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  1. VLIVE Early interview is up Summary / Transcript based on VLIVE Subs When we are filming i feel like we become our characters. It's fun to act our characters. I hope i can hit a drama from their energy-UHW What is different about Falsify UJW- our drama has a fun theme. All of the characters are twisted. We are all abnormal. There are funny portions in the drama. We're not only the stars in the drama. It can be a sincere and serious drama but it is fun. YJS-our writer is a new. The writer added lots of fun. The story will not be draining. There are situations in the drama that have occured in Korea lately. You'll be able to relate to it. We talk about things that you can relate. NGM- Ive' done a lot of works. The reason why i praise this drama because I think it's a very complete drama. Lee Seokmin is going to be funny in this drama . Are the lines of good and evil distinctive ? UJW-We always have dilemmas. We all try to select the good. YJS-There's a reason for everything. If first place in ratings - YJS - UJW will reveal the length of her legs (LOL) What do they think about the reporters after this drama NGM- I'mt not a normal reporter. I'm an active reporter. My role is dramatic. After watching this drama I would like kids to become reporters. YJS- my role is a normal reporter . We work close to reporters. I think the image of reporters will go better with this drama. DICE TALK FIRST DICE First impression to each other (NGM suggested) NGM -to UJW girls crush. She comes out a beautiful prosecutor even the hairstyle. UJW- i will gain from them (because two actors have hit dramas ) YJS- so unbelievable (to NGM) . He prepares a lot. You practice alone in the begining. When you meet for the first time you run the lines. I gained so much energy from him. I was so energized and excited doing a scene together. The first meeting was amazing. YJS- We trust each other. That's why I want to brag about them. SECOND DICE- How did you feel when you first read the script: NGM- Daebak UJW- Daebak. YJS- DDABONG !!! NGM- when i saw the script. i felt like i had to act to this drama.. I was feeling exhausted (after CK) but i feel like i have to take this drama. Im glad that I decided to take this. I was so happy. YJS- the script captivated the actors. The writer of this drama worked as secondary drama for hit dramas. Lots of actors want to work with this screenwriter. She actually filmed a cameo in this drama. NGM- each of the extras participated in the drama. THIRD DICE-about the staff/director UJW- They're very good. YJS- Cheer up ! NGM - Take responsiblity. HELPLESS TALK Awkward moments UJW-when i look fat in photos YJS- there are so many times. when my kids don't listen NGM- we wear comfortable clothes. when we throw away trash and we meet a fan. (LOL) Situation : headline but editor asks you to take down the article. (act it) YJS- (lol he counters that chief is his junior . gave up when CEO said. ) NGM - just agrees and did not argue (LOL) UJW- she argues about the content , talks about responsibility. (they sang together LOL) . She counters a blackmail haha 2nd Situation : your love interest sets you to a blind date. NGM- im not good at this . UJW sets NGM (lol) NGM - i like someone though. declines YJS- does he looks like a highschool student ? YJS sets up UJW How about UJW likes someone ? YJS plays with Nam Goong Mon (HAHAHA) he names him as Matt damon, Awesome and his name is Nam Goong Mon (LOL) NGM- YJS ideas are great. UJW- He writes songs 3rd situation eating with a friend. kid is screaming and playing in the restaurant. UJW- calm to talk to the parents NGM- usually we avoid it YJS-gives money (LOL) SELF CAM -37 % -- event for reporters/prosecutors - kissing scenes ? we can't say yet - there are action scenes -after the third episode--look forward to it -UHM /NGM wants YJS to sing for the OST -they are teasing UJW aegyo haha -end-
  2. Some excerpts from the presscon by media articles - Nam Goong Min talks about the ratings (10 % or 27 % or 37 % ) - However he is more anxious to portray Han Moo Young because of the immediate comparisons to his previous character, Chief Kim. - New nickname is formed (from the teaser ) "Kiregi" or Trash Reporter - Confidence rises on Nam Goong Min - Yoo Jun Sang pairing showdown - NGM wanted to rest after Chief Kim but he decided to take the role for Falsify because he find the character Han Moo Young interesting
  3. Re-watching the highlight , thanks @zi4r for the 1080 px ! Spoiler for CM US [By the way, thank you so much for hiding CMUS related topics under spoiler, this is for our chingus who didn't watch the original]
  4. It is truly a treat for original CM fans (I only watched seasons 1-7 and me myself is giddy to see some of the cases picked up by CMKR) and to non-fans as well. And agree with @zi4r , it was not too much of a spoiler . JG rocks in police uniform And Chae Won's angst After the 5 min highlight, finally Ki Hyung is given more life
  5. I am planning to create an english version of this poster for our first page, may I ask help from our chingus to translate the captions ? Thanks a lot ! About the poster
  6. @pixelsticks Announcement of casting happened during april so maybe he began training for Systema earlier then? The casting rumors about him staryed as early as February. Training for this discipline is no joke. Another reason to applaud his dedication as an actor.