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  1. Was clearing my bookmarks n found this. A collection of interview of other peoples of KSH. Has chinese subs. Sorry if it's been posted before. http://m.bilibili.com/video/av4419235.html
  2. Loved the vid. Just re-watched on youtube and they have put in the lyrics in English.
  3. Eng subbed report of his bowling, at about min 1:00-2:00
  4. So proud of him. And happy for him that he gets to do something he loves. What really amazes me is, he is left-handed and he is using his right hand to bowl!! Imagine the amount of efforts he put in. Respect!!
  5. hi chingus! Currently in Malaysia n during the 8pm chinese news, there was a Cuckoo ad. It was the water purifier one with the bunny. Heard him say "I just cuckoo" . Sounds so cute!
  6. Reading about "Real" filming in yet-to-be-opened Paradise City (Walker Hill), I just recalled something. I think drama "Hotelier" (starring his boss, Bae Yong Jun) was filmed in Sheraton Walker Hill, which at that time, yet-to-be-opened. Hotelier was pretty popular then, so it's a good coincidence.