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  1. @unlovely @minu8 I am really sorry for sounding like a wet blanket but could all shippers and their theories move to shipper thread. I love JH and MY (I would love it if they won couple award) but I don't ship them in real life. LJ fans wrote a detailed summary of why they don't want speculation about his private life and we should respect that. Apologies if this post has upset anyone.
  2. Have been totally dragging out my goodbye post to this drama because I loooooooove this drama too much!!! I love the ending and all the fan service the writer, PD gave us for the last episode. There was so many treasures in it. This is one drama I can re-watch again and again. I can't remember why I picked this drama to watch out of so many in the first instance and I didn't start in March. I don't like watching live dramas because it is very tiring waiting for episodes. However, this one was well worth it!!! I think it was by chance I saw the Marie Claire photoshoot of LJ and JSM and thought, 'what a beautiful couple' (yes, I'm a little superficial like that) and traced it backed to this drama. The chemistry onscreen between them sure didn't disappoint and at first they were the only reason why I watched this drama but as the episodes pass by, I found I was gradually drawn to all the characters. Yes, even MIL and PIL story, I loved them all! All the actors and actresses acting were excellent but because this drama made me a fan of Lee Joon's acting, I have to credit him more for making me watch this live weekend drama for the first time. His portrayal of Ahn Joong Hee's early arrogance, painful emotions, love struggles were all spot on. If someone didn't point out that he was an idol previously I really didn't know. By watching his other talents I got to realise he is actually a very talented entertainer. He sure is born to be in the entertainment industry. I wish him all the best in the military service and comeback with a blast!!! Thank you to the writer, PD, all the actors and actresses, the whole production crew of My Father Is Strange. You have successfully made me a fan of this drama!!! Lastly, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone here who did translations, live-recapping and updating news for this thread. It was an enjoyable journey. Note: The last episode of MYFIS had a rating of 33.7 and the average rating for this whole drama was 27.83%!!! Well done everyone!!!
  3. I am so not ready to say goodbye to this awesome drama. Oh well, wrap up party later today for FIS team. Thanks for all the hard work for the past 7-8 months!!!
  4. @agnescz thank you for all the interview links earlier. I really loved reading them I totally regret not knowing this amazing talented artist - Lee Joon earlier plus he has a great sense of humour. I just can't stop laughing at his latest IG post. Why didn't anyone tell me about him sooner??? I have to admit though, I don't follow Kpop. Apart from LJ, I have gotten to know JSM a bit more from this drama. The only other drama I have watched of her before this was 'It started with a Kiss'. Her acting has matured so much, I am really impressed with her. From all the clips I have seen of her she seems a quiet, homely girl. Is that correct? Maybe, a long time JSM can correct me. I really like her and wish her the best in all her future works. Its the last day of shooting for the Byun/Lee family today but it is the last day of shooting for the Cha family tomorrow so it is all wrapping up. I'm not saying goodbye yet till I have seen episode 52. I can only imagine what the actors/actresses are going through when they have been filming so closely as a big happy family for the past 6-7 months. They have all brought their characters to life. @minu8 @annamchoi I am worried for Mama Lee also. I hope she is just recovering in hospital after the surgery so she didn't need to film today.
  5. Is it the last day of filming? They are all taking turns to post
  6. Apologies for cutting your post I really need MY to be a bit more forthcoming in showing her love for JH. In episode 48, I can see JH dotes MY like she is the centre of his world. MY is a person that tends to shy away from everything. I want her to change with love so she takes the lead in holding JH's hands first and gives him a peck on the cheek or lips first. Also, she needs to say 'I love you' back to JH. I really hope there is another kiss scene between them but this is a family drama so my hopes aren't high. Since JH is an actor, I would like to see him hire out the whole of the cinema/amusement park just so they can date in peace. I hope to see a proposal scene also (am I too greedy?) I just love this couple too much @agnescz thank you for the videos of LJ. Enjoyed watching all of them I did go to Soompi LJ thread but it seems quiet there. I would like to read/watch more of his previous Magazine interviews. Are there any blogs/links?
  7. Congratulations to FIS team for getting the highest ratings so far!!! I am not surprised, these two episodes have been an absolute rollercoaster ride of emotions for me. One minute, I was crying buckets especially when family love was shown and how the brother and sisters rallied around Papa Lee. When HY told her dad it's okay to cry, to say you're in pain, I couldn't hold it anymore. Yes, Dad to me is always trying to be strong but he is human too just like in real life. Children don't really know how much their parents suffer for them. It was depicted so well here. Also, the scene with JH and uncle Lee. The dialogue made me well up again. Then, the next minute I couldn't stop giggling at AJH's in-love antics. LJ is just so so good at acting. I love his character to bits, he has made AJH his own. Absolute brilliant! I really don't want this drama to end, only 4 episodes left. Eagerly anticipating them.
  8. @stroppyse @mapleoaks4 thank you for the translations. I hear many people are getting annoyed with the angst in this drama. I must be the odd one out. I am loving the storyline. I cried watching episode 45. It was beautifully depicted. Each of the children are dealing with the stages of grief in their own unique way. I could be totally wrong but I feel more angst coming next weekend. MY needs to have something bigger hitting her for her to acknowledge her dad's mistake isn't so bad. I don't know what it might be, her mother's breast cancer? i have yet to watch today's episode but I found this scene mesmerising. What a beautiful couple. I only see JH and MY, Lee Joon and Jeong So Min are both very talented actors. I really didn't know Lee Joon was an idol-turned-actor before this drama, and when I saw his works before turning into full time acting, I actually think he is a talented artist rather than just an actor or an idol. He can sing, dance exceptionally well, do variety shows and act! I am impressed.
  9. Looks like Byun family had a meal together after filming. Sweet! (Am I allowed to post this here?) I have enjoyed quite a few of this writer's previous dramas 'Be Strong Geum Soon', 'Ojakgyo Family' and 'Surgeon Bong'. This writer is really good at tugging my heart strings!
  10. ❤Park Shin Hye 박신혜 ❤

    Is it this photo??? credit: owner
  11. Sorry to cut your post but I agree with your comment. I didn't even know he was a previous idol. I think there are many negative connotations associated with the term 'idol' and I have to applaud him for some very difficult scenes especially with the experienced mother actress. I like how this is a family drama and it probably can go on for another 50 episodes. The writer isn't perfect but she has made the characters more 3D then say a short drama. I can understand why some people say incest is putting them off JH-MY couple but to me they initially met when they weren't brother and sister, plus they didn't grow up together. So, to me they were never related in that way. All your conversations are very intriguing. Love reading them.
  12. Hello everyone, Just wanted to show my support for this very addictive drama. Loving it and loving my favourite OTP - JH and MY. They are adorable. Writernim, please focus on their love line more. There is only 12 episodes left. I know this is a family drama but can we have JH and MY smile and laugh more. I miss those beginning scenes where they enjoy each other's company and JH has been crying for the past four episodes. Waiting for the next episode is going to be so painful after the confession.
  13. ❤Park Shin Hye 박신혜 ❤

    Sorry to cut your post but I am very happy for you! Please share all the photos and FM accounts with us here My #S flower of Angel photo book has arrived and the photos are really beautiful. If you can afford it when you attend her FM, please support Shin Hye and her charity. I see we are discussing Shin Hye's fashion again. I personally believe it isn't her choice. The 1980's fashion is back. If you are old enough you will know Princess Diana style check jackets are back in fashion this summer. Shin Hye is carrying all the branded clothes really well, even some of them are not my style but she wears them well. cr: owner
  14. ❤Park Shin Hye 박신혜 ❤

    Original source: http://bka.mpweekly.com/focus/foreign/韓風有訊/沒被三字頭嚇怕 朴信惠對「人脈富者」感委屈 Continued from previous post. Title: Not afraid of approaching thirty, Park Shin Hye feels wronged by the term 'person rich in connections' The secret to youth Debuting as a child star at 13 years old, from child actress to main lead actress, many audience watch her grow up, next year she will reach thirty in Korean age, she doesn't seem to be afraid of the big three zero. 'Getting older will always have a little regret, how to say, twenty-ish is always beautiful, but at thirty one can live very handsomely, the only worry I have is (I am) still not very sensible, always likes to joke a lot, compared to high heels prefer to wear trainers, in private don't like to wear makeup, still likes to meet up with friends and play, go on holidays, sometimes will even be told 'you are a Hallyu star, you should pay more attention' but I think this is one of my secret to youth, I rather do the things I want to do living in a cool way' PSH's film 'Silence' will be released in the second half of this year, adapted from China's 'Silent Witness', which had good reviews during screening, we asked PSH does she feel a little pressure? She said 'This production to me was quite difficult, although have original, but this new version has many changes, between them there are many differences, everyone who will watch it will feel it'. 'Silence' is about a wealthy businessman Im Tae's (Choi Min Sik) daughter becoming a murder suspect, and then hires defence lawyer Choi He Jeong (PSH), but through the process reveals the unknown truth.