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  1. Maybe we will see the mistress getting her comeuppance in the next episode - straight to prison. It is tiresome seeing her face but she seems to be the smartest among the lot, followed by Geum. She should be struck off as a doctor - having an affair with the husband of her patient for 5 years. I got to see Lee crying!! gasp!!!
  2. Oh well it was neither a smile nor was there a kiss. At best, I would say it was a glimmer of a shadow of a smile, then it was back to the old mould. Even though they did not kiss, it was an admission of love by Lee. Not too bad. This show was going on the revenge trail when the mistress was set up by SY and abducted by GH and husband. Now SY will be competing against Bella project, no revenge in sight. I am going to predict that GH will pull tricks like destroying the sample garments because SY will be stupid enough not to keep everything under lock and key. Then us viewers will be pulling our hair: why is she so stoopid?? I am ready for that kind of stupidity - bring it on.
  3. Oh my, oh my, Lee’s face changed as he looked at SY who was expected to be with Jang. That’s about the fourth time in 76 episodes that his face changes. But I am still not sure if was due to surprise or he was trying to smile. I can’t wait to see it in ep. 77.
  4. I skipped ep 72 and watched 73. We now see the 'new' SY (the aim of the writer no doubt). She meets Lee at a cafe, he orders the cake with strawberry topping which must have been a favourite. But she refuses it and says 'I do not eat it from now on' (sort of). You would think she could muster cold steely purpose in voice and her face. Forget it. Well, we can see some revenge at least. She gets Lee to trace some patients and she zooms in on a jewellery designer who is a total stranger and confides in the woman that she is out for revenge. The woman is just as unbelievable, very coolly asks her why me? ( or something). The writer needs to go back to school. She says the mistress is an adulteress and she (the designer) should understand how it feels because she has had an affair. Maybe something is lost in translation here, it could be her husband had an affair. Anyway, hallelujah... the woman calls the mistress, has a chat and lies to her that a man has asked her to design some jewellery for his wedding. She recognises mistress' from the photo and is now going to let her choose a design. The designer also gives mistress a pendant as a gift. The mistress is ecstatic, euphoric... he is going to propose!! Actually, I thought the pendant is a hidden bug. Anyway, cross to the office of crumpled faced husband. The leader of the group demanding compensation - which i shall call rabble from now on- is there and is being softsoaped by husband to support him. The leader is very clear that mistress is their enemy and husband must break off. He says 'we are not very close'. The mistress comes waltzing in calling him honey and blabbering about the wedding. Rabble leader is livid, tears the document from husband. Holy mackeral!! the police comes in to arrest the mistress for larceny. I mean, what is the probability that the police would know about their affair and track her to his office? 1 in zillion million? While mistress is being kept in a room, guess who walked in? The designer. She has reported to the police that mistress has stolen her stuff- the pendant. She leaves and another visitor comes in .....Miss Hong SY. I think she is trying to swagger or walk with an attitude. Oh please, give up. Police detainees get visitors all the time, it seems. She gloatingly says (or at least she tries, this woman's acting is making me laugh a lot. Enjoying this show now) this is the best day of all your days in the future. Really idiot. You have managed to get the upper hand just this once and you are bragging to the target. She is going to sit still? On second thoughts, the writer may do just that. The end. There is also a change in GH. The silly sister comes to the mansion and throws a tantrum. After having to watch the sister's antics - the viewer I mean- GH told Geum to give her a room, 'She is my sister'. But earlier Dad has gone to see SY asking her to come home, which she did. He and Geum are divorcing.
  5. You can say that again!! She was in the Promise and she bugged the heck out of me. I thought it was the character, has to be the acting too. Next to GH - who is 5 years older in real life- her acting is so inconsistent with the write up on her character. Her voice does not help either. I hope the birth mother dies and we can have some real action - maybe. You are right she went on about the grandfather as if he was a doting grandfather to her, maybe for a few episodes. I forgot to mention the mistress, she and GH can form the bulged-eyed duo. Apart from that her acting was good.
  6. The scummy husband played on GH’s unstable mind and her attempted murder to convince her that she would lose to SY. At the same time, his mistress was working on SY’s birth mum to sign papers on claiming part of Grandpa’s wealth which pushed GH to do what they wanted- kidnap the mother. Of course, we get to see the weepy SY- trembling lips, tears welling up, omma, omma- she did it well, but really I have seen too much of that from her. At the mistress apartment where SY’s mother was kept, GH and mistress waited for the next step. The husband’s condition to releasing the mother was to have all SY’s shares to be transferred to GH by some oath document. At the apartment, mistress gave some drug to GH to give to the mother. Ah hahh!! GH got smart and figured out that she was set up to murder the old lady, lose her inheritance because she had committed a crime - a clause in Grandpa’s will- the two flotsom and jetsom would get the wealth. She then put the drug into mistress’ drink who found out too late. She fell unconcious onto the sofa. Both SY and Lee hightailed to the apartment with document for exchange with the mother who managed to escape from the apartment But the lifts were all out of order. At the end, we see GH in her red dress and high heels going down the stairs while SY was climbing up the stairs the met where the mother was. She had fallen, unconcious with a head wound. We have two bodies for the next episode. The preview implied the mistress was alive, but the fate of the mother was unknown. SY might be on her vengeance road finally. I cannot imagine how she could be mysterious. I noticed this show has a one set emotions for the actors. Lee - half dead ( emotionless 99% of the time) Geum-same expression, same voice with occasional sadness or anger SY- ever ready to cry GH- now almost psychotic, all the time.
  7. The translators are really good, ep 69 is subbed. The writer is still making SY swing from clear headed young woman to a snivelling type. Maybe it is by design, but I still think her acting is mediocre. IU or UI is younger with the same background is a much better actress. Sorry @yamiyugi I know you don’t like comparisons of ex-idols but this is so obvious. The birth mother seems to be hiding the presence of the mistress in the house from SY. Don’t know how she manages to come and go unseen. Don’t they have maids for such a big house? Anyway, SY won the support of a group of rabble by promising to give them her shares - all of her inheritance! The husband is egging on GH to go against SY, using the possibility of SY being made chairman. At one point, they were so close, he had his hands on her, looking deeply into her eyes, I closed my eyes just in case he kissed her. Thank goodness - nope. Having someone who looks like him helps us to hate him, that crumpled face is really quite believeable as a bad guy. But it is hard on my eyes. Why would a rich good looking woman like GH fall for him? Even if he is gifted in other body parts, really, so many Korean men to fall for.
  8. I watched that bit when the doctor told the husband that the bullet was lodged between the skin and bone ( ?) and it was a minor injury. But why was he in coma for so long and had shown signs of brain damage ?.... (.. so ridiculous) It looks like this daily is going to turn into that show Teacher something. The second lead took over for the last 30 episodes and two of us were posting with an occasional third. Thank you @whome I am depending on you to do the difficult - watching the show . Please recap when you can.
  9. What’s wrong with the birth mother? She seems to have recovered from 30 years of mental problems.
  10. The actress GH is more experienced and accomplished than the actress SY. When they were in the board meeting, SY looked confused most of the time, maybe because she was supposed to do that? In the last episode, while GH was stewing, SY was designing clothes like nothing big was going on. Edit: just watched Ep 67 raw. It’s still dragging with the husband, GH, SY and mistress at each others’ throats. SY is now aligned with her birth mother and Geum with GH. I really need a break from this show. There is no mystery, no revenge and SY’s mediocre acting are too tiring.
  11. If HC-c went back to be HC-a and he had all the memories, would it mean he remembered having a fat jolly guy in his body? That fat jolly guy and his wife had tender moments? Eeeeeekkkkk to quote someone, this is an awfully weird drama. Glad everybody is happy if somewhat perplexed(?). Chat with you guys in other KDs. I am watching a daily called Mysterious personal something, after 66%, still have not seen anything mysterious or revenge as described in the summary. I have started watching About time, so far so good but still with an ‘abnormality’ theme. I am ready to be confused though having gone through this show. Au revoir...
  12. True, how can his memories combine with the chef, when all those things did not happen, right? it’s more like, what ifs. That is how the chef’s body is still available, I am guessing until somebody recap. I am not going to watch it, in case I get more confused.
  13. Maybe it’s an alternate world kind of thing? Or alternate dimension? Like in Krypton then on earth. Really, this should be a comedy. I am just trying to figure how the cremated fat body is unscathed and the nasty banker soul has been sleeping or in coma, perhaps. Someone please recap, please.
  14. I thought there was going to be an accident but it was the new lovebirds not poor ordinary Mi Ran. What is this show trying to say? What miracle? Maybe for the rich family, but hardworking, nice not so good looking woman loses husband and life. My guess is the writer and director of Kdramas are not interested in a good ending but I think they are aiming for a shocking ending so that people would talk about it for a long time, and so increase the viewership. Also rushing events in the last episode is so KD. Who knows Mi Ran perhaps has brain damage and they will give her a transfer for Miracle we met 2. I know all this is nonsense but really this show demands so much that I suspend reality, this is all I could take.
  15. Maybe there will be another accident while we think they happily drive into the sunset? ok ok I am not going to rain on your parade @sadthe1st et al. Congratulations to the new couple. so sorry Mi Ran ... I tried.