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  1. okie if i found it i let you know..... and yea it been some times since we bump into each other in the thread.....
  2. cool i like this guy .... he is cute in a sense and also omit good charisma most of the times
  3. Add and Subtract Game

    @Jillia @USAFarmgirl hahaha thanks 436
  4. Add and Subtract Game

    408 Thanks it will be a long one but it is one of the natural....as i dont want to go under the knife for now
  5. Add and Subtract Game

    hope the treatment work lols.....i'm having cyst at my hip there causing me endless pain so im going in for a treatment 408
  6. hmmmm finally Li Xian with the leading role....does this means he will finally get the girl?
  7. Add and Subtract Game

    -2 thanks @packmule3 broken wrist sucks.....i myself not any better lols.....but oh well i hope the treatment is going to work....it will be my first treatment this coming Friday :0
  8. Add and Subtract Game

  9. i watch episode 1 & 2 then i decided to take a break.....or force myself hahahah i love their chemy so far and their story lines is really interesting wishing to see more of but as it yet to finish airing i dont want to be left on a cliff hanger.....
  10. Add and Subtract Game