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  1. KimJongKookie

    [OFFICIAL] ♥ Infinite 인피니트 Thread ♥

    Twitter @InfiniteUpdates [PIC] 181209 godminq Instagram Update Woollim design team did it again! what kinda evil soul doesn't love gradient
  2. KimJongKookie

    [OFFICIAL] ♥ Infinite 인피니트 Thread ♥

    Woohyun wont let anyone rest or forget his solo con Twitter @InfiniteUpdates [PIC] 181205 #Sungjong's Instagram Update Twitter @InfiniteUpdates [PIC] 181205 EBS Midnight Black Instagram Update Twitter @InfiniteUpdates [PIC] 181207 Animal Privacy Instagram Update- #Sungyeol #L #Myungsoo
  3. KimJongKookie

    Yg Family Official Thread

    Mino's rap speech I love Winners close relationship with IC's I've only been keeping up with snippets from Treasure Box, but Yedam, Haruto and Jeongwoo are my new dream team. I'm also a little disappointed with some members of Team A. They look like they're just going through the motions and relying on fan support to get them through.
  4. KimJongKookie

    ♛ BIGBANG ♛ The Official 빅뱅 Thread ★彡[ Ver. 3 ]

    Excited to watch Ri co-host the MBC Entertainment awards I wonder if he'll be his usual loud self or will YG give him "the talk" before going.
  5. KimJongKookie


    I'd like apologize to Hongjoong in advance for all the disrespect he's going to endure from Atiny. Trans @ateezlight Ateez already ended their promo's for Pirate King. hope they'll get some rest and comeback soon! ATEEZ(에이티즈) - '해적왕(Pirate King)' Dance Practice (미리 크리스마스 ver.) Twitter @ATEEZofficial
  6. KimJongKookie


    Junyoung is still apart of KQ Fellaz I would give anything for him to debut as Ateez dongsaeng
  7. KimJongKookie

    Teen Top **틴탑** [Official Thread]

    Twitter @TEEN_TOP Honestly if I just stanned Teen Top I would've gone insane by now. The angels who still put up with Top Media are the strongest people I know.
  8. KimJongKookie

    Yg Family Official Thread

    Is Winner about to bless us with a special release for their encore concert? Bobby is a mood The fact that he hates these events, but got out of bed for iKonics anyway says a lot about him.
  9. KimJongKookie

    [OFFICIAL] ♥ Infinite 인피니트 Thread ♥

    Myungsoo: So whats the concept for today? Director: Nothing just hold this up to your face *takes pic* and done.... thanks for coming everyone.
  10. KimJongKookie

    {yg} Official Gdragon Thread! (G-드래곤) G-Dragon

    That makes me wonder how much Jiyong's style will change after the military. Wasn't he already worried about if he'd be able to wear nail polish again
  11. KimJongKookie

    ♛ BIGBANG ♛ The Official 빅뱅 Thread ★彡[ Ver. 3 ]

    Thank God Ri's staying with us till March I love the BandSix for putting up with his extra richard simmons cheonjaes The one time I needed Jiyong to mind his own business.
  12. KimJongKookie

    Yg Family Official Thread

    Also congrats for Blackpink on their TOP 10 award & Mino on his solo album! I'm still taking my time to warming up to the album as a whole, but that collab with Blue.D alone was all I ever needed from him.
  13. KimJongKookie

    Yg Family Official Thread

    Congrats to iKON for winning their well deserved SOTY! That teapot analogy from B.I The day iKON stopped forcing things that weren't natural they produced a SOTY winner. Whew the life lessons. Proud of every member for working hard since debut. Hanbin added to his legend! and Raesung is probably somewhere writing the 2019 SOTY for YGNBG. fairyhwan One of my favorite quotes And I repeat! I'M NOT SORRY. I NEVER WAS. I appreciate a good nonsense bop every now and then. I mean look at Cardi B's entire career iKON didn't deserve the hate they got.
  14. KimJongKookie

    [OFFICIAL] ♥ Infinite 인피니트 Thread ♥

    Twitter @woollim_entWoke up today to a new infinity logo! it's almost cute..if you tilt your head and look from a certain angle kinda way. All white like the angels they are! Twitter @MusicalTheDays Twitter @InfiniteUpdates [PIC] 181201 That Summer's Naver Blog Update with #Sungkyu
  15. KimJongKookie

    ♛ BIGBANG ♛ The Official 빅뱅 Thread ★彡[ Ver. 3 ]

    I'm just waiting for Ri to confirm his final in Seoul so I can prepare myself emotionally for whats next. The "I miss Seungri" train is gonna be nonstop in 2019