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  1. Clips of MEC today
  2. Soompi Angels you rock ! Have fun on the encore tour ! @lisethvr I would take that as confirmation. But still news can add validation to their casting. I guess we need to either wait for MEC to finish its run or the 15th instead. JG and his youth. He's a living vampire.
  3. I dont understand a word but still it is hilarious @MadraRua LMAO that gif !
  4. I think so too. But waiting is really that long for April 17 to lock the confirmation. I want to cry. Apparently , the successors of Goblin had the ratings surged down . Not sure what happened there. But the recent drama Liar and the Lover also have low ratings on its pilot episode. Finally someone translated the article I posted above. The article is contradicting to the headline. So much of a click bait. But buzz is still buzz. JG is becoming more relevant these days. I am not complaining Yoo Ah-In, Jo Seung-Woo, and Lee Joon-gi to Lead tvN Dramas This Year *skipped unrelated* In August, Korean remake of Criminal Minds awaits you. Although there is no set detail yet, Lee Joon-gi is currently reviewing the lead role. Following the success in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, the next step Lee Joon-gi is to take is much anticipated, especially because he has promised to “star in at least one piece every year” for his fans. In addition to Lee Joon-gi, Moon Chae-won, Son Hyun-joo, Yoo Sun, and Lee Sun-bin are considering roles in the drama. source By the way, I think this is one among the reasons why casting news were on hold
  5. Video uploaded by Marie Claire. Gorgeous !
  6. Next week is the last week of march. Hope to hear some official news very soon , if their target date of filming is on April.
  7. I love your 100 things we love about JG ! And here are some good news
  8. JG 's Love in Sicily / Never Say Goodbye will premiere in Japan this April. Quick reminder everyone, please observe our forum rules most specially on not quoting images. Also please purge multiple photos using spoiler tag. This is to avoid spamming our thread. Thank you!
  9. @pixelsticks one of the reasons why they need to trim down the title and slash out 'Ryeo" , the title is too long for memory retention. Also , for the competition i would say the moon lovers was intentionally removed to have it not be confused with MBDC which is airing at the same time slot for SHR.(They used Love in the Moonlight). Network wars are pretty tense here. I think that is why they have the hangul intact . Maybe part of the contract with the producers. Not sure also if the producers have the international release to other countries to be trimmed into Scarlet Heart . Im looking forward on how the local tv show will deliver it because sometime they are fond of not showing everything on screen. I fear the Wang So Tarantino scenes shall be cut because of tv restrictions. I hope not. I was also concerned about the font but then, i think I have to tame myself and watch how the broadcast will fare ratings-wise. I hope SHR wins this time ^^. By the way, almost of IU's shows were shown in our country. At least she's recognizable here . She might be introduced as IU and not LJE . JG only have a couple of dramas, My Girl , Iljimae and Arang . This will be the fourth time that Im going to see his drama aired here. So who am I to whine?
  10. Thankfully they retained those BGM's , they do not want to do so much work since dubbing the drama is quite costly and time consuming I would make recaps from time to time, will share the ratings and feedback from viewers. Interestingly
  11. I will let you know what version they will going to use . I hope they will have to choose the SBS version. And I would agree. I am happy the station is still having more points in marketing this drama . Since the dubbing is already integral in kdrama viewing, the general consensus also appreciates the choice of dubbers they had for the main cast. About the songs featured in local broadcast, they usually choose songs that either a revival of old songs or compose a new one. This is because