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  1. @maribella There is no way HR would not be affected in someway by what's going on. Her mother is the center of the crimes that were committed. Those crimes can't be proven right now but people have been alerted to the possibility she is involved. All of a sudden HR looks up to her mother and is proud of her. but MH's reputation is taking a beating. Now that the media has been brought in there's no way HR will not be affected. HR does not live in a bubble and it will find it's way to her doorstep. It will be up to both DY and JW to lessen the damage HR receives because of MH. One of the things I hope the writer does address is MA's treatment of GO before she found out he was her grandson. She's portrayed as a scatter brain but should not be able to get away with how she treated GO because he was not blood. . A child like GO does not forget the bad treatment. and he's weary of MA's sudden attention and affection. I don't think it was because of what he's been through that GO pushed MA away from hugging him. He didn't know DY from a can of paint but he let him hug him. MA needs to be made aware of what she did to an already scared abused child. @janp HJ's method might not be the most smart thing to do but it's having an affect on MH. DY is working on finding the undisputable evidence while HJ is working on MH. MH is coming unglued with everything that's hitting her one thing after another. Mdm Kim thinks it will make MH stronger but the cracks in MH are already showing. HJ has put doubt in the minds of people of MH's abilities. The shareholders, directors and the whole company heard that recording. MH tried to cover it but it put some doubt in their minds. Then here comes the fraudulent deal. Even if MH is able to replace the money used her ability to be able to run that company is on shaky ground. HJ's revenge might run on emotions but it is affecting MH. . I think the whole thing with Jang is a setup and MH walked right into it. Jang confessed to kidnapping GO for money for his sick child. Jang established his connection to MH by having her called in by the police. Once she shows up with her lawyers he recants his story and says he worked alone. DY just so happens to go to the bank and looks into their joint accounts. Then the fraudulent deal hits the fan. MH's father told her she can't use the foundation to pay off LK. MH needs a lot of money to pay off LK and Jang. She's going to have to dig into the resourse that are available. If she touches their joint account DY will be alerted to the fact. @sava2sava I don't think anyone in DY's family will have to tell DY that JW is HR's bio father. By him hearing JW's voice in the background when talking to HR he's going straight to JW's office. There's no reason for JW not to tell DY or verify to DY the truth of who her bio father is. It's just one more thing of MH's dirty bag of tricks that needs to be revealed and resolved.
  2. @Morelia DY has to make sure when MH goes down she stays down. Right now they have no concrete proof she was behind the kidnapping. As MH's husband he has access to records and accounts he wouldn't have if they divorce. DY may have made some type of deal with Jang who said he had proof MH was behind the kidnapping. It's the money trail that MH used and DY is on a quest to find it. He started with their accounts first. Mdm Kim wanting to have a talk with DY is what's going to trigger him to trace that money to the foundation. The best source he has is JW who knows everything about Mdm Kim and that foundation. They are going to end up having to meet anyway because DY will find out now who HR's bio is. Both men have been manipulated and used by MH using HR. Neither of them wants HR to grow up being like her mother. HR has been loved and adored by MS and DY all her life. The change in how HR views her mother is only recent. Before she was scared of MH and had no connection nor felt any love from MH. MH was very strict and standoffish but now they are sharing secrets. DY's accident changed things. DY and MS were no longer there to take care of and shower her with attention. MH stepped into the role of running the company while her father was ill. To an 8 year old that's something big her mother is doing for her father. During all this she became close with JW while her father was ill and he became someone she likes a lot. All the things she did with DY she's now doing with JW. Her grandmother has been hot and cold and not around so she doesn't know what to think. The way HR is acting now has MH's influences written all over it. While DY and MS were away MH had the opportunity to start shaping HR into being as she is. HR was sitting at that dinner table when DB asked HJ was GO DYs child. Who knows what MH has put into the child's head. MA did it to GO when he found out HJ had a child. He thought he would be sent away when HJ's child returned. MH might have did the same thing to HR and it's why she didn't mention DY among the people she likes.
  3. Also Jang has turned himself into the police with MH on the telephone listening to his confession.
  4. @stroppyse, @sava2sava, @USAFarmgirl, @imgreatgal, @viyra, @spring123, @ross27, @maribella, @baduy, @seoyounglby @Jackie1048 @Kay Chung @UnniSarah @Morelia There's an article on Naver about the drama. At the end of the article they announced that the drama will be extended 4 more eps making it 104 eps.. The drama should have ended on April 17th which is a Monday. They probably extended it to fill up the rest of the week and have the drama end on Friday, April 21st.
  5. @sava2sava If no one reports or gives the evidence to the the police then there won't be and investigation and questioning of MH. HJ had it played within the company and in front of the shareholders. MH had a strong hold on the directors and the shareholder, That recording did what HJ set out to do which was to trash MH's reputation and show the company what a lying snake MH really is. MH will probably come up with some lie but the damage has been done. Also I think this new business deal she's doing is a fake as HJ mentioned. Everything is going to start falling apart piece by piece for MH. Mdm Kim won't even be able to stop MH's downfall. When she falls her father and mother will be right behind her. @stroppyse There's going to be a couple more downfalls coming. The mistress has to get her due deserts. She's forgotten she's just a mistress with a child out of wedlock. I think MS is going to be the one that gives her what she deserves. MS held back from telling her about the divorce but mistress is going to keep pushing until MS has had enough. Then we have DB who is as dirty as the day is long. His days of using people for his own gain are coming to an end. He thinks he's using HJ when it's the other way around. DB is going to get caught in his own backstabbing ways and be the one with the knife in his back. As for HR I agree of who will have custody will be a big issue. DY and JW are going to have to come to some kind of agreement. Neither of them including MS would want MH and her mother to have anything to do with HR's upbringing.
  6. This drama is only 100 eps. MH downfall is in the works staring with that recording. She got two blows in one day. Everyone now knows she was involved in DY's accident and she got tricked by Jang. @maribella I think the place where HJ is waiting for DY and GO is in front of or near her house. HJ probably couldn't stand the wait and went outside to wait for DY to bring GO home. MH and her father were already thrown off track by Jang so they didn't know where HJ, DY or GO were.
  7. I can't wait for the mistress to get her big slap down that DB and MS have been divorced for awhile and DB is still keeping her as his mistress. What will really knock her socks off is that MS has 15 percent of LK shares given to her by DB. The stupid woman has no clue she's treading on shaky ground. Her trying to use HR's paternity for her own gains is going to have her booted right out of that house.
  8. @maribella Someone messed up and uploaded Thursday's preview for Wednesday's. The one posted above by @stroppyse, the scene where HJ tells JW GO has been found she has on the same red stripped blouse and black jacket as seen in the other preview that's after today's ep. GO should be back with his parents at the end of Thursday's ep.
  9. @stroppyse I agree Jang needs money and DY is the best resource to get that money. Any one as calm cool and collected as DY is right now is dangerous. Jang trying to sell DY his son back after stealing him twice is not going to set right with DY. I think once DY gets GO away from Jang it will be all over for Jang. I think what HJ means is she will risk her career, reputation and everything she's worked for to take MH down. If by chance she's caught up in it with MH they will both go down together.
  10. @maribella The previews can be very misleading. MH always plays on a persons weakness and finding GO is HJ's. I don't think MH has the slightest idea where GO is.She's not even sure if HJ has the recording is fishing using GO as bait. HJ knows MH can't be trusted and is probably also baiting her to see if she actually knows where GO is. @sava2sava, @Mailelei If Jang wanted to turn GO over to MH he would have done it by now. He's protecting GO because he realized just how dangerous MH is and that money wasn't worth a child's life. DY's accident wouldn't have happen if he wasn't trying to chase him down to get his son. Since GO has seen the video I think he's calling HJ. HJ just might have one up on MH this time if it turns out the deal MH is making is fake. MH has not accomplished anything towards that business since she becaome Chairman. She needs that deal to keep her seat. If HJ can prove it's a fake MH is dead in the water. Those greedy turn coat directors will turn on MH in an second. The one I don't trust is DB. He's shady underhanded and a sneak. The man plays both sides and has cut his own son's throat so he would do the same to HJ. I think HJ is playing him and his fall is coming and so is the mistress. I'm going to make another prediction that GO will be found and back with HJ by Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. The main focus will turn to the battle of who will lead LK. @USAFarmgirl I think JW will be hurt and disappointed but will not turn on HJ. He will have to let go of having a personal relationship with HJ and accept the one they already have.
  11. @maribella I'm sure Nam kept a copy of those recordings for himself after all it was his brother who died. MH is going nuts because she doesn't know who is sending the recording. First she thought it could be Nan, then HJ and next will be DY. It's driving her crazy that she can't find out who's doing it. DY being awoke and well is the icing on the cake which will have her jumping out of her own skin. MH is many things but a murder no. She did tell Little Nam to do whatever it took to stop DY but she didn't expect what actually happen. With everything that has happen HJ knows DY wouldn't be able to handle Nam's betrayal right now. His mind needs to be clear and focused on their agenda. MH won't know how to handle the cool and calm DY. HJ is handling MH just find sending her those recordings. They both are going to work on MH until she cracks. @UnniSarah I agree DY would explode not only on MH but also Big Nam. Also there's only 20 eps left.
  12. JW is headed for a big disappointment. but it will put an end to his thinking he has a chance with HJ. He will have to face the fact of competing with DY trying to win HJ's heart was never a competition. It is was never about the best man wins because HJ's heart has always and still does belong to DY. Right now DY and HJ don't know for sure if MH is involved with Jang hiding with GO. They won't do anything that will compel MH into getting rid of GO for good. Once they do have GO back the threat to GO will be over. MH will no longer have anything to hold over their heads. The fight to really breakdown MH and the power behind her will start. The one thing MH and her family wants to hold onto is LK. That company is one of the sources that would keep them in power. Their other source they think would be JW. They will try and use HR to try and pull him to their side. Them trying to use HR will be what totally destroys them. @USAFarmgirl JW and Nam have noticed the change in DY and HJ. I agree what happen to them has forced them to grow.. Their calmness comes from having that confirmation of their love for each other. Together they will become even stronger and two forces to be reckoned with. There will be nothing anyone can say or do to keep them apart. The old battle between their parents won't even matter because it has nothing to do with them. They have suffered enough hardship due to their part in things. It will be up to the parents to grow up and leave the past in the past.
  13. @viyra It is possible that a person can be released from prison with a medical release, medical parole, medical furlough, and humanitarian parole. It can be a ruling by the courts or by an internal correction authority. With all the personnel MH's family has in their pockets it's a big possibility Mdm Kim will be released. Mdm Kim is the direct source behind MH and the father's evil. If she is released she has no clue she will have two pissed off parents on her hands. Then add in JW it will be three. MH and her mother will continue to try and manipulate JW using HR. Also the fact that JW likes HJ. Again JW will probably be put on the fence of what direction he will take. @imgreatgal I still think GO will be back with HJ by next week. DY is going back to the company so the focus will be on LK and it's leadership. Mdm Kim will do whatever evil she can to hold on to that company. @viyra If you are interested the information I provided above it can be found here. Also here's a case where it did happen in Korea in 2013.
  14. @sava2sava What's so funny is Mdm Kim behind bars still thinks she has the power to control people and situations. She has not realized yet her power over MH and and her lap dog husband are the only one's she can still control. MH's world is falling apart piece by piece and she's starting to lose it. HJ is only digging the hole MH will bury her own self in. Everything she did is starting to unravel and she won't be able to stop it. MH should be discovering soon DY is awoke so her mother's idea of monitoring him and appearing as being a devoted wife will go out the window. With HJ digging into MH's butt her discovery of DY being awoke shouldn't be far away. It'll just be one more thing added to her pile of dirt that's about to fall on her head. @stroppyse I'm also waiting for @USAFarmgirl to put into words the feels we felt watching that scene. @imgreatgal If our prediction doesn't happen by the end of the next ep I think it will happen early next week. Jang's family is in trouble and they need him and GO needs his parents also. I think he will return GO on his own to put an end to MH and her madness.
  15. @maribella I second @imgreatgal prediction that GO will be returned soon and it probably will be Friday's cliffhanger.. They have already milked the story line enough. The ratings stated dropping when GO was taken the second time and DY was in the accident. The downfall of MH has brought the ratings back up. What MH did to HJ and DY is unforgivable and neither of them are going to let her get away with it. Also neither will Nam. MH has to be removed from the Chairman's position. Jang has to be caught and jailed. There's the bad blood between the two families to solve. SY and TY's relationship. DY's father and the mistress deserve some slap downs I think is coming. Then there's the budding awakening of MA and her attraction to Mr Park. DY still does not know that JW is HR's father so that has to be solved.