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  2. I know it's a week late but I tried to find some, the last 5 have the most comments: these are about ratings and stuff this says they're turning the sets into tourist attractions I think?
  4. Five articles in the top 30 today, the most out of all the Mon-Tues dramas I've seen several knetizen comments praising the OST in the last few weeks, hopefully MBC will release an album with all the songs + instrumentals. Ah so it seems Sang Hwa is Eorini then. I'm glad Nok Soo didn't turn on Ok Ran as easily as it seemed.
  5. Right now Rebel's article is the top-ranked on Naver entertainment, with 3 articles in the top 30
  6. Oh right, I completely forgot about Garyung's scar! I feel like the writer had more stuff planned for her but had to ditch it, sometimes I wish this drama was pre-produced so they weren't forced to change things midway but anyway I'm happy she's in the palace and has her own revenge/saving Ok Ran arc. The final scene with Gildong flying looked nice but also funny. What I don't get about Sa Hwa (is that her name?) is, if she's Eorini, why doesn't she recognize her brothers? I thought Ok Ran was the one with amnesia. I just thought of another way Ok Ran can still be Eorini, since she has amnesia maybe the piece of fabric is actually hers and she doesn't remember because the other girl took it (or someone gave it to her, like the guy who found her, he seems to actually know who Eorini is or that was the impression I got from the flashback where they show him with her). I don't know, I guess we'll know soon enough.
  7. Right now this is the #1 article in the entertainment section with 777 comments so far (much higher than Whisper and Perfect Wife, which are around the 170~200s). I hope the ratings go up today. People seem to be talking about the mask
  8. I have no idea about filming schedule for daily dramas but they should start soon --- Lee Joo Yeon will play the twin sister.
  9. Oh so it was changed from the 7:15 to the 10:55 timeslot? Looking forward to it.
  10. All the actors in this drama are doing an amazing job so far, looking forward to the grown-up leads.
  11. Does anyone know why Nielsen hasn't updated? Is it because of the lunar new year? All the articles on Naver that I have checked seem to have positive comments kkuljaem translated two of them. [Spoilers] Rebel (Pilot) Naver - news 1: Kim Sang Joong's enthusiastic performance... heartwarming paternal love 1. [+1,607, -73] Wow, this is totally fun. Finally got a drama I can get excited for 2. [+1,259, -64] It's up to me to watch this~ 3. [+1,168, -62] Good job with casting the child actor 4. [+1,072, -56] I don't see any acting hole for now.. I'll keep on watching~~ the preview is interesting 5. [+317, -23] As expected of Kim Sang Joong, all the child actors are good 6. [+310, -25] Kim Sang Joong is indeed an acting pro. The child actors are doing well 7. [+278, -23] Isn't Gil Dong too darn cute? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 8. [+257, -16] Kim Sang Joong's "it's up to me" ㅎㅎ Didn't notice the time passing by ㅎㅎ The acting is jjang. Gil Dong's younger version is so cute and chubby 9. [+279, -25] Rebel: Thief Who Stole the Ratings 10. [+227, -19] Woah this drama is impressive ㅋㅋ Hoping the child actor of Gil Dong grows up well. You can trust Kim Sang Joong-ssi Nate - Mydaily: Yoon Kyun Sang's strong first appearance... Conflict with Yeonsangun Kim Ji Seok 1. [+272, -16] That was a great first episode, the story is refreshing. I have a feeling the ratings will be daebak. But did they entrust the CG on a student who goes to a computer cram school? 2. [+210, -11] Super immersive for a pilot broadcast. Kim Sang Joong from 'I'd Like to Know' is in here tooㅋㅋ 3. [+171, -18] I've nothing to watch lately, so I hope this one maintains the excitement! 4. [+30, -1] Fun drama 5. [+24, -1] Kim Sang Joong filled that 2% that Yoon Kyun Sang and Kim Ji Seok were lacking. Depending on Yoon Kyun Sang's performance, this drama will sure change his position 6. [+23, -3] The child actor is cute! 7. [+22, -2] No wonder Kim Ji Seok grew his beard.. He looks gruff 8. [+20, -1] So far so good! As long as Yoon Kyun Sang does well ㅋ cr, kkul-jaem
  12. yay not a fan channel anymore!
  13. that's ok I found an article but it only mentions Defendant's live ratings. guess we'll have to wait a couple hours.