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  1. Apparently he will be having two marriages here.
  2. Namoo Naver JG parade
  3. Actors from Song Jae Jung 's previous dramas will reappear Lee Seung Joon from Nine: Nine Times Travel Kim Eui-sung from W
  4. It seems like they wrapped up already ? Plot Twist: AOJ 's gold bars turned into bread
  5. Is this a healthy viewing habit of reading spoilers but not yet watching the drama like I am still in episode 7 ?
  6. It's from his movie Confidential Assignment More from Spain wrap up party
  7. ICYMI ☆ LawLawLand Playlist ☆ part 1: iamnot (아이엠낫) - Burn It Up [Video] [Lyrics] part 2:Babylon (베이빌론)- Memories [ Video] [Lyrics]
  8. Today is the presscon for his upcoming film "Inrang" / Jinroh. His leather pants are back
  9. We're on the roll ! Hopefully he accepts this !