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  1. Indeed dear @masunni, we can support them, adore ( no problem!), cheers ( lets !) , share good positive vibes ( resonates at the fullest!) , but we don't OWN them .. we just want them to be happy !
  2. two cats ya ? , one for him , one for her ??... suuwwwwweet .. i've lots of cats , kittens at home , but still being alone ... pufff .. what a life !! .. anyway , hope he wont name them " ajussi " & "missing soul" , sounds tragic to me ..
  3. thanks for all manips , really made my days !! i really hate datelines , but with those witty manips , i've survived !!! .. i'm not sure if i could say this , thus , i'll put it under spoiler
  4. my lovely under-the-sea squads !! this is off topic , but what does " (The) Dispatch" means ? - came across this word few times in this thread , but at loss of what's it meaning .. muah !! thanks in advance .. #offscootingbackreadingtocatchuptheupdates ..woot woot
  5. My huge mistake was to take a peek at this forum while waiting for a meeting to start a while ago and NOW , Its so darn ( pardon ! ) hard to sit still when your feet cant stop dancing ( happily) tapping toe And im doing my darnest ( pardon again) best to refrain myself from leaping off from my seat to dance jumping stars , unless the rows of auditors infront of me also the shippers ..IF ONLY ! , then , we could all stand up , and Zumba right away ! Btw, hugs & kisses & blessed to those (kind souls) who share the BN ( breaking News) from main media with us here .. thanks dears !!
  6. @sooyoungdaebak , those IG-ers , they are just plain annoying or too cunning , trying to weasel their way into seeking more attentions ( followers) .. sigh !!
  7. @JaneyBae , thank you for sharing that good news , kudos for your efforts , appreciates it very much . Promises are meant to be kept , noted and for that i applaud you my dear , I had a long and trial times at work today and your news perked up my day .. oh ! happy day !! I guess , by now @madmonika's honey business graph is running high up at full speed , everyone is taking a dive in a pool of honey , basking in a glory of its sweet sensations … can I ask for discounts ?