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  1. angelangie

    Zhang han 张翰

    hahhaa i cant take the full credit as without my Michesso Family back then...it wont happen
  2. angelangie

    Zhang han 张翰

    not sure if the subs is still there lols......we dont it some times back lols..... but to be honest with you some of the CGI really not very good
  3. angelangie

    Add and Subtract Game

  4. angelangie

    Zhang han 张翰

    of course i watch it....while to be honest with you GG was a lil stiff to begin with.....but she got better and of course zhang han was absolutely the prefect jealous bf to the boots lols did i told you that there were a group of us that got so crazy that we did the subtitles for the whole drama we were the first team to sub the whole drama
  5. angelangie

    Zhang han 张翰

    i only watch the first parts.....the 2nd parts.....er.....
  6. angelangie

    An Yue Xi 安悦溪 Official Thread

    so now they set to bend period with space?
  7. angelangie

    [Official Thread] Dilraba Dilmurat [迪丽热巴]

    Dilraba with her wax figurines feature 'Flame Daughter" Cr: as tagged
  8. honestly.....i didnt really pay attention to Lei.....i'm more into ShanCai....i find this shancai is very gusty even though a lil unsure of herself from times to times but im loving how ShenYue portrayed of ShanCai is coming out to be
  9. angelangie

    [Official Thread] Shen Yue 沈月

    Shen Yue On July Choc Cr: As tagged
  10. hahaha i watch first two episodes right now lols.....well DMS been known to be childish lols.... at the beginning ShanCai suppose to be in love with Lei, Lei is suppose to be poker face and soft and this Lei seems to fit it well....he is also gentle which is why ShanCai fall for him in the first place
  11. yes and Henry forget that he had meet GG before this show lols.....
  12. angelangie

    Add and Subtract Game

  13. i take it up later hehehe
  14. angelangie

    amazing hunt

    lols.....yea i always use the same DP