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  1. According to the SBS broadcasting schedule ep 119 will not air on Monday 5/29 but instead on Tuesday 5/30. In the Love Is Drop By Drops time slot a new drama My Sassy Girl will air it's preview. The new drama will air it's first and second eps back to back on Monday 5/29 at 10:00 pm and 10:35 pm. On Thursday, 6/1 Love Is Drop By Drop will air ep 119 again and Friday. 6/2 the last and final ep 120 will air.
  2. @sava2sava, @UnniSarah It's so funny MA put the real son right in front of MS and DH's faces and neither of them thought of the possibility NG could be the one. Their greed has blinded them from seeing whats right in front of them. Since NG has figured out who he is they all are in big trouble. He tried to stay out of the dirty mess and was only helping MA and the Chairman. Now the gloves will come off and NG will bring down the whole lot of greedy monsters. NG won't care that MS is his bio mother because he doesn't like the woman and she's done so much evil to people including him. MA set out to teach these people a lesson but it will be NG who will make them regret the things they did. For NG it's not even about the company, money and status but about the awful things they've done to innocent people. A child loss his life because of all of them and he will make them pay. I think NG will marry MA even if he doesn't tell her he knows who he is. It's the best way to really stick it to MS. NG gets now why MA did what she did and then tried to take the truth to the grave. It was a stupid unthinkable move but she was trying to protect him. MA didn't want NG to ever know he was related to a person like MS. MS only sees people as objects to use to her advantage and finding her son would be to her advantage. MA wasn't good enough to be her daughter in law because she had nothing to offer. She traded her for YH and look what she got but MS still doesn't get what she did was wrong. The fortune teller told her there was a evil spirit lurking but she never took a look at herself. She is the main source of evil that laid down the foundation for the others to do evil. TJ has finally got his wake up call and is now trying to correct the wrongs he's done. Sadly his brother had to get hurt for him to wake up but he set the stage of all that has happen trying to get at MS. The guilt of what he's done is putting stress on his heart and he's getting weaker. The shock of NG confronting him of who he is and knowing he abandoned him is what will make him collapse. NG just wasn't MS's son but also his brothers son and his brother is paying the price for what he's done. As for MS's slush fund there is no threat to NG to be blackmailed. The threat is too MS and YH's father which is a threat to DH and YH losing their place in that family and company. Even with the adoption going though DH still doesn't become the son to inherit the shares. The Chairman set it up that only his bio son proven by a DNA test would inherit those shares. If he isn't found within one year they are to be donated to society. DH doesn't know that part is included in the will and still thinks he will get those shares if the real son is never found or dead.
  3. The car of dohun which rushes to Moa which disguised as a Nam-gu. At that moment, Nam-gu appears and seeks Moa, and Do-hoon turns the steering wheel. When the plan to put the dohoon into a trap was over and unsuccessful, Myeong Sook proposed another plan to Moa, also Heeju comes to know that dohun is a fake. @UnniSarah I have to disagree about MA sending NG back where he belongs with the Shins. MA stopped NG from meeting MS and sent him home to the family he's been with who he loves and who loves. MS doesn't know the meaning of loving anyone. All she wants is her son back to secure his and her place in that company.
  4. Once again MS tried to steal JM and brought him to the very same place that killed him. Then she tries to fight MA again from taking her child's ashes. She fails to realize she's a part of the evil in that house. MA wanting to use NG to get back at MS is so wrong of her. She should tell him the truth and let him decide if he wants to bring down his bio mother. NG doesn't like MS and him finding out she's his bio mother is not going to change how he feels about her. He would be the first in line to teach MS a lesson or two about her thug behavior and treatment of people. MS's money wouldn't be able to buy the one thing she wants the most and that's her son. Since she brought and paid for the fake she needs to be stuck with him.
  5. @shamrockmom The subs I watched OHW told BW she would understand if WH wanted to live separately with her and BY. OHW is not telling BW to leave BY behind but they could live elsewhere.together. She's still not really accepting BW and I think it's because of CR and her still seeing her as the better partner for WH. OHW has to be slammed upside the head and the wind knocked out of her before she wakes up to her prejudices. She's going to feel like a complete fool for allowing herself to be conned just by only seeing the person on the outside.
  6. According to the broadcast drama website ep 117 will not be shown on Tue, 5/23 due to the Korea World Cup. Right now Ep 117 is on the schedule to be shown on Wed, 5/24.
  7. @Ldy Gmerm After looking at the preview again I think MA will discover NG is the real son. MA has the necklace which is probably NG's. She will remember MS showing her and DH a necklace that looks exactly like that and telling them there were only two made. One was for her son and one for herself. MA is going to want to know how NG came about having that necklace.. The only one who can give her that answer is NG's mother. She will have no choice but to tell MA the truth of how NG became her son. MA will be the one to do the DNA test this time. The only ones who know the contents of the Chairman's will is NG his friend and MA. MS is being blackmailed by DH so she has to adopt him as her son. Just when DH thinks he has everything in order and the Chairman's shares will be his MA will spring on them the DNA test proving who is the real son as the will states. Even if DH manages to be adopted by MS the Chairman's shares will still go to his bio son. TJ and MS's butts are both in a sling of the threat of going to jail. Now they will have to work together to rid their family of the vipers they brought in. The Chairman has been hurt and a child's life was loss because of the two of them and their greed. DH already has MS's shares and he will also want TJ's. He's going to hold both MS and TJ hostage because of their crimes. The only way they will come out of this and keep that company in the family is due to MA and NG. @MochiRochi I agree with @Ldy Gmerm DH has had what he is right now because he's had it inside of him all along.The monster in him was hidden and festering waiting to come out. MS brought out what was hidden and now she has to pay for it. No one ruined DH's life but himself because he made the choice on his own. As for his blaming YH for JM's death she's not totally the blame. She was indirectly the cause but he contributed also. He was JM's father and paid no mind to the cries of his son wanting his mother. Even when JM got sick he still ignored the source of JM's suffering. It was all about his wants and needs and not that of his child who he should have been protecting. Then we have YH who told HJ she wasn't like she is now. The monster that she is was festering inside her too. She is a selfish self centered privileged brat who has to have what she wants. Not being able to become pregnant was a black mark of her self assured image and that of her parents. She didn't care about JM and how keeping him from his mother was hurting him. It was all about herself and her wants and needs. Now that she's pregnant by a nobody she has to do all she can to make him somebody. If it gets out that DH is not the son of the Shin family and he's an orphan she and her family image would be tarnished.
  8. @Ldy Gmerm I think YS is emotionally drained due to the things she's done to innocent people all for the sake of CR. Her guilty conscience is eating her alive because she's still trying to protect CR. She didn't out herself and CR for all the wrongs they've done but instead went around it. Telling OHW about the heart donation she thought would set things straight between WH, BW and OHW. It has done that somewhat but there's so much more wrongs they've committed Until the truth of everything they did is told or revealed YS's health will continue to deteriorate. Leech jumped the gun in telling BW what YS did for her. It did give BW some hope that YS was being a mother but it really was for the sake of herself and CR. YS didn't tell OHW she was BW's bio mother nor did she reveal any of the other dirt they did to BW. She told CR herself it was either that or CR's crime of killing BW's father, YS choose to protect CR over BW which will hurt BW. She wasn't being her mother but only protecting herself and CR's crimes. OHW still sees them as good upstanding honest people. It's going to take WH to bring out all CR's crimes which YS is involved in. When the whole dirty truth comes out OHW will get the biggest slap down of her life. Right now she only feels guilty and feels grateful to BW and family for saving WH's life. She's starting to see the good person BW is but the blinders are not completely off yet. When they are completely removed only then will she see her prejudice and treatment towards people of lower status.
  9. Talking to CR is senseless because she's too far gone and the only one who knows all the facts of her crimes is YS. CR has to be confronted with everything she did along with the undisputable proof she did it. She has always had YS to help her lie and hide her dirt but YS has realized and sees the crazy in CR and that she never cared about WH. The accident and CR's concern over the evidence and not WH was YS's wake up call. The realization that she helped form and shape what CR has become and the only way to stop CR is to stop helping her and try to make her face the facts. Even with YS telling CR WH never liked her she still is not going to stop. CR still has one more person she thinks is still on her side and that's OHW. OHW has changed towards BW but she's still being nice to CR. She will try to let CR down easy because she still doesn't know the viper she's been supporting. When OHW is hit with the truth about CR only then will her wake up call come crashing down on her. Her blindness to only see a persons status and not the true person will hit her hard. OHW is going to be royally pissed that she was fooled by CR and YS and they both were only wearing a mask to catch hold of her son.
  10. There's a saying 3 strikes your out and DH stuck out hopefully for the last time. .MS saw it with her very own eyes this time and will have to do something to keep the Chairman safe. The most likely thing she will do is move the Chairman where no one knows where he is. Of course DH will lie as he always does and say he was fixing the mask but MS will know what he was trying to do.
  11. @tinatrix236 I think CR is responsible for hitting WH trying to make a get away after SC confronted her. The accident is history repeating it's self but this time she won't have YS to cover up things nor SC to remain quiet and is also a witness to this accident.
  12. I don't think the writer screwed up with the phone in DH's possession. Even though he's a fake he's family and would have access to his father's belongings. No one knows he has that phone but YH and and now MA and NG who don't know that the rest of the family has no idea DH has that phone. DH and YH made sure to put TJ and MS on attack mode against MA and NG without revealing he had the phone. The cuff link falling out of the Chairman's clothes will lead the rest to discovering DH has the phone. That phone will be what nails DH to the wall.
  13. If an extension was being added it would have been announced weeks ago. The Korean Drama News site Naver would have reported the extension if there was going to be one. Per Naver News filming has been completed. What we will be seeing for the next 8 ep is what has already been filmed and the drama has wrapped up filming about 4 or 5 days ago. Here are some group pictures taken by the cast Notice there are two added children in the following pictures and what looks like a mature BY. Looks like we will be getting a time jump.
  14. @sava2sava From what I could tell DH threatened MA with the Chairman's phone to implicate NG if she didn't give him back those shares. She had no choice but to give them back to DH. There's no way of proving yet NG didn't run down the Chairman. DH even gave TJ and MS hints that NG and MA did it. TJ went running off blaming MA and MS went to NG blaming him. DH dug his and YH's grave deeper with this one. He left too many clues that will lead straight to his door. NG should be discovering soon he's the real son. The Chairman left clues for NG if anything happen to him in a deposit box. Next ep NG goes to that box and finds all the things the Chairman had about his son. NG also shows his friend the scar on his arm. If NG discovers he's the real son DH TJ and YH are in deep dung. NG was the level headed one to MA's rage but the tables will turn. He going to go after them with a hatchet and cut them all down. NG wasn't trying to find anything but remember what MA had said to him and put two and two together that she was trying to protect him from being framed.