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  1. Indeed,can't wait already for the V.A. of the show...After Weightlifting Bok Joo's WHAT? to Jealousy Incarnate's memorable No,No!!...this makes the 3 place in iconic bgm's
  2. Oh boy,Hyuk's infatuation with Joon is the best thing ever!!!Aside from his constant narrations that sound out of The Human Condition
  3. The second episode was plain plain tragic and gave us such an insight into the life of Kang Woo before the tragic event and how all the team players gathered to form Mad Dog we see now in the present,even without knowing indeed the full backstories of our members yet only knowing that at some point in their lives were helped by Kang Woo and in return wanted togive back that favor and that he bacame a friend to them....Aside from the more likely fraud behind that plane crash till we see the whole picture the fact still is that Kim Min Joon's brother(if they don't twist it and say he isin't) did kill all this people and did sign for whatever reason an insurance to give his brother money,that if it wasn't made up....I might say it takes longer than anticipated to warm up to Min Joon and maybe because he comes off too arogant especially in the way he treats Kang Woo even more attacking him with such a sensitive and painful topic,his lost family...He lost a brother as well and he should very well know that this things can't be touched upon...At the time he was a victim as well but my heart really went to all those people and Kang Woo who lost his family in matter of minutes just like that and the pain took over all the other stuff,even more when he heard the Pilot made insurance and included all things even death etc for his brother...My point is, i can't take his arrogant way of entering the team and thinking that he did something great and that Kang Woo is a evil one when the fact still is his brother killed all those people,what happend behind the scene after is on second plan,he killed them...He should be more humble approching that topic...If i was in Kang Woo's shoes i would seriously punch him right there seeing his attitude mentioning one's family...
  4. Yu Bum is such a smart and such a fast man on the uptake of things yet it's so sad that a man as him uses his qualities for the wrong things even when one could really debate it as what he told Jae Chan was the truth in terms of the Prosecutor fault,i guess we can debate the morale as he clearly choose to take the man's case when he full know he was a killer yet like he also mentioned, he did his job as a lawyer with brio this time as case,sad he didn't choose to stay as a Prosecutor and put behind bars people like that psycho,a great loss for the Prosecution Office and a big win for the Law Firm who scouted him...At this place things will only escalate and he looks like he is on that path,a small snow ball going on a slide will only become huge and a danger to everyone including himself,as he will loose himself completely and we still don't know for sure in the future of the events what role he will play in HJ tragic death,if he was a bystander or he was the perpetrator or get a twist on it as we're shown he was there that fateful night based on this hints...We're also not presented yet the person who runs the Law Firm and his boss...Yu Bum might become the monster or he might be the one who will help one as his central case... I hope our puppy Woo Tak won't turn to the dark side nor loose his life in the end...I also want to mention HJ superior as i like him a lot and he is quite observant when he clearly told everyone he finds that there is a story in the killer cat one when everyone wanted to pass it as trivial and the reality is that this small things hide a bigger picture and people usually pass them or choose to ignore them,HJ still has her journey and much to learn from her superior...A person who does such a horrendous thing is a danger to society and should be punished badly,frankly i consider that such people who abuse animals to be criminals and who can harm people at any time and do have dangerous tendencies,a normal human being couldn't do something so vile yet so many let this stuff get away... On a light note,seeing bits of future Jae Chan and HJ progress as a couple is so giggle worthy as he is sooooo mushy...
  5. Looks like this will be a full blast,the highlight trailer looks HILARIOUS as hell combined with a more serious undertone...I don't worry this time about subtitles as i'm pretty sure we'll get them quite fast as the main are more trendy actors so the subbing teams will pick it up fast
  6. Seen the first episode and i liked it a lot,like a predicted i would...Most of the highlight preview was seen in the episode so i can't say i wasn''t familiar with the general idea....Really anticipating for the three ladies to join hands and gather and curious were their journey and revenge lead them,at least in the end they will find support and friendship...we've been giving hints from the inside of all three women and each one indeed has their own sufferings..My heart went to all three of them...On the surface our leading lady might seem like the women who has it all and her problems not so huge in comparision with the other two yet i really felt sad for her situation and all that money for sure can make her illusion of giving her happiness and forget her own sorrows yet it's quite clear her pain is deep not to mention such a shameless jerk of a husband...I felt bad for the jerk's son as well,as he was raised for what is see by his grandmother and not having his mother nor father by his side and has his own grudge deep down and i could understand it quite well,borth are shameless not even worthy of being called parents as he is just as a victim as Jung Hye yet i fully understand her own pain as well and why she can't accept him,quite curious if in the end she will end up divorcing her jerk husband and try to find her own happiness and maybe try having her own child just as to become friends with Soo Gyum and maybe treating him like a son...Mi Sook's story is such a sensitive and sad story as household abuse is such a known issue in this day and hope in the end she will take measures and stand up to that man and make him being punish by the law as that enviroment is a nightmare for both her and her girl...When Jung Hye asked Do Hee why she takes all that humilliation and not doing anything,doesn't she have pride i was quite proud of Do Hee telling her she has enough pride buut her pride being protecting the ones she loves above all as i saw Jung Hye making statements based from a very safe and priviliged placed as her status,something sadly Do Hee didn't share...It was easy to protect such pride from that place when money gave such immense power and we could very well seen how that Mom's bully acted in her presence something i doubt would happen if she was stripped of her wealth...
  7. Yep,not gonna miss it...Now i'm about to start it and will comeback with the first impressions!!!So happy seeing u on board along with other familiar faces!!! Quite happy as well as seeing VIU being also on board and the subs are so fast out...This slot got my We/Th slot full again after a long time with all this new premiers starting today,so busy watching all this new ones start along with the already "old" ones,total of 4 shows jjajaj,such a long time since i've watched all the shows from the Big 3 in the same day + tvN I've left this one to be the last to be seen to have my full concentration on and being more on the intense side
  8. Was talking about Jae Chan lil brother who clearly hates Yoo Beom... Yes,this take can be very well possible as well...I think he doesn't even care what happenes with the ones left behind after he got what he wanted from them...Might be to early but i doubt he would feel much remorse even if the original timeline wasn't destroyed as he clearly was more intrested in saving himself and doing all that stuff,lying,playing the victim and good man,tampering with evidence along with endangering HJ life when he moved her from her car(she could have her neck injured,no?) and make her the one who killed the young police officer to care too much about the man he killed...I think he is the type,"all about myself and other people value is calculated from what advantage can i make from them"...Curious if along this path they will make him a sociopath as i'm sure his actions will escalate more and more and his mask will fall... I'm quite eager to see were the writer will take her new villian as it is a great deal after Min Joon Kuk,among one of the best villian in dramaland and with Lee Sang Yeob on board,i'm no worried as he is one amazing actor that will sure deliver...I'm all in for great facinating villians that aren't just one dimensional and the writer is great at creating them... On another note,from the little bits we've got i really find Hee Min really rude...We still don't get the full picture of her relation with Jae Chan as to why she is acting like that but her actions now in the present(ok,2016 timeline)are pretty immature and rude...Curious as well what made Ja Chan stop his studies,choose to be a Prosecutor and move houses and Hong Joo's dreams... Quite curious of what will happene to make them skip to present.... I'm also curious about the other cameo's will be treated with...
  9. I think he always does that piece cutting when he without noticing is feeling guilty,doing bad stuff...He's always doing it when he does shady stuff or lie in your face...That's how u actually know he is anxious and lying...Curious if his father added that incident to his record or something...Still i think there might be more to their ill fated relationship as we see his brother also really hates him,so it must be more than just that incident... The Father will die,he will fall from the rooftoop and crash into the car,it's shown in the preview...Now we need to see if the daughter or his brother participated or it will be made as suicide... I'm curious if this butterfly incident is something along a life for a life,Jae Chan saved a life that was meant to die that night and after the mother and daughter,aka 3 lives so,are they claming now other 3 lives because of the rip he created? I'm quite anticipating to see the crucial role the Police Guy will have and how will connect with out main leads story...
  10. A theory would be that aside from the bus accident that connected them both being there maybe the moment he gave her back her baseball from her late father that connection happened and he started having the dreams now as he moved next to her and she is like the main source...Yoo-bum is such a low-life snake,i can't wait for that satisfying moment when his mask will fall off and all those people will see the real person he really is...
  11. I'm loving it!!!Also,the cinematography is BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the main OST so much,any clues who sings it?
  12. The new dude might be a gangster after her Father wanting to pay back maybe...I hope we'll get some scenes with her Hoobae from her previous Hospital again,it's clear he and the other doctors,stuff aside from a few ones really look up to her and admire her...It would be hilarious to see our two Docs being all jealous seeing the Puppy work again aside her
  13. Man, SXY has one heck of a temperament,it was no secret from the very start yet still such a vulcano inside along being like a little kid,quite curious what age are they now....The whole moments with him falling in love(well he was way before but that cemented it),realizing based on his conv with those bandits that he loved ZY while going back to her and smiling like a crazy dude and culminating with his I LOVE YOU for all the mountains,valleys and all to hear him was so in his character,i expected less based on his character to go full in once he realizes he likes her as a women and even when she rejected him and said she wants to be just friends was challeging,as he is such a spoiled dude from his birth i guess it really is hard to accept when he doens't get his way...I really chucked today's episode when he was all friendly with the Foreign Guy"We are buddies,so tell me who is the women you like and i'll help" to find out it was ZY...His reaction was so priceless with that "She is MY women!...She is not YOUR Women....I Know she isin't MY women but she will be MY women...She is the women SXY likes,You can like her but i can't?And she doesn't like you..." troupe,i actually laughed a bit at his nonsense and like a child throwing a tantrum braking those glasses and saying they aren't buddies anymore and going like a tornado to her to ask her to "give herself to him",for a moment i feared he'll pop a vain....At least that's how i deduced this scenes with my nonexistent chinese jaja...This two put together are really a storm to fear,his temperament is no joke.... Also why are ZY partners making such a huge rackus with the whole marriage proposal,is because of the business or that she won't be anymore in the Wu Family(or just both) or what is the core of it,the buddist dude looks quite aggresive in this matter... Based on some MV's i've seen i know i must anticipate the most likely sad ending,ah c-dramas,one again!!!
  14. Guys do u know what Han Shen says when he comes to rescue LJ in the prison and confronts the King?He looks very suprised as he even holds to take his sword out when Han Shen drops some kind of truth on him...Han Shen looks like he says something like,because of you LJ....