very indirect way, help ON? Really questioning his judgment here). Unfortunately if he is in love with her, it does undermine her appointment to the Waejibu even if he is truly motivated only by respect for her talent. And I doubt the drama will go to that much trouble to make it clear his feelings play no role in the decision, considering the way they've depicted his character so far.
  13. I actually agree with all of you who are commenting negatively on Tae-won telling Oknyeo not to meet the king and her agreeing to it. Unfortunately, that is a very common trope in kdramas. The male lead(s) ordering the female lead(s) around happens all the time and for some reason they always go along with it - drives me crazy why they never point out that the guy has no right to tell them what to do (and that applies even if he is in fact her boyfriend or husband). I'm glad more people are noticing this and realizing it is not okay. The more specific situation happens a lot too, of a jealous guy ordering a girl not to meet other guys and the girl being happy because she takes it as a sign of his caring. Can't wait for these misogynistic tropes to die. However, unlike a lot of you, I'm even less happy with the king than with TW. He started out with the intent to help the people starving in the famine, and now he seems to have totally forgotten about that. The lovesick king who only cares about romance and not about doing his job is another of my most hated kdrama tropes. I was actually cheering for the queen when she manipulated him into staying in the palace. We were promised a political struggle as the king tries to take back power from the queen dowager, and I'd much rather see that than some silly love triangle. I would also rather see more of Ji-heon than the king, because I think his dilemma is interesting - his adoptive family wants him to marry into the family of the man who had his biological family killed, and I'm interested to see how he's going to get out of that. I also want to see more of TW's fraught relationship with his father and the battle of wits between Oknyeo and Jung Nan-jung. I'd like to see more of the female characters who are not villains or love rivals. I guess I'm the odd one out, but I have to say the romance is the least interesting part of the show for me. ETA: Forgot to say I will be very disappointed if the king decides to form the Waijibu and put ON in charge because he is in love with her. Heaven forbid a woman should succeed by making people respect her talents rather than because some guy finds her attractive.
  14. While we are trying to clear up the confusing points, there's one thing I've been wondering about, which is Yoon Wonhyung's attitude towards Taewon. Usually in Joseon-era dramas having a son is very important to noble families in order to carry on the family line or whatever, and concubines who produce sons tend to be given higher status. And yet YWH cares so little about TW that he's forgotten he even exists. Does he have other sons such that he can afford to ignore TW? Or is Jung Nanjung just that good at manipulation? Also, about the brim of the gats - is that something which is mandated by law? Otherwise I don't know how it could be enforced.
  15. It's sort of funny how they drew her looking all smiley and cheerful in her wanted posted.