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  1. Thank you all for updating daily. Glad to know he is eating well. But, still anxiously awaiting his return. Just realized that lunar new year falls on his birthday. I hope he gets a special treat.
  2. Oh, I would go anywhere with him as my tour guide Anyway I wish him a safe military service. I really hope he is well-treated.
  3. If I were sitting behind him, I would b smiling like her too
  4. Saw a post somewhere that Ziozia has new pix with Park Seo Joon? This probably means KSH will b enlist very soon, u think?
  5. @willenette n @rossy79, thanks for the pix. Oh, look at them legs!
  6. Watched Infinity Challenge and simply loved it. He looks so casual and ordinary. Like the guy next door. Best part is, he is smiling and seems really happy. And he looks so good and is good in bowling action. Even the no-look bowling. Anyone has a good pic of him swinging the ball? Thanks.
  7. Was clearing my bookmarks n found this. A collection of interview of other peoples of KSH. Has chinese subs. Sorry if it's been posted before. http://m.bilibili.com/video/av4419235.html
  8. Loved the vid. Just re-watched on youtube and they have put in the lyrics in English.