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  1. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    @oregonahjussi Hello. That’s why I think the time skip was necessary in this case. Both Dong Hoon and Ji An most moreso Ji An needed time and space away from each other so they can really see if what they feel for each other is real love or just the by-product of their shared loneliness and pain. And in the case of Ji An, mere hero worship for the first person who ever cared about her as a human being. She was so focused on him, almost obssessively so, that it came to a point that not hearing him over her phone makes her panic (episode 9, when she missed her stop and was quite frantically looking for him). Dong Hoon, on the other hand, never had the advantage of listening in on Ji An’s every waking moment. At least when they met again, they can meet each other on equal footing and in more normal circumstances. They will be in a better position to gauge their true feelings.
  2. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    @justamom @africandramalover You think she might have changed the way it ended significantly? Personally, I was imagining in the final scene that Ji An would have asked her friends to go ahead, turn back and call after Dong Hoon, and just when he's surprised that she would call after him, she would run and hug him again and they would smile at each other. And then it ends with them turning into a watercolor wash illustration. For me, I think it became a blessing in disguise for this drama that all those negative comments from the beginning and even well into the middle of its airing forced the writer and the director to come up with more creative and non-conventional ways of showing the love that was blossoming between their main protagonists. They couldn't possibly use the word "saranghae" between Park Dong Hoon and Lee Ji An or come up with scenes that hint of romance, or else risk the drama turning into just another May-December love affair. In fact, I think they only ever used the word "love" for the other minor characters and in a somewhat comedic tone at that (e.g. Assistant Manager Kim telling Park Dong Hoon that he loves his boss). What came out was a love story with so much depth and told in a very lyrical way. I can never forget the simplicity and heartbreaking beauty of Ji An's confessions to Dong Hoon. All of them were done in her characteristic, straightforward fashion. No sugarcoating, no flowery words. She tells him exactly how she feels for him without remorse or trepidation because she never learned growing up that cultural norms demand that some things must not be articulated. She cares for him and she will say so. In as much as she will tell someone if she hates them. Ji An doesn't go around pleasing everyone. And yet, in all the words she said, even those harsh words to Joon Young and Yoon Hee when asked about how she felt for Dong Hoon, we all knew the depth of her love for this man. And Dong Hoon. He's less articulate than Ji An because he's more reserved. He will never say exactly what he feels for her. Yet we feel his turmoil and at the same time, the intensity of what he feels for her, in the way he looks at her (goodness! the way he looks at her! I can't imagine why Ji An hasn't melted yet). And can we deny the love that he has with all that he's done for her? And yet he's never spoken of it. He just takes care of her. Looking back, I can't even begin to imagine if they told this as a love story in the usual fashion. It might have been good to while the time away but it would have been forgettable because everything that they will do would have already been done before in other dramas, and perhaps more effectively too. But in choosing to do it this way, what we were given was a masterpiece in storytelling. On a side note, I just realized that this drama reminds me of the novel "Memoirs of A Geisha". It gives the same feel and vibe. Now, THAT was an age-gap love story at the highest level.
  3. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    @tiger457_stv hahaha. I know. Pathetic, really. I would have wanted to watch it with the subs the minute they came out but it was already midnight where I am but the subs weren’t up yet. Then RL got in the way for the next 3 days. You can just imagine my frustration. I have slept, thank you, and I’m gearing up to sharing my own thoughts and feelings about the last two episodes and this drama overall.
  4. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    Yay! I finally finished watching Episode 16 with subs!!! I was already overwhelmed when I watched the raw live streaming. I was screaming when the last scene came on and practically freaked out when all Dong Hoon did in the end was shake Ji An’s hand. It was like PM&I deja vu to me and I didn’t like it. Good thing I decided to check out Soompi and Tumblr and other sites and my fears were put to rest when I read comments about that scene, especially that handshake. But I still couldn’t shake off the feeling that, maybe, maybe, Dong Hoon decided to go the noble idiocy route after all: happy that Ji An has finally integrated into society and seem to be moving on, but sad because he knows she will do that without him. But again, my fellow Soompiers put my mind at ease. Hehehe. It’s difficult to interpret when you can’t understand the words, although it is a testament to their acting skills that I still felt their emotions. I have so much I want to say but it’s almost midnight here. For now, all I can say is that My Ahjussi is the most romantic non-romance drama I have ever watched. And Park Dong Hoon and Lee Ji An had the most intense and intimate non-relationship ever. I’ll definitely say a bit more in the next couple of days because I am sooooo not over this drama.
  5. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    Guys, I have a confession to make: this drama affected and influenced me so much that I replaced my iPhone with a Samsung Galaxy S9. Park Dong Hoon is such an effective endorser! Too bad they didn’t have it in his shade of dark blue. I’m planning to check out the supermarket for that Maxim coffee next. As to Quiznos, uhm, maybe for my next lunch? uhm. I forgot to ask the attendant at the store if I’ll get to hear Dong Hoon’s voice on that phone.
  6. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    @justamom ah that explains the skill. And the way he is able to use his whole body to act. There are times he merely acts with his eyes, a slight twitch of his eyebrow, or a slight smile. And most of the time, he just acts with the sound of his breathing or his voicenor his footsteps (which Ji An loved ). No wonder the director had a lot of scenes where the camera was focused on his face and there are no other background sounds with him in it, except for the incidental ones like the train engine or people talking in the street. PD was maximizing his lead actor’s skill in highly nuanced acting. It was very fortunate that he was LJE’s partner here. Not to downplay her innate talent because she has it but admittedly she still has a long way to go. So it really did help that she worked with someone like LSK who’s highly talented and skilled. Whatever flak she may have gotten from naysayers of her previous acting projects are probably stewing in their little corners now. She was brilliant as Ji An. I’m sure many years from now, their characters in My Mister will go down in KDrama history as their most iconic roles. Maybe LJE should consider following in her sunbae-nim’s footsteps and go into theater too.
  7. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    @berny @fauna LJE probably found an acting mentor and coach in LSK. I’ve seen her in Scarlet Heart and although I didn’t finish it, I saw her potential. But her acting was on a whole new level in MA. Since she had to play off against him in a lot of scenes, he probably helped her in internalizing Ji An and shared acting techniques. Is he an acting major?
  8. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    @ccl82 tVN has english subs? Could you PM me the link? @sadiesmith I'm sure a lot of the folks at DB will say that the ending clearly showed that Dong Hoon only saw Ji An as someone he cared for, very much like a teacher or a mentor. And now that he's seen her bright and happy, showing signs of having fully recovered from her traumatic past, he feels happy that he's helped her get to where she is now and that he will always be grateful for how she made him realize how much of life he was missing. And clearly he and Yoon Hee are on the path to reconciliation although she's spending some time in the States with their son. After all, he still had photos of her with Ji Seok on his desk. Right?
  9. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    @kappy Oh. So apparently, this is a fantasy drama, and Lee Ji An is much older than Kim Shin, the Goblin. Hahahaha!!! @mushroomsoupie I know, right? Makes me wonder how much we've missed throughout the drama because of some mis-translation. That's why I used to download several versions of English subtitles for past KDramas I've watched because there are some translations that are better in terms of capturing the nuance of the dialogues. They also translate whatever text is shown onscreen. But it seems so hard to find srt files nowadays. Would anyone know any other site that gives another translation of this drama?
  10. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    @berny I think she and LSK became close during the shoot, judging from her own thank you message, when she referred to him as her best partner. And judging by his own birthday message for her too. And of course their BTS and post-finale clips. That wouldn’t be surprising because they wouldn’t have had that much spark and chemistry onscreen if they didn’t like each other at all. That would have shown in the way they acted their roles. I love that hugging clip! We finally got the warm hug that we would have wanted to see from Dong Hoon and Ji An.
  11. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    @ninaanin they say children are more perceptive than adults. So go with what your kids say @Kimchi Sweet Potato Thank you soooo much for this vid!!!! It made me so emotional seeing all the scenes of them finally being happy. It gave me a better understanding of what that last scene meant. Kamsahamnida!!!! (Though to be honest, I still haven’t seen the whole subbed version of the last two episodes yet.)
  12. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    Waaahhh. i haven’t seen the subbed versions of Episodes 15 and 16 yet! RL got in the way. Good thing I saw the raw of The Finale. And spoiled myself silly by reading all your comments. I promise myself that i will lock myself up in my room tomorrow and watch them all. Then cry and feel both depressed and ecstatic and not emerge until Monday morning. Heheheh.
  13. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    @timidjock0819 agree. They give me butterflies and make me feel all giddy just by seeing them onscreen together. My logical brain would never ship them in real life (I’m normally not the kind to ship actors in real life) but my crazy inner self thinks about how wonderful it would have been. That just goes to show that LSK and LJE managed to establish that connection offcam that translated into Dong Hoon and Ji An’s connection in the story. Because as some experienced and legendary actors say, there are times when you have to “fall in love” with your onscreen partner in order to portray genuine feelings in your role. I think they really like each other and LJE’s message showed that.
  14. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    @Wotad agree. Park Dong Hoon is a very morally upright and decent man. Like Do Joon Young said, he isn't the kind to lead a girl on, not even in sharing meals with her. To him, even the simple act of sharing a meal is an intimate gesture that he only does with people he cares about. So if he never had any feelings for Ji An at all, I think he would have said so at the onset. But see, that's the thing. Though he was conflicted for most of the drama, he was clearly aware that he did feel something for her and that it was deep and something he could never let go of.
  15. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    @timidjock0819 @philosophie seems like it. He was clearly already living alone in the apartment when he broke down and cried. And although there were photos of Yoon Hee with Ji Seok on his desk afterwards, there was none of the three of them anymore. I guess the writer leaves it to the viewers to deduce based on how we understand Dong Hoon's nature and by interpreting the different scenes.