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  1. Everyone's opinions are equal but some are more equal than others. I speculated but I feel like saying that now. That's why there's no reason for me to continue on with the drama.
  2. I shouldn't be in denial aymore. Makes a lot of sense for MR to shoot IW. But regardless of who will shoot IW, he will be shot. It's time for me to get off the train.
  3. IW may have chosen MR due to her resemblance to his mom at the beginning and that is normal. Many males and females choose their mates due to some resemblance to their parents for whatever deeper psychological explanation may be. It's not really important because as they live together there will be attachments of sort. People fall in love in different ways. And we will find out he would want her regardless of her appearance. Possessiveness and obsessiveness don't sound positive but they're part of a romantic relationship. People will view things differently depending on the person in question who act on it, how he expresses it and how it's portrayed. I do believe IW loves MR but the way he expresses his affections is in his wrong twisted ways. It's toward the extreme and dark spectrum of the human psyche.
  4. Is that really the end? I thought the scene after that is wife in old face running in the rain and the car stopped? Is that scene after she shot somebody? I'm confused
  5. Husband probably doesn't want the public to know his wife ran away from home and faked death. Don't tell it'll be like Mask. After doc and MR defeats Mr. bad guy husband (somehow and he may end up evaporated too), doc will go to jail then gets out and lives happily ever after with MR.
  6. How well is this drama doing ratings wise? I'm still stuck at 16 waiting for freebies eps to fall from the sky. It would be nice if MBC also uploads their dramas on youtube with eng subs like KBS.
  7. I'm behind on the drama due to access but from what I gather, there was no proper courtship between MR and husband. He chose her then proceeded with marriage. And she probably agreed because the marriage helped her family out. It didn't help that husband grew up abused and became an abuser himself. In all honesty, if in real life husband is just a schmuck with a face that only a mother could love, I would kick him to the curb. Or if he's played by another actor who I don't care for, I will kick him to the curb as well. So the fact that RSY is in the role basically changed how I feel about his behavior. After all, I watch for him so naturally I hope he will change for the good of humanity. But then I realize this drama banks on the suspense of the chase and to keep the chase exciting, the chaser has to pose great threats, if not to the end. So while the main population of the audience is waiting for the hero and his lady to destroy the evil doer, I'm waiting to see the evil doer turns good and gets the girl. My foolishness has no end. Objectively speaking, we're dealing with one domestic abuser and two identity fraudsters. One would wonder if the cops will come into the scene to scoop them up at the end.
  8. I find it nonsensical to have MR taking over doc's wife identity as if his wife's corpse evaporated but I continue to roll because of Ryu Soo Young. He is intense in his role and he drives the suspense. If crazy husband is out of the picture, it'll be just a romance story with the boring doctor and from what I've seen so far, it's about as exciting as watching the grass grows in winter.
  9. I concur but we all know it's futile since she's thoroughly traumatized by him and so there isn't any chance she would love him. I just don't see how that will ever happen. But I entertain the possibilities because I do feel bad for crazy husband as he was brainwashed by his father to be the way he is now. I really like to see how he would react when he sees the new her. That's my sole interest at this point. Maybe he'll be like "whether you are the Ma-Ri played by Park Ha Na or the Ma-Ri played by Park Han-Byul, you are my Ma-Ri." I check the height of two actresses, they don't have the same height. That's not good. The surgery should only change the face, not the height too. Come on now.
  10. The theme of this drama is not something I seek out to watch but I have a soft spot for Ryu Soo Young so I took a peek. My contradiction is I want to watch this for the crazy husband but then I can't bear to see his bad ending. I just hope that this drama will not make him a bad guy through and through until the end. It will be nice to see him change gradually into a man with a healthy mentality and live a happy life with a woman he loves.
  11. So how did the priest create the identity for the young cop? Did they cover that or did I miss something? Or maybe it's one of those magical moments where I just have to accept it is what it is. I have to admit. I can't stop watching Joo Ji-hoon and I actually prefer him on the run because he looks damn fine in tight jeans, jean jacket and the cap. I thought I saw that visual in the preview so I'm totally rolling with CEO's change in plan. Bring it on. All is well in the world.
  12. I hope to see more picture of my FukudaYJ ship. It already feels it will be in dangerous water and won't end well. I don't know why I always fall for the wrong ship.
  13. I may have missed some details because I wasn't able to watch all the episodes. Did they ever cover where the main girl's dad got the album from? I actually start to like this a whole lot. I may not know exactly what is going on or where this is going but the drama keeps my attention. It doesn't bore me and I can't exactly skip any details since those details can be vital hints. I don't ask much in a drama. As long as it's fairly coherent and it doesn't bore me, I can roll with it.
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