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  1. Indeed, no animal is capable of human cruelty. Now that we've talked about animals and pets, I suddenly remembered that NSIII has a pet robot. The only kind of bromance I need is this
  2. @bebebisous33 Dear, I completely agree with you and haven't question NSIII. I was actually trying to be his advocate in my previous comment. Guess my English needs working on, sorry if I confused anyone. That bold part is exactly what I wanted to convey.
  3. I definitely understand why people want SB with the human NS, I'm not fully against it either but so far I'm on NSIII's side. The bold part I would agree with if only our robot was only an artificial being obeying its programming. At the end of the day, that's what we call robots and that's how we've seen them in real life. I think this drama raises some very interesting question by making NSIII ultimately a sentient being that can feel emotions. If you think about it, the main things that make humans superior are the brain/mind and feelings. If so, then NSIII has it all. Obviously, his 'brain' is superior to humans, but he can analyse information, situations and people and make his own humanlike judgment. Plus he can also feel emotions, maybe on a more basic level, but the ability is still there. At this point, even his creator doesn't know how he 'works'. The doctor said that he's can't believe there's a robot that 'grows'. The mom said that "the things that happen in the trigeminal nerve can never be known for sure". While she did create his core with electronic parts, we were shown how the muscles, nerves and tissues grew on that metallic core. He's basically only partially robot. So what exactly makes him a lesser thing if he's a sentient being with emotions and he's self-evolving just like humans. Personally, it doesn't sit well with me that I have to treat a being with feelings like a thing to use or just a robot made for our disposal. While the word robot does fit NSIII's description, the definition is honestly lacking in this particular case. Anything that has feelings is not something I can consider as just simply a thing. This is also why the way everyone treats him like a thing and disregards his wants and need has been pissing me off so very much. It's also why I can't see any bromance between NSIII and JYH.
  4. Actually, transforming into version 4 is the most positive scenario I can think of right now. Seems highly unlikely that NSIII won't get hurt in the upcoming episodes. I'm more worried that at some point NS's mom will be forced to choose between her human son and NSIII. What she'll do in such a situation is scary, because she said so herself that she can do much worse for her son. It'll be especially tragic if NSIII will be able to feel emotions.
  5. Just watched the first episodes and I'm so in love with this drama already. Seo Kang Joon is fantastic in his role. I'm a bit surprised about the character of the female lead but surely they'll develop her more in the upcoming episodes. Love Gong Seung Yeon though, she has mesmerizing eyes. So far I don't really like the human Nam Shin, though I expected to love the robot more. If the robot Nam Shin can actually feel or produce emotions then I'm on his team for sure. If that's the case, I'm gonna flip a table if the writer makes the robot Nam Shin sacrifice himself for the human Nam Shin and make the female lead end up with him instead of the robot Nam Shin, whom she fell in love with. Though that's a cliche ending (that I've sadly seen before), I have faith that the writer has much more in store than that.
  6. I think he was running like that not because he suddenly had a change of heart and fell in love, but because he realised that she was the one, who tried to commit suicide on the bridge. So he realised that he said all those horrible things to a suicidal person (well that's what he thinks) and he was afraid that she might do something drastic and his hurtful words might force her to commit suicide for real this time. Well that's how I understood the scene. Still weird how he looked at her after he found her on the bridge, like he was actually considering her as a potential "love of his life", like the fortune cookie said.
  7. @triplem Absolutely agree with everything you said. I just can't imagine why BY or anyone would choose MH over JW. If I just compare their personalities only (without putting a face on them or without taking into consideration the actors) there's just no way to I'd choose someone like MH if it was real life. Just imagining such a person next to me is exasperating. If I was in BY's shoes I'd be disappointed in myself for even liking him at some point in my life. I'm a bit sad that Jang Dong Yoon was given such a character to play because I like him a lot. Don't know where the writers are going with MH as a character. It wouldn't kill the story if they toned him down a bit.
  8. @Miky88 About that spirit, maybe it is her grandma. I watched episode 4 with Russian subs and when Dan Ah and Jae In went on that island, the grandma (who eventually died) had recognised Dan Ah as the lost girl from the past and said that her grandma was the most powerful shaman in the village. So maybe that's where Dan Ah's powers come from as well as the spirit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Just watched the latest episode and I feel sorry for prosecutor Joo Ha Min. I really like his character and the actor is doing a great job but it seems like his character is up for a tragic ending. I just feel it and it's disappointing. Realistically speaking he's done some questionable things but I enjoyed the little moments between him, Kim Dan and Chun Jae In. If it was a different drama, I would've wanted them to form a team and punish the bad guys together but since it's OCN and because of the drama's current direction it seems impossible right now. Anybody watching it RAW?
  10. I'm late to the party. Well, judging from the preview, JD will tenderly touch SJ's face for whatever reason. Plus I expect lots of fluffy-funny moments on that couples gathering they'll go. Can't wait to see them acting like a couple madly in love. That's gonna be entertaining and I expect there to be some hand holding, hugging and maybe even a kiss on the cheek to keep the pretence going. I also want them to talk to each other more, to open up.
  11. Saw the latest episodes and so far I like where they are going with this story. Eric's character is so funny, the guy is seriously the highlight of this drama. The only thing that I dislike is the number of shitty people that I want to choke. I lost count of how many times I wanted to throw them off a cliff in the latest episodes. The fact that HJS's brother forged the documents to get her land made my blood boil. I can't wait for the moment when she disowns her family. Gosh...I'm still angry at them. As for the seconds female lead, I prayed hard for her not to end up a spoiled brat, but my prayers fell on deaf ears. What do you guys think about her?
  12. Don't know about discrimination laws in Korea, but it's true that employers can check their candidates' medical records. Pretty crazy but that's exactly the reason why people are afraid to go to a psychiatrist. As for the drama as a whole, I regret watching both episodes today because I like it so so much, the wait till Saturday will be painful. There's something about cohabitation and fake marriage plots that always works for me. Didn't expect the drama to have dark elements as well but that's a pleasant surprise. Overall, the drama's fun to watch, it really fits my mood too.