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  1. After watching ep 16, I'm more confused than ever...after resetting the game how come JW was sent to the hiding space whatever? We know SJ did so during the game to hide from danger but since the game goes back to square until new player log in, why does JW disappeared...or do I lost it altogether. Frankly I loves the Granada scenes the most. Once they return to Korea beside HJ-JW scenes I find the rest of the story dull & boring. I'm nkt surprise if the writer is as confuse as we as when she wrote the ending
  2. I think CB genuinely care for Minglan as much as Rulan despite having different mother. When GTY said he's interested to marry one of the Sheng girls, CB asked him directly which one but GTY reply in general manner. CB told him clearly, ML's marriage matter is out of his parents hand, let alone his, but since GTY still ask for his help, he assumed it must be RL since he still cud convince his parents to accept GTY. GTY also gave vague abt wanting a di daughter as his wife, dunno if CB knew that ML has been registered under his mother's line or it might slip his mind abt it...of cos now we know GTY purposedly confused CB by implying RL when he truly wants ML...
  3. Actually tho they werebrefered as cousin ML with her siblings & Pinglan with her siblings are 2 cousins. Their fathers are cousin, their grandfathers are brothers...therefore tho they are related they are not from the same immediate family. Pinglan has 2 other siblings, her eldest brother whom they refered to this Sheng side of family as 1st brother/big brother or Da ge, 2nd sister, Er Gu Niang & the youngest sister Pinglan whom they refered to as 3rd sister, san (3) since she was the 3rd child of her father. I can see why many got confused and jumble up the family because their 2 family siblings numbering seem to match each other. In eastern culture its common to use this kind of numbering for siblings in one family especially if there are many siblings in the family. And for this Sheng, tho they referred as cousin, they are already distance cousin, especially when they dont live together.
  4. Why did both reject the offer from sbs to accept the one from tvn? My answer: Probably tvn is more liberal than sbs that allows hb to eat up lips peacefully & also they get to travel abroad, since abt 50% of the drama were filmed Spain & other countries.
  5. Here's the thing.... Its already hours before ending & JW is still going nowhere with his findings. Tho he manage to complete his mission & letting SJoo out of his hide out, nobody seems to know where went wrong with the game, not even SJoo himself. If JW survives, what's going to happen to him irl? Its bad enuf he has CHS death above his head & being a prime suspect of his death, now he has a dead Professor in his hotel room. If that's not enuf SJoo wud lives his life remembering he killed Marco. So how is writernim going to end it all & make everything ok for everyone? Or the best possible ending without anyone, JW, HJ & SJoo dead? Cud it possible what Emma did was to reset the game, not to kill JW? Which mean if the reset was done properly, it will turn back everything to its original starting point of the game, before the first player log in into the game. And the first player wud be either SJoo or Marco. If so everything will return back to the time before SJoo & Marco even approach CHS & JW. If it happen this this way how nice wud it be if JW as the winner wud be the only one who remembers everything, the rest didnt remember anything, thing goes back to the time before he arrived in Spain, so he did everything he cud like: 1) divorce Yura quickly since he already knows what she did & he intend to look for HJ 2) Goes to Granada to meet SJoo before he goes to see Marco. 3) Immediately offer to buy Bonita hostel from HJoo, thus buying the games right & then starts to court her. 4) Stays in Bonita hostel on the 6th floor but brought along a truck of cleaners to do up the room & kill the rats 6) Before playing the game he did test run will all his expert programmers to ensure the game is safe to play. I still think Marco is the one who planted the bug & change to game to be dangerous 5) Return to Korea with HJoo & her family, marry her & live happily ever after. But can they do all that in just 1 hour?
  6. Yeah, by ep 15, she shud already tie up the loose end instead of creating new issues with Sujin unknown reason for suicide attempt, Prof Cha died in JW's hotel's room, Emma cleaning up virus from JW's heart, Seju returned without lengthy explaination exept he's been hiding for the whole year, with him still looking & wearing the same as he did a year ago...I wonder what he did during his hide out, like did he eat & poop at all in the whole year? And my biggest disappointment is that in the 2nd last episode, there's no JW-HJ moment at all. Since the story got all haywire, at least let us see more of JW-HJ. What a waste of chemistry. BTW, since Seju didnt know what went wrong & who put the bug into his game, cud it be possible it was Marco who planted the bug? He did so to ensure whoever bought the game wud be dependant to him & he wud threat to get a lot of money in retun to de bug the virus.
  7. Its the same, just when romanized the Chinese character, spelling can be different due to dialect etc....its just like when you spell colour as per UK English and color as per US English...
  8. 2nd & 3rd are their brothers CB & CF. The number is in the order of the Sheng siblings. If its a girl she will refered to as Young Miss, its a boy he is Young Master. So the order of SH's children are 1. 1st Young Miss Hualan (Da gu niang) 2. 2nd Young Master Chengbai (Ar ge) 3. 3rd young Master Chengfeng (San ge) 4. 4th Young Miss Molan (Se gu niang) 5. 5th Young Miss Rulan (Wu gu niang) 6. 6th Young Miss Minglan (Liu gu niang) The number is just the order of siblings in the family regardless their gender
  9. My heart skip a beat seeing the name "Choi" there ..I guess somehow I become allergic to the name
  10. I dunno much abt HB. Beside MoA I only watch him in MNIKSS, TWWL & SG which was long ago so I dont remember much his interaction with his leading lady. I do remember in MNIKSS his leading lady was KSA who is his senior & experience actress. He was very young & still shy doing intimate scene & KSA used to tease him a lot. Anyone know how he was with SHK & HJW bts? Did he make cheesy jokes like eating lips with them too? Also I see several leading actors who went filming overseas end up together..infact HB did too once after filming in Singapore, tho their relationship lasted for only 2 years. To the name a few... Anyway HB is kinda transparent when it comes to relationships. If he does have a relationship he wud acknowledge before Dispatch caught him, like when he freely admitted his relationship with KSR. Also the time with SHK, he admitted to the relationship when someone notice he was on the phone with SHK while they were in a different city which he cud outright deny if he wants to. And that's one trade I admire which I rarely see in K actors...to put priority on his gf's feeling over his popularity.
  11. I know PSH since her STH days, since she started as a child actor she's quite comfortable with people on the set, stafff & actors. Despite her femine looks she's a little boyish at time & often goof around with actors her age on the set.But she hardly flirt with them, she was just being comfy with them...however with HB, she seems a little different...she looks & behave very femine/girlish...a bit flirty (not in a bad way)...maybe she's fangirling HB too. Anyway my point even if she has bf, an actor too, but still is it ok for her to be cosy & comfortable touching with HB even when they're not filming? That not to mention spending at least 3 months overseas in 2 or 3 different countries, also from what I heard, when filming in different countries, only actors went together, the crew & staff were different in each country,, which made the actors aka HB & PSH get even more closer..
  12. So long there's no legal certificate between them, why not? Who knows what will happen tomorrow I'm stepping in the ship too...
  13. Honestly in the beginning I wonder if I wud want to watch a drama full of women's rivalry, but after I started, I just cant stop. I think all actors & actresses are perfect for their roles. I hate Molan but I like the actress who play the role. She nail it.
  14. More than the dowry, I suspect granny used another way to convince liang's mother to accept Molan. Remember Minglan already told granny what she found out abt Liang's son's womanizing habit. I bet granny in turn threatened to exposed abt her son's dirty laundry (having a mistress pregnant with his child) that no respectable family wud want to marry off their daughter to the Liang's 6th son.