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  1. 4 minutes ago, cenching said:

    I understand, your problem is not The Accounting itself but the man power...:angry: Put the blame on the HR Department that hired her...:lol:




    unfortunately she is way older than me and in the company far longer than i :D 

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  2. 58 minutes ago, cenching said:


    Not anymore but I used to worked in EDP Department that designs the Accounting Software....When I was working in KK, I was in Accounting Department but did it in a software too....


    I dislike Accounting...






    to be honest i have nothing against the finance department......it just that this girl tends to love to push her responsibilities to others and take it for granted when u help her...... :/ 


    she escalated me to her boss last week and i escalated right back lols.....


    @ktcjdrama i think that is also the last news i saw

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  3. 51 minutes ago, UnniSarah said:

    I started reading Return the Swallow two weeks again and I caught up to the latest chapter. 

    This is the story of Qin Yining. An orphan who has found her birth parents. When she was abandoned by her kidnapper she was left by a creek and was found by her Foster mother who then call her Little Creek. What a cute name uh.... She grew up with her foster mother until she was 8 and then went up to live in the Mountain. At the age of 14 years of age, He birth father found out about her and went to find her. 

    Now @angelangie @lynne22 @n3bula  What do you think happen once she went back to her birth place.  GIVE ME A GUESSS????




    is this turn into a drama before? 


    i need to go and catch more of the stories lols :D before i can really comment.....

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  4. On 3/22/2019 at 12:42 PM, luna2nd said:

    Is anyone watching a fun/ rom com/ mystery drama with happy ending that you could recommend? I really liked "I will never let you go " because it was fun and fast paced... Still sad about the ending. 


    actually i like this one and it had nothing to do with VIn though :) there is not much of a romance lines here as it is more about friendship and also colleague....it a mystery / police drama :) 




  5. On 3/22/2019 at 6:43 AM, pad-hari said:

    I don't know what this is about.  This is the latest YT video for meet and greet session with LHR.  Maybe @angelangie can help us.:kiss_wink:


    erm....hard to really explain...it a short greet and meet session not only with LHR it was also with others....


    but i did catch that they find his tiger tooth cute and they wanted to touch it.....


    and they talk about character that he might wanted to try in future....he said he want to go for something really fierce and something very different from his current character and they asked if he went for something uncharacteristic whether he will worried about losing fans love....


    he said he isnt worried about that as that as an artist they are suppose to go all type of different type of characters

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  6. 5 minutes ago, Sejabin said:




    I hate this kind of people too. In my office there are many people like this. People in the same age with me. In Productive age.  


    But sometimes with my accounting team we will help each other. Specially at the end of the year. And I enjoy that moment. There was a time when we can not leave our laptop and some of us have not had our dinner yet and my friend who was eating, feeding us too hahahaha.. and I still work with my mouth like this ~~> nyam nyam nyam :kiss_closed: it’s a precious moment :heart:




    unfortunately it is the accounting ppl im hating right now....as they didnt follow up on their acc statement and nearly cause me shipment hold

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  7. 1 minute ago, sushilicious said:

    @angelangie @Lmangla from what i saw, she kind of requested the production to change the filming schedule i guess is to fit her schedule after the witness interview. She was asked to leave at first?(Not sure about this part) but she just refused to leave despite the backlash from her husband.




    dunno.....lols i never really follow much on scandal....or things like this....if u want my actual view on this....things this scales are done to cover up some of the real issues in the world....


    celebrities news are worth more coverage than some other issues in the country itself some times and will rob most of the spotlight....besides entertainment world is actually a really gray world out there



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  8. 15 hours ago, Lawyerh said:


    Me too same sleep can cure almost everything...


    Write diary and paste stickers or coloring....


    If all above fails just have a good cry


    well at least it let you forget about things for a while and sometimes after a good rest.....maybe you are able to tackle the issue from another angle....

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  9. Chapter 1: The Flash Marriage Wife

    Translator: Yunyi  Editor: Yunyi


    9pm, one alluring night.

    After drinking a little too much at her bachelorette party, Tangning's fiancee picked her up and brought her home to their apartment. Finally coming to her senses, she forced open her eyes, holding back an excruciating headache. As her vision cleared she could make out the figure of a man and a woman kissing passionately under the dimly lit room.

    Like being struck by lightning, Tangning looked at the two in shock as they continued to kiss by her bedside. The anger inside her began to boil...

    "Yurou, stop messing around, Tangning only just fell asleep!" the man warned as he restrained the woman by her waist.

    "What? Are you afraid your fiancee will wake up?" Mo Yurou responded in an annoyed tone, "You are getting married tomorrow. Why don't you give yourself to me tonight?!"

    "Babe, you are such a troublemaker, let's go to the other room," the man smiled seductively.

    "No! I want to do it here! I want to do it right in front of her!" Mo Yurou swiftly unbuttoned the man's shirt as their lips once again locked.

    Tangning tried to hold back her tears, but could feel them slowly trickling down her face. Who would have thought, the man she was to marry the next day would be cheating right in front of her.

    "Behave, let's go to the bathroom. Isn't the bathtub your favorite place?"

    "Fine then, you go in and fill up the bathtub first..." Mo Yurou nudged the man's chest towards the bathroom. As soon as the man left the room, she sauntered over to Tangning. Leaning over with a cold smile, she whispered, "Tangning, I'm not going to let you and Yu Fan sign those papers tomorrow. I'm pregnant, he's mine!"

    Tangning tightened her hands into a fist as she held back her emotions - careful not to let out a sound. It was not until she heard the moaning sounds of the couple coming from the bathroom did she feel her world had fallen apart.

    Three years ago, Tangning was once Beijing's top model. But, because of this man, she gave up everything, handing over her hard-earned position to Mo Yurou. As it turned out, everything she did merely went towards preparing someone else's wedding dress. No! This must be a dream, just a horrible nightmare, everything will be back to normal tomorrow!

    Tangning continued to lie to herself. Until halfway through the night, Mo Yurou complained of feeling unwell as she led Han Yufan out of the hotel. With that, Han Yufan was to leave and not return...

    But, they were to get married tomorrow!

    The next day, as planned, Tangning drove to the Civil Affairs office with a bitter smile. As she stepped out of her car, she gave Han Yufan a call. The voice on the other side coldly answered, "Mo Yurou was injured on stage, I have to deal with this urgent matter first. Let's postpone the registration to another day."

    There is no 'another day' , Tangning disappointedly told herself.

    Tangning turned around and put on her sunglasses, ready to leave, but at that moment, her eyes were drawn to a tall figure heading her way. She couldn't help notice the fitted dark blue retro suit which complimented the masculine body underneath and out of the front chest pocket, the corner of a wine red handkerchief could be seen peering out subtly. Glancing down, Tangning could see a pair of perfectly straight legs leading to a pair of freshly polished brown leather shoes which glistened in the sun.

    This man...had such a strong presence, like that of a medieval king!

    Especially as he got closer, although he was wearing sunglasses...his perfectly chiseled face and sexy lips were enough to drive any woman crazy.

    Tangning recognized this man, he was the CEO of Hai Rui Entertainment - Mo Ting. Back when she was still famous, they had met once at a ball.

    Is he also getting married today?

    "President, Miss Chi has not arrived on time...she is late by 10 minutes!" the assistant behind him reported.

    "Ring the Chi family and tell them: if they can't even be on time to a wedding, then don't bother coming at all," the man responded coldly.

    "But, the chairman said that you must get married today, no matter what. Even if you were to marry a transvestite he wouldn't care..." the assistant replied timidly.

    "Then, just randomly pick a lady from the socialite families...I'll give you half an hour..." the man ordered. He seemed a bit unreasonable.

    Oh...so he is faced with a similar dilemma...even though it is slightly different.

    Mo Ting had so much power, he could simply choose any woman he wanted. And as one of the most eligible bachelors, love was not his priority, his priority was to deal with the pressures from his elders to get married.

    Suddenly, an idea came to Tangning's mind. Taking off her sunglasses, she walked in front of the man and gently suggested, "President Mo, your bride hasn't arrived and my groom has run away...may I suggest we get married?"

    Mo Ting's assistant froze in disbelief, how is this woman so brave...?

    Tangning stood straight in confidence, she had gathered all her courage to do this.

    Mo Ting removed his sunglasses, revealing a pair of dark ink-like eyes; his pupils glimmered like a diamond. After a short moment, he turned to his assistant and ordered, "Give me her details!"

    Of course, Mo Ting's assistant already knew who Tangning was. He quickly grabbed his cell phone, did a quick search for Tangning's name and offered the findings to his boss. Two minutes later, the man's lips twitched ever so slightly as he responded with one word, "OK!"

    Tangning felt that meeting Mo Ting was the luckiest thing that could happen to her. He had no reason to use a woman, nor did he require love and best of all, he had no shortage of women to sleep with.

    Ultimately, she wanted Han Yufan to regret his decision!

    The couple's wedding procedures were processed quickly. In just half an hour, Tangning held the marriage certificate in her hands. From now on, she was a married woman.

    "President Mo, may I have a few words with you?"

    "Get in the car!" Mo Ting put his sunglasses back on as he walked out of the registration hall.

    Tangning followed closely behind. After getting into the Rolls-Royce, she nervously looked at Mo Ting before requesting, "Thank you for marrying me. If you need anything from me in return, please tell me, I will do anything. However, I have two simple requests I hope you can promise to abide by."

    "Speak!" Mo Ting responded tiredly as he loosened his collar.

    "Firstly, unless you have no choice, do not reveal our relationship. Secondly, do not interfere in my personal matters. Do not worry, since we are married, I will not get overly close to another man."

    After listening to Tangning's requests, Mo Ting gave a slight smirk. A dangerous aura swept through the car, "I promise you...but, after I give you some time to tidy up your past, I want us to have a trial marriage. After 6 months, I will publicly announce our marriage."

    "Thank you!" Tangning nodded.

    "Also...I don't believe a married couple should live separately! I'll give you three days to pack all your belongings and move to a place of my choice. My assistant will be in touch with you."

    Tangning had no objections. Since they were now married, a request like this was reasonable. So she obediently nodded her head as she replied, "I agree!"


    After the two made their verbal agreement, Tangning got out of Mo Ting's car and left. Mo Ting's assistant sat himself in the driver's seat and looked at Mo Ting through the rearview mirror, "President, shall we return to the office? Or would you like to return to the mansion to tell the chairman the news?"

    "Follow Tangning and report her every move to me!" Mo Ting ordered before stepping out of the car.

    Suddenly asking him to marry her, something must have happened!

    As the president of an international entertainment agency, of course, he had heard of Tangning before. Once a famous model in the industry, three years ago she suddenly rejected an offer from the top entertainment agency, Star King, resulting in her being blacklisted. Eventually, she announced she would be signing with Tianyi Entertainment and became a hot topic with the boss, Han Yufan.

  10. below is from the writer herself :) 


    Hi I'm Melodyr129, yes this is my pen name.

    I write stories for fun and gain inspiration from different books, novels, dramas and such. Rebirth is my first novel and I am sure that there will be many grammatical and spelling errors. The idea of having the main character living a life of being manipulated/betrayed then dies and is reborn for revenge is common but this is a book of my own creation so do not steal this book.

    This book is the product of my imagination running wild from reading all those addicting novels so I hope you will find this book interesting as well. 

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