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  1. Cinderella story... that is cute. But the stepmother was aiming high for her daughters so that she could rise in position and increase in wealth. But this evil woman is another kettle of fish, it is robbing a defenceless child to give to her son - sad to say about such a nice character but he seemed penniless. She herself has snared a rich man and having the daughter ensures her future. I have never met anyone like her. But Cinderella's stepmother type is quite common. My son-in-law, my daughter-in-law.... all about me. @angelwingssf I think you expect some kind of redemption for her by being made to suffer. That would be interesting to see. Since CW is going to end up with the son, I can see all forgiven kumbaya ending. On second thoughts, I may have stopped watching it before it ends.
  2. I have seen some ridiculous 'makeovers' by the end of the show, from a spiteful, vicious, manipulating female through 90% of the show to an innocent, playful person due to a car accident. This was in the Promise. In a more than ridiculous show was heaven's love ( or similar sounding name), the absolutely awful other daughter died with a reputation slightly lower than mother Teresa. I am trying to get used to the idea that the evil woman is repackaged into a nun or close and spends 3 years or less in prison. That would be a terrible punishment for KDs' villains. Does the writer even think about the characters in relation to others? For example The hero is a decent guy, yet the evil woman is his bio mother and was brought up by her. The nasty lawyer does not take after the father but after the mother. But how is the evil woman a devoted mother when she could have caused CW's death if the little girl wandered into a wrong place or human traffickers got hold of her or... many horrible possibilities? Could a loving mother do that to a child? Any child. 33 years later, she was still unrepentant, still bent on depriving CW of her rights? I think the writer has found a plot and she is following it, regardless.
  3. Do you think there will be a reunion in the next 4 episodes? I told myself not to watch it until the Grandmother and CW are reunited and each week, it looked like it, but no, evil has been besting good for many episodes. That is not good. There should be a limit to how smart the evil woman is. Could she have bribed the detective? We are assuming that Grandmother and CW are on the same case. The writer could ruin it and make it two separate cases. Well that would really stop me from watching.
  4. How many more episodes of CW- Grandmother just missing to connect? I skipped much of 33-35 and did not catch the kiss but the aftermath was a bit funny. CW's MIL got a chance to get her own back at the evil woman. KD aside, I would not want my DIL's family living with me. If they need help, I would chip in, but stayaway from my house. The preview shows CW crying over her Christmas clothes, I thought those were burnt by the evil woman. She may try to kill CW. Both her children stand to lose big bucks when CW is found. She seems so resourceful; when the husband questioned her about removing CW's pictures, she turned it into concern for Grandma. I think we are going to be frustrated and annoyed again and again. First it is looking for CW, next she will sabotage CW's work, then the romance.
  5. Poor man, he is made to be a caring person and he may be rewarded with a lazy female with no talents and no scruples about stealing from the mother. She even accused CW of depriving her a good life when it looked like CW was earning much of the family's earnings.
  6. In the preview, the nasty lawyer sacked someone. I think that was CW. She was also wearing a suit - looked too old for her. So she must have got a real job. But that stupid whiney sister is back in town, I am afraid this totally irrelevant character is going to take our time too. Even though the grandmother dashed to the police station, thinking that she would recognise her granddaughter, she did not. The writer should have changed that. It would be just heartbreaking to watch a scene with the grandma slowly seeing her daughter in CW. I can write this better.
  7. The immature husband found an immature woman who displayed her attraction and probably love for him. I am afraid I skipped a lot of the guy's and mother's scenes. The girl had bruises on her face, what kind of rich girl would get that? Maybe she only deals with money that is not hers?
  8. Episodes 29-32 are here to frustrate us again. I only watched the last half of 32 - maybe not even a half, the evil woman is still at it. If after 33 years she had repented and pitied the poor child, I am willing to forgive her but no, she is getting worse. The only consolation is that her husband and son saw her on CCTV removing flyers of CW's photo from a noticeboard. The episode ended with both the grandmother and CW rushing to the police station to see Detective Kim, and they ran into each other. But I think this tec is in the pay of the evil woman and will mess around with the DNA tests. From the preview, it looks like evil won over good again. Something to look forward to, CW's brother and sister are getting cosy. That would kill the evil woman.
  9. She deliberately told little CW to go to her grandmother who was supposed to be waiting for her. CW looked scared so she was not some stubborn kid who was darting here and there in a public place. That would be losing a child. But with her, she criminally abandoned CW. With cases of parents leaving their babies in cars on blazing hot days, stepfathers and stepmothers abusing toddlers and so many more, I am afraid there may be people who abandoned innocent children. Will her children forgive her? This seems like a daily show, there is a 90% chance that all will be forgiven.
  10. If I were the grandmother, I would not be satisfied to kick the evil woman out of the house penniless. Prison is where she belongs. CW was working 3-4 jobs when she should have been in college, at least if not living in luxury. JY and friends called her the ghost because she was working practically everywhere they went. Just to earn a living. At 37 or 38, she is still grabbing at any opportunity to make money. Imagine keeping an evil woman and her son living a privileged life while your own flesh and blood lives like a servant. It was a blessing that CW was not pregnant when she thought she was.
  11. I skipped all 3 episodes because I did not want to watch the evil woman get the upper hand. Zipping through the last episode, the evil woman was at the CW's family house, having the cheek to tell them to move because lawyer Park 'harassed' her daughter!! I missed that bit. The greedy MIL was all spluttering in indignation and the oh so nice FIL was apologising as usual. Then I FF to the scene where CW went to apologise for her family, God knows as to why it is their fault. What was so wonderful was that the evil woman was doing it on the sly, now the whole family found it out! The husband was very upset with her and went with CW to see her out. That spooked the evil woman. He apologised etc. and later told evil woman in no uncertain terms that she had no right to tell them to move. Then I FF to the last few seconds, CW gave her old drawings to the sister for their Xmas edition and CW has saved the day for the company. Fate came in and a photo of her as a little girl day fell off without the sister noticing it. Then moving to scene with the Grandmother walking through the building with the coterie of company people to show her importance. She came across the photo, not the bunch of others but she did... ah providence. Evil woman, your butt is on the line, your marriage is doomed .... maybe I am going ahead of myself? Dare I hope for CW's identity to be revealed in the next 4? But it's only 28 now. The grandmother is going to be awfully sorry when she finds out that she had slapped CW, treated her with disdain, took the side of the evil woman..... Maybe they will have the father going to the dark side by the urgings of the nasty lawyer? That is why they need 100 episodes. Just guessing.
  12. I get very frustrated when the evil woman manages to fool everyone with her lies. Our leading lady seems to be going down the lane of being a noble idiot ..... give her some smarts please.....The father sets a time and place to meet her? No fire to kill her? He has not heard of DNA tests but the evil woman has even gone to get one... aaayyyya yaaa.. So frustrating. I really must not watch this show until the evil cow is caught!!!!
  13. He is known as nasty lawyer, so your guess is probably correct. If she has a rich family background, she would not be in a house that does not want her. The writer is playing with the notion that a baby can work miracles, starting with the greedy mother who now is caring for the baby unknowingly. Poor little thing, a nasty bio father and a clingy, needy mother.
  14. I think we are going to see a lot more of her, the baby and the greedy mother. I could put up with all characters except for this stupid girl and the loser sister. In one episode, the greedy mother threatened to contact her parents. I would have done that, sickly parents or no. She should have thought of it when she decided to keep the baby.
  15. maribella

    [Drama 2018] Hide and Seek, 숨바꼭질

    @Lmangla don't forget the time leap of one year and the COINCIDENCE that Ms Kim saw EH's accident! Is that not divine intervention? Goodness I really could not see the logic of EH's one year absence. To collect evidence against the Moons? He already had it. I think the writer did not want to marry off a driver, son of a lowlife to the president of Makepacific. Making him chief secretary after one year seems respectable to the writer. Ok I am off. @Lmangla thank you for starting that 'my favourite drama' list.