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  1. Ha Joon aka Secretary/Spy Kim Joon Woo really looks like an long lost older brother of Park Bo Gum for real... If Geu Rim was indeed blind when young for than span moment it's understandable why she doesn't know him...Doubt he really tell her his full name and after we could see from the flashbacks he never showed himself to her,just observed her from a distance alone or with his friend...She might remember that boy when she was younger if some memories are triggered somehow , it's still possible but to know it's him it's kinda hard and irrealistic...Curious if she'll freak out about the kiss...I guess it will be awkward afterwards for sure... Also what the ...
  2. Gonna bet that Kang Daesung is the King that betrayed and locked ASN back then and now it's his reincarnation...
  3. Indeed,he suffers from insomnia,he doesn't sleep at night,not without sleeping pills,but in the course of action by his Doc Friend not giving him any he doesn't sleep at all now so the explanation of the red eyes...I'm more curious how the man function with his busy life without any sleep day after day and amazing superpower self control,as with lack of sleep some people will snap faster...Yet again,the poor guy has a strong depression and trauma so it will be very meaningful seeing how he will start to open up and try to get out of that darkness he is closed in for soooo many years and in a very toxic enviroment... It won't air on Monday due to the Olympic Games,it will air on 13th... I also think that his moments when he is acting bad to Geurim,even when he tripped her way back as she mentioned is not just the usual kindergarden act of liking someone and trying to get attention stuff but i also sense that on some level he tries to get at her with what happened to his friend,we clearly saw both friends had a crush on her back then and even if the poor girl is without any fault(might not even know them as she looked oblivious) he might get at her because his own guilt is too much for him,childish but it is a mechanism i guess having those impulsive moments being all mean...
  4. More than sure,Oh Gong will let that Storyteller Demon "control" him making her think she has him onder her spell for SunMi to have her so desired normal life and get away from her punishment...The problem will come when he realizes he can't live without her,not because of the bracelet spell but his own heart that wants her by his side...So he will put a "show" to make her detach herself from them(deities)and return to her own place among her kind with all that "you're not special to me anymore now"...That's why more than sure he says that it's hard to control himself pretending he doesn't care for her at all... Quite curious when they will find out about the death bell she has...Really hope Ma Wang can become a deity so he can save his beloved,their fate is sooo tragic and yet sooo beautiful,as he loved her all this time...Sadly like the SUmmer Fairy said,there is not a single deity-human couple to have a happy ending that is true as one will grow old right under the other's eyes and die while the diety will remain just as young and beautiful and suffer being left alone...
  5. CONTAINS SPOILERS !!!! This is such a fun drama,after watching a lot of projects starring among them Yamazaki Kento i can finally say i'm in love with a drama of his..He really should play more of this type of roles aside from the usual gloomy/no expression ones that made me not get the whole hype of his till now(as i won't stick just for looks wise)....Only 3 eps in and i want more...Our hero is such an anti-hero i must say it and i more than once wanted to smack him seeing how twisted and greedy he is now...Also while watching i was thinking that we usually see the "villain" steal the hero's great moments but here we have Eight "steal" all the good deeds from Takauji for his own pourpose...Quite curious about or main player becoming a "human" even if at the same time his ways are a mechanism to survive,the guilt from back then that more likely his Mom was too in pain to realize it and the debt he took on himself...It's the most logic conclusion that to get by he needed to "shut off" his emotions to be able to do what he did all this years while on the other hand i'm curious if Saiko at the end will loose her "gift" as she kinda did get it from her earnest desire to change the fate back then and heal her own pain and guilt...I really feel sad for Saiko,as she indeed has been given a gift and a curse at the same time...Curious if she saved Kota in some twist as she had his shoe...Also the wereabouts of his Dad,is he maybe looking for Kota as well?Anticipating as well when the big reveal comes out and both find out who they really are and how will Saiko regain her lost memories and how she ended back then like that(knocked out with blood)...I must say i adore Suda Masaki and he shines when he plays those weirdly/creepy characters and he is great here as well with the little he has(being a cameo/special appereance)...At the moment i swing between that certainty that he is the boy,the classmate, who Saiko kissed back then but why did the poor dude ended like that and what does he want from her,as he is clearly looking for her for a long time...I doubt he just wants to apologize but he looks like he really made his research about it becoming like obsessed with her and her "death kiss",as he knows about time leap and so many other things etc. aside from the intresting thing that he seems unaffected by the time changes as he remembers and knows who Eight was,something he clearly shouldn't know,aka the Time Leap guy,is he somehow immune to the changes or what...Yet how come he couldn't find Saiko all this time it's also weird...I don't think he really knows how much in time she can turn them(aka the 7 days she was in coma)or might be wrong,as sometimes i sense he wants to go back in a special moment and the other was that he might be Kota...I confess the first i actually made the possibility with the writer adding that adoption plot to bait us in Takauji's case but i let it go as i saw him back then in the cruise in ep 1 and now more than sure think he is the one responsable for the tragic accident back then as he was in the boiler room making his character even more intresting as having this perfcet good guy outside keeping a very ugly stuff inside..My other option would be the friend of Takauji(who came to the host club) as he is also on the cover,if i'm not mistaken him...That is if Kota is still alive and he isin't a new whole character we don't know yet and being found and no one reported him missing all that time ago....I doubt the writer will give us all of it sooo easy on obvious as the mistery is one of the main factor of this awesome drama...Last but not least i must say i'm in love with the main OST by Masaki aka Sayonara Elegy and the piano tune to it,it's just beautiful! Ep 3 is darn good and hilarious,in a dark humor type but great....Eight running all over town trying to persude Saiko to kiss him is epic,even more when from the outside he looks sooo like a madman in love asking the woman why he doesn't want to kiss him...Quite curious if they will make him fall in love for the first time with Saiko and choose himself not to marry Mikoto when his wish will come true...
  6. Imagine SunMi misunderstanding the purpose of the Black Bell and believing it's the one for fated lover or along the lines when it's for the one who will bring her death(cause of ringing being heard),what happenes if the fated lover and one of death is the same person(because we all know Oh Gong is her fated one) Curious if in the end they will make them reunite as humans in the future,as even if they both survive something i doubt it will, still be very bitter as she will grow old right under his eyes while he will still remain as youthful and immortal as ever suffering even more when she will leave him all alone...(korean writers are usually subtile or not in their hints and like many fantasy dramas they really point to us about her fate and how if she dies he will as well because his heart will be destroyed in more than figurative)...Kinda sad our SUnMi doesn't have any special powers of her own with the Heaven's Order as Samjang to at least protect herself on her own from stronger evil monsters rather than put all on Oh Gong... Guess that's why like i've seen till now deities keep things among themselevs and have this barrier added without associating feelings wise(for those who have them) with humans making that boundry very clear... I'm quite curious what kind of Deity is th Grandson of the Grandma(more likely Samshin Granny) Also 'em i the only one who thought in that scene with Oh Gong and the lil monkey toy a parody from Goblin
  7. Online dating Yes or No ?

    Not really for me...prefer the old fashioned ways,meeting in person,looking at that person in the eyes when talking and so on...
  8. Ah,anticipate the reincarnation ending(Kang Chi reloaded)... the ending song is soooo beautiful and sad,i believed to be Mawang's and his wife OST but i guess it works for both couples... Doubt that Supernatural being can be the new owner of Oh Gong with Sun Mi trapped as the contract inself is very bounding and like between their two spirits...She can use him ony if he let's her in the idea of finding a way to free SunMi from the book,like if she is the only one in power to take her out rather than being a literal owner... Like mentioned from the beginnning i kinda hinted we'll more likely get a bittersweet/sad ending and with each episode that impression is stronger,more that sure SunMi might die for the greater good and if Oh Gong doesn't die along her(being killed by her death or other sacrifice to shut the hell door) he more than sure wait and look for her till she is reincarnated no matter how much time is needed...Ah,i guess we can't really have happy endings concerning fantasy romance dramas involving a supernatual beinng and a human...And i HATE reincarnation troupes as the one reincarnated are not the same one...At least show don't let them stare at each other and FIN
  9. So does it have a happy ending??? Ahhh,Monday come faster!!! I'm kinda sad it has only 8 episodes,i'm adoring the cast!
  10. Don't why but i'm totally adoring Older Shin Woo(Lee Jung Shin) expressions whenever something related to his younger self I'm quite curious if he will be able to save his Mother....Might be maybe minority but since all this miracle happened to him i was like,"let's do anything to prevent Mom from dying as a top priority" rather than making his younger self confess to Jisoo yet it's a romance genre so...Still curious if his Mother's death is from natural causes(ilness) or by accident...It's also funny how fate has it's ways as when he intends to change it it always bounces back at him yet without even him intending he is making his best friend move closer to English tech,at least that's what they hint us with...All in all i'm happy as long as she doens't marry the Sports Teacher,she sure didn't look happy in the future and was more like obligation than pure happiness so quite curious how things go when he will return...Curious if younger ShinWoo will find out who he really is and how will they make for his friends and othe rpeople not to recognize him as the Match Teacher when he returns...
  11. Two episodes in and i'm already in love with it,it's such a great story...Seeing how his first love ended that way mainly to their inexperience and lost chances is sooo bittersweet and that she actually fell in love with him that same day just as him yet both lost their timing not confessing...It was quite the nice touch seeing how she was the one who pretended to like all those things(book,movie,dogs)because he liked them in the first place,that she was afraid of dogs but made it as she likes them because he causually said he found them cute was endering...Somehow i sense there is more to Mother death than it's yet revealed,don't know why btut i think Jisoo was as well involved in it,as she talked very hursh and hat they have ill fate for it to be just a young deception as he dind't go to that bridge or maybe i've seen to many melo's....Yet her brother died(beach accident) and she really has teh trauma still with her and that's why the mentality she has now with being a burden to others and being good at things,i think it's her regret not beign able to save her older brother thinking it's her fault(survival guilt)...First idea was why he didn't recognize the ring he baught for her but yet again so many years passed and he did toss it in the garbage back then so i doubt he ever thought is the same one...I just hope at the end it will be a happy ending and he won't die trying to prevent her accident and that this second time.second chance they will get their happy ending... It's curious how fate actually brings them together again giving them numerous chances for his younger self and for his older one as well,that without knowing his sole presence in the past and his intention to make them close to each other creates other paths and some roads that lead to his younger self,moments that were fundamental in their actions go pointing now to him(Older Shin Woo catching Ji Soo at the gate,Jisoo thinking he is the one whow as with her in the bus and so making her consider him her first love etc)yet in the end fate will finds other ways to link them...Also i must say i totally love those two Shin Woo we are shown,the younger,innocent and not so confident in the older one who is having a meltdown looking at his past self and facepalming himself while realizing he didn't know of so many things back then and he actually knew almost nothing about the real Jisoo....Also that moment he actually realized he was the one she actually liked all that time...Quite telling the moment when JiSoo talks about the movie and it's meaning"The man desire to save the one he loves",something that matches quite perfectly for his older self... Also pointing those those who might consider the teacher status and that he is romancing JiSoo younger self,he doesn't look at her in any idecent ways or thinking of starting anything with her...She is the one having a crush on her,he is just trying to make his younger self confess and be with her and nothing more...He's more like,making this younger innocent kids express their feelings and be together so i can go to my present and be with the 28 years Jisoo On the side note were does our Older Shin Woo got the clothes,did got a early paycheck or what?
  12. [Current Taiwanese Drama 2017] My Dear Boy 我的男孩

    The ending song in case people are intrested
  13. So she is being punished for releasing Son O Gong,that's how she began her misfortune and being "food" for evil things changing her fate...Sounds reasonable that the gods would punish the one who goes against their orders I must say the main OST that sings for our couple si simply beautiful,can't wait for the release...Still warming up to the ending one,somehow i don't think it fits sooo well
  14. [Drama 2017-2018] Two Cops 투깝스

    So they killed the man and made it look as a suicide,the case that the late Police Officer was investigating because the man was a witness to an old case of traffic accident,that more likely is connected my guess to our Swindler accident when he was small...So to cover that up as more than likely it was that influential man's doing back then he killed the poor man to avoid him ever mentioning it and the Police Officer for digging into it...From Gong Soo Chan's flashback memories we can clearly see there are two boys who were there at the accident moment,the one in white(who has a pendant) and drove the car causing the accident and more likely killing Gong Soo Chan's Dad and framing him as the one at fault and the other one in the jumper who tries to help them out(who was on a motorbike and side by side with the truck)...More likely the one in white that caused the accident(maybe the son of the ex detective and main evil till now) is now the Prosecutor so his Dad does everything to erase it and the one on the motorbike our hero...
  15. @RPM Thanks a lot for linking me the episodes,soooo happy seeing someone is so kind to sub it again,i imagine it will be quite hard if done alone and will take time but at doesn't matter as long as we'll get subtitles to it...Still sad Viki still didn't pick the drama up even after it's ending...Hope people will still fill the form to show the intrest...