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  1. Who are you to call us as a psychopaths?? Please behave!!. i think it’s a common thing to ship idols who have been work together ( 8 months).. many threads shipper in soompi forum not just taeun shipper.. n u call as a psychopaths for people who make thread shipper?? Oh Gosh.. if you don’t like it, you can just ignore this forum chat.. n never come to this forum.. or read the chats.. they made this forum for taeunians who really love naeun and taemin.. If someday there will be a news about ur favorite couple.. i think people in this forum esp taeunians “can” and “will” accept it.. once again.. please behave!! Thanks.. p.s. I’m a healthy person with healthy mind n healthy heart.. n i don’t have mental issue too..
  2. The interesting is naeun did pinky promise after taemin.. i can’t say it as coincidence.. Like at fanmeeting.. actually taemin did it first n after that naeun did the same gesture (heartbroken hands gesture).. And remember about the cue? Taemin also did it first n followed by naeun 3 days after that.. should i say this is just coincidence? I dunno.. -.- n last black outfits.. black is everywhere..
  3. Yeeeeesssss u said it well.. it still bother me too.. ALOT ABIG AHUGE.. N this is one of the reason why i still believe that taeun is real..
  4. Ahh i remember that i asked one of kpop predictions account n if i’m not mistake she/he said that she/he loves shinee.. n i tried to ask about taeun.. but none.. she/he didn’t answer my question.. heu.. Actually i really curious with one kpop predictions account.. it has alot of followers n he/she is the first account who predict about apink members dating rumor.. n many his/her predictions become true.. so i tried to ask yes again about taeun.. haha babo me.. n nope there is no answer until now.. oh gosh i think i should stop reading the predictions.. i only believe in GOD.. pardon me GOD..
  5. @chantaljaey i refer to jungshin actually.. haha mian.. n beside cn blue i actually think is it btob??wkwkwkwk.. BTOB-BLUE?? Wuahaha i think i ‘m going crazy.. andweeeeeee.. noooo please GOD i beg you.. my old ship has sunk but not with taeun.. please.. i always think that they are meant to be together.. uwu.. @chantaljaey thank u for comforting us.. xoxo.. ihiks..
  6. @taeunfan naeun starts wearing the bracelet on august 2015, her drama cinderella n the 4 knights was on october 2016, n about the “rooftop” was on march 2017.. i can’t call it as a coincidence.. i always believe the bracelet was belong to taemin.. only taemin n naeun use that bracelet.. i never find another idols use the same bracelet like them (correct me if i’m wrong).. @taeunfan yes i think so.. n another accounts (i can’t remember how many account i already asked about taeun) said like what he/she said.. n 99% said nope to taeun n one account said not yet.. trust me i don’t want to believe it.. but still, it makes me sad.. i can’t lie to you, i really hope taemin is for naeun n naeun is for taemin (seems so selfish huh? sorry). I really hope they can be together n getting married for real n have alot of children.. hiks
  7. Honestly i don’t want to believe any kpop predictions accounts.. but i felt sad.. i asked about taeun in many kpoppredictions (different account).. n their answer is nope.. naeun is dating someone right now (with idol too) n taemin is dating non idol.. n they give the clue about naeun’s boyfriend he/she said “blue”.. n cn blue cross in my mind.. huaaaa.. i wont believe it.. until now i still believe about taeun because of the rossary bracelet that naeun used for 3 years.. hiks..
  8. Just for fun.. hahahaha.. omg.. yes u can call me delulu (i really don’t care).. but i love this coincidence.. again it’s another coincidence.. https://www.instagram.com/p/BnDqcboAIuP/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link https://www.instagram.com/lesartists/?hl=en Taemin —> les(art)ists —> Paris —> Naeun
  9. Another coincidence i’m so sick by apink n i want you by shinee.. - both are tropical-pop sound - one of their favorite parts: apink : oh oh oh oh na na na na shinee: oh na na na oh my..
  10. I also made a video about shineepink (luv stage part) last night.. n i forgot to upload it.. here’s the link N this morning, i saw uri taeunforever already upload it.. n i like it.. thank u so much.. mine is really bad.. sorry but i’m sooooooooooooooooo curious about shinee reaction to apink stage esp minho n taemin, so i made it..
  11. honestly i’m not expecting interaction between shinee and apink especially naeun and taemin.. i just hope they will be there on the same stage.. that’s all.. haha mian.. i love to see bomi n chorong are still keep in touch with yoonhyeong ikon.. LOTJ shooting time is definitely much shorter compared to WGM right?? I think it just took less than a week or two weeks?? Hmm but not like uri taeun..
  12. Yes if they want to, they can standing and waiting there until another idols coming from the back stage.. i wondered why.. oh why oooooh whyyyyy.. waeoyooo what happen with u shinee-pink?? Yes i saw it too.. no it’s no Mina..
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