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  1. Honestly, human NS looked so threatening in that last scene. I was afraid he'd hit SB again but thankfully RoboShin appeared and diffused the situation. Is that scene I thought that both YN and human NS were pretty similar in the way they treat the people who are below them...
  2. @triplem @bebebisous33 I agree with both of you about mom. While I am conflicted most of the time about her character, lately my opinion has been shifting more towards the negative side. Right now I think that she is becoming more and more like grandpa. No wonder he doesn't even mind her working at the company. I don't think it's solely based on the fact that he thinks her appearance affects Shin in a good way but also because he saw that she's not much different. As a person (not taking into account her mom status) she seems like a difficult person to deal with. Mom seems to be a person that thinks everything should go either how she wants or nowhere at all. She's sweet and nice when everything is how she wants but the moment something goes against her wishes she'll bite. I can understand that as a mother she'll do anything for her child but as a person, I don't like her and as a scientist, I don't like her as well. The scene when Yena went to mom to complain about Robo Shin was telling. I was so bothered by what she said to Robo Shin, that she made him to be perfect and he was perfect so far, so why is he acting up. That statement showed her ego as a scientist. First of all, nothing made by humans can be perfect; things made by an imperfect being cannot be perfect. As a programmer, I can somewhat understand the WTF moment when a program doesn't behave the way I've programmed it, but here it was more than that on her part. I've worked in IT security and hacked things here and there to check for vulnerabilities, and the first thing you learn is that no program is perfect. If t it appears to be perfect that just means we haven't found it's flaw yet. So mom, as a person working in robotics, is all over the place with her feelings. She's irrational and at this point, I'd say dangerous because she can cause a lot of harm with her erratic feelings. @bebebisous33 I also think that the way mom treats Robo Shin has a lot to do with her guilt towards NS. She'll have a lot of problems ahead of her when human Shin wakes up. The fact that she wasn't there when her son grew up and went through puberty will be a big obstacle because she hasn't experienced the difficulties of parenting. She hasn't seen her kid acting out, rebelling, upsetting her and doing things she doesn't want him to do. So when human Shin wakes up she'll experience a rude awakening. He also has a strong personality just like her, so they will eventually clash. How she'll react to that will determine her trajectory as a character. Hopefully, David will act as a voice of reason. By the way, I guess we're up for some major changes for SB as a character since she'll get a new haircut. At least that's what I learned from years of watching Kdramas. Here I think it actually suits her character. SB's current hair is kinda messy and all over the place just like her behaviour. The new hair looks neat and... um, calm? I guess she'll finally decide what she'll do and commit to it fully. She seems more determined with this new hair.
  3. I guess the wedding will happen but I hope something goes wrong and they won't actually proceed with it. At this point I feel sorry for the human Shin. Just imagine waking up to such a mess and getting to know that these people have decided your life for you. That is honestly quite scary. I really hate the mom at this point and feel sorry for David. He doesn't know about the kill switch and he truly cherished Robo Shin and treats him like is son. Imagine how betrayed and disappointed he will be, when he gets to know what mom has done.
  4. Here's the link - https://search.naver.com/search.naver?where=nexearch&sm=tab_etc&query=kbs2 편성표 but there's nothing positive now. It's best to look at their schedule on Sunday because they have a tendency to change it up quite a bit.
  5. I guess they want to even out the episodes so that from next week it can return to normal schedule. World cup is listed for Tuesday's drama timeslot again.
  6. No episode on Tuesday this week too. At least on Monday, it'll air at 22:00 as usual. Hopefully, that'll return the ratings to the previous high numbers.
  7. Yes, no episode today because of FIFA World Cup.
  8. And this richard simmons me off even more. The company has always been NS's prison that he tried hard to escape. And what now? By protecting his position at the company she basically plans to put him back in that prison when he wakes up. About NSI and NSII, they at least maintained their memories and experiences in the new version, but kill switch will wipe NS III out completely, not even leaving any traces of his existence...
  9. I don't have a problem with mom installing a kill switch in her robots. She is a scientist and couldn't predict how her AI inventions would behave, so it was natural to install such a manual kill switch for added safety of everyone. What I do have a problem with is mom's overall attitude. The fact that she speaks so lightly about destroying NSIII is very iffy. I mean people get attached to inanimate objects because they're precious memory. Here she spent 20 years with NS the robot, yet she is able to destroy her creation in a blink of an eye if NS says a word. Yea, it'll create problems when NS wakes up since NSIII has his face, but she could at least give him a new body and not just get rid of him. Here is where I don't understand her as a scientist. i still keep my first ever program that I've coded because it's important to me even though it's crappy. So that is something that I don't understand. Even if we get rid of the emotional aspect, NS III is still the work of her life. As a professional I don't get how she can get rid of it all. Heck, in that scene even YH looked more sympathetic towards NSIII that his "mom". What I also don't like about mom, is that at this point she got involved in the power play, it's beyond the point of protecting her son. Everytime she says how she needs to "protect NS's position at the company" I just cringe. David was right, the 4 of them could've returned to Czech republic and lived a comfortable life, but mom essentially traded NSIII not for her son's safety but for his position's safety. By the way, David is my favorite character in this story. I really hope that he will be the voice of reason for mom and will protect NS III together with SB. How ironic that NS III the robot will end up being more human than the surrounding humans; how SB, whom everyone disliked, will end up getting her humanity back because of a robot and becoming a person everyone roots for; how initially sympathetic characters will end up losing their humanity. Basically nothing is what it seems with in this drama and I love it. I also came to the conclusion that I don't want the drama to take a realistic turn at the very end but instead just give us at least a "not sad" ending for NSIII, NS and SB.
  10. WTH, international version didn't have the part where NSIII looked up breakup advice. makes me upset that if I hadn't checked out the Korean version, I would've missed such a great scene. Still don't get why there's a need for two versions...
  11. New stills from today's episode: By the way, in the previous stills that @butterflyeffect has posted NS III wears the same shirt as in the scene with the umbrella from the trailer, where SB says that he'll be her personal robot. Hopefully we'll see it in today's episode.
  12. I'm against the idea of merging the memories of NS and NS III. They are two separate entities. It would be too messed up for my taste. Lol, I became a fangirl ones more. Indeed an awesome edit. SKJ has a very emotive face and eyes.
  13. Based on KBS2 broadcasting schedule (https://search.naver.com/search.naver?where=nexearch&sm=tab_etc&query=kbs2 편성표) there 's no episodes on Tuesday, only FIFA world cup.
  14. Some more spoilers. (I'm not sure if these have been posted before, if yes then sorry) credits: dc gallery
  15. Here are the pictures @butterflyeffect mentioned: credits: dc gall
  16. Based on the teasers it seems that we'll have at least two kiss scenes and something tells me they are both with NSIII: And in this scene, it almost seems like NSIII is so confused with SB, as if no one has ever been this worried about him. Last but not least, a collection of NSIII's lie detector wink: credit: as tagged
  17. @juju84 I feel the same way, really hate it when they cancel episodes. At least last week we got two episodes. Other stations cancelled their shows. Some pictures of filming locations: This BTS on vlive http://www.vlive.tv/video/75657 contains some scenes from the upcoming episodes.
  18. Bad news, guys. Episode 9 will be one hour late on Monday and will air at 23:00. No episode on Tuesday due to the FIFA world cup. Just checked KBS schedule on Naver.
  19. While we're waiting for Monday to come, I'm gonna post some goodies I found at Korean websites. Take a closer look at Nam Shin's home. Looks neat. And a couple of stills:
  20. @jerboa83 Thanks for always posting these music videos. I really enjoy watching them since they usually contain the scenes I want to rewatch, plus it's a great way to discover new songs. I really liked this particular video, everything blended so well together and the song is perfect. I can't wait for Monday to come. It's been quite a while since I've been so obsessed with a drama.
  21. I did and honestly, I still doubt him. I think he's not as simple as he wants others to believe. Maybe not a bad guy but he seems to have his own agenda. We haven't seen his backstory yet, so it's hard to tell where does his loyalty for NS come from. On the other hand, he seemed quite calm even after NS III checked him with the lie detector.
  22. @bebebisous33 Yea, I thought so too. There was actually another scene in episode 3 or 4, where NSIII came home and greeted the little robot cleaner with a "Hello friend". That scene felt while cute was even more heartbreaking. I felt his loneliness through the screen.
  23. Indeed, no animal is capable of human cruelty. Now that we've talked about animals and pets, I suddenly remembered that NSIII has a pet robot. The only kind of bromance I need is this
  24. @bebebisous33 Dear, I completely agree with you and haven't question NSIII. I was actually trying to be his advocate in my previous comment. Guess my English needs working on, sorry if I confused anyone. That bold part is exactly what I wanted to convey.
  25. I definitely understand why people want SB with the human NS, I'm not fully against it either but so far I'm on NSIII's side. The bold part I would agree with if only our robot was only an artificial being obeying its programming. At the end of the day, that's what we call robots and that's how we've seen them in real life. I think this drama raises some very interesting question by making NSIII ultimately a sentient being that can feel emotions. If you think about it, the main things that make humans superior are the brain/mind and feelings. If so, then NSIII has it all. Obviously, his 'brain' is superior to humans, but he can analyse information, situations and people and make his own humanlike judgment. Plus he can also feel emotions, maybe on a more basic level, but the ability is still there. At this point, even his creator doesn't know how he 'works'. The doctor said that he's can't believe there's a robot that 'grows'. The mom said that "the things that happen in the trigeminal nerve can never be known for sure". While she did create his core with electronic parts, we were shown how the muscles, nerves and tissues grew on that metallic core. He's basically only partially robot. So what exactly makes him a lesser thing if he's a sentient being with emotions and he's self-evolving just like humans. Personally, it doesn't sit well with me that I have to treat a being with feelings like a thing to use or just a robot made for our disposal. While the word robot does fit NSIII's description, the definition is honestly lacking in this particular case. Anything that has feelings is not something I can consider as just simply a thing. This is also why the way everyone treats him like a thing and disregards his wants and need has been pissing me off so very much. It's also why I can't see any bromance between NSIII and JYH.