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  1. Let's us all stay happy and I honestly love all their interaction whether there are more towards them or basically is their admiration for each on their dedication for the arts they both share Besides we are all happy and mature campers hehehe
  2. hmm i thought BBJX was in China? Nicky nowadays had already located to China if im not wrong.... @akinahana89 ix BBJX in Taiwan or China?
  3. lols 2 days in a roll....i say Taiwan Fans are really really LUCKY!!!
  4. at the rate of their screams definite is APPROVAL SEAL!!
  5. yes we need one right NOW!! when i saw @akinahana89 message i just got home and u know what my uncle called me!!! i had to talk to him first ROFL
  6. GG on the Milk Magazine and she even posted the pictures in the magazine cr: GG FB Jan/08/19 - 12.09pm (TST) 1.09pm (KST) MilkX❤️一月 (Milk, January) 好喜歡喔 (Really like it) 好不一樣 (Its really different) 你們喜歡哪樣的ᴳᴱᴹᴹᴬ?(You guys like which styles of Gemma?) #特別的組合 (Special Unit) #謝謝MILKX (Thanks Milkx)
  7. hahaha no worries it is alright to be delulu right now
  8. Where Are We Going, Dad? 爸爸去哪儿 Where Are We Going, Dad? (Chinese: 爸爸去哪儿; pinyin: Bàba qù nǎ'r) is a Chinese reality TV show broadcast on Hunan Television. Spin off from the original South Korean reality show Dad! Where Are We Going? the 1st season debuted on 11 October 2013 featuring five fathers and their children as they travel to rural places. The series had been a hit that, they had now had up to season 4, however season had a slight tweet from the first 3 seasons, where they had a mix, of real dads and interim dads. In Season 4 also we had a returning dad Tian Liang from season 1, however this times he is in the show together with his son instead of his elder daughter. Info Credits:,_Dad%3F_(TV_series) Official YouTube Channel: (English Subs) Official Facebook Page: Pictures Credits: As tagged
  9. Hmm Longer Preview 2 years and counting lols wonder when this will be air
  10. hehehe and seems like JoonGi dont give up on any chance to stand besides our lady too
  11. hehehhe am i seeing what am i suppose to see? and im not dreaming right? oh what the hell....2017 to another lvl of delulu ROFL hahahahaha
  12. even their back view look good together hope im not too late to the party....had a tiring day for the past couples of weeks been catching up on my sleep ROFL