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  1. angelangie

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  2. yes he was very cynical about thing...and also due to how he was brought up.....he was left on his own to grow up....his dad care more about developing his arts skill rather than raising a son.... his mom care more about the husband rather than raising a son........ he was left to his own device and his own issues all alone.....he was clever enough on how to develop as well as how to horn his business skills all by himself....hence the company he had now.....it was all his own doing not his parents..... his parents gave him the chance for education.....and also probably they were financially well supported for a bit with his dad arts skills which was well recognize....other than that....im not sure what else the parent taught him
  3. angelangie

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  4. yes true..... XueTong and ChengHe relationship is really sweet and steady flow....there are things that ChengHe pull back because of the gap.....and also how ChengHe restraints himself because he really does love XueTong is sweet.... one of my biggest complain is that the way they handle things is really immature to certain extend while i had expected ChengHe to be able to up the scale a little and was left with little disappointment when he didnt since he is the the 'Old Mu' in the relationship lols i guess there are more to the relationship than meet the eyes on this
  5. not worry just reminding u guys on this.... we have too much uproar...sometimes not to be disappointed best not to compare too much....then u will be able to enjoy more on the drama by itself
  6. @pad-hari i think this is set for Jan/28 broadcast date
  7. yea ....they seems to conquer the market in China recently lols...........
  8. i remember seeing both Chen PiPi & Song YiRen attending an event for Bestores.....however no mention of the production filming i hope the reveal the full cast of the rest of EverNight2 soon.....they keeping too much of a tight lid when most of the things are already out in the open
  9. angelangie

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  10. so from what you stating we are going to have an open ending? lols oh well i watch that when i get home later.....not wise to watch during working hours where i will ended up cursing and my boss come after me with an axe
  11. im parallel on the 4 of them.... each have their own story however i dont like QiQi the most...... while BaiLi is cute....i couldnt fathom or understand why she love that bf of his....instead of the Senior Li who always stood by her side and being there for her..... XiaoTang is very sophisticated and very independent however not much of emphasize was spotted into her..... i like or would say prefer watching XueTong the most....she is cute and naive in a certain way....her way of handling the relationship in between ChengHe and herself is really not at her best....however i can only excuse it as this is her very first real relationship..... there are still many ppl watching it....i hope im not giving away too much spoiler?
  12. u will like it the WeiQing had always stay in doubt because of the way his mother treated him....even his own mother doesnt know that her son suffer....she shut her son out because of her husband death where she put the blame solely on him.... the father tried to right the wrong they did toward the son....however it was left too late with too little times....and fate had to play the prank on them as just as the dad realize how wrong he is in their treatment toward WeiQing, the God had decided to take away whatever times he had left and gave him a swift ending..... so in a sense he is too use to ppl going after him for what he was able to give them....and he thought that money could solve everything and kept his illness hidden away.....however once WeiQing really open to ZhouShi you will see another obstacle....however you will like it like me and @Jafstar .... bk then there was only 2 of us going insane on this series
  13. Guys.....can i remind not mix the drama with book again? we dont want a repetition of 'Ever Night'
  14. nope i didnt..... and i bing watch the whole 24 episodes.....im glad they cut it short to be honest....instead of the 30 episodes previously.....we can do without the separations in between :x