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  1. Um... what? So he will just vanish into thin air? This is so messed up. In the drama Time, the lead actor had to leave in the middle of the series as well due to personal reason. But at least they gave his character a proper farewell. NWS was in a middle of something. They should at least wrap that up. I guess SBS/production company & CJH agency can't find common ground but it's sad that the drama & it's storyline is the one who suffers.
  2. Last night's episode was ah-MAAAAA-zing! JNR gave a stellar performance. Her facial expression when she sneers at LH during their confrontation in her room. Awesome. I just don't know what to do with LH anymore. SSR is such a good actor that I can hate LH one minute and love him in the next. What are the writers trying to do with this character? I hope they can make up their mind soon. He's being so possessive of SN that I am afraid he's going to kill both himself & SN. Yikes, no! I just can't predict what the ending will be like. I hope we will get a glimpse at least of what's in that island in today's episode.
  3. I hope they give LH a beautiful, tragic death while protecting Sunny/Ari so that I won't feel guilty for liking him. It's been so long since I saw a drama with such an interesting male lead. They are usually knights in shining armor with no flaws, so it's refreshing to see a character as exciting as LH. He's evil but sad and funny but psychotic. Truly love it!
  4. Wow, that's a pretty high rating. Congrats to the TLE team. I have no issue with LH-SN pairing but it would prefer it if it is done in a non comical manner. This is just making LH look dumb. He is supposed to be the nation's emperor . Ah, now that LH is stripped off his position, he no longer has any authority and thus, no use to SN. I am intrigued on how SN & WB plan to "use" LH. I do feel sorry for him a bit in these last few episode. Like he said, everyone deserted him. SN & WB are his last ray of hope. Little did he know, both hated his a** as well .
  5. I can see you guys still can't move on by the way this thread keeps popping on the first page. .... neither can I!
  6. Sorry to be asking this silly question, but what does "Chopsu" even means? It had been really nice to get through these 11 episodes with you guys. What I love about TSYB is how fairy tale like the drama has been. I seriously hope JSM & KJS can be paired up again in the future cause their chemistry is .
  7. Gary also cameo in Ji Hyo's Emergency Couple drama. And he also played a cab driver there. Lol.
  8. Lol, is that SSR in character or just him being him Those new stills though... Usually these kind of scene will be followed by some romantic skinship
  9. SN looks stunning in that red dress and the long wavy hair. The dance reminds me of the tango in FTLY. Though this time, more sophisticated
  10. Hey, maybe YB can introduce MD to "Im Soo Hyang". That would be totally hilarious
  11. Don't hate me but I think that the BTS of JNR & CJH has more sparks than the actual scene with WB & SN No preview yet?
  12. Thanks for the recap. I am in love with this couple. Now i have to wait a week to see them again