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  1. hahahah.....oh okie lets stop with all the possibilities for now....it keeping me on edge lols anything is okie for me but this one will push me over.....cause this will be a cliff hanger and then i'll be like thinking..... 'DID THEY KISS OR NOT??? OR DID...OR NOT' whole day
  2. angelangie

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  3. it does appear sad when it first happen.....it had u in tears but DoRan is a fighter....she will push and go on with her life and not let it set her back but instead turn all this struggles into making her a better person.
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  5. @TheRedDragon added this series into directory....
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  7. oh u mean the reporters calling 'CUT' or the brother barging in and asked 'WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?'
  8. angelangie

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  9. it will happen.....there will always be one clown in every group.....and well when had the downfall & others ppl start throwing rocks at him.....it is his due....and no one else to blame but himself....because he wanted to be noted....he want to be the voice of the people for the wrong reason
  10. angelangie

    [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Ever Night 将夜

    @UnniSarah hahahah can i say the 2nd one is almost like someone going to toilet?
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  12. usually wedding ceremony will be later....most will register their wedding first and wedding ceremony later....lets not say anything and wait and see....while some will actually prefer just the registration marriage and forgo the ceremony.... Tiffany Tang & Luo Jin, might had kept their registration a secret till they expose both back to back together ......or they might have plan it closely together to have their ceremony right after their registration......
  13. angelangie

    [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Ever Night 将夜

    oh thanks.....now u got me eager to go home and start watching
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