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  1. @seasons32 no one in particular rumors is everywhere after GE breakup so there is always disturbance.... just leaving some message so that no one keep bringing bad vibes over
  2. oh she is good in that role :x and also she wore jealousy cloak like her own skin
  3. Reminders: Rumors fly and come and go, for those people who are reading something negative on other platform, you can discuss it here but do not, I repeat DO NOT start pointing fingers anywhere here, pls be reminded that we have no control over other platform but it will not be nice to start pointing fingers in here unless you have a pretty solid proof and link that the same person are the very person you seek. IF there are such evidence, pls do not bring the war into the threads / forum, you can approach one of the mods, any of us will be happy to assist you. Thanks, angelangie @akinahana89 @LavelyShai
  4. hmmmm well we use skype for gaming lols....especially during warring but then me & my partner dont need skype during warring we are too in sync with each other
  5. 764 well the acting is acting so i dont go there but i do find some of the scene amusing....lols which was probably why i stay....and watch it till the end
  6. hahahah.....well if the world or most of the ppl in the world had learn to live by the means they have and not let greed get the best of will be a more peaceful world... YuShi still does not see the error of her wrongs....i dunno why but i feel like slapping her every times i see her though i got to say she is pretty
  7. 764 @phikyl yea the version for international was really badly done....and i lay the blame on SBS since they were the one who handed the version to Youku after all :/ hahaha i dont blame you cause i did get bored a lil into the story and i start skipping scenes lols.... :/ just that i want to see how the girl win the mother in law over after all that i watch to the end lols.....but i have to agree with your rating and if u were to ask me .....i might even rate it a lil bit lower
  8. lols @raziela & @thunderman1 i'm going to need to apologize....they only work twice together lols but they knew each other for 3 years....i misunderstood lols :x
  9. 756 @phikyl dont worry i love SHR too just like you which is why i didnt took it out from my sig till @CamelKnight my first love was because of IU and then her chemistry with JoonGi is just too exploding for me to ignore them and the way they fold the story is just too funny despite to open ending.... :/ and bad editing i would say..... you are just like my mom you know mom let my brothers handle their own love affairs even though i just love to pull her legs whenever i see a funny scenes involving some strange daughter in law characters hehehehe.....well my mom let me be after all when i choose to stay single not that i have any choice at that
  10. Hahahah exactly and it make one look like an Ahjummas :x
  11. well i definitely love that part....i ask my mom what she do if she face im curious if you were the mother instead.....tell me what will be your reaction u have sons or son? after all 750
  12. hahahahah....well i did mentioned episodes 2 after all 750 @packmule3 help you merge the post together
  13. because sometimes the license board guarded the video strictly
  14. if u found the subbing teams.....with some ppl and need more subbers i will be happy to chirp in
  15. lols never did like those hair styles :x