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  1. Ah,can't wait for this drama,my most anticipating one after first finding out about the proposal sent to both leads and accepting it as i lowkey shipped so much in Romantic Doctor...I'm so happy seeing Se Jong back in another promising project and a more light one,even better a romance at that and as a lead as he is such a promising rookie and well,Seo Hyun Jin is amazing in everything...I love the second leads a lot as well so this is for me a killer 4 combo...
  2. The start looks promising...Bong Pil trully gave that feel of a loser, a sad one at that as he never been capable or the "fate" stood in his way each time he wanted to confess his love for our heroine...I see that the show hinted us with the future Husband having a side chick or something along the line(maybe to make us feel less sorry for him eh)...Don't know why but i feel that after Soo Ji finally gave him the weeding invitation in person he was expecting him to confess to her based on her way of looking at him but was left with the WTH moment when he left with that excuse...Still his feelings for her is a known secret,i mean everybody in that neightbourhood knows he likes her and she does as well as he doesn't seem to be the type to even make it posible to hide them,makes me wonder as well if she liked him why she never took the chance all this years...Quite curious about his chance now that he has a second try to re-write his story,not only in his relationship with Soo Ji but his own life as well...Curious about the second leads as well as hey look intretsing and curious about their own backstories... By the way,didn't they release a highlight trailer for the drama(the usual 6-7 min highlight)?
  3. I could say more but i'll resume at "I'm LOVING IT!!!" I bet the Jung CEO and out main anatgonist more than sure is Kang Soo's Mom and Jin Yoon is his half sister...It's intresting how the greedy women wants to set up Oh Jin Gyu with her daughter to raise him to take over the business as she says her daughter isin't cut for it and it doesn't hurt at all that he comes from a very rich family...Just started but hope karma will bite her really hard and take what matters most to her,aka the money...Destroying other people hard work for her own greed is not the way... Another "gem" of mother is Dana-h's...Calling only to get some money again from her...Not enough that she had to pay that big loan yet she still looks for her knowing she has money saved without caring she worked so hard for it... Till now almost all the parents presented are such "gems" I'm really loving our main duo and the Jajangmyon Squad Boss and Madam...
  4. That is an intresting point but just as well i can say it plays the viewer in korean if he is very familiar with the actor and will recognize if he is a bit more ears open even if the voice it's blurred and for international viewers being familiar with the actor/s and being a veteran dramawatcher(so mostly any trick can be seen unlike a newbie)...I've seen so many dramas over this 8 years that i can recognize their voices even with their tricks and the last one,the other big obvious thing that they usually make a big mistake,casting fair known actors for some key role like this one for ex.,it's insane thinking they will cast him just for some petty cameo,like all the others,it's like a big clue just in this choice...A better choice would have been to make this killers played by more unknown actors,the ordinary ones that u don't suspect at first guess and pass your eyes and that aren't that much known...
  5. I knew it,even if they blurred the Reaper's voice i recognized it right away by his accent and way of speaking
  6. So happy seeing more and more projects added as main,even if they are from the sounds hevy melo type yet the wait!!!!Can't believe i'm anticipating 2018 just because of Shawn's dramas... He does look in style quite close to his Tears inHeaven character Per C-drama standards we gonna find out the whole plot of the story based on that summary
  7. I bet all my bucks that the Reaper is none other than the "victim" played by Kim Won Hae...They blurred his real voice but he has the same accent and way of talking
  8. I'm more worried about the quality as i didn't read the novel,the first pics we've got aren't that compelling to be truthful,looks kinda lowcost and i hope it's the case as poor posters but fine product rather than poor promotional posters and poor quality even more when it's a fantasy(wuxia)...2019 looks soooo forever,c-drama fans are indeed Sage in mastering the patience and waiting...
  9. I actually applaud Yuan Song for being so level headed and pleading his ambitious brother to stop the attack and admit their wrong doings against Yanbei and Yan household...Who knew the most level headed of that family would be Yuan Song,he might be too kind for some but he seems more on point to be a ruler...
  10. Oh i never taught so i must say sorry if i gave the impression i had a problem jajja ...I share your same opinion about what u wrote,she loved Yan Xun but as he went deeper in his own darkness and sadly made everyone that cared trully for him and his well being go away(choosing to believe a b*stard like Cheng Yuan)made her detach herself slowly and like many times said she was disappointed...The mention was more general and actually never directed towards your post,that i agreed fully,that i always see people say she never loved him,that she always loved Yuwen Yue and it's not true,at least not in my eyes(it feels i watch a different drama and read her actions different)...
  11. Ah,who knows when this drama will see the light with all the Ch/Kor stuff going on and the ban,such a sad thing even more they must have worked hard for it...
  12. Ah,been waiting for this one to air for some time,hope they will release it this year,seen some rumors about October...Without a doubt my most anticipating one even if it's such a trademark heavy melodrama and the angs will be in it's own turf but having Shawn as lead i must watch it aside that i adore all the main here.... Ah Shawn,why won't u take some rom-com's as well,why do u love melo's so much...(he has another one were he is a doctor just finished filming) Shawn really looks hot here,even more when he is in his casual clothes
  13. Looking foward to this but the set date looks so far away!!!!!
  14. I'm so gonna watch this,happy seeing Leon Zhang Yun Long as a lead and hope he won't disappoint...i love Wuxia stuff so i'm sure to check this one as i've been waiting for it for some time now...Hope we'll get subtitles
  15. Oh Viki got the drama,even if it's not available in my country at least i know we will get subtitles!!! Based on all the info this will be one heck of a ride and angst,now we only need to wait!!!Ah,so many awesome upcoming c-dramas that take forever to air