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  1. @wdsayang @whome Remember JS believes it's TP that lured his aunt not the other way around. It can't be an accident GY sees or she would have kept running forward. My guess is she sees JS running up on TP. and them getting into a scuffle oe his aunt. . The one thing she didn't want to happen was JS finding out about his aunt and her father. The part in the preview with JS saying something about GW I think is JS making sure GW gets that kidney without any interference from his aunt .
  2. @rolisrntex It also makes sense now how HY was able to roam around that building to plan her attack spot. The secretary was also in that stairwell but didn't appear until after HJ rushed YE out. She probably saw and hopefully recorded what really happen. The big mistake she and HY made was the secretary commenting on the company bulletin board right after it happen. No one knew the exact details of what happen in that stairwell. SR didn't come back until after that and accused YE.
  3. @Ldy Gmerm SR never knew about DH submitting the shampoo first and DH admitting to HJ her friend made it. The dots are being connected which will uncover SR's lies. SR was offered an intern position but suddenly she was offered a team manager position. How did that happen with just one bottle of shampoo that had already been submitted. . I didn't want to believe the secretary was dirty but it fits in how SR got that position. It was the secretary that made sure SR was made team manager bought and paid for by HY.
  4. @whome I totally agree and hope JS finds out about his aunt on his own. NR needs to be struck down by the very person she treasures so much. She ruined GY's life and put a child's keeps put GW at risk all for her own benefit. If TP wants to stay on the train with her let him crash and burn right along with NR. They both need to be living under a dirt pile of garbage and sent to the dump. Neither one of them needs to be forgiven for what they've done that caused people to suffer. GY won't know what to do and will try and hide from JS for the time being. The aunt that he loves so much she can't tell him it's the same woman that has tormented her and her family. Once JS finds out both him and GY will have to make a choice.. In order for them to stay together and have things both ways they will have to lie. If their families knew who was related to who they would never be able to be together. GY's father is married to JS's aunt his mother'sister. If SR knew who GY's father was and YS knew who JS was related to they would never approve of them marrying. I no longer think they will hide their relationship but instead hide who they are related too.
  5. Ep 70 is on the SBS schedule to be shown on 3/15 @desertflower, @whome, @cp23 The number of eps is listed as 120 eps on all the sites I've checked. There is nothing out there that I could find that says this drama was extended to 150 eps .
  6. I'm not cool either with HY turning YE into a monster. YE has it in her to be able to stand up and defeat HY. and those in that family who have stepped all over her because of their greed. SR will spill the beans in one of her rants when this little trick of HY's doesn't pan out for her. SR doesn't get it takes two people to form a relationship. HJ has ignored her and turned her down on every move she's made. He has told her she makes him uncomfortable and it's wrong to make someone feel that way. SR is going to learn a good hard lesson of when someone says no that's what they mean. She had no right to try and force the man into a relationship he doesn't and never wanted. I thought of the same thing about there being a camera HY missed seeing or one showing SR standing watching at the door of the stairwell. SR didn't know what HY was going to do but she helped her accomplish her mission.
  7. I don't think HY would dare to do anything to HJ. She already told HJ the way to get to him is to destroy, YE. The person HY is and always has been after is YE. Whatever HY has planned to happen in that stairwell I'm hoping HJ has things in place to foil that plan too.
  8. @UnniSarah Don't be scared for SR she's in the next ep and gets mad because YE is chosen for something. She then calls HY telling her something. They probably knocked her out and with her brains she won't remember a thing when she wakes up. @rolisrntex Remember HY scoped out the stairwell so it's probably a fake picture of HJ sent to get YE into the stairwell. What do you think about HJ's secretary meeting with HY and giving her some information. For some reason I think it maybe a set up by HJ.
  9. HJ having that information would be to his advantage not SR's. If SR was to spill the beans to HJ it wouldn't get her one step closer to him. He would still remain as cold to her as he's always been. I doubt if HY brought any stock in HJ's company. The only person in that company she has under her control is SR. HY is up to no good roaming around that company. @whome HY wouldn't keep getting in HJ's face if she wasn't worried when he would spill on her. By holding on to her secret it keeps YE safe and out of her reach. HY would go after him before she goes after YE because she knows the consequences if she messes with YE. Also that's what she's using SR for but SR has no brains. SR's little sudden nice act towards YE and HY showing up there sent up a red flag for HJ.
  10. @sava2sava, I think the reveal will happen in the next ep but not at the restaurant. @angelwingssf NR and GY do have some words in the bathroom but that won't be the reveal. It's also shown in the preview JS and GY arriving at her house with the flowers NR had. The big reveal I think will be when NR and YS meet in that store and JS and GY will witness it. There's been so many clues that has crossed JS and GY's paths but neither one of them connected the dots.
  11. SR is not someone who thinks of other people so my guess is she'll use the fake pregnancy information to her advantage. The girl loves money and thinks having money is success. The thing with SR is she's stupid and doesn't think before she acts. Even with that information she's no match for HY who is a very cunning and a sly fox. Another thing about SR is her mouth which can't hold water. She's going to spill the beans to someone and it will probably be second wife.
  12. @Pam_Van Fossen I went back and watched those eps concerning the shampoo. Your right HY had someone make it but the thing is it's not the same as what YE made. That shampoo has been analyzed 3 time and if they had been the same bells would have gone off. The shampoo DH and YE submitted were a match which determined YE as the winner of the contest. What SR submitted didn't send any bells going off because hers is not the same shampoo. Whoever made that shampoo SR submitted I'm betting missed the Korean ingredient HJ said he detected smelling in it. If I remember correctly he has the other bottle that he came across at his house. @UnniSarah I don't think JS really loved YE because he wouldn't have allowed anyone to treat her they way they did. It was all about his needs and his needs only. His mother needed a maid and a babysitter and he provided it for her. They all used YE to benefit themselves and once they were done they threw her away. HY became the one they think will benefit them now. No one in that family likes HY but with babies on the way they would benefit. The only two that don't like HY and don't suck up to her is SP and BS. They never changed their stance on HY As @Pam_Van Fossen said the two found it hard to believe the garbage coming out of SR's mouth about YE. BS even said YE probably wouldn't meet her so she went and asked the idiot who believes anything HY says. Those people sucked everything out of YE but she's coming back and she's stronger this time. That family will never get another chance to suck the life out of her again. YE will fight them tooth and nail before she would let them get to her and continue to belittle and berate her. HY's problem with YE is she didn't bow down and beg to keep her husband and family. She's not use to that from a wife and especially one she sees as a nobody. When HY moved in on this family she did no research and thought they all would be like the rest she's scammed. She's been doing this for years but times and people have changed but she remained the same. What always worked for her she thinks will work this time. HY is losing her scammer team one by one and soon all he them will be gone. Fake father and mother are out and have joined team HJ. The next one will be II-sam who does not want to end up in jail again. BS will play a big part in things with him but once he finds out HY has been lying to him he'll be done. @rolisrntex I agree the family gathering at karaoke will be the last gathering of any fun together. Their lives will start falling apart bit by bit and they won't know what hit them. They also won't get why it's happening to them until they lose everything. Once that happens they will start reflecting on the wrongs they've done. It will be too late to double back for YE because that door will be shut and locked. As for SR she won't stop until HJ shows her that very cold side of himself and it's coming. She doesn't understand the word no because she's never been told no before. SR has always gotten her way and she thinks she will this time. She has a rude awakening coming her way and it's going to be harsh and painful.
  13. @booha SR and NR has this big need to feel important and to be looked upon as well off women. SR is trying to do with JS as she did with NR and have him marry who she wants and not who he loves. NR rebelled, divorced the man her sister picked and ran off with a man she could control. Once she comes face to face with GY she will be seething mad that the woman her son picked is not someone she likes. I don't think there's anything the grandmother or JS can say that will stop this woman from trying to break them up. GY's cousin already predicted SR would be the problem that keeps them from getting married. It shouldn't be long before the big reveal of NR and TP.. JS will want his beloved aunt to meet the woman he loves and wants to marry. I'm still going with ep 60 for the reveal. @UnniSarah I can't remember who but it was mentioned that the Halmoni and Ha JI Na's mother were friends and Halmoni hoped to have her son marry her friends daughter but it was SR who he married. Halmoni did say she had no choice but to accept SR because she showed up pregnant. SR's whole thing with Halmoni is she thinks the woman doesn't like her because of her background. Then there's the thing with the father dying and Hamoni blaming SR for his death. What I think the reason is Halmoni didn't like SR for her son was she's a manipulator and a control freak. I think SR had total control over her husband and Halmoni is making sure she doesn't do the same thing to her sons. Hopefully we get some backstory on what happen with ES and his wife and why they divorced. It would not surprise me if SR had something to do with it. . @wdsayang I think Ha Ji Na will turn out to be GY's bio mother .
  14. @Ldy Gmerm I have always thought the problem with making babies would turn out to be JS. Him and SR don't see they are flawed in anyway and think they are prefect. They both admitted their college opportunities were due to YE but they still didn't get their brains are the problem. Both have rocks rolling around in their heads blocking them from seeing their true selves. Neither one is very intelligent and can be easily lead if they think it will benefit them. Both are selfish and greedy and it's due to how they were raised by MS and second wife. They were given everything they wanted by the two mothers. It goes as far back as JS threatening to kill himself to marry YE. MS gave into JS and let him marry her. YE has been a pawn in that marriage from the beginning. Her love for JS was true and real but his was what he thought he needed at the moment. As soon as he became successful he no longer needed YE and he took up with HY. She became what he needed he thought to further succeed and become more successful. The buck stops with HY for all of them because she's going to take everything that YE helped them build. As SP stated YE was the pillar of that family. She stayed in the background and helped JS to become successful. Every sacrifice she made was for that family because she loved JS. He was precious to her but she wasn't to him and he has proved that. JS didn't show YE any respect as his wife because he never had any respect for her. All YE was to JS was a means to and end to become successful. Once he became successful he no longer needed her. She became the low man on the totem pole and HY was at the top. He disrespected YE and allowed HY to do the same. The rest of that family except for SP and BS did the same thing and jumped on board with HY. She looked and appealed to each one of their greed. SR was the first one and just like JS having money means success. Then she brought on board MS and second wife. The one thing that second wife wanted most was to marry SP. MS wanted a grandchild and HY presented that idea too her. YE counter acted that idea with MS having to divorce SP in order for her to divorce. MS was torn until HY pulled her last card out of actually being pregnant. The idea of a pregnancy became a reality for MS and second wife. Being married to SP dropped to second place for second wife. She and MS were going to become grandmothers which topped anything else. HY even pulled in BS in for a minute with the job working for JS. Working in an office was a dream come true for BS until HY messed with YE. The only one she couldn't never pull in was SP who warned them all about HY. Everyone in that family is now HY's slave and in the place where YE used to be. HY is still handing around only for one reason. She needs to get all her ducks in order to get everything they own. She has placed herself in the financial and the HR part of JS's business. I'm betting HY is getting rid of the people in that company that would immediately detect those loans before she can gets out. She's using her pregnancy as a way to stay away from the company and to appear not to have any control over the finances. Also she hasn't gotten that house from MS as yet. She already has MS's stamp and just waiting to strike. They all will suffer some more at the hands of HY until she can make her move and take them all out in one clean swoop. HY knows SR is an idiot and the fake degree proves it. She knew SR didn't have what it took to graduate from college. It's what she needed to trap SR and keep a strong hold on her. Once she found out HJ's identity a plan started forming in her crazy head. HY knows SR can't do anything to get her claws into HJ. If she manages to get past the training it won't make a difference she still will not get hold of HJ and HY knows that.. All HY did was help SR get into a position that would out her for that fake degree and that lotion. .It may take a minute but it will happen.because SR's lazy. She doesn't want to work and uses other people to get buy. What neither expected was YE coming into the company. Like SR she doesn't have a college degree but her work record and all those licences she acquired is what will make her shine. Those are the things about YE no one in that family or HY paid attention too or knew anything about. . They all saw YE as a nothing and treated her as so. All she was to them was a slave, babysitter, and housekeeper. It's going to shock them all that YE can stand on her own without anyone's help. The big mistake HY made was trying to kill the fake father and letting him go without payment. .That man had revenge written all over his face. He asked HJ way he hadn't spilled on HY yet and HJ told him he was protecting someone. HJ doesn't care what happens to that family because they deserve it. He's going to hold on to that information until needed because he knows HY will come after YE again. They all claim they miss YE but it's for the wrong reasons. All they miss is her food and the source of comfort she provided that made them co-exist as a family. HY disrupted their peace and co-existence and their going to want it back. Another thing that will surprise them all is YE will not be coming back. They completely burnt down all their bridges with YE. They have no clue how much they hurt her because they only think in terms of themselves and what will benefit them. Second wife will end up suffering for her part in things. HY will make sure her business suffers in some way. She will wish she stayed out of things. It was not her place to help raise two children that were not hers and neglected her own. The fact that she stole another woman husband and had a child should have been enough. The man was not going back to MS divorced or not and she helped make monsters out of JS and SR. Neither one of them has a backbone to stand up on their own to become successful. BS has some issues of growing and being put on the back burner over SR and JS. She's working through her issues with the help of II-sam who also has issues of being an orphan. He latched on to HY and saw her as family but she was only using him. Once he figures out he was only being used by HY she will lose him. All HY has left on her team now is II-sam who will do anything for her. BS is the key that will open the door and set him free from HY. They are two lonely people who only want to feel loved and that they belong somewhere and to someone.