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  1. @jughead2000 very soft and fluffy that's how I would describe JSM, too lol @mydisplayname Yes loveteam/tandem/pairing but this act of swooning for a couple, we don't call this shipping before hihi I'll leave it as swooning, or carpooling lol I agree that we should leave mysterious ig account/s as it is. Let them have their privacy. At least there's a spark of hope that they are communicating privately.
  2. Oh yes! Before shipping come forth I was shipping LMK and Eugene then (what do they call shipping back then?).
  3. Detective K3 bts photo. The reemergence of LMK, the continuous popularity of JSM, and clamor from fans for them to be together again in a drama or movie, I think it could happen. It is noticable they clicked together as a loveteam, and as an actor/actress for they deliver their roles well. An example of this pattern was the Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum tandem (Secret Love followed by Kill Me Heal Me). Just thinking positive.
  4. IG issues Some of you mentioned that JSM is not following LMK on ig. If SM formed a special bond with the cast of BTIMFL most likely her communication with her co-stars will extend to their social media accounts like ig. KMS and KGE is following her, and she following them, right? If she is following KMS and KGE isn't it impolite if she will not send a request to follow MK ig account? I find it odd if SM not following MK account when they spent a lot of time filming together. SM was even caught playing/tinkering with her mobile phone with MK beside her on bts. Could they be using different usernames in ig? Or are they communicating directly via texting and phone calls. Possible isn't it? Damage control Whoa! That act of deleting photos and the deactivation of some ig accounts related to Sominki set a lot of fans clamoring for explanation. Instead of preventing damages for our otp it actually damaged us fans lol LMK aura He appears different now compared to LMK 10 years ago. He used to be cheeky, and his teeth were misaligned (I actually missed his set of teeth before, his canines were noticable whenever he smiles), this could be the reason why his jaw seemed different (?). But he looks better now - his set of teeth, his aura is more matured, more manly, and I prefer his built now than his waifish model look. Btw, LMK sings better in Korean. His voice sounds good in Tonight Tonight.
  5. Now I'm confused. Are they hiding something or instructed by their agency to remove them? But why? Weird.
  6. I checked it, too. It's not there anymore. JSM probably removed it to keep that moment private? Or the pic looks gloomy for her pinky pink ig theme?
  7. It could be just a gimmick to promote the movie or to generate sales of dvd. Good publicity or bad publicity is still publicity. **************** Yes, please keep those gifs, photos and videos coming. I will appreciate it if you could post fanarts too. We are doing a marathon... an ironman marathon lol **************** During those first few episodes and BTS of BTIMFL released I was counting how many times LMK looked at JSM, the LMK admiration stare. I lost count now. The way he looks at her...there's something, it's different from just looking, it's meaningful. You can see it in his eyes. And the eyes are the windows to the soul.
  8. Smoker. Heavy drinker. Scandal. Negative image. Remember these words from BTIMFL? Meeting someone in life is something that's actually astonishing That's because he brings himself with his past, present, and his future That's because someone's whole life comes along The heart is fragile Therefore, it might have been broken That heart, is coming too - Jung Hyun Jong Those words are veiled hint about SH, but applicable to LMK in real life. I'm confident that those words from the poem stayed in JSM's heart. The drama has so many beautiful words to say, no wonder the cast esp JSM and LMK learned a lot from this drama (I read this in an article, I think it was here in soompi). LMK's previous fall may be his turning point - to change for the better, to improve himself as an actor, and as a person. I'm still onboard this ship. I think this is LMK's first time to be shipped with his onscreen partner with an Official thread. And I'm so glad it is with JSM. Thanks to all kinds of SoMinKi shippers.
  9. This SoMinKi Couple thread is not just about shipping JSM and LMK to become real life lovers, others are shipping their friendship, others are shipping them to be cast on another project, others are shipping their chemistry from BTIMFL. This thread is making the world less chaotic because it unites all SoMinKi fans. I'm thankful for this peace ambassador ship. SoMinKi rocks!
  10. LMK is Capricorn, no wonder he appears aloof or cold in photos. But they are also down to earth with great sense of humor, they are hardworking, too. LMK January 16, and JSM March 16?
  11. Even if they do not post selcas in socmed, we know, we feel that they have their selcas in their cellphones/cameras. Memorable Jeju photos they will be looking at before they go to sleep. For their eyes only, maybe? We will find out later.
  12. Oh that look from the secret admirer! If he laid eyes on me like that I'll melt in nanosecond lol Credits to heatherlikespepper
  13. I think the uploader was part of the staff. He probably panicked when BTIMFL fans started liking his pics.
  14. Those ig pics, I think LMK is posing like his other self - THE MODEL. See how he projects whenever there's a camera. Models rarely smile during pictorials. I find that funny, Minki, trying to pose like a model when you are already a model LMK may not be super handsome like other young actors/idols, but there's something in him that attracts...just like a magnet. Just let him stand anywhere and he oozes with appeal...that X factor. And those looks for JSM makes him more attractive. It seems he is admiring her secretly. But, dude, it shows!