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  1. Photos from Single Lawyer: More under the cut:
  2. Captain was revealed as one of the presenters for the new Yamaha QBIX at the Bangkok International Motor Show yesterday: More under the cut:
  3. I've liked Apple since her appearance in Beauty and the B*itches season 2 as one half of the lesbian couple with one of the main cast. She gives off a different vibe in here, but a good one.
  4. Kao Supassra (Sprite) is signed with CH3 now, which means we won't be able to see her act with her fellow Hormones co-stars anymore except for the free agents like Tor for at least a few years. Kao's first lakorn with CH3 will be Kom Faek with Mark Prin & Kimmy Kimberley in the leads, set to air in the second half of the year.
  5. Extroverted Humanist (Kiryu) episode 2 is now up with English subs:
  6. It's quite funny that Off is being chased by Gun in Puppy Honey 2 but at the same time, courting a girl (who turns out to may or may not be having feelings for a female friend) in Love Songs Love Series.
  7. Official trailer: @QueenAlysanne Here's more info: Start date: 9 April (every Sunday) Air time: 5.00 PM Broadcasting channel: GMM25 Cast list (in credit order) is the same as posted above. Btw, the production company is GMMTV, not GMM One. GMM One is different, it usually refers to One31 (OneHD) which is one of GMM Grammy's TV channels, not a production company.
  8. More WWCT on Bang Live: More under the cut:
  9. The BTS pictures? It's all over the production crew's IGs. I have a feeling I'm gonna love Hippy's part. The slow song by Kun sounds great too.
  10. Captain & White were on Bang Live show yesterday, and more than 700,000 viewers watched them online! More under the cut:
  11. Teaser for Single Lawyer episode 4 (finale): And the next part is Crazy Artist (Hippie) starring Kuchanuj Kengkarnka & Note Panayanggool, starting 9 April:
  12. 11 out of 12 U-Prince male cast went to Hokkaido, Japan as part of Oishi Winter in Japan campaign last February:
  13. Photos from Single Lawyer: More under the cut:
  14. Captain walked the runway during Bangkok International Fashion Week 2017 yesterday: More under the cut:
  15. 1. Only Handsome Cowboy (Sibtis) has 8 episodes since it stars the most popular actor and the most popular actress from the whole series. The other parts only have 4 episodes each. 2. GMMTV official Youtube channel, obviously. Kissasian took the subs from them too. If you find delays in subs, that's because the official channel only releases the episodes on Youtube after a month an episode airs (and they helpfully sub each episode weekly too), due to their agreement with LINE TV (which reruns the episodes).