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  1. Or changing it to an icon of the most disappointing drama/ dropped drama you have watched in 2017 . or your OTP that never came true (in drama or real life) The torture is real.
  2. bet on TWO KISSES One kiss for the after separation (Yes there will be , I'm smelling it ) And one reunion kissu for the finale. (I am thinking a lot of QIHM these past few days).
  3. Hi Hwanjas 환자 ! (Patients who are addicted to LUYTN haha ) Just a quick reminder : Please stick to our forum rules to be remain ON TOPIC to avoid spamming on our kdrama thread. You may however discuss stuff about KNG and KAJ on their respective forums: Also, you are free to open a thread for the shipper's paradise (Captain, anyone ? )
  4. I was thinking I have errand tonight (again) I hope I can catch up with the livestreaming !! @lmang460 you know how pissed we are if the kiss is a CLIFFHANGER More stills from the blog Love the colors.
  5. While we are mainly focused on the nationwide ratings, the seoul ratings is consistent too (and this matters a lot to broadcast companies , ehem * ADS * ) And yes, the thirst is real
  6. OST Details I really love this shot. It speaks a lot about their dynamics and character development.
  7. show is almost over, I think I'm ready to change my avatar we only have these. sorry i am so petty at this point ? but waeeee
  8. I was wondering the moment he stopped posting on his facebook . The last time was in 2016 his birthday. And after that he also stopped taking photos (he posts photos thru gilstory IG) . And that explains now that he admitted about his depression last April. We may not know how long. However, this is not the first time he admitted such. He already confessed it in his Into The Wild book: Content Page 020 Goodbye SoloWhenever filming wrapsI feel exhausted and might fall sick too.After concluding <Goodbye Solo>departing from the character Ji Anmy heart aches so bad.I went to see a psychiatristdid not feel like meeting anyone. In that period of time my height increased by a palm’s length even the accumulated snow has melted.Concealed povertybetrayed friendshealing the wounds aloneJi An who is always lonely.After taking Soo Hee away from Min HoJi An said“If there is one person in this worldwho understands me, that would be great.”After saying that lineI cried for three days.However Min Ho said“When you want to throw away, throw away anything, but lovejust try to stop there.”If not for that sentence by means of Ji AnI might have given up on life. ------------- So just imagine how many times he endure such after QSD, Bad Guy , Shark. Pirates was the breakthrough but he still accepted another role where he dies (in Pandora, and maybe in Memoir of A Murderer (?) ) . @belva (I surely miss her she was active before but have no idea where to reach her now ) was generous to translate most of the contents of the book. You may read them here https://kim-nam-gil.livejournal.com/20206.html