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  1. More photos from Go Yoon's IG. What a bunch of happy people ! MORE BELOW
  2. Seems like SBS denied the first issued article. Kang Hana did audition but the role was not given to her.
  3. Star scholar Joo-won is official royal babysitter for SBS’s My Sassy Girl
  4. CM will have a different timeslot, they will stick on the 11 PM block because of the gravity of the scenes . The 9 PM block is a new time slot of tvN to catch up with their rivals. Mon-Tue block Circle - 11 PM Sat-Sun 9 PM Secret Forest -> Deserving of the Name (Secret Forest will follow Chicago Typewriter but with the change of time slot and air dates from frid-sat block to sat-sun) 11 PM Criminal Minds
  5. The leads became emotional after the drama ends ~~ And our writer ^^
  6. Random ~~ Did I just watch the raw. It was a beautiful resolution. I am loving it. See the writer achieved her goal of storytelling without depending too much of the plot device of time travelling. As I mentioned before, the writer humanized the story thru the character-eccentric way. That is why we only have one Park Kwang Ho 1986 in order to have the ordeal much stronger . Rather than seeing different versions of Sung Jae and Yeon Ho and the rest of the team, the writer had remained them as is. Thus she makes this story as compelling on her own by not complicating things . This is still saving Yeon Ho overall. Because from the moment Sun Jae met Yeon Ho , both will end up in danger even without PKH 86's arrival. That is because of JH who will first be the one to meddle with the crimes. Even if that will be solved, (we know YH will be saved, thanks to Dr. Mok's interference) , later on , YH and SJ will still be in danger because JH did not admit those 1986 crimes. All the casts did their job to bring each characters into life. Underrated actors/actress, everyone. The future lies ahead. The theme of which Kwang Ho would walk on through his lifetime. He may have go back to 1986, but he have the burden to solve the case and finally catch Mok. At least, there'a a chance for Mok to face all the victim's families. We are aware that some of them have waited for so long . (The old woman in a coma ) . Either way, KH is with his family. With Yeon Sook and Yeon Ho. He would witness Sung Jae growing up and will take medicine. And by the time he reached the age of 60, he will be called 'Grandfather' by his grandchildren .
  7. I think there will be a SWAT and EOD integration and Hyun Joon is capable of both. What is excitement . July is not so far away.
  8. Oh I was not aware about coolreborn. But anyone knows what happened to her ? Maybe @mrdimples would also know ? I will update the first page then. Yes, I noticed the less postings in JW thread when I remember it is one among the hot topics in this thread. Hopefully fans will go back again when his drama premieres. @airplanegirl thank you for the translations !
  9. Kim Nam Gil And Kim Ah Joong To Lead tvN’s Upcoming Fantasy Medical Drama E. Kang May 19, 2017 Tweet71 Share590 Reddit Share SHARES661 Two fantastic actors will be collaborating on a new tvN weekend drama, “Living Up To One’s Name” (working title). The drama’s production company revealed on May 19, “Kim Nam Gil and Kim Ah Joong have been confirmed as the male and female leads, respectively, of the tvN’s upcoming Saturday-Sunday drama, ‘Living Up To One’s Name.'” This fantasy medical drama explores a 17th century Joseon medical practitioner who travels through time to the 21st century and encounters a modern-day doctor. Kim Nam Gil takes on the role of Heo Im, an acupuncturist of great skill who is blocked from living out his talents by his sad reality, until he ends up traveling 400 years into the future through an unexpected accident and finds himself in the center of Seoul. This particular character is based on a real-life figure of the same name, who existed in the same era as Heo Jun, a highly respected court physician from the Joseon Era. Heo Im was the mind behind many developments in acupuncture. Heo Im and Heo Jun are revered as the leading pair of traditional Korean medicine in the 17th century. Meanwhile, Kim Ah Joong will play Choi Ahn Kyung, a third year cardiothoracic surgery resident who hides secrets and her emotional wounds deep in her heart, behind her cold yet showy exterior. A perfect career woman who knows how to balance work and fun while being self-sufficient, she refuses to accept acupuncture as a legitimate form of medicine. When she meets Heo Im, she becomes swept up in a whirlwind of destiny. “Living Up To One’s Name” will be directed by Hong Jong Chan, of “Dear My Friends” fame, while the script will be written by Kim Eun Hee, known for MBC’s “The Queen’s Classroom.” It will premiere in August, following the end of “Forest of Secrets” (tentative title). Source (1)
  10. Kim Nam-gil, Kim A-joong to star in ‘Myeongbulheojeon’ Updated : May 19 2017 Kim Nam-gil (left) and Kim A-joong (O& Entertainment/King Entertainment) Korean actors Kim Nam-gil and Kim A-joong will return to the small screen with the upcoming tvN’s drama tentatively titled “Myueongbulheojeon.” “Two actors have confirmed their roles. Nam-gil will play Heo Im, a doctor from the Joseon Dynasty, and A-joong will play Choi Yeon-kyeong, a doctor from the 21st Century,” said Bon Factory, which produces the upcoming drama. Nam-gil, 37, is expected to show his acting prowess by playing a comical and hypocritical doctor. He has starred in various dramas and films, including the MBC drama “Queen Seondeok” in 2009, the SBS drama “Bad Guy” (2010) and the 2014 historical adventure film “The Pirates.” A-joong, 34, has proven her acting skills by appearing on numerous big and small screen projects. The actress starred in the 2006 rom-com movie “200 Pounds Beauty,” the SBS medical drama “Sign” (2011) and “Punch” from December 2014 to February 2015. “Myueongbulheojeon” is a fantasy medical drama. It tells the story of a male doctor from the 17th Century who, born to a concubine and skilled in acupuncture, travels 400 years into the future. He meets a cold-hearted modern practitioner and falls in love. The upcoming drama will air in August as the sequel to the upcoming drama series “Forest of Secrets,” which will premiere on June 10. By Jie Ye-eun (
  11. Hi @Go Seung Ji, i already created the thread for this drama. I will merge this with the other thread.