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  1. angelangie

    [Official Thread] Arthur Chen FeiYu [陈飞宇]

    seems like he got the look from his mother
  2. angelangie

    Add and Subtract Game

  3. lols burning ppl mansion is not cool lols....however he is frustrated and he doesnt care how unreasonable or beyond believe when he said that.... what the chinese always said 'Ba Dao' - 霸道 - overbearing....
  4. yes it is very disrespectful and inappropriate for NingQue to do so....however i do not think he is aware....as to him....she is his with all the big cap and bold lettering....he doesnt leave that for argument for that......he doesnt care nor will he take note of what others think.... he doesnt care whether others thought he mistreated her when she was him....or abuse her like a master will to a servant ....infact she doesnt really care what her parent thought either..... the dad i have nothing to say....but the mother seems to really care about the daughter she never have the chance to raise herself
  5. if i can find someone already done on this....i let you know
  6. some ppl love to possess because to them loving someone means they need that someone to be besides them all the times....there are also some that love someone because someone they had been fighting with....wanted the very same person too... in a sense it make them feel superior that they have the person he / she desperately wanted and instead of the intended ended up together.....they got her / him instead..... however 1 question left....'will they truly ever be happy?'
  7. its not out yet....so i havent watch it yet lols.....but i did find out something about the drama i guess and the synopsis seems pretty attractive.....
  8. i have too many drama on my plate and i have yet to fully be on board on this....however from all the stills that i had been keeping up with....it seems to be a likable drama to begin with.....i probably will take this on after im done with some of the drama i had on my plate
  9. i always thanks Mo ShanShan for appearing.... as from what i can see is that she is the tip or the point where NingSang relationship took a turn......both NingSang are too use to each other.....SangSang is always oblivious to actually how she really felt....as NingQue had always been cold to others but acted differently and affectionate towards another.... With LiYu it was totally different....as she had treated NingQue with disdain when they first bump and meet hence there were no threat there that forces the changes in NingQue attitude.....however with Mo ShanShan it is a little different....she didnt treated NingQue with disdain but indifferent and despite disagreement or little misunderstand she treat NingQue like a human being....that from the opposite sex wrought a different reaction out from NingQue which was why SangSang was threaten and from there the ball got rolling...... i didnt really think much of the way NingQue handle SangSang was wrong by some what perceived.....it was not overly so in my eyes....lols....maybe because when i see in NingQue eyes he was frustrated and he was at lost what to do with SangSang.....he desperately wanted her back and he doesnt know how to relay that in plain sight..... SangSang is the water he needed....he cant sleep without her besides him.....and he can't breath without SangSang.....which was also one of the reason why he needed her....somehow with the appearance of Mo ShanShan....it kind of push both NingQue & SangSang into acknowledging their reaction towards each other.... NingQue never ever questions whether SangSang's parent will release her back to him....but he demand it to be so that SangSang will return to him as she is his and no one had the right to even question that......
  10. yea it is sort of cute.....i can do the sub actually but it will take me times lols....and if i'm alone it will be hard for me lols
  11. cool good to see you...u always provide good update too
  12. this is a circle....sometimes parents thought that what they arrange or deem worth while is the best for the children....however they never knew that it wasnt what the children really wanted...... living thru the children isnt the way to live.....the children have their own wishes and dreams
  13. @thunderman1 thought u might like this the professor a lil snobbish but not overly so
  14. When We are Young's Weibo released some stills of Hou MingHao bare chest cr: as tagged