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  1. JE played them all but I think this too will backfire. Things will not go the way she wants because once again she's trying to hurt someone else in order to have things go her way. DG and his father both know what JH has been through for the last 20 years. JH being hurt because of him and JE he's not going to let his father do that so he can be happy. This will be his payback for all the years his father alone took care of him and was always in his corner. I do think JE cares about DG but she doesn't love him because she doesn't know how to love anyone including herself. The only thing she knows is how to manipulate and connive but it's no longer working in her favor. What I would love to happen is for JH and JG to register their marriage and not worry about her mother's disapproval. She also needs to stand on her word and quit the boutique and move out of that house. Let the vultures make it on their own for a change and for once live for herself and what makes her happy.
  2. I think JE going to JG will be a big mistake. DG wanted his father to see JE in a good light and as good person. . I think JG's eyes will become wide open to the fact his son fell in love with a very selfish woman. The fact that she's coming to him asking him to give up JH shows him JE only cares about herself. She wants remain in a good light with her aunt and make him the bad guy in JH's eyes. Hwang thinks a bomb will go off with what's going on now. Wait until it's revealed what his daughter and wife have done. The mother is always talking about dying it maybe the very thing that kills her. She created a monster in SH who passed it down to JE. Taking responsibility for how she treated her daughter and other people will be a very had pill to swallow.
  3. The article says that KBS will not be broadcasting the Asian Games. I took a look at the schedule and the drama is listed to be broadcast at it's regular time
  4. He only did it for the sake of JE because he knows if he trashes JK then it means DG being his son is also trash.
  5. @UnniSarah I tried to find something that would make me like Hwang but he disappoints me every time. First he tells JE that DG and JK are father and son. Then he tells JK how JE and JH are related and JH doesn't know but he doesn't tell him that JE knows. The weasel is protecting his daughter's interest. The purpose in telling JK was to get him to back off of JH so his daughter can have what she wants. Now JE has a secret with her father that will hurt JH like the one she has with her mother. In the preview it looks like the mother is trying to set up the blind date for JH. I so want the whole thing to blow up in their faces. Not one of them has thought about what JH wants or how she feels. It's all about them and what they want. That bomb that Hwang was talking about is going to explode and soon. The aftermath is not going to be in their favor. I think the blind date the mother is trying to set JH up with is going to be the one who is a scammer.
  6. Welcome to the thread. I re-watched that scene and JH is rubbing the rim of her class with her finger. She didn't make the complete circles but I'm betting she does do the circle thing with her finger when she's nervous or in deep thought as HN does. I think the similarities between mother and daughter are going to start showing up more and more. So far JH and HN have not had much interaction with each other. I think the two will end up spending more time together and JH will notice how similar they are. JE and SH are trying to keep mother and daughter apart but nothing seems to be going their way for long. SH killing off JH's daughter is not going to wash the slate clean of HN's existence. Everything these people do including the mother I think is going to send JH straight to her child. JH has lived her life in loneliness and pain for 20 years caused each time by someone in her family. Each time JE has been involved in someway. Things have never worked out in none of their favor and will continue to do so because of their hatefulness, jealousy. selfishness and greed. They all have lived a good life off of JH and not one has thought to be grateful and appreciative for the life she's provided them. The one time in 20 years she wants something for herself they all scheme to prevent her from having it. As @UnniSarah mentioned the universe/fate is not having it and will make sure things are set straight and put in it's rightful place.
  7. I also agree with JE but I think it's going to take HG have to step to DG and tell him to back off. He made his choice so stand by that choice and leave HN out of him and JE's relationship. HN doesn't need him meddling in things because he's giving her mixed signals. He chose JE so JE is who he needs to be concerned with not HN. @dramaninja I also think it will be the hand kiss thing and it will become their special thing for each other in times of trouble and stress.
  8. Maybe it's from the accident and part of the trauma HN suffered to her brain that somethings don't register. . She heard it from the horses mouth (DG) that him and JE were together. I don't think it would have mattered if DG told her face to face. HN would have kept wearing that bracelet until it fell about a piece at a time. HG did the right thing by snatching that bracelet off. I don't think HN would have ever removed it on her own. The sad part is HN would have just suffered in silence and just being near DG would have been enough for her.
  9. The purpose of the adoption was for JH to not feel alone. There's no need now to even consider the adoption when JH will be gaining a man and his son.
  10. JE now knows who DG's dad is but I don't think JE or DG knows JH is dating DG's father. Also she doesn't know that HN and family live in the apartment of DG's fathers house. For what JE and her mother have done to JH their payback is coming. JE cannot date the son of the man her aunt is dating. If JH and the father marry he will become JE's uncle.
  11. Hopefully the important announcement that JK makes to JH is that her daughter is not dead.
  12. The way I'm reading this is the following. JG makes an important announcement (statement, present, release, modification, amendment, revise, change, , amend) to JH who was struggling ( having a hard time, a difficult time ) after sending off SJ.
  13. Here's what I'm getting. Not sure if it's the exact wording but the basic idea. HG is contemplating the workshop invitation from HN and becomes worried when he hears DG is going along so he shows up. JE seeks out DG to grab a hold of him instead of HN. .
  14. @UnniSarah I agree evil has always been a part of the lives of this family but I don't think JE created the monster in her mother. SH is and has always been a monster due to her jealousy of JH. She has always wanted what JH had and that was to live a life of luxury. When JH loss her child and then her husband SH was okay with it. She now had everything JH no longer had and took joy in the fact her children became her mother's favorites. SH knew hiding JH's daughter is wrong but all the hate she's held inside won't allow her to do the right thing. All JE did was awaken the monster in SH and it's why she keeps telling JE she will handle things. JE going alone with her mother and letting this happen is what's going to cause them both to lose everything. @penelop3 I don't think DG has fully figured out the real JE at all. He knows JE likes him and he's pushing her to admit it but he put HN in the middle of their feelings. HN is the third party and has been from the beginning. DG has always put JE before HN which always causes HN to be hurt in someway. He was right in the other things he said to JE but he should have life HN out of it. The only person who is going to be able to untangle this mess is HG. He indirectly told DG he was a jerk and he's right. Only a jerk would keep involving other people in the mess they've made of things. I want HN to finally take that bracelet off herself because she finally sees DG is not the person she thought him to be.