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  1. @Juni Asat I know this is hella late, I believe it was you who asked for the complete WonSanRin video here?
  2. I'm dying to know what his next project will be, rather than a specific role I want him to work with my favorite writers/pds, that way I won't have to worry even if he plays a street vendor at the market
  3. Yes I agree, this particular scene is just reinforcing what we already know about her, that she hates when people come to harm because of her. My only regret about it being edited out would be that she deserved an episode opening and closing with a narration of her own, like the other two leads, because like you said if you understand the character this kind of verbal confirmation is not really needed. On another note, I wasn't confident to describe the scene in more detail because my Korean is not very good but I tried to give some context with the help of google translate and my own knowledge of some words/sentences lol My take is the woman is a fortune teller but take it with a grain of salt.
  4. Only that scene before entering the room, these are the screenshots: I think she also remembered the words during Song In's poison scene but I'll have to check again to be sure
  5. That's the scene I mentioned earlier! Like the translator said, the flashback scene is longer and actually in a later scene San remembered the old woman's words again right before she entered the bedroom Rin was lying unconscious in.
  6. That scene with Biyeon, some were saying San abandoned Rin to stay when the reality is that she feared being abandoned by Rin... My take from the tea house scene that breathless translated yesterday is that it was supposed to parallel the scene where Ninja Rin and San were hiding in that same place at the beginning of the drama, and that's why, like then, she had her back to him in the script.
  7. just remember the mountain is San and circle is Won, Rin is usually Lin or Lynn
  8. Welcome to all the new RinSaners According to what I google translated the script says they used the body of some undocumented person to pass it off as Rin's. Could be wrong tho since it's google translate
  9. This is the opening of the episode. There are several references to this flashback throughout the episode, I'll try to collect them as well.
  10. @KdramaSwimmer no problem Now I want someone whose Korean is better than mine to confirm if @sejabin's fanfic is almost canon and there's an abstactic Rin scene on episode 19, while he was on bed unconscious and was topless except for a bandage covering his wound Is that what it actually says?
  11. Ahhh some of us were asking for San's POV monologue after getting Won and Rin for episodes 17 and 18, there was supposed to be a flashback scene on episode 19 focusing on San, not ship related but it had to do with her selflessness? Or rather the way she hated people coming to harm because of her, something from when she was little and she met some old lady (?) and flashbacks to the deaths of her mom and dad and so on. It's at the beginning of the script of episode 19, my Korean is not good enough to translate but that's the main idea I'm getting (then it cuts to what we saw on the drama, her running to where WonRin were fighting.) It sucks they probably cut it because of time constraints or the little Yoona may not be available idk I'm speculating, but it would be nice to have San's opener since you know she's also a main character.
  12. I could send you gals the script if you're unable to sign up to SJN's site, I think we could also send breathless the link since she knows Korean and would know what to do. Signing up and leveling up is not that hard if anyone's interested, you only have to have 2 tabs open, one with the site and another with the site google translated This is where the scripts are at: http://dramada.com/xe/songde These are screenshots of the site, google translated: Click "sign up" and complete all the requirements (remember you must do it in the Hangul page, the google translated one is just a guide). After successfully signing up, go to "Subscription Personnel" where you must write a short introduction in Korean (you can see the other people's intros to have an idea, it's basically name, age-range, occupation and something you want to do in the future? something like that) Then the admin will level you up. I don't think you get a notification but I did it last night and today I could download the scripts. Forgot to add you need a Hangul viewer program in order to open them, since I was on my phone I got one from the google app store (just type hwp viewer)