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  1. OMGosh, i can’t get over this drama... one of my most favorite thing aside from all the quotes in the book is about the love progression between dani and eunhoo.. this is such a mature love story with so much giggle.. not over the top.. hahahaha i love all of their scene together especially their dates.. but my most favorite part is thelending when they outted themselves to the people.. hehehe i have been repeating the scene over and over again just to see the surprise look from dani and how proud eun hoo is of her being her girlfriend. i love how this transcend success of women in the workforce..
  2. This is such a well written drama.. and it really touches your heart... i empathize so much with KDI and i wish i have a CEH in my life who will be there for me during my ups and downs.. what is nice in this drama is the very realistic approach to life, the career womens flight which we see everywhere.. the different facade of women in the career world. I love how this drama doesn’t have this cliche thing about rich man poor man, mother against relationship... what what.. this is such a light but super heartfelt drama which makes me cry and laugh.. kuddos to lee jong suk and lee na young super great actors. I am now watching his other works and looking for hers too. Love love this drama.. i thought i will not be hook on another drAma after whats wrong with secretary kim but alas this drama hook me up that i even livestrEam the show without understanding anything.
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