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  1. YR got her feelings hurt again when HJ rejected her and walked away. Her final blow will be when HJ and YE come back and announce they are having a baby. She did say she would leave when she had no other choice well it's coming. YR never had a choice in he first place but she had to learn it the hard way. @Ldy Gmerm My guess is JW couldn't hold out because he knows what it feels like when SE went missing. I think JW shows up at HJ's office and gives him the information where YE is.
  2. If you want to share a link send it in a private message to anyone who ask you for the link
  3. @rolisrntex I also think JW will say something to HJ but he won't tell him where she is staying. JW will give him half of why she left and it's because of HY coming to try and kill her. YR is showing HJ who she really is and that she's never changed. It has always been about money with her and nothing else. She has no clue what's going on between HJ and YE. nor does she care. YR has been waiting for this chance and thinks she will be able to win him over . What she doesn't know is YE made sure to tell and show HJ she loved him very much HJ already knows something was bothering YE. She gave him a clue when she was telling JS off and told him not to let HY show up in front of her again. What I think will happen is JW might not tell HJ where YE is and he will go around him. Just like YE was the one who told JW where SE was she will find out where YE is and tell HJ.
  4. @rolisrntex I really don't like the way the story has turned this late in the game but I'm going to stick with it anyway. In the preview YE leaves the wedding dress out so it won't hit HJ right away why YE suddenly disappears. This is going to hit HJ hard and he's not going to be thinking straight. I don't see him going to look for her right away or if at all. There's three things I can see happening. 1. HJ starts backtracking on when things started changing with YE and he felt she was hiding something. 2. HY calls him to let him know she's coming after him and YE. She's not going to let them live happily together with their baby. 3. HJ decides to take a break to clear his mind and he ends up in Busan exactly where YE has gone. HY's crazy has is at it's boiling point and about to explode. The nurse is getting fed up with HY's crazy in her wanting to hurt other people. Since HY is not sticking to the plan she decides to make things happen and will call Doc. Doc in turn will call JS and they both will go looking for HY. I have no sympathy for none of these 4 people especially HY In my book she's beyond redemption. JS is still all about himself and money. For Doc it's always been about the money. The nurse is just as bad because it was about the money for her also. There's going to be a showdown with the 4 and it's not going to be pretty.
  5. YE is scared and she has every right to be with HY still running around loose. It's not YE who is thinking irrational it's HY. She has tried to kill HJ before and for what. All to hurt YE and stop her from living a happy life. As long as HY is roaming around loose YE would be living in fear for herself HJ and that baby's life. YE made a big mistake telling HY she was pregnant. She left YE alone and threatened to kill HJ. YE's not running just because of the baby she' left to keep HJ safe and alive.
  6. I guess they are going to continue the conflict probably until the last two eps. HY threatened to kill HJ so YE will leave to protect HJ and their baby.
  7. @rolisrntex MS and SW have to realize they raised the two idiots and they will be punished right along with JS. . What's happening to that family now is way past a sincere apology. An apology won't do it and they all will have to pay the piper for what they've done. Even after that slap down by DH SW is still on her high horse. This woman will not get it until it hits her where it will hurts the most. Her business will have to suffer. That sign that said something about honesty is going to come back and slap the crap out of her.
  8. @UnniSarah TR does not know GY is not TP's child and she questioned him about it one time. The thing with TR is she's very loyal to YS. She took her in when she was pregnant and had no where to go. Everything that happen to YS GY became the punching bag. All TR did was follow suit and placed the blame on GY. This way she doesn't have to think about her own faults in raising her son. YS and TR have some slap downs coming for how they both have treated GY. The drama is 123 ep so it ends June 1st.
  9. What's going to really come around and slap YS hard is GB's relationship with ES. Even after finding out who was related to who she still continued to pursuit ES. What's so bad is ES is a nice guy but he's very lonely and gullible and GB pulled him in to this mess. He knows his mother would never accept someone like GB even if she wasn't related to TP. The guilt YS will feel is going to be tremendous because she knowingly treated GY like crap and allowed other's to do the same. The only one in that family who loved and treated GY right was GW. He was grateful to GY for all that she did to keep him alive. YS and TR are only getting a little taste of not have GY in their lives. When the next patch of trouble comes who will they blame. They will no longer have GY to blame and use as a punching bag and will have deal with their own problems.
  10. @sava2sava There's only 5 eps left and they've been trying to redeem people. 'HY loves JS and he will become her focus not YE. The battle between her and Doc will come to a end by someone getting hurt or ends up dead. . She will finally realize it was her own demons that cause all the heartache and suffering. YE walked away but it was the demons insider herself that just wouldn't leave YE alone. The man she loves she had him but again she could not let go because in her mind YE still loved JS. YE's pregnancy is what will wake her up to the fact that YE has moved on. Also the fact that JS is sick and YE has not run back to him. JS and family will have to come to the realization they caused a lot of what happen. Not only is JS being punished but they all are because of the awful horrible people they are. Many times they were given warnings and a chances to correct how they lived. The only one right now who finally got it is SR. She's taking the necessary steps to improve and do something with herself. JS. MS. and SW have to come to the same conclusion that what they did was of their own doing. They can't place blame go back and fix or bring back what they threw away because YE has moved on and is happy.
  11. @UnniSarah, @lclarakl NR has always claimed GY would kneel in her presents so now she's using a dead man to try and make it happen. I don't think GY will find out just yet because she's still wondering what's going on in the preview. GY is the only one who has remained herself though out this drama. NR has not been able to make GY bend even with using her weakness. The route NR is taking now is to turn all those who love GY against her. JS and family were shaken a bit but the opposite happen. They all decided to protect GY instead. She continues to work on JW taking her back because she thinks he's the link that would turn JS and SR around. Then there's HJA who is GY's bio mother. There are two things NR is working on to make happen. She no longer needs nor wants TP so she's throwing him to the wolves by using his greed of money. NR knows TP will do whatever it takes to get his hands on money. She came up with this scram of telling HJA her daughter was dead. HJA would look no further for her daughter but TP will want compensation for looking and finding out the information about the daughter. NR also has been working on HJA herself trying to make her think GY is a bad person. She has succeeded somewhat but HJA is questing GY's character. All NR needs to do next is encourage TP to ask for that money. This will make TP look like a horrible person. She has already planted the seed that GY is a bad person. This way HJA will come to the conclusion GY and TP are bad people. NR sees herself as this great woman that everyone should adore and love. She has deluded herself into believing she can do this because she's just that great. What she doesn't get is the people who once loved and adored her know who she is and knows what she's capable of. NR thinks all she needs to do is get rid of GY and all will be well. She has no clue how much she's made JS hate her. By hurting him she's continuing to hurt her sister. NR never has loved anyone nor understood the power of truly loving someone. It's what frustrates her and makes her do more evil. NR wants to regain what she once had but she has no clue she is the one who ripped to shreds the pretty picture she painted of herself. She can't go back and fix and piece it together because the picture has been totally destroyed. No mater how much she's done GY and JS's love for each other has stood strong. GY is gathering all the pieces of the events that happen. Once she puts them all together she will know it was NR's dirty work. Will she leave JS I don't think she will because she will know JS was protecting her. Even though the accident doesn't make sense JS SR, ES and JW were protecting her. They have did more to protect and embrace her then the family she thought of as family. When GY finds out that she's not blood related to any of these people that's what's going to hurt the most. YS and TR turned their backs and blamed her for every single thing that went wrong. She was only good enough when things were going right. YS never accepted her as her child and made her a slave for herself and children. TR was just as bad and never protected her as an aunt should have. Her only concern was for herself and her son. At every turn she sided with YS over who she thought was her blood. Blood was thicken then water in this family because all of them are connected by blood in some way accept for GY. TP won't escape punishment for what he's done. His over inflated ego and greed will come back and bite him good. The son he's never thought about or cared about has been right in front of him the whole time. He has embraced GW because he thinks of him as being separate from the family he abandoned. TP has a blind spot when it comes to that family and it's all due to NR's coaching and influence over him. When he finds out the little boy he has embraced is really his son he's going to be made to make a choice between money or his child. Since TP and GW have bonded I think he will choose GW.
  12. @sava2sava Doc and HY will never be on the same team again. When HY double crossed him the last time he's done with her. All the man wants is the money she promised him. These two are crazy and dangerous and once they come face to face it will be the final showdown. One of them will end up badly hurt or dead. HY finding out JS is sick is what will make her finally leave YE and HJ alone. JS will be her main focus because she loves him. She is the one who stripped him of everything and if he wanted to be treated he has nothing because of her.
  13. I hope your right and YE does surprise HJ with a baby reveal. There's no reason for her to keep it a secret since she tells HY in order to stop her crazy. The more I think about it I agree with @Ldy Gmerm that it's DH who is Chairman Wang. He's very low key and well educated but he prefers living a simple life.
  14. @rolisrntex The family is probably upset because they find out JS has pancreatic cancer.
  15. JS will want to hear the least shocking news first which I think is an ulcer. The shocking news will be he's sterile. The baby shoes are a good idea but I think their bench would be the place she presents him the gift. That bench is a special place for both of them. It's where they both came to an unhappy end with their ex's and a happy start together.