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  1. Banish any possible pity you have for her. Think of the suffering and abuse GO had to endure - all because of her vicious, underhanded and dirty deeds against HJ. She is a schizoid whose personality can change in a heartbeat, She belongs to the prison.
  2. In some episode she told JW that she loved DY's mother best followed by DY. it will turn out later that MH has coached her responses this time - my need for consistency- or the writer forgets what he wrote since he was so busy scr***ing GO and HJ.
  3. You would thnk now that HJ is a chief director, she would have got a lawyer. Get Jang to sign some adoption papers or irrevocable guardianship or something while he is in a penitent statw of mind. Maybe I should not call the ma dimwit or pinhead, it seems genetic and really not their faults.
  4. I watched the raw but my non Korean comprehension could not figure out what the angry HJ's voice was saying or the usual MH's lying voice was saying either, so fast forward. GO and DY went out to eat with HJ. There did not seem to be much bonding, DY was uncomfortable and so was GO. The wily old goat found out about HR and JW. MH's mother had convinced him to do something in exchange for his old position. There was a lot of yelling by DY's mum at Chairman Cha ( honorary). Get out of the house, you shameless old fa*^. What did you do for them in 30 years? HR was at JW's office and she spoke to DY. Maybe it will hit the fan again, after DY's father found out about HR.
  5. If Jang admitted to stealing the baby, he would be implicating the M Foundation in the illegal adoption. Of course they could create all kinds of documents claiming that they got the baby from Jang legally. It would depend on the authorities whether they want to prosecute the Foundation, but by Jang's admission and the DNA shows GO is HJ's, I do not see why GO cannot be returned to his birth mother with the least of hassle. The Foundation does not have a claim on GO unless they come up with evidence( trumped up or not) HJ had signed off her legal rights. Of course, back to the pinhead mother's hiding of GO's existence. If she had made a police report and with Jang's admission.... easy stuff. Any lawyer can handle the paper work. But if the Foundation had fabricated evidence so MH can get her hands on GO and erase him from the surface of the earth.... Then it would be as HJ has said, if MH is not stripped off everything she has, GO will never be safe.
  6. @rikimaiu and @Morelia thank you for the ratings. I think all three main actors are well known and have fans, so the high 16 for the first one. The crazy kidnap GO plot has kept it high. Frankly I sm getting tired of watching MH scheming and plotting. She has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. @Morelia with some luck she had to go into hiding for 5 episodes or so to give us viewers a break. @imgreatgal HJ does not have to sue Jang if he is willing to give GO up for adoption. Maybe he will negotiate something for money. But he did not have to turn himself in to do that. I did not catch any deal making with DY and certainly not MH. The writer has something up his sleeve. knowing that the law will be involved since Jang has confessed, it is always good to get a good lawyer on standby. I am not sure about Korean law but in many countries there are children advocacy bureaus or NGOs or both to safeguard GO and his interests.
  7. If it is stopping at 104, there will be 20 more. Does anyone keep track of the rating? I think the writer is going to continue making GO insecure as attraction to viewers and GO as a threat to MH ( or her perception). So while it is good to see him with his parents, we will see he is not going to school or play with other kids lest the snake spirits him away. Wouldn't you take the day off if you were HJ and go straight to a lawyer's office? She wants to make GO hers legally but it is business-as-usual. Heavens forbid that she ropes in LK's lawyer.
  8. The logic of this show escapes me. GO was dangerous to MH because primarily he is evidence of her crime, and claim to LK and he would make HJ very happy. Now that Jang has given GO back and admit that he was the kidnapper. HJ could establish her claim. DY is now divorced and he and HJ had made a committment to be a family wth GO. Everything can be out in the open. But more secrets and sinister plots from the evil family?
  9. i have been coughing, so sleepy during the day and awake at night for coughing, pardon me DY's amnesia. I have not checked out what aphasia is. It sounds like a very weak plot. At least we can breathe for afew episodes. MH, her mother and bow tie are working together, HJ has JW and Mrs Seo but she can't be too trusting if them. She can trust DY but she wants to protect him.
  10. That obnoxious old man goes whichever way the wind blows, that meant sacrificing DY's happiness 8 years ago and then stabbing him in the back whenever it serves him best. His biggest weakness is the secret pact he made with M foundation due no doubt to his unbridled greed. They have to rub along together.
  11. BTW why is DY still faking insomnia? I get these shameful thoughts of HJ or SY bodyslamming MH. Tsk tsk.
  12. I am afraid we may be going on a tailspin again. There is something about Jang in the last few episodes that the writer seemed to be targeting his loftier self. Having returned GO to his parents, I really hope that he is not going to take the full blame for kidnapping baby GO. Please no!!! When are we going to get our satisfaction and see the family of vipers get their just punishment? Now MH is as usual brazenly denying her guilt, the mother is out on sick leave and bow tie- what can I say? Who is the wardrobe mistress???? MH is the most vicious and gets to dress best. The impeccable Mrs. Seo is now turning into Harlequin. I think corruption in the public departments have now infected KBS. Maybe one of the director's wives owns a boutique that is not doing too well.
  13. I have already forgiven HJ but I would like to point out that she was in the corridor where she usually went to cry ( as she told DY) when GO asked her the question. I assume it had given her the privacy she was looking for. I believe the only reason she did not say a one second 'yes' is due to the episode stretching curse. We will see this over and over again until everything will be resolved in the last 10 minutes of the finale.
  14. Maybe just a very bad shock after buying a full length mirror and able to take a good look at her clothes. just kidding. Just kidding. If you look at all of the women, Mrs. Seo looks good 99% of the time, I am iffy on the chequered top, MH looks good - great fit, nice colours although getting very predictable, the Mistress has her days but HJ is made to wear somebody's revenge almost 80% of her office clothes. Thank goodness her house clothes are normal and comfortable. @baduy she has not been chief director for long, they will be moving to a bigger and better house soon. @USAFarmgirl always such sensitivity from you. Thank you. HJ has been aggravating me with her 'I want to protect...' many times from 8 years ago. But I should forgive her since it is a characteristic of many high minded KD heros.
  15. It's Jang with a concience for you. Maybe he got a prime price from DY who bought his office. I have very little sympathy for people who commit because of someone they love. More kidnapping? In HR's case, it will not be kidnapping because she is their kid. Maybe JW will file a civil suit something to do with HR. I hope you are right. This should be the end of the lost baby saga. Any more of this, we should send bad karma to the writer and director.