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  1. angelangie

    Add and Subtract Game

  2. too much times travelling i think....it is almost like tunnel
  3. angelangie

    Add and Subtract Game

    558 welcome back lols
  4. angelangie

    Add and Subtract Game

    562 nah its alright my dear lols.....im almost everywhere....and someone had complain about it before that she ( @packmule3) said she couldnt find me everywhere
  5. angelangie

    Add and Subtract Game

    @mouse007 didnt i posted that yesterday? 570
  6. well WuXin didnt time travel....however i guess it wasnt that really that obvious right?
  7. angelangie

    Add and Subtract Game

  8. no more.....total episodes only 20
  9. ah......i havent really pick it up lols.....maybe after watching 'Well Intended Love' its kinda hard for you to take another drama so soon?
  10. yea the fluff is really too much lols.... i know im considering too ......lols notice no one actually take note of this series...... i wonder if we are having too much Rom-com recently lols
  11. angelangie

    Sometimes I Wonder....

    nothing is wrong....just reminiscing how it will be.....how it will be if he is still around..... sometimes i wonder will we have a better life or actually with him not around i actually learn to be more appreciative of life
  12. we never find someone like that in real life....anyway in drama land why not? main reason we watch drama was to escape from the real life anyway ....for me at least lols.....oh well i never really care or judge about the artist acting skills much....as i dont set any bar for anyone lols... as long as they can convince me or at the very least my eyes can accept it then....that its lols i think u will prefer the movie version better for this....as it show the struggle for XiaoNai before they make it big....and WeiWei and the rest of the 3 buddies was right in there with XiaoNai to make it work..... i really got to thanks @caranita for this....as she was the one who pointed out the movie version.....and somehow i prefer the way it was projected in the movie version better.....as it show a more independent WeiWei and wasnt so soft.....i mean girls who play games arent not that soft spoken to begin with lols......maybe in my mind sets..... no offense to those lady like girls lols....im sure there are more....girls player out there when i didnt watch the movie version i'm awestruck with the drama version however after watching it i feel that the movie version definitely had a better story lines..... however one think.....YangYang fit a better avatar for XiaoNai....i think BoRan avatar doesnt look that good with White hair lols.....maybe cause YangYang is almost like person who walk right out of a manga to begin with for me
  13. angelangie

    Add and Subtract Game

  14. angelangie

    [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] The Legends 招摇

    thanks.... i havent pick up the drama so i was confuse for a moment..... its great to get the things straighten out lols
  15. angelangie

    Sandra Ma 马思纯 Official Thread

    yea i notice that it was already filmed since 2016 when i look it up.....well at least it is finally able to see the light