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  1. @Han Hoang @AntyPinkPanda lols found a clip thought u girls will like it
  2. guys do talk behind girls too lols
  3. 788 @CamelKnight funny how both the same number ended up at the top of the page
  4. here it is the most of the 'Eternal Love' cast is in it too
  5. 788 hahaha yes we did move a lil
  6. first we would advise u to stop quoting her.....and we have been keeping track as much as we can, just click on the reports buttons and we will take care of the rest, and best way to deal with her is to ignore her....because you are taking her digs which is why she kept coming back.... just click on the report button if we are not around and when we are back online we will take care of her Thanks. angelangie @LavelyShai
  7. hahahah yea they run if they saw us together....unless they are in a group for if 2 v 2 we will still take them out
  8. this song really brought back memories
  9. i wished lols....she is in Singapore and i'm in Malaysia
  10. @seasons32 no one in particular rumors is everywhere after GE breakup so there is always disturbance.... just leaving some message so that no one keep bringing bad vibes over
  11. oh she is good in that role :x and also she wore jealousy cloak like her own skin