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  1. I stopped at ep 21. Can someone please tell me which ep I should restart just to watch either a proposal or wedding? Thanks. I am not going to watch the whole thing. No time. And it doesn't look good when it is NWK.
  2. @lonetwilight really? The lipstick I mean? Yes I did go to her old dramas and literally stared at her lips. Couldn't work out why it looked almost the same then when I watched the episodes, the colours are so strong that it is literally distracting. Well yes then it worked. It looks so plump that it dominated her whole scene. And this is not an answer to your comment... are long dangly earrings the trend now in S Korea? Or YEH started a trend in SK? Since as far as I know it is winter now and snowing. And she is older... YYJ. I guess it can be fashionable with a younger crowd. I am older and for the life of me can't work out how a rich actress who technically should be having a cordi is dressing in such clashing colours and ageing style. What's her name Kang dresses too boring. Then YYJ is mostly in strong colours. There's a reasonable number of females in my work area and age range. So we do have suits, skirt/ top combo as well as people wearing dresses. That can be feminine or formal. Even taking in the mix of formal occassions vs casual occassions ( there might be at least 50% Asians mix at my work ) the stylist for this drama has appalling taste. I am not a banker or a lawyer where we have to dress ultra conservatively so we have some younger colleagues who come to work in bright jewel colours. Or some really nice dresses. And accessories. Off hand I can only recall one lighter coloured floral dress but thats it. Not dissing YEH you understand since I just avoided dramas where I didn't like the plot. But with YEH and CWH who are both amongst actors I like- am having difficulty being interested in YYJ. It is not just YYJ. It is the lines. Didn't the lines from people sound trite? They should be sincere. Just turns out not. Like when her brother talks sprouting concern about his noona. @Gracedberry read your post after I finished this post. Yes I remember the dinner scene. That was memorable. But quite a lot of her other lines were meh. I think I recall her talking to the tree. Or the sit down dinner scene in the hospital. And then we have some of the exercise corners lines... Its good you like it its fine. Not everyone likes the same scenes or views it the same way. I am honestly switching off my brain analyzing this drama. I have to switch my brain to write short blurbs now promoting another drama so am switching to a melo revenge mode. Take care. Enjoy the rest of the show. To continue... Or when her CEO is thinking. Then she sorts of frowns then makes the gesture then says her lines. It sounds so artificial. Like she is being directed to be cool and sophisticated but comes off false. Can't put my finger on it. I will admit here that I have been mostly watching it raw and only briefly going through subbed for some scenes. It is not a profound drama and I wasn't expecting a profound story. I just wanted an engaging contract relationship drama. You know when it crackles and sizzles? The secondary cast doesn't engage me. And neither does the supposed upcoming 2nd couple. Zero chemistry. I am not that indignant over it. I am just very disappointed. That's why I have hardly commented on the episodes. Am clearly stating that this is my opinion. And people are allowed to have opinions. Unless something changes drastically with the writing... and the brother, reporter, CEO, anyone upts their lines- this won't be a memorable drama. I mean look at the his work place. The hyung and his wife. It is such obvious writing. The bumbling older senior and his desperate to succeed wife. The actor has done better work. He is 48 yrs old after all and been in the industry a long time. The story is just not gelling. The elements are there. The outline. The various types of characters. But it is not flowing seamlessly or being convincing. This is NOTHING to do with how hard working a cast is. This is to do with acting abilities of some. Or those who don't have it. The writing. The director. And yes I am watching other dramas. I usually manage over 10hrs of Kdramss per week so usually have something going on each night. But am trying my darnest to finish this drama and not drop it because usually contract relationships are one of my favourites. And yes I have other things to do. After this post going back to sorting out something drama related. Like reading a character description and trying to summarize it. This drama is relatively popular. At least Korean stuff are translated. I hate having to go to the actual drama website to look for info. So yeah, in case I don't reply to any people upset over my comments. It's just that I had time to post. And I did. And now I am gone... to start 3 other dramas and work on another. Enjoy the break up and make up. Hope they make the angst real and convincing. And the suffering makes me empathize and cry. And someone anyone move a muscle. Swear at least 4 characters have no cheek movements when they speak. Its unnatural.
  3. You know what? I am convinced the reason why I am not really supportive of YYJ is that her lines are not convincing. That means the writer is writing crap or lame and superficial drivel. YEH can be convincing when she acts her life out. She exudes the character. But for some reason the stylist is ageing her with the really strong colours. And mismatched top and bottoms. Plus the dangly earrings. I still haven't gotten over the forest green striped top plus that awful pants. Or the lace dress when she met the mother. How come she is not dressed classier for a top star? And I know she has a full lower lip. I am not sure if it is because of Botox or not but MAN the colours are so strong. Then her voice is always pitched slightly higher than I am used to compared to her previous dramas. So between the distracting lipstick, the god- awful dressing anf accessories and her smiley high pitched voice; I can't work out why she doesn't seem sincere and real. I can't picture her as a top star and an adult. Does she behave or her mannerisms like a mature savvy personality? I don't need her to be intense and series. But man that way of talking and the too youthful way of talking is jarring. It is perpetually taking me out of the moment. I have watched Lie to me at least 5 times. Coffee Prince over 20 times. Plus Goong. One would think I would know the sound of her voice by now. YEH sounds as if she is saying a line where else in the other dramas she was the character. Here, I don't feel YYJ. And yeah the rest of the characters feel the same. All the lines are so trite. And predictable. And man the guy playing the actor truly sucks. His face has NO expression.
  4. @stroppyse hello. How are you? Sorry to ask but is there any change you can translate the characters descriptions and plot. I need it for the viki page. Thank you. I posted it hopefully the thread starter is active. I have looked elsewhere. The Korean script for the lines are also uploaded. Guys... this is why things are better when it is LEGAL you get the real stuff. Not dependant on one tired subber and another quality checker- the VIU subbers. But yeah the Hangul scripts are uploaded so technically if you read and write Hangul you should be able to sub. Good way to practise touch typing on a keyboard.
  5. @lyserose and @Cedric Ong thanks. I have gone and watched the rest. And will rewatch with subs. 70 ep. My brain is fried after doing the marathon since Fri. Plus juggling family comitments and work. Good drama. I still think the costumes and acting are phenomenal here. The background is just gorgeous. I have been just pausing the episodes randomly and every shot is beautifully framed. I am not sure if I am in love with the drama but more so the whole package. But honestly 70 episodes can't be done in one hit. I am totally drained. Thank God I have a Korean drama start on the weekend. Dealing with the whiney complaining viewere who complain is almost relaxing after this. I even have problems with the princes at the end. Reading the real life history vs the drama made my head spin. Trying to keep up with her ranks. Still it is a gorgeous, gorgeous and luscious drama.
  6. Just wanted to say thanks for all the historical notes here. Am severely sleep deprived after watching ep 1-46 within 2 days. Thank god I didn't discover this drama earlier. I don't watch many Cdramas but seemed to have done it this year. This is my 4th Cdrama for 2018. What happened to Fu Heng in the end? Yeah yeah I couldn't take the suspense in the end yesterday. But didn't fully understand Hellancha. Thanks. I don't have many comparisons since I watched modern or fantasy ones but this is beautifully costumed. I am probably as attracted to the setting as well as the clothing. Have absolutely no clue who the cast is. But the actor playing QL actually looks like he could be an Emperor. I swear I saw a QL once who was so scrawny he had padded shoulders for his robe. Personally I am so on Fu Heng's side. So it is begrudgingly that I acknowledge that QL and WYL are believable together. Also as a side note its been a while since I have seen a < 50kg adult. The actress is skinny super skinny. I send patients who weigh that to be admitted to the weight disorder unit. But here, apparenly it is normal. I sometimes feel sad as an overseas born Chinese we never learnt Chinese history in school. Or never learnt to write or read Traditional Chinese. Especially when I wander into Cdrama land. My kids heritage- are from another East Asian nation- and I am more fluent and read/write theirs. Thank god that apparently Mandarin is the 2nd language option in school. Since Italian and French are the other usual options around here. The next generation might actually get a chance to be less Westernized.
  7. Lol @tali58 you distracted me, I don't watch any of the shows. However I am now hunting who he sang this 꿈삭 에서 with now. Driving me nuts. If I have time will do HH- its ok I can watch Korean shows without subs, we usually watch Superman returns. In order not to be out of point, will give this a miss. Since I am not sure I even want to support any character.
  8. Wow I had some time and wanted to start this. It took me a few go before I realize the husband's name is wrong on the 1st page. Can't work out what the heck ending that was? Even with reading the spoilers. I am ONLY commenting because the Netizens comments have been the most hilarious comments I have ever read. The utter bitterness and disgust. And of course the fact that the other actor is a musical actor. Will go google him now. In the meantime, good golly, feel sorry for you all. Lol. Goodness me. And I did want to check this out because of Esom.
  9. Have you guys checked out the viki subs? It is more accurate. The song lyrics and the voiceover fits the ending scene. On the other hand the subs for the security couple made me swoon some more.
  10. I thought it was obvious or implied it was. Plus her voiceover. However from a writing sort of viewpoint it was damn weird. Reminds me of another drama- think it was one of the 50 ep ones- where the ending had the female lead looking into the shoe shop. Can't recall where the heck the male lead went. But that was the happy ending. Either he saw her or she saw him. The take home lessson? Koreans apparently don't do long distance relationships. It doesn't matter that it is the most wired nation once it is separation time Kakao talk or chat doesn't work. And they don't go online or have a mobile number or phone. And you all have to wait 3 months to 5 years before you can safely say the relatironship is OVER! Either way I enjoyed the security couple. I have rewatched their scenes at least 5 times no subs. That girl was talking in banmal. And ODG was thrilled that NYJ staked her claim on him. Even though she was comfortable being alone A YEAR AGO. That guy is ecstatic and you could literally feel him smirking. And she was going " omg I didn't just do that." That's how good their acting was. Anyone thought differently? That those 2 won't end up together? And ODG won't let NYJ wriggle out now that she has openly purposely put a " claimed by a girl he likes " sign on him? Going to watch their scenes again. Since I have only 2 other on air dramas now. And they both don't interest me. Even his " so she is giving out vibes she is with me " or " we have a couple vibe going?" Even his confession last week was cute.
  11. I admit that all I watched was the securtiy couple's 2 scenes. ODG's absolute happiness at the end was so cute. I understood the conversations anyway. Not that it was difficult. God. How adorable was NYJ? That littlest emotions are all we can base their feelings on. Love all the side glances. Oh yeah. Guess I will just have to watch the hands. Would admit I am bad with names but can recognise hands and veins. Prosthetics or not the hands or rather LJH's dorsal surface won't change. But heck man what a way for a viewer to find the ending. If the writer knew it was like this, why hide it? The male figure was standing. He is alive. Why? Did they have a body double or what? Luckily I have a busy day so no time to even rant. Will get to the subbed episode at some point. Since all I cared about was the security couple and I already watched both scenes and understood them. Nothing much else to say right for the final episode.
  12. You all are lifesavers with the recap. Now excuse while I fume it's FIGHTING. Like come on man, we have a zillion things to resolve and we are wasting time in physical fight with thugs I don't care about. In a storyline I don't give a hoot about. With a character I won't even waste emotions on namely SIW. What a waste of screentime. Literally. ODG could spend or make better use of his time to just BE with NYJ to unerve her and have his parents pop by accidentally again. Anything. Something.
  13. @TheMsChelsea91 thanks. I will certainly read your recap later. Don't even have time to watch the 2nd couple quickly. I am literally dying to know what happens. But of all things kids requested gimbap for school. Grrr.... I wanted to give them sandwiches so I have some morning time. Not addicted to any other drama except this. Once this is done hope a fan does a compilation. Or rather extend the previous compilation of all the security couple moments. Wasn't there one earlier? I am not too bothered about the main couple. He shouldn't die from rhabdo. And if perchance he is wheelchair bound so what? At least its not a terminal cancer drama. Besides its not as if we didn't see her tumble him into bed. With a beer. Even if people daydream or have a fantasy couple moment it hardly ever involves the male lead holding onto beer. No one fantasizes to that extent. What makes me a bit irritated is that SIW may be forgiven. And what about the other 3 team leaders endings? Frankly I want to know what happened to Jang and Choi. And even the other one with the cheating husband. Then I need to work out where the heck is that balcony they always go to. I can't recall it whenever we passed by Incheon. Plus the bar overlooking the tarmac. And seriously, was that the employees lounge where they eat? I don't recall the spread. Like did we visit Incheon airport? Cos' the all the locations look new to me. Lol. Either way I am happy its ending. If only to see the ending because I am dying to know the answers.
  14. Previews starts with the later scenes from the episode. Then earlier scenes at the end. So I am hopeful. But heck I see the Security couple in the middle. Don't tell me they will end with the 1st date at the end of the episode? Since NYJ's scene is in the middle of the preview? I just watched ODG's confession scene for ep 30 four times. Sigh. Be still my beating heart. Also have to admire the camera work. Did you guys notice the camera work? And editing? After the 3rd time I was admiring how good it was. It was a pan out scene. Then switching scenes. Then as the confession got intense it was a slow zoom to capture the emotions. Then switching faces scenes again. Then pan out scene as he turned away. And it was never a fast zoom in or out switches I got caught in video segmenting mode since I do remember my subbing days. For those of you who cut or segment videos and you need to see the timing. Did you see how sharp it was? When you have too rapid editing some speech is off screen and you have to do italics since the character is off screen. All the speech was when the person is on screen. Then no super draggy lines so it goes on and on for segmenting purposes- like 3 or 4 segments for 1 sentence. I was ( sorry for sounding so nerdy here ) admiring the emotionally charged scene. Cos' I freaking love this couple. Then it evolved to wow, that is a nicely filmed and edited scene. So good. Made even better that I could see their expressions. And not too close for the close ups too. I remember one drama. Was it Laurel House tailor or something like that. I think it was one of the secondary characters. The stupid camera zoomed so close her whole face took up the screen. Like the top of the face and her chin was at the bottom of the screen. That's how close up the zoom was. And oh yeah last comment. LSY is having rhabdomyolysis right? Oh yeah it is life threatening. And yes it is a feasible explanation. Don't believe I heard it mentioned except for the CK levels. The laughable thing is how the writer is making this dramatic big deal out of it. Oy, send him to the doctor and just treat it instead of making Dr Park go on and on in big dramatic terms. Its not as if it is a super rare condition. I have seen it several times in real life. And yes they are in a bad way but not to the extent of several episodes long even for a Kdrama plot device.
  15. Spoilers tags please. I don't care about the novel. I want to HOPE for kisses in every drama I watch. But when you know there are some but it doesn't happen one is disappointed. So I would rather anticipate thank you in ignorance when I watch a drama. Otherwise you take away my anticipation and curiousity. I just watched ep 13 to 20 in one hit. Well ep 20 is still not subbed. But man I cringed at the cheesiness yet was happy to see progress. Not sure if I am fan of an audience though. I am confused re NWK. Is he supposed to be the resident evil guy? Or a good guy getting a romance with Grace. There were some really shady business tactics around. It is kinda disgusting. Is it supposed to actually that the writer thinks is cool or normal business practice? I literally don't know so wanted to ask.