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  1. The beauty that is King Bin justified by Evan's fans' workmanship. "My dear Kan, where art thou?" "Oh how I miss you my dear." "I still got it." "Stay close to me my dear Kan. I'm afraid you may be lost." Sparrow I did not try 'cause I don't like the main guy but Rogue Agent I saw and it's a weird pace. You're so lucky that your couple has the streaming thing. Meanwhile, I'm dried up in the dessert sand. *cries*
  2. Ian has these big beautiful puppy eyes and you can get lost in them. I saw a skit he did showing he was hurt by his lover and man those puppy eyes full of hurt was killing me. I don't think I could stand seeing that. It felt like killing puppies and kittens. =_= Evan's eyes so piercing and beautiful, gorgeous profile. Blue is handsome in a mature way. Green looks average but I think his hair style might have made things worst. Yellow has a very boyish cute look. Purple also looks average. Navy hmmm... I can't put my finger on it. His look just didn't catch my eyes. Red in the drama also didn't catch my eyes but in real life, there is a certain effeminate soft air about him that catch attention. I thought how come he looks better without make-up. Simon has that bad boy look (and in real life looked good in the apron and was most confident in the kitchen. :)) I was amused.) I do identify with Evan the most and Ian's dreamy side too. :)) I saw pic of Blue and Red on a date. I think they were trying to make fans feel better (after Red killed Blue in the drama and all.) And the Chive Omelet pairing also tried to heal the broken hearts from their fans. They were being really nice. Many fans felt bad for Green. I've been looking for lots of MVs and stuff and the Chinese fans made really good ones. I need to cure my withdrawal somehow. The Vietsub version isn't out completely yet so I'm still waiting for a few more eps until BinKan kill themselves. So I went to my usual streaming site and checked to see if Man with Sword is on it raw. Nothing. Oh well. If you see any news about the drama on Lofter or wherever, let me know. Will check out Sparrow but right now I'm rolling with Rookie Rogue Agent something. I have a soft spot for Lu Yi and he looks good in it. I think I definitely will check out more Chinese dramas. Got bored with Kdramas and got picky with BL. :)) Yeah in big cities like New York, eating out is like the everyday thing (like DC where there are restaurants in every corner and they have their different gimicks to lure customers.) I don't eat out that often here. It doesn't have that atmosphere. Keep me posted on what you find.
  3. Bin's emotions for Kan limits from love to being upset (as in a lover's spat kind of way) then love again In ep 2, he risked his life going up the mountains to look for wife but when his men said wife didn't reply his message he got all mad as depicted here, "wait for what? That person likes to stay up the mountain and doesn't want to come back. Hmph." Then threw the whip onto his men, got on the horse and left, looking rather upset. But then when Bin showed up rescuing him he was all smiled like this (even with blood and all). I guess he was no longer mad at Kan. It was love again. Soft expressions of the lovebirds ('nuff said.) When I watched the drama, I basically was just skimming around until I saw Evan's face. Then I was like oh okay, there's a face I like to see, I guess I'm sticking with this one. :)) In other words, Ian totally did not make an impression on me when I first saw him as he appeared before Evan. Ian has a handsome look that reminds me of a few different actors, one Japanese and one Chinese. Can't quite remember their names. Some aspects of Evan's personality reminds me of me. Has OCD. Strict and proper. Detailed oriented. Not exactly easy to please and sort of a perfectionist. He's a complete opposite of Ian. :)) Their personalities complement each other very well. It's cute. I did notice that Evan was making suggestions on what kind of act to put on except the last one (maybe) which is the one I like the most. They did the putting on armor act. It was well done because their expressions were into the characters (or maybe it was their own emotions :)) ) but it felt warm and very intimate. I like that. I thought I saw stalking pics of your Red and Navy. It was like they have their owning stalking groupies already. I only wish Evan and Ian have those stalking groupies so I can see what they're doing. It's not that being stalked is a great thing but it also means they've upgraded their status to popular. :)) I know Chinese fans are very passionate and that's how they roll. You know like with the Korean idols and all. This drama is so under the radar and it's crawling on the views comparing to the other BL drama. But then it's not BL. Oh, you can take on the subbing. :)) Just joking. It's a lot of work. Many BL Viet subbing groups have been ignoring it maybe because it's not really BL. Nowadays there are too many BL coming out, I'm sure they prefer to focus on the stuff with real actions. :)) The script is not easy to translate. It has too many old words. I myself could not understand some of the translated terms myself. =_= I just ignored it. But at least someone is doing the translations for BinKan cuts and the translations are pretty good. Hmm... you can do the Red/Navy cuts. :)) I kid I kid. :)) I don't associate ramen with instant ramen. Tell you a funny story. In my neck of the woods, I went into this Korean take out place and there's ramen on the menu. I was like oooh ramen. I ordered it and saw the lady took out the instant ramen from the bag and cooked it up for me. :)) I was like oh, ok. @_@ I actually never had the chance to eat it in New York when I was there but I looked into some good joints not that I remember now. I only ate it in Mitsuwa, a Japanese shopping area on the other side of the River in NJ. It wasn't that great. But then other foods are good too and I do enjoy variety of food. It's just hard to find good ramen around here so I often think about finding a good place when I have the chance.
  4. I use Chrome and sometimes when I'm writing posts, it suddenly goes into another ad page. =_= Well, as long as you see how that's similar to a girl hitting the guy he likes, it makes me kind of happy. :)) I was like why the heck did Simon suddenly came in between them. Rats. :)) I watched the fanmeet and I really like all the acts that Evan and Ian came up with as I feel they're quite substantial comparing to the other couples. It seems Evan was given a nick with the adjective beautiful in it by the Chinese fans. People may be curious about his beauty and his popularity will rocket. He is a very good looking man after all. Evan and Ian interact a little bit on weibo but they keep it at a certain restrain. I do wish they do it more often. That will make fans like me super happy. I can only hope. I think Green was in another drama before this, the really wacky but popular one. Can't remember the title. Maybe that's why he's popular. I heard that when Red live stream, he got quite a good number of followers. It's only a matter of time but he has to keep in the spotlight. The director seemed to be fond of him. They were eating a meal together in that bts clip back then? And it seems their fans are following their moves too. They've gained some stalking groupies. :)) Hey, if I'm in New York, I would go eat ramen and takoyaki. There are some good joints up there. I've driven 2 hrs to Mitsuwa in NJ for good ramen but it wasn't all that great.
  5. I wonder if it's me or if soompi is getting virusy. =_= I get these wares coming here. I think you and I have a fundamental difference in the way we view the dynamics between BinKan. :)) You see Ian as being so sure of himself but I see him as a rowdy kid looked on by a guardian (Evan). Even separated by Simon, Bin still managed to reached over the hit Kan. :)) There are different factors I take into consideration for the way I view them. I doubt we will ever reach an agreement on this. :)) I would go into details but I don't want to bore you with things you aren't interested in. When you say ship actors you mean slash in dramas right? Like there is no love story but just shipping for the heck of it. I never had a thing for that. It has been a long time since I ship a male couple. I'm kind of picky like that. It's weird they just have Green and Mustache sitting together. Do they really have any relationship in the drama? Did they even meet? :)) I find BinKan part of the interview really adorable though. It's too bad I haven't seen any translations yet. I really want to know what they were saying. :(( You have so many choices in New York. You don't have to go for Chinese take-outs dear. Last time I went up there, I told my friend I would never come back. Oh the horror of Penn Station. =_= No English version. The drama isn't English subbed so it's unlikely there are English fanfics. I read Viet version of the fics.
  6. Well I was okay watching a bit of SM stuff but in anime format. But I may have a bit of a problem watching it live action. It's definitely not the kind of dynamic I like to see in relationships. It's even worst when things get bloody. I can't be dealing with that. =_= Navy is right. People want to see White Robe actions. There's one dying to see more White Robe action right here. :)) Evan and Ian can't be lazy and expect White Robe to be best CP. :)) Was the Purple guy a newbie in the drama scene too? And you mean like he's a fanboy of sort? He acted like a BL fanboy since he seemed to ship both White Robe and RedNavy. :)) Or am I wrong? If he's familiar with fanfiction terms, it just means he has been reading fanfictions, and specifically BL fanfictions. Must be a fudanshi (JP term.) Heck, I've been in the BL scene since the 90s but I was never in fandom and don't really read that many fanfics so when I tip toed into fandom for this (in Viet), I had a little bit of a hard time adjusting with BL lingo and things. As for Purple and Navy, it's safe to say they're BL fanboys. I say the plot thickens. :)) I think that is the end of their promotion. And I'm sure Evan/Ian and the spexial members already have other spexial related events or their other dramas to promote as well. I do hope there will be more MwS fanmeets in the future. It's really too bad that Rotten Egg and Blue couldn't come. They had such major roles and gained a following. I felt kind of bad for Simon (pretty boy assassin) because he was here but it felt awkward because his screen time was so little. He didn't leave an impression on me. Around Philly is about right. You must be in Manhattan then. I've been up there a few times. Not my favorite atmosphere. Too crowded. Too noisy. But I have to admit. There's plenty of delicious food. When I think of good ramen and takoyaki, I think of New York. It's pathetic down here (where they deep fry the takoyaki.) =_=
  7. Round trip to love is heavy duty SM stuff from what I've seen. The boys are pretty though but the SM stuff is kind of a turn off for me. I'll take my time and shift through the new stuff. China is really doing some different things which is good. This is becoming the golden age for BL which is just up my alley. :)) My untame side is coming out again. Oh boy. My inclination toward danmei is getting stronger and stronger. I was going back to watch Cinderella and 4 knights then the moon and cloud drama but then now I don't even feel like going back to finish them. What happened to me? :)) I'm very happy that BinKan is most popular on Lofter. You can see in the interview RedNavy gets the most time and saved to the very last so that means they are the heavy duty couple in the bunch. In the Viet community, it seems they're pretty popular too but I can't tell if they're more popular than White CP or not. I do come across more BinKan fics though. Oh I heard that there was supposed to be a fansign in Beijing or something. So the agenda was fanmeet in Nanjing (10/1), fansign in Shanghai (10/2) and another fansign in Beijing (10/3) but the Beijing event maybe have been moved or something. I haven't yet seen any pics for it. I guess there's nothing on that on Lofter? Also, it seems Purple won the highest votes for some dance business. I was hoping Evan/Bin would win 'cause I really want to see him dance but he was second. :(( East Coast and New York? Wow, I'm also on the East Coast, 2 hours South from New York in a not very popular City. :))
  8. Ha ha, I'm sure they're friends doing fanservices. :)) I adore EI's cute ways and silliness and they have lots of charm. I'm kind of hopeless and helpless since I love them a little too much so whatever they do, I'll ogle them with my jelly eyes. :)) It's all good really. I do collect blu-rays and things. I also don't mind getting little hanging things and use them as charms in my car. :)) Those car washers know what I'm into. :)) I doubt that the actors who play lovers in BL dramas will be lovers in real life. :)) But they get explosive popularity for doing fanservices though so in a way there is an incentive but it stops at that level. There are too many BL coming out and too many ships sailing in the open sea. I've found my ship and I will only sail with this one. :)) That's my final answer. :)) Your CP is the most popular followed by White. I mean there are only two prominent CP with emphasized story line, RedNavy CP and White CP. I think people ship BinKan more than KanBin. Well, that's the impression I get. You have access to that information more so than I do. :)) Just curious, you're not from the West coast aren't you?
  9. Haha, I don't understand the language so I only watch it for the body language you know. I like the part where Evan runs his hand on Ian's shaved head. Then Ian pillow whipped Evan after Evan did the skit thing. And when Ian carried Evan off it felt like the groom carried the bride to their bedroom. :)) Evan and Ian are from an idol group so there's a limit on the fanservices they do. I understand their positions so I'm already very happy with what they've provided so far. It's more than what I've ever wished for. And it's just that I adore their natural dynamics off screen among other things. I wonder if they will be selling CP collectibles or novelties or whatnots. (Not the pillow. I'm not into pillows.) I would want to get my hands on some White Robe items. :)) Here I am, back to the days of living dangerously. :))
  10. The beauty that is Bin, Kan, BinKan and KanBin. (I got these from various sources mostly posted from Viet community fb.) The most beautiful picture I came across of Bin. The most beautiful king. He looks so refined and dignified with an air of arrogance, reeks the aura that of highborn royalty. So lordly. This is the most beautiful picture of Kan I've come across. Kan looks angelic and beautiful like the morning sun rays, pacify the earthly air with such purity. Here is one of my favorite picture of BinKan. Bin's profile so refined, arching brows over long piercing eyes then the high nose contrast with small lips, glancing at Kan's sweetest smile of an angel. Here's another favorite picture of BinKan or KanBin. Two most beautiful faces in an intimate moments. Can't be any closer. To me Red is more of a S than a M. I just feel that S air coming from him rather strongly. I think Navy is more of a M. It's that same dynamic in the drama. :)) Red is very passive aggressive. As you see from clips posted by yunna and elliezsnow, there's this grand exit by White Robe. Ian may look smaller but he is still a man. The thing is when Evan carried him bride style Ian looked so small in Evan's arms. But when Ian carried Evan, it really shows Evan's height because the vertical is emphasized. :)) Again, Ian looks small with Evan in his arms. :)) Ian just can't win. But they're so sweet. My lovely couple. I love this ship. We may not be the biggest ship but the sugary sweetness keep coming. I'm not into sweets in real life but why am I so addicted to this kind of sweetness. :)) You know I still don't understand the reason why they put that scene where Bin fell down to avoid the branch. It completely ruined his gong image up to that point. But for me that was the only moment where he was kind of weak. He's still gong to me for the rest of the way. :)) (I know there was the big wave of fans who jumped onto the KanBin train right after that.) :)) As for your last question, the world may never know. :))
  11. Thanks for the list. I don't know those dramas as well. :)) I'm more of a romantic than a practical so I can romanticize even death if needs be. It feels as if there's a compensation thing with some of the endings. Like how White Robe gets a complete love story but they were dead and that means they ain't coming back. No chance of appearance ever again. As for RedNavy, it's an open ending and it means that they have a chance for a real happy ending some time down the road. And I agree with you on the RedNavy order because I feel Red has a stronger personality. He's still shou but he seems to the one who steers the boat. I think among the ones who died, the one who got it worst was Green. Blue at last would be remembered fondly by Purple although he was killed by the one he flirted with (and possibly was interested in.) Green was used then killed by the one he loved and not only that left to dead. That was pure tragedy. How could he be so nice and said he would still fall for the rotten egg again. :)) The way I see Bin and Kan in term of gong and shou is in the dynamics. If Kan is in the lower status and acts obedient to Bin in everyday life, he will be just as obedient with Bin between the sheets. :)) "My dear Kan, I will take off your robe for you." "Yes, my lord." "My dear Kan, don't worry. I will be gentle." "Yes, my lord." :)) (You catch my drift.) :)) But really, I wouldn't mind seeing Kan as gong if he acts differently in front of Bin.
  12. What the other 3 before it? I don't get the impression that it's all that popular. :)) It doesn't seem to be as popular as love is more than a word something something. I dunno. Yes death isn't a happy ending for anybody but because the endings for the other couples were so bad that that double suicide became bittersweet and romantic somehow. After reminiscing about Bin, Kan showed that he lost his will to live, "it doesn't matter anymore" and he didn't even see the point of killing Red. Bin already died. He lost the most precious and important person in his life. So romantic, together in life, together in death. At first it seemed tragic and sad. Then after seeing the other couples, it was still tragic and sad but there was a sense of relief like at least they were together until the end. No betrayal like Chives Omelet and BlueRed. No abandonment like NavyRed. No separation between life and death like BluePurple. And I agree that Green is a very good king. It's too bad he encountered a rotten egg. And then there's his health problems. Good kings often have health problems. :)) Evan's height reasoning is quite "scientific". It's true that gong is always taller than shou. :)) It's part of the aesthetics scheme of things. Ian can't win the height battle, at least not now. I doubt that he'll grow taller though. :)) If Ian ever attend the fanmeet with heels, that will be a sight to see. It would be most interesting. I like Evan's new haircut. It makes him look younger. So fresh and handsome. I saw separate pics of them from the fansign from different following. One can only hope there will be a time when I see a following for them both. Again Evan was being assertive and did the heart thing one moment when the line lagged.
  13. Do you know if 3 billion views is a significant number? I don't know how is that compared to the other series over there. And I thought a while back the production said that regardless of reaching their goal at 5 billion they would still go for season 2. The same gang went to the fansign. Thanks for the close-up dear. It's much needed. From what is shown (as you've mentioned), it looks like it was Evan's idea on the spot. It's like he told Ian to follow his plan and nudged Ian to ask the audience about the gong/shou thing. Ian complied without much resistance. But I think Evan wasn't going to go too close. He wasn't exactly in control of how his head and Ian's head would end up anymore. It was Ian who then pulled Evan's head toward him and did whatever it was. :)) And I do understand why all of them would want to break White Robe CP apart. BinKan was the only couple with some kind of happy ending (double suicide can be romantic.) Green is too fixated on Yellow. Unfortunately Yellow's heart was never with him but he wanted to flirt with other more capable men like Blue then Kan. Blue fell for his charm but luckily Kan stood his ground. Did you see that picture with Yellow trying to pull Kan's skirt while Kan was looking the other way. And the caption said "oppa, don't leave me" or something? :)) It was an official picture too. I think the staff was feeling nostalgic so they start the trolling. :))
  14. Ha ha, actually I think EI were quite natural and comfortable around each other as they're quite close. Maybe due to being apart for almost a month and they just met again that they had a lot to catch up, feeling rather excited this time. I sure hope there is another fanmeet so I can see more goodness. They were already on their ways for fan sign the next day in Shanghai. It seems they're on a roll for drama promotion or something. I wonder if there was any mention of season 2 in the fanmeet. Funny thing I saw two random staff dressing up as Red and Navy sticking out like sore thumbs. I was like @_@ what was that about. Chemistry wise it's all depend on the eye of the beholder as it's an subjective thing. I have my view on my CP as well. :)) EI possess all the qualities that tug my heart strings. Your RedNavy is cute too. I find Purple and pretty boy rather lacking because Simon is kind of stiff and somewhat serious. They don't feel that close. There is a part in the clip where Mustard Greens guy came over and held up Ian's hand. I'm not sure what that was about. It's too bad he was by himself as his egg was missing. So we have stir fried chives instead of chives omelet. :))
  15. Trust me dear. I've been trying to piece together BinKan's story when they first met but I realized I wasn't getting anywhere so I quit. :)) I thought I saw some pics of Evan pretending to put on the armor for Ian. It's different than the buttoning shirt part. I'll just have to wait until more vids coming out and hopefully see all the moments. It's interesting that White Robe CP is competitive on winning the best CP but I see a clear contradiction. They want to win the best CP title but they won't ever want to kiss for real. :)) Not only that, they encouraged their competition Navy/Red (knowing fully well that it ain't no problem for them) to kiss which is what ruined their chance of winning the best CP. These two have some issues to sort out among themselves here. :)) But I think overall, they've performed significantly better than last fanmeet. Actually I think the difference was quite tremendous. Evan must have been plotting for those suave moves. :)) I do remember in one of the bit translated from one of their live stream, they said if there is a voting for best CP put in a vote for them. :)) I certainly look forward for next fanmeet to see what my sweet darlings have up their sleeves. They better impress me with even better upgrades. :)) And you and me, we're in competitive territory now that our teams are up against each other for grabs. :)))