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  1. Hello! I think MSR is showing now in Thailand (local channel) the voices were dubbed. Just saw it in mini clips in ig. SH's fan meeting still on going and he has 11 more countries to visit, right? I'm guessing he's going to be asked again about the car scene, other kiss scenes, and if he can sing Same again lol I hope he doesn't get tired of this. I cannot remember if this was posted here. I'd like to share this Kim Lip audio of Twilight. SJE co wrote the song, she mentioned this during her V Live after MSR fan meeting. https://youtu.be/AYrFwHMoBt And I think the song Tell Me by JE is supposed to be included in her or Secret's album to be released second half of this year. But still no news from the agency. Here's the full Tell Me youtube audio. https://youtu.be/NiMw0ww5Esk If the song hasn't been relased yet then this must be leaked. I haven't watched the full ILA eps yet (Narae summer school, SH surfing/gym). Hope to see it this weekend.
  2. Hilarious scene from yesterday's episode of I Live Alone. No sub yet.
  3. I was trying to catch SH's eyes, too, if he is going to look at the dancing lady while deejaying. I think she's dancing for the audience, but the vid looks awkward lol Some of the Taiwan fan meet/coverage videos scares me. I can't look at situations where people run or walk faster and gather closer, it forewarns me of stampede. I'm guessing the trainer was hired by SH's agency to take care of their talents. Members of the King seems close to the trainer, too. Here's a mini collage I made of pics before the fan meeting. Did you catch them when they went live this evening? Since the MSR souvenir arrived, it has become my habit to look at the photo essay book before going to sleep lol how about you?
  4. @kodomonojikan JE is an only child, but I do not have an idea if she is living with her parents again. I heard in one of Secret interviews that the group lived together during their active days. There are new SH airport photos posted in ig. He arrives in Taiwan today, and tomorrow is the fan meeting.
  5. Hello everyone! Many thanks for the BNT interview translation, whew that was long but I enjoyed reading it. Also thank you for the MILK interview links. I realized there're a lot of things I didn't know about SH. I'm ok with bits and pieces of info about him, and learning more about this cool guy...well, it is really worth admiring this actor/dj/singer/model. Besides being cool, he is really hardworking. One day we see him doing some pictorial, the next day he is a guest in ILA, now deejaying for a product, later we will see him hopping on a plane for a fan meeting. I wonder what inspires him, where he get those energy...is it all because of the corn frost? I hope his movie Brothers In Heaven/Comeback to Busan Port will be shown worldwide, if not then maybe Asia-wide. Still no update from JE or Secret? No guestings, no dramas, no pictorials, no CFs, no album/single (?). I guess she's having a grandtime. Some of the Secret fans are getting impatient already. I read that her agency announced early this year of a Secret comeback on the second half of 2017, still no news. Maybe they're really keeping it as a Big Secret or a Top Secret. Here's a very short video from Lancome event. @fashiondream is this the one you saw last night? This one seems cut version. Here's MSR throwback... I can't believe JE's first impression of SH was scary and cold. But look at them now...good friends. Nice isn't it?
  6. I think @fashiondream's post above is longer with photos. This one is just the quick Q&A. See caption for translation. @Porcelain Baby we'll definitely have more pages here because of SH's fan meeting is still ongoing. Can't wait for his Taiwan fan meeting, I hope to see more photos, videos and interviews. Who knows, maybe we'll have another 100 pages
  7. @fashiondream thanks for identifying which one is SH. I haven't seen SH post grownup pics with his sibling/s (if he has one) and recent family photos. So hard to tell if he has sister/s or brother/s. But it is great to see him establish himself like having his own apartment. Do you guys have links to the drama concert? The live video on OCN fb page is not working anymore. @madzgo pointed this out to me, and I felt my heart fluttering again for SH and JE or CJW and LYM. SH so wicked, checkout his hands
  8. I think SH is from a middle class family. I've seen this clip from i.g. The show featured the houses of the cast of a drama - forgot the title. This was maybe aired 2010 or 2011. Judging from the size of their family's house it seems he has siblings (see room doors, number of seats for the dining table). His dad and mom were interviewed, too. Here, I think SH is the smaller one (see lips), but I've no idea who is the other kid, maybe a brother or a cousin or a playmate. Where is JE? No news from her agency and she hasn't posted anything in her i.g. I hope she's ok.
  9. Hi! Sorry it took me awhile. I hope everybody's ok after MSG wrapped up. Whenever I watch dramas, I save the best for last. The last two episodes are precious for me and I must watch it continuously. While watching the final one hour, I fell asleep on the last 20 minutes of MSG huhu the momentum all gone! Really awful. So I watched the last two episodes again in between work and other stuff. Despite of what happened I still consider MSG as one of my favorite dramas in historical setting. I just don't like it when the former Queen/HM's mom decided to stay away from the palace, and Prince Wolja - just sad for the little boy. Our sassy girl HM is an epitome of a modern woman. She chose to become someone, a doctor/medical pro, even if she is already a somebody. She is confident of her love for GW, her chosen profession, and also of her principles. She is also a princess with a heart, remember how she saved the children from the drunk ahjussi riding the horse? Our GW is truly an ideal guy. He is patient, handsome, intelligent, fashionable, he listens to his mom but not a mama's boy...ahhh just love him to bits! Here are my favorite lines from the last episode: "You do not have to give up on your dream/s because you are a woman" - Queen Grandma to HM. Grandma said it well. "You need to smile in order to find more things to smile about." - Officer Kang reminding HM of her words. This line is a very good thought in today's fast-paced world telling us to take some time to enjoy and appreciate the beautiful things we have at this moment. I hope when JW's out from the military service he'll immediately make another drama. I miss this guy. Meanwhile I'll try to watch his previous dramas, those he starred after Level 7 Civil Servant. Catch you later
  10. MSR cast still bonding even after their drama ended. They're indeed like a family
  11. Worth the price, worth the wait Very special thanks to our fellow MSR soompier @madzgo without you, I won't have this
  12. I still have two more episodes to watch. Glad I'm watching this drama very slowly, because I am not ready to have sepanx yet; you may call me Sassyturtle Sassypants lol Aside from the leads and the story of MSG, I also enjoy seeing their colorful wardrobes. The costume department must be applauded for their meticulous costume details (I'm fine with the Chinese delegation wardrobe). Also the production team for the very detailed props, accessories and set design. This is just an average length drama but the effort they've put in MSG is worth it. They're giving me thoughts like how they washed their clothes, made me think how they design hair accessories during the old times (do they use Mighty Bond or bubble gum to stick things together), and a whole lot of stuff I'm curious about. I've only seen few historical dramas, but here in MSG I've paid attention to their costumes, maybe because of the color or gold details, really nice design. There are so many historical feels and comparison going through my head while watching this drama. MSG emphasized the importance of calligraphy in history. They tackled the spreading of false information which lead to deposing the queen. I find it brilliant using lanterns to spread news or info, but today we have the social media - you'll get info or news just by looking at your cellphones or computers, no need to look up to the sky and catch flyers. One of their fastest way to relay a message is to shot an arrow with a note - today we have text messages/messenger/inbox/email. Their problems then is still an issue today - the spread of false information, bribery (a vendor was trying to bribe the guards for selling an imitation of Ghost Mask). How can we forget the terror the Scarface and Masked Ghost brought to their town, and terrorists still exist today (going on a worldwide scale). I like how the team combined romcom, drama, mystery, and action in MSG, not overboard but not lacking....it is very entertaining in my opinion.
  13. I love it how JE described SH while signing photos - tiger-like charms, SH is indeed roaring with appeal! Re: Photobook/making book, I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I hope somebody would post what they got once they received the package. It seems they're sending something heavy to weight more than a kilo. And regarding the paypal price, I think it varies according to region. @fashiondream thank you, I'll check Sweet Home Sweet Honey, but if its more than 18 eps, I'll have to skip it. Can't bear watching too many episodes. Even SH's previous long dramas I skipped them. For now I am watching JE's (Secret) and SH's music videos. SH's fanmeeting in Thailand was well attended according to ig posts. He had a lot of activities there huh. I am amazed with his Thai fans' effort waiting for him very early in the morning at the airport. It is heartwarming to see how they appreciate our SH. The MSR Drama Concert Live video is no longer available at OCN fb account. I hope it will reappear in youtube with eng sub. I want to watch it again, and again. While SH is busy with his fan meets, I wish another drama is being written for SH, same wish for JE. So when he wraps up his tour he'll be ready to shoot another drama (if this happens we will be moving to another thread lol). Right now I just want to scream: "SUNG HOON, JI EUN, I MISS YOU!"
  14. Awww...how cute is that lil girl peeking by the backstage door, swaying and bobbing her head. Jieun, why so cute?! I once thought JE is the youngest among Secret members, just found out she's older than the two other members. Yes, JE is more on the cuter side even if she wore sexy dresses and dance sexy with her group she still has this baby-like charm. I keep watching video clips of the drama concert, yeah I find JE and SH has similar expressions or actions, even during the presscon after JE's shoe incident. Whenever they show similarities I wanted to pinch their cheeks lol And I'm actually enjoying their V live interactions - the fan meet, the drama con, also the interviews they did for a Taiwan network. I love hearing their infectious laugh. They're so adorable, I want to keep SH and JE in my pocket always! I don't mind paying a little more for those CDs. It is my only way of saying thank you to the cast and crew who gave us MSR, fan meeting and drama concert. I've no idea when I will be attached in another kdrama like this, so I'm fangirling all the way for MSR, SH and JE! Btw, is the making book and photo essay book the same? I'm confused.
  15. I just can't believe this drama has ended. Sad. But I like how things went for JM and SH couple, though I didn't like their story at first. Just came to like it when SH started selling plum with business permit lol that was on last ep. The storm that came to JM-SH couple made them appreciate each other more, and SH elevated her self-worth. For our otp DM and AR, I expected them to get married in the end. I'm ok even if they did not show the wedding. They lived their lives alongside each other, couldn't imagine if they go separate ways. And it's just right for DM to save some money for business. I'm glad our otp fulfilled their dreams. And I'm happy for AR she's got her mom all this time even watching her from afar. They still have time for mother-daughter bonding before AR's wedding. AR truly has a pure heart of kindness, forgiving her mom, trying to make up for the moments they missed; also being friends with DM's ex-gf. KJW's character is an inspiring one. PSJ's character is an inspiring one, too. PSJ is like DM, he acted and expresses passionately which gives us a very different or unique acting from PSJ - while DM fight in the MMA with his heart, he became the winner. I love the simplicity of FFMW's story, but it is full of lessons in life. Congratulations to the cast and staff of FFMY! You did very well...Salute!