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  1. @Ldy Gmerm SN and SK are egotistical self centered and self absorbed. They are blinded by their own self importance, wants needs and desires that they don't get they are not good people. Everything they have done they blame on other people as the reason they've done what they did. The Hong children concocted this image of themselves in their minds they should be loved and admired by the people they desire. No one has a right to love anyone but them because it's what they desire. They are the victims of other people causing them to suffer in pain. SN and SK know perfectly well the crimes they committed but their ego's won't allow them to admit their wrongs. As long as they can keep things covered the blame will be placed elsewhere. Whatever crimes they have to commit they will in order not to take responsibility for their short comings. SN and SK have deep rooted insecurities they cover over with boldness and brassiness to keep their insecurities hidden. They can't allow anyone to know and see them as unworthy so they erect this defensive act of being the one's wronged. There is a reason why they were abandon and it was not of their making. Had the person of their desire accepted them as what they presented to them what they've done would have never happen. As for Lee he only thinks in terms of business and set himself apart from anything SN may have done. His father has wanted that company for years and SN was the route in getting it. What he won't expect is SN is the one who will keep him from getting his hands on Choi Foods. Lee only cared about getting the company because of it's reputation and not the people who helped build that reputation. He's going to find himself in a situation that will damage his reputation by his association with SN. Lee paid SN on the strength she would deliver that company into his hands. He was blindsided by his greed and thought SN was someone holding the power to make things happen. Once SN loses the real power behind her Hyun he will want his money back from SN. He's going to find out the employees, DN and the Choi's are the real people with the power that has made that company a success. Without them there is no company because they have all the ingredients that makes up the company. SN put her shares up as collateral and received payment for those shares. Once SN is outed for her crime of poisoning the food will find himself under suspicion because there was money exchanged. Those shares he has will come into question of him trying to buy that company. Lee is going to want his money back but SN won't be able to deliver. All that money he gave SN he won't be able to recoup because SN will be spending that money trying to hide and leave the country. The only way Lee will be able to get out of being charged of consorting with SN is to give those shares up.
  2. @Chickpea The board of directors are elected to their positions by the shareholders to act and make decision on their behalf. Shareholder do have a right to intervene on the boards decision if they disagree a decision the board makes. The shareholders can apply pressure to the board members because they are working for them and it's not what they want. If it comes down to some shareholders are for the sale and some are not then it would go into the voting process. At CF there are outside shareholders and there are the employees, DN and the Choi's who also own shares. Each share equals one vote per share and the majority of votes for or against will determine what would happen with the company.
  3. @musiqueetharmonie @Ldy Gmerm Those directors are a greedy and dirty bunch who go in the direction the scent of money is coming from. SN intends to stick to SH and DN as she tried to do before. The only thing about DN getting fired is the patent that made that company belongs to DN. If she leaves so does the patent and the glass root recipe that is also under her name. The guy who wants to buy the company because of what the company's success was built on. If he manages to get the company what does he have without the main ingredient. The biggest thing that SN fails to realize is she's not the only shareholder. A scenario that just might happen is all the employees along with DN, and the Choi's band together as shareholders in order to try and stop the sale. The Board of Directors only act on behalf of their shareholder and were elected to their position by the shareholders. As a shareholder you have a right to disapprove of the boards decision. Shareholders can either apply pressure on the board to back off or put the decision to a vote. BS is never going to see a dime of money just for what he's done. He's only using the excuse of DN being YR's daughter. What was his reason in the beginning before he knew who DN was too YR. The little weasel is greedy and knows perfectly well what he did to DN was wrong. He wants money to keep quiet about the horrific act of murder. That money he wants will never touch his dirty little hands and he will be punished.
  4. Sweet Enemy has been extended an additional 4 eps for a total of 124 with an end date of December 1, 2017
  5. I agree SN trying to sell Choi Foods could turn out to be a really big mistake. The guy did say he didn't remember her so it's possible he did some checking before he agreed to meet her. SN's first mistake was of her self importance of being a major shareholder. Her second mistake was saying I want to sell the company. The third one was trying to use his father to get him to agree. Then the last one of the we being partners. That's the only time the word we entered the conversation. Not once did SN mention anyone else involved in Choi Foods but instead it was all about what she wanted. Hopefully the guy was only feeling SN out and won't walk into the dirty pile with her.
  6. @musiqueetharmonie 1) DN doesn't know how BS has Soon Hee's phone and asks him how he was able to get his hands it. DN ask BS how he came to have Soon-hee's cell phone, but BS lies and pretends not to know anything about it. 4) BS is angry at SN and tells her that DN is sent the video BS is angry that SN lied and deceived him and tells her he sent another copy of the video to DN. BS sat on that video for 4 years and played the not being so bright role. He's not a dumb man at all and thinks things through before he acts.When he found out SN had kidnapped GS and wanted to exchange her for the video GS he didn't immediately jump at the chance of saving GS. BS took the time to think things over of how he could still get paid and get GS back. The Hong's made another promise of paying him and releasing GS for the video. BS's knows how the Hong's think and operate just by observing and quietly staying in the background. BS will find out SN lied and deceived him about something so it can only be about money. Even when SN threatened his son's life BS didn't react. What made him reveal that video for the first time was YK telling him they were not giving him anymore money. He only gave up the phone with the promise of releasing GS and his still getting paid. The only thing that seems to jump start BS into taking any actions is his getting paid the money the Hong's promised.
  7. @musiqueetharmonie 4) Something to do with SN and DN (I gave up trying to understand this part). DN or Soon Hee is angry at the fact that BS had the phone all along My understand of it is DN who arrived late after the exchange between SN and BS of the video for GS becomes angry at the fact BS had Soon-hee's cell phone all along.
  8. @musiqueetharmonie The only person who received the video was the killer who is SN. The only person who could have that video is BS. All he wants is the money he was promised and he intends on getting it. The same thing that SN has done to many people is now happening to her. She's being blackmailed for the very thing that will prove her as JH's killer. It wasn't solely the evidence that sent DN to jail but her confession is what did it. SN won't ever confess to murdering JH but her mother admitting what she did will.
  9. @musiqueetharmonie Here are some of the names that sometimes appear in the test previews Moon - DN Preferred/Preference - SH Iran - YR Calculus - YK Hongse River - SK Surgeon - BS The voice at the end of the video preview is SH's saying someone tried to push you from the back. Great job with the written preview. The last part of the written preview says SN witnesses SH being protective of DN and becomes overcome with jealousy and lures DN to the emergency stairs. I agree this will be SN's first attempted at trying to get rid of DN. The relationship between DN and SH is what SN always wanted and thought would be between her and SH. The fact that she knows SH likes DN is boiling in her gut and it's about to boil over. . SN always repeats her crimes since they worked so well before and she will continue to try and kill DN. YK is very wrong about the heavens helping them. She has no clue it's the pit of hell opening that will throw them so deep in they will never climb out.
  10. Sometimes the google translation does not give you the full meaning but if you click on each translated sentence it will give you another translation. Also sometimes both translations don't make any sense or gives you the full meaning so I use another translator. There are free translation sites that can be found from with a google search. Here's the other translation from google Moon is to repair the hospital CCTV was four years ago Jae Hee and Yoo confirmed that between Senna and came to the room. Sena shock received byeongsu doubt that there is a video taken by Soon - hi byeongsu left, but his wife is adamant that there is no video. Senna was in anxiety and stress are hearing news of his arrest warrant application. Here's what I'm getting DN receives the recovered CCTV from 4 years ago and confirms the fact YK and SN came to JH's room. SN is shocked at receiving the video Soon-hee recorded and suspects BS and questions BS who adamantly denies sending it. SN feels anxiety and tension upon hearing the news of a warrant for her arrest.
  11. DN's concern was finding her mother and having them arrested wouldn't have gotten her mother back. She knows how the Hong's are and having them arrested would only have made things worst. BS wouldn't have told anything to the police because he's as guilty as they are. YK's use of her insurance was fraudulent but it saved Soon-hee's life and it doesn't prove she kidnapped her. . BS is the one who kept Soon-hee hidden and fed her those drugs so his part looks worst then the misuse of the insurance. . As for the last kidnapping attempt there's no proof the Hong's had anything to do with it. The text to lure Soon-hee out was sent from BS's phone When BS and YK came to YR's house BS did deny he sent the text but he never told how and who could could have sent that text.
  12. @carlemyers Right now the evidence points to BS as the kidnapper 4 years ago since he was the one Soon-hee was with. Even if he didn't know who she was he didn't report finding her to the police so what was his motive in keeping her hidden. Everyone now knows what happen but they need evidence that will stick in order to have the Hong's arrested. The recent attempt of kidnapping Soon-hee also points to BS since the text to Soon-hee came from his phone. Reporting the kidnappings would only put BS behind bars not the Hong's. Besides Soon-hee doesn't want BS arrested because she's trying to appeal to his conscience. They formed a bond during those 4 years and do care about each other.. The only thing is Soon-hee does not get yet that money comes first for BS. As the devil trio said they can claim Soon-hee is unstable and only lying to help clear DN. Soon-hee did make a statement to the police of what she recently remembered but without actual evidence the three devils would still get off the hook. @Ldy Gmerm SK's friend sleazy lawyer was trying to cover his butt by telling SK about the grudge BS has against YR. He knows if the truth is revealed he's going down. Also he works on the side of what will benefit him the most so he had a motive for giving SK that information. The big mistake the devil trio and sleazy lawyer made was under estimating BS's thinking process. Not in a million years did they think he had anything on them that would out them for the big scam they pulled. The very thing they felt confident about was BS would never help YR because of his grudge against her. The three idiots only caused that video they claimed didn't exist to surface. None of them has any money to pay BS off and they will be scrambling trying to keep the lid on the box they opened themselves. Whatever angle sleazy lawyer was playing will turn out not benefiting him at all. When he goes and tries to change sides again he will find out he won't be gaining but losing even more. I agree SK took his mother and sister's lies as fact because he doesn't want to believe what they did as being the truth. That would mean he was party too giving them a second chance to kill JH. All SK is worried about is keeping a lid on what they did the first time. If it's proven SN pushed JH over the railing he knows there's a very little chance of ever getting Ruby back. Having the whole thing reveled he's dead in the water for sure with Ruby. SK also doesn't want to think his sister and mother are that cold and callus. SN's main purpose and goal was to marry SH only to validate her own low self esteem. She said it herself she was living in JH's shadow. Why because deep inside SN feels she's the ugly duckling. Having SH would make her worthy and someone of importance. SN became obsessed with SH because of her need to be seen as a shinning important person. SH is her everything because without him her very existence means nothing and she's still that ugly duckling. SN is able to lie so convincingly and appear sincere because she believes she is that person. The demons inside of SN's mind protects her from seeing the worthless ugly person she really has become. When she's confronted with her misdeeds her mind automatically switches to protection mode. That's when she goes into verbal attack mode and denies everything because she's protecting herself from hearing the truth. When every last bit of truth is revealed SN is not going to be able to handle it. Her mind will snap and she will kill again or try and kill herself. The demons inside of SN were reinforced by her mother enabling her for her own benefit and self worth. YK has her own issues of self worth and self importance. Jealousy and envy has eaten at YK and made her want what belonged to someone else. She has used both her children to get her what she wants. SN mores so because she raised her to be the exact duplication of herself. In order for SN and YK to get what they want they will do whatever it takes including murder.
  13. @Ldy Gmerm has mentioned she thinks BS still has that phone and didn't throw it in the river like he said.. The man is a greedy little weasel who found a way to get money from the Hong's.He has lived free for 4 years sitting back not having to do a days work and getting paid. BS was very confident when he told SN he knows she killed JH. How does he know that unless he saw it or heard it himself. If he has the phone there's a few reasons he hasn't used that information.. a. SN is a killer and he could end up dead. b. SN would use it against him to keep him in check and not pay him anymore money. c. If that phone is discovered he's looking at jail time since he was also recorded being paid off.
  14. They should have knocked Soon-hee upside the head a long time ago. All it took was to be ruffed up and another bump to the head and she gets her memory back. SN's plan to kidnap Soon-hee was a fail. She wasn't going down without a fight which made it so DN and JW walked out in time to scare the guys off. MJ may look meek and mild but she's no joke. She handled SN like a rag doll and even jumped at SK and push them both out the door.
  15. There will be no ep airing for Wednesday, November 1,. Ep 103 is scheduled to be shown on Thursday, November 2