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  1. Add and Subtract Game

  2. it is honestly her character....i mean in my memories i never seen a character that maintain this pace all thru out....and never lose once... yes she has a fall and grace periods and times but she pick herself and repent and push forward again....while she may follow another she still maintain her own style and maybe this is why i like her....she is a grey piece and no black or white will suit her well
  3. Add and Subtract Game

  4. hahaha u guys are spoiling me i will make sure to watch tonight
  5. if that happen i will probably drop the drama.....dislikes that too myself
  6. Add and Subtract Game

    yes most of those who submitted had already been check thru there wont be much announcement i think lols unless they make an exception 636
  7. Add and Subtract Game

    636 u know i went to visit my friend the other day and her kids called me 'AUNTY' ROFL i was like....i straight ahead hug my friend n we both laugh about it ROFL
  8. her hilarious moment carry with some sarcastic tones some times so i can just picture her right in heheheh she make the role so prefect that she rock in them if the rumors are true
  9. **ahem**...... i never trust politicians and like most of you i honestly like a bit more romance in between MYD and JW
  10. what else can i say except i love the ending? hahahaha though it would have been nicer if only they let the OTP stay together through out instead of having them break and make up and break......and make up :/