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  1. lols im good with TYH macaroon supporter however i also love the 2nd CP....i hope they dont wait till the last episode to trigger their romance i love the CP however i dont like macaroon...i felt they are too sweet for me -2
  2. @caranita @jewelsc thanks for the updates i didnt knew of that....however when i saw him in 'The Sounds 2' honestly he is really good.... might not be as good as the original sounds however he is pretty close not easy dubbing mechanical voice however his is almost 90% close and the changes of tones and volumes is just as good
  3. i wont know....however i love her whether she is the goddess she is....or the teenager insides her.... somehow in this series they managed to balance it nicely
  4. try to search for audiobook might be able to help you faster and u can do things while u are listening to it
  5. Shawn English is really good.....and also he dubbing is good too!!! Preview!!!
  6. unfortunately i cant join lols....since i dont have one
  7. another girl that i came to admire Song YiRen i knew her after watching her in Ever Night however she shine for me....at first i was skeptical of the drama itself however after seeing her i'm suck into it that i had come to admire her and im looking forward to all her drama too At first i was like she was too young to be the lead and i thought she look awkward in it too....till i start picking up the series and seeing her for real..... im probably the opposite for others...when one series or someone received hates just for playing the role i tends to fall for her more hahaha am i nut? i think @UnniSarah @lynne22 u guys like her too right? one thing that make me fall for her role as SangSang in Ever Night was probably i kept seeing her stuffing her face in the series and i was thinking how the hell could she stuff her face but still remain so skinny...honestly i want that metabolism myself!!!
  8. im really tempted to watch this series now lols.....seems to be very good based on what @lynne22 had been telling me
  9. @bebebisous33 u might be right.....CEO might do something back then and also i want to think that the CEO has more to him than just that....if he was able to pull KJR towards him and still able to let him retain his license as a lawyer....there might be more towards him than meet the eyes.... CEO might seems to be full of air-head....however if there is something big that happen behind KJR....i think there might be more towards CEO than just meet the eyes while he of course gave us quite a number of laugh lols.....if this is the case then we might have a powerful ally in our camp for OSY then as KJR is going to need all the gunpower he could get to go against LGJ. Corruption is everywhere and that is something we all know about.....in this drama it touches the corruption is everywhere...it doesnt matter where you stand or where you are...there is always corruptions....just how powerful you are or how good you are to make things look right.....and be right again..... im worried for OSY more than i wanted to admit....however i hope that they will give us something good and not disappoint us as i want to believe that the system work sometimes.... LGJ is powerful and probably more powerful than KJR last fight....which is probably why he is able to settle the case just like that get the punishment by being removed off the board temporary.....his exile was only temporary so that he can came back into the scene again....remember the Korean Air's Heiress? i guess it show that money and power really matter in all these things when strings need to be pull
  10. yes i love that scenes....partly because of the 2 love birds from another office.... however also because of how KJR and OSY reacted toward each other it touches you in certain way .... we also has a couple in the office however they were not as bad as that....or maybe because i came after they were already past those phase
  11. no if im not wrong the new hair cut is for her new drama....with Wallace
  12. Finally seeing her again ......she is back to work dubbing her own character in 'The Eight' @pad-hari
  13. I guess Tan SongYun is dubbing her own character in 'The Eight'
  14. -2 u know they actually can just use this picture for 'Touch Your Heart' as well? After all Lee DongWook is in suit while Yoo InNa is in some sexy dress which actually goes well with her image as a Goddess right?
  15. finally i sit down and watch it i love the elevator scenes where there another co-worker who are involved but trying to hide holding hand in some stolen moment....and how OSY stated how romance and nice it is that make KJR proceed to our lovely wink hahaha.....somehow KJR is trying his best to fulfill all OSY small little wishes
  16. dont worry i havent watch it either.... i will only watch it tonight with subtitles...i learn not to watch without subtitles
  17. he sure look shock lols....i mean OSY is just like a teenager here.... not the cool goddess she was suppose to be
  18. of course....another girl that i see grown up and not to be left behind on such a good day GuiGui a girl i seen debuted when she was just 14 till now , i look at her as a strong girl who went after she wanted.....however she remain as she is just got stronger and always look on with things with a smile and a laugh when in actual fact she wanted to cry .....she had really grown up from a kid to what she is now she fight for her dream....i was happy for her when she managed to actually release an album as her dream to me her best role is in 'Incisive Great Teacher' as Song WenWen, she wasnt the main focal however i love her here the best
  19. Another Girl I like despite her not appearing in much major drama till now except 'Splash Splash Love' Kim Suel Gi, I really hope she get some good role soon missing her from the screen..... love her because she brought life into her character the first times i seen her was in 'Flower Boy' cant remember the full name
  20. seeing how things will develop im hoping the incoming incident will tie our OTP closer and also at the same times i also wonder what small cases / stories they will give us again.... i have yet to watch yesterday episodes......will get to it later when i get home later
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