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  1. I'm about 2 days late in posting the above but still so worth as tagged for the above And made a couple more Darling gifs, these 2 are too sweet for words so I might have gotten a little addicted to making their gifs now
  2. To be honest, I cried with them too in that airport scene in My Girl, seriously one of the first times I cried so much watching a Korean drama scene. I wouldn't be surprised really if there are some real feelings involved there. And yeah sadly, i think Dong Wook really does seem to love Da Hae more but I'm still hoping that she will re-discover her feelings for Dong Wook one day and maybe just even any glimmer of hope will there be of her perhaps realizing her true love is actually Dong Wook. Btw is this really Dong Wook's official instagram? Look at just how popular this pic is though when it comes to him posing with any females, this is the most liked.
  3. Hey everyone! I'm posting for the first time here after deciding to delurk. I've love the DongHae pairing since their My Girl days - My Girl still being one of my fave k-dramas and I actually have still yet to watch Hotel King but I can't wait to do so when I have more time. Even back in their My Girl days, I already notice so much chemistry off-screen between them where they would tease and make jokes with each other. And yes I still have faith too that they will still have a chance together one day as long as Da Hae is not married especially since relationships do come and go and there's never really a time stamp on how long a dating relationship will last, and even in marriages too, I've read of how people can still end up divorcing and they go back to the people they truly love. So I think I will always have the faith for Wookie and Cherry to make it back to one another. It's like what this quote says:
  4. I think it's obvious it's Shin Hye's hand there on the pic lol since it definitely seems like a lady's hand there and seems like Shin Hye is touching and admiring Jong Suk's pic there hehe I would like to think. And this is so good to see so many people being back here as usual and don't cry Ash, that's what friends are for, we are always there for one another through the ups and downs. And welcome to all the newbies/first-timers posting here! *waves* Even though I'm more busy these days and still needing to catch up on sleep, I'll definitely still make time to post here when I can as I promised. Keep staying strong and united for Darling couple all you fellow Darlingers!
  5. Don't mind me replying so late about this but just wanted to say that Shin Hye did actually, here is the english translation of her heartfelt thanking of Jong Suk for sending the foodtruck just some months back. Translation credit as tagged to the owner. Sharing some Darling MVs (credited to the respective video makers) I've been watching lately and the last two being the most recent uploaded though my faves are the first (with the "Lucky" song really fitting for their dynamics I feel) and the last AU-fanmade one. @ahhhjummahhhjo - That's really cool to know. And I really need a mini-break myself to at least catch up on my sleep, since I have barely been sleeping lately but I'll still try to come by and check up on here however much I can.
  6. @kyonkichi78 - I think generally there has been ups and downs with this thread, it's like life in general though, nothing is ever totally smooth-sailing. But then again I have been MIA from this thread and even soompi for quite a long time, like 2 years since the software change and only decided to return recently(though I'm not sure how long too this time round). So I don't know if I can be a accurate assessor of the thread. But anyway I think I did make the statement about Shin Hye having chemistry with lots of her co-stars (it's on page 5 of the thread), I even think she has great chemistry with Lee Wan whom she worked with on Tree of Heaven, but my ultimate bias is still the Darling love team if I have to choose one pairing. I need to go to bed too myself since it's late over here too, past 2 am actually and I don't know why I don't even feel like sleeping but I know I need to rest. But at least thank god I don't have to wake up early anymore so I do hope you will at least have a smooth-sailing day ahead for those who need to wake up early especially. It's already the weekend too so enjoy your weekend too if you can! Edited to add: By the way there's a poll here where you can choose Shin Hye's best on-screen partner - Jong suk is currently leading after I just voted for him hee.
  7. I think we all fellow Darlingers should just swarm Ash with pm greetings if she doesn't reply back here ahem j/k but I know a lot of us are hoping you will reconsider leaving even if it's just for a period of time. You know Ash, absence will make the heart grow fonder, you know you can't stay away from here for long, it's lke our Darling couple not making their dating relationship public but people with discerning eyes can see there is a great possibility of them secretly dating you never know, especially when they both are the same types of people who would not want their private lives to come under scrutiny. @pinocchioAsh or any other Darlingers here - Speaking of Darling couple possibly working together again; I have been doing some more backtracking again so don't think this has been posted yet here but I just found out about this web drama that Jong Suk and Shin Hye were doing some months back.....have any of you manage to hear about or even catch this drama yet?? Lee Jong Suk Follows Park Shin Hye In Making Special Appearance In Web Drama In Show Of Loyalty JiwonYu May 3, 2016 Actor Lee Jong Suk will be making a special appearance on a web-drama to show loyalty a director, and it was previously announced that Park Shin Hye will be appearing on the web drama, too, for the same reasons. On May 4, an affiliate of the drama department stated, “Lee Jong Suk has finished filming his parts for the web-drama ‘Gogh, the Starry Night’ on May 1.” Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye have both starred as leads in the drama “Pinocchio,” directed by Jo Soo Won, so they decided to help him out on his first web-drama. “Gogh, the Starry Night” is a romantic comedy about a 29-year-old man named Gogh, who wants to be successful in both love and work. It stars Kim Young Kwang and Girl’s Generation’s Yuri, and it will air in June in China. Source credit
  8. @pinocchioAsh - Yeah don't leave Ash (btw you can call me Jo and if you ever want to talk about anything that you can't say out loud here, pming is always welcomed). And this will be a major bummer should you leave considering I only just decide to return to posting more here (but even then I don't even know how much I can post when i still have other commitments outside of soompi) and even though I have chatted with you for not as long as the others, I can already tell you are really one of those genuine mature shippers here who is really the main source of the Darling cheerleading team now so you leaving will be a major dent to the team here I'm sure even though I know you think things will be the same as usual here but that might not be true if you do leave. And besides like what has been pointed out, you can't let those trolls/haters achieve their target of breaking this team, that's what they want to see happen that's why they will keep coming in to check on Darling news like some sort of sociopaths with nothing better to do with their time/lives. Don't let them win, even if you feel tired right now of any drama that is happening in this ship, please know that together as a team, we can actually have much better chances of overcoming any obstacles and like I said, you still have the other genuine Darling shippers here to confide in either through pms if you ever want to talk in private apart from contributing to the Darling support here so don't give up now.
  9. Made some more Darling couple gifs from their Jambangee ad in 2013 ^ It's my Darling dream mode coming out again but I believe it could possibly already be love at first sight for Jong Suk back then especially with words like that lol....ah the possibilities - I mean difficulty breathing next to her; it's quite obvious already that Shin Hye so does take his breath away. @Sid01- I hope you enjoy your holiday
  10. That's why it can be upsetting how messed up even the fandom world can be, when there's already enough chaos in the world going on. But we got to stay strong as a team even here, it's like fighting the unknown/unpredictable out there and as long as we have each other's backs, that would have a huge difference I believe even in the face of adversity. I have experience of such fandom people jumping to conclusions just because they read about something without any concrete proof and sometimes trust me a lot of malicious rumours are spread like that as a result when it comes to shipping especially when people would pose as "fans" when they are not and go around spreading crap, I guess we will never know why they act like that but all kinds of people do exist in this world and there are times where we just have to be more wary while never letting them take away the joy of shipping a pairing/idols we love. Stay strong chingu! *sending you my best wishes and possibly a light sabre as well to ward off those uninvited guests* Edited to add: I know Shin Hye and Jong Suk did say this was one of their favourite kisses and it has been uploaded just last christmas
  11. 6 Reasons Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye would make a perfect couple by Rara Pop on Wed, Jul 01, 2015 Dispatch broke the news on July 1 that Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk have been dating in secret for the past four months. While both sides have already denied the rumor, there's no denying that these two have fantastic chemistry. Why would these two make an excellent couple? Let us count the ways! 1. Unquestionable chemistry Anyone who has seen Pinocchio knows that Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye really shine when they are together. Their performance left viewers yearning for more long after the drama came to an end. Seriously, their Pinocchio wedding photos really looked like a real wedding photo shoot! But seriously, their toast "kiss" was unforgettable! 2. Both have top star status — Lee Min Ho and Suzy better watch out! Talk about a potential power couple! They both already dominate as top Hallyu stars, and their powers combined would be even more remarkable! Status-wise in the industry, they are perfectly matched for each other. 3. They have adorable personalities They weren’t called the Darling Couple for no reason! Both Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye are super cute, and their adorableness only grows stronger when they are together. They never look stiff or awkward when they are with each other! 4. They are already close friends If dramas have taught be anything, it's that the best couples start out with a strong friendship. Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye certainly have this point covered, offering each other support during their dramas, promotions, and even in their personal lives. And their adorable "friendship" selcas are just icing on the cake! 5. Both have admitted to past skinship and admiration When asked in an interview about his close relationship with Park Shin Hye, Lee Jong Suk confirmed that he shared skinship with her even when the camera wasn't rolling. Just look at their hands! Park Shin Hye also showed off her love for Lee Jong Suk when she had him sign her hand as if she were a fangirl! No one is immune to his charms! 6. They look gorgeous together! Not only do these two have well-matched personalities and status, but they also are visually stunning! Their InStyle photo shoot in London certainly silenced any doubts! While both sides claim Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye are just close friends, we can still dream and support them! If they ever do decide to date, they certainly would make an adorable and charming couple! Source credit: dramafever
  12. Ok a quick attempt from me to make these couple of gifs before heading to bed. Hope all the darling fans here have a dar-light-ful day ahead or a night filled with dar-light-ful dreams of our darling couple while asleep. I know I'll be keeping these darling images in my mind while doing so.
  13. Darling Couple for Millet in Thailand - Behind the Scenes (2015) \\ Tried to add spoiler tags but not sure why it isn't working for me but anyway the videos and pics were only uploaded this january and seriously all the handholding and touchy-feely goodness is just too much and this fan's twitter is really a haven for Darling goodies. Those very lucky Thai fans must have secretly took this but they must also have tried their best to respect Shin Hye and Jong Suk's privacy at the same time but I would be ecstatic like their reactions too if I got to even observe from a distance two idols I adore like that.