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  1. @sava2sava EB desperately wants her mother's approval. She wants to be seen in her mother's eyes as a worthy daughter to be loved as much as the mother loves GB. EB does't fully get yet her mother only sees and wants what's good for GB and uses her to help GB. . The mother has raised GB to think she's a princess and comes first no matter what. EB is only there to support and to use to make her life better. The father knows the mother and daughter duo have treated EB like a stepchild but EB turned out to be a better person for it. EB is a strong selfish assured person but he fails to see the hurt she's suffered because of her mother and sister's closeness and their abuse. EB and GB names mean Gold Star for GB and Silver Star for EB. As twins the sisters should have a bond but the mother puts and keeps a wedge between them. EG is her Golden Star and should be treated as so. She was born the weak one but she's still the better one. In her eyes gold is better then silver and EB being the Silver Star is not as good or is equal to the Gold Star. The father is useless and will regret letting his wife raise and show partiality towards one daughter over the other one. He see's it as without any guidance from her mother EB grew up to become a smart self confident selfish assured person caring woman.. His blindness is of not seeing EB has suffered and still suffering from the abuse disregard and belittlement of her mother and sister. He hasn't taken sides with his sons in laws because he's naive in his thinking if HJ and MH solve their differences all will be well. The man has no clue everyone is not a decent person and is somewhat blinded by MH's family money. He has let MH buy him and his wife and only sees it as MH being a good and sincere person. The man does not see the underhanded undermining side of MH. By the time he does it will be too late. He and his wife were brought by lying cheating thieves and they will have to suffer the consequences and embarrassment. GB was raised by the mother to be selfish self centered and lazy. The only smarts she has is how to lie, connive and manipulate people. She and MH deserve each other because they are two of a kind. They both think having money is everything and they are above those who don't. Everything has to go how they want it and if not it's someone else's fault. Neither takes responsibility for their actions. EB and HJ were cheated in life because of GB and MH and their parents. The only way for EB and HJ to live in comfort and have some peace in their lives is to rid themselves of the toxins in their lives. EB cutting ties with her sister is the only way. Their lying and hiding the truth is only benefiting GB and MH. @watchumlots @angelwingssf @euraka I don't think GB's Kleptomania has very much to do with her menstrual cycle. The only thing that's wrong with GB is she has Princess Syndrome. She always has to have someone stoke her ego and make her feel important. Stealing gives her ego a big boost because it's something she's able to do herself and get away with. Once she has stolen something her mother and sister cover for her. She doesn't have to face any consequences for her actions. Placing all the blame on EB also boost her confidence that she is the better person. EB has to stand behind her because she comes first. It's only her life that matters. GB's mother in law has the right idea to break down GB of her princess syndrome. She has a responsibility as a daughter in law of that household and she will not be treated as a princess. It's just the tip of the iceberg for GB with her mother in laws treatment. Once it's found out who her sister is married too and she knew and lied her days will get harder in that household.
  2. According to the character description DN is 35 and JH is 28.
  3. @Moosho @maddymappo This is how I insert pictures. You have to save the picture to your picture gallery Then upload them to a photo bucket which are free if you search for one. Once you upload them to your photo bucket they can be uploaded here. At the bottom of this page where you want to post the pictures it has Insert other media. Click on it and the drop down box will appear. Choose insert image from URL. A box will appear. Go back to your uploaded pictures in your photo bucket and copy the URL from the direct box. Paste it in the drop down box and the picture will appear here.
  4. All the evil people paid in someway. YH loss her child. DH loss his mind. TJ loss his life and MS loss her freedom.
  5. @Ldy Gmerm After watching with subs MS still has no remorse or is grateful to NH for saving NG's life. MS's nastiness and disregard of other people still remains the same. The old man gave her the idea of going to jail herself which she should have automatically thought to do. She herself manipulated those stocks and setup DH and NG and provided the evidence for them to take the fall. As the written preview says NG doesn't want to send his bio mother to jail but MS has to do the right thing for once and take responsibility for her actions. NG going to jail for his mother's sins will not change MS but instead only make her worst. Getting away with her crimes she would continue to commit more crimes and make it so other's pay for them. She will never get that she's the evil that rained down on people lives and caused them to lose what was most precious to them. DH is losing his mind because he can't face the wrongs he's committed against people. In his mind if he can keep the life style he has he won't have to face his demons. He will have enough money and power to make up for what he thinks he has suffered . It's MA's fault his life has gone down the sewer. She should have stayed away and let him live his life as he wanted. Of all the people in the world she should have understood him because she knows him best. I think DH will kidnap MA and hold her hostage because in his demented mind she still loves him and can fix things for him. DH is going to try and play MA thinking she's still that naive pushover. He has no clue he has burned all his bridges including MA's love. That love he claimed to NG was forever he threw away and totally destroyed. When DH is finally faced with the realization that MA's heart has changed he's going to want to die. He will have nothing left to live for and try or does take his life.
  6. @stroppyse Eps 116 and 117 were shown back to back on Tuesday 6/7 Korean time. Some of us who are on the East Coast saw ep 118 this evening 6/6. The next ep that we will see here on the East Coast is 119.on 6/7 which is Thursday, 6/8 in Korea. @UnniSarah MS couldn't wrap it around her head that NG was her son and the fact she sent him to jail. She went to NG's mother who denied it at first then confessed NG was MJ. The Chairman is awoke and wants to see NG and DH. MA goes to see YH who apologizes to her. NG and DH are left alone talking and DH is still his arrogant self. MS goes to see NG crying and trying to touch him but NG is not having it. She leaves the necklace with him when she's dragged out of the room. YH shows up at the prosecutors office and meets DH who thinks she's there to save him. They have words but NG walks in. NG and DH are released I think for 2 days to visit the Chairman. They get to the hospital but NG does not go in and tells DH to go ahead in. Of course DH says something nasty to NG. HJ comes out of the room and calls NG brother which ticks off DH. DH enters the room being as arrogant and nasty to the Chairman. MS next goes to see MA and tries to place the blame on her because of her revenge but MA tells her she is the reason why NG is not accepting her as his mother. NG goes home and talks with NH and the mother. The mother goes into her room and NG follows. She tells him to go to his family and shows him her registry and crosses out his name. NG is hurt by her action and crying when MS shows up taking him by the hand telling him to come with her. NG just stands there and NH not understanding what's going ask why MS keeps call NG MJ. MS again tries to make NG go with her but NH is not having it. She pushes MS's hands off NG and takes him into another room. MS and the mother have words but this time give it too MS. At the end MS goes into MA's office who is packing and gets on her knees in front of MA. There was no preview for ep 119.
  7. @UnniSarah YH knows the kind of man she's married too but she didn't think he would betray her since her father was his life line. That video NG showed her of DH's black box is all the proof YH will need. She's going to have to swallow her pride and apologize to MA who showed genuine concern for her.
  8. The Chairman did wake up in ep 117 and YH loss the baby. Both DH and NG have been arrested thanks to MS who later finds out NG is her son. @effy1994 The subbing is probably slow due to there being two eps shown back to back yesterday.
  9. @sava2sava I hope the preview of NG saying mom at the end is a fake out. NG dislikes MS so and even more now that back stabbed him and MA to save herself. The last thing NG wants is for MS to find out he's her son. It hurts him that he was even born to a woman like MS. DH already has controlling interest in the company and it's why MS is trying to get as many shares as she can for a take over. He knows the only reason YH's father is going to help him stay out of jail is because of that baby. He doesn't care that she's in danger by still carrying that baby. It's all about saving himself even if it's at the cost someone else's their life. @Ldy Gmerm I was very disappointed in the old man to want to get at MS through NG by letting MS send NG to jail. Even NG was taken back with the old man's willingness to use him for his revenge. Hopefully the man has a plan and has no intention of NG to going to jail just to hurt MS. If he doesn't and MA finds out he will be on her hit list. Once YH loses that baby she's going to blame MA because she's jealous and at the same time afraid of MA. The very sight of MA is a reminder of what she did to MA and JM and of how JM died. She doesn't want to own up to her part in his death and has made MA the bad guy in her life. If MA had not started revenging her son's death her life would not be in such shambles. She was a better person then she is now but MA messed in her life and made her the way she is now. When she finds out DH lied to her about that baby and she should have had surgery reality will kick in. Everything she did was for her own selfish self serving gratification. Yes she was a victim at first but she made the choice to join the bandwagon of selfishness and greed. That she had no right to try and steal another woman's child and put that child through so much pain. A true mother does not do those kinds of things to their child or anyone else's child. She loss her child because she didn't know how to be a mother. It's a hard lesson she has to learn about motherhood if by chance she's able to conceive again. DH will do everything he can not to have NG's identity revealed. He still doesn't know the full contents of the will and still thinks he will inherit those shares. Since MS adopted him he is the son who will inherit the Chairman's shares. TJ meant what he said that DH is going to jail and has every intention of making sure he does. DH should have walked away when he was given the chance but his greed continues to have no bounds. TJ already warned DH he has nothing to be afraid of and would take down YH's father if he has too. He's trying to find a solution to keep NG from going to jail and saving MS's butt. Once he finds out who NG is its a wrap for MS and YH's father. If it comes down to him having to choose over MS or his nephew MS will be going to jail. That's when I think he will spring it on her NG is her son. It would make her going to jail a much bigger painful pill to swallow. She won't be able to bring her son home or make up for loss time because she won't be around.
  10. @UnniSarah YH is in a crisis with that baby and the Doctor recommended surgery to abort the baby but DH lied to keep his place. He needs the help of her father to stay in that position. When she does miscarry DHs butt is toast because she probably won't be able to conceive again because of DH's lie. NG's mother now knows who NG is but from the preview it looks like MS still has no clue NG is her son. As always MS will miss the clues that are right in front of her. It also looks like in the preview NG's mother will try to leave so that NG can go to his rightful place.
  11. @Ldy Gmerm There must be something else the old guy has on MS which goes back 30 years. She only remembers what she did to him and his family 20 years ago with the stocks. NG is 30 so what did she do around the time she had him. Whatever it was it was something to benefit herself and someone was either hurt, killed or went to jail. The old guy said the same thing as TJ that MS has not changed. MS has always been greedy and blinded by her greed. Finding out NG is her son I think is not the only thing that's going to come slamming down on MS's head. Every nasty discussing thing she's done over the last 30 or more years is going to come back and make her brain explode. I think the old man and TJ will make sure MS does not succeed with her plans in trying to send innocent people to jail for her sins. MA and NG right now have no way out and are willing to sacrifice themselves for the other one. They need someone with power and resources to stop MS. The old man has his grudges against MS but he has to realize he can't let his grudge ruin NG and MA's lives because NG her son. TJ did set things in motion because of his grudge against MS but he now understands what his plan did to other people's lives. Innocent people including his brother have gotten hurt and died because of him. TJ and the old man have to use their power and resources and not other people to bring MS down. Right now MS is floating on clouds and tickled pink thinking she's won the pot of gold and is ridding herself of all the lowlife baggage in her life. Her big slap down is just itching to come out and I wonder who will do the honors. MS's world is about to crash and she doesn't even see it coming. Her greed and disregard for other people has blinded her to all the enemies she's racked up. Even with finding out NG is her son she won't stop. She would find a way to use being NG mother to her advantage and MA would become her target again and so would NG's mother and sister. To MS they all are lowlife's not worthy of being in her son's life. MS would totally destroy them to only have her son at her side and it wouldn't matter what he wants. MS has to be brought completely down and placed in the position of having no way out and no one to help her do anymore evil. Ever door needs to be shut and her money sources dried up. The one thing she wanted most was to find her son but he wants nothing to do with her. Everything she did to hurt other people and the fortune tellers words will finally ring a bell in her head. The evil lurking in her household was herself and it was her who was blocking her son from coming home. Her son's good fortune was not to be raised by her. The necklace of protection she had made is what protected him from her evil. I agree YH losing that baby is well deserved. She never understood what being a mother was but was entitled to be one. Ever since she found out she was pregnant stressful issues have been coming at her one after another. She's getting back the stress she gave to JM by trying to force him into accepting her as his mother. Her being stressed this time affected her own child forcing an unstable pregnancy. of carrying that child. YH was warned 3 or more times about being a good mother to her child. She did not get being a good mother did not start once the child was born. That every nasty dirty hateful word and action affected that child's well being. Before DH came into her office YH was starting feel the pain of that baby being unstable. DH added more stress with the truth about JM's death and only then did she think of her child hearing his words. YH made a choice to protect her father of his misdeeds by crushing that USB. All the wrongs they all committed that baby didn't want to be born into. The stability of that baby not being born was already happening and DH pushing her into that chair only made it happen faster. Their misdeeds will caused them both to lose what they each wanted most.
  12. With 6 eps remaining next week and to finish out next week with the drama ending the schedule has been changed to bring us to the end of 120 eps According to the SBS broadcasting schedule site on Tuesday, June 6th Ep 116 will be shown at it's usual time 8:30 pm Korean time. Ep 117 will be shown at 9:10 pm Korean time.
  13. We thought the uncle knew who NG was but it turned out he didn't. TJ must have meant MS was so blinded by greed she didn't recognize a fake was not her son. @Ldy Gmerm With only 7 eps left they have to start cleaning up and resolving things. I don't see TJ staying in jail and with the help of MA will get released. DH is a raging beast now and it will take MS, TJ, MA and NG together to bring him down. As we discussed in chat DH's last move to keep the Chairman seat will be his downfall. Now that he knows NG is MJ he's going to try and get rid of NG. His warped brain has him thinking everything is his and should remain as his. Since he's tried to kill the Chairman twice and NG also he's going to try again. NG and the Chairman's lives are still in danger because DH is not going to give up the good life if he can help it. YH has been warned again and this time by MA's aunt about her baby. She's totally clueless to what people have said to her about being a good mother to her child. Since she and DH are not giving up and still trying to steal what's not theirs that baby doesn't have much of a chance at even being born. The only way YH will get and understand what she's done and is doing is wrong is to lose what's most precious to her. Being a mother was what she wanted the most but she has no clue of what it is to be a good mother and loving her child. If she loses that baby only then will she understand what she did to MA by stealing and killing her child. @sava2sava DH is going to use whatever means he can to get rid of NG and the Chairman. The written preview says DH is going to try and use NG as a shield. He's already been embezzling money from the company buying shares. DH is going to try and set up NG to take the fall but MS, TJ NG and MA are already on to him. The other part of the written previews says MS and NG throw out bait to push DH into manipulating the stock market. This last move of DH's will be the start of his downfall and as a last resort I think he will try and kill again.
  14. What we will see in the last twos ep was already filmed 2 weeks ago. The delay is due to the broadcasting station trying to find something to fill the time slot that would give them better ratings then the daily dramas.
  15. The schedule has changed again for 5/30 with both ep 119 and the world cup both under the same time slot on the schedule to be aired at 7:20 pm. Eps 119 and 120 right now are still on the schedule to be shown on 6/1 and 6/2.