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  1. I tried to watch Mr. Sunshine but I felt it was trying too hard to be grandiose and epic. As if it were too conscious of its own consequence. The thing with a drama like My Mister is that it's so quietly intense. It requires very skilled and nuanced acting because it's so intimate. I don't know but I personally think My Mister is more difficult and challenging acting-wise because the actors need to control their acting so that it doesn't go overboard.
  2. Ack. LSK is so shy! I think the lack of BTS and post-drama photos of him with LJE/IU is primarily his own doing.
  3. Awwww. Isn't it so sweet of both LSK and LJE that they share their respective awards with their "best partners"? Speaking of awards, will the Korean award-giving bodies please wake up and give this man LSK and his partner LJE their due? They acted their a**es off in this series!
  4. @widala yes LJE did look as if she forgot that she was in an awards show. I think the role of Lee Ji An really affected her deeply and it will always be part of her somehow. She really became one with her character.
  5. Annyeong, everyone!!! Just wanted to drop by and say hi and share my delight over the fact that @justamom finally posted an update to her fanfic. It just brought back all the feels! The subject of this particular chapter, though, kind of delves into the psyche of PDH. It's something that the show never explored but I felt it was perfectly aligned and made sense in the context of PDH's character. Restrained but burning with so much pent-up emotions. Thank you so much, @justamom! Just when I thought I was over it, your fic update brought back all those MA feels again.
  6. Annyeong all! Haven't visited this place in a while. Been busy with RL and all. Anyway, I'm so glad LSK and LJE/IU are getting nominations and I really hope they win, especially LSK with the Daesang. I just wish the rest of the cast were nominated too. Is there some sort of ensemble award in Korea? Coz I honestly believe they all deserve it. I'm also very happy to see how LJE is warmly welcomed by professional actors and how they encourage her to expand her acting experience. They recognize her talent and see beyond her idol status, which is a good thing, because I believe she can only keep that IU persona for so long. She has to transition into something else sometime, and becoming a seasoned actress is a good path to take. Visited the fansite and happy to see new posts, although I still re-read the old ones. And I'm still looking forward to fanfic updates in A03. Welcome to new posters to this thread! It's okay if you came into this late. I'm sure everyone here would still welcome your thoughts about the drama. MA will never really get old for me. Right now, I'm watching an old MBC saguek called "Dong Yi" and although I enjoy it very much and love the story between the King and Dong Yi, I can't help but wish it was written by someone like Park Hae Young and directed by someone like Kim Won Seok. Despite the grandiosity (the drama being historically set and all), I couldn't help but notice the flaws in execution and writing. Also tried Mr. Sunshine but lost steam the moment Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri's characters came together. Not sure why, but I just kept on looking for that emotional tension that's at the same level as Park Dong Hoon and Lee Ji An. MA has really spoiled me for other dramas.
  7. Yes. It seems as if everything became quiet after that magazine interview.
  8. Hello all. nice to see some old friends coming back to visit. I hope this is a sign that our fanfic writers will come round and update their stories soon. Just wanted to share that I finally managed to watch and enjoy another drama without comparing it to MA. However, it was from a totally different genre and polar opposites from MA so it was very easy for me to disassociate myself from MA while watching it. It's an old 2-episode mini-drama called "Splash Splash Love". All cuteness and fluff and just the right amount of angst. Perfect that I was able to enjoy it completely without analyzing the scenes and thinking how differently they were executed in MA. No point of comparison anyway. So to those who want to "get over" MA, I would say you will have to accept the fact that you will never get over it. But if you keep MA in its rightful place among dramas (which is way up there) and lower your expectations a bit with the rest, or even get into them with no expectations at all, then you'll somehow get to enjoy other dramas. But of course MA will always be special. Nothing can compare, really.
  9. I'm watching Mr. Sunshine but I'm liking it more for the chemistry between the 3 main male characters Eugene Choi, Gu Dong Mae and Kim Hee Sung. At first, I was hoping to get heavily invested in the romance between Go Ae Shin and Eugene Choi but I feel like there's just too much setting up of the romance. It's like the scenes between them are heavily contrived to make me feel romantic. MA has really ruined me for traditional romance stories. I'm missing all the angst and pathos of PDH and LJA and the total lack of romance between them.
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/hailaft.tumblr.com/post/174045924029/my-ahjussi-2018/amp https://ddoboja.blogspot.com/2018/05/spoilersddoboja-reviews-my-ahjussi-my.html?m=1 @t123han can you try the above links? The second one is the link that you tried but does not exist. There was a missing portion of the URL that I copied and pasted. The first one is another review that I'm sharing.
  11. Annyeong, everyone! Decided to randomly search MA-related key words and found reviews from other less-well known blogs. Here are some of them that I'm sharing with you: https://ddoboja.blogspot.com/2018/05/spoilersddoboja-reviews-my-ahjussi- https://www.stellarsisters.com/dramas/critique-my-mister-lee-sunkyun-iu-dra Second one is in French so just Google-translate it. Amazing how this drama really continues to inspire a lot of viewers which, to me, is the mark of a story that becomes an enduring classic.
  12. Boo-hoo! It's my last night in Korea and I haven't even spotted a place where I can possibly buy the OST.
  13. I'm flying to Korea tomorrow but I'm not sure if they sell the OST in shops. Or the blu-ray DVD with englisj subtitles.
  14. Why do I like Park Dong Hoon? Because he's so unassuming and shy and humble that he doesn't seem to be aware of his own attractiveness and charm. He finds it weird that a young woman like Ji An would be interested, really interested, in him. At the same time, he finds it strange that the Board and the Chairman see his worth and Joon Young sees him as a threat. Makes me wonder if he married Kang Yoon Hee and decided to do his best to love her because he was so grateful that she wanted him at all. This man is like is not aware of his own worth and in a way, therein lies his charm.
  15. @sadiesmith hahaha! If that's "skimpily clothed" for PDH, I wonder how he would look like all wrapped up. But I do love PDH in those soccer scenes. He looks so natural. It's as if he's in his element, where he's supposed to be.