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  1. Sorry friends, I'll be off the forum for the next several days, maybe 3-4 weeks. Family health emergency, so I'm on my way to India. Hope @lu09 and others can give some story recaps every day.
  2. Ep 50 recap Part-2 (from 15:30) - Office texting between SU and JA. He reminds her of meeting at the parking garage after work. She is like a kid in a candy store. - SH comes in to announce that HMR will appear for them. The team's ajussi thinks that they wouldn't even need to have a contest-3 now. SH says that they will still need to go through contest-3 because of the 50% weight on the sales, but she thinks they have pretty much won. The team-members want a team dinner outing but SU says tonight isn't good. He lies that he has to go to some MBA graduates meeting or something. Then JA and YJ also say that they have plans. SH looks at SU suspiciously. - JA's mom is calling her to ask for money. JA says she has no money. "Don't you know it is my birthday tomorrow?" she asks. The mom had forgotten, it seems. SG overhears and wonders if she didn't get any money from SH for the picture-taking work. DS' parents walk in hearing that it is her birthday tomorrow. DS mom asks him how he can let "his girlfriend" work on her birthday. YJ tries to say that she is not a girlfriend, but the parents won't take it. The dad wants to go out for some food and shopping. They leave SG in charge of the cafe and leave. - SU wants to buy JA a bag. He reminds her that it is her birthday today. JA had actually forgotten (so the room mates have birthdays back to back?)... She tells him she never had bog birthdays, except for whatever NJ used to do. He wants to buy her a bag, clothes and shoes - all those gifts that she never got on her birthdays. (Is it just me, or does JA suddenly look rather pretty, not that she is in love and not looking like she was suffering from mosquito bites?) - DS' parents buy JA gifts and they see JA and SU at the Dept Store. DS' dad says he guessed it when SU paid money on JA's behalf. This was news to JA. Mom tries to cover DS's eyes, but he says he is fine about JA now, and that he is becoming a real man like Dad wanted. - YS is thrilled with the new coat that she bought from money for miscarrying. SG comes in and then MS. She hides the coat when MS comes in. - SJ is looking at the fruit basket NJ gave her to take to her dad and patch up with him. She calls NJ and he asks her to put on her aegyo with her dad. NJ wants her to go to his place tomorrow, and have food with his mom. She says she will be happy to see his mom. - MS finds the fur coat, and sees that it cost $12,000 (My God, what did the idiot buy?). She tried to give some lie like it is fake item etc. The she lies that SG gave the money. He is not going to buy it, when SG is doing part-time work. He yells and she calls for SG's help. Now SG tells MS that "NJ gave $50K as the price of Savior's life" - pretty much what NJ worried about yesterday when he met SC. Now MS is ready to just kill NJ. The idiot runs out. - NJ tells the family at dinner that he has invited SuJi to come home tomorrow. HMR's daughter. SH is sarcastic in saying that HMR is modeling for her team, and smirks about NJ inviting her. NJ says that he wasn't going to use the daughter to get HMR to model for them - "I think differently than you on that". SU asks what this is about. NJ: "Looks like the world is unaware of this. Why don't you ask Mrs. Choi yourself?" - Doorbell rings. NJ goes to check who it is. And they all hear MS yelling at NJ... "What? The price of Savior's life?". [The End]
  3. Ep 50 Part-1 (Till 15:30) - BCS says he will lie down there till NJ comes, if she doesn't let him in and talk to him. - SuJi wants to go out. HMR recalls what NJ said to her and asks if they should go see her "Uncle Beluga" (NJ). SuJi is happy and HMR thinks to herself that she is no longer going to hide with SuJi. They go to HK offices. YJ recognizes her and asks if she was there to see SH. But she says they are there to see NJ, surprising YJ. She takes SuJi to NJ's team office and leaves to go see SH. The team has a good time with SuJi. - HMR is harsh with SH but agrees to model, but only under some conditions. She shows SH that she is recording the conversation on her phone. After she does the modeling on Team-1's stage, she won't do any advertisement modeling, or any press/media interviews. The photo of SuJi that SH has, has to be deleted after the contest. If the photo ever reaches the public in the future, SH has to take up all legal responsibilities. SH agrees but has a request too. HMR should do a "press-play" (Korean word for press manipulation) about appearing on stage for her team. HMR asks if that means she will have to see a reporter. SH says, without that there is no meaning in her being on their stage, as she won't be doing advertisements or interviews after it. HMR agrees to it. - HMR says she hopes never to see SH again, once this is over. SH acts like she is unfazed. HMR leaves and SH calls the agency guy (CEO Park) and ask him to set up the "press play". - HMR meets SC, calling him "uncle", so they are old time friends. She says it's the first that she is seeing him since her mother's funeral time. 7 or 8 years ago. HMR: "Thank you for remaining in my mother's memories as the first love who watched over her". (Oh, so they were pretty close). She tells him that SuJi is with her "Beluga Uncle" (NJ). She guesses that this contest was all SC's idea, and he agrees. But she has to model for Team-1, to protect SuJi and her dad. She feels really apologetic to NJ but has no other way. SC says - "It is actually not like there is no other way, though" (we don't hear what his plan is) - Ms Heo brings tea for BCS. He asks for liquor instead, but Ms Heo says they don't have it. YSJ asks him to get lost if he is there to get money from NJ. BCS: "Who asked for money? Let us live together!".. He says he just wants to live with his "wife and son". "Wife and son?", yells YSJ. He had never earned a penny to take care of her like a wife, so how dare he!... BCS: "Then I will reveal it all". Like what, asks YSJ. BCS: "That we quietly stole NJ". YSJ: "Stole him? What are you talking about? Isn't NJ the son of a relative of yours?". He laughs. "How would I have a relative in the HK group? I was just quietly stealing him for you". He says he did it all for her sake. Get out of here, says YSJ. He says he can't just leave. He wants YSJ to get him some food. YSJ screams for Ms Heo to call the police. He says, fine. He can just tell the police that he and YSJ stole that child from the hospital 30 years ago. YSJ is about to cry. "I didn't know, okay? You said he was your relative's child!". Now he says, "Who knows... I think I have no doubt that I told you I stole him, though. Who do you think the police will believe?". Evil laugh from him and attempted violence from YSJ, who can only scream. The man is going to stay, I guess.
  4. Actually, it was @lu09 who gave that quick summary at first. I was running late... Good point, that if they picked a bad actor, it may be because they don't plan to keep him around too long. Also, since he seemed not to show any clue that NJ had any connection with HK, we now have to assume that he kidnapped a kid without knowing whom he was kidnapping. HK was already a big company at that time (as NJ's dad was married to another chaebol family daughter). So, whoever got him to kidnap the baby, had not told him whom he was kidnapping. So, we should rethink any idea that he could be the dad of SU etc, too. He doesn't show any indication that he knows anybody in HK. Otherwise, he would be out there at HK first, after hearing that NJ is there.
  5. Ep 49 recap - Ms Heo tells BCS that YSJ is away and doesn't let him in at the house. - NJ is feeling downcast about MS' yelling, and SJ is apologetic about the grief she and her dad is causing him. NJ tells her that they should think more before rushing into it. She tells him in a nice way that it is not what she wants to hear. She wants to hear him ask her not to worry, and say that he will wait for her come what may. Now he smiles and tells her that she will indeed wait for her and will absolutely not let her go. Unless she leaves him, there is no way he will leave her. He says he meant only to give her dad time to come around. They are back to their playful ways, as the team members come in. - CS calls in NJ and tells him of YS' $50K demand. They both think that SG is behind it. NJ thinks that they would rather give the money, if that helps YS get over her mental anguish. But it bothers him that MS is unaware of all this. He might misunderstand this, feels NJ. CS thinks it can be explain when the time comes. - SH looks at the photos that YJ sent her. She thinks HMR is tied down now. - At the team-1 meeting, SU reviews Mr Jang's and JA's designs. Suddenly SH says she finds YJ's design pretty good too, making YJ thrilled. SU asks everybody to make the dress samples. SH tells them not to worry about getting HMR to model. - NJ and SJ come to meet HMR. She doesn't want to see them, but SuJi lets them in, as she wants to hug uncle NamJin. NJ and SH tell her that it must be a misunderstanding and ask to see the pictures. She gives her phone and says "if I knew you were sent by SH, I would have never met you to start with". NJ and SJ are puzzled, and HMR tells them that SH had said that she had sent NJ to her. Now SJ tells her that SH and they are on competing teams, and explain the details. NJ asks why there would be no pictures of him and SuJi from everywhere else that day, but only from outside the cafe. If he were trying to take pictures, why would he get it taken only at the cafe. But HMR says that only NJ knew where they were meeting. But when NJ asks her, she recalls that she had met SH also at the same cafe. SJ: "Now there is no doubt. SH must have sent somebody and got the pictures taken". HMR tells them that SH had threatened her with exposing her child and her dad. SJ can't believe SH would do this. HMR is now sure of what happened, and asks SJ what she should do. - NJ suggests that it is better for HMR to get on the stage for SU. If the child and her dad are whom HMR needs to protect, that's what she ought to do. HMR asks if they wouldn't lose the whole contest if she does that. SJ asks if he is out of his mind. That means he will be just handing over HK to SU and SH, she says. NJ: "Then what else can we do? We can't get a child caught in an adults' fight, can we?", as he pats a sleeping SuJi. He then tells HMR that he had indeed come to see her at first, hoping to be nice to SuJi and get HMR on their side. But he learned something from SuJi too in the process. When SuJi became so trusting of a stranger like him, and got close, he actually felt ashamed that he had an ulterior motive. Whatever is the reason, it is not right for people to use people. He even apologizes and asks HMR not to worry about him and to do what is best for SuJi (Basically some nice blah blah from him. Both the ladies are very touched. Good job). - He tells HMR that their design concept was mother-daugther couple dresses. SJ's idea (Just as we all expected). They will give HMR the dress as a gift later. Before leaving, he tells HMR that he felt SuJi wants to be out seeing the world, so she should get out with her daughter more. Seeing that is his wish, as a fan of HMR. (The man has got HMR ready to eat out of his hands) - SJ is all mad at NJ in the parking garage, but he is unfazed and SJ doesn't know what to say. She goes, "I must be mad. Why do I even like this fellow?" - BCS waits outside but left just before YSJ got home. She is scared, on hearing that BCS was there. - BCS is with his bro, and asks him to get some food for him. While yelling he says "get something from the gas station". He suddenly recalls that YSJ had worked at a gas station. He wants his bro to get the phone number of gas stations in the hometown. - SU and JA working on the design plans. He tells her that people don't know how enjoyable it is for somebody to love somebody. Nothing here, except JA bringing up some Chinese plan. - BCS calls the gas station, asking if it isn't the gas station run by DS' dad. It is. He introduces himself as, "hello sir, I am NJ's dad, Bang Seong Cheol". DS' dad remembers him. BCS asks what happened to YSJ. It seems DS' dad doesn't know where BCS was, so he says, "What, you were in some jail or something all this while, to not know the news?" ... He tells BCS that NJ is the grandson of HK. BCS can't seem to believe what he is hearing. He is thrilled that his life is about to get to the next level. - The foolish dad and the gold-digger are doing things that make me puke. MS leaves and YS gets a call from NJ. - NJ tells YJ that he has put together $50K. He tells her that he'll handle this. She thanks him. After he leaves, she cries and wonder if she should leave the house "to stop that jerk from bullying you". - NJ gives the money to YS at the cafe. SG is satisfied as sweet sister gives him money. They discuss keeping MS unaware of this. DS hears it, but who knows if he understood what it was... - BCS is outside the house, looking like a 1960s cartoon character, with flowers. Go away, says YSJ. "Go back, when my wife and son are here?," asks the cartoon figure. She yells at him, and he says he then has no choice but to talk to NJ, now that I hears that "that NamJin is the grandson in the HK Group?". YSJ: "Don't mess with NJ. If you mess with NJ, you and I will both die!". Evil laughter and overacting from the jerk. [The End]
  6. Ep 48 Recap Part-2 (from 17:00) - YSJ finally turns her phone on. BCS' buddy has her location figured out. - YJ tells DS that she has become a "nogada" of SH. That is like a sidekick who does tough and dirty things (a slang borrowed from Japanese). She doesn't look too sad about it though. She wants to go to his place and drink. She asks him if he isn't sad about JA and SU dating. He tells her about his attempt to become a cook guy, as she had suggested. They both have to give up their earlier crushes. - MS takes her back to her place and tries again to tell her about Mr Go and she asks him to drop the idea. He leaves. NJ comes from behind and hugs her, like he did at the airport once. He asks if she is going to report him to police again for being a pervert. He asks her not to. He is having a hard time today. She asks what happened. NJ says things got bad because she wasn't there, without giving the details. She is happy to hear that he wants her with him. - MS find that SJ left her phone in the car. He goes back. NJ has told SJ that HMR has some misunderstanding. He is feeling terrible and wants a hug and back-pats from her. He does her usual thing. The dad runs in, mad as hell, screaming at NJ - "Who the hell are you to have eyes on my SJ?". NJ just says sorry and that it's a misunderstanding. But SJ steps in - "I am the one who likes him". She says that, even as her dad, he has no right to speak carelessly about the man he likes. "Are you in your right mind?" he asks. SJ: "Yes. I am in my right mind". MS says NJ is the guy who made her brother die. It was just an accident, says SJ. Plus he was not the one directly involved. MS: "Still, he is the son of that kind of a woman". Now she can only yell in exasperation - "Dad!". NJ asks her to let it go and says sorry again to MS. - MS asks SJ to stop working with NJ and join MinHan. After all, his company is set to be handed over to her, he says. Calm and stern reply from SJ - "I don't want to. Please don't try to run my life just as you want". He asks NJ to leave, saying she will see him tomorrow. She wants the dad to leave too, as she is tired. - YSJ goes and meets CS, to tell him that YS is asking for $50K as compensation. She can't make herself tell NJ about it. CS says that NJ needs to be told. If it's tough for her too do, he can talk to NJ. She says she feels so bad seeing YS cry. He calms her down, and she says she feels better, now that he thinks it is fine. - BCS, the criminal, is outside YSJ's house, but puzzled how she could be living in such a big house. He presses the button and asks if it is where Ms. YSJ lives. He is asked (probably by Ms Heo) who he is. BCS: "I am the husband of YSJ". [The End] ------------ Preview for E49 from KBS - http://program.kbs.co.kr/1tv/drama/mylife/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2018-0557-01-871110,read,,50,786273 Blurb: 승주(서효림)와 함께 한미라(간미연)를 찾아간 남진(박윤재)은 수지를 지켜주기 위해 한미라를 시우(강태성)네 무대로 보내주겠다고 한다. 방철상(권혁호)은 남진이 현강그룹의 친손자란 사실을 알아내고 회심의 미소를 짓는데... Translation: NJ and SJ meet HMR and NJ says that he wants HMR to be sent to SU's stage, for SuJi's sake. On learning that NJ is the real grandson at HK group, BCS laughs suspiciously. The video shows SJ asking "what are you saying?" when NJ suggests that HMR model for SU. Hmm.... This is getting quite curious. I am sure HMR will like NJ's sincerity. But how can they win, if SU takes the 2nd contest also? Based on sales, maybe? But then if HMR models for them, Team-1 sales may go up too. Tough to guess what will happen. Meanwhile, what is BCS going to do, now that he knows that the kid he probably kidnapped is back at HK as the grandson?
  7. Ep 48 Recap Part-1 (Till 17:00) - As NJ is looking around for SuJi at the aquarium, SJ meets MS. He tells her that he will continue to produce the clothes, now that Mr Go is dealing with MinHan. Some light chat between them, as MS tries show that he really likes Mr Go, and he refers to NJ as "that jerk" to SJ's objections. Nothing much in this scene. - The criminal guy (Bang Cheol Sang, so he becomes BCS) shows up at a private detective agency run by a guy who calls him "big bro". He wants YSJ's location found using her phone number. - SH is having a coffee with MHR. After asking her about how life has been, she brings up the main topic and asks if HMR can model for the contest. HMR says she has already said no to modeling in the contest. To whom, asks SH, and she is about to faint when HMR says that it was to a Nam Jin. HMR asks if it wasn't SH who had sent him. Then SH lies - "yeah, it was I who sent him". SH complains that HMR shouldn't do this to her. She was the one who made her an HK model and all that at one time. Mild pressure doesn't move HMR, so SH steps it up - "so you have a daughter, huh? I wonder what I heard her name as?... Oh right. Is that man doing fine?". SH tells her that he knows that the man is a Mr Nam Do Jun, and threatens her that if the news comes out about his illegitimate child with HMR, his political life will be finished. "Is that okay?" asks SH. HMR is flustered and asks for more time to think about it. Sure, but only one week, says SH. If she doesn't hear back in a week, she will send the news to the media/press. "The same thing will result if it is not the answer I need". HMR: "You are being too much". SH doesn't mess around and says, "I will get a photo of your daughter tomorrow too. If the media publishes it without a photo, people won't believe it, will they?". She reminds her that a mother's duty is to do whatever it takes for the child. She is doing this only for her son SU's sake. - HMR is distressed, and remembers that SuJi is with NJ (who she thinks is SH's guy, and she would assume that NJ will be the one getting SuJi's photo for her). - NJ finds SuJi at the souvenir shop, looking at teddy bears. She wants him to buy her one. A white whale. He gets a call from HMR asking to return with DuJi right now. She is angry with him on the phone and NJ is puzzled. - At the office, SU texts JA, wanting to see a movie. JA is all smiles and replies that she has the #2 design concept report to finish. So he asks for just a dinner. Back and forth between the lovers... He says he will wait in the parking garage, for her to join after work. The team ajussi catches them texting each other and they put their phones away. They all start hinting at things. SU announces that he only needs the design concept report tomorrow. He wants to get off work right now. Haha. - NJ brings SuJi back to HMR who asks, "Is this the kind of guy you are? Taking her photo and sending to press/media was your plan?". NJ is lost. She says she doesn't want to see him again, and that she is disappointed at SJ too. She leaves. YJ takes a picture from across the street, of HMR with SuJi, and then of SuJi with he fish doll. - YSJ is in her room recalling YS asking for $50K. Ajussi comes in saying he was trying to call and her phone was off. He has found from the internet the kind of food that is good for his angel - like walnut, avocado, blueberry etc. He wants YSJ to buy such things, but he has to run out as pillows and other flying objects come at him.
  8. What did SU do to upset you? Oh, you mean he went DOWN in the hate list.... Okay, I misunderstood. Yes, he is redeeming himself quite well. Actually he may have fully turned into a good guy already. I don't see him do anything bad from now on. Finally he decided that he is a good guy and that he could no longer do the bad things his mom wants him to do. He wants to love, and he wants to smile. Enough of keeping himself in a mental prison that his mom put him in. This is also more and more proof that he is indeed the grandpa's grandson. Like one of you said earlier, maybe we will see the two grandsons joining hands and turning the tables on SH. If she actually has criminal involvement in NJ's kidnapping, SU will later face some serious conflicts of conscience though. Otherwise, the half-brothers can hopefully get SH to see what is wrong with her unnecessary greed. YJ was always way up on my good books, but now she turns around and does a disgusting thing. It is not like SH had caught her in some huge crime, for her to start to dance to SH's tune. It was more a selfish thing on her part to take up on SH's offer to help her in her future career. That is disgusting. Maybe she doesn't know the gravity of what she is doing, and will repent later. I hope so. I don't want to see one of my favorite characters going into the excrement list like this.
  9. Ep 47 Recap Part-1 (Till 15:40) - The guy who gets out of jail calls YSJ, saying, "you still have the same number?". He laughs at it and says "of course, I guess you don't have any man other than me all your life!". She gets scared and cuts it off, and doesn't say anything to Ms. Heo who saw it. The criminal laughs, sitting in a food joint. He is sure of finding her even if she doesn't pick up her phone. - Team-2 is concerned that HMR is not ready to return to limelight and model, because of her daughter. But SJ is ready to work hard to convince her, and everybody is happy about it. - SH is talking to a CEO Park, who looks like some entertainment agency boss. He says he cant do anything, as he doesn't think MHR will return, because even her late mother had asked her not to, etc. SH reminds him that it is best for him to see HMR return because he could be rolling in dough, if she does. SH throws the bones at him, that next season's modeling for HK can be given to Mr. Park's firm. He tells SH that she may be able to find HMR at a flower shop near his offices where she sometimes goes. He also asks SH to help on another model Seo YuNa, if I heard right. - Team-1 tells SU that the homepage response on their designs is not great. Not about the design itself, but the price, the laces, etc. He gives them some suggestions and SH comes in. She says she is hoping to run into HMR somewhere, and wants JA to go with her. JA says yes, but SU says that JA has something else to do. SH asks YJ to go along. Mr Jang wants to go too, but SH says HMR knows Mr Jang, and would immediately suspect the purpose of them meeting her. (Looks like HMR had done a lot of work with HK in the past). - Ajussi gives a box of health drinks or whatever to SH's secretary to give her. He even tells her that SH was trying to take some pills without saying what for. Secretary Lee thought she would get a gift too, but no. Here comes Mr Jang with the same gift, but he has one box for the pretty secretary too. Ajussi lost this one. - YS comes to the cafe. SG is ordering his boss around. He is putting the guilt on DS that even he has some responsibility for the miscarriage. DS apologizes and gives YS free tea, and she also makes DS feel bad that his friend NJ caused it. SG suggests to YS that she should ask YSJ for money as compensation for losing Savior. YS can't believe it at first but then agrees with her dear brother, as always. $50K is his suggested amount to demand. - SJ and NJ visit HMR again. They want to take SuJi for an outing to the aquarium. HMR likes it, though it will be a first time for SuJi to go without her mom. Except that SJ has taken her around while in the US, as she reminds her. HMR says SJ is SuJi's most favorite aunt. But she takes a dig at NJ that there must be more than pure intentions behind this outing. She has sensed that NJ and SJ has something going! SuJi likes NJ too, as she goes and sits on her lap. - Mr. Go visits MS, as he is now the man dealing with MinHan from team-2. They hit it off, as they are both graduates of Korea University. MS even asks about his family background and about siblings and all that. He then asks, "so you have some interest inn SJ, right?". Mr Go is taken aback, and asks "how can I, with our Joan of Arc?". MS tells him that she is soft inside too. MS asks if they should have a lunch together with SJ and Mr Go says he is out on some work on the HMR matter. MS thinks he known how to get SJ to come. Part-2 (after 15:40) - SJ finds a sticker on the car that NJ had stuck - "A cute princess and a cranky woman on board. Please keep distance". Haha. She shows fake annoyance as usual, and NJ goes along too. He says he is like this with people he likes. She says she is like that too. She wants to go for the throats of people she likes, too. They make SuJi laugh, finally. She even talks. NJ says that he wants to have a daughter like SuJi after he gets married. He looks at SJ and says, "maybe two of them? Or three?". SJ gets flustered and says "whatever; do as you like". SJ gets a call from her dad, about some issue on the mobile phone pockets she had designed on the dress. She thinks she has to go there to handle this. NJ laments that he was hoping for a nice date with SJ today. She says they can do a proper date during the weekend. But when she tells SuJi that she can't join and that the daddy-long-legs uncle will take her, SuJi starts screaming and biting her hand. NJ shows a dolphin video and calms her down quickly. SJ is impressed that NJ was all prepared with the video. - YSJ is sitting by the street and recalling what the criminal said. She realizes that the man must be out from jail. She recalls how much trouble that jerk had given NJ. "Why did I have to ever meet him in my life?", she cries. She is sitting outside MS' place, as she had brought food for YS, but reluctant to go and give it. YS finds her, and is cordial with her, but then remembers SG's suggestion and calls her in, saying she has something to discuss. - CS calls SU to give him some advice on automated versus hand-made production, as he had heard of the team's having some issues. SU thanks him, and asks why CS is helping their team, as he thought CS was "on the other team". CS laughs and says he never had a bias, and that he knows the chairman didn't want that either. SU is well-behaved now. As he is about to get up to leave, CS tells him that SU seems to have changed. He thinks that SU is in real love now. SU has a pleasant look on his face. The late chairman would be very pleased to see the SU of now, says CS. The chairman had once told him about never seeing SU with a smile on his face, like "he thinks smiling would cause some big problem". SU looks like he is touched to hear that the chairman cared for him. - SH and YJ are on a stakeout in a car. SH asks why YJ lied to her, from the funeral hall. YJ says that SU was standing right in front and she had no choice. She apologizes, and SH tells her that she can give her a chance to atone for her mistakes. She talks so ominously that YJ is downright scared. SH asks for her help, hinting that it is in the JA matter. SH says she will take care of YJ's future, if she comes through. YJ asks what she needs to do. SH will call when YJ has to make a move. YJ says yes. For now, YJ needs to take the pictures of HMR's child for SH. - HMR is taking some pictures of flower arrangements in a flower shop. SH walks up to her and HMR looks scared. - NJ and SuJi are having a great time "under the sea". SuJi wants to eat some churros. When NJ is paying for the churros, SuJi wanders away. NJ cannot find her. [The End] ----------------------------------- Preview for Ep 48: http://program.kbs.co.kr/1tv/drama/mylife/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2018-0557-01-871110,read,,49,786269 Blurb: 승주(서효림)를 구재선(박선준)과 엮어주려던 만석(홍요섭)은 남진(박윤재)과 승주(서효림)의 포옹을 목격하고 격분한다. 방철상(권혁호)은 심부름센터를 통해 순자(이종남)의 전화번호로 위치 찾기를 시도하는데... Translation: MS, who wanted to hook up SJ and Mr. Go, becomes furious on witnessing NJ and SJ in an embrace. Bang Cheol Sang tries to find YSJ's location using her phone number, through a private detective agency. Looks like things start getting messy again now. The video shows YJ taking a picture of SuJi and we hear HMR getting mad at NJ thinking he uploaded the picture online, also. But we hear SJ making things clear to her angry dad that the hug was because she likes NJ. It should be a fun episode now.
  10. Quick Recap. Ep 46 - After YSJ shoots her mouth, SH calls NJ and yells about lying to her about SU's not being there at the funeral. SH thinks that this was NJ's ploy to get SU to be shackled with JA, so as to take the company for himself, and she says that to NJ! (Good that SJ is there with NJ when he gets the call, to relax him) - SH tries to reason with SU, and even threw his dad under the bus, to prove that there is nothing called love. SU won't be shaken, and he had to stop her from taking pills. SU stays strong through her shenanigans. He is downright harsh in telling her that "mom is the past, and JA is the future". Primal scream and crying from SH, as SU walks out. Among the loudest cries I have ever heard in dramas. - Mr. Jang also yells at SU for doing this to SH. He is harsh on SU, but the guy withstands that too. - YSJ is surprised that NJ would accept SU dating JA, to even lie for SU, as she chats with Ajussi and Ms. Heo. Ajussi is concerned for SH and the ladies ask him to go sit outside SH's door if he is so enamored with her. He agrees to. Haha. - SJ is so cute, sitting with NJ on the HMR stakeout. She sees "Suji Han" on a dolphin doll that the housekeeping lady was taking to throw. Apparently it was lying in the corridor. On the 16th floor, says the lady. SJ is thrilled to reel in a big fish... Or a dolphin! - NJ and SJ see a man leaving HMR's room and leaving Suji crying. HMR comes out and NJ goes up to talk to her "eonni" friend. Inside the room, SJ had to remind Suji that she had bought Suji that dolphin, before Suji recognized her. SJ doesn't lie, and tells HMR that they were in the hotel to meet her. - SH finds Ajussi outside her room and assures him that she won't die before SU becomes the HK successor. He doesn't have to worry. He advises her not to get too hard on SU and cause him to run away abroad with JA. - HMR says she had no plans to return to the Entertainment industry, when SJ asked if she could model. HMR would actually like to make a comeback, but she can't. Staying away from it "is best for everybody", says HMR. SJ asks if it is because of Suji. HMR doesn't want to reply, as NJ is sitting there. SJ says that he is a trustworthy fellow. HMR reveals that Suji is diagnosed with childhood depression, apparently from wanting to see her dad. That is why they returned. NJ asks if the guy who just left is the dad. HMR says yes. He is already married though. He seems to be a famous guy everybody knows too. NJ seems to have found his face familiar too because of that. HMR says she will stay till Suji recovers from her condition. (HMR is very friendly to them, but they have work to do, to convince her to make a return to the industry) - NJ returns the $100K he borrowed from CS, as he has found that it was SU who paid for JA, and not any loan-shark. Now CS also figures out what is going on with SU and JA. - Team-2 sales seem to be going well. Team-1 designs seem to be getting comments like they are too expensive etc. - SH is upset at SU that NSJ's family has pulled out of their deals. SU says he wants to become the successor on his own abilities anyway. SH asks him to not take NJ lightly, in the contest. When SH says she still won't accept JA, SU says that's fine but if she tries to hurt JA, he won't just sit and watch. SH recalls Ajussi's warning about SU and JA running away. She asks if he is threatening her. He is not. He doesn't want JA to become like SH for all her life. SH asks if he is thinking marriage. After he becomes the successor, says SU. SH: "So, it doesn't matter even if I oppose it?". A straight "yes" is the son's answer. (Man, he is redeeming himself very well now) - DS brings coffee and sandwiches for everybody. Mr. Jang is a bit curt with JA. YJ acts uninterested in DS' sandwich but he has made a special one for her, so she agrees to eat it. - YSJ breaks a plate during dish-washing, cuts her finger, and remembers something. And we see a dude leaving from jail with an evil laugh. ---------------------- Preview for Ep 47 - http://program.kbs.co.kr/1tv/drama/mylife/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2018-0557-01-871110,read,,48,786268 Blurb: 남진(박윤재)과 승주(서효림)가 수지와 함께 수족관 나들이를 즐길 무렵, 수희(김혜리)는 연지(송민지)에게 비밀 지령을 내린다. 선규(강두)는 연실(유지연)에게 구원이를 잃은 대가로 순자(이종남)에게 돈을 받아내자며 부추기는데... Translation: Just when NJ and SJ enjoy an aquarium outing with SuJi, SH gives some secret instructions to YJ. SG instigates YS to ask YSJ for money in return for losing Savior. Argh. That fellow SG seems to the worst of the worst kind. Trying to get his sister to ask for compensation for a miscarriage...
  11. Preview for E46 - http://program.kbs.co.kr/1tv/drama/mylife/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2018-0557-01-871110,read,,47,786060 Blurb: 수희(김혜리)는 시우(강태성)가 어머니가 아닌 진아(진예솔)를 선택하겠다고 하자 이성을 잃고 약을 삼키려 한다. 한미라(간미연)를 찾기 위해 호텔에서 잠복 중이던 남진(박윤재)과 승주(서효림)는 단서를 발견하는데... Translation: As SU selects JA over his mother, SH tries to swallow pills. While on a stakeout to catch Han Mi Ra, NJ and SJ find a clue. Also, my work is becoming busy... May not get to do a recap. Will try.
  12. Ep 45 Recap Part 2 (from 10:30) - SH is getting upset at Ajussi too, and he asks why she is getting mad at him. Ajussi and Ms. Heo console her, as she keeps downing some liquor. She gets up and just collapses to the floor. They take him to the hospital. The doc says she will be fine. But she shouldn't be allowed to drink much at all, because that can be dangerous. Mr Jang comes in and yells at Ajussi for letting her drink. He seems to know her issue with alcohol. - SU sits beside JA and asks her if she is upset at what his mom had said to her before. She says no, but he says he knows that his mom can be that kind of a person. He apologizes for making her go through that, and gives her some background on his mother's experiences, as explanations/excuses for how she became like that. Once, when he was probably 4 years old, he was badly sick. SH was so scared, that she called his dad. Dad was drunk, and passed away as he drove to come see him. With his dad and "elder-mom" (which is NJ's mom) having passed away like that, his own mom became the culprit responsible for it, in his family. Grandpa and grandma detested SH all their lives, as the one who "ate up" their son. SU: "Is it understandable, if I take my becoming the HK successor as the way for my mom to get compensation for the time of suffering that she has had?". JA: "But if you know that, you shouldn't be doing this, right?". He says no. He is fully confident of what he is doing, in breaking off the engagement and coming here. JA says she doesn't want to see SU having a hard time on account of her. He says he is actually feeling more comfortable. He believes in himself, on becoming the HK successor with his own abilities. JA says that she is still scared/worried. SU: "For a while, my mother may make things hard on you. But, promise me on this one thing, whatever moments you may face. That you will absolutely not think of breaking up with me". He will be there by her side from now on, so she need not worry. JA nods in agreement. JA's mom watches SU sitting next to JA and behaving like a boyfriend, and she gets a smile. - NJ hears at breakfast that SH had fainted and ended up in the hospital last night. YSJ gives Ajussi some food to take to the hospital. CS calls NJ to meet him at the office. NJ and YSJ talk about JA's dad's funeral and he asks her to give a call to JA's mom. He gets a text from SJ that Han Mi Ra is at the Crown Hotel. She wants NJ to come to the hotel. He replies that he'll be right there after meeting CS. - CS has Mr. Go (Mr Upright) in his office. He tells NJ that Mr. Go will be the man in charge of dealing with MinHan. CS tells NJ that MS has agreed to continue the production through all the 3 contests, on the condition that somebody other than NJ will be in charge of dealing with MinHan. CS asks NJ and YSJ to do their best till MS calms down on how he feels. NJ thanks him for all the help. CS gives a business explanation on why he is helping, as the CEO. He had offered help to both sides, but only NJ took up on it, that's all. - SH wakes up and Mr Jang tells her that there is no news from SU. She wants to get up and try to see if the engagement can be rescheduled, and Mr Jang begs her to give up on it now. He asks what the point is, if SU doesn't want it. She thinks SU actually wanted it. He physically holds her down on the bed, and Ajussi comes in, showing his displeasure at it. SH is in tears, and Ajussi asks his angel not to cry, because it will make his heart go to pieces... - The team-2 ladies are pestering the hotel receptionist, and SJ tells her that she is Miranda Han's younger sister/friend. The lady insists that she cannot give them the room phone number of the actress. She agrees to pass on a note to her, and SJ writes one. NJ comes in to join them. The women say that there is nothing they can do. NJ says the only option is to just sit and wait there for ever. The team-leader allows the other two ladies to not take that trouble. He will just have SJ with him .. "Why are you bothering just me?" asks SJ. Ms Lee and Ms Kim know exactly what the team-leader is doing. Haha. NJ explains that the actress had to come in or go out at some point, and SJ is the only one who the actress knows. SJ acknowledges NJ's devious mind! ... NJ and SJ are funny together, really. - SU takes JA back to her place, and gives her a hug. YJ, the woman with perfect timing always, sees them hug and goes - "so these two are really dating?". She is not happy with JA for stealing the man everybody wanted. - SH is brought home by her two admirers. YSJ shoots her mouth again - "But really, why did SU do this? Skip the engagement and go to the funeral?"... Uh oh... SH: "Who told you that?" [THE END]
  13. Hey, hey, something nice happens out of nowhere. So let me give the first 10:30 recap. Ep 45 Recap Part-1 (Till 10:30) - Oh, so YJ actually lies to SH and says SU is not at the funeral hall. SU had walked up right then. He thanks her for doing that. SU is nice to DS as well, and thanks him for going there. He tells DS that JA's father will surely forgive DS. - MS is with YS and gets a call from Lawyer CS who wanted to meet. They meet and CS tells MS that NJ's mom had gone to the police to turn herself in. YSJ is feeling terrible, he says. MS says he understands what CS is saying, but cannot forgive her. CS asks him to not stop production of clothes for Team-2. MS says he cannot bring himself to work with NJ after what happened, but we see that MS is not angry anymore. CS says they can find an arrangement where MS doesn't have to deal with NJ directly. Maybe MS can continue to make the clothes but go through another firm or something. Then CS offers that he can return the HK shares he lost, in an year's time. Looks like MS may go for this, but he doesn't say anything. - SH decides that she has to confirm things by herself, and asks Ajussi to go with her to the funeral place. But ajussi says he is a bit drunk, so he can't take her there. He then says he will call NJ first and check, as SH is being impatient. - NJ is having a nice evening walk with SJ at the beach. He also lies, and tells Ajussi that SU is not there. SJ figures that SH may be trying to find SU. She asks NJ why he lied. He says he didn't want JA's romance to be affected. JA is being sincere in it, he thinks. SJ shows fake annoyance as usual, for all the JinA-JinA talk from NJ, and walks away. NJ smiles and follows her saying they both are starting their own thing from now on. - Sitting at the beach, SJ asks NJ what it is that he liked about JA. A two-sided nature, he says. The word he used can actually mean "double faced" though, and SJ jokes if he meant that kind of a cartoon character. NJ says no. JA is delicate in nature, but she can also be very strong if she is in danger. Stronger than him. So he had actually always felt that he should try to become stronger than JA, so as not to embarrass her. NJ: "But, on this, I think you are quite similar". SJ says no. She doesn't think there is anything delicate about herself. She is the type who pulls no punches, she says, jokingly. He thinks if she thinks like that, she could well get caught in self-made troubled waters and flounder (This conversation probably doesn't flow well in English, but it does in Korean). Now she asks if herself and JA were to both be drowning in water, whom NJ would rescue first. NJ: "On that... Well, naturally I will--". He doesn't get to finish the line, and she actually doesn't want to hear the answer either. Here comes a kiss from her, out of the blue. YEAH, you go girl!!! ... - Then she says she doesn't want him to answer the question. Because she will be sad if it is not the answer she wants. NJ: "I would be rescuing you first though!". Ear-to-ear grin from SJ. The fool spoils it though - "Because JinA is really good at swimming anyway". Nice scene here, as he is about to kiss her back and she has to cover her mouth.
  14. Ep 44 Recap Part-2 (From 18:00) - DS is reluctant and embarrassed to go into the funeral hall, and YJ is asking him to be like a man, when NJ and SJ show up. Now DS is scared too - "Oh mamma!! The female gangster!". SJ is funny here. She asks DS to be sure to plead for forgiveness from JA's late father for what he had done. DS agrees. SJ asks YJ why she isn't at their team-leader's engagement. YJ says she was the team's representative here. NS/SJ go in, but DS needs a bit more time to "get mentally prepared". - SU seems to be already inside the hall. JA is shocked. SU does the parting greeting to the late dad and says, "I am sorry to come this late. I am ashamed of it. Please do not have worries on JA any longer. I will treasure JA, give her support and protect her well". He bows to the mom also, and JA can't stop crying. He gets her up, and introduces himself to the mom. JA just says that he is the company director. Mom leaves them to talk. SU tells JA that he isn't getting engaged. JA asks what that means. NJ arrives and interrupts them. - Finally SU has a semi-civil conversation with NJ and tells him that he isn't getting engaged to anybody, if it is not JA. NJ is pleased but asks him why he put everybody through trouble. SU: "You ask like you don't know that this is all because of you?". He says ever since NJ showed up, his life got all messed up. "Do you even know my feelings, on having to be in a contest with somebody like you that I had never even met, to become HK's successor?". NJ says that if SU had agreed to run HK like their grandfather wanted, none of this would've happened. He could have been back in his hometown without all this confusion. NJ starts to say, "Even now, if you were to follow Grandpa's wishes..." and SU interrupts to say that his thinking has still not changed. "Grandpa's HK is no longer there". He wants nothing to do with the old fashioned company. NJ says he will make sure that it won't go the way SU wants. SU now says that it was on the calculation that he will take hold of the company that he even gave up the engagement (this may be just male bravado, in my opinion. there wasn't much conviction in how he said it). He says he is sure of beating NJ, who in return smiles and says he is also not a guy who loses out when he sets his mind on something. - SU changes the subject. He would like NJ to leave. No matter how much of a friend NJ is to JA, he doesn't like seeing NJ being around "his woman". NJ smiles. "Let's be clear. To JA, I am not her man, but her friend". SU asks if he is still planning to be around JA. NJ: "If you are good to her, that will do. Don't make her cry, or make her hurt inside. Then there won't be a need for me to be near her". SU says there will be nothing of that kind - "so why don't you get going?". As SU walks away, NJ says from behind, "You... seem to be a better fellow than I thought". SU doesn't say anything. (SU is of course happy with the compliment from the half-brother with whom he is beginning to get a bit comfortable, but he has too much ego to let it show on his face). - YJ and DS are shocked to see SU there, and at SU and JA behaving like a couple. - SH is in her room, cursing her luck. "You just had to hang on a bit more. Why? Why did you do this?". She then remembers Mr. Jang telling her earlier about the passing of JA's dad and about sending YJ as the company representative. She calls YJ and asks if SU is at the funeral hall, and gets the update on that [THE END]
  15. Ep 44 Recap Part-1 (Till 18:00) - NJ finishes his grilling of SU by telling him that JA had said she wanted to show SU to her dad. SU is clearly affected by the harangue from NJ. - YS tells MS that she wanted to have some kelp soup and food from SJ. MS finds the food outside and thinks SJ must have brought it. SJ acts like she made it at first, but then just tells them that YSJ made it. MS is angry but YS is okay eating it. SJ leaves after telling her dad to get a grip. She is on nobody's side. She just wants people to get past what has already happened and stop blaming people for things. MS gets a call about YSJ turning herself in at the police station. - CS comes to the police station and the cop tells him that YSJ wants to be sent to jail, as she blames herself. The cop says there is no need but YSJ insists. She tells the lawyer that she feels so bad and asks "what do I do, sir?". CS is touched and tells her that she has suffered enough in her mind already, and helps her out of there. - SU goes to his car and finally decides what to do. Calls NSJ and tells her that he cannot get engaged. "I cannot leave that woman behind and get engaged to somebody else". He says he now believes in love, unlike before. He cannot get married when he feels this way. NSJ sighs, almost like she knew this could happen. He says he cannot be like the guy who left NSJ once. She asks if he isn't going to reconsider, and he says no. He apologizes but says he will still go to a violin recital by her, and he still wants to hear Franck's Sonata. NSJ seems to know that he is right outside the building where she was getting her makeup done. She goes to the window and and sees him outside looking up at her before leaving. - SH is about to leave for the engagement in a white formal outfit and gets a little shy seeing Ajussi also in a white tuxedo. He plays the usual fool, and SH doesn't object. Actually she pretty much likes the fool now, it seems. They wonder where YSJ is, and Ms. Heo tells then that YSJ isn't joining them and shows her displeasure at Ajussi for talking lightly of YSJ. - SH gets a call from NSJ saying she is at the airport, and that SU had called things off. SH can't believe this. She tries to convince her that it must all be some mistake. NSJ says she is leaving the country for good. Not coming back. She thanks SH for everything and hangs up on her. Mr. Jang comes in. SH asks him to call SU. He says he had talked to SU and nothing seemed to be wrong. He had just told Mr. Jang, "to take good care of Mom". He seems to have assumed it to be about escorting her to the engagement, it seems. He tries to call SU. Can't get through. And SH has to be held back from collapsing to the floor. - YJ's team mates give her two envelopes to take and give as funeral gifts to JA. YJ wanted them to go with her but they seem to be going to the engagement party. YJ also wants to go to the engagement party but they think she will be too late for the funeral. YJ then tells DS that JA's dad died last night. DS agrees to go with YJ to the hometown. SG comes in, and DS asks him to be in charge of the shop. SG asks for double the pay, and DS agrees.