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  1. I skipped quite a few episodes. It was too much hard work trying to figure out the criminals and the crimes. All those threads entangling with each other. But I like the unusual ending, this is to me a story about the Mystery queen not a mystery drama. It was good that they showed just a caring relationship ( not clearly romantic) between two people, one of whom was still married, whose MIL dearly loved her. The MIL actress has been playing a woman who is referred to as a 'character' in novels that I had read. I started watching her in Ojagyo family. Not really endearing characters.
  2. The buildings in the last episode had natural coloured walls, but Club Jerk's parents' house in earlier episodes were double storeyed painted white or grey. Maybe the father has retired? BN's husband had director to his name plaque.
  3. This could be a spin off for American TV. I have not seen too many part 2 in KD. I think they tried with Goong but could not get the main actors or maybe would not pay their going rate?. I watched the episode that told us she came to see HS and left the babies to him. My guess is she must have disappeared during her pregnancy since it sounded as if he was very surprised. Just a question, is the house in the finale their parents'? They were living in a modern looking house, this one looks really familar .
  4. He said he was going on holiday or travel. Tomorrow is the last episode, right? Nice touch that ES gets back on track. I greatly admire people who want and love to teach. Maybe they can throw in a pregnancy for her too? Edit: I am rather curious about cartoon man. They threw in bits and pieces about him. Are those children really his? He would have married her if he knew she was pregnant - given his character.
  5. Everything is turning honky dory - bondings continued Bad development: ES case was leaked by EH's ex girl who tried to correct it by saying that she was falsely accused. But manager spread it without the correction. Now I can see why KDs have garroulus , gossipy co-workers. Ending with BN going to the police station after mulling all about the wonderful things ES and family have done. No development: Sister Yoon was sent home by cartoon man who promised to persist, Mother Yoon still at her unbending self. Preview: Sister Yoon went on 'hunger' strike and some acting to wear her mother down. Kumbaya ending is coming.... It is going to be a bit rushed with Sister Yoon and bf but it is quite a slow build up with the two harpies. No punishment for them from my crystal ball.
  6. spock was not known for his looks. They are going to break up very soon and I think the last 20 episodes will be the time when they will tease us with possible getting-back-together after making her life miserable for almost 100 episodes. In TUF, she did not go back to the first guy but they were only engaged and his mother was against her. In this show, it is almost the same, except they are married. I hope they are not going to force her daughter to stay with the grandmother after their divorce. How else would she lose her child? NOT kidnapping!!!
  7. Mr Spock? Do you know Star Trek? Some people are too young to remember that.
  8. Don't we all? We rant and rave, leave and come back, just to know who gets whom at the end. Anyway, that's me. I read the synopsis in another thread that the guy Kang was a super duper business man who was abandoned by his wife. She absconded with all his money. As usual in KD, he becomes the character who is her protector, knows everything, one step ahead of the bad guys etc. etc. Ring a bell?
  9. Episode 121 in RAW continuing from last week, we know somebody beats them to some product. BN and hubby getting touchy feelly. Mother Yoon had not given up and she went to the apartment upstairs with a wad of money. As she tried to convince Cartoon man to leave or break up with Sister Yoon, she came back with Cartoon's sister. More angry words between mother/daughter. Cartoon's sister was offended after counting the wad of money, probably insultingly little. A very stupid scene with Aunt Yoon who thought there was a burglar following her to her shop and her beau came to her rescue. A few minutes of screen time during which she threw herself at him, physically. Fifty year old woman in hysterics, not a pretty sight. Two grandmothers were bonding over something in common. Mother Yoon still upset, so BN and ES cutting up stuff for cooking, then they went marketing, talking in a relaxed manner. Then they bonded over some sausage dish at a stall. Ahahh, this is le grand bonding. BN was going to be hit a bicycle and ES pushed her aside only to be bear the brunt of a bicycle moving perhaps at 5km/hour. They both fell and while BN was none the worse and could get up, ES remained on the ground, unconcious. She must have been hit by the handlebar or the spokes grazed her or the bicycle fell on top of her or ... so hilarious. I almost forgot, BN's father and ES' brother bonded over lunch. so great bond day- and a very boring episode. p/s The no nonsense, stubborn urologist who talked back to her mother was pliable, apologetic and eager to please with Cartoon's sister.
  10. Just watched one episode and I can see the husband snatching woman is overacting, so fakey. The bad woman must always be a great actress. If her parents are rich, why would she want to steal her husband's money?
  11. So many familiar handles ... 'still loving you' should end this week and I am scouting for a replacement. Familiar characters: bad girl is after good girl's man? good girl lost everything partly because of bad girl? But goodness! No revenge. A good point. A guy is helping good girl regain what she had lost, and he is her romantic interest after a divorce, I presume. So hackneyed, bad point. There is also a misplaced young daughter who grew up to be the good girl and bad girl is preventing her coming home. So very predictable. Neutral point. The main actress is very pretty, I can't remember which show I saw her. I am not sure, if I want to start on this show that sounds very similar to others. Oh yes, evil manipulative mother? Negative. Positive aspect: main actress is not mangling Western songs. I wish someone would recap the episodes to help me decide.
  12. Do you notice that Sister Yoon's tops are becoming more granny-like by the episode? BN and ES sport very short skirts which are too teeny bopper for them. They are in their thirties characters. Mother Yoon's clothes at times are over decorated with laces and brooches... edit: I think I know how cartoon man will become a wished for SIL. The sister says that they are from a prominent family, although she and her brother do not convey any special 'prominent family' characteristics that caused others to comment on it. With his new published book and maybe he is the direct descendent of some writer, Mother Yoon is going to turn 180o.
  13. Some time ago e.g Full House,Goong there were KDs with forced or fake marriages. There were a lot of arguments, fighting before finally falling for each. It was as if fate had grabbed them by the throat and there was no escape, either pretend or real, they were meant for each other. Perhaps it is comforting for people to think that there is a right person out there no matter what you do. With pregnancy or babies, not all of them end up marrying the man. There was a daily which had the cheating husband finding out that he had divorced his wife when she was pregnant- some years later. There was the usual 'claim our flesh and blood' from the guy's parents. But she ended up choosing another guy, a somewhat gungho detective who got into dangerous situations regularly. That annoyed many posters who preferred the family unit intact. I preferred the 'tec. But the show seems to imply there is fate involved when a woman becomes pregnant, same thing with fake marriages. They were picked by fate or God, no less or they hope.
  14. We are not getting the preview again? I want to get this pregnant woman- cartoon man- hysterical mother over now that the showdown is over. Mother Yoon is so predictable. All the cutesy things are coming!!!! ES mum: I am her mother! How dare you! ES and BN: Why what a coincidence! Mother Yoon and Sister Yoon at the same place.
  15. I would indulge parents in thinking that their children (esp. sons for Asians) are great catches. No one is good enough. I did not watch THE episode but from the posts, they did it stone sober and it would seem without protection. It is a rather strange turn that the writer took, a level headed girl like Yoon sister would catch her man that way - putting herself in an untenable position. Aren't doctors highly respected in Korea? Her reputation would be important to her.