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  1. eeekkkk, I thought the OTP is clearly the two good guys... just as well it is the last episode. I have had enough of the-second-lead gets the girl kind of shows. I am going to take a peek at shall we kiss before it ends. Thank you for the suggestion- I hate two timing couples- for whatever reasons. I could not watch the road to the airport show beyond the first episode.
  2. I don’t think so. Much as I want horrible housekeeper in prison for kidnap, blackmail and all kinds of subterfuge for 30 years - she stole SY’s family for that long- this is a daily. They will kiss and make up. Those friendship rings will get so much use in the last few episodes- I am sure I will have problems watching it. I wonder what will happen to the real mother. It is too early to reunite her with SY. The six months before SY was committed are not over yet.
  3. Thanks just read both episodes. I can’t remember the last I watched a show which punished bad people as much as their crimes. pastor, politician, chaebol, crazy islanders.... It did cross my mind about the father figure role. Rather sad for JI since that is the only family he has left. HM did something at the end but I think he got off lightly. The show’s people must have read this forum and grant your wish. chat in other shows? I am watching a daily - sort of- mysterious personal something. I find it rather boring. Also watching shall we kiss first, but oh so sad. Any recommendation?
  4. Can someone tell me why Mr. Lee did not tell Khot Nim that they are siblings? He seemed to know that or are they long lost siblings separated at orphanages?
  5. I have just watched ep 40 with subs and also end up asking why GH is so shocked, it was not a nice-looking reaction. Maybe now we get to know why GH and her mother got SY committed after all the over sweet mummy’s girls episodes. GH out of jealousy for Mr.Lee and her mother to keep her daughter in clover. I have seen many of these day time heroines who are so sweet, trusting and naive and in just one episode become ruthless, vengeful and distrustful persons. At this point, SY is a typical character in a daily.
  6. I tried to watch ep 15, but it was so talky, I stopped. So everyone is happy. I want to know if the priest and candidate was appropriately punished. Surely not the forgiving all around a la dailies? Many of you like HM. I have nothing huge against him but people should pay for their sins, unless their lives or their loved ones’ lives are at stake. So going to watch when the subs are in or some one recaps the last 2 eps.
  7. I know what that means - extent of my Korean- after watching many dramas. I just spelt the way it sounds to me. Unlike you, I don’t find much sympathy for Prosecutor Jo or Popeye, he made his own choices many times. Although I do think the writer & director are trying to elicit sympathy from viewers from the way they showed tears in his eyes- many times and the cold way that he treats Ms Baek- the evil woman deserves more than that. He did intend to kill Sombe, just KD with her new powers managed to save her co worker- who is quite funny bragging about his 167 IQ to kids. It is good to have an incredibly smart detective else with all the conspiracies, KD’s ability alone won’t save the little boy. His extra intelligence just balances the evil trio, four if you include Popeye.
  8. I have been watching 12-14 raw and guessing most of the time. The subs are not always good either. So I can't really tell if prosecutor Ju has something up his sleeves to bring the two absolutely evil criminals - the priest and the politician- down. He seems to be doing their bidding and in ep 14, taking a shot at Sombe confirmed that he has evil designs of his own. A few of you wished that he is redeemed in the end. ?? I don't see at this moment. It seems unfair that a child brought up in evil environment turns evil without having a chance to be good? Maybe KD's father was trying to tell the kid that he had a choice.( No sub) I don't particular like the part of episode 13 which has Sombe being framed for robbing a jewellery. I mean the man was drunk, they could have used another plausible way, maybe hit and run in his drunken stupor. Anyway the time in prison is quite lame to me. Two more episodes and looking forward to it.
  9. Episode 15 already, penultimate? I have watched up to eleven, skipping a couple that don't have subs. I don't know why I am enjoying this show. It sounds rather strange to describe to a friend about a show with a possessed detective and a sceptic working very well together. Are those two dating? KD seems to be delighted to find her popeye oppa but we know he is is going to pay for what he did - survival or not. Why was popeye putting up with the beatings from CEO Baek? Has he got a plan or just a childhood fear of the scumbag? Ms.Baek is as evil as her father. Hope she hangs with him or whatever the punishment in Korea is for murder.
  10. @USAFarmgirl I needed a long break after watching so many dailies. So now I am watching this show which is ending . It is going to be sad just like the old Autumn story, highwy to heaven .... I like , I like... I missed a good cry. Those dailies gave me some really hilarious times - not supposed to be, annoying times and finally the forgiving all around even to a baby kidnapper, multi-murderer.... utter hair pulling session. I have not watched the actress much before. The first few episodes showed her trying to trap this rich guy and obviously she is not the gold digging type. The voice overs were just funny. I wish I could figure out why her ex is still so concerned for her and the main actor's ex-wife seemed to be sticking her nose into his affairs just as much. This is a lesson to people who find the grass is not greener on the other side, ruin their marriage to the one they love by casual sex affairs, then repent in leisure.
  11. I have just watched ep 32 ( I cheated after skipping many) and no way can it be the last. His friend/lawyer(?) who was so handsome in Full house is devastated. The women are still sharing secrets, and the main gal is still in the courthouse. The drama has a tragic storyline but there were many funny moments in the early episodes. I enjoyed those greatly. Then it got serious with a bickering couple, and that spoilt brat - all American-born or bred Koreans seem to be obnoxious. Perhaps she is the typical chaebol's offspring? The main actress looks so different from her KSS days, I am sure she has botox injections, the upper part of her face just doesn't move. She is a great actress though, even if her face seems rigid. I think the guy played in the Clown and the king. That was great TV movie. Utterly shocking to me was the full nudity scenes - the guy in the locked-in the bathroom scene and the gal with the spoilt girl scene. I can't believe this is allowed on TV in Korea. P/S I can't sympathise with the mistress, even with all those tears and touchy-feely stuff. @USAFarmgirl cousin I get to read your beautiful postings again. I think we were watching different shows. I watched 3 dailies in a row and had to recalibrate my brain for a few months. Glad to be watching the same again.
  12. I have to migrate to other shows, only two subbed episodes so far and the show is more than halfway already. it is a pity since I like the instinct vs. brainwork interaction. Nice chatting with some of you, who knows, there may be subs later. Au revoir....
  13. I had watched this part. But so many episodes to fit in 6 months..... Ok ok it is KD and a daily at that .... I agree with @inna75 the turn from being ‘by each other’s side’ to vicious backstabber is just dizzying. Could it be that SY’s real parentage is revealed and so there goes the shopping addict’s life of luxury. I always got the impression that Koreans want children, why would the cheating husband get a vasectomy? Unless he has a few kids stashed somewhere.
  14. @UnniSarah I think we are going to hate the mother very much when we reach present time. I saw the preview of an episode with her on her knees begging to another woman - SY’s real mother? I don’t forgive kidnappers at all. She must go to prison.
  15. @yamiyugi Just some clarification .... are the current episodes in the past before SY was commited? I was so happy thinking she had escaped or found sane.