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  1. So they killed the man and made it look as a suicide,the case that the late Police Officer was investigating because the man was a witness to an old case of traffic accident,that more likely is connected my guess to our Swindler accident when he was small...So to cover that up as more than likely it was that influential man's doing back then he killed the poor man to avoid him ever mentioning it and the Police Officer for digging into it...From Gong Soo Chan's flashback memories we can clearly see there are two boys who were there at the accident moment,the one in white(who has a pendant) and drove the car causing the accident and more likely killing Gong Soo Chan's Dad and framing him as the one at fault and the other one in the jumper who tries to help them out(who was on a motorbike and side by side with the truck)...More likely the one in white that caused the accident(maybe the son of the ex detective and main evil till now) is now the Prosecutor so his Dad does everything to erase it and the one on the motorbike our hero...
  2. @RPM Thanks a lot for linking me the episodes,soooo happy seeing someone is so kind to sub it again,i imagine it will be quite hard if done alone and will take time but at doesn't matter as long as we'll get subtitles to it...Still sad Viki still didn't pick the drama up even after it's ending...Hope people will still fill the form to show the intrest...
  3. Plot Twist:They were Brothers,my guess jjaja
  4. A solid first episode that kinda introduced our main players and part of the inmates and stuff..In the upcoming episodes for sure we'll get glimses of the others as there are quite a lot...I might say i liked it a lot,quite promising,a story about people...Before finding out the relationship between Je Hyeok and Junho i actually believed the later one is his stalker it was quite the nice touch to send us back into their past and see their younger selfes and explain Je Hyeok's scars...I must say that i kinda like our hero,he is usually bland and keeps it in himself till it's goes BAM and then goes crazy,i actually loved that he punched that inmate jjaja ... I also knew he wouldn't give money to the Jail Officer to keep him safe and so on and that he more likely help the Mom of the younger inmate...I wasn't that suprised about the old man revelation as well they are in jail and covers can't be judged...Still curious about the complexity of the relationship between the two friends,is Junho truly his friend or has also some other motivations...Somehow,maybe watching too many dramas i'm making stories but i feel something is somehow off,and that he might have some grudge or something...It did look like they lost contact for a long time,curious why they didn't meet more often...Also how he became a Jail Officer...From what i understood if i didn't misunderstand when they were young Junho was the ACE of the team and the one who was supposed to become big and Je Hyeok was the one who had it harder on the accident and low chances to ever play again(the surgery had low chances of succes unlike Junho yet he quit) and now we're shown the furtune on them reversed,curious if Junho has regrets for his decisions back then even when he had it better than Je Hyeok...I actually felt really bad for Je Hyeok for ending in prison for trying to protect his little sister from that robber...The poor dude will have a hard time with the inmate wanting payback for that punch and the Officer more than happy to help as he is now on his black list so it will be quite intretsng seeing him winning them over as we're clear that he won't leave too soon... It was for some moments weird i must say seeing Jiho as his ex and seeing later on that she was actually the Daughter of the Late Couch...Somehow it felt weird seeing the younger version and thinking he will later on date her,felt a bit wrong,maybe because i saw them as young especially her so that image is the one wrong in my head...Looked like the late Coach Wife looked thankful that Je Hyeok didn't quit baseball even if it took longer to make it bacause of the recovery etc unlike Junho more because of her late Husband,that would be sad... I hope Viki or VIU will get the license because it is a promising drama and with the Shin WonHo at the realm i have faith in it...I don't know the writer but from what i saw i liked it...
  5. Oh GOD,Yoo Seung Ho must have among the most sentimental(full of emotions)voices(if that makes sense),even in a rom-com he would talk as the world would end(paired with his eyes)...When i heard him say that line " I wish you were human" i was BAM,on the floor my heart all over in pieces,it was sooo heartbreaking...Seung Ho impressive as always at delivering emotional moments...I'm sooo eager for this to come!!!
  6. Guys heard it today,is this drama just 12 episodes long?Wan't a 16 one? After i heard some people say it on DB i checked Asianwiki and it's still 16 but Mydramalist/dramawiki says 12?Any official information? My heart is still in shock,i was expecting a full ride of 16 episodes and was happy we'll have the cast around more as the story is very good and with lots of parts to be despicted just to find out of the blue it is ending this week
  7. This two together bantering over Jinjoo attention(somehow) it's darn hilarious,i actually secretly hope they become friends in the long run somehow...Also,i giggle so much seeing this two constant expressions and mostly the absurdity of their context,even more when Bando is all about,"look this kid is talking like that to me" while Nam Gil is "What is wrong with this dude that's younger than me"...Meanwhile imagine Jinjoo rolling her eyes between this two...Quite curious if NamGil will ever find out in the past or when they go back to the present about their timetravel... NamGil looks darn fine when he puts on his costume...he looks hella hot!Jang Ki Yong really looks amazing with that hairstyle,the stylist did an amazing job....
  8. And they say makjang dramas are useless,eh?RL is the crazy of them all...Soo happy when Jinjoo and Bando took off the mask of that disgusting guy and glad the girlfriend faced the man and had the courage to break off the link,hope she will find a decent man who will really love her for herself and not just for her money...
  9. [Drama 2017] Witch at Court 마녀의 법정

    Man,i sure hope our badass Prosecutor finds evidence to prosecute and find guilty both of them especially that disgusting joke of human,Tae Gyu...Looks like his father puts presure on Gap Soo to throw Secretary Baek under the bus so that his lil bro get all the fault for the crime and his psycho kid a clean out of it...Quite curious if Secretary Baek will backstab him in the end even more after seeing that late night meeting between the lawyer and his in law...All in all i really hope both of them will get their punishment,i really feel so bad for the Grandma...
  10. Never knew till today that smashing a rear mirror could be this romantic...
  11. thanks a lot for the clarifications,got it upside down jaja alsothanks a lot for all the effort,thanks to your kindness all of us here can enjoy better the drama Gotta give it to Purple,his plan is quite smart as it is cruel...i'm curious,did Red Pollen fell in love with the human or the demon inside him a that time?kinda pitty her fate as well as more than sure,like we saw,he will kill her after giving him the sword.guess the other two,Green&Black left...My heart breaks thinking one of the brothers will sacrifice himself to save the world...i realized in ep. 52 that Yan Feng didn't take the pill when he was outside Yaxi's room...i know he loves Heng Ai as a parent/mentor/friend etc but man,sometimes i actually think he loves her as a man,at least from how he looks at her,his eyes etc...I was so happy seeing Lan Yin and Mu Yun reunite and him hearing her voice,curious why she couldn't talk before(or was our misunderstanding thinking she was mute because we were shown her using the signs?)I think Mu Yun really holds affection for Yaxi,don't think it might be romantic love but she is special to him
  12. Did, Heng Ai give Yan Feng a pill to forget or what was it and why was he crying so sadly? Do u know what was Yan Feng Friend(the brother of the girl who died) while the three of them were waiting outside Mu Yun&Lan Yin room?Got the impression he was telling Yaxi that Mu Yun liked her because he saw Lan Yin in her or somesorts that that's why he acted like that all this time...Could u translate that bit of scene,i see Yan Feng had some revelation while listening...
  13. the dude screams as stalker and i think what SH read on the phone was as well the same,that he is a stalker
  14. Oh,such a great treat,to be able to enjoy their real voices and emotions!!!Such a great info!!! by the way,are the two divine people that die in the trailer(the man trying to touch the women's hand before dying) her parents?