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  1. Project S wasn't picked up because of the BL stuff though, but because of the actors. And since the 'core romance' in this series is the princess and her secret seven, it probably won't get picked up.
  2. Side by Side isn't really featured as a BL though, the 2 main characters are portrayed more as brothers. Even the narrative is telling it as so, and the core of the story is that Yim is autistic. That's probably more in the mind of the creators than any romance. I don't know if they're gonna develop more but I doubt it. I'm glad if there's no or subtle romance in any of the stories though, because with the constraints of 8 episodes, the plot is tighter this way, especially when the central conflict is on something else far bigger than romance. I don't mind any romance (BL or otherwise) but the reason Project S is currently the best drama production out of Thailand at this moment is because they're keeping it tight and they're avoiding the typical romance tropes. Honestly neither SPIKE or Side by Side need it. SPIKE hints at a romantic one between Puen and Singha (especially if we recall Puen's conversation with Jane) and to me, that is more than enough. The next 2 parts (SOS and Shoot! I Love You) seem to focus more on romance though, but it's okay to me if the central conflict is indeed the romance.
  3. Captain's new commercial ad for AIS Calling Melody:
  4. White at the 3gether Run and Ride For Life event on July 18th: More under the cut:
  5. New Eng-subbed teaser (drama starts airing July 31st, every Monday-Tuesday): Official posters:
  6. Stills: More under the cut:
  7. I've just realized something after checking through SPIKE's playlist. Apparently GDH uploaded the official English subs like a week after an episode aired! Which means we could expect official subs for Side by Side episode 1 soon. Stills from Side by Side: More under the cut:
  8. Yim is played by Tor Thanapob, first got popular through Hormones The Series as Phai and his romance with Sprite (played by Kao Supassara in the series) made them a popular teen ship. He's currently seen in The Cupids Series Part 8 as a supporting role, and will be in another upcoming CH3 drama with superstars Nadech & Yaya soon (titled Leh Lub Salub Rarng, you can find the thread here at soompi). His asianfusewiki page: https://www.sharerice.com/index.php/Tor_Thanapob_Leeratanakajorn Tor didn't have social media before and has just opened an Instagram account a few days ago: https://www.instagram.com/thanapob_lee/ Dong is played by Sky Wongravee, also got popular through Hormones The Series but he didn't join the series until season 3 (by this time, Tor has already graduated from the series). His last big project previously is from last year's online hit drama I Love You, I Hate You: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wongravee_Nateetorn His IG is https://www.instagram.com/skywongravee/?hl=en
  9. You can check out the biggest Thai entertainment forum in English: https://www.asianfuse.net/discuzz/forums/thai.5/
  10. Stills from Edge of 17: More under the cut:
  11. Eng-subbed teaser: SJDK Fan Sub will be subbing this drama and they'll be putting their versions at their Youtube channel and Facebook.
  12. Captain at Yamaha Motor Fest event on July 16th: More under the cut:
  13. Hmm I think fans can send in their subs to the channel. I've used it once, those who wish to sub can just enter the subs directly on youtube, and then the admin will review before they decide whether it's good enough to be published. I wonder if the one on GDH youtube is fansubbed.
  14. Captain at NEXT-GEN CAREERS by KTB event on 15 July: More under the cut: