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  1. Holy cow @feliset. The actor is allowed to be old. But man no wonder I was looking at those and going " mama mia " there's something wrong with the scenes. Here we are with the fresh 19 yr old male lead. And his college friends. Then we hit a patch of older OTP. Can't remember those 2 at all in the Kdrama version. Even DMS sister is older. I am not a young kid watching a drama. I can recognise older actors when they are their age. Oh well. Back to another drama until this week's episodes are subbed.
  2. Are we due to hit a happy patch this week? I missed last week because real life was busy. So I ended on ep 25. Then snuck into ep 32 which was the graduation scene and the whole Caina arc. Is this Terence supposed to be there? Or handsome? Is the actor supposed to be older? Because he sure looks over 35 hitting on a 18-20 yr old. It just looked pervy vs romantic. I have watched all previous TW, JD and KD versions. So was waiting for a happy patch before restarting. Was ep 26 to 31 good as in there are happy moments? This MG version seems to have a very resistant SC. How much convincing does DMS need to do? Much as I am a fan of this franchise... even I am wondering what I am misinterpreting wrongly. Did all the other versions male lead have to fight so hard and long?
  3. I actually haven't watched ep 57 to 66. Waiting for a free time to do so. I did ep 35 to 56 in one hit over a few days last week and it wasn't as frustrating as some people seem to find it. Hoping that a marathon would help. Since the spoiler photos seems to have aggravated a lot of people. Thanks for all the explanations. Once this is over going to finish off Meteor Garden. Then take a Chinese drama break. It takes too much out of me with so many episodes which equates to many suffering episodes. It just gets dragged on and on and on.
  4. Will ep 65 and 66 be subbed this week? Or next week? can I have at least 3 good episodes recommendations? I don't watch much Cdramas. I did watch TMOPB when I started Fuyao as a breather when things got too intense here. So can anyone recommend 3 Cdramas for me? Thank you. . My Mandarin has improved during the course of this series. So I should be able to watch the raw since I can't work. But all this angst is not my cup of tea. Can I have a good looking male lead and a pretty kick richard simmons female lead drama ending episodes to watch? Before I watch Fuyao? I need to detach myself before I watch Fuyao. Unlike some of you immersing yourselves in it. Thanks for the company. Despite everything it has been very nice to catch Ethan again. And I did like the other cast like the Gao actor so didn't mind their stories. But need to find another drama when the doctor acted and had a good role. He was good and decisive in Ten Miles. But seemed so much less attractive here.
  5. You know Kdramas keep all sorts of medical diagnosis from family members. But for a father's girlfriend/ de facto partner to tell her stepchild's boyfriend's sister her brother has a biological child is too much. I am scratching my head trying to work out what justification does a person need to feel to interfere and actually tell a stranger that sort of personal info. Springing a child confirmation should always be told by the new parent. See how many degrees of separation there are? Thanks go @chasen8888 extremely detailed summary I can still follow the drama. Why does the lead actor always choose such weak plot dramas? I don't mind DH and JH. And now even MS in relation to JH. But thank goodness for summaries which enables to skip parts I can't be bothered to follow. I mean I can't even be bothered with the ET romance. Which is unbelievable since I actually started this drama because of those 2 actors. Oh yeah SH's boss and the boy. The writer is writing a plot full of inappropriate characters anyway. I don't like making sexist comments but a female subordinate who keeps meeting a married male superior for personal drinks and conversation is a leading plot device in any other drama. Except here. Even a male would normally be wary of being so involved. I am not being old fashioned since I actually do talk to my male colleagues about family issues but we talk within a public work area where anyone can pass by. Not away by others. The boy? Don't know about the drama side of things but the other Korean toddlers in Seoul do hug and kiss each other especially with friends. They did it to my kids anyway. They were kind of adorable holding hands. I especially love it when they follow the noonas. But the parents usually are there to initiate it. And I see it on the K variety show Superman returns.
  6. Did you guys have expectations from this drama? I am still at ep 57 and probably will finish ep 60 by tonight. I haven't been irritated watching ep 35 onwards from Monday. Folian is irritating yes. The Queen was OTT in most of her episodes. Everything was so tv dramatic that I was laughing quite a bit. I was more curious about the torture method for the Lady Wan ( or whatever her title was ). Then how many candles could the production possibly use? Or the super wide, dry as a bone and clean prison corridor. Or the random cloth covered table and chair in ep 57 that Wuji was sitting on. It was just a pathway not even under a pavilion. Or the beautiful couple pose WJ and FY made posing against the railing overlooking the bridge when she was the Queen. But irritated with the characters. Not so much. I just wondered who did the actual stabbing for the First Heir. The Queen or Folian. But man some of you are so irate. Did we seriously come across a beautifully written, logical characters and correctly cast drama that often? There are so many badly carried out dramas that I just don't hope for much. Then am not disappointed.
  7. Do you all want a happy ending more or a bed scene? Looking at all the comments. I just watched ep 35 to 56 in 4 days this week. Looking at all the crying emoticons today, should I keep ep 57 to 66 in one hit then? Since I still don't know what happens in ep 57.
  8. I just watched ep 35 to 6in 3 days. And wow are there no other actors in China? I never watched a single Yangmi drama until Fuyao. Watched Ten miles because of Fuyao. And wanted to look for a new drama right? And I stumble on yet another Yangmi drama. But she is with the Gao guy as her ex in this new drama. Isn't it ewwy playing 3 dramas in a row with him.? More importantly he is an ex boyfriend. I don't think my brain can take him being Donghua last week. ZBY and the cheesy lines this week. Then them kissing next week in the new drama. My stomach is churning thinking about it. I normally am ok separating real vs reel life. But how in the world did I accidentally pick 3 Yangmi dramas in a row? And how come it has the same cast? Well I can see how much storyline the 2nd leads have. But since I was watching it zoned out. I finished the whole ZBY and YLZ arc in a few hours. Corny, cheesy, cringy and predictable. But kinda cute.
  9. I actually don't mind ZBY and not fussed if the focus is not on Fuyao only. She is not an analytical character but a reactive one. It is kind of tiring watching her. It's like keeping an eye on a toddler who will hurt himself or herself. As long as the ending ends with the OTP I am ok with the meandering detours. It will end soon enough. I have been pretty distracted with the ostentatious army units clothing in this drama. Can't work out why they have to have bulky shoulder pads and be as gaudy and tacky. I presume that they want troops to stand out in a Cdrama. A drama no matter how frustrating is less so when I only invest 2 months of my life in it. I get pretty peeved when it is a 2 episode per week Kdrama. That wastes 6 months of my life. The Legend of Fuyao has been pretty fast moving to me.
  10. I purposenly took a 2 week break and it's fantastic. Watched ep 35 to 42 Mon/Tue. And I have ep 43 to 56 this week. And it ends next week right? None of the frustrations over draggy plots. Or hanky girls. How's the show going? I had watched TMOPB while I was a Fuyao break. And I keep seeing ZBY doing the bulging eyes scene in ep 42. Thèn he was the cool Donghua in TMOPB. What a difference. I ended up laughing at him doing the bulging eyes/ grimacing scene. Nothing is irritable when you are zooming through 20 episodes in 5 days.
  11. Hah. I don't even watch NetFlix until recently. And only subscribed for my kids. But now discovered %€#^%_€× that Netflix licensed dramas which are not subbed eĺsewhere. I went to the main torrent site where all subs go and there was still no Life subs. Guess I will wait. Only because I am so busy my dramas are backlogged. I have about 26 episodes of 3 dramas to watch before 4th Aug. I am a medical drama viewer so hope subs are good. Otherwise would just watch raw. Extremely excited over the calibre of the cast. But have zilch expectatiòns over the story. Kdramas makes being a doctor or a judge so good that every time I watch one I am tempted to have my children aspire to those jobs. Then the actual reality hits when I see real doctors and judges. Lol. My kiddo or toddlers currently aspires to be a garbage truck driver. Maybe I should ask them to drive the Truck of Doom in a Kdrama instead. That would be steady employment.
  12. I think whoever has access to viki subs should watch the wedding scenes with the song lyrics. I swooned all over again.
  13. Did I just watch a rom com watcher's dream rom com drama? Ì think I just did. Did everyone get their romantic ending? Geez the visuals for the ending scene was unreal. On a sidenote, was that the most lavish wedding scene you ever saw on a drama? I only see that when I see photos of celebrity weddings in SK. Was that a hotel PPL or floral house PPL? I was extremeĺy distracted by the floral arrangements. It is a hotel wedding hall PPL right? Last note. The stylist for PMY's wardrobe has been superb throughout. I have never seen her looking so good. And the colour choice for the bouquet inspired. Not talking about the OTP. Otherwise it will just be just incoherent whimpering about how the writers/PD just poured on the sugar on the romance in this drama.
  14. Thanks @pristineqi for doing that. I was trying to get over the hump that is Wuji being separated. There was so many hankie girl cursing last week that I wanted to delay this week till next week. I am hoping there will be some hope or happiness. In the meantime went to Oh My General and back to TMOPP. I knew the spoilers for Ten miles but it still sucked. I am quite quite in love with Donghua and Mo Yuan in that drama. Then I come back to ZBY and I am appalled at myself how unattractive he is here. The voice dubbing doesn't help. I have Dr Zhong being manly and decisive in Ten Miles and then this passive aggressive personality here. That is why I wanted a whole 10 episodes to immerse myself in the Legend of Fuyao next week. Fuyao is killing me because it is 8 episodes a week. Then the other is 58 episodes. I won't say what's my job but lets just say for my own sanity have to avoid Cdramas. I am so tired and dopey in the morning. Which is not what is responsible working. Once this is done am going to be a good girl and actually revise some work related procedures. However there are so many good looking actors in a Cdrama. How in the world do you all finish such long dramas? When I say actors I mean both males and females. The stories or standard are so engaging.. And somewhat coherent. And no sudden scene transitions.
  15. Can one make a fake passport with all the security features? Including chip entry.