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  1. marinated_lemon

    [Drama 2018-2019] SKY Castle, SKY 캐슬

    I know it sounds cruel, but if Hyena died by herself (not by murder or manslaughter by any of SKY Castle residents), things will be better for Kang Joon Sang family. All of them (minus Ye Bin) will benefit from the tragedy. But this is suspectedly murder, right? Anyhow, knowing Hyena, I wont be surprised if she really jumped by herself. She is very smart, very determined, very brave, manipulative, opportunistic, doesnt seem to be afraid to die, and doesnt have anything to loose.
  2. marinated_lemon

    [Drama 2018-2019] SKY Castle, SKY 캐슬

    That is true! Thanks for correcting! 6 actually makes more sense. Perhaps Ye Suh and her sworn enemy will make up afterall. 6 eps is enough to do that, dont you think?
  3. marinated_lemon

    [Drama 2018-2019] SKY Castle, SKY 캐슬

    My favorite family is Jinjin's family, because it is apparent that they always love each other, be honest to one another and whatever happens in the office or in the neighboorhood, they always return to their family (despite everything). They dont abandon their family, or ignore them. They all work for the family - the daddy being a good minion in the office, the mommy pulls her hair off to get her son better grades without cheating AND safeguarding her hubby's career (and being open to him about it), and Suho tries pull himself together to study although it kills him. Haha. It is soooo funny when he tried to explain to his parents about a basic formula slower. Whenever these three together, suddenly the tone of the drama becomes comedy. Hahaha I love Prof Cha as well. I guess I understand why he ignored Seri completely now, because he still feels so hurt. He must have felt so miserable inside. I hope these two can get back together soon. Applause for the twins! I tell you, Prof Cha is so lucky to have these two. They may not have perfect grades, but they are reliable, and they takes care of their daddy when he hit rock bottom. They even cooked (well...ehmm...provide food that is not ramen, -although it came straight from the can. Hahaha.) when their mother is sick. They didnt rebel when Prof Cha got back on his feet and resume his way of teaching to heal -instead of making peace with Seri. I love the twins. I hope they also got their happiness. I mean, we are on ep 14 already! We have only 2 more eps! Just for the record, however pitiful Hyena is right now, or however bratty Ye Suh is, I am not siding with Hyena for the reason that she has always been this cocky kid, even before her mother died. I guess that came from her daddy's genes. Her dad is always cocky and act almighty in the hospital too, unless when he has something that he wants. But I guess it takes one Hyena to annoy one Ye Suh, because I cant imagine how the world would be if there is no Hyena and only Ye Suh. I wonder, can they simply be friends??
  4. marinated_lemon

    [Drama 2018-2019] SKY Castle, SKY 캐슬

    I agree, it is unlikely that Kim Hye Na killed herself to frame Ye Suh. Though Ye Suh seems like this bratty, explosive kid who always seem to get whatever she wants, I dont know if she reeeeally will push Hyena off the balcony like that, and when there are so many people in the building. I think it is more likely that her coach is the one who do it, and blame it on Ye Suh, who said on the phone that she wants to killl Hyena. If coach's ambition is to get Ye Suh to SNU and ruin Ye Suh's family life, this would definitely be the way to go.
  5. marinated_lemon

    [Drama 2018] Wok of Love (Greasy Melo) 기름진 멜로

    So....after watching the last ep this week, I realize that it is definite that Poong and Saewoo are destined to one another. Poor DCS. But anyway, he might be thrilled to know that he has a mother who is actually there for him all along. That chef who hid poong's recipe...I wish he pays for being so sneaky with practically everybody. If only that gum lady has magical power to switch his life with that big shrimp crushed under the wok.
  6. marinated_lemon

    [Drama 2018] Wok of Love (Greasy Melo) 기름진 멜로

    But it is interesting how she is more inclined to move closer to poong who always acts so prickly and mean and push her away rather than with chilsung who is always open and tender and reach out to her. Poong pushes her away because he is always harsh to people, and plus, he thought she is married or not over her hubby yet. Chilsung always act kind and tender to her because...he just couldnt help it, i guess, especially also because he thought she is dying. Now that he knows the truth that she isnt dying, i guess he will keep being kind because it is his nature to do so. I mean, this guy is not a bad person from the beginning, even if he is a gangster. He protects people. These two boys are so in trouble, but so does saewoo. I think she doesnt know to whom her heart lies, for real. She is closer to poong because she thought it is impossible that he likes her, while chilsung is openly shooting heart eyes to her, making her fear that if she returns the favor, she would be in real trouble then, because she is not over with na o jik. Sorry for the long post. Thinking about ep 14 while typing is really a bad habit, perhaps. But this show is so adorable, i keep watching even if i dont know where it leads me. And btw, it still has lots of homeworks to do, for instance: 1. Who is the gum lady? What is her significance that she keeps popping around? 2. Update on saewoo's dad case, pls. 3. Chilsung back story 4. The fortune cookie and why do these people believe it so much? I bought a bag of fortune cookie before, and all i do is keep opening another one. Hahahaha 5. What do the boys do now, now that most of them are jobless? Back as gangster/bodyguard? I mean, dcs seem to be more capable in defending himself than these bunch.
  7. marinated_lemon

    [Drama 2018] Wok of Love (Greasy Melo) 기름진 멜로

    Since Poong and Chilsung are besties now, none of them end up with Saewoo. Saewoo is off with Buster, who had just got his cancer totally cured after he kicked NaOJik to oblivion. The End. Of course i am kidding, but i wont complain if the writer would be willing to include that last part. *cough* I am chilsung-saewoo supporter, but i know there is a chance that i might be disappointed. But anyway, whether saewoo ends up with chilsung or poong, these are still better possibility than having naojik suddenly came back and gets back with saewoo.
  8. I have not watched ep 10 but after watching ep 9, I realized something ...Lee Joon Hyuk (dr.Ye) is VERY flexible. I mean, look at that dance! Did he used to dance?
  9. We are so early in the series that it is hard to tell which one is the otp, but I am so glad that they ended up with these casts, as they are all perfect for the characters. I absolutely love Jang Dong Yoon's Min Ho. I seriously cant imagine anyone else saying "I'm kidding" without wanting to slap him left and right. For his Min Ho, it feels as if he is just clueless about what he truly wants, childish in a way, but not a jerk. I also love Lee Joon Hyuk's Dr.Ye, as he makes all these silence feels thoughtful (I might be exaggerating here, but oh well. Haha) and his smile like a hidden treasure. So precious. Nothing to say about Lee Yoo Bi. She is perfection for the character. I also the all the other characters.
  10. marinated_lemon

    [Drama 2018] The Great Seducer, 위대한 유혹자

    Just watched ep 12 and I wonder if there is something for Se Joo at the end of the tunnel for being so good in waiting, because while Shi Hyun is chasing Tae Hee, he seem to be 1. Still having problem back in the house 2. Still likes Soo Ji but stays still 3. Still hiding his true face (Dear Se Joo, you are the observer in this conondrum, and you are not as stupid, childish, or shallow as what other people think. If only you would show your real face to your best friends too. I wonder what would happen! Shattered friendship? But then again, perhaps it will wake them up a bit, dont you think? Right now, their only escape is each other's company. If Shi Hyun is going out with Tae Hee for real, Soo Ji will have nowhere to turn to, I think. Nowhere but Se Joo. If it was up to me, Soo Ji should just get over her feelings to Shi Hyun. She has been dangling him like a bait all these times.) I hope he gets his happy ending in the end, because he is the most unconfused one of the three, imo. And why does soo ji doesnt want her feelings to shi hyun revealed? Im still confused.
  11. Hi @frozentundra Thanks for sharing the pictures! The last picture looks very refreshing. It has been such a long time since the last time we saw this couple. But I cant help but wondering...she looks different in this picture. Is it make up, or did she go through certain facial fix?
  12. marinated_lemon

    [Drama 2018] Misty 미스티

    I have just watched ep 16 and SPOILER ALERT
  13. marinated_lemon

    [Drama 2018] The Great Seducer, 위대한 유혹자

    @anipanch The guy playing as Lee Ki Young was in While You Were Sleeping, played as the police officer who was about to commit suicide by drowning himself on the lake after his brother killed his boss (lee jong suk's dad)
  14. If I was one of the casts, I would want to bang my head against the wall upon reading THAT script for finale week. Interview? Yeah. Perhaps even if intervoew happens, we would just say...sad that it has ended, but happy that we have given our best (unsaid: despite of the sh**ty closure) But then again....they can also be busy w other schedule after the wrap up. Hence interview becomes difficult to make happen.
  15. Reading all your comments on Hwayugi final ep, my conclusion is that Hong Sisters needs an upgrade on the story finale department. They weaved such light and nice drama, with smart words pun etc, BUT THEY JUST CANT DECIDE WHAT KIND OF ENDING THEY WANT TO GIVE, and ended up giving us this festering pain upon watching the LAST ep. Or for me, last TWO EPS. Yes, I am still unhappy with how they wrapped up the very last scene of BIG And now THIS??? Come on, why did you make samjang made that stupid decision trapping SOG that btw goes nowhere and made her ended up dead? Geez. I mean, how she asked sbr to trap sog and how she fought kds alone and died just like that really infuriates me. I am also surprised that the end for KDS and ASN is just like that, after all that they did. Dear writers, do you realize that you dilly dally on things? Also, they really need to invest more on CGs. I have yet to watch ep 20 but after watching ep 19, i dont feel the need to watch ep 20. What a waste of time. I am so sorry for the wonderful casts and crews that are put up to do all these in the middle of winter. Really, whoever come up with THIS story should do better job next time. That ending IS NOT ENOUGH. STOP DILLY DALLYING, and btw, dear viewers, after all these, do you reaallly really want them to come up with season 2? Jeez. Not for me. Why? Because I cant guarantee that there will not be any season 3 due to their lack of willingness to give us CLOSURE. They have their chance. 20 ep should be enough to give us witty, well planned closure. But what is this? Samjang died in the most foolish way she can. Octopus also died just like that, after weeks of nothingness, and so on, and so on. And after ep 20, i am sure i will have more things to complain about, so i am not watching that, thanks. Plus, that (supposed to be) epic battle is really microscopic in value, noting that it only takes less than 5 minutes to be over with, and has really mild action too. Seriously, show? It really feels like buying frozen meal that looks delicious on the packaging, only to find out that the beef is miniscule, the rice wont cook properly, and the sauce is half-done. EDIT: OK now I have read ep 20 on dramabeans, but I dont think I will watch it though. Bittersweet is not for me, although how ASN and kDS ended is 80% satisfactory (I actually wish for crueler end for ASN, but hey, I would take anything as long as she is gone). But upon reading ep 20, I know why you guys are asking for season 2, because it really feels...unfinished. I would say that hwayugi is a great light drama. I would suggest new viewers to skip ep 19 and just read recaps, because, really, how jsm died is so infuriating.