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  1. Hi hi silent reader here! Thanks for the news article regarding the extension of episodes to 20. The original link is here: http://isplus.live.joins.com/news/article/article.asp?total_id=23228018&cloc= It is said that the production team decided to extend by 4 ep even before the 1st ep was even aired. They found the story to be really good even though the script was only at episode 7 at that time. Despite being worried for the 1% rating for ep 1, as the ratings grew from ep 2 onwards, they are filming the drama with a "hwaiting" energy.
  2. sljj

    [Drama 2018] Live 살다

    looking the youtube comments, seems like everyone is searching for the same eng song I hope they dont forget about this song and include it into their full OST album TT how can they not share such a beautiful song
  3. sljj

    [Drama 2018] Live 살다

    next week will be the final week ~ not this week =)
  4. More on Yikyung-Insun couple hehe So actually there were pictures of them in his house but the PD of seoulmate take them off Also, one of his besties, Kiwoo who introduced Insun to him! Yikyung was the one who confessed (look at him being so shy ><)
  5. sljj

    [Drama 2018] Live 살다

    Bump up! please help!!! the scene after JO used the taser gun and also after HR found out that her senior got attacked right??? I've been trying to find the song since ep 6 too through youtube google naver spotify but nothing! made me wonder if it is an original soundtrack from this drama which they havent release yet... the lyrics i heard (which may be incorrect): life's not easy without a dream and love it often seem so close if you are away(?)(cant hear due to dialogues at the background) can't deny all the things that i bear(?)(cant hear due to dialogues at the background) (cant hear due to dialogues at the background) but if we could try better together everyday forever need a reason why feelings never like for show but i know we are better together
  6. Points from Lee Yi Kyung's interviews The couple feel sorry to the casts and staffs and audience for not letting them know about their relationship. He was eating seafood Jjambbong while Insun was eating (normal) Jjambbong when they saw the news of them being a couple (this is cute haha) In sun went for the Waikiki's audition first. After a period of time, Yi Kyung also went for the audition. This drama's audition was one of the numerous auditions he went so he didnt think much of it. On the day the director called for a meeting of the casts, he was surprised to see In Sun among the casts too! He said "If it is destiny, this is destiny. If it is fate, this is fate. I am still amazed. To be able to experience such incident seems difficult and unlikely to happen again." He was also amazed by what the director told him, "You look like Junki the moment you opened the door." As actors, they are in a position where they have to understand each other when they have to act affectionately with their respective love lines (even if he can't help but be affected by those scenes) Regarding not being found out as a couple during filming: In order to not affect the drama, they tried to not talk with each other. It is not that they want to hide, they just do not want to affect the filming. He became In Sun's fan after watching her movie <Han Gong Ju> and even mentioned her in a radio (when Insun still didnt know about Yi Kyung's existence). So he is a successful fan! They used formal speech like how Donggu and Yoona converse with each other and would like to keep it this way. They like to have conversations and relied on each other alot. Regarding Insun's charms, he falls for her consideration and constant communication. She is someone who is very thoughtful. On why they have decide to confirm the news, Yi Kyung said that it could be his own thinking only but he feels that Insun hates having to hide and lie when the truth is out. He would like to agree and follow everything that is not of discomfort to her and will continue to be like this. It is difficult to be a good person but he would like to become a good person. He also requested that the reporters to be considerate when writing about Insun They were unable to meet yet as Yikyung is busy with filming his new drama ;(
  7. Hello fellow waikiki-ers! There is a daum cafe made to check the interest of dvd or blu-ray set of waikiki! If you know how to navigate around the daum cafe you can sign up here and fill up the form if you are interested in getting! http://cafe.daum.net/waikikidvd We will need the number to get the production set so if you do not have the money now, it is okay! This is just to gather the information about the demand for the dvd or blu-ray set! If you are not sure how to navigate the cafe, it is also okay! Here is the link https://form.office.naver.com/form/responseViewMobile.cmd?formkey=MzVhYTkzNzMtZTlmYS00NDU2LWJjMzItMDUwMDRiYjM0MTlk&sourceId=urlshare * are required fields 카페 닉네임* = Cafe nickname*( if you have not joined the cafe, you can just state: 해외팬 이메일 주소* = Email address* Blu-ray와 DVD를 선택해주세요* Please choose either of the following Blu-ray/ DVD/ Both 원하는 수량을 입력하세요.* Please state the number of dvd/bluray you want. 개인정보 수집 및 이용 동의* Regarding the agreement for usage of the above personal information for this demand survey. These info would be deleted completely after the end of this. Please tick to agree. Hope for your participation and please help to spread this too! thanks!
  8. Cute conversation between our newly formed OTP Donggu is really cute here, the way he speaks >< DG: What about meeeee? YA: *coaxing(?) DG* DG: Why don't you accept meeeeeeee? YA: *repeat what DG said* DG: Why don't you accept me when you wear the hair pinnnnnnnn (that i bought)? YA: Because the pin is pretty I really loveeeeeeeeee this drama i don't remember laughing at every episodes for a drama before! but while it is funny, it also teaches some life lesson like how you shouldn't gamble and that rumors cant be trusted etc oh and the cameos every episodes! i love them! fun fact 1: DS's convenience store owner's daughter(Jo Woori) and Phillp aka Park Gobum of the model industry (Shin Hyunsoo) is real life couple fun fact 2(saw in the yt comments): The actor casted for the movie (Lee Hayool) and SJ(Go Woohee) is real life couple too! fun fact 3: the scene where DG got his head stuck is a parody of a scene in Go Back Couple (whereby Lee YiKyung's character got his head stuck too) I am unsure if I can posted other drama's clip here so i will put the title of the clip in the spoiler!
  9. sljj

    [Drama 2018] Live 살다

    yes you are right! hello fellow friends who are watching this drama too! there is an english song playing that i really like but i can't figure it out what song it is.. please help me out! thank you! the lyrics i heard (which may be incorrect): life's not easy without a dream and love it often seem so (cant hear due to dialogues at the background) can't deny the (cant hear due to dialogues at the background) (cant hear due to dialogues at the background) but if we could try better(?) everyday forever need a reason why feelings are for show but i know we are better together oh there is a song i recognised which is when jungoh and sangsoo first talked to each other i think and the song goes "nanananana"
  10. watching the latest episode, seems like now sol doesn't hate soo-ah anymore and also dong gu's rule for junki and seojin to be 50(?)m apart is being lifted? to add on my observations, dong gu and seojin are really siblings i would forget sometimes but then they made me remember they are related by blood by these: the way they like to say "이 인간/this person" and their similar personalities (short tempered but really kind - they may nag but they still help when the other person is in need and also straightforward - their confessions in ep11)
  11. 승희 (오마이걸) - 설레는 발걸음 Seunghee (Oh My Girl) - Fluttering footsteps(?) Eurachacha Waikiki OST Part 5