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  1. @euraka Maybe the writer introduced the red string of fate this time to show also two people are destined to be together but not in a romantic way. JW and DN's fate started with the red scarf she tied around his neck. It's not the string but the scarf that has kept them connected to help each other in times of need. Then we have in this drama where the writer introduced the tying of the shoe laces. It's considered to be an intimate action between a man and a woman. DN and SH have had little bits of intimacy and awareness between them. DN noticed SH for the first time when he was tying her sneaker lace. SH became aware of DN watching her from afar while she was cooking. Then there's that moment in the hospital where in that moment the intimacy between them was felt by both. This writer is very tricky with the penning of the story and it's keeping us guessing. DN has a connection with both men where both men care for DN. One outwardly shows his love for her and the other one without even realizing it shows his in his actions. On the other hand DN's heart was leaning towards JW but fate intervened. Right now DN's heart doesn't fully belong to either man. @Ldy Gmerm I agree DN will not accept YR as being her birth mother because she's done too many hateful things already. Plus the fact YR abandoned her and went on to live a good life having another child she adored. She has done everything possible to destroy DN because of JH's death. DN being the child she abandon she felt no inner maternal instincts towards. YR not only abandoned DN once but twice. She hated her first child and loved her second one so much she let evil blind her and made her try and destroy her first child. YR let money power and evil rule her life and there's a price she will have to pay. Not having her daughter acknowledge her and hate her will be a hard pill for her to swallow. She destroyed her own chance of getting to know and be with daughter. Every hateful and nasty thing she did to DN will come back to her. Her heart will ache so bad she will feel like she's dying. The only way for YR to try and atone is to help DN with everything she has. SN is a sociopath and YK and SK have helped and fed into SN's sick mind because of their own greed. She is the key to their future wealth and has helped her to try and achieve her goal in order to obtain their own. SN can't let go of SH because she's obsessed with him. She wants control of him and everything he has and represents. Try as they will to cancel the marriage SN is not going to let go. If it means hurting and or removing the people blocking her way she will do whatever it takes to attach herself to him. SN still has some tricks up her sleeve so as not to be counted out completely. She still has half of YR's shares which enables her to wheel and deal and have some control over that company. Even if it's revealed she was the one who leaked the recipe they can't do anything about her being a shareholder. They may be able to physically have her removed from the company as an employee but she still has a stake. The embezzlement won't be detected until SN is no longer working in that company. She hid it under the disguise of using her budget money as a business transaction. If she's no longer employed by the company that money will have to be accounted for and the means it was used for. Tracing that money will lead to that paper company and too YR. She didn't actually take the money SN and SK did but YR was the recipient. YR stands to lose a lot for her part in things and may end losing everything. SH's and his family have not seen the worst in SN as yet. Right now Ruby and SH's mother are still pro SN but the mother not so much. The mother is disappointed in what SN did to YR and still sees her as a good person from how she's helped SH. None of them including SH has has gotten the full picture yet that everything SN has done was a planned maneuver of SN's to insinuate herself into their good graces. SH is beginning to get the picture but is not fully there yet. Bit by bit the true SN will be revealed to SH. He's going to have to be hit with the facts SN killed JH in order to have him. Once that happens only then will his family come to know as well.
  2. If it is a dream I hope its YR's and it's what she really wants to do to SN. Instead she plays dumb and gives SN some of her own medicine by setting her up to take a big fall. What YR can do is make sure SN takes the fall alone for the recipe leak. Director Hyun would go along with YR if it would benefit his agenda. .Of course SN is not going to give those shares back to YR. One thing she can do is to make it so SN has not choice but to start selling them.
  3. JW knows good and well how slimy SN and YK are so why ask for a hair sample right in front of the snakes. He also knows they always find a way to turn things around in their favor. That was a very stupid move on his and YR's part unless they had a trick up their sleeve to get around the two she devils. It's about time SH's father stepped up the the plate and paid attention to his son's distressful look. At least his head is not in the clouds like the mother and Ruby. The father just might prove not to be just a spineless fool only under the thumb of his wife and mother.
  4. MH is changing for the better after realizing he hasn't achieved anything on his own. Now that he's taken a step back from his family he's seeing he was a carbon copy of his father. What he sees he doesn't like about himself and feels ashamed. They continued to step on and bully people they already cheated and stole from. After everything they've done to HJ and family HJ still stepped up to the plate and protected him. It's a hard wake up call for MH but he's getting there. He has realized HJ is not a bad person and it was him who was the bad person. The more hateful things his father does the more he will back away from his family. As MH is changing GB remains the same spoiled selfish lazy brat she's always been. There's trouble coming in that marriage for sure. They were a perfect match because they were alike in many ways. Now that MH is waking up and not liking who he became he's not going to like those same traits in GB. MH's friend told him he was a nice guy when they were young. He changed because of the influence of his father. GB started out that way and grew into adulthood being the same way. They are going to clash because GB never knew any other way to be. She will continue to be a selfish mean spirited brat. GM had a pregnancy dream and it looks like from the preview it maybe EB. If EB is pregnant plus having twins GB will have a heart attack. She already ordered EB not to get pregnant before she does. The girls just does not have a clue life doesn't work that way. GB's mindset is she's entitled to have things her way. She is the star of the show and everything and everybody has to beat to her drum. There's an old saying absents makes the heart grown fonder. EB's mother is starting to feel the void and starting to missing her. If EB is pregnant what she did to EB is going to come right back onto her. She alienated EB and made her feel unwanted and unloved. Now she gets to feel the same alienation she put upon EB. When she packed up EB's things she completely threw her away. She broke any ties they had which will include her first grandchild. With the cafe contract getting cancelled there's only two people hateful enough to do something like that. It was either the father who found a way or GB being her normal hateful self.
  5. The term Daddy Long Legs came from a popular american musical movie made in 1955. Since then and even a Korean one have been made. They do differ slightly from the original movie but they are basically the same theme. The term Daddy Long Legs came about during the story when at an orphanage the orphans saw him leaving and only saw a shadow of long legs so he became Daddy Long Legs. Also in the story Daddy Long Legs and the girl he helps fall in love. HJ thinks James has a motive and rightfully so with what he tried to pull. Why suddenly does he now want to help him when he tried to stab him in the back. Did EB's father's talk get through to James or does he still think he can win EB over. So far James has not done anything to show he can be trusted He came to apologize to HJ but has not even attempted to apologize to EB.
  6. There's a hard lesson coming to the Chairwoman for always putting company first. She keeps a strong hold and rules with and iron fist on her family. Neither of her children have an interest in that company so the burden has fallen onto her grandson. The woman will sell her soul to the devil for that company and she expects SH to do the same. The only thing is SH is his parents child and does not have a heart of steal. He cannot over look injustice especially to those he cares about. Without even realizing it DN has taken a place in his heart. He's not going to let the thief of that recipe and the people who stole it go. SH knows it was SN and YR who leaked that recipe and he gave SN one last chance to fess up but she continued to lie. At that moment SH finally saw SN for what she is. The launch of that new product was important to him and the company but SN stole it and gave it away. She showed him just where her priorities were. It's not him that's important or comes first to her but instead it's that company. She stole what he worked hard for in exchange for shares in the company. SH also knows what will happen next because he knows his grandmothers state of mind. SN is now a large shareholder in that company and his grandmother will want to keep her close. It doesn't matter to the grandmother the deception and injustice done as long as she can keep her hold on that company. Marrying him off to SN no matter what she's done will keep that hold. SN is betting on SH's grandmother strong holding her grandson and making him submit to her will. What will surprise them all is SH's will too see justice served and not be controlled. KB didn't and doesn't have the guts to go against his mother. . The father never gave up his dream of dancing and gave into his mother's iron will. His wife rules him but only because of the love he has for her to only see things as she sees them. At this point KB only goes by what his mother and wife wants. His son is going to break the mold of being submissive and will follow his dream and his heart. SH's grandmother nor SN will be able to take hold and keep a hold and control him. Watching his son KB will be able to gather the strength and the guts to take hold of his own life and dreams. SK and YK's greed kicked in about those shares and selling them off. They are going to want and need that money. SK more so because of his pride and YK and SN to pay off BS for finding who he will think is the real daughter. Even if the woman is a fake they have to keep their hold on YR. They can't let the opportunity to drain her dry get away. Once SN loses her hold on SH and family she's going to have to take another route to stay on top and in control. YR has the means to keep her there and SN is going to go after everything YR has.
  7. To find the like button go to the very bottom of the page until you see the word Theme. Click on it and a drop down box will appear. Click Default and a heart will appear on all the post. If you click on a heart you can like a post or use an emoji
  8. Go all the way to the bottom of the screen and you will see the word Theme drop down the box and select default. A heart should appear on all the post. Select the heart and choose your reaction to a post
  9. SH's grandmother knew once she found out about SN getting half of YR's shares SN had a rope tied around their necks. The woman only thinks about company first. At this point SH really doesn't want to marry SN but his grandmother will insist. She's selling her grandson to the highest bidder all for that company. In the next ep SH gets a call that the old man who gave DN the recipe woke up. The family meeting is taking place and SH is not there. Will he show up or will he go to the hospital. Hopefully he will go to the hospital so as not to give SN any further claims on marrying him.
  10. MH took a step out of his comfort zone to protect his marriage. How GB is going to protect MH will be very interesting when she can't even protect herself. GB is use to being protected and not being the protector. All her rudeness to the mother in law was just her selfish self centered defiance. GB expects things to be handed to her on a silver platter but all that is gone now. The life style she's expecting is not going to be the one she gets. MH and GB have to be knocked down off their high horses to get they are nothing special without their parents help. Their parents built their lives for them off of the pain and suffering of others. HJ and EB were the recipients of the pain and suffering caused by their parents. All that was done to HJ and EB made them stronger and able to survive in order to succeed. MH and GB's love and marriage will be tested by having to start with nothing. The mother will be floating on air to have her favorite daughter and son in law under her roof. It's not going to last long because MH is coming empty handed. MH is going to struggle trying to find his own place in life and GB is going to expect more from him. The mother will have a front row seat watching the monster she created in GB. She raised her to believe she is entitled to have what she wants. When things don't turn out as GB wants the blame game will start. EB will no longer be there to take the blame so someone else has too. The stress of not having what she wants is going to trigger GB into stealing again. MH nor the mother have the means to cover it up or can take the blame. GB will be forced to take responsibility for her own actions. While trouble is showing it's ugly head into MH and GB's lives the reverse will happen for EB and HJ. Things will start to turn around for them since EB stepped out of the burden she was carrying. She found in HJ's family what she's always craved for. All EB ever wanted was love acceptance and encouragement from her family. She has found that and more in HJ's family which will enable her to go for and make her dream come true. Even bigger trouble is coming with the relationship between JH and DJ. Things got bad with the two families just being in laws. A relationship between the son and daughter of both families is going to blow the roof off of both houses.
  11. SN slithered through the cracks again and it wasn't just DN who got bitten by SN the snake. What SN failed to realize is what she's done will also affect SH's position in that company. SN's goal was to become madam of the company and be the one to stand by SH at the top. The board members are not going to be to happy with SH as being able to run that company. The leak makes him look bad for not taking measures to assure all the ducks were in order under his watch. The product was leaked to their competitors under his watch so he's not ready to take over too lead that company. It's a set back for both SH and DN but SN just upped the game making them more determined to succeed in their goals. The look on DN's face in the preview shows her anger has reached it's peak. SN is a snake but she's brought out the tiger in DN. who is not going to just quietly crawl back in her cave. DN knows for sure SN and family are behind everything that has happen to her. There is a connection of everyone being family in someway except for her. Even with having JW and GS on her side there's still that void of family missing. In the written preview for the next ep DN finds out for sure it was SN and YR that were involved in the leak. They caused DN to lose her chance of finding her mother. DN knows why YR is involved in trying to ruin her and that SN is the cause. SN has been able to get away with murder and coveting the woman she killed mother. DN's anger is coming in full force right at SN. HR deserved what she got and now she gets to experience just what DN has by her helping SN. She thought she was an exception but SN showed her she was not. HR loss everything she worked hard for by taking the wrong path to move up faster. Now she has found out the hard way that cheating ended with her being the one who was cheated. GS is the right one to be on team DN who doesn't have that kind of instinct in her. YK and SN are masters at what they do and it will take another master to get to them. Their same tricks and manipulation will be used on them and against them. By the time they figure out they've been conned it will be too late. I agree about SH who is also a loyal person. He's loyal to his family the company and friends and has been blinded by someone he thinks of as a friend. The one person he's most loyal to is his grandmother who has always been in his corner. His mother and father and Ruby are in their own worlds. His grandmother has always been his champion and his rock. SH is not easily swayed like his parents and has to have evidence of what's true and what's not. He has never saw anything until recently that SN is not what she appears to be. His agreeing to marry SN was based on the evidence presented SN was good for the company and his family. He knows he doesn't love her but he felt comfortable with her as a friend. SN cut her own throat with SH in her attempts to ruin DN. He has becomes uncomfortable with SN even as a friend. She has made him start to rethink his decision of marriage to SN. All the ducks are not in order for SH as far as SN is concerned. He suspected her of the leak and his instinct are telling him she did it. SN may have covered her tracks but the mistake she made was framing HR with the USB. It's not going to make sense to SH and cause him to investigate further.
  12. @UnniSarah EB's reactions are symptoms of long term abuse. She has conflicting emotions because she's lived this way for so long. . EB fights back at times but the mother and GB know exactly how to manipulate EB to make her feel guilty and ashamed They are a tag team.. Example. EB catches them talking about getting her divorced. GB starts in on her first. GB: Jun Young can do much better. EB: If I divorce HJ and marry Jun Young what do you people get from that GB: You people, are you crazy. If you get divorced, we finally get to off cut ties with our enemy. It's not just good for us. I'm sure HJ's family would be thrilled. EB: If that's the case you should get divorced GB You must be insane because JY says he likes you. EB: Are you jealous because JY says he likes me and not you. He was your first love. GB:Are you dreaming. Are you writing a novel. Stop making up stuff EB It would be much easier for you to get divorced then me. You got kicked out. You can get divorced while your here. I'm your sister and daughter and your trying to destroy my marriage. The mother goes on the defensive and jumps in to defend her favorite child . She flips the script on EB to make her out to be the bad guy and to make her the bad guy by apply guilt. Mother: Who told you to get divorced We haven't said anything. What are you fussing about. GB got kicked out and received divorce papers. They are devastated right now and what did you say. It's easier for them to get divorced because she's been kicked out Mother Are you really a human EB: Of course I am what do you think. I'm your daughter how can you do this to me. It's all my fault? Don't be mistaken. It's her fault not mine EB: How can you all do this to me. We're family Then she goes in for the kill to really lay the guilt and shame at EB's door step. Mother: Do you feel sorry for yourself. GB is the one you should feel sorry for. Your adding oil to the fire. Why do you have to make a scene. What did we do to you. Stop glaring at us like that. Giving birth to you is the worst thing that ever happen in my life. EB: Do you really mean that Mother: Stop nitpicking Leave right now I don't want to see you. Live a happy life with HJ. Just leave I don't want to see you. When HJ said he would cut ties with all of them EB was surprised but the mother and GB were shocked and afraid. Cutting ties means they would lose the one person they depended on to make life better for GB. If EB is no longer there who will save GB's life. @sava2sava I do fault the father for not putting a stop to the mother's favoritism, but he doesn't know about the abuse. One of the things about an abused person is they don't tell anyone about the abuse. Most times they are not even aware they are being abused. The father lived in the same house but EB never told him anything. She was bullied and made to feel guilty for the state GB was born in. Completely cutting ties is not going to be easy for EB because they have such a strong hold over her.. The mother and GB are going to keep after EB trying to apply more and more guilt to reel her back in. The only way EB is going to be able to escape from under her abusers is to have the support she needs behind her to break free. First EB has to be made aware what has been happening to her is abuse. She has to understand she's not at fault and she is worthy of being loved. Another thing I want to mention is James part in this. He knows what EB suffered growing up and he was willing to use the mother's hold on EB to get what he wanted. He joined the tag time knowing how they operate. MH is already a manipulator and knows the mother favors him over HJ. He rewards her with expense gifts to keep her loyalty. The mother doesn't like HJ because she can't benefit from him. JY would be perfect because she would benefit from him being her son in law.
  13. Right now if EB were to end up in the hospital they wouldn't give a damn if it wasn't benefiting them. If the mother didn't physically abuse EB she's done enough mental abuse to last a life time . With any type of abuse the person receiving the abuse has to remove themselves away from their abuser. If not the cycle of abuse will continue.
  14. @AlexMao I didn't take your post as making light of the situation EB is in and was just voicing my take on the drama. I am in agreement that EB need a break from the toxins in her life. Until the mother and GB take responsibility for their faults and actions EB will never be able to live in peace or be happy. GB needs to grow up and stand on her own. Right now she depends on EB and the mother to make sure she's happy. There's no doubt the mother will always be in GB's corner but they both need to lose EB's presents in their lives. They have no clue what life without EB is like. EB not being in their lives they both will be force to face their own demons. The father is also at fault for not taking a more active role in his children's lives. He knows that the mother favored GB but he doesn't know the damage she caused to both his daughters. I think GB's Kleptomania being associated with her monthly cycle is just the tip of the iceberg. She has more deep rooted problem that need to be addressed. As for EB she has resentment issues and she's a silent suffer who is afraid and embarrassed to open up and tell the hardships she has suffered.
  15. @AlexMao @sava2sava Once EB married HJ she is added to of his family registry. It's very hard for EB to break the cycle of abuse. EB has been programmed using the guilt card of being born healthy and strong. She learned to become submissive to her mother and sister's will . EB has craved her mothers love and attention all her life Taking all the blame for GB's mess is what pleases her mother so she does it. The mother is a snob and only caters to the rich but there's a demon in the woman that has made her only favor one child. She carried and birthed twins but she only favors one. GB and EB are grown women now but she still goes on and on about GB being born the weak one. It's normal that GB would need most of her attention because she was a sick baby but the mother never let go and embraced her other child. I think she raised and molded GB to become the person and have the life she should have had. EB became GB's slave in order for GB to succeed. EB's life doesn't matter to the mother if it's not benefiting GB. GB being the mother's favorite reached it's peck with EB and there's no turning back.. The moment those nasty words came out of the mothers mouth is the turning point for EB. . EB received a hard punch to the gut and her heart but she finally knows just what she means to her mother. What she said before to the mother about being GB's maid really is the truth. All she is to the mother is someone to clean up after GB. The minute EB didn't submit to her will the mother became angry and defensive which cause her true feelings towards EB to emerge. HJ stepped up to the plate and let it be known he's not having it. He doesn't care who it is including her mother he was not going to sit by and let them hurt EB. If it means EB cutting ties with her hold family so be it. Of course MH is not going to let this slide and do something again to try and step on HJ and his family. What MH doesn't get is his mother is not having it. GB is damaged goods and she wants no part of her. The mother fails to realized her whole family except for her daughter are thieves and GB fits right in. What upsets her is GB's thefts have been discovered while theirs is still hidden. Well James turned out to be another selfish self centered self indulging rich dirt bag. EB had faith and trusted him as a friend and he turns around and stabs her in the back for his own self wants. He's another product of living the good life and not caring who gets hurt by the games they play with other peoples lives. James knows what EB suffered growing up by the hands of her mother and sister. Instead of supporting her choice of the man she married he joins the bandwagon to also hurt her.. Then has the nerve to say it wasn't no fun. His selfish rich man blinders were on and he only thought about what he wanted. As EB's friend he never considered EB for one moment because it was all about him. Now EB will understand what HJ was trying to tell her about James. She was naive in her thinking and didn't see the signs of a wolf in sheep clothing. From the preview GB gets drunk and goes on a pity party at EB's in laws house. My bet is she wants these people to see how pitiful she is and has to divorce because of her sister. GB is selfish enough to admit they should throw EB away so she can keep her marriage. The dumb selfish twit doesn't even get MH is using her to get his way. What I want from this drama is the reverse of EB and GB;s lives. EB finally finds the love and support of family she has always craved. GB finds out she's nothing special and not entitled to everything she wants. She is the way she is because of their mother who can't fix this by using EB as her scapegoat. The mother and GB need a wake up call of what they've done to EB. It is not EB's fault or responsibility to fix GB's life. GB needs to grow up and be responsible for her own actions. The mother needs to be made to realize she has two children not one. Her losing one child is the worst thing that has ever happen to her. .