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  1. @jackieoh a warm welcome and also to those newbies whom I didn't mention! This thread is moving so fast, we'll hit 200 pages real soon! I did watch dailies before I became a grandmum and I didn't notice any of them having so many comments as SAT! SAT FIGHTING!
  2. To think that evil witch SH is brilliant in her schemes which were successful so far. However how can she ever let FSJ bribe her into letting her work in the same place as her? Letting FSJ to work in SJ Boutique will be like a TICKING TIME BOMB for her. Of course she has no choice as she doesn't have enough money herself! So THE MENTAL TORTURE for SH has begun!
  3. @darr Now we have 3 guys on this thread! I did mention to my daughter once that it is very refreshing to read comments from a guy's perspective and she agrees totally! You need to guess who the other one is?
  4. @Jerry Lewis Are you a guy too? When you shared that song by Tokyo Square, I guessed you must either be from Malaysia or Singapore. I'm a halmoni from Singapore!
  5. So evil JE bought herbal stuff for pregnancy not because she wants to conceive but just TO SWAP the herbal stuff for EA's amnesia. Imagine EA 'S surprise if she really reads the actual herbal concoction??? HOW WICKED she can be indeed!
  6. HIGH TIME we get to see another KISS of course. Our HG cant control himself anymore. This hopefully will wake HN up!
  7. @darr well said! I cant believe that a capable woman like JH cannot DETECT evil witch SH's "constipated" looks and NOT SUSPECT anything whenever EA & HN are mentioned. So likewise, JH's daughter HN is just as "blind" to all those bad things done to her & her mum by evil mum-daughter duo? They sure have similiar genes! Looks like grandma will be the ONLY ONE SHARP enough to get it RIGHT! I'd love to see evil daughter mum duo GETTING HELL from grandma after that!
  8. I'm so happy to see our guy HG smiling and laughing again amidst his BONDING time with HN's family. Melting at his DIMPLES! Poor HG must have envied HN who despite being adopted, is having such a happy and close family although they're poor . He obviously didn't enjoy such an upbringing. Having said that , I'm sure HG cant wait to be part of HN's family asap! He'd be a perfect HEAD of the family indeed!
  9. For me, THE MENTAL TORTURE FSJ is inflicting on evil mum daughter duo is more than enough punishment for them at the moment! Long may the REAL TORTURE begin for them!
  10. @darr, I' m giggling a lot while reading your comment here! I maybe a grandmother of 2, but some commenters here maybe "underaged" and will blush on reading this? Well said! Your comment is SPOT ON! Come on HN is already 26 years old and HG is 28 ( I guess as he's JE's senior in Uni). WELL? What do we think?
  11. @stroppyse thank you very much for your prompt translation of HG & HN 's conversation at the office. Can you please also translate the scene when the 4 of them were having dinner too? I feel that HG & SR are conspiring to make HN change her mind. Since SR likes him so much, I've a feeling he may have told her about their break up. SR even used the word "fighting" to HG to confirm my suspicion when HN wanted to return home. Best of all HG was over the moon when EA calls him "son-in-law". That scene is a joy to watch especially with SR & HN's mum teasing HG.
  12. With the high level STRESS junior evil witch, JE is having, she probably WONT be able to concieve at all. Not even with the MOST potent herbal stuff for pregnancy! Usually the more desperate she gets, the more she wont succeed!LOL!
  13. @jayakris Well said! What Drama Queen or HG's mum did by giving her $200 and asking her to leave is totally unforgiveable! HG felt so BAD to see it. It is THE 1ST DEGREE INSULT to anyone! The fact that she BRAVELY cooked for her even after having water splashed right into her face and accused harshly for lying when it was HG who told the WHITE LIE! HN has every right to cut ties thinking that in future this Drama Queen will control them even when they are married. I just want to see Drama Queen on her knees BEGGING HN to get back together with HG after they break up as HG will be too ashamed to be with her, knowing that his class conscious & stubborn mum ONLY ACCEPTS her because she's JH's daughter!
  14. OMO! So JE is trying to get pregnant from the preview? And she thinks that she'd be forgiven by being pregnant? Dont tell me the writer is going to use the pregnancy route to get evil JE forgiven like so many other dramas. I hope this writer does something totally different for once! I will never ever watch her drama again if obnoxious JE is LET OFF THE HOOK because of pregnancy!
  15. I can predict that HG will be the one to break up with HN once his Drama Queen mum finds out she's JH's lost daughter. HG will be so ASHAMED of his materialistic & status conscious mum that he wont even go near her again! And HN will regret it BIG TIME!