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  1. 534 @CatchMine_ID send her my prayers and also Hi to her since she is awake now
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  3. erm i'm not too sure about pick it up as yet lols 568
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  8. Just to top up what @40somethingahjumma had said above....i'm aware of these disturbance which is why you are seeing me delurking despite the fact that I'm not up to date on the episodes as yet.... we are a very small community here and everyone has a right to air their views....there will be times we are frustrated with the characters in the drama for either the plots drags or maybe how it was in the drama....however i hope you guys can accept everyone views despite the facts that it will clashes with your very own.... when the ideas & views crash...debates will happen but pls no personal attack and no personal criticism against members....I'm not posting the official reminder here for lets us all move on
  9. hahaha i most dramas they have these phases....together forcefully....then turn away then forgive and then so madly in love and together with so much sweetness that it will give the viewers quite a number of toothache lols
  10. i had skip the series for a bit lols....cause i want to let it get to the part where XE forgive and decided to go with YWY before i decided to pick up....again..... Hope u guys didnt think i abandon it as i had been keeping tab but just quiet....
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  13. to be honest too force.....they are pairing them together too hard....i dunno :/
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