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  1. We still watch live. I'll send you the link in your PM
  2. The thug's name is translated as II-sam. His character description says he has a history of violent behavior and would do anything for HY even going as far as dying. Not only is he violent but he went to jail for HY so she has a good reason to be afraid of this man because he holds the key to her past life and misdeeds My bet would be week 8. In YE's state of mind right now holding on and getting JS back her revenge will be satisfying. She doesn't realize her health and her mental state are deteriorating and she's the one that will suffer more then they will. Someone has to make YE realize her health and state of mind is more important then paying back the humiliation and disrespect they showed towards her. As @Ldy Gmerm, mentioned I also hope it's the father who makes YE realize that family is not worth losing her dignity and self respect.
  3. @Pam_Van Fossen ES loves his brother and is very protective of JS. He would never do or say anything that would hurt JS. It's possible he knows something and it's why he said what he said. He knows what it would do to his brother to find out the truth about his beloved aunt. No one seems to want JS to remember the night of the accident that killed his father. So far JS remembers the car crash and now his fathers last words to him. His family does not want him to remember the why and where him and his father were racing to get too. Whatever happen that night the family knows would be very traumatic for JS if he remembers it all. My guess is it has something to do with NR. They have let him live for years with his memory of that night buried in his mind and let him continue to keep all the good memories of his aunt. They have mentioned blood is thicker then water a couple of times in this drama and we will probably hear it again. TR does not want to believe her brother is a rotten piece of crap because he is her brother and he's family Nothing that happen to GY and family directly affected her life personally. She has always had a roof over her head and her son is a well respected teacher she thinks. TR knows her brother is a weak wimp and thinks he was lead astray and blinded by a younger woman who was a fox. She is a busy body who thinks she's helping but she's really weak and a wimp like her brother. TR didn't and still doesn't have the guts to step up and protect her niece from YS's bad treatment of GY. My guess is she will be made to have to make a big choice. Her brother or the family he abandoned and is trying to cause harm too again. She will have to lose something before she wakes up to bother her brother being weak wimps. Her son is her pride and joy and she will have to face the possibility of losing him over her protecting her brother.
  4. What it could be I think is the mothers were close friends but the two families were not close socially due to the differences in their status. Their children did not travel in the same social circle. Also there is a 10 year age difference between JS 38 and SR 28 and 7 years between HJ 31 and JS. As @Ldy Gmerm stated HJ and JS probably met when they were younger but due to their social status they didn't come into contact further socially. The status thing showed with SE's and JW's wedding. HJ was invited to the wedding because he and JW were friends from school and JS was not part of that group of friends. SE having no father JS was the closes family male that is family. MS the father and second wife were included because of the same family ties on SE's side. SR was not at the wedding so there was no connection for HJ between JS, MS and SR. HJ probably knows MS as his mothers friend and SR being her daughter. He also probably knows SR has an older brother but their paths never crossed. Here are the ages of all the players JW 43 JS 38 SE 36 YE 34 HJ 31 HY 29 SR 28 BS 25 HJ's ex 26 HY's ex 35 Father and son not only cheated on their wives but both with younger women Father 66 MS 64 Mistress 55 @Ldy Gmerm I also think it may be SM who spills the beans to the mistress. SM is upset and disappointed in MS for what she's doing to YE. SR finding out SM knows the situation will have the mistress slip in and become better friends with SM. Neither of the idiots realizing the mistress is in the same boat as YE and has been for years. What would really upset SR's apple cart is if SM cuts them all off. HJ has already told SR to her face he's not interested. His mother has told her mother it's not going to happen. The next one that will get the blow will be the mistress. They are okay to hang out with from time to time but becoming family is not going to happen. SM is going to draw the line and make it clear to the mistress the immoral way they live she wants no part of.
  5. Yes me and @Ldy Gmerm watched it live. The raw video has not been uploaded as yet.
  6. We don't know yet how GY got the house back but it is their house. . The area the house is in is under redevelopment and TP saw the flyer. He went and inquired about the price the houses were being sold for. GY's house because of where it's located can be sold for an enormous amount of money. TP and NR have their eyes on getting their hands on that house to sell or a large amount of money if GY sells it.
  7. @sava2sava The only thing NR and the father want with that house is to get their hands on it to sell it. NR is scared to death of YS so she won't be going to that house to live. Once their plans to get the house go down the drain the father will go looking for his sister for a handout. All the other family members have been tested and are not a match. GY is the same blood type as GW but she still wasn't a match. The only one left among blood relations was the father. It's the reason why GY has been looking for the man. The father told NR his blood type was B and GW's blood type is A. Unless is he wrong about his blood type it cuts the father out as being a match and no further test need to be ran. (that's if the writers did their research) The father not being a match because of his blood type makes NR's con go down the drain. The counted their chickens too fast when they went shopping buying clothes. They deserve this slap down for trying to play with that child's life again to benefit themselves. @Ldy Gmerm The two con artist are going to get caught in that little apartment and get thrown out. Things going down hill for the two is just starting. Both of them are going to hit rock bottom and wonder why and try and place the blame elsewhere. NR is going to get hit the hardest because she with the brains behind what happen to GY and her family.
  8. @finebyme @Ldy Gmerm I hope they don't go down that road of the fake pregnancy. The flip side would be if they do it still doesn't mean YE would divorce JS. As she told HY she's not going to let her have JS. His mother is the example and is living that example of not letting the mistress fully have what she wants so badly. It's been over 30 years and MS is still not letting that man go and giving the mistress what she wants. At every opportunity the mistress makes it her business to embarrass and humiliate MS. The anger inside MS just keeps building which has kept her holding on. Her husband and his mistress never showed her any respect as being his wife and the mother of his children. In return they don't get to live a respectful life. Now YE is in the same boat as MS but MS is the cause of a lot of the anger YS has built up inside. HY comes along and adds to that anger which only resulted in YE digging her heels in deeper. A sudden pregnancy and being blamed for a miscarriage wouldn't move YE to divorce either. MS sat and stewed over her anger but YE is taking action and giving them back what they gave her. The hurt she's feeling is deep and she has to get that anger out. She's not going to sit by like MS has done and let it fester and become bitter. When she walks away she will with her pride and self respect and know she did her best.
  9. The eps was the best especially the kick to the head HY received from YE. JS should have turned HY loose so YE could show HY how good she was with that cleaver. Little does SR know there's not a thing she can do that will get her HJ. The man wants nothing to do with her and she's just not getting the message. The wannabee second wife keeps forgetting she's a mistress and part of the messiness of that family. Once JS's affair gets out the messiness of that family will only look worst to SM.
  10. @hibiscus23 I think NR and TP hit it off so well and has remained married because they are so much alike. They both are selfish and heartless and don't care who gets hurt when it comes to them living well. I really think NR is the brains of that marriage and it's how they have been able to live well for 10 years. Things are starting to go down hill for them but they don't see it. Their house and everything in it was seized but they are still preying on people to try and to continue to live well. What neither of the don't get is they have come full circle and are right back where they started. The second go round to the same people is not going to go as they planned.
  11. Welcome to the thread and I do remember you from other threads. I don't like NR's sister either. She's a controller and a social climber and she knew NR ran off with a married man who had a family. NR's marriage to the doctor was an arranged marriage done by the sister. He is a nice guy but the love was one sided on his part. NR told her sister one of the reasons's she ran off was she was tired of her sister controlling her life. The sister is trying to do the same thing to her son's by trying to control who they marry in order to boost her status standing. . It would not surprise me if she had something to do with the eldest son's marriage breaking up.
  12. @UnniSarah It kinda of turned me off with SE for not noticing something is wrong with her younger sister. Is she just that naive and clueless or is she only about herself and her life and problems. The questions YE asked and the two conversations they had should have clued her in that something wasn't right. Also both times she's been with YE she was not her usual bright cheerful self and even cried in front of her. As for their mother she's missing her daughters and I think she's sensing something but has buried her head in the sand. She wants to believe that both her daughters married well and are happy.When what YE has been going through is revealed she will be the first one to say why didn't you tell me. Why would YE tell her when she's helped her and encouraged her to do better. @Ldy Gmerm I agree HY made the wrong move this time. She never expected YE to rise up and come back at her using her own tactics against her. HY has no clue of the life YE has been living for 7 years. Living with and dealing with MS has made YE very strong beneath the surface. She has held it in for years all for the sake of her marriage and JS. YE has no reason to hold it in anymore and she's letting them all feel and know her wrath. It's no longer about protecting her marriage and family. When she walks away she will walk away with her self respect and pride in tact. HY stepped too far out of her place by invading YE's space and YE is giving her back what she dished out. HY just might not get the title of wife as soon as she thinks she will. MS has already warned JS it's not good for business if people start thinking he's been having an affair with HY. Once MS finds out the affair is true she's not going to be ticked off at her son for a bit. She will come around eventually but a marriage taking place so quickly after the divorce she won't approve of. It won't look good for business if the change of wives suddenly happens especially to his secretary. I think MS is going to talk JS into not moving so fast to marry HY and to let some time past. HY will be going into another one of her fits of rage that this stupid woman is keeping her from getting what she wants now. She'll try and use her father investing as a way but MS won't budge.
  13. @Ldy Gmerm NR and the father are counting their chickens too fast. They had the nerve to go out shopping in celebration of what they think will be a win. Both of them think GY is easy prey because of her desperation to save GW's life. NR herself will be the cause of JS finding out the truth. Her threat of stopping a transplant is what will make GY seek out JS to assure things are legal and bonding. The ducks will be lining up to cut NR's throat wide open. She's not going to be able to stop the truth from being revealed to JS. On top of JS finding out the truth about the father having a family her plan of what they are trying to do this time will be revealed. The father's a wimp and when trapped and he's going to spill and then try and run and hide. He cares nothing for his children and if he can't benefit he'll try and disappear so not to have to give up a body part. Once the truth is out they are done for and will have nothing to fall back on. NR is going to find herself alone broke and no one to turn too. Her sister already does not want anything to do with her and so will JS. The picture she painted as the sweet, caring and loving aunt will be gone. JS is going to suffer from this big time. Not only is his aunt a home-wrecker she's a selfish awful deplorable person. She didn't just put GW's life in danger once but tried to do it twice for her own benefit. JS is going to be torn up about his and also very ashamed and not be able to face GY. Things will fall apart for NR and the father and will start turning around for GY. The aunt and the cousin both have the ability of second sight. TR said GY would suffer at first but her life will turn around. She also had that dream of TP showing up crying and wearing tattered clothes. I think NR and TP both will show up looking for help from their sisters because there will be no one else they can turn to for help.