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  1. Hi @Few. i surely hope not. I think Yeo Ji's character is an interesting one to explore. She's a woman doing a man's work in the highly discriminatory society of Joseon, yet she excels in it and is well-respected among her peers. I wonder how she became the way she is, what her family circumstances were. Was she the daughter of a former Saheonbu inspector as well, perhaps the mentor of her own mentor, Han Jung-seok? Was her family killed during the height of the slave movement to murder their yangban masters? Is she truly lowborn or could she be the orphaned daughter of a noble family who found themselves on the wrong side of politics? Yeo Ji seems very well-educated for a woman, much less a woman from the common folk. It's surprising enough that she can read and write in their language but she's also fluent in two other languages. She can't be just an ordinary woman. I hope the drama manages to squeeze in her background story between now and the end. I don't how it'll be managed, though, given that Go A Ra is sidelined for the next 6 episodes.
  2. I must say that, after episodes 11 and 12 (21 to 24), I am utterly convinced that this drama might very well be a highly-underrated masterpiece, with unexpectedly brilliant actors in its cast. From the time episode 11 began until the end of episode 12, I was going through a rollercoaster of emotions. I was anxious for Yeoning when Min Jin Hun barged into the court with the young girl, but then my heart soared when he courageously stood his ground and covered the girl with his robe. I felt for the girl and even felt as genuinely grateful to him as she was. And I felt very proud of him when the people started to see in him the qualities that his father, King Sukjong, saw: the kind that would make him a great king for Joseon. Of course, I also loved the moments between him and Yeo Ji, but I found them quite sad, especially when taken in the context of what's happening around them. Yeoning, to me, looks at Yeo Ji as someone he's already lost. It's like at the back of his mind, he knows that what he feels for Yeo Ji is just a wonderful dream that will never be. I'm a bit uneasy over Moon Soo's expression when he came upon them in that very intimate moment. I'm not sure if he's jealous or worried. I hope the writer and director don't go into the common second-male-lead-suddenly-falling-in-love-with-the-female-lead trope here. I want Moon Soo to be the brother who's concerned over the emotional well-being of his big brother Yeoning and his little sister Yeo Ji. For a change, I don't want him to suddenly see Yeo Ji as a woman and suddenly grow romantic feelings for her, just because he saw that Yeoning is in love with her. I love Moon Soo and Yeo Ji's relationship as it is, and I think Yeo Ji needs him that way, as someone who cares deeply for her without any other motivation. Someone she can lean on, because I don't see anything between her and Yeoning ending happily. May I just give a special shoutout to Jung Il Woo, Jung Moon Sung, Park Hoon and Lee Kyoung Young in these last two episodes. They were just so good! I was so immersed in their acting that their real-life personas just disappeared. Jung Il Woo looked really haggard and stressed and conflicted, as how Yeoning should be in these moments. Jung Moon Sung is batshit insane and the way his eyes glint maniacally is just so real. Park Hoon has suddenly become fragile and vulnerable. And Lee Kyoung Young is just so terrifying and disgusting as a man who is utterly convinced of the superiority and righteousness of his position and his power. I hope this drama continues to develop its characters well and tell a great story until its end. Please don't drop the ball, writer-nim and PD-nim. The viewers of Haechi are looking forward to great things from you.
  3. Favor please. Can someone PM me the link to a good streaming site for this drama? Thanks a bunch!
  4. Oh-kay...so I just finished watching episode 11 (or 21-22). I know I said that I like this drama, but I never fully appreciated its depth until this episode. At first, while waiting for the english subs to come out, I spoiled myself a bit by checking out some clips over IG and most of them were of that infamous almost-kiss between Crown Prince Yeoning (yup. I'm gonna address him properly now because the man truly deserves it. ) and Yeo Ji. So my expectations were a bit shallow in that I was all giddy and expectant for the YeoYeo moments. and pretty much nothing else. However, after watching the whole episode, the YeoYeo moment took a backseat. I have so many favorite scenes and it would take too long to write them down. All I can say is that for me, this episode is one of the major defining moments of Crown Prince Yeoning. It's the moment when he finally realizes his true motivations for wanting the throne and it doesn't have to do with having absolute power per se. It's because with that power, he will have the means to help his people. This episode is when he starts to really become the king, long before he even takes the throne. Damn. This was one brilliant episode. And if I wasn't convinced yet about what I've read about Jung Il Woo's skills as an actor, well, his performance in this episode has totally convinced me and I'm now a fan. After this drama ends, I think I'll check out his "Return To Iljimae" and be on the lookout for his next project.
  5. I wish more people watched this drama. There seems to be very few discussions and very little mention about it online. And to think it's based on one of Joseon's greatest kings. And it has all the formulas for a hit drama. I wonder what's the reason why.
  6. @lightbringer06 are you talking about the kiss? I'm not surprised. When I watched "Dong Yi", i was often irritated and frustrated at how proper and formal Dong Yi and Sukjong acted towards each other when she became his consort. You would have expected them to act more affectionately by that time coz they were already married. I just hope the writer quits with the longing gazes and flustered Yeoning act. He's married and if you look at historical records, by this time he already had three children. He was in no way a "blushing, shy virgin" despite what Cho Hong thinks.
  7. @oceluna "I will protect you no matter what"? That sounds ominous. From the looks of it, Yeo Ji might ultimately show her love for Yeoning by giving her life to protect him. Being the way she is, a woman who's not very used to expressing herself like a woman yet having the heart of one, that would fit right in with her personality. I think I have to get myself ready for the ultimate heartbreak when this drama ends. In the meantime, sharing this video that I saw on YT. No english subs though.
  8. @Yongzura aw. That's too bad. I'm glad she's taking a rest but with the drama more than halfway done (how many episodes do we still have to go?), I'm afraid the development of her relationship with Jung Il Woo in the drama will be half-baked and it will just fizzle out. I'm hoping this drama will take Yeoning's story up to the point where he becomes king and a little past that so there's still some time to develop his romance with Yeo Ji even if it ends tragically. But I don't see how they csn do that without extending the drama which from the looks of it, is very remote.
  9. Practically spoiled myself for episode 11. Agh. Saw the end of that still @lightbringer06 and I so hope the writer and PD won't turn it into an almost-but-not-quite moment, although knowing how these Kwriters swing, Moon Soo is bound to interrupt that moment. It's just strange that I don't see as much hype or comments in the media about this drama. Ratings aren't too low but I would've expected them to be higher, given how Koreans are known to love their sageuks. And besides, it's the comeback drama of Jung Il Woo who seems to be well-liked and well-respected as an actor. I do read quite a number about Go A RA's acting, though. It seems they find something wrong with it. I personally don't see anything much wrong with it, although I must say that in some scenes where Jung Il Woo is showing so much intense emotion, she can be very poker-faced. Or maybe that's how Yeo Ji's character is supposed to be.
  10. Hmmm. Yeo Ji seems a bit reluctant to touch Yeoning in that scene. Her hands are closed into fists and her upper body is stiff, as if she's trying to keep herself away from him. I actually like the idea of Yeoning and Yeo Ji falling in love. Whether or not it prospers is another story altogether, because we all know Yeoning was a real person and I don't really know if Yeo Ji's character was based on someone he really knew then. From what I've read, he had around 6 wives (i.e. queens and consorts) in his lifetime, and I wouldn't put it past the realm of possibility that he probably had several unnamed and unaccounted for concubines as well. Even if their ship were to eventually sink, though, I just hope the writer and director develop it in such a way that it's organic to the story and their characters' development. I want to feel with them as they fall in love, and not to be told that they are. I want their romance to be developed and acted in such a way that the viewers like myself would find ourselves immersed in it, and when it ends, I want my heart to get really broken along with theirs. I want Yeoning and Yeo Ji to feel real. Right now, Yeoning is already aware of her as a woman and is starting to feel more for her than he did for the other women in his life. All he needs is a bit of a push and he's just gonna tumble down into love with her. Yeo Ji is still a bit of a mystery in so far as how she perceives Yeoning. I can't really tell yet if she's starting to like him as more than one of her comrades, or if she's starting to see him as a man and not a crown prince. At least I know she respects him and likes him as a person. I'm still waiting for that sucker-punch-in-the-gut moment between Yeoning and Yeo Ji, but I don't want the writer to rush it. I want her to build it gradually and make it worth the wait so that when they finally come together, it will be beautiful. And please, please, please, PD-nim: no close-lipped kisses that look as if their faces just got smashed together. And writer-nim, please don't do what you did with "Dong Yi". So many scenes wasted when we could have had more than just touching hands and smiling at each other. I'm not asking for any love scenes, but just nice intimate scenes that will show how deeply and strongly Yeoning and Yeo Ji feel for each other.
  11. Annyeong! Like everyone on this thread, I'm watching this drama and currently looking forward to its succeeding episodes. I'm not familiar with most of the actors playing in it, except for Go Ara, whom I saw previously in "Hwarang", and I didn't really like the way her character was developed in that drama. I've heard and read about King Yeongjo, but my knowledge about him stems from the 2011 drama "Dong Yi" which, funny enough, I've only seen last year. I liked that drama very much and found myself very much surprised that the premise of it was based on real occurrences in Joseon history. This is why I decided to watch "Haechi" because I want to see the story of the son that came of the union between King Sukjong and his lowborn beloved consort, Choi Sukbin. So far, I'm liking what I see. I like all of the main characters and find the villains quite interesting as well. I may not agree with their motivations and methods, but I do like the fact that they're not one-dimensional. I hope the drama becomes more interesting as it goes along and that the characters are threshed out more fully. From what I read, the writer is the same one that wrote "Dong Yi". This drama isn't going to be as long as that one, but just the same, I hope the writer and director are able to develop the story very well Looking forward to chatting and sharing thoughts with everyone here.
  12. Hello all! First time to visit this thread. I just got off from marathon-watching "Kingdom" and find myself in dire need of something to tide me through until the next season. I found Joo Ji Hoon's portrayal of the Crown Prince Lee Chang very compelling and I'd love to see him again in other projects. It's a good thing he has "The Item" hot on the heels of "Kingdom". The last drama I saw him in was "Goong", which was my very first encounter with the world of K-drama. The actor who plays the villain here is also quite familiar to me. Apparently, I saw him in "Goodbye, Mr. Black", a drama I never finished but it made me remember him somehow. I'm looking forward to this drama and to engaging in interesting discussions with everyone here. Annyeong!
  13. Annyeong, everyone!!!! I can't believe it's already 2019! It's been a while since I visited this thread. After so many months of being so hung up on this drama, checking this thread and the fansite almost everyday, I was finally able to go back to my normal self. HeeHee. But coming back here, catching up on everyone's posts, getting to listen to IU/LJE's unreleased song for the soundtrack, and seeing that scene again of Lee Ji An standing by the roadside, waiting for Park Dong Hoon so she can give him the slippers...and I'm back where it all started. The ache isn't as acute as it was the first time I watched the drama, but it's still there, and it still lingers. No wonder even the actors have a special place in their hearts for their characters and this drama. It really was beautiful! I hope they release "The Station" and create an official MV made up of scenes from the drama. Better yet, maybe the team that created the drama should put together the unreleased scenes and shoot new ones just for this song. I bet that will be a big hit. Thank you, @Joseph Lim for sharing that video.
  14. I tried to watch Mr. Sunshine but I felt it was trying too hard to be grandiose and epic. As if it were too conscious of its own consequence. The thing with a drama like My Mister is that it's so quietly intense. It requires very skilled and nuanced acting because it's so intimate. I don't know but I personally think My Mister is more difficult and challenging acting-wise because the actors need to control their acting so that it doesn't go overboard.
  15. Ack. LSK is so shy! I think the lack of BTS and post-drama photos of him with LJE/IU is primarily his own doing.
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