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  1. @Winetu @baduy Agree. Why didn't YR follow up on the toothbrush DNA? Why DJ didn't ask Maya regarding the brooch? Typical KDrama to have it drag on forever. So, YR has destroyed MY's marriage and gets her revenge against him. However, what about her revenge against JW? Now that JW knows who she really is, there is no way YR will get her revenge, not when her emotions get into her so often. And for her to find out more about Bom is all more difficult now. I have a feeling that DY will be in coma for a long time or probably loses his memory so that YR will get the blame for hurting him. With him lying coma in bed, there is no way for him to divorce JW. As a result, it will give JW's more power to control Weed and even against HJ if she starts to protest against JW's extreme power in Weed. Only then would DJ has to fight against JW instead of his brother. I would prefer to see JW attacking YR, teaching her what revenge really is. JW will not have any emotion gotten into her unlike YR. I like Mrs Eyepatch. She is so much smarter than YR. I hope YR wont get her and her husband into troubles. As for the doctor. I really pity him. I like him initially. And I was hoping for him to fall for YR and that YR will end up with him. But when the irritated mother and daughter team went into his life, it has made him a fool. Must the scriptwriter make him a clown?! Sigh! YR, please wake up your senses! You can no longer fight against JW so easily now! Sigh once again!!
  2. @Jackie1048 I believe the real Maya has passed away too. Bom was adopted by HJ to replace the real Maya in order to reduce her misery of losing her daughter. Beside, Bom was so cute when she was taken away from YR. Anyone would have fallen in love with her. In one episode when JW was scolding and shouting at Maya (Bom), HJ who happened to walk into the living room, simply stopped JW from scolding Maya. If Maya is her real daughter, I am sure she would scream back at JW. But she didn't. This is evident that Maya could be Bom. JW hates Bom a lot as she is the reason for her son's death. However, the reason of adopting her is simply to keep her handy in case Gaya need something from her, like bone marrow or any organ as Gaya himself has been sick since young. So JW doesn't want the same fate to happen to Gaya, having to find suitable donor for him if he needs it urgently. Bom is ready for him anytime, anyday. Now that MY knows Bom is Maya, I am afraid that something will happen to him to prevent him from revealing it to YR or HJ. I hope YR ends up with DJ instead of MY although MY still loves her. By the way, what will happen to YR now that her real identity is exposed? Will she go back to the jail? I really don't like her revenge. Her emotion is always getting into her head. I really feel slapping her. Sigh. Another thing which I find it stupid. DJ didn't notice the obvious white board showing the revenge plan hanging on the wall when he entered YS's room. And yet JW was able to find it when it was hidden with no difficulty. Someone wrote that this drama is 50 episodes. Well, I really hope so, maybe slightly longer but definitely shorter than 100 episodes. I hope it won't drag until it becomes boring to watch. I have not actually watched every episodes yet. But I do come in here to read the posts. I appreciate your summaries and comments and actually enjoy reading them. Thank you so much.