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  1. Caught a bit of ep 106, DM looked like an old mop. SH always gets to wear nice clothes and we see SN's skirts getting longer and the hair is no longer a waving in the air ponytail. But does she have to dye her hair so red? I find it strange when a character that is supposed to be steeped in old Korean culture has hair colour so obviously from the bottle.
  2. she remembers in 105 but was peed off still, in 106? I am too busy to take time to watch this. I hope it has a much better ending than namelss woman. That was so crappy.
  3. She should tell SN the truth - I am your mother. Then go search for the dead woman's body. But this kind pf things happen regularly in KDs. Powerful chaebols being fooled by even a stupid peasant.
  4. I have missed quite a few episodes but I think YM told CEO Yong that SN is the daughter. Is that right? I am sure that BH will turn up to tell the world what actually happened to her and for CEO Yong to reconcile with SN. What I don't look forward to is the kumbaya touchy feeling ending which has cruel evil people being forgiven.... even for murder!!!
  5. Thanks for the summary. It saved me a lot of time watching even greater nonsense than usual. HJ had a child??? After all her evil deeds. JW was given the chance to redeem herself, but I feel should be in prison for a few years. Anyway, thank heavens its over.
  6. The thing is SJ was being a pain even before his father supposedly die. They should give him a little friend and do cute children things instead of getting him caught up in the Hwang's schemes. I hope they move beyond the coy SN - wooing Ricky phase soon.
  7. What is taking Supermum so long to bring up the fake will? The DY/HJ/MY axis will collapse and she can go to her missionary work to convert third world countries to recycling or green living.
  8. It is back!!! It was becoming rather ho hum following YR's angst at finding the truth about JW. Her acting was really good. Now it is the hilariously funny show again. ROFL.... can you imagine any police force not being able to catch HJ running in her high heels down the fire escape? Even if she removed them, how fast could she run and where else would she go but out of the building to her car. But all are idiots except for Bom in this show. Three against one pregnant woman too.... They remind me of Mr.Bean or the 3 stooges show.
  9. They will make this some kumbaya ending but how to make YR turn around? I prefer it to be open ended with their relationship. Maybe an indication from Bom. Don't forget the time jump! She is a nun at some missionary in Africa. She will need something to reveal DC's will, maybe the idiot shows some remorse? My brother is the rightful owner. Oh I'll say! The woman imprisoned him for 14 years and did unspeakable things to his daughter, she is a bad person. This dingbat wants her to get away with it?
  10. He does need a good talking to. At least the father should tell him to be wary of strangers and even his mother. He is the son of a rich man. She may want DM to bring him up, but she is still greedy for UG food. If it were'nt for her father, she would leave SG with UG.
  11. That is a foregone conclusion. They will clean up that despicable greedy mother so that YN will be acceptable as a chaebol wife of a good guy UG. Maybe she meets with an accident and YN will be damsel in distress, nowhere to go. Sigh... Seriously, is MJ any form of rival to anyone? Great friend and good businesswoman but pitting her against YN who gets advice from Mum, it is a foregone conclusion. I noticed that too. The only way that will fly is for some crooked clerk to file in their records. But the documents will be evidence for questionable dealings. The preview showed DM and SN walking away snuggled together and SH watching. She must be seeing UG food slipping away. She was also gleefully looking at some document. Could it be a fake news saying Suen Ho is dead?
  12. This writer is out of ideas. He saw that people are gullible enough that you can hide a person for umpteen years, let us do it again. HJ was shown to be warped from episode 1 but they are going to show penitent HJ with the supportive dograt with his stupidest expression on at the end.
  13. wipe, wipe, wipe, wipe...... sorry, it is a terribly stubborn stain. Why would they put that in? MJ fell for Ricky? Since I know very little about Korean culture and society, I am going to say that based on Ricky's character, the American person to a Korean is gregarious? sloppy? loudly attired? In the preview, SH overheard SJ saying that Ricky is really his father. Now what?
  14. i was impressed by actor YR when she was angry, disappointed, in disbelief and flatly refusing to accept JW. She was really good but they shouldn't have had too many smart, sharp thinking moments for her... . In epi 97, she had some words with HJ and dograt before the fashion show... eeoooo the smart look was only fleeting. have they really extended it? I guess it is too late to apologise to the writer for laughing at his work so much. Anyway just a week or so more. That dingbat of a father is very annoying. Why should YR swallow everything JW had dished out to her just because she is 'ommah ah'. How could she do all those horrible things to another person whether she did or did not know she's the mother? HJ is pretending to be remorseful---- she is digging her own way the prison. Edit: The preview shows HJ is running out of luck. She pushes a guy away and looks like he is not getting up. She is in beeeg trouble and surely will be locked away. Is JW behaving like some super hero, turning up here and there to save the heroine? ROFL.... so corny.
  15. Even watching it RAW, I could tell that she was giving all kinds of excuses to dograt. He is her husband and will stand by her (guessing), they deserve each other. I don't think Oliphar deserves the mother. Many posts in the beginning wanted him to end up with YR. I think his screen time would not fill one complete episode. Poor man. I really think it is too much to turn JW into a devoted sacrificing mother to YR in half an episode. The writer is not thinking of us...us.....we who want to throw her into the most rotten prison.... even her replacement HJ is a misunderstood unloved person. Really. What else can they put in 2 more episodes? Sue YR for wrongful death of their son? YR's birth father returned from the Middle East in a private jet and has bought Samsung to give it to his daughter YR. That will be rubbing HJ's nose into it.