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  1. I like the way you analyze things since it's quite obvious we all know that Shin Hye is still rather close to Jong Suk or she wouldn't have sent that food truck in the first place despite what other naysayers want to think otherwise about their closeness. And besides in the Heirs footage at the concert, even Kim Woo Bin's character in there is shown and we know how Woo Bin (who is also taken and dating SMA) is rather good friends with Shin Hye in real life. And it can be a bummer to know that Jong Suk will eventually have to enlist in a matter of time even though I did learnt from recent news reports/fan accounts that he had a knee injury from learning taekwondo when he was younger and since he is also studying for his master degree, so he is actually allowed to postpone enlistment so maybe he won't have to service that soon hopefully. And not trying to be totally OT here but there was once upon a time when I shipped Ha Ji Won with Hyun Bin (even though I know he is taken already and I am happy for him that he is happy with Kang Sora now) and there were reports that Ji Won and Hyun Bin had exchanged text messages before his enlistment and actually now it's still nice for me to know after all these years the both of them still have a level of contact with each other even as friends since Hyun Bin did reached out to her not long ago about the Secret Garden scandal about the fake Go Ra Im imposter incident but anyways my point is who knows we could perhaps learn about Jong Suk and Shin Hye doing the same too like exchanging text messages or establish any form of contact before his enlistment in any way in my shipper heart. One thing I just get that feeling that no matter where Jong Suk and Shin Hye are, there is always a possibility they will still be connected especially since they have this mutual circle of friends what's more in people like Woo Bin, LKS and YKS. Actually Jong Suk himself also mentioned before he is not rivals with LMH here despite what others might think.
  2. Such a matching pair. And to know that they've also worn other matching clothes together before like when they attended the Chanel fashion show a couple of years back and even in a number of their other individual photoshoots is just icing on the cake. credit as tagged ^ And Shin Hye really knows Jong Suk well.
  3. I've been so MIA from this thread for so long but damn knowing this that the both of them are still so close to each other after Jong Suk sent one to Shin Hye for Doctors and she returned the favour with this, ahhh that can still just so easily make me really happy to know about news like this.
  4. Though I haven't had time to watch Hotel King yet (but I definitely will in time as I have promised myself), but I did saw some MVs/gifsets of the show and didn't Da Hae's character Ah Mo Nae did reference Wookie's earlier drama "Scent of a Woman" in the HK script if I'm not wrong....and then there's connection in Goblin too about HK so can't all these be just coincidence in the scripts right regarding their past dramas/works? And also knowing that Wookie almost was not cast in Goblin and he actually had to arrange to meet Kim Eun Sook in person to get his role in there makes me feel that Wookie is generally a pretty determined person if he really sets his mind to what he wants to achieve. So no matter how even if the chances might seemed slimmer now for another DongHey collaboration, gotta still believe that it's definitely still possible for them both to work together again since I don't think Wookie himself would just give up without a fight if he is set on wanting a certain ex co-star here to work with him again. It's like the saying "If there's a will, there's a way".
  5. They really do have a Tom & Jerry-like relationship as Shin Hye herself has described their dynamics with the constant teasing heh. And also the fact that they have the same circle of friends they hang around with is even icing on the cake. Including Lee Sung Kyung and Yoon Kyun Sang here. And since Shin Hye & Jong Suk also did both attended a same Chanel fashion show (where they even sat beside each other) in Seoul back in 2015 along with G-Dragon in attendance. And of course last but not least I have to add Woo Bin to the faction, I love his friendship with both Shin Hye and Sukkie as well. So I won't be surprised if he actually turned out to be a Darling shipper too hehe since even he can see the chemistry between them two.
  6. So much Darling feels just watching this making clip alone, I find it hard to believe these two are only just good friends but then again the Darling dramafever article I posted awhile back about how good/best friends make the best lovers really says it all so nothing is impossible between these two I believe.
  7. Pinocchio DVD - BOX1 Cover Japan credit to the following for the above And also these two quite recent couple of fanmade MVs credit to the vidder are quite pricelessly awesome Just remember to turn on the subtitles option box on the far left bottom to watch it with English subs. I really did enjoyed watching these two creatively made AU vids.
  8. I love how in-sync they both behave around each other and also how matching they both are btw (even in the way their clothes match at times) and we will always have their adorkable signature "Pew Pew" pinocchio hand moves as fond memories too Source credit for the above gifs All pics credit as tagged
  9. I hope you are generally a lucky girl Ash so who knows you might be even able to meet all three Kim Kwang-Kyu , Jong Suk and even Shin Hye (at her parents' restaurant that you even know about lol) especially if "3 times is a charm for you" as the saying goes heh but your resourcefulness will help you a great deal too along the way I'm sure ha once you get to Korea and maybe you can even snapshot and print out the JongShin picture shown at KKK's house posted in the previous page and let them know what you know about the secret behind the picture if you do get to meet any of them even by chance aha. And ugghh I accidentally hit enter before I got to finish my whole reply and my internet is freaking slow right now so I'll try to type my whole replies later on to the others..... Edited to add in reply to @littlebluestar_7 I do have a feeling he could potentially be smitten with her to a certain degree if you just look at the way he's all smiles and chuckling away just looking at this greeting message from Shin Hye at his fanmeeting here in Guangzhou in 2015 But of course in case the naysayers are going to be saying how not as happy Jong Suk looks around Shin Hye like really, she makes him laugh so much just like he makes her laugh so much too vice versa. credit to the following tumblr for the above And @isabelly - I know how you feel, I can't help too but wonder if he gave it to her hehe besides just reading this article here after the whole dispatch rumours really showed how even most of the netizens really want to think they are together whether they deny or not lol. I mean even those matching bracelets they wore at one point is highly coupley suspicious too heh.
  10. @samzz- you are like the DongHae encyclopedia, you know so much which i love reading about for a casual shipper like me who hasn't always been able to keep up with their news unfortunately because of other commitments in life. Now I wonder if Wookie still goes back to that apartment he used to stay, If Da Hae frequents that area or if she at least drops by the ski resort occassionally, then wonder if there is a chance they could have bump into each other. Now I'm just speculating and having shipping daydreams now.
  11. It's most likely still there, that was like the cast/crew member's priceless reaction to seeing that and then I noticed if you look closely he was also seated at the dining table too during the IHYV meal gathering there. Or maybe can get PinocchioAsh to confirm that if she somehow manages to get into Kim Kwang-Kyu's house in March heh. Moments where Jong Suk called Shin Hye pretty/lovable numerous times <33 credit: @DarlingCouple_
  12. LOL Oh gosh the pic is still there according to this pic reaction from one of the IHYV friends cast seeing that!! source credit for the above @pinocchioAsh - All the best applying for your PHD!! So today I just learnt I could only wished to be as good as you in your studies since my grades are usually just embarrassing ahem especially when it comes to Maths, the one subject that has always been a thorn in my flesh ha. And yes do have a great time in Seoul! Btw edited to add that I just changed my username so this is formerly "Binnie_Lover". But just feel free from now to address me by my nickname, Jo, everyone.
  13. @pinocchioAshOmg you even know the address of Shin Hye's parents' restaurant, but how did you get it? Or I trust that you are just that resourceful lol?Though good luck in visiting all those places, hope you manage to bring whatever good news back you can do so from your visit to Seoul. Damn you make me want to go there too now but I need to have more money to do so though which I don't ahem. And yeah saw that pic of Shin Hye at her thread, gosh she's so flexible. Somehow i want her to do a musical drama that involves dancing with Jong Suk in my shipper dreamy mind since I know both her and Sukkie can both sing and dance.
  14. OMG that picture of them at his house @pinocchioAsh - We will be waiting for your good news if you managed to get a free pass to his house in March somehow aha