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  1. The writer, the director, cast and the whole crew are daring to accept this kind of drama. Just Between Lovers has a very sensitive topic. And yet, the people behind this show is delivering them well. They are showing us the beauty that emerged after a sad event. They show how lives of the people changed after the tragedy. Though others didn't live well, there are still lessons from that experience. The leads Jun Ho and Won Jin Ah has so much potential. They are new and young actors but they are nailing it. I wonder how and where they get their depth in acting for this kind of drama. I wish they get lead actor and actress nominations at least. Even if I am not a fan of melodramas I'm watching this. I'm determined to finish this. I already consider this as one of my favorites.
  2. Lee Min Ki 이민기

    I thought he can only play the guitar, just found out he can play the piano/keyboards, too. He's indeed one talented dude. (Photos from leeminki.indonesia)
  3. [OFFICIAL] Lee Min Ki & Jung So Min

    Thanks for the link. Will drop by LMK thread one of these days. A great actor also needs some support from fans. I think JSM has her own thread in soompi, will visit that one, too. Dear Sominki's (and ex-Sominki's), I'm still reading your posts here
  4. [OFFICIAL] Lee Min Ki & Jung So Min

    Though it was confirmed that JSM is dating, I wish her happiness, and good projects in the future. I will remain supportive of LMK. Now that he's back in the limelight, our Minki needs us now more than ever. It was fun shipping with you Sominkis. Thank you! You're all superb! *I'm still around
  5. Congratulations Jun Ho! Dapper GD...I mean JH
  6. Aside from the great acting, cinematography and ost of JBL I'm also lovin' their animated posters. Happy New Year everyone!
  7. [OFFICIAL] Lee Min Ki & Jung So Min

    Another Sominki shipper spotted among actors/actresses hihi I'm excited for Sominki projects for 2018! No doubt their popularity as couple and as an individual leveled up. The demand for JSM and LMK could be higher next year, and if the demand is higher we could see them more often in dramas, movies, cfs, photoshoots or even mvs.
  8. I can't wait for Monday. JBL is like a book, I want to keep reading, I'm excited as the story unfolds, and I want to know more about its characters.
  9. Off topic: Is Sung Jae in JBL (I don't know his real name) and Yoonyi brother in Jugglers the same?
  10. Yes, I also see obsession on JW part. I'm not really interested on JW and the glaring girl story. I hope this drama focuses more in GD and MS. The show is too dark, I'm not keen on watching the disaster flashbacks. The shoe scene where GD tried digging scared me. I'm looking forward to seeing GD and MS, other characters in brighter outlook on coming eps. What is Ma Ri's relation to GD?
  11. [OFFICIAL] Lee Min Ki & Jung So Min

    Some of you may have seen and posted these images before. I'm posting them again to make you feel better. Good vibes only
  12. Thank you for this reply. I am getting impatient, I've been waiting for ep 5 with eng subs for hours now. It took GD several days hanging on for his life before being found. I hope I can endure this waiting for eng sub. (fighting!)
  13. I'm still waiting for the eng sub. Meanwhile... Merry Christmas everyone!
  14. [OFFICIAL] Lee Min Ki & Jung So Min

    This LMK in Japan mystery made my heart flutter knowing that JSM was in Japan recently. Whether they were together or not I'm happy for this teeny weenie possibility. But there are times I'd like some things to remain a mystery. Happy holidays, Sominkis!