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  1. Hello everyone.. I just come and want to say that suntaek couple forum in soompi is the most intellectual, friendly, warm, and talented forum as ever I have visited to other drama's forum in/ex soompi but no other like this.. hehe Have a nice day everyone XD
  2. i want to ask about this a long time ago, did LHR said this as pingjing or himself? with his reaction i though he said as himself but that is a bit imposible coz there's blood transfusion scane where HXM said about linxi identity..
  3. @liddi thank you so much.. so.. this is one of the reason why pingjing was so late to propose linxi LOL too bad this scane didnt include in the drama
  4. @liddi thank you for posting it.. and OMG i just realized, there is new BTS's translation.. i will transform it into video if you dont mind @liddi@badukstone @raziela what a beautiful post i agree with you about the ending.. this is one of the best and beautiful ending i ever watched in period drama.
  5. @liddi thank you for the translate.. and that is my fav scane of PZ & XX.. knowing his wife character, he use some trick to make sure his wife stay safe.. that is so clever and sweet.. I found the link of NIF 2 OST .. thank you to the uploader.
  6. @liddi thank you so much for the translation... Ugh they are so cuteee.. so tempting to ship them in real life XD.. ------ Happy Valentine's Day, everyone
  7. @Wotad thank you for posting the video.. --------- ahhhh so thats the reason why linxi didnt go with pinjing to jinling.. she has to find specific herbs for ce'er sickness.. i know this girl will never be a selfish person <3. Cant wait to see whats other thing in the books since i dont understand chinese.. I have watched ep 50 with eng sub from dramafever.. i cried for pingjing happiness T^T.. its like.. after all the pain he must endure finally he found happiness for his own life.. its such a beautifull and heartwarming ending.. i love it so much. Although the possibility of bromance has sink *yes i like general yue's trust for pingjing XD.. but never mind. I will definitely watch NIF 3 if this production and writter will participate. Cant wait to see whats story and character will be. I have trust in this production for bringging character to be endearing to viewer. At first i didnt really care enough for PJ and LX character, i like PZ and XX more and i am worried how it will be when PZ dies.. but i was wrong, now i like Pingjing & Linxi the most XD I love how the ending scane filmed because its such a contrast to the ending of nif 1 for both couple.. all the pain that i must endure in nif 1 has been paid off XDD.. Mei chang su has fulfilled his promise to nihuang T^T.. that guy even after his death is still wonderful <3
  8. since everyone has already talked about politic, etc.. i will talk about romance *i am suck a slave for this kind of romance.. i am now at ep 46 and after watched it with eng sub, surprisingly i am on linxi side. When she heard conversation between PJ and XX, i feel very sad for her T^T.. its kind of she is being outsider there (or its just me?).. but when XX said that LX will visit her often, PJ was shocked, i think he never expected LX to leave the mountain without him.. Again, when PJ said sorry to LX for breaking his promise, its like i got stabbed twice T^T.. i dont know if its just me, but my current feeling for the romance part (ep 46) is like LX's words to PJ "your rationality is telling you that blame me is unfair, but the angry fire in your heart still will not extinguish ". My rationality is telling me that PJ leaving the montain to save yuanshi is right but i am angry bcoz he leave LX, lol.. BUT except for that romance part, i cant wait to see PJ and Feizhan colabs to kick YQ butt!!
  9. Hello everyone, usually I am a silent reader in this thread, but I want to say thank you to everyone who translate the prev, conversation, etc.. and give us a lot of information. last night, i watched final scane with tears in my eyes although i cant understand anything.. i fully agree with @njoac. That is basically me when i thought about the ending. When i watched ep 43 with eng sub, especially the scane where PJ propose to LX and when they are together with linchen, i understand pingjing chooise in the end. This writer and production team as @liddi has said from beginning until the end has kept true its essence and never faltering.. bravo!! i will miss this drama ~~ anyway, there isnt this scane in the drama... whyyyyyy T^T.. i think this is in ep 38 before linxi going to travel.. i hope the rumour about director cut is true.. XD