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  1. It has gotten very frustrating waiting for the big reveal which keeps peeking it's head out and then the lid is shut closed. YR has entered the game now and knows for sure JE and SH have committed a worst sin then she and her mother committed and were punished for. I agree I'm also not worried about HN and HG getting together. HG's mother just needs to be slapped back with what she dishes out. She doesn't get yet that HG is very much like her. He's determined he will not back down and submit to her will. Just as much as she's determined to break him and HN up he is just as determined he's not giving HN up. My guess of them finally being together is ep 109 or 110.
  2. I think things are starting to move along for the big reveal but I don't see where Han Na and DG are suspecting DG and SH. DG is disappointed in JE and thinks it's him that is lacking. The blinder are still on for him and the he's only questioning why JE is acting like this. In the last ep Han Na talking to her mother is still singing praises of SH. After what SH did to her with the design incident Han Na has not learned a thing. HG's mother does think YR has something on SH but she's just as fickle minded as her daughter. Both of these woman are still in the mindset that SH is a good person. The only thing that has happen is people do have bits and pieces they don't know they have that will eventually fit together to complete the puzzle. DG has to find out JE switched the medicine before he starts suspecting JE. Something or someone has to knock Han Na over the head before she puts 2 and 2 together. The only one I see who is suspicious is SH's mother. She knows something is going on with SH and she's caused some kind of trouble. When she finds out the truth the woman will probably stoke out. I thought it would be the mother who finds out the truth but at this point it could be anybody. YR now knows what SH and JE have done but how will she use that information. If it's money she's after she already knows SH and JE are not the ones with the money in that family. I'm hoping she's just rattling their cages to stir them up so that the truth will be revealed. JE and SH have come to the point of no return. They are putting other people's lives in danger and willing to kill or seriously harm someone to keep what they've done hidden. Will YR join the club just to get her hands the money she didn't get before.
  3. All together the coat had 3 buttons on each sleeve. One was still attached to the coat in which SH removed and now JH has it. JE has the one she took out of EA's case. The third button is still a mystery of where it could be. If YR had it she would used it by now to prove to SH she actually saw what happen. I'm taking a wild guess here. The police don't have it because they would have asked about it. There were two people not at the boutique that day. JH and HG's mother. JH didn't know anything about the button so that leaves HG's mother. It's possible she came back going through the alley and saw the button and picked up. All three buttons are in someone else's hand leaving SH with the 3 still attached to one sleeve of the coat. I think the unattached 3 buttons will end up in the hands of one person and that person will be JH.
  4. Now that YR will be working at the boutique I think YR is going to be HG's mothers worst nightmare. She has no clue what she'll be dealing with in YR. SH won't be able to help her because YR has SH under her thumb and she will side with YR. HG's mothers rudeness and nastiness will be coming back and slapping her in the face.
  5. DG doesn't know she switched the medicine. All he knows is JE threw the medicine away which was to help her be able to relax and conceive. The only way DG's suspicions will be aroused is if he finds out the medicines were switched. JE has DG's unconditional love and she will be the one who destroys that love. The clock is ticking and JE's true character is showing.
  6. DG seeing JE throwing away the medicine that was suppose to help her get pregnant was a punch to the gut. He now knows she lied about wanting to become pregnant. He's not liking what he sees but it's his own fault. Time after time he's seen the real JE but he ignored what he saw. Dating is totally different then marriage and he now has a front row seat. DG is not a point yet where he's not going to stop protecting JE. His blinders have to be lifted a little more until he fully sees the real woman he married. The medicine is just the beginning of the reality check coming his way. Right now DG only feels disappointed in JE for lying but other things are going to keep popping up. HG's mother is not going to stop her nasty abusive ways until she gets the slap down of her life. HN or even EA being nice to this woman will not change her ways or her mind. She's nasty and insulting to her own family so there's nothing HN or EA could ever do that would that would change this woman. It will have to be something big that would give this woman a reality check.
  7. If HG did somehow gets the mickey and he becomes ill from it then its a way for his mother to have her big wake up call. HN might have taken it to give to her mother who forgot to take it. There shouldn't have been anything harmful in the medicine that JH got for EA that would hurt anyone. Since JE switched the cases and if HG took it he would become sleepy. Plus there were other side effects. In the written preview it says something about DG finding the medicine that JE dumped. .
  8. @howa EA does have a reason for faking. SH is dangerous and tried to kill her once and and almost did it again at the hospital. She knows who HN's bio mother is which would put HN in danger. The only way to keep herself and HN safe is act like she doesn't remember. As for the button she probably will dismiss it for now.
  9. Any guesses of what JE will do with those keys she takes out of HN's handbag. My guess would be it has something to do with the office space DG shares with HN. Will she stage a break in to make it look like the place is unsafe in an attempt to force DG to move out. EA's expression at the end was not a pleasant one. I'm now back to my original thought that EA maybe faking or she now remembers only what happen in the alley.
  10. My money is still on granny being the one who reveals HN is SJ. She's so tickled with HN and feels her granddaughter presence whenever she's with HN. Granny is quick and picked up on how would HN know where the bathroom was. I think she was very close to SJ and it's why her six sense is working better then JH's. All she needs to see is how HN circles the glass with her finger like JH does. Once she'll be going for a DNA test. Like someone mentioned I think it's going to take something big to happen before HG's mother gets herself together. The woman is mean and heartless. As she is now she does not deserve to be rewarded with a rich daughter in law.
  11. The extra ep is so that the drama ends at the end of the 5 day week. The drama is suppose to end at 120 which is a Thursday. Wow fake SJ is SH and JE's worst nightmare. A con artist can always spot another con artist and she pegged SH exactly right. She knows that JE is just as fake as she was but she's the one who went to jail. FSJ owes JE some payback for making sure she paid for her misdeeds and she hasn't
  12. SH guilt tripped JH into paying for JE's trip abroad. She thinks JH owes her for the sad life she's lived and the sad part is JH trust and loves her sister. JH needs to not only slap SH she needs to grab hold of her hair and drag her out into the street and close the door in her face.
  13. @UnniSarah I think JE and SH are a lot alike as are all the other mothers and daughters in this story. Han Na is like her mother in being materialistic, thoughtless, and shadow. JE is very much like SH and they feed off of each other's weaknesses to get the other to conform to their way. . Then there's HN who is like JH but she's also like EA. In all these daughters some things were inherited and somethings were learned by example. After SJ disappeared JE became like JH's daughter but she didn't follow her example. She followed her mothers ways because she wanted the same thing as her mother wanted from JH. Greed and jealousy were their motivators for everything they did and are doing. I agree JE is worst then her mother because she has mastered the game of manipulating the manipulator. She has manipulated and fool her whole family into believing she's this scared weakling who needs their help in order to survive. JE said in the beginning everything was hers and she has every intention of keeping it with her mother's help. SH will be seen as the bad guy and she gets to walk off happily into the sunset. What she fails to get is it's not going to happen because she caused people to suffer to get what she wanted. They won't be able to stop the truth from being revealed because they both played and will play a part in bringing the truth out. I think the glass ball will be the key because it's how everything started. JE and HN have come full circle and the glass ball is the center. Once again JE will take the glass ball from HN only this time it won't be HN who loses everything. The owner of that ball has finally found her way back to what was precious to her. HN loss everything because of that ball and it will be the very thing that brings it all back. She won't be the one with memory loss this time. I think it will be EA who will lose her memory this time while HN recovers her memories. EA is the one who kept HN safe and loved and HN kept EA sane and gave her love for 20 years. I agree JE is going to pay a heavy price for what she's done. DG does love JE unconditionally but he won't be able to turn a blind eye this time. The things JE and SH did were horrific and a I'm sorry won't cut the mustard here. They both caused too much hurt and pain to others. The people they did this too are family and their excuse for doing this is love. JE nor SH know how to love and accept love because they don't love themselves. The both tried to covet the love others and make it their own. DG will walk away and I think Hwang will too because they made them a party to their horrific actions because they loved them. JE is on the brink of a breakdown and she probably will confess to DG. The thing with JE is her need to control will kick in. She will want DG to protect her and turn a blind eye. DG on the other hand won't be able to because his values and morals will kick in. This time he will do what's right because he knows he can't be happy turning a blind eye to the wrongs JE has done.
  14. There is something about HN she can't put her finger on and she reminds her so much of SJ. The clues of who HN could possibly be have been right in front of all of them. Granny is the only one who picked it up from the first time she met HN. Each time she's met HN since the feeling gets stronger. While everyone is involved in other things granny is going to unravel the truth. I think she's going to go snooping around and find the clothes and also the pictures. Granny is the only one whose mind has not been blinded with the fake illusion SH has erected. She's also the last person SH and JE would suspect of discovering the truth. It could be SH's imagination that EA woke up or EA has amnesia either real or fake. EA probably heard every word SH said to her and knows her life and HN's is in danger. If she's faking the only way she can keep HN safe is to pretend she doesn't remember anything that happen that day. I'm hoping at least one of HN's mothers smartens up in order to stop this mess. JE thinks she's becoming a monster. She hasn't a clue she's always been one and her mother just reinforces the monster within. These two feed on each other in order to continue being monsters. As someone mentioned in another post these two know what they're doing is wrong. JE and SH use each other as a crutch to continue doing wrong. They need each others approval and reassurance they are doing the right thing. The minute JE found out what SH did to EA she should have put and end to this but SH pulled her back in. They both have now crossed the line of no return. Their punishment no longer can be an I'm sorry please forgive me because they completely crossed the line of ever being forgiven. JE has been given chance after chance to stop but she didn't. DG has proven his love for her over and over again but his love is not enough to kill her demons. JE has to lose what is most precious to her now and that's DG. He loves her unconditionally but she doesn't love the same way. Her love for him comes with conditions and it always has to be what she wants. DG's love is pure and it has caused him to be blinded of seeing JE hurts other people. When the truth comes out it's going to turn his world upside down. Only then will he realize the things he let happen he played a part in because of his blind love. All the signs were there from the very beginning but he didn't want to see them. He let love overshadow is values and morals which cause him to throw HN under the bus time after time. DG's love blindness has a wake up call coming and it's not going to be pretty. All that will be left of his love is the ugliness and evil done. I totally agree about the fake SJ not getting herself involved with SH and JE. The girl knows JE hated SJ and has shown another face to her family for years. I think she learned her lesson the first time and is only there to apologize to JH. She's not there to risk being sent back to jail by committing another crime. The only way she could possibly make up for what she did to JH is to warn her about JE. Someone has to get the ball rolling in order for JH to wake up and start seeing JE's real face.
  15. The truth can be revealed a number of ways but my money is on granny. She found it interesting that HN was a foundling. The mere mention of HN or just being in her presents makes her light up. It would not surprise me if she mangers to get HN's DNA just to satisfy her own mind curiosity and heart. .While SH and JE are running around trying to keep a lid on things granny just quietly brings her granddaughter back from the dead.