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  1. @sava2sava Hello chingu, I don't think she really kidnapped Sejong, she just set up a meeting with him w/o asking (of course she is ms high and mighty). I think she did this to spite DM and Soon Nam because of her jealousy. I only saw 68 in RAW but she was sneering at DM and hissing about her being the mother (so twisted sister, thinks she has automatic visitation rights whenever she pleases.) And of course DM goes crazy and wants to strangle her scrawny neck. I don't think she is kidnapping either. It is just to show DM that she can take one he values most at any time. She probably regrets leaving them seeing that they are wealthy. It wouldn't be difficult for her to give up YM when he is being more than cold, quite abusive. Of course, she is very trying.
  2. You may be right. MY was telling someone, he is the father and he can give her a better life.
  3. Were those JW's luggage? Of course, they were . Looks like she has gone to work even after being ejected from the house and found people cleaning out her office too. What else does this writer have in mind for JW? JW vs. YR is the theme. So many more episodes. Next skeleton to come tumbling out of the cupboard is HJ-JW = no relation. JW might have been involved with DY to cause the mother to leave. That would be the end of JW with HJ, absolutely!!!! edit: @sava2sava have her committed?? That sounds like the MO of JW. Yes, that crooked doctor. Sounds highly probable.
  4. There are all kinds of greedy people and lawyers are among the first to be tempted. I do not deny that. Even if it is one's personal wealth, it can be passed down as part of a trust with unbreakable instructions. A will can be notarised and filed with some department, I can't remember exactly what a friend did. Of course, in KDs there are so many crooked people, it is safer to bury it under a tree or hide behind a picture....
  5. I think he will trade his dirt on her to save DC. Brotherly love stuff but @imgreatgal does not think so. But if I were DY, I would give DC a good kick before saving him.
  6. We have seen it before in other shows. Brotherly love comes to the fore, DY says I'll let you stay in this house if you destroy the fake embezzling charge against my lil ole brother. So we will have to watch JW's smirking face and hear her screeches till the last episode. Mark my word. @baduy Thank you for the translation. It is sad that Maya's brains aren't rubbing off as far as her stepfather is concerned but her mother's lack of it seems to be influencing him a lot. Who would spprove a multimillion dollar project without being involved in its planning? Yes. YR's husband would.
  7. You are probably right in guessing the writer's reason. But really corporations worth megabucks will have a slew of lawyers in Korea and anywhere else. Wills that are left under a rock or tree will most likely be contested. But strange things happen with chaebols so I really should just accept it. Do you think we will find out who the birth father of KS is?
  8. I caught that in the preview. Just like in First Love Again. Trembling lips and saying everything except the one thing that the confused child wants to hear. Now for the next few dozen episodes, will YR move back with Mama and Papa? Or DC wants to protect his brother from the predator. Verryy interesting.
  9. Did evil Hwang go to the Kangs' house to see SJ his newly found grandson? Evil people become more evil when they think their progeny needs inheritance. I think Chairman is in bigger trouble with the jerk now. Hwangrryong ang UG food will now go to SJ, says he.
  10. Wonders will never cease! YR thought of checking the navigation to find the hotel and pretended to be from Weed to find the room. I am tickled. YR is learning something from Maya/Bom. I would have thought that she would whack HJ with her handbag when she opened the door. Instead she yelled where Maya was. Ok like HJ was going to tell. Oh well, a few more days around Maya, she will be less stupid. DY is back. I'll bet he is going use the dirt he has on JW to get his assets back. Are we going to have to watch this for the next 35 episodes or so? I hope not. The earlier this is solved the better. We still have the secret of YR's mother. HJ still needs to know who her mother is. That should all take 10-15 episodes. 10-15 more of stretching the plot or heaven's forbid more kidnapping?
  11. Sorry, easy to confuse between the two of them. KS father is the mystery, HJ is one of the legitimate biological sons. I guess I'll have to back later.
  12. Oh no that would be too much, oedipal complex!!! If KS was fathered by the CEO, that would need 20 more episodes to unravel, and there are just 10 more?
  13. @tulip06 don't worry, we all have our moments, YR does that to the best of us. @baduy did explain that DC had contacted the police and for her to expect them. But her steel trap legal mind should insist on identifications. So maybe you can reduce it to just 3 or 4 times.?
  14. ROFL I just find it hilarious when Maya and Gaya notice or figure out the so obvious and the adults esp YR are still scratching their heads - of course the 'adults' does not include JW. She is in her class of her own. YR, DC and Patched couple just cannot get pass her for very long. So I hope, Maya, and perhaps with the help of of the ditzy grandma will bust JW's game wide. I just cannot see how her mother can outsmart Hong Ji Won even when she puts on her 'I am thinking look' while great uncle/stepfather and eyepatched couple are waiting anxiously for her thinking outcome. I am sure I'll be rolling on the floor.
  15. I am trying to figure out what this writer had in mind when he created those characters and wrote the plot. Forty episodes for the letter to get out of KS' grasp? The pathetic character and even weirder writer. If one were to sit back and give this plot a quick assessment, what kind of a woman was HJ's mum to write a will and hide it like some Easter egg? We are talking mega dollar company. The pointer to the will is a letter to a blind protegee? giving it to a lawyer without any witness would have been acceptable when you are leaving an old car, but a company? Did she even manage the company or was she a spoilt rich girl who did not know the value of her inheritance? The plot is so twisted, I am glad I fled with my iPhone intact, else it would have hit the wall many times. I am back to find out if KS' paternity has been revealed? Or is he just the result of his mother's sleazy character and could not tell who fathered him?