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  1. Season 2 OST by Gene Kasidit:
  2. Trailer for Extroverted Humanist episode 3:
  3. 8 episodes. I thought they would air Puppy Love right after this is over but apparently not yet.
  4. Captain has started filming Secret Seven The Series with Punpun Sutatta today.
  5. Photos from Extroverted Humanist: More under the cut:
  6. @meifang89 Thanks! Their English subs aren't really good but it'll do until GDH officially subs it. Teaser from episode 2: Mai Davika appears!
  7. I've found it before on facebook but can't remember where. You can try watching the Special (which was aired before the very first U-Prince) where the actors talked about their characters to get the general idea.
  8. Belle & James's Love Songs Love Series: Prom Likit will have a continuation on GMM25 starting 1 March: Tagline: "Do you still believe in destiny?"
  9. Plot/synopsis (in Thai) for August's upcoming new drama on CH3, Tawan Yor Saeng 2017 starring Poh Nattawut and Namtarn Pichukkana. August stars alongside Rinrada Kaewbuasai in this one:
  10. Episode 6 is out with English subs!
  11. Foxy Pilot episode 4 (finale) is out with English subs!
  12. Japan has 4 seasons (even their dramas are divided into 4 seasons per year, and every season has like 30+ dramas making it like 120+ dramas per year lol). It's winter over there now until early March, and Hokkaido is the northernmost island, meaning it's closer to the North Pole than most Asian countries.
  13. White & Captain in Hokkaido: More under the cut:
  14. Trailer for Extroverted Humanist episode 2:
  15. White, Captain & August left for Japan yesterday for Oishi winter trip in Hokkaido with the other U-Prince ambassadors: More under the cut: