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  1. I'm really scared for Da-in. They show what the first three item does. But what the other two do? there was a book and bottle of fragrance. And how Se hwang got them. Or even know's about them. And why on earth is the piano above water. And again money and power trumps the law.
  2. This is totally awesome drama. I'm so hooked.
  3. finally watched the episodes. this was weirdly good.
  4. So I started watching this drama and straight away I was hooked. I love this kind of drama and thriller dramas. Rom-coms aren't my cup of tea anymore. I totally hate the mother. I mean how much a richard simmons a woman can be. Stealing your own children money and then sell one of your child. everything is still mess I think they are going to be mess awhile.
  5. I really recommend watching the original. way better. And there is actually love between psychopath and bad detective. But i get that korean aren't that bold yet. Maybe someday. But even though I did drop this drama I'm going to watch to the end. Because I like this kind of drama's.
  6. @sushiliciousYeah I'm thinking of watching. I like watching Jihoon and Kang woo dramas. I kind of dropped this drama so I haven't been around. But still I somehow I have managed to watch almost all the episodes. Maybe bc Shin ha kyun is really good actor. But this drama made my realise that I don't like remakes or that I have too high expections. Some remakes I like but when korean makes remakes I usually don't like them.
  7. You know I really liked this drama when itstarted to air but long the way it came too much. Maybe I expected better. Or that I love the original so when this drama had so many changes I lost intrest. I still haven't watched the latest episodes and I don't even know if I want to. But maybe I should watch the rest episodes.
  8. this was amazing drama . one of the best dramas that i hv watched in long time. this was real. Thank you to everyone.
  9. today's bombsell I did not expect. But in someway it totally makes sense. too many secrets and lies and evil people. But i still totally love this drama.
  10. Finally watched latest episodes. Ester is total richard simmons. For now I believe that Dori is ester's child. But if they show that he isn't I will believe that also. Ester would do anything to become Aura madam. So it was the song and Sanha's voice that woke Sooho. I think he doesn't remember anything/
  11. Haven't watched the latest episodes so can't really write anything about them. But I 'm with everyone. This drama started really good but some where along it went south. Maybe bc JHM is still live. What is with korean dramas: there's always this one real bad guy. And ge always dies in the finale. OR maybe I had too much expections on this drama bc I love the original. Lee seol is rookie actress. So her playing ESJ( alice in the original) is pretty good.