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  1. @aishal pls check and see if you want to update this thread page starter to reflect your title, pls do not just post a link only.
  2. 670 so are we back to + / - 2? lols
  3. zhao liying always managed to give good vibes with her co-star
  4. @thunderman1 seems like we have a short wait... they should be airing around June accordingly to the latest updates from @minoku2209
  5. right now? waiting for Princess Agent
  6. no more 2nd season.....usually 2nd season drama are more towards the drama that ends at 12 episodes
  7. 530
  8. 470
  9. 460
  10. lols she is shipable with lots of ppl not to mention they are trying hard to create the ship for luhan and her though im not in favor of that i prefer her partner in 'Diamond Lover' though want to see another collaborations between them two with them as a lead this times
  11. 440 slacks lols i dont remember my acc i think lols
  12. 440
  13. 450
  14. sometimes it take one film or one series to shot one into stardom glad it did for him
  15. maybe im just greedy? lols.... no ZS didnt acknowledge the sister but he didnt directly apologize either even though it was him who deliver the letter....guess that was the deal the sister requested.....but the hospital did gave her the money she request because the lawyer hold a piece of picture over DrYang head... :/ well JinDong is really good....i admire him since 'Candle in the Tomb' and well i do not think that they will use Bai Baihe for 2nd season despite her solid acting due to some controversy between her and her husband....she was caught cheating :x