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  1. [Drama 2017] Witch at Court 마녀의 법정

    Looks like I am missing a good show? Not a very smart question since you are all writing long posts especially on the main couple. But I do need to ask if I should start watching this? I have a problem that I need to know what happened in the end so I trapped myself into watching three or four dailies in a row. Took a break and will not go back to a daily till next year . All that kumbaya endings and evil people got a few years in prison, if at all. I watched part of episode 1 and I really liked it. The two girls were so cute, comrades in commiseration, no father. The mother acted the rather playful not so smart single quite well. I saw her in another thriller about a restaurant and I thought her she had plastic surgery. she looked nice her. The evil man was in the daily 'you are too much'. Such a painful show to watch and the ending was so ridiculous. He seems to be quite busy. The show was gripping - I was holding my breath to see if the mother managed to pass the tape, but no no no.... as usual in K Dramas, there are always the walking past, miss by a phone call... and when her phone rang attracting the evil man's attention... I could not watch it. It was so scary. I screamed , just dash out, don't stay... I told myself, I need to read the forum before I trapped myself again. So here I am, to find out if the momentum is carried throughout all these 11 episodes. Some shows fizzle out midway and the dailies, ohmigosh, enough said.
  2. i did not catch that but when HR spoke to YM and told him that she was staying at MJ's because she wanted the 'dragon's aura or something, he was furious but changed his mind. HR could have been lying to cover up her spending. I was skipping a lot especially with the mother/daughter duo scenes. It was YN who walked in after the big show HR did in front of MJ. She knew that her mother was faking it. Her character had the usual mother/daughter relationship throughout the time that JY was alive and BH was around. A nice person in real life would have unfriendly scenes and being distant from nasty relatives. So when They turned her into this' i am so ashamed of my mother and brother, let me make it up by spying for you'. Nope, too late, I did not like that character. I think in western shows, she is often the slightly ditzy usually blonde secretary or waitress who has a good heart and is usually written as guileless. i noticed the subs are still at episode 127. It was not a great ending but watched raw, at least HBC and YM are punished. As a few had pointed out, the show had become SH's not SN. From the acting, SN was so angry to find out that HR did not help BH's husband, I would have thought she would take years to forgive her - time leap scene. But she actually smiled to watch HR sucking up to BH . Ms. Yong got her sight back... a miracle...really. The remorseful YM scene was rather rushed, all that emotion after reading SH's letter. After what she did in the earlier episodes, turning her into some kind of angel comforting her father after death....well not my cup a tea, though not surprising. Not going to wait for the subs anymore. Finis.
  3. no, her mother had always let YN into her devious plans. YM had given their mother his credit card and they could stay anywhere. When the mother was moaning and groaning when she heard somebody entering the room, YN said stop acting. Even in earlier episodes, she had been passing info that the others were not announcing to the world - caught that a few times but refuse to retain it in my memory bank. She is a character that the writer adds in so that he can create the forgiving effect - after all other than chasing after a rich husband which many women do, she has not done anything illegal or criminal. I could not stand BH's senility and I still cannot accept that she takes in HR. It is the last episode, they have to tie loose ends, so how could they chase out a woman like her - no asset, old and mother of YN- into the street? She should be in some temple with her head shaven if not on the streets
  4. I am going to watch it with subs. YM rejected his mother? she can be charged with negligence leading to a death, I am sure. Yes, I predicted that she will be reprieved, undeservingly. A greedy wife, grudgingly doing her dil duties, uncaring grandmother, Irresponsible mother who abetted YM.... oh many more. At least they did not miraculously fix Ms. Yong's eyes or have UG and YN attached or did I miss that? The three of them in Jyj lovely garden is so sweet. Better ending than the corny Nameless woman and oh so ridiculous you arw too much. @maddymappo thanks for the updates and chats. We have almost monopolised this forum - nobody minded I am sure. @euraka I am behind you, not just the writer but will be wary of the director. The acting is very good to excellent most of the time. Something good about this daily. Au revoir everyone.
  5. Sejong''s future wife, that is her only asset left. Not interested at all in YN and UG. She screamed and beat her chest when the miserable old woman was up to her tricks, she talked about making up for her family's evil deeds by playing spy? At the same time, her mother was playing spy AND living with her. SN was the key figure in the first 15-20 episodes, she was fighting for hr marriage, her child etc. then she turned wicked ( mostly her clothes and makeup ) and when she returned supposedly to her old self, she was darn boring !! I think it is the notion that a well bred lady with class must not attack instead react only. That is why SH practically ran the show ( literally at times in her 4 inch high heels)
  6. SH dies! That was not in my predictions at all. I thought her day out with SJ meant she was going away - not killing herself sense. So this is her repentance for causing JY's death? @maddymappo you got BH back! Not sure if I can take her senility again. HBC is out of prison from the preview? He is guilty as heck. I don't see UG with MJ as anything more than sister's friend. But we may get our wish to see HR selling sweet potatoes.
  7. Oh Lord, I have seen so many of these. The evil character acted evil because of some misunderstanding, so he repents and we understand that in so many years, he will be the model husband/father/stepfather? Arrrghhh.,, SN is not wearing her bathrobe? at least some good news and of course, YM is going to be in the same room that SH's mother was kept. BTW it was HBC who did that to her. YM will pay for it. Why not? Why don't those nitwits just report to the police for wrongful detention or something? Or maybe the HBC factor prevents SH from kicking YM's rear? MJ is going to get a man who loves her. Get her one and maybe she can speak and behave like a normal person. I am ok with her but too kooky for a smart girl. I am not even going to comment on UG and YN. Is there a purpose here? When I was ff through the last episode, she knew quite well that her mother was faking pain to remain at MJs to spy. Yet she pretended not to know and YM got his tips from the shameless old beady.
  8. HBC has killed many innocent people, the writer should snuff him because there are no prisons with hard labour nowadays. I think YM, SH and HR will get the most undeserving reprieves in the style of KD dailies. The same as 'you are too much,' the highly flawed lead connived and manipulated for about 48 episodes, then by 50 or 52, she was the devoted mother saying goodbye to wealth and fame that she had clung to. If they turned SH and HR to nun-like people..... I'd better be watching it alone. Or better, I'll read your posts to see if it is worth watching.
  9. It looks like another mind-numbing ending. My prediction is that HBC dies, YM behind bars while SH becomes the loving ajumma/omonie, putting up with the jerky HR who gets away scot-free. YN is back to her coffee making for one of the Kang brothers and allows her dignity to fly away, aiming for Hwangryong DIL's post with mother's help. SJ is ecstatic to have teacher Oh as mother and ajumma is now more than a good person. Whatever evil she had inflicted on others are erased with 'I am sorry'. She is now onnie or whatever with SN. Lastly, mother of all strangeness, SN kisses DM without any overtures from him. This scenario is just as bad as 'you are too much' and as lame as nameless woman. I know the laurel tree a weekend show was very popular but I found it boring in general. Although the presence of many romantic couples esp. With LDG was a mitigating factor. This show could take its lead and have more interesting couples instead of only the coy SN and the now very silly DM, HR is really something - no money, unprincipled, greedy, a criminal ..... i.e. no one would marry her daughter or son, making YN UG's possible partner a turn off. SH and YM are hardly worth rooting for. So what do we have? Just two or three forummers.
  10. with apologies to Koreans, it cannot be a wedding dress. Perhaps it is the Korean sifu uniform for their opening ceremony. This writer and wardrobe mistress are just too much if that is the wedding dress. Maybe YM and that senator concocted something against DM. You know KD police need more training, you cannot just throw people in the lockup without solid evidence and rich guys like DM gets out quickly after one phone call to his lawyer. HR and YN are still around?? Good god, the awful woman said they were going on a trip- thought that was the end of them. Edit: let us be kind in these last few days, maybe DM will wear a kung fu style outfit to match SN's uniform...err dress.
  11. I liked the beginning when SN was trying to deal with an overtly cheating husband, a fragile daughter and no one to rely on - if you exclude BH. Then it degenerated to hysterical scenes, SN becoming wooden and never recovered . It does seem that she acted on direction. I could see that her emotional scenes were well acted but she and UG seemed to be waiting for their 'scenes' many times, it looked odd. Anyway it is ending. 0ly40 snippets showed DM in prison?
  12. He seems to be doing well despite killing or causing injuries to HBC. So SN must have told the police what she saw. I would have said I was not sure what happened, I was shocked. Then let the toad sweat. I am not going to watch it anymore. Please recap if you have the time. I'll be reading this forum.
  13. YM, He has big dreams!! The man who came to his office is the presidential candidate - hmmm not bad YM. For us... more pain in the neck. I don't want to watch this anymore.
  14. If that is true, we are doomed to another 9 episodes. YM wants that 10 billion won. SH is probably the patsy chosen while he flies off somewhere with the money.
  15. She was a school teacher with hardly any marketing or corporate experience, yet that did not stop the writer from changing her into a hotshot corporate strategy executive , and clothes and hairstyle and all. The writer has lapses in consistency and creativity. Most of the time these dailies seem to borrow, each other's ideas. So being a high moral person, she cannot show interest in the other gender. It has nothing to do with experience.