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  1. I took it that he wanted her to wake up and be who she was no matter what. Even if it meant they had to be apart which would have been terrible for him, given that he had been secretly loving her for a long time.
  2. The preview showed JY and ex being host at the funeral of ex-FIL. The voiceover (JY) said sorry he could not keep his promise( something similar). I think CW-JY must have agreed on something but the ex was heard to ask someone's help to keep JY. Ergo the tearful CW. I think the next few episodes are going to be sad. I thought the coach's daughter was going to be YY's rival, but looks like she and the male hairdresser are getting along swimmingly. Is JC living at the dojo? He is hardly home. I was not happy to hear YY asking her dad to forgive her mother. YY would be close to 30 but her behaviour has been like an undergrad ( of the old days. Much smarter today). While I expected both JY and YY to be loyal to their mother, they should wait to ask for forgiveness for her. Did CW forgive the evil woman? I thought she said 'can forgive'. But YY thanked CW for forgiving her mother. The rooftop rental looks so familiar .
  3. In ep 20, the preview showed PS staring down into a river - the usual Han river? I was hoping he would jump and be rescued by someone, but then he had amnesia, his character changed to a butt-kicking brother. That would be so satisfying to see 30 something siblings looking for a job befitting their qualifications. The mother? I cannot believe this writer would create a mother so devoid of human decency, what more having maternal feelings. All postings point to a continuation of a depressing show. Will still stay out.
  4. In the voiceover, evil woman remembered Grandma rejecting JY, and she said if Grandma did not reject him, she would not have done it!! Talk about passing the buck. I have not watched any 100+ KD series that had just killed off or imprisoned the antagonists without whitewashing them. The green rose (16 or 20 episodes) had the bad guy jumped off a building without repenting but we found that his family was swindled and he wanted revenge. The worst whitewashing was something like Love sincerely. The terrible woman ends up dying and had volunteered for a charity. She was almost turned into a Mother Teresa at her memorial. Evil woman here had given a lot of money to HY, is she going to donate something to CW ? Maybe they will write that CW has some disease and needs to replace some organ.
  5. CW is unconcious? Let us hope it is not another amnesia . She has rented a room, whatelse could happen? I see too many threads now when earlier finding CY was central. I am getting bored. I hope @angelwingssf and others would continue recapping. Have a great week everyone.
  6. I watched a few early episodes because I liked Poon Sang in He's got family.This show, it is so depressing, everyone is down and out. The actor Oh - second brother was funny in the show about an uncle and 3 nephews, he fooled an amnesiac heiress that she was his wife, and she ended up doing housework for him. But he was also overacting, like in this show. Even the successful sister is in a hopeless relationship with a married man. This actor was in a few shows that I had watched, don't really like his acting, wooden most of the time. I find the twin sister most annoying. Sponger, whining all the time, envious of the sister and is now being chummy with the equally annoying mother. I skipped a lot of episodes, while I am sure there are people like that family in this world, it is not a pick me up show. So ungrateful but the mother is welcomed by the younger twin? So frustrating watching even the few episodes. I cannot take the suffering and feelings of rejection by Poon Sang. He loves and cherishes his siblings and all walk out on him. Ingrates. l am going to read recaps and maybe sneak in to read this forum.
  7. Not that I am defending this creep, but the lawyer broke off before meeting YY. The girl was an idiot who decided to keep the baby and expected the creepy lawyer to return to her. I am afraid the lawyer is going to fall in love with her, again, we will see him getting jealous and wooing her. What a waste of screen time.
  8. The evil woman is rather scary. She cried buckets in front CW at the market and not long after, she was on the phone buying off the milk lady. Right to the bitter end when JY was calling her out, she tried to stop him. Thank goodness CW stopped being the noble idiot and told her to stop. If the writer maintains that character type, she is not going to do the 'right thing'. Changing her without something horrible happening would be strange.
  9. I am glad the evil woman skulk-out without causing anymore trouble. But is that the last of her? It is uncertain if the writer has any human model for her but I remember watching a medical show about mental health. An inverterate liar like her, no remorse because right and wrong are interchangeable to her and when she talked about conscience, it was when she was caught. She could be schizo. That would really spoil our demand for her blood. She would be found not guilty. If she remained, who knows what she would do, feed Grandma and CW dogfood? Poison them? Push grandma down the steps.
  10. Stroppyse edited your post. I did not catch it, good to have eagle eyed moderators. The entrance of the house looks different. I think it is from a different angle. Earlier it was taken closer to WS' house. Now we are almost done with that family, it makes sense to move closer to the Grandma's house.
  11. Someone mentioned photos of them coming out of a motel. So we will get our divorce and we don't have to watch that family again. Unfortunately, the writer had started on the lawyer and his ex. I skipped that part, nasty lawyer and idiot girl. The baby is the only one in the family that I want to watch. Did I miss something? The entrance to CW's grandma's house seems different. The gate was high, but now it is low and one can see windows.
  12. I agree with everyone who thinks abandoning a child of five is a crime, any which way one looks at it. Leaving her in a crowded place is less obvious than in a deserted place. Children are always running around and getting lost in a market. If the evil woman drove somewhere and dumped her along the highway or forest, there would be a single car or hiker who would notice the child before long. Maybe while she was still on the road. This character was so devoid of mercy for the little girl who had lost her mother. I missed the duration that CW lost her mum, but for the Grandmother, 5 years after losing one's only child could not be long. I have seen worse KD MIL. If Grandmother was unwelcoming to the stepson of her SIL in this show, there were mothers esp. chaebols' wives who chased out the wives of their sons when they were poor and did not bring wealth to their family. Imagine your ex son in law remarrying and bringing her family into your house? Eooow, that would take a lot of insensitivity from him and a lot of forbearance from me. I would buy a house nearby and ask him to stay closeby. Keep my granddaughter with me and be upfront with the father, one cannot trust stepmothers. Maybe when she is older, she can move in with them if she wants to.
  13. I am not surprised that the writer inserted the childhood deprivation of the evil woman. Almost all of the antagonists in KDs that I had watched were given a redeeming factor, usually some wrong inflicted on them or in this case an unhappy childhood. But I think in real life, someone like the evil woman would be a greedy, covetous person which was why she could not be grateful being brought up by a poor single mother. Others might feel great love and gratitude seeing how the mother would have slaved away to bring up a child. In 'I have a lover' (2015 that I had just watched) the BIL tried to kill the heroine twice, tried to kill her twin sister, beat up a few people and at the end of the show he was imprisoned for life. However, she forgave him -quite an obnoxious character, and did not continue her earlier efforts to sic the police on him, it was coincidence that he was caught. His father was wronged by FIL who was a chaebol. Similarly, in Green Rose and the last dance which were the earlier dramas that I had watched, the antagonists were 'wronged' when young. It could be the belief that people are all born innocent but the environment turned them evil. Regardless of how nice JY and YY are, they have benefitted from their mother's marriage and also her evil deed of abandoning CW. Now the mother will most likely lose many things, it is natural that they would lose everything too. I shan't be surprised if CW's father also decides to leave the house and company in penance for his wife's crime. It is quite interesting that the writer makes the relationship such that CW's father is the in law. If he were the son, then YY would have a claim to the company. CW will be the co owner. In this case, all inheritance is presumably CW's unless her Grandma made provisions for the others.
  14. @angelwingssf I hope the writer will do something like the drama you mentioned. She cannot be prosecuted anymore for abandonment or anything criminal related to it, but she tampered police evidence - the DNA. That hopefully will earn her a few years. How about another OTP? CW's mum and dad after he divorced 'her'. But poor man, he would be stuck with that terribly annoying little pest, her sister. There would be some justice if she were imprisoned, but if it means she gets to be forgiven and taken back into the family, that is really no punishment. Her just dessert is to be separated from her husband and end up in a poor house for the rest of her life. Seeing JY having to work in a quarry or some labour job would definitely see all her efforts are nothing. Although, I don't think he deserves to be punished for her deeds, he did gain a life that came with her deeds, so losing the life of a chaebol puts him where they were 33 years earlier. Of course, it can be argued that without CW's dad, she could have got another chaebol or JY had become successful on his own.
  15. I think the reduction of 20 episodes will be amply padded by the ubiquitous time leap. Somebody would fly to somewhere, maybe the alternate couple. There should be a happy ending of some sort for good people. It is difficult for me to accept that a man would stay by the side of a woman who deliberately removed his only daughter from his side, watched him and the Grandmother grieved, and for 33 years did everything to prevent her return. Even in the last few episodes, the evil woman had not repented, at least to herself. But this is KD and the ratings and sentiments of Koreans probably demand a forgiveness all round ending.