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  1. We miss uri Joon Gi ! And those smiles !
  2. @RayB the soundtrack leaves a different feel in that smile, it became creepy haha! @jongski I agree ! And I think he really did take roles that he didn't touch yet. His interview says so . One thing is for sure. He won't be wearing the same suit as Nam Gyu Man . Because the last time he went to go for a 3piece suit I felt a little creepy when he smiled.
  3. Thank you @larus for creating the thread, I am so excited. Seems like he already signed up for Falsify even during the Chief Kim event. @RayB he did shine as Chief Kim , shedding of the Nam Gyu Man image he had. I am curious on how he will pull this new character in order to isolate if from Nam Gyu Man or Ahn Dan Te (he's a lawyer in Gong Shim) I watched Cheon Woo Hee in One Day and she looks promising. I like her acting there. And if Jeon Hye Bin will confirm, I couldnt ask for more
  4. Haha I guess Lee Sun Bin will be the CM SNS Ambassador for now. JG is mainly on hiatus in his IG , while Chae Won didn't have an account for now. Meanwhile, JG reached 2.2 followers despite the commotion surrounding his dating news.
  5. News about their first day filming. Slot is secured. It will be a weekend drama, to air Friday-Saturday. 11 PM (?)
  6. SHR is currently leading the ratings here in my country, with an average of 70 ads per episode. We're on episode 8 this week.
  7. Namgoong Min Currently Considering Role In New Legal Drama Previously a news agency reported that Namgoong Min will be taking on a role in SBS’s “Fabrication” (literal translation) as his next project. Not much has been revealed about the drama besides that it will be about a reporter and a legal prosecutor. On April 19, Namgoong Min’s agency 935 Entertainment released an official statement clarifying that the actor is currently reviewing a role in the upcoming SBS drama but nothing has been confirmed yet. Last month, Namgoong Min wrapped up KBS 2TV’s “Chief Kim” where he received a lot of positive attention for his comically refreshing role. Since then, many have been anxious to see what project they will see the actor in next. Source (1) Namgoong Min: The introspective actor with a gift for comedy by tipsymocha excerpt
  8. Hello everyone ! We are looking for new volunteer to take over the managing of YAI's first page thread. Please sent message me if you are interested. Thank you !
  9. Something we might have missed gif/
  10. There is indeed kactors/kpop socks being sold in Myeongdong. My sister posted a photo of it and I was literally laughing . ^^ So he will be reprising the Derek role. Seriously any bits of CM makes me more excited for this drama. JGIF translated his message from the photo
  11. posting from JG thread. This will be exciting. Tho we already assume a Derek role for him ^^
  12. What a lovely episode. The last time an episode like this tugged my heartstrings was when Joon Young made his comeback. Definitely the best episode when there are no guests but the villagers themselves. There's more spoken sincerity among the members interacting with the locals. The dinner game is executed with warmth when the members appreciated the home cooked meals . They are celebrities , bachelors who has no time for such (except for Taehyun maybe) to eat but fast food/western food. It was one among those dinner games that you just want them to see eat together, share their food to each other without any member singled out . The poetry contest of the three ladies are very touching. Specially that at their age, they are still challenging themselves to learn how to read and write. This also sends a deep message to the new generation of not taking the opportunity to learn for granted. War, poverty, arranged marriages hindered them to learn of which the younger gen are not deprived of this current age. I hope the PD will have a concept executed in this kind of direction. I thought this trip will be a boring one but I was wrong.
  13. Stills from the blog Will highlight what we seldom see from the show