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  1. Hi, missing your posts in the thread! Hope you are doing fine.

  2. I really like her work very much, if I could buy one. Thanks for the many news, apparently Goo Hye Sun is coming with all this year.
  3. Happy New Year Sunnies !!!!!
  4. Sorry for my disbelief, this is not an innocent joke, right?
  5. For the day so depressing that I had today, this is news that I am happy the day, I hope it is confirmed thank you for the news
  6. thank you for the translations
  7. There's less than a month left for Chani's birthday, and as a fan I wanted to make a video to celebrate that event, something like this video, what do you think? [TRANS] 161218 #SF9 #CHANI TWITTER UPDATE
  8. I do not like that trailer, I am very sincere, deep down I never agreed that she does that drama in China, I would have preferred a thousand times a Korean drama
  9. I do not know how many times I said this, but seriously I miss you a lot, please come back with a drama soon, please noona
  10. Please update something for us fans, we miss you
  11. I can not believe this beautiful woman is already married