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  1. I am back! About Ratings update: while agb nationwide and seoul ratings are consistent with the double digits, the 2049 ratings category of AGB marks TFP an impressive above 5 % since episode 15-16. What is remarkable about TFP is it breaks new ground for big 3 dramas because cable dramas draw the edge when it comes to the 2049 ratings. (Last drama which reached high rating was Encounter). 2049 ratings is used to for advertisers. So maybe , there are chances for the TFP cast to land a cf deal Highest one minute rating last night : oh well
  2. The drama ‘Encounter’ , a cable drama recorded the highest 2049 ratings. It is a feat that TFP reached 9.4 % ratings, a break through in terrestial kdramas . the peak ratings of 20% last night also came from this scene which is presumed to be the group scene that KNG was injured .
  3. @triplem following his career for ten years now and i say this again— I was laughing and in tears at the same time when I sAw this. The pun. I hope PD learned his lesson not to let KNG himself do the stunts . I really don’t mind a double. Even high profile stars do it.
  4. Funny that the knets reaction on episode 9-10 is not quite linear with the ratings that hit almost 20% in Seoul. I understand the frustration of some stating that the show got slower but i think so far the flow is still fine. The writer need to break down the characters specially Detective Koo who had revealed in 10th episode why he acted that way . The lost of his partner brought him to behave lesser concerned with how justice works in Gudam. Also Kyung Sun. I still don’t know what makes her stick to corruption and power. What motivated her? The drunk Haeil is another side of him that we don’t know. Just how vurnerable he was when he went beyond his limit. His state of happiness is quite sad to watch.
  5. While i enjoy KG swirling and looking cool with that black priest robe- i still worry when i confirmed his final ending scene in episode 10 that it was his own stunt (yep i replayed it slow mo frame by frame haha). He already has rib injury in 2014 for his drama Shark and this could have been a repercussion . Gosh Namgil you’re 39 not 29
  6. While this one is supposed to be hilarious, it also showed another stage of Hae Il's 'anger'. He really lost it this time. He was so calm before he did that kick. CJES posted a zoom in version of KNG's long legs , heh.
  7. He is really the stubborn actor that I know of He always have injuries during filming : I am quite shocked when i saw his stunts for this drama. Lee Honey was not joking when she mentioned about how serious KNG is during filming of his action scenes.
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