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  1. SIW saw SY injured and pull the illegal guy off the balcony and walked away. SIW saw SY supposedly dying in a road accident. And maybe did nothing- flashback did not show the aftermath. So far despise SIW even if it is played by LDG. I hope to god he is not the 2nd male lead with his own OTP. Or even care about him. Seriously, am I supposed to care about his feelings? He already looks self centred and I hate bystanders who walk away from helping people in danger.
  2. I say I seem to be distracted by wanting SJS to have kids. And appear on Superman returns. Vs Kim Bon the NIS guy have his romance and kids. We sure SJS doesnt have a girlfriend and is wanting to spring a sudden wedding announcement and baby? Guess he won't with the drama on. But darn, he is playing daddy better than a romantic male lead. He, SJS really seems comfortable being a father. I mean super natural. Or is it the children being fantastic actors. Are the 2 kids related? I am currently not even interested in any NIS business. And just want the kids. And the KIS gang.
  3. Lmao. What the heck did I just watch? I stopped at the 12th minute as its almost 4am here. I actually have tears in my eye. Lolol. After I purposely went to see tonight's episode because Aerin was kidnapped. Was I worried last week? WHY did I worry again? Yes one needs a suit to rescue a damsel in distress. Vs daggy sweatpants. Yes a Korean citizen can rent a storeroom in his apartment complex and we need at least 10 guns on standby. Yes a single guy must have a coupe. Right next to the arsenal in the same garage. No I did not expect the CEO to be a scaredy cat. God that goes any potential 2nd lead syndrome. I have not laughed so much over a Kdrama in a long time. Especially since I just finished ep 4 of the Incheon airport drama just now. Hahaha goodness me Kdrama tonight has made me laugh so much. I will catch up with the subbed episode later. After watching this I don't feel the need to complete the episode. It can wait. If the 2nd male lead can release a hostage. And the male lead comes backlit against his car headlight? The episode can wait. I am still chuckling recalling what I just watched. Kdramas ALWAYS delivers unexpected surprises. No matter how many I have seen.
  4. Er isn't the SIW guy his stepbrother? Anyway I laughed that a pub owner is a prosthetic expert. He has a lupe you know. These Kdrama writers. Makes me laugh all the time. Either way the team leader must be a personal friend to know about his arm. And also a human bite is dirty infected bite and needs oral antibiotics. Ok my observations. Back to real life.
  5. @marykarmelina hi thanks. Long time no " see ". The stupid website keeps redirecting my phone to the app each time I go onto the drama. That nowadays I can't even see the channel page. See you online when my drama starts... the Fate and Furies. I haven't watched any dramas the male lead has been in. So I am watching this for the other 3 actors.
  6. Nvm I went to the MBC website. There is no character relationship chart. And the individual character description was as usual wishy washy. Standard CD as I have seen it. But man LDG and the other TL will be interesting. I wonder what their roles will be. I thought the Security TL was her husband but there was nothing there. With no relationship chart am going to go into this drama blind. Oh well.... As a side comment, I am pro - KAIST anyway rather than the usual KNU. So nice to see it there sometimes in a Kdrama.
  7. Did I miss a plot summary or character chart from the drama website here? Because the plot is not clear and I am confused if I should be feeling some empathy for the female lead. And if the male lead is either a super hero. Or a secret chaebol or an alien. Honest question. I came into this drama blind and can't work out the plot. Even the TL's role and what does LDG play? Did she have an affair with him and who is her husband. Did I miss a relationship chart somewhere? Currently the female lead is pretty self centred, inconsiderate, not a team player, unreliable, slack and unlikable. Are we supposed to like her?
  8. You know I watched Border Patrol in my country on tv. Including the postal service including quarantine. Where they x-ray incoming parcels. My private courier parcel was just sent back my parcel from SK after being stuck in quarantine for a month or so. Because of some organic material which couldn't be sorted. Anyway the point I am trying to make is that if someone has a lead lined box to conceal weapons in that bag, it would show up on xray. Also AeRin's slightly permed ahjumma hair is so obviously put there to give her an ahjumma look. But the other 2 housewives look perfectly well dressed. And this makes me laugh when I write this, there was a whole slew of PPL on a food home delivery service in dramas last year. I would thought a drama with a housewife and working mother be perfect for that PPL. Instead Ae Rin doesn't even do takeaway. And the NIS front? Which shop has a massive basement that the NIS somehow manages to transfer so much electronics into unseen? And a budget for an expensive shopfront? That set up made me laugh so hard. The whole NIS angle in this drama has made me cackle quite a bit. Not even laugh or smile but full on amusement. But SJS plays it so well. You big bad NIS agent you. I already went back and rewatched The Master's Sun because of him last week. And am halfway through Oh My Venus this week. I seem to be on a SJS binge. I can't buy the romance angle. She seemed to have loved her husband. They were married at least 7 years or more. He has been dead for less than a month. There shouldn't even be any kissing. It is currently eeking me out how soon after his death it is starting. Or rather not starting. I mean I know at least 2 older males whose wives of over 30 yrs died of cancer. And both married other women within a year. Made their children furious but it happened anyway. However recently deceased husband and then romance within a month? Ergh no....
  9. Yeah the OTP has very good chemistry. And her family dynamics are quite alright too. Yeah I wonder why the writer spent so much time for the ex- boss. I understand the evil aunt and her ambitions. That's the standard Kdrama stuff. But the ex- boss? The other accomplice is dead. The drink spiking stuff. The witness has amnesia. Why bother targeting her? The writer should have spent more time researching her male lead's medical condition instead. His reappearing and random memory loss is driving me batty. There are actually not enough hospital scenes for someone who has a terminal condition. I do hope the writer has an ending planned. If he/she kills him off it better be for a good reason. And if not it is not a medical miracle with no reasons given. Koreans must think acquired brain injury can be changed if they believe such drama nonsense. I just watched Landing on stars this week which featured someone who just missed 1 dose of Risperidone an anti- psychotic and they went out of control. I wince watching all the idiotic drama writing that warps public perception. I am still watching. Just skipping all the neurologist review, aunt and ex- President's scenes. Just a question though re Lee Ha Im. Did the actress act exactly the same as when she was in Reply 1994? Her flippant tone is exactly the same. I properly watched that show for 10 times or more including her scenes. Wished she had changed her style.
  10. I can't take it. I am literally cackling through all the kids scenes. I am not even focused on the main couple or NIS. The scenes with the other parents especially the alpha parent made me laugh till I cried. Since its me. Lol. Terius is funny. And the funniest thing is that I am not even sure if this is a comedy drama or not. You know what I am really dying for? For Kim Bon to do some super duper martial arts moves in front of the parents. Especially the father who claims to be in the Special Forces. I want to see that more than I want a romance scene. That's how much I love the hijinks and parents. The potential romance is not drawing me in. The female lead is not ready to be in love or be romanced.
  11. CJH can kiss. I will ignore the aunts and the evil President. Shallow me wants to see how far the OTP will go in this drama. Is she that small? Or is he that broad shouldered? He is just a normal tall guy right? That was a Kdrama kiss scene done right. And his hand didn't block her face. Except the poor actress. She must have a crick in her neck.
  12. There is nothing Korean kid actors can't do, is there? I am shipping ahjusshi and the twins so hard. They are so natural and believable. At this point I don't know if I am sorry for Kim Bon. Or sorry for So Ji Sub. He did probably go down the slides 50 times with the kids right? I mean did they do the hairband scene in one take? Go Ae Rin had the token ahjumma permed hair. But her chemistry can't beat the kids. I might make a resolution to watch this just for the kids alone with Terius. Heck care the plot holes. How is it possible that all the child actors in Kdramas are such good actors? And so adorable? And ok, such good actors they emote better than half the idol actors I see. And I will now backtrack to see the BTS of SJS with the kids. The neighbourhood ahjummas swooning killed me. Just a slight mention of the very beautiful, very feminine, very young and very well nourished NORTH KOREAN nuclear physicist. Let me die laughing looking at her. And Kdrama. Not saying a highly educated woman can't be beautiful. But you guys are talking about a North Korean government regime nuclear physicist here. Give me a break. Let me win a 80 million lottery here.
  13. Thank you for the chart. Wow been staring at it for like the last 5 min. Manc it's complicated.
  14. Yeah sorry @dito it was in the middle of the night and the recap made me irritated with the drama. However I have watched the episode and I have basically decided that CJH can sprout drivel and I would listen. Even when he sprouted the most infuriating lines I listened with a smile. All jokes aside been broody yesterday. One of my friends posted her acquaintance's post yesterday. Her colleague just decided to stop his ventilator. A young father who had a neurological disorder. He wasn't a neurologist but the same profession. Heartbreaking news. And I had another young colleague die this week. Both under 40. Hits home I guess since both in the same field as me.
  15. @dito thanks for watching it. Well technically if the romance confession is in ep 9 then it follow the average Kdrama time line. Except that we are sidetracked by the degenerative brain disorder. This writer is confused about what he or she wants. GMS is a neurologist. Stupid idiotic nonsense about neuroscience expert. If the show wants a neuroscience genius the character won't be a medical graduate. A neurosurgeon won't usually have that sort of mild laidback character. It takes a certain personality to choose to be a neurosurgeon vs other surgical specialties. And if the doctor is so manipulative and unethical hope he is struck off the medical board. And one last gripe with the dang writer. Make up your mind. You wrote him with an acquired brain injury. Go read up on the stupid thing you invented- there is no such Cinderella ABI syndrome- and who the heck has a trauma induced injury that degenerates rapidly and dies? Especially with such a rapid deterioration. Let me slap you on the side of the head you twit. If you give a neurological condition it will show up on MRI right? If you gave a slow leaking brain aneurysm- snort of course you didn't- but then no one has an asymptomatic leaking brain aneurysm and live and be functional. They usually stroke out on the spot when it burst. So what the stupid heck medical or surgical cause brain invention did you give GMS? It can't be surgical cos' GMS' doctor is not a neurosurgeon. So it must be a neurological condition. From a trauma 3 yrs ago. That can kill? Go concentrate on the rom com aspect of the story instead. Confession ep 9. Date. Confession from the other party ep 10. Ep 11- 12 will either be dating or some Sunwoo Group crisis. Ep 13-15 GMS must be either collapsed, in hospital or comatose at the rate we are going. Ep 15 ending recovery Ep 16 hopeful we get at least 30 min of recovery and problems solved. Considering how the writer has intentionally made MS keep his counsel. And not told anyone not hopeful we will have à decent ending. Well this doesn't seem like a melodrama sort of drama. So don't think he should die at the end. However don't want KJ to end up with HI either. Those 2 money drain idiots will spend all of Sunwoo Group's money if they ever end up as a couple. 2 self absorbed self- centred, expensive tastes, whiney characters. There. Got it off my chest. Now I will go back to CJH. The whole reason why I am sitting through this. I will listen to his voice. So so swoony. He can sprout whatever drivel he wants I will still listen. He has the perfect pitch that makes me heart melt. The writer though... if you ever want to write or use a medical condition as a plot point; make sure you make a believable syndrome. A trigger, physical evidence via blood, MRI or x-ray to show progression of disease. And a stupid mortality rate at least. Who gets this sudden drop dead from increased brain pressure- how was he supposed to die other than from raised ICP- if he thinks something in year 3 and drops dead. However if you give a sudden death in year 3 and its surgical then its an aneurysm so why will it suddenly or why let it burst rather than do a coiling now? Why wait. Hang on... did I pay attention to those scenes and miss something? The neurologist who has been seeing him won't be neurologist but rather a surgeon in the story if that was the case. And please, no rare and never seen before physically improbable thing. Try to make it close to another known documentated condition. Don't you know that's how you're supposed to research stuff like this? Look at pure medical dramas out there. That's how it is done.