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  1. Sorry Nguyen Mai, is there any word there saying I'm judging JS subjectively. The point I wanna say is we don't know who fault and what happen in there relationship, because JS seem don't show much his friendship with another co-star. And I follow him for long time not only you. I like him even before Pino, I like him in IHYV, but not crazy as much as I like him after PIno. Since i knew they are dating, I started to find thing about him and I love him more and more. I was super shocked after dating news. But I'm not surprise because they are opposite. SH more extrovert and JS are introvert. Do you think I'm bias SH toward JS? You may not believe me, but after SH dating news, I am even think I will leave her and become JS fan. But, after a while, i wonder myself, why I become like that, acting is their job. And we saw what suppose to be see via screen, we don't know them in person . Have you ever think even your parent know 100% about you? I guess not. Right? And please don't analysis all the IG, they are still fine until the end of December 2016. Because many people saw them hang out together in Busan, when both filming their movie, and SH even appear on YKS show Knowing brother around Jan. Just something happen after that. They don't have plenty of free time to throw those hints to us every day as you said. SH just simply like post her music, she did that all the time even during their dating. Plus, why I am said JS happy during tik Tok app, and did you even read I said he said to his fan, his is now so happy during his book fan sign last year, and one of his long time fan told us, he smile non stop around March celebeau fan sign. I mean he is finally move on and be happy. To be frankly, the way you say, sound like I'm judging and blaming JS. Am I? If you think so, I can't change your mindset, and I honestly sorry about that. Is there any point I said JS doesn't love SH? I just said with me, I feel during dating time, SH love him more. But it not mean he doesn't love her? If he doesn't love her? Why they are become couple. You can disagree with me, you can hate SH, you cannot believe her, I don't mind. But remember, life is unexpected, and we never know what happen tomorrow. My whole point just want to show you guys, they are good person but they just don't match, so break up is unavoidable. and the reason why I post my thought here, because why, all Darling shippers now, turn their back to SH, they all blame SH, just simply SH dating first. They said to SH I am disappointed about you, I thought you are good girl but you are now , and said to JS, fighting and be happy, let's be strong. what do you think? what happen if JS already in another relationship but hasn't got caught yet? I mean I'm not saying he with someone now. But assume, if his dating news come out tmr, maybe with one of his co star like hhj or shs, what you guys reaction? I'm sure we are all quite and come back to SH and said. I'm sorry I was misunderstanding you blah blah. Let said it clear, I don't believe either JS or SH, I don't believe anyone, because I mentioned before. We only know 3 parts out of 10 of them. Whatever they show us, just a tiny bit of their life. Not all. Are you show your true all to your best friend? I don't think so, even me, I still keep something for myself. It mean I don't judge any of them. I just saying my point. And those evidences about necklace and stuff, that is the fact not delusional. Talking about a hint, last night at 3am morning, JS post cherry blossom, few hours before HHJ post icon cherry blossom, do you think just coincidence or they throw some hints. I never believe hint on IG. And JS always said, IG is place for his fans, so I don't think he turn it to lovestagram? At at the end of day, we never know what happen and who right or who wrong? I never assume anything. I just saying my point of view based on fact. About the poem, I can't say much, if JS really in that much pain, I apologise to all JS fan in this world and you can hate SH because she move on first. after this thing happen, I lost my faith in people. My good darling friend, my chingu, turn into different people. When the dating new come out, they said even SH dating, they always support her, but when something about SH come out and how happy she is, they blame SH why she so happy and JS still in pain. Tell me why? Tell me why? So mean SH not deserve any happiness just because she has another guy now and already move on. Tell me why, during the time they are still together, we are like family, we are united. Now, we are, I mean darling become strangers. At last, after all this explanation and you still think I against JS or judge JS because I am SH fan. I totally understand, but the fact is the hate towards SH getting more and more these days, and most of them from another shippers including darling. I can't change it, I am nothing and I can't do anything. Life is about move on. and this is for everybody not only you Nguyen Mai, I totally understand you guys feeling and I can't move on until now. But, look, it their life not our life, why we take time to care about? Do they know we care about this? and both of them deserve happiness doesn't matter who they will. They are both good people, but they simply not make for each other. Nguyen Mai, I'm sorry for this happen, I understand how broken heart you are and i am too. But the most worrying me now, because of SH hiatus, many of her only true fans left her fandom now. I guess finally SH paid back what she did. This is more broke my heart. I don't know what I should said. And you know what, even just following, but many of JS Korean fans now start following HHJ, I just found it, it not about shipper thing, but they never follow SH before. It's just broke my heart again. They may hate SH as well. Because she deserve it. Because she dating another guy now. By by the way, please don't mind what I say now, I just a bit emotion when I saw many fans turn their back to SH. Please ignore me. Have a wonderful day and let move on
  2. Hello chingu, I am silent reader for long time here and please excuse my broken English. I knew you guys all super disappointed about SH and how she treat JS like that or like this. But, please we dont know what happen in their relationship, they may look good together but maybe their personality doesnt match. To be honest, I heard the rumor about their broken up since last March. Remember SH went hitatus on her IG after her Thailand trip before her birthday and she didnt post anything until mid March. Normally, SH always post her birthday photos to fan but that time she not. I assume it must be something there, she even said in her interview "sometime she in pain with broke up but nobody know". Also, when SH post something after her long hiatus in March, the post was MV she in and it talks about a girl after break up. Let's talk about JS, he seems okay and post non-stop until the end of Feb, when the drama starts, he post less and most of his photos, he looks tired and sad, well, maybe from overnight shooting. But then, he totally changes into different person, recording music, dance, and poem book, fan meeting, travel, go to music festival with friend, open coffee shop, etc... I guess he just make himself busy to try to forget her. Plus, do you think he look super happy in Valentine tik tok app? Do you think he still in pain? Well, they are actors. They know how can show their expression in public and we don't know what going on with them behind that curtain. Please please don't assume and blame one side. And turn SH into a cheater or betrayer. and turn JS into a victim. We are just sitting in front of the screen and saw them through this. Please don't conclude everything. Plus, I told you guys one thing and you may not believe me. SH wore JS birthday gift necklace throughout Doctors drama. Plus, remember she went to Thailand filming Silent around 7 Feb, at that time, in her fan photo, she wore JS gift dress, which she wore it many times. So do you think SH is a cheater? or her fault? To be honest, I cannot assume anything but SH is not herself since last year, her eyes always empty and look sad, even she smile. The BTS the screen Coach with Marie Claire, her eyes just full of sadness. You may think I am bias SH. But no, when I heard the news, I was in shocked too, I was blaming her for a weeks, why she jumps to new relationship too quick, But now I look back, maybe her new boyfriend just there when she cope with her pain, he even left his filming at that time to go travel with her. He maybe not good as JS but he was there when she fell down and empty. About JS, have you read the news he join same company with Shin Hye Sun and even acting same drama with her. Do you guys suprise? no, yes, I totally surprise because at least what SH did, I can see her friendship via IG or photos, I meant at least I can see what SH do. But see JS, no one know he close to Shin Hye Sun, oh well, they went same gym club, but only same gym club and it can affect his career decision, they must be close and she help him to find his new agency, then boom, the news come out. And you dont know Krystal come to his coffee shop quite often,, well they are friend back then, but they never show to us, they are friend via public sns, right? I love SH and JS so much, they are so adorable when they are together, and I love JS because I can tell how sweet he is. But when look back, I found there are many hidden thing about JS we dont know. I mean not bad thing, but I mean about who he close with or what he did, but at least with SH you can tell who she close with and what she did. I am not mean SH show everything to us and JS hide everything. At the end of the day, my point is we never know what happens in their relationship, please don't assume anything and blame only SH. She does not deserve it, cos many of darling now become JS fan only. Its great, because you all may JS fan at the beginning. But when I talk to one of darling, she said she hate SH because SH dump JS and she can feel JS still love SH and in pain blah blah blah. Who know? who dump who? who know who in pain more, they are great actors I remember one actor his name Kim Nam Gil, said to his fans, he said even the closet fan only know him 3/10. Another 7, they never know. Because he only show that 3/10 to public. So, lets move on and please stop blaming one side. I believe SH still denied it at the end but that guy admit it so SH has no choice. I hope he truthlly love her. And I really hope JS will find his perfect match one day as well. Also, let look at this, they broke up last year, why JS become quite just after the news came out. Before that, he super happy and post non-stop. Many fans acc went to his Gongcha tea in March and Cele beau in MArch and recently is Book fan sign, they all said he look super happy and even he said he happy too. I think he found his happiness and already move on. And remember SH said in her interview after Silent, married always her dream but now she think she doesnt know how she can live with that person for the rest of her life. So she postpone marry for time being. Who know she may think about step one step further with JS but they broke up and she lost her faith in married. Many chingu here may all watch couple interview in Pinocchio, watch it again, most of the time, SH always staring at JS, he only response back when she look at him. And even in the SBS year end ceremony as well. Im not sure about my feeling but it seem she love JS a lot. But when the love is over, people cant do anything. Lets listen to this song, you will know two side of story of people who broke up. Lets move on chingu, and please support either of them in individually. They are both good people.
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