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  1. I should sign off too. But not before mentioning the person who was responsible for HJ's clothes. He/she is indeed a cruel person. MH had a few misses especially when I watched the earlier episodes. Poor HJ is either dressed in outlandish designs or odd colouor combinations or both. At other times she is dressed in dull old aunts' shifts and very occasionally, in decent enough coat dresses. Then some episodes ago MS was wearing some ghastly dresses that I think also came from the same wardrobe person. Let us hope that the actresses will do something about this person.
  2. Yes she did cause little Nam's death, but at least she is punished for kidnapping and her considerable arrogance of being wife LK's heir apparent was taken away. If in real life, HR will inherit LK from her father but GO will not have anything or very little from LK since MS had donated hers to charity. @sava2sava this is much better than HP, no simpering nasty overindulged amnesiac female.
  3. Ne' ertheless we all thank you for the finer points of the Korean language, I am taking the liberty of representing others. I can't say I mind very much not being able to comprehend the unspoken message between the smirking ex-con and the lying convict. She wanted to use the contract against her mother, maybe not in blackmailing, but her sweet daughter effectively stopped her from using it.
  4. Thank You so much. For a daily, perhaps the gaol time is considered punishment enough for MH and evil Kim. MH was convicted of kidnapping and probably needed to serve a longer time than fraud. I guess we would not know how long DY was in prison. Both bowtie and scumbag Chairman (esp). have not been punished enough. I find it very annoying that MS did not kick out the Chairman. She may feel guilty to the mistress for not divorcing the toad, but why should she feel sorry for him? On the whole, I feel OK with the finale, no major aggravation. Evil Kim and MH seemed to turn human, even if we can't be sure how much they have changed. I thought the actress was excellent in her reaction to the letter. Before the finale, only DY and HJ had scenes to show their acting abilities DY esp. had many times, I think they deliberately wrote those scenes in, knowing he would just ace it. Now the MH actress is so good, I forgive her overuse of bulging eyes. Ciao everyone. Stay safe and I am sure we will cross paths again.
  5. My prediction was that JW will be LK's chairman was right. I predicted a fiery fatal end for the Kims, guess that was too bloodthirsty for daily KD. I am duly ashamed of myself. But I was not too far wrong with DY-HJ-GO to be out if LK, only the seaside factory was missing - I predicted that both of them will working there. Both old men did not get their just reward - bowtie was doing a lot of MH's bidding. Of course, MH will spend many years in prison unless the chairman of LK is still unpredictable.
  6. I didn't find JW to be as important as the other 3 in this show. His presence seemed to be fillers for the other 3, for continuity. Even in his love for/attraction to HJ, seemed unconvincing. Maybe I did not watch the earlier part. Now he comes up with ' get you out, be a family'. The writer again is using him to tie loose ends. I can't wait to see the finale. @baduy and @stroppyse don't go anywhere please. I ( and many others too) am depending on you both this evening.
  7. He he thank you cuz. See you in other forums but much later. These dramas scramble my brain easily.
  8. I have been waiting for someone who dislike her to crush MH by referring to her being adopted from an orphanage. Only JW had mentioned it and it was not with malice. In a few other shows, it seemed to cut the legs under the adopted person, especially the social climbing type. The writer forgot, no other reason. There are enough blunt people in the show to throw it in her face. Of the three main characters, DY and MH are consistent in their behaviour. HJ is made out to be true, honest, loyal, the direct opposite of MH. There are viewers who I am sure are touched by her speech to Jang. Not me. She was not going to go so low as to use his son's death to get MH. But indirectly she aided and abetted MH to be scammed causing serious harm to LK and JW. That is low in my books. She had not regretted doing it even once. I can see why people can ignore her former action but find the latter more than credible because it is personal, she appealed to mothers and fathers. It is not consistent to me. The Jang character was changed from a man who was rushing GO, grabbing him and wearing a sour face to a benign, worried parent. Obviously, something struck the writer, like turning him into a key player - not just a small time PI carrying out MH's biddings. I can't find the scene baduy referred to which I presume changes MH from what she is to a loving mum. The episode where HR told JW that she loved the mum the best seemed a belated idea that came to the writer. Many posts commented on it. We can see now why it was written, an unaffectionate mother who had to be reminded by the MIL to spend time with the daughter is the one loved best. The actress is good so she may pull off the epiphany scene. But it does not take away the fact that MH deserves a horrible fate.
  9. @baduy a letter from GO that got to Jang, and why not letter from HR that changed MH? This writer is so strange . Good Lord she is going to spend a few years in a minimal security prison and then go play house with JW. Die, die die!!!! Evil Kim gets a few years, bow tie will probably still preside over the senate full of smart professors, Chairman Cha will be taken back by his mistress after a few years. Bad , very bad karma to the writer, director and producer. I think the ending will be at par with heaven's promise.
  10. You have saved me a few hours of my sleep time ( insomniac no more), thank you very much @baduy otherwise I have an excuse for staying up late. In the preview, she sounded as if she was making a veiled threat to DY. But in today's episode, she sounded almost sad when talking to DY. She must have something salted away. Afterall she is supposed to be 30 plus and to have been working for many years. Who cares if you become an orphan at that age.☺️. Wow, that must have jolted JW out of his pipe dreams, Ma, Pa and kid! No wonder Mrs. Seo was furious with him. MH had never given him even a glimmer of hope that she wanted to be his wife or partner and he actually proposed that they become a family. Tsk, tsk. MA just found out MH was GO's kidsnspper - she should scream and beat her breast tell off her children for treating her like a moron - even if she is not too bright.
  11. probably saw the Samsung guy arrested without being cuffed. @baduywhat happened when DY and then JW visited MH? I have my guesses which are usually wrong.
  12. Didn't they divide the assets before DY encouraged MH to borrow from the loan sharks? It was part of his strategy I think. But I am not one who watched it for 30 minutes every episode or even every episode. However, rules and normal behaviour aren't always maintained in the show. edit: MH did mention her mother's house was collateral for her loans. If that is the case, the collaterals for her loans would have been her part of the join assets, not all of the assets. That sounds logical to me.
  13. He is a university president? I cannot imagine what his university is.
  14. I wish they had something in the preview about the miserable old man who is still trying to stick it into DY and his mistress to get his shares back. If the mistress takes him back, then he will still have everything which he does not deserve one bit. Is the writer going to make MH human? She asked DY about handing the secret contract to the prosecutors? Then her grand gesture? I had predicted a fiery death for her, the writer can change her into a Mother Teresa but unless she undid all the harm she had done - for example bring back little Nam - she deserves to rot in prison.
  15. Is it a wonder that MH et al have been able to string them along, manipulate them, threaten.....? This was said after they had decided to work together. Either the writer has a short memory or the continuity person is not paying attention. The producer should employ a better continuity person. In today's episode, the police put handcuffs on MH in her office, but she came strolling out infront of all the reporters without any. I think DY is going to do something stupidly noble with the promissory notes from MH's loan sharks, perhap's in the way HJ uses the knowledge of Jang's son - nothing. I wish I did not read the subs when HJ met Jang again. She was oh so noble!! My stomach heaved. Really? You would die with MH if it would bring her down but squeamish about telling Jang the truth? ??? Much as I like chatting with all of you, I am looking forward to the finale. I have suspended reality long enough.