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  1. u have to wait for @lynne22 i didnt even touch it yet -2
  2. @qqbr21 as far as im aware it was because of some ruckus her ex-classmates kick because she deleted them off her weibo contact list, where she lashes right back that they have not contact each other in 800 years so that is why she deleted them and it had nothing to do with her becoming an actress as Shen Yue was a hit before MG, she was already a hit when she partake in 'A Love so Beautiful' with Hu Yi Tian....but MG is happen to widen up her fame more and i guess some ppl didnt like the thought of deleted and they wanted to show off saying hey i know this person!!! :x
  3. 150 the writer promise to give more DengLun and YangZi screen times i think lols....
  4. 152 i heard it was because they stretch the drama from 40 episodes to 60 or 70 that why there is so many filler.....even the writer was surprise with the filler a lot of ppl are complaining that they are not seeing enough of YangZi and DengLun on the screen times
  5. 286 @LSGLMH_88 Glad to hear that your father is doing well
  6. 420 @USAFarmgirl thanks girls i love the few show u mention and i have watch some of them too too bad YunXi had a bad ending sweet dreams is sweet and funny too lols @triplem its on and off i guess :/
  7. @triplem i used to have times to help with sub last times....but with my health on the red alert i can't spend alot of times sitting down now..... 464
  8. 476 @USAFarmgirl now i love those two lols....those 2 CP is on top of my list currently
  9. 542 @kokodus @cenching @staygold lols....something good for me
  10. THANKS!!! hehehe this is nice to know seeing how she change from 'A Love Beautiful' from a clueless girl to Shan Cai....i find she is interesting to watch
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