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  1. New teaser at the newly-opened official IG, secretsevenseries
  2. Stills from Badly Politics: More under the cut:
  3. Stills from episode 1: More under the cut:
  4. More Captain at Kazz Awards 2017: More under the cut:
  5. Teaser for SPIKE! episode 2:
  6. I've just realized that 2 Moons is airing at the same time as Make It Right season 2.
  7. More under the cut:
  8. SPIKE! episode 1: Oh no, looks like GDH is not subbing this series.
  9. Captain won Popular Teen Actor and Youth of the Year at Kazz Awards 2017 today. Congrats! More under the cut:
  10. Official poster for Ambitious Boss (Brian) starring March & Mook:
  11. Love Songs Love Series (The Little Boat Should Leave Shore) episode 3:
  12. Stills from episode 2: More under the cut:
  13. That's because she started IG pretty late. She was a top actress at CH7 (one of the highest-rated channels in Thailand besides CH3 and One31) but has not renewed her contract with CH7, so now she's a free agent. CH7's lakorns are not as easily available online unlike CH3 or One31, so it's harder to find sources to sub CH7 lakorns. But her fame is comparable to CH3's top actresses like Yaya and Kimmy. Baifern & Mai Davika used to be the Kimmy & Yaya of CH7 before both she and Mai left CH7. None of the actresses on Hormones are close to her fame in Thailand. She's also an award-winning actress. Her fame didn't come from lakorns at first though, but from her movie with Mario Maurer called Crazy Little Thing Called Love. The movie was such a hit in South-East Asia (and China too) and made her became internationally-known. You can check out the movie, it's pretty good and many have fallen for her and Mario in the movie. There'll be sequel coming soon too. You can check her filmography here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pimchanok_Luevisadpaibul
  14. More highlights from SPIKE! episode 1: