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  1. Indeed dear @masunni, we can support them, adore ( no problem!), cheers ( lets !) , share good positive vibes ( resonates at the fullest!) , but we don't OWN them .. we just want them to be happy !
  2. two cats ya ? , one for him , one for her ??... suuwwwwweet .. i've lots of cats , kittens at home , but still being alone ... pufff .. what a life !! .. anyway , hope he wont name them " ajussi " & "missing soul" , sounds tragic to me ..
  3. thanks for all manips , really made my days !! i really hate datelines , but with those witty manips , i've survived !!! .. i'm not sure if i could say this , thus , i'll put it under spoiler
  4. my lovely under-the-sea squads !! this is off topic , but what does " (The) Dispatch" means ? - came across this word few times in this thread , but at loss of what's it meaning .. muah !! thanks in advance .. #offscootingbackreadingtocatchuptheupdates ..woot woot
  5. My huge mistake was to take a peek at this forum while waiting for a meeting to start a while ago and NOW , Its so darn ( pardon ! ) hard to sit still when your feet cant stop dancing ( happily) tapping toe And im doing my darnest ( pardon again) best to refrain myself from leaping off from my seat to dance jumping stars , unless the rows of auditors infront of me also the shippers ..IF ONLY ! , then , we could all stand up , and Zumba right away ! Btw, hugs & kisses & blessed to those (kind souls) who share the BN ( breaking News) from main media with us here .. thanks dears !!
  6. @sooyoungdaebak , those IG-ers , they are just plain annoying or too cunning , trying to weasel their way into seeking more attentions ( followers) .. sigh !!
  7. @JaneyBae , thank you for sharing that good news , kudos for your efforts , appreciates it very much . Promises are meant to be kept , noted and for that i applaud you my dear , I had a long and trial times at work today and your news perked up my day .. oh ! happy day !! I guess , by now @madmonika's honey business graph is running high up at full speed , everyone is taking a dive in a pool of honey , basking in a glory of its sweet sensations … can I ask for discounts ?
  8. I’m short and plump , Im trying to sketch a squid of myself , show it to my mom and she say it’s a tadpole , she cant see all those short tentacles , “why not try to sketch a fluffy fish then ? it will surely compliments well with your cheeks? , but go and ask your squad’s permission first ! “ So ladies ? may I ?? So nice to see this thread still sailing smoothly , generated by high efficiency ( great postings ) engines and excellent quality of (witty & wonderful ) propellers .. Binge-watching the Goblins , but have to detached myself from certain episodes though, depends on the outcome of my mood reaching home from work , I need my happy pills .. I can watch it over and over and over .. again , my mom cracked me up when she said “ this must have been a longest running drama ever , how many episodes are there ? hundreds ?? .. “ My mom , she an expert to read our facial feature , one glance at our GE , the first word came out from her is “ Serene “, mom says GE has a calm and peaceful face , you cant help but to draw a smile of your face when you see her .. wow !! a good demand for good daughter-in-law material .. I trust My mom words for everything ,she gave birth to 10 of us in the family , know what’s what just looking at our face , she an expert , nobody can escape her x-ray eyes ! “How about the guy actor (GY) mom ?? , i mean don’t you like his face too? “ A good smack made a mark on my head when she said “ what a question ? do you need to ask ? something wrong with your eyes is it ?” .. I rest my case .. I’m using mobile phone it so hard to tag everyone , but just to thank all lovely gals here for your awesome gifs , postings , I’m drinking tea sans sugar here , coz madmonika honey had made it sweeter then usual ..
  9. @sooyoungdaebak .. im fidgeted in my seat reading the description , and have to fan myself .. im in 15min coffee break from my staff meeting and take a peek at this page , and WHAM!!! and my boss thought i'm not feeling well with flushed face .. he just adjusted the air-cond temp , make it a little bit cooler , IF ONLY he knew !!
  10. Dont know how to insert a pic/vid here, but the one of the scene that still lingers in my mind up till now , is the one when ET fainted , at the ski/snow resort , Everything that KS did that time , like, going down softly to his knee for her, wrap her with his coat, to gently lift her up, holding her close to his heart/body like holding an infant -full of loves and adorations just as to keep her warmth and safe, and most importantly, his eyes, his gazes never leaves her face., even when he strode out ... she called for him, and he came.. its speaks volumes , 'iits ok, its alright , my love.. i've got you now, I'm here , and you'll never ever be alone anymore' the feelings, like all the loves in heaven and earth: combined!! gosh!!! The song too , ' never go away !!??' Send chills to every single bones in my body .. as to borrow ET word : PERFECT !! ** which i utmost believe, it more like GY behavior rather the KS ** i need to pop-up more of my happy-pills **
  11. @madmonika , its waaaaaaaaaaay too precious and i dont have a heart to take it , what should i do with it if i get a jar of this supercalifragilisticexpialidocious honey ??? ..
  12. @madmonika - that's one very good tip ! Does it mean If I stare at GY pic ( lets say , practices religiously for 10mis or at most an hour every day ) , i may become Glowing-brightly-as-ET-be-like ? ( giggle gleefully at the corner !) Sleeping at wee hours reading all those juicy postings at main thread , rushing with job routines , i can’t even remember how I’m supposed to look like on normal day either !! surprises come in many forms , and we’ll never know what’s in store for us here , we hope and pray it will be a good one beyond our wildest dreams..
  13. @sooyoungdaebak - nice vids Its just a simple palms clasping gesture , but it caused quite a havoc fluttering butterfly in my heart !! .. Have meetings in 10mins , and am not sure how I’ll survive in this conditions ..
  14. Hi everyone, Just a thought , as in TVN achieving 20% ratings considered as soaring high as 30-40% in other tv stations , how does they convert it though ?