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  1. Yes it has ended a long time ago already. The drama currently airing is this Taew-James Ji drama.
  2. Some stills: credit to gmmtv official IG
  3. Captain's behind the scenes photoshoot for BAZAAR MEN Thailand with fellow 9x9 members:
  4. We better not. If we want to, then it's better to put them in spoilers. The original Facebook page of SJDK was purged precisely because it broke the copyright law. Anyway, if anyone wants to watch the English-subbed episodes, just head over to SJDK Fansub wordpress page or Kissasian. Btw, it's my favourite drama this year so far!
  5. Full cast list: Fon Sananthachat as Saenwan March Chutavuth as Mor R Thanaerng Kanyawee as Saenson Mond Tanutchai as Mor Maet Pango Jintanutda as Saensuay Earth Pitipat as Soh Tay Tawan as Pete New Thitipoom as Kao Mook Worranit as Saenrak Mild Wiraporn as Saendee
  6. Countdown posters with main pairings... March & Fon: Thanaerng & Mond: Earth & Pango: credit to gmmtv official IG
  7. Besides SJDK Fansub site, seems like Kissasian has also uploaded Love Destiny.
  8. Captain during new lakorn BROTHERS script read through: cr. on pics
  9. Wake Up Chanee with Lee now has English subs for ep1 (main stars are Jakjaan, Niti, and others):
  10. The heroine is Eye Kamolned, an up an coming actress on CH3, very well-loved for her supporting roles in the channel's big dramas.
  11. Looks like Punjan is ordaining. That means he won't be filming anything for at least half a year.
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