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  1. Guys,do u have any ideas if maple will post the eps on Monday or it will wait till Th to post them all together? Asking this because i remember than on the previous Monday they didn't post anything...I want to prepare my heart if i have to wait till Th Also,i'm quite curious on what ep she'll remember everything as we're almost getting on the 30 eps...Oh boy,for some reason with all the story remaining in an instant this remaining eps seem not enough,there sure will be heavy packed with so much stuff going on! For people who read the novel,what is the first reaction of XF after she recovers her memories regarding Gu Jian and how she tells him she remembers everything?And does she ever gives some kind of explanation to LCY about their relantionship and who he was or how they know each other as vagues as it might be or just leaves him to his paranoia making his own stories(that he is GXW)
  2. On the minority maybe that i'm with u and would have loved if the HE would be for XF to get her freedom and live her life the way she wants and be happy while LCY gets the throne being all alone atoning for all his deeds if he even feels remorse that is...But being all alone is quite the karma for him......I am a hopless romantic and want my dramas always to have that Happy Ending but i also think about the journey that's paved to it and just thinking of all the blood and atrocities and how manipulative he is i just can't accept one for this doomed couple,just like the writer as well made it...It is kinda sad that people would root for him to be happy with her after all he does to her,and no,his revenge doesn't excuse his deeds and how he is torturing her along the way...Just using her to get revenge on all the others and not even blinking and thinking that someone else (GJ) would come save her so it's okey to hit,let people poison her or burn the house etc.,it makes him a highly manipulative psychopath in my eyes that no way i'll ever root for,to get a women like XF at the end of his journey...
  3. So basically they changed the airing scheldule now,so do u guys know if there is airing twice a week with 2 eps by Mon/Th? I'm sooo sad as i got used to my daily dose and now the wait is even worsewhy change it!!!
  4. No,i watch it on maple,the YT is behind..Now on maple is ep 24,i watch it raw till Viki posts the eng version
  5. Does anyone know why there aren't new episodes,is there some festivity this week or something?and not the ones posted on YT...
  6. Thanks a lot @arcchidus for the recaps,sadly not knowing the language my understanding is limited..I wanted to ask,is there something special about the sword that Zhao Yao wanted and that MoQinq got for her...And what is the deal with Zhao Yao's ex subbordonate,that now works with the Immortal Clan(trying to get the blood to revive that man)? I was under the impression that he was still loyal to her even after her death so what is his plans with the imortal clans...I'm sooo eager to see more between Jiang Wu and Zhao Yao,even more knowing he is kinda born because of that immortal obsession with her(is he aware of how he became to be?) I frankly at this point doubt the sect would follow Zhao Yan as their leader when they had MoQing as their current leader and saw how powerful he is and being loyal to him now and he saying he will return it to her doesn't really makes much even more when i doubt Zhao Yao will take it as that...The sect was indeed made by her but now i frankly see the people seeing him as their true leader and were their loyalty lies and even if she came back more than sure people will debate what orders they follow but that is just based on limited information... Still sad Viki doesn't seem to notce this amazing drama....
  7. I bet the sound of the guitar played by Emma is like a warning signal for Jinwoo as it must be for SeJu(or so i i have this idea he can hear it as well along the storm).Quite curious how the mind of the game works as it seems it became it's own entity and why is Jinwoo chosen to be somehow protected by Emma and it's hinted with the recent events that the border of reality and game is now almost gone,still curious why only SeJoo and JinWoo are chosen to experiment this,there must be somehow a trigger somewere...Curious if SeJu is inside the game and what did Marco took from him that day in the train.I'm also hoping that the writer will develop Hee Joo's character more and find her own role in the story,hope we'll get a bit of twist in her arc...I'm also curious how things will go in the romance departament and how teh writer will tackle it when our hero has such a backstory...Like always Song Je Jung is fantastic at creating that suspanse and thrill in all his dramas and this is no exception! Also do u guys know if all the production will take place in Granda or will they do it as well in Korea?
  8. More likely because of guilt for stealing her fate.More likely she made it her purpose to protect and raise her after stealing her fate and goodluck saving her son.
  9. Thanks a lot for that insight,i knew about Nak Won's change but i couldn't pinpoint if Na Moo's name is his or is along the way some VIU translation stuff as like mentioned when they are still young his little sister calls him sometimes Do Jin(and they translate it as Na Moo in the subs)
  10. Guys i wanted to ask u,do u know why the VIU subs continue to call Do Jin as Na Woo in many parts?'em i missing something or is a error on their part?Did he later on change his name,because the little sister calls him Do Jin yet they translate it as Na Woo
  11. It can be her but from the previous stuff i've read,in some versions it tells something like gifted people,like Shamans, at some point were they grow"power wise" they must let a spirit,usually a God enter them becoming the vessels welcoming them and that's how their power will flower and bad omen happenes for those who don't let the spirit who chose them,tormenting and ending up killing them but i guess as they didn't dwelve into this aspect they didn't go that deep into story...So my guess is that a GOD choose her from when she was small...Part of why her Grandma back them didn't allow her to perform those rituals attracting the bad spirits...The powers clearly run into the family and Dan Ah was gifted with them as her late Grandma,curious if the stuff she found back then when they were running away from the church were her grandma stuff... The grandma from the Island passed on after resolving her business back then...I must say i lowkey wanted a moment with the young man and his father when they dug his grave... Very sad that no one took this project translating it as the little stuff we find subtitle wise are quite bad...I'm lucky i understand korean mostly but i'd loved seeing it for accuracy wise
  12. So Dan Ah Father filmed the whole stuff back then,when they killed all those people(in that sick guy's desire to become "King" aka President)and from the small bites from the next ep i think he also was about to die because of the poison in the wine but the little Dan Ah saved him(or the spirit inside her)and maybe left a message to him so made him save her and protect her from then on...So now they are after him mainly because of the tape because if it goes out they are over...As things are i doubt Ha Min will get out safe of this or he will now sacrifice himself in the end protecting Dan Ah...Either way he'll end up bad...He did way too many bad things to be left out... I guess the spirit is the one who protects Dan Ah,like a holy God who choose her as his vessel more likely...
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