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  1. They can't lol other couples who played the game sometimes accidentaly kissed I wonder what they have lined up for the MSR drama concert aside from singing. Thanks for the SH and Park Na Rae phone convo translations.
  2. @Fashiondream the pepero game is usually played on dating shows where a couple will bite each end of the pepero. The one with the smallest size of pepero wins. The thrill is when the couple comes closer almost kissing until the last bite on the peppero. I've seen JE played this in Match Made in Heaven (ep 6/7) opposite Kang Tae Oh.
  3. @Cherrinekim it is my first to see that pic of SH resting his chin on JE's knees. Maybe they have more bts photos I cannot...! Breathe that is...
  4. @Kammiya thank you @V I'm guessing Ms Kanako Hwang is a relative of AR's dad or mom, maybe AR's godmother. Why would she hide when she saw AR's dad but not with Coach-nim? I hope HR will disappear in the following eps like MB.
  5. Does the stars appearing as borders at the end of the episodes mean something? There are blue and pink stars, there are also stars in outline/no colors yet.
  6. Just saw this video, no eng sub, sorry. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1522456514441273&id=448170661869869
  7. Hi everyone! Just checked the tumblbug site and found out the concert drama crowdfunding has reached more than expected. It reached 31,892,000 Won pledges, 106% of the target. Congratulations to all! We sure love MSR and our OTP This means we have something to look forward to again from our favorite drama and couple. So yay for the pledges and effort! Oh dear I miss JW & YM/SH & JE really big time! I'm hoping to see them again together in the concert, another V Live or interview, tv guestings, sns or just wherever... I just miss them. I've seen all the interview clips, JE's Vapp live, fanmade mv...I just can't get enough. Now rewatching MSR
  8. Hi, everyone. I hope you are all doing well. I hope SH and SJE are okay and not affected with these negative comments. Though it is only about SH, it is also giving a bad light on the part of JE. This girl, as an idol, protected her name for years. And SH has just started to be recognized. They both worked hard to reach this recognition. Those negative comments are splitting the MSR fans and the shippers. Whether they're real couple or not, this drama, and this tandem somehow projected love and unity in this already crazy world. I thank them (also the people behind MSR) for what they've done. Let us not stop supporting and believing in them. They could do so much more for us, and to the world. Stop the hate, spread the love. Love and hugs for everybody.
  9. Wow! Thanks for the fan meeting photos, keep it coming I failed to catch the live videos on ig, I just woke up huhu
  10. @Porcelain Baby thank you for another piece of your fanfic showing the sweetness of our otp. Their love and story continues in our imagination hihi I'm seeing a lot of fanarts, fanvideos and fantributes online. MSR is still gaining popularity worldwide. I hope that we'll be able to see pics or vids from their fanmeet later. I miss SH and SJE already, I wanted to see them again as leads in a drama. It's ok if they are on a separate drama, and with different partners. Haven't seen SH's Idolmaster yet, and LOTJ is showing only a little bit of SH. Right now, I am watching SH's and SJE's variety show guestings. Ok, I'll patiently wait until their next project.
  11. Thank you for the MSR fan meeting updates. I guess it is an exclusive event, they're doing this for security and safety purposes also to avoid crowding in one place. I just hope that there will be videos or fancams showing the live event for the fans who will not be able to attend or who are abroad. Thanks for the subbed version of the presscon, too.
  12. I'm enjoying the great friendship of AR and DM You know the saying, the genuine basis of love is friendship. I'm looking forward to their full blown exposed love for each other I just don't like MB he is 'assuming' too much. But I admit he is cute lol
  13. It's been a week since MSR ended, but the soundtrack of this drama is still in my head lol How are you guys after "D-Day"? I saw this post in ig about 100 Most Beautiful Faces. I was a disappointed SH was not included, SJE is a candidate. I've no idea how they choose/nominate or cast votes.
  14. Watch it again lol @Porcelain Baby wow that was fast! You're really inspired by this drama easy read, too. Yeah, CJW and LYM doesn't need grandiose ending ~ they've been grandiose to us from ep 1 until the end, I prefer it low key for more realistic feels.