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  1. I noticed in the previous episode, during the car chase scene and the fight between MPJ & CWB, felt like I was watching an action movie. The background music is hella intense. It's surprising that although this drama has 24 episodes, the storyline are moving quite fast. Revelations are made quite early and I think that's why people are drawn to it. CJH & JNR has amazing chemistry. Please writers, make full use of this!
  2. True, it doesn’t feel weird to see her with PBG in Hello Monster. Would love to see them together again in a different drama. Btw anyone know what Woo Bin said at the end of ep 13/14 preview?
  3. Omo, love Gaho. He has such a beautiful voice. Fell in love with his voice when he sang Time ost.
  4. Woah, this looks like a preview for an action movie. TLE & Encounter are really fighting it off in ratings. Is anybody here watching Encounter? From Nara's ig. Interesting.... PS: it's funny how SSR always comments on her posts
  5. nikki7

    What Japanese drama are you currently watching?

    Chugakusei Nikki why is there no thread for it here?
  6. Finally had the chance to marathon watch the drama from episode 1 to 8. The verdict.... I freaking love it. It’s so dramatic. And a bit OTT. But I guess that’s whats fun about it. I hope Sunny won’t stay naive for long. Would love to see her kick some royal asses soon. ps: this drama reminds me of “Time” starring SNSD Seolhyun. She was naive in the beginning as well but after some twists of events, she turned way badass. Would love to see Oh Sunny like that as well.
  7. nikki7

    [Drama 2018] Time, 시간

    Count me in! Here's to justice for JH. So many casualties around her. She deserves happiness in the end. I hope Seohyun gets recognized for her portrayal in Shigan. She has been truly wonderful from start to finish.
  8. nikki7

    [Drama 2018] Time, 시간

    Seriously can't believe MS shot JH. After all that she has done for him. And all for his own benefit. He's an @$$. Poor JH, she keeps being screwed-up by the people she depend on over and over. And SH not there to back her up . I don't think JH is dead though. Everyone will think she is but she will use that to her advantage. The only thing I'd like to know is who would be helping her. I see no potential candidate. I'm intrigued by how the series will wrap-up. It has been a bumpy ride full of emotional roller coaster but I can say that this is one of my favorite drama this season.