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  1. @chisaholly thanks for the preview. It made me laugh. I marathoned so many episodes last week ; 27 of them that I can't really remember the scenes. So I am now currently back at ep 26 even though I have watched raw till ep 31. That is because I can't remember which scene the OTP had the ?slept together scene. But the preview made me laugh. I already don't like DFS and I still don't like him after reading the recap. But I am quite contented to see more of CY or DP or whoever he is called. So, the Xiao Xia story has ended? She doesn't end up with the young guy?
  2. I saw. Did BQ just kill off all the main families? LY is going to die and he is from Feiyun fortress. Mo is another big family name and the mother will die obviously and Mo is discredited. CY's father died so the treasury control is out of their hands. Mingyue the villain will die? DFS will die? The Zhu family is not of the main families. Who the heck is left? Of the influential families? The best friend is just the Commandant's son. So why would they need to hide? BQ just killed off all the competition. Oh you mean the KIng is still around to harm them? I am actually posting to ask about the subbing vs raw episode release since I actually marathoned 27 episodes in 3 days. When are the actual episode release dates and how many episodes per week? Because it was ep 27 last week and ep 28-9 are now subbed on viki. I now assume the 2 episodes were released Tue. But then ep 28-31 were released this Mon? But then I see ep 33 raw now on the streaming sites. I am so confused
  3. @AChng wow. Man. Well. Guess that shows I watched too many Cdramas. The problem is that I watch mainly Kdramas but I seem to spend a lot of time analyzing the writers plots trajectories. Based on what I know on sagueks- and I am no expert on Cdramas- you can see the various types of secondary characters in any set dramas. I wonder why I analyze like that. Work I guess since I usually ask broad based questions. Then do predictions or rather draw a probable conclusion based on current facts. To give future predicted events. But also because all dramas have patterns. And unless it is strictly historical and factual you can see the set up. But geez man. That sucks. Thank you for pointing it out. Guess it makes plot sense since we almost always have to have a certain number of endings for the various characters. And theirs have happened in other countless dramas. My only request. Let it be done well. It has to come with bitter realization. Resignation to one's fate. Lots and lots of sad, heartbreaking regrets. Why didn't he realize it sooner? Preferably not torture or prolonged pain though. Yeah. That scene better be well done. Not too long. Not too short. And have a proper ending. Hah. Guess you can tell I am a trained drama watcher.
  4. But why? Why does anyone have to sacrifice their titles? Its not as if they can pick their clothes up themselves? Look at his outfits changes during the laundry fiasco. All sarcasm aside, I just want a live OTP. In their roles. Living happily. No hiding. No identity change. No humble dwellings. No gray or brown drab clothes. No being charitable etc. Just a well off OTP in the nobility class. No lingering poisons in their bodies. No one dying or sacrificing themselves for the OTP to be together. But it doesn't happen in fantasy Cdramas I know. But I need to digress, so the OTP did sleep together then? Since I am at ep 27 subbed it would have been the last 2 episodes right? With episodes 28- 31 raw. And spoilers to ep 36, I am trying to keep track of my spoilers. So the bloody hands in the beginning OST are the OTP's then? Or did I miss the scene.
  5. Wowza that will teach me to come here. LOL. Man I am a masochist. Hi, I just watched ep 1-31 from Fri till this morning. So I decided to come here and totally, really totally regretted it. Why don't I ever learn? From a person who doesn't watch Cdramas I ended up watching Legend of Fuyao and it spiralled into 10 miles of peach blossom, Yangxi Palace and something else. I didn't watch the last 10 episodes of Fuyao because I didn't like what I read from the spoilers. Plus looking at this may have to hold off till you guys are at ep 45 onwards just to see how bad it will end. On the upside, I apparently like the male lead cos he had SUCKY romances in the other 2 dramas I watched last year. And this drama feels more light- hearted than the other Cdramas. Plus I actually like the 2nd OTP- the bodyguard and his friend. Plus I am curious if the other guy the Fuiyan palace guy and Dansha will actually end up dying. I have a gut feeling Dansha needs to die. Someone usually dies in a Cdrama am I wrong? She looks set up to sacrifice herself for him. Hahaha. Man, I cannot believe I did this to myself, I am so sleep deprived doing the marathon since I have a family and to reach the ridiculous spoilers for ep 32-40. On the other hand, my Mandarin has improved A LOT since Legend of Fuyao. Nothing like a few hundred hours of enforced immersion. Never heard so much Mandarin in my whole life consisitenly over so many months. My sane persona is going back to Kdrama land for awhile now to watch something GUARANTEED to have a happy ending. Cos' let me tell you guys NONE of the period dramas last year had a GOOD ending. That's why I couldn't watch the endings. In fact I switched from the main couple to liking the secondary couples in all 3 dramas. And Ariel Lin or not- this looks like another typical ( from my experience anyway ), of yet another crap ending. Don't even talk to me about the other one where the male lead DIES of poisoning. Shesh, is this typical of historical dramas? I don't know how you guys survive? I continued for this because of the male lead. Because I saw the crap endings he had in the other 2 dramas so I presumed he signed on for a drama where since he is the male lead he ends up with the girl right? Right?
  6. @stroppyse no it was good to read it. I was brought up this way but since I never read about these teachings didn't know it was called Confucian way of life. Well I conveniently forgot what I was taught in school. Anyway that's why it is more interesting when someone understands Korean. Because when it is subbed the American way you lose the nuances. I must say my heart gives a little jump whenever the characters switches from formal to informal or see how chilly another person can be when calling someone higher ranked. If words could kill it will be Koreans talking subtly using all the correct form. But the social form or rather Kdramas may have influenced me in a negative way. Because I now doubt sometimes if people are praising me because of politeness based on my age. Or are they really sincere. I am talking about being praised by other Koreans. I cannot literally cannot or used to criticise someone older than I am. It took me years of deconditioning to do it. But when I meet another Asian or Korean I can't do it. I really can't be impolite to them. Honestly not kidding here. I was always taught to respect my elders. By the way it took me that long to finally watch ep 16. I didn't realize it was almost 90 minutes long. It wasn't as bad as I thought. Maybe because I had weeks to cool down over it. However it didn't pack a punch. I read somewhere that OS loved her mother the most. More than the male lead. The comparisons or examples of how in love OS was with her mum made me laugh. It was so true that's why I stopped being resentful with the ending. He was always going to be 2nd best anyway in her thoughts. Acting aside I am impressed the actress kissed so much. She obviously agreed to it but I am impressed she is willing to kiss properly. Since she is so young and talented I have hopes then for her future dramas. There is another actress whom I quite dislike. Ok maybe more than a few. But they have luck or success in being cast with successful actors. So I am forced to watch the dramas cos' I like the story or the actor. But those dramas are always totally ruined by the utterly lame and limp kissing scenes. So believe me when I say I am so happy she is willing to kiss. There. Blunt and brutal. But that's how I really feel. Since I have watched her in Powerful Opponents and thought how talented she was even back then. Well another drama done. A bit disappointing but it was ok. Not as good as I had hoped. But not entirely bad that I won't recommend it. I liked the actor since 3 Meals a day. I was so fond of him there.
  7. I spent most of ep 1 admiring YIN's body. Or her profile. Or legs. Or her luminous skin. Man she's gorgeous. And yes I like men. I like them a lot. Hahahaha. Just kidding. Just that YIN and PMY are killing me in their " secretary " office clothes. I've never been so distracted before. Plus yes I didn't watch the trailer so almost fell off my chair laughing at the parodies. I normally don't read the viki comments but purposely switched it on just to see the reaction from others. Watching Oh Yoon Seo acting sincerely ( crying and emotional eyes ) watching herself acting badly as a bad actress ( with the fake sadness and tears ) was doing my head in. As I knew it was YIN who can act PRETENDING to be a bad actress. It was just too much for my brain.
  8. Meh. I see the raw. I read the spoilers. Think can leave it till later. Nothing exciting to watch if they only got together at the end. What a bummer. Happy Lunar New Year to everyone. I have to cook NY breakfast and ep 16 doesn't sound exciting enough.
  9. Thanks for the translations. Well that is a bummer. I now have no drama to watch. Haven't watched the last 2 episodes of Encounter. Then only ep 15 of this drama. Too bummed to even criticise the first and only dark hospital room scene and it came with a magnificent view. And a patient who is not in intensive care. On a sidenote, since this is rare; we did have a car vs a cement mixer truck accident yesterday. God if I didn't know people who actually did a medical rotation in Korean hospitals would actually believe the drama ones.
  10. The problem when a thread moves so fast if you come once every few hours you can't find the post you want. Has anyone read and can remember what the KNetizen commented about ep 16? You know the posts where someone posts the translated comments?
  11. Where is the photo of Dae Chan clean shaven? Thanks. Also very nice gif of the kisses. Pity we don't have one post with all of them. Do we?
  12. I watched ep 16. No complaints there regarding the pacing. I also finally looked to see who's the writer and PD. Omg so few drama credits but wrote such a good drama. I liked some of the writer's movies as well. But the director. Yikes. Directed a couple of my favourite dramas. Yet directed a couple of my most hated dramas. Won't mention which but one of them still made me curse till this day. I suffered having to help with the subs and team for it. But man ep 16's scenes were not rushed. In the sense that the pacing stayed consistent with all his previous episodes. Smooth transitions and all the little nuances were captured. I am sure having a confident writer and good cast helped. Like DC imitating Secretary Jang's speech patterns. Using the playground again and again. The pan away scene with WS alone in a rich house but being all alone. The open door scene for the gallery. Not just the mother running a gallery but opening the door daily to her new life. JH's mother staying consistent to her character. She didn't suddenly become happier; she showed remorse consistent with what she has been throughout. Everything for her son's sake. The team interactions made me laugh. I need to go rewatch JH's 1st day at work again. The closing sequences of images- the artwork one- they symbolism are so spot on. The voiceovers. The note inside the bouquet case made me squeal. The details captured by the writer and carried out so well by the PD elevated the whole story you know. Good acting cannot save bad directing and a crappy story. Sigh. This has been a good drama. And to think I didn't start it early because the storyline sounded kitschy. I now have to go back and watch ep 15. I refused to watch it first.
  13. Couldn't resist read the spoilers. Or rather the recaps. I am posting to thank you for the amazing recaps and gif. Its like watching the episode. Happy with the outcome. This drama can be rewatched then. And I would advised it with the viki subs the songs are subbed. The OTP are an amazingly beautiful couple. But thank god they both act ( talking all you bad casting in other dramas here) and had a good story to tell. NICE. Now I can download the whole thing and recommend it to my mum.
  14. NICE. Twins. Absolutely no other reason for it. Although hellò, its the 24th Jan. That's ridiculous even by live filming standard. Yeah go JH mum no grandkids for you meanie. @stardustvoid I am off to sleep so no deep profound answer. How about the fact she misses him? She never loved before and he is her first love. And she always had guts before when she succeeded in the hotel. Maybe all JH had to do was ask her to believe in herself and her feelings? I am not sure if I want JH's mum to suddenly feel regretful and go to her. Maybe now that SH has resolved her own issues with her parents, let go of Taegyeong- which I am sure were mentally draining- she has enough energy to fight for the relationship. In real life when someone has many stressors, a little thing can tip the balance. For SH maybe it was JH's mum. But once all the other obstacles are removed JH's mum won't seem as overwhelming? Sorry this is me in work mode. We call this a situational crisis at work. I don't think we have time for any other thing other than SH misses him so much she can't live without him. And a persistent, confident JH who won't give up on her. Plus I guess- since this is a Kdrama- there HAS to be a photo moment somewhere where they snap a photo of her. Or a photo of them together. For completeness sake. If the writer is thorough and pays attention to details. To bookend ep 1 and ep 16. Night. Yawn. Been up 21hrs.