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  1. On 4/25/2018 at 10:39 PM, mjfan said:

    I think this drama is a piece of fine art that not anyone can appreciate and value 

    I love it to pieces

    I love all the characters it's weird I didn't hate anyone except that Apollo chairman but as I saw him being hilarious in other dramas I couldn't take him seriously 

    Mi Rae is very charming and I want a bestfriend like her

    I never knew KWS before but God now I adore him

    I praaaaaaaay they end up together in real life if he is single they are match made in heaven


    This drama is really a PIECE OF FINE ART indeed. It's just too bad that many Soompiers missed it and this page is as quiet as a mouse. :tongue:


    @USAFarmgirl where are you? Love your super expressive and appropriate writing about this gem of a drama.:wub:


    It's my DRAMA OF 2018 and should have been SBS's Best Drama of 2018 too. And KSA & KWS both thoroughly deserve their DAESANGs (rare for 2 actors of opposite sex getting daesangs from the same drama)for their STELLAR acting & off the chart chemistry (the very fact that they are THE ONLY BEST COUPLE says it all)!:love:


    By the way, KWS also won 2 Best actors award for SWKF from the Korean Culture Award & Korean Drama Award if I'm not mistaken.:heart:


    Paul Kim's OST , "Every Day Every Moment" should have won BEST OST Award too. It did win the BEST OST Award at one of the Music Awards which I cant remember its name. :lol:


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  2. On 12/10/2018 at 8:29 AM, RobinM said:

    That’s why the love triangle is a waste of time... let’s see her and Island folks help him heal and be able to eat the Delicious KimBap she makes for him :wub:


    @RobinM I think the love triangle is needed here. Otherwise our egoistic YB will be too complacent! On the other hand KS needs to experience real love instead of sibling love which is what she has been feeling for poor MD. The heated competition between the 2 guys for KS's love makes the drama more comical, interesting and intriguing anyway.:tounge_xd:


    The sight of those fresh seafood really reminds me of 3 Meals A Day and  Battle Trip and entices me to embark on an island trip for my coming year end trip to Korea.:D




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  3. @triplem thanks for your live recaps from Seoul. Wow! From the time you posted, I know you slept rather late. Thanks again for your loyal service. Keep warm and enjoy your trip to Jeju too.:D


    Ep 4 is simply daebak and every episode is getting better and better. Watched with Chinese subs without eating otherwise I'd choke on my food. 

    The acting is top knotch even by the islanders. Love the bickering and staring among our 3 main leads. :lol:


    The cinematography of the island is just breathtaking and reminds me of 3 Meals A Day. After this drama ends, Daemo island (from what I gather from KJS's Problematic Men) may become a tourist resort for the locals. From watching Battle Trip, I learn that Korea has more than 3000 islands. Wando is the main island that the large ferry docks so TSYB's island is only accessible by small fishing boats. :)


     YB can later get a boat piloting license (Lee Seo Jin got one when he was filming 3 Meals A Day) to visit KS & Grandma as much as he likes when they are officially dating. And KS can always return there to visit Grandma when they get married.:blush:



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  4. Watched ep 3 with Chinese subs while eating breakfast and I almost choked on my food. My daughter who's also obsessed with this show laughed at me as I was giggling all the time.:P


    TS is top knotch entertainment indeed as it has every aspect to entertain us. We watch dramas for entertainment and after some recent disappointing dramas, TS is a REFRESHING CHANGE! :wub:


    I love the whole cast (know a lot of them through regular drama watching) and the island has my favourite variety show, 3 Meals A Day vibe! I've always wanted to stay on an island for a day during my regular Korean trips. So after TS, I will definitely have this on my bucket list for my next trip.:D


    That scrambled eggs with salad and sesame/gupchang dressing had me laughing as it is one of my favourite self concocted recipes. Nowadays since I travel regularly to Korea, I eat almost everything with gupchang sauce and kimchi at home. :blush:


    A big wave to @Plummpychan (Witches' Love) and at @akieraso you're a fan of 1% of Anything too?


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  5. On 11/15/2018 at 6:24 PM, akiera said:

    Excited for Jeon somin and the satoori. 

    :blush: BTW, I noticed some familiar faces here. @triplem  @gladys57 were you there on Ha Seokjin- Jeon Somin soompi thread for 1% of something? I am sorry if I mistook you for somebody else.


    @akieraOf course, I'm that same person who posted a lot on that thread! A record posting in fact. Became JSM's instant ardent fan as I'm already HSJ's fan. Even sent them gifts through Godinmedia when I was in Seoul. Also like KJS too from his Problematic Men although I dont watch RM for JSM. Quite impressed with LSY in a weekend drama a nd Law of The Jungle.

    Welcome to this thread! 


    Watched ep 1 with Chinese subs. Had a blast laughing away. JSM & KJS are perfectly casted for this drama. Love the familiar faces among the country folks cast. This drama more than makes up for the disappointment in The 3rd Charm and cures my TBM withdrawal syndrome.:blush:



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  6. @triplem thanks for all the latest goodies especially the pix showing KJS's latest physique! When I saw them somewhere earlier before I couldn't believe my eyes it was him!

    Watched some of his older variety shows with HSJ. 1 of them was Radio Star.:D


    Now I recall seeing LSY in weekend drama House of Bluebird with LJH. Also saw him in Law of The Jungle and I like him.:P


    As for JSM, she'll have great chemistry with everyone. Saw her on 1 of the latest KBS Drama Special and she's great there too! :wub:


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  7. This drama will be like "fish out of water" stuff as our male lead will have to adapt to a totally type of lifestyle from city living. It will be HILARIOUS of course!

    Who else but KJS will excel as the city jerk and JSM as the spunky island girl  :D


    I love the Korean islands by watching their documentaries and variety shows like 3 Meals A Day and Battle Trips. Also lately, there're quite a number of dramas using islands as filming locations.


    Cant wait for the drama to start.:blush:


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  8. Ha ha! I'm here at last after a hiatus. (Got stuck in a very addictive daily drama.) 

    @triplem and @pad-hari so happy to see both of you here too! :P

    How can I stay away from people who are connected with my sexy brain man Ha Suk Jin? Love watching him and Kim Ji Suk on Problematic Men.

    Even the cast of the latest Halloween episode of PM are cheering for KJS for this drama! :D

    Also watching for Jeon So Min of course!

    Even my own daughter(got obsessed with 1%of Anything recently) is waiting anxiously for this drama now! :tounge_xd:


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  9. To think that evil witch SH is brilliant in her schemes which were successful so far. However how can she ever let FSJ bribe her into letting her work in the same place as her? :P 


    Letting FSJ to work in SJ Boutique will be like a TICKING TIME BOMB for her. 

    Of course she has no choice as she doesn't have enough money herself! :D


    So THE MENTAL TORTURE for SH has begun! :tounge_xd:




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  10. 15 minutes ago, meoooooowwww said:

    Hmm... Am I thinking too much? As we can see from the preview, HG is sleeping soundly in the car. There are 2 possibilities will happen in that scene :

    1) It is just HN will buckle off the seatbelt from HG and nothing will happen after that, or

    2) HG suddenly wake up and hug HN and they will have the near-kiss-moment OR a real kiss moment -_-


    HIGH TIME we get to see another KISS of course. Our HG cant control himself anymore. This hopefully will wake HN up! :tounge_xd:



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  11. 20 minutes ago, darr said:

    Did u guys notice the most important thing in episode 103?

    HN went straight to the visitor's bathroom as somebody who already know the place before.

    She didn't ask for direction and halmoni was smart enough to pick it up. SN almost died!:lol:

    She is giving out pointers here and there to halmoni.

    She eats chocolate like SJ.


    I will boldly say that if she had stayed one week with halmoni,  she will figure her out and ask for DNA test.

    That old lady is very quick witted. At first meeting she connected with HN instantly so I'm not really surprised.


    It's only the birth mother that has been disappointing me. If halmoni can figure this much out, why did they write the birth mother's story as one who is biz savvy but not smart?


    I'm really not happy that till now, nothing makes her uncomfortable around her daughter. Even EA would have put one and two things together.

    She is just there. She can't even see through her sister's expressions. Fake SJ interacted with her just small and can read her like a novel.


    She and her daughter are too naive for my liking.




    @darr well said! I cant believe that a capable woman like JH cannot DETECT evil witch SH's "constipated" looks and NOT SUSPECT anything whenever EA & HN are mentioned. 

    So likewise, JH's daughter HN is just as "blind" to all those bad things done to her & her mum by evil mum-daughter duo? They sure have similiar genes!:blush:


    Looks like grandma will be the ONLY ONE SHARP enough to get it RIGHT! :D


    I'd love to see evil daughter mum duo GETTING HELL from  grandma after that! :blush:



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  12. I'm so happy to see our guy HG smiling and laughing again amidst his BONDING time with HN's family. Melting at his DIMPLES! :tounge_xd:

    Poor HG must have envied HN who despite being adopted, is having such a happy and close family although they're poor . He obviously didn't enjoy such an upbringing.:D

    Having  said that , I'm sure HG cant wait to be part of HN's family asap! He'd be a perfect HEAD of the family indeed!:wub:


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  13. 8 hours ago, darr said:

    U know what, Korean dramas always project  people like HN/HG as very innocent that kissing is sometimes impossible but let's be realistic here.

    In a normal relationship, this guy should have kissed her more than 100times.

    They have blood running through their veins so hormones will flare up and there must be intimacy.


    What am I saying? Has HG done the needful, HN will be the one who won't let go unless he is beyond average down there:P

    If that boy has sent her to heaven multiple times, damn the mother!:P


    What do I know, let me continue reading:D


    @darr, I' m giggling a lot while reading your comment here! :D


    I maybe a grandmother of 2, but some commenters here maybe "underaged" and will blush on reading this? :blush:


    Well said! Your comment is SPOT ON!  Come on HN is already 26 years old and HG is 28 ( I guess as he's JE's senior in Uni).:love: WELL? What do we think?




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  14. @stroppyse thank you very much for your prompt translation of HG & HN 's conversation at the office.:P


    Can you please also translate the scene  when the 4 of them were having dinner too? I feel that HG & SR are conspiring to make HN change her mind. Since SR likes him so much, I've a feeling he may have told her about their break up. SR even used the word "fighting" to HG to confirm my suspicion when HN wanted to return home. Best of all HG was over the moon when EA calls him "son-in-law".:D


    That scene is a joy to watch especially  with SR & HN's mum teasing HG. :blush:



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  15. 43 minutes ago, jayakris said:


    She has tried.  Well, she even made a whole birthday dinner for the mother, and we saw what happened.  It was important that what the mother did was probably the nastiest thing imaginable.  After being given $200 and asked to leave, how can HN think there is anything she can do about that piece of junk mother?   I don't know if any woman would think there was anything she could do anymore.   And she knows that that family has a guy who loves her to death, a colleague of hers who she knows will only say good things about her, and a dad who adores her own mom.   And HG has not said anything about if any of them even tried to talk to the mother.  She knows that even the sister worked with her on that birthday dinner and is sorta okay with her.  So many days after she made the birthday dinner, if none of these people have been able to do anything about the mother, should she even fight this?


    Yes, she has not tried to tell the dad about her true feelings for HG.  But she probably senses that the strength of her love is not the concern the dad or mom has about her.  And she is right in that too.


    @jayakris Well said! What Drama Queen or HG's mum did by giving her $200 and asking her to leave is totally unforgiveable! HG felt so BAD to see it. It is THE 1ST DEGREE INSULT to anyone! :angry:

    The fact that she BRAVELY cooked for her even after having water splashed right  into her face and accused harshly for lying when it was HG who told the WHITE LIE! HN has every right to cut ties thinking that in future this Drama Queen will control them even when they are married.:ph34r:


    I just want to see Drama Queen on her knees BEGGING HN to get back together with HG after they break up as HG will be too ashamed to be with her, knowing that his class conscious & stubborn mum ONLY ACCEPTS her because she's JH's daughter! :blush:


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  16. OMO! So JE is trying to get pregnant from the preview? And she thinks that she'd be forgiven by being pregnant? Dont tell me the writer is going to use the  pregnancy route to get evil JE forgiven like so many other dramas.

    I hope this writer does something totally different for once!:triumph:


    I will never ever watch her drama again if obnoxious JE is LET OFF THE HOOK because of pregnancy! :naughty:



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