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  1. Some bts photos from the U-Prince OST MV filming: More under the cut:
  2. Captain sings the OST for U-Prince Series: Kirun&Kiryu
  3. Absolute Economist episode 4 (finale) is out with English subs!
  4. Episode 2 is out with English subs!
  5. Kirun&Kiryu OST by Captain:
  6. Haha Jannine is the singer between these two.
  7. Jannine Weigel ft. Captain Chonlathorn - Mai Roo Juk Chun, Mai Roo Juk Tur (You Don't Know Me, I Don't Know You) "Pop - Da" cover version: Behind the scenes: Turn on CC for English subs.
  8. Some photos from Playful Comm-Arts (Kirun): More under the cut:
  9. I suggest to watch T-Rex and Dash's parts. They're my favourites so far. I read good reviews about Hawk's part too but it doesn't have English subs yet.
  10. Captain for Wonderground Goodness Is All Around event on Jan 1st: More under the cut:
  11. Don't know about Puppy Honey yet. Should be between 6-8 episodes though.
  12. Absolute Economist (Teddy) episode 3 is out with English subs!
  13. What are you confused about? Okay long story short, U-Prince Series is a multiparter mega-project which is based on a book series called Jamsai Love Series with 12 books in it. Basically when the book series is adapted, there are 12 parts in the multiparter/drama series. Each part will feature a story of one 'prince' or faculty ambassador and their love lives with their leading ladies. Btw, all of the 12 'princes' go to IUCA, an international university in Bangkok. In the book series, only Kirun (played by White) and Kiryu (played by Captain) are related, that is they actually have interaction in their respective books. In the drama series, they expand the universe more by having some of the characters being friends with each other, not just the twins Kirun & Kiryu. For example, Kiryu is close friends with Sibtis, Hawk and Hippie, so you'll see Kiryu also in Sibtis, Hawk and Hippie's parts. Kiryu will also appear in his brother's segment (Kirun) and also Firstclass (played by August). Meanwhile, Kirun is a bit of a loner, though it seems like he's also friends with Firstclass and Brian. All the characters I've mentioned are leads in their respective parts in the series. Each part will have between 4-8 episodes (so far only Sibtis has 8 episodes since Push is GMM's #1). We'll probably have to wait for official subs a month later, unfortunately.
  14. At the moment I'm not feeling the trailer. Maybe episode 1 will change my mind, we'll see.
  15. I read that My Lil' Boy 2 has 8 episodes, which means no Puppy Honey until February. My condolences to Gun.