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  1. I know this is really random but there was a scene where the empress was cleaning her room with this orange vacuum that I have been seeing in all the recent dramas LOL! If you guys notice every single drama will have a scene of them cleaning their room with that... But if she's an empress why is she cleaning on her own??? haha Anyways - Jang Nara is so great in here esp when she's sad or angry, I didn't see much of her old dramas before but really like her in this one. Can't wait to see more as the story progresses.
  2. This drama moves faster than the wind and I can't wait till next week! There's so many subplots going on right now. I wonder what that nanny is up to and why did the late empress pass away that makes the King so mad thinking of her. And how will CJH and JNR get together in the palace, what about the younger brother of the king? Will the grandma pass away??? What is going to happen!! ahhhhhh
  3. YGS is great and so funny in here! I'm kinda glad that they casted him instead. He looks really young for his age too and match with KYJ so well since they both have baby faces. I can't wait to see their relationship develops!
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