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  1. hahaha i remember u said that im like her before since im like her....i do like listening to her song particularly this one Gemma - Waiting for your Love
  2. i was just hinting on another thing
  3. lols she did more than that @bouquet78 this is her update of her FB GG FB Status update: 7.19pm (TST) 8.19pm (KST) 情人節快樂 (Happy Valentines Day!)
  4. @packmule3 instead of telling you straight up can i give you this instead? Tale As Old As Times
  5. hahaha im pretty sure im old enough though too bad i was not a fastball fan though the melody does sounds familiar and @CamelKnight guess your age!!! i'm can you tell why im happy?
  6. Listening to Jason Zhang Jie version of ' Brunor Mars = Just the way you are"
  7. im suddenly reminded of this particular song a song that i always enjoy A thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton
  8. MV by Gamers with the song 'Scream' by Glay & Exile
  9. I love another and also listening to glay&exile - scream because they make a gaming mv out of it and they match it real good....I look it up and show u later when I got home ^_* I'm used to be a mmorpg addict lols
  10. like the cast first and then the story that flows with it....i probably skip it a bit more to wait for all the episodes to finish airing before i marathon it thru again
  11. remind me of diablo lols
  12. Cause they want her to forever stay in the 'nation lol sister' image
  13. no worries we have alot here that will help each other fill one another glasses
  14. actually there will be 'nothing' after this....they will be seen as keep their distance in the public it is to be expected....however while they might not be seen in the public or have gathering that involved them pretty sure that they will keep in touch....after all we are in the modern world how many chat platform do you have on your smart phone