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  1. I just finished the episode. This may not have been my favourite drama but the last episode ranks amongst my top favourites. The writer actually wrote about life after the happy ending. Impressively she managed to get the characters to stay true to their personalities. OJD and HSJ are truly adorable together.
  2. I say for someone who has been quietly skipping forward ep 9-14 do I finish this drama? Or should I skip the ending?
  3. Bugger. Knew there was a reason I was avoiding the soompi thread. Read the spoilers. I was looking for ep 9 stuff. It is SPOILERS first. Then news. Not the other way around. And there is a spoiler tag when you write a reply. In case you don't know it is there. Don't worry about tagging me. I will avoid this thread again. Been so good and been away for 2 weeks because of spoilers. I do understand it is an adaptation. But seriously I don't watch a lot of original series outside of Kdramas. Never understood viewers who do then compare endlessly when it is then a Kdrama. Or put spoilers everywhere when they do comparison. Some of us like being surprised. Otherwise where would the fun be in watching a new drama. One of the joys of a Kdrama is the loveline. Now I find the Korean character has 3 love lines. Gah. Blech.
  4. Did the director improved by ep 3? The scene transitions are jerky and he does order a lot of close ups. The directing is driving me mad and I am only in ep 2. Does he really have to have the camera person walk, have all those too close camera scenes then the jerky pan out movements? It doesn't not feel procedural it feels like amateur cinematography. The actual autopsy parts are not very informative. Baek Beom is very showy and they didn't really show the autopsy as it is done. Can't quite put my finger on this drama. I do hope the procedural parts becomes better. Because the female lead is acting kid of dumb. I am in episode 2. Like who doesn;t know the basics to a crime scene. Plus she does not know the procedures. I was hoping that this would a real and tense drama. Can't they make the autopsy room brighter or less showy? This is Seoul if I know big cities there has to be more than 1 coroner on duty. Plus it has too many fancy gadgets for a govt agency. The cliches are too cliche. His office? How many years of backlogged files can there be on his desk. Once a case is reported he doesn't keep the notes anyway because notes are handed over to the prosecutor. Or filed. Just putting piles of paper as props in the coroner's office does not imply a busy coroner. It just gives a feel that the room is untidy. If he is so meticulous he won't have so many case notes piled up. Somebody please tell me the procedural parts gets better by episode 3 right? Those autopsy tables have drains to drain off the blood and there are preservative/ formalin smells in the room. Unlike hospital and theatre tables, it is different sleeping in the mortuary with multiple dead bodies in the drawers. Plus it is just ewww sleeping on the table. No amount of disinfection will remove the smell. Plus your eyes hurt from being exposed to those chemicals. It is not glamourous like the director makes it to be. Or is it the writer? Seriously which insane writer thinks that the staff really, absolutely get rid of all the blood from the drainage area underneath the table? The director really has to stop with the close up shots, it is making me nauseated to the point where it is hard to watch. Plus the camera bops up and down like a variety show filming. Does he normally direct his dramas like that?
  5. I tell you what, at the end of the day the person I feel the worst for is actually the physio Park. He is still hard working but not paid enough to support his family. His wife doesn't seem very nice. He still has the twins and the expenses will increase. His poor mother is still back in the hometown living by herself. And self suporting but not complaining. With the DIL's attitude she probably won't even see the grandsons much. So yeah, pretty endings and optimistic endings for most of the others. But for Park- because this is or what could be real life- his future looks kind of long suffering. And I really feel bad for his mother.
  6. Did the chicken come first or the egg came first? Did the writer pick the last poem first? Or wrote the episode then looked for the poem? Man just for this might download the whole series and rewatch. Now do I have the time to actually input Stroppyse's translations into the subs? Instead of having the mundane ones. I especially liked the poems in the beginning, the one on the parents ( that made me tear up ) and rhe last one. Not much to comment. But just to say that the ending suited the story. WBY's life is more than just meeting YJW. I am so genuinely happy for her character. I don't need to be shown more lovey dovey scenes. With her work attitude and both their personalities feel so reassured. YJW is so straight and responsible and caring. He will look after her tender heart. Ah.. has a viewer even been more satisfied? At this point can't think of any other time when I have been as satisfied with a character's consistency and her life directions. Have to do a final shout out to the radiology duo. Might have shed a few emotions. A la fanning the eyes like everyone else did when BY got a permanent job. I presume I haven't misinterpreted anything? I am still at the raw episode and not read any spoilers. Wanted the full effect and not be distracted by reading any subtitles. Addit... Stop Press @stroppyse I will wait for the last poem. In fact am going to manually input your or rather my 3 favourite poems manually into the subs. So when I rewatch it I can read it. I will probably rewatch this series just based on the poems. Rather than the romance although it has been very satisfying. But the poems are so apt. Even the one regarding instalment payments was so spot on.
  7. Oh wow just woke up to ep 16. Haven't read any spoilers. I had to pause halfway during the lunch scene to comment. I don't even know how to cringe on his behalf. Is that why the writer dragged on the jondaemal? Golly gosh Ye sangsaenim suits being called sangsaenim. His banmal just does not work. I didn't know where to look. No wonder his colleagues are horrified. Be interesting to see how it ends in the episode. I don't use banmal in my speech with anyone anyway since it makes me uncomfortable in case I accidentally am rude to someone. My speech is polite or more polite. So the scenes make me laughed. Park's whimpering puppy sound effects were
  8. Sigh I purposely didn't come here till I finished the episode. I am not worried about the 2 ending up together. What I am unhappy with is the whole tone of the episode. I don't think they will even separate but the writer chose to draw a huge divide between BY and JW's professional state or difference between their status. Ergh. I am still giving BY some slack their relationship is new and even I feel uneasy if a girl suddenly vomits all her worries to her more successful boyfriend. Trust takes time to build, she would have opened up to him eventually. The preview? The Ye line sounds secure and the MH situation sounded like an ending sort of scene. Like he has made another decision. However what I would like is for BY to take control for once. In the scenes. The writer gives SMH the character too much credit. WBY is the actual working adult. The Chief's attitude sucks by the way, I really dislike someone who is clearly trying to protect his hide but doesn't have the guts to admit it. And the hospital sucks as well. How can they employ a physio for 3 years and still leave her hanging? The hospital's director or HR's treatment for BY sucks. I actually want her to leave the hospital to another department that values her. Ergh. I am not happy with the mood in ep 15. I wanted a perfect drama I wanted to rewatch. Addit- I forgot to add the physio Park and his mother's scenes made me so sad. I was truly upset.
  9. Honestly when it's new love- or just started to date- who in the world shows the whole personality? Bad habits or honesty. I mean BY could be really nice but which girl would let go and be totally honest and free when it's only been 1 week? People don't even fart around a new guy and you are talking about talking about insecurites, finances or worries about the future of the relationship? TMI at this stage. Well, no real life girl anyway. Unless if the couple are not like childhood friends who grew up and knows all the deep, darkest secrets? That's my last spiel today regarding the whole love line. My honest opinion? I can't see why I can't enjoy seeing BY and JW together. I think they make a cute couple. Both devoted to the new relationship and genuinely giving it a go. Why do I have to think about the guy who gets rejected? No one is entitled to love or has a right to demand someone love them. For whatever reason ( namely the writer here ) BY chose YJW. SMH will just have to deal with it. He obviously isn't since we have all those remarks in ep 15? But really, in real life, when your new love is going well, the tired pessimistic, angry, resentful friend who doesn't support the new love? He's a very tiring person to be around with. It's not as if he is a serial dater? A player. Or a married guy. He's a single man, marriageable age, correct specs, likes her, seems to be considerate, likes the same things, seem to have the same principles at work, is well mannered, and doing well at his job.... so why can't WBY like him? Why why why why NOT? Lol. I am being silly, it's a Sat. Real life is too beautiful for me to be grumpy over a drama. If I was the mother in Pretty Noona who feeds me food I would like SMH. If I was the mother in real life, I would like Ye JW. Hahahaha.
  10. SMH has had a lot of screen time. What I am trying to figure out is if the writer wanted to write towards a younger age group for her characters. Like WBY and SMH. So the characters associated with WBY is YJW. And SMH is with NW. But somehow the writer became confused how to reconcile an OTP loveline with trying to juggle another main character- which doesn't end up with a love line. But has a group of friends surrounding him. I am quite used to the Kdrama plot line. The usual ones. But when a writer deviates then it becomes messy. Because we are at ep 14 and the break up didn't happen. Therefore we either have NO long break up. Or no break up. Since it is rare to have one so late. But that means a time jump is likely. But SMH's arc. The writer didn't focus on the family at all. And has done a lot of scenes with NW and BY. What is the focus? The loveline or the friendships? What is the writer's goal? And he has way more continual screen time than a conventional 2nd male lead. I am not trying to change the topic. In my job, which is sometimes very difficult, I have to put my mind in the other person's perspective. In order not to go mad or tell them off. Trust me when I say I literally told my colleagues I was counting to 10 before I could even talk to them. Because I had a patient illegally recording every interaction I had with her. For complaint purposes and everyone else was avoiding contact with them. And I was forced to continue because I had the first point of contact with her. Oh the joys of working in the public system. So I step back. Look at the drama as a whole. And I see 2 characters. WBY and who revolves around her. SMH and who revolves around him. Then a 3rd arc. The Radiology duo. In a nutshell. Am I wrong? Not about how the character feels or their motives. I am talking purely on the way ep 1-14 has gone.
  11. I am not going go wade into a debate about MH. Since some strong opinions have been expressed. I do not recall the exact words used by BY when she asked the 2 interns to change some filter or diffuser or whatever. But I don't recall her being overboard. Or harrassing anyone. * scratching head * why was it considered rude? BY has been a contract worker for 3 years in the dept. An intern is only there a year. I have new graduates rotating through my dept all the time. To be honest I find the 2 girls attitudes pretty off putting and arrogant actually. I don't need to see subservient or humble behaviour. But those 2 aren't the most hard working interns I have seen. They are actually pretty slack in my opinion. In every department they should know the routine. And especially in Korean society what things juniors do. In an office make the drinks or do a drinks round. I guess in a physio dept change the humidifier water. Or any equipment change or daily routine etc. Yes everyone can take a turn but we all know how life works. Medical interns take notes or at least to buy coffee in the morning rounds. And senior doctors pays for drinks. Dept head sometimes regularly pay for meals. That's how things work. If you want to side a character by all means go ahead. All of us have bias. Apple for apple? SMH is a undergrad physio on rotation. If a richard simmons head pulls a dangerous stunt such as driving a ATV fast and with fast turns and acceleration while the passenger screams? Not only will he be packed back to Seoul, have a lecture, have his Uni supervisor informed that he disregarded driving carefully and frightening an actual dept employee. Plus endangered another human being. And students such as this are usually place on a performance review contract to pass that blo*dy rotation. Clinical skills count. But in the drama his theoretical knowledge has been lacking. He did not show a keen attitude towards learning. And did not display teamwork. And ignored his colleague or hospital staff who was his passenger during the MT. He was also moping and not helping with the BBQ. Things that in Korean society the most junior person does. So yeah apple for apples? SMH will get an extremely low grading for that rotation much less disciplinary caution in his file. Plus his supervisor being called up. There is nothing so far in this drama that showed SMH's attitude as a student much less as a potential boyfriend that warrants praise. Now I am NOT bias against SMH as a 2nd lead or his romance. What I have written above is actually what would be a brutal clinical assessment which I would have given an undergrad on rotation. Because frankly I would have asked for their objectives for that rotation. And even without the writer focusing on NW and MH as students. But focused on their personal life including romance- those 2 actually pretty much suck as students. And do not contribute anything whatsoever towards the department. And students like that learn squat and usually aren't interested in learning. And I heave a sigh of relief when they leave. Because it is just hard work finding positive things to write in their reports. Don't tell me you guys can find praises? These should be final year students. And they pretty much suck. They are not first or 2nd year. Remember that BY has worked there for a few years. And the 3 of them met when in college. Terrible terrible attitudes. And work performances. And do not operate to help the team. Guess you now all know that when I write a good report the student is usually exceptionally good. I refrain from commenting on the love line. Because that is personal and people can behave in whatever fashion based on their history. Or mood. However personal feelings and endangering another human being should not be lumped together. Kill yourself driving recklessly it's your choice. But you do not put another person or animal in danger just because you can't control yourself.
  12. Where is the cake picture? I don't see it. And I did click on the Instagram.
  13. I just have one little comment. I went to watch about 7 episodes of the US Suits in one hit last week after ep 1 and 2. Because so many comments were written comparing it. I totally, completely regret doing that. Now that I am in ep 4 I am making myself confused because of the plot comparisons. And cast comparisons. And character changes. Even if I don't mean to do it consciously. It has ruined ep 3 and 4 for me. Thank god I stopped. I hope and pray the next few episodes are after the US ep 7. Because I am getting whiplash remembering the US plot and seeing the chop and change in the Korean drama. It is a horrible experience. Blech. I would have and should have not bothered and kept off the US series. Why did everyone put themselves through the comparison train ride voluntarily? I am giving myself a headache when I recall the US scenes then getting deja- vu when I see a snippet in the Korean scene. But it is from a different case. Or timeline from the US show. Never going to repeat this experiment again.
  14. Ok. Consider me late to the party but excuse if I am only now discovering who LYB's family members are. Eeeeee.... like * staring seriously at my phone screen * how can all 3 of them look so different? And wow her mother looks so young. The reason why I went out of topic is that I have been trying to find SMH's " character description on the tvN website. And can't find the cast list. Somehow the drama site doesn't load on my phone. I am so sick of excuses given for SMH's behaviour that I want to know his character's age. And what was the character description. However totally side tracked by LYB's mother and younger sister. And the fact she studied at Ehwa. The prestigious private women's Uni. I remember being so envious when I found an acquaintance or rather several studied at Ehwa.
  15. Oh jeepers @stroppyse I think your translation is wonderful. Cos' excuse me if I laugh because those of us who saw the subbed poem? Lol. The VAST difference in feel and mood is incredible.