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  1. After episode 2, I guess the tone of the drama shifted from lesser bloodshed and focused more of who Park Il Do is . And finally the exorcism ritual is shown. I like how the writer introduced the entire idea of the ritual through Choi Yoon and not from the first two priests (episode 1, Priest Yang who denied Hwa Pyong is possessed) , and Yoon's Instructor Priest. Some of the details pointed out that being an exorcist priest is not your ordinary daytime job: (Suggested reference : the film 'The Priests' where there's a hottie priest too ) 1. It requires strong will, nightmares challenging your wit. It may technically shown that Yoon only have nightmares that night dreaming about his instructor. But I want to think this is not his first time. 2. Will drain your energy. Literally the demon could possess you too . I actually expected Yoon to be conversing in Latin/Italian while casting his prayer during the ritual. Maybe I asked too much Additional notes : how to perform exorcism which episode 2 have executed it fairly good. Ratings
  2. Finally, done with this drama. It is soooo good !
  3. Hyun Bin for Rampant. He looks so gorgeous with those robes !
  4. Posting this separately : Some observations of my overthinking on visuals 1. The number 12 on Hwa Pyung 's can signify Biblical interpretations . In the Bible , there are the so called "The 12 Prophets" or "Minor Prophets" found in the book of Hebrews . 2. Hwa Pyung's manifestation of his 'premonitions' were through dreams , most likely he is half-asleep when he sees Sohn . [Similar to Joseph The Dreamer ] Some info I found: The ritual mention was /Byeolsingut / . I am not sure what among those enumarated in this website the ritual was used in the drama. But I posted the entire text anyway for those who want to read further.
  5. The best thing that happened while watching this drama is with headphones on. Such a feast. I am more an auditory person so the sound effects on this show give me more chills than visuals. Me on episode 1 How can I take this show seriously when he is here ?
  6. Hi everyone , as precaution , I have hidden some of the videos containing major events for the story under our /spoiler tag/. We don't want to compromise the production's efforts if they find out that those videos keep on circulating thus may affect the quality of the drama. Even the fans who sent food support to PSH and the rest of the actors know this protocol. We can show bits here but please be cautious. Thank you. ^^
  7. LyraYoo

    Jung Kyung Ho ♥ 정경호

    Seems like there is no udpate yet about his casting . I hope he will be confirmed by his management ^^
  8. Jung Kyung Ho Reportedly In Talks To Star In New Drama With Yoo In Na TV/FILM Sep 11, 2018 by yshin Jung Kyung Ho might have picked his next project! On September 10, several sources reported to media outlet YTN Star, “Jung Kyung Ho has been cast as the male lead in tvN’s upcoming drama ‘It Feels Sincere’ (literal translation).” Based on a novel of the same name written by Korean author Jager, “It Feels Sincere” is about the romance between a lawyer and a top actress, whose life goes downhill after becoming caught up in a scandal with a third generation chaebol. She fakes her position to become the lawyer’s secretary in order to star in a famous writer’s drama. The drama will be headed by producing-director Park Joon Hwa, who recently directed popular tvN drama “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.” In the drama, Jung Kyung Ho will play Kwon Jung Rok, a cranky and successful lawyer. Yoo In Na is currently in talks to star as the top actress Oh Yeon Soo. If the reports are correct, Jung Kyung Ho would be entering into a new work right after the finale of OCN’s “Life on Mars.” In this drama, he played detective Han Tae Joo who travels back in time to 1988, where he works with detective Kang Dong Chul (played by Park Sung Woong) to solve cases. “It Feels Sincere” is slated to air at the end of January 2019, after upcoming drama “Boyfriend,” starring Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum, which will air this coming November. Source (1) Top Photo Credit: Xportsnews (Soompi News) ------------------------------------------- It seems like the news circulated is not 100 % certain about JKH (sorry, i got too much excited like you ) For the meantime , I will be locking the thread until further confirmation of casting is complete. The main site of the drama has no confirmed cast of characters yet, including JKH.
  9. I guess I am too late for the party . Thing is I am enjoying the discussions here (I am already on episode 4, and reading pages 10-11 ) This show is so good may I say. Also the one thing that strikes me the most is how the director captured each frames with fantastic visuals, the 1988 is becoming more real as I go on. I am not sure if this was already discussed, but will spew this anyway: Had anyone observed (or I may find out during my progress on this thread) about the red room presented in this drama? Also the same color used in each victims since episode 3 . Red nailpolish, red coat, red scarf . And red jersey of Tae Joo. There are other interpretations of the scenes of Tae Joo hanging out in Insung club:
  10. FINAL REMINDER Please be reminded to read and observe our forum rules. It has been noticed that spamming is prevalent on this thread by not following our basic rules when it comes to posting. Please note that a previous reminder was already issued on this thread. 17. Use the spoiler tag for multiple images and videos. When posting images and videos (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, gifs, etc), if you have more than 3 images and/or videos, the fourth image/video onward need to go into the spoiler tag. This facilitates the transition between pages and enhances the user experience for those who have limited data caps. Please do not post consecutively so as not to spam the thread. Posting means one hour interval after the last post. We only allow consecutive posting in less than one hour time on kdrama threads during liveblogging. This is the final warning. Any succeeding violations will be ground for temporary closure of the thread.