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  1. Now we have one song to be included in LawLaw Land Playlist I am not 's BURN IT UP They have a groovy sound
  2. Hah. So I was right before that there's a possibility that this drama will tackle 'sensitive' topic in Korea, thus the fictional city they created.
  3. With Secret Forest director and QIHM/Nine/W writernim, my expectation goes a notch higher after I saw additional information: Executive producer(s) Cho Hyung-jin Kim Sang-heon Same team who produced the hit My Mister . So far the show is one among the high quality production , aesthetics wise. I guess the same method of filming will be adapted to MOA's. source
  4. tVN twitter has no chill (Click the photo to lead you to their gallery )
  5. Done with first episode ! Faves: The short live tattoo appearance PD knows the aesthetics of an action drama. The wide angle shots, drone shots, the close up shots (during jiujitsu) you name it. So far I like the editing.. Wheew. Jiujitsuuu---- The young actor Sang Pil is good with a short appearance for the flashbacks. Chemistry is on fire between Ye Ji and Joon Gi. Of course we already know There's Subway as PPL on episode 2
  6. Thread is locked because there is no confirmation yet of at least one main lead. Please contact me once there is confirmation. Thank you.
  7. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    Yup finally I caught up with the episode already , thank goodness with the one week allowance One thing for sure this drama would really drain your emotions to the core in each episode. I am looking forward on how episode 13 jab me again. Notable convo in episode 12.
  8. Here we go. My boss is out so I can liveblog (whatever important stuff we can get from the presscon ) - the 5 minute preview (or 4.35 minute ) is shown *gunman also live tweets
  9. The writer created a fictional city in the first place so I expect some controversial topics to be discussed in this drama with the creative freedom ? Note also that our main villain is a female. So let's see if they will align this premise to what happened during the past 3 years in SK government *coughs*