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  1. BTS from episode 4. It's so nice to see how much fun everyone has while filming. The kiss scene underwater seemed pretty hard to film.
  2. @ellelyana88 Agreed, I also can sort of understand where k-netz are coming from. While I understand what JYM is saying her pronunciation sound just a tad bit off. It doesn't distract me at all and I think that she fits the role of a doctor very well. It's just that during her scenes I suddenly thought that she sounds a bit like people who recently gotten their veneers, like her jaw is always tense. But again no offense to her or her fans, just a curious observation. As for the drama itself, I must say that it's just my cup of tea. Ghost was a little bit too gory for me, but this is just right up my alley.
  3. @gm4queen That scene was heartbreaking for the both of them. I think DI decided to sacrifice himself in order to save YW after that talk with CW. What a fool! YW also sensed that he's planning something bad and now I'm afraid that she also might do something stupid to stop SWH.
  4. I think her body is rotting away slowly. That's why she remembered her caretaker's words about finding a new body because this won't last long. If you think about, there's no way her body would be able to function after years of being in a coma. She was stabbed by DI and her own mom, so she sustained a lot of damage and her body is being controlled by SWH's angry spirit, but it won't last long like this. So now she'll need YW's body to survive and that's where the talk about killing YW if she gets possessed by SWH came from. The writer sure likes to torture DI and YW's characters, that's so cruel.
  5. Just a little note on my part about the title of the preview. This 여울이는... 너 때문에 죽을 거야 would translate to this "Yeo Wool... will die because of you".
  6. Oh, I didn't notice that. You're very attentive to details. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that number 4 is the unlucky number in Korea much like 13 in other countries. source: https://thekoreanway.wordpress.com/2011/06/30/do-you-know-koreas-unlucky-number/
  7. Oh, I hope that won't happen. It'll be so cruel both for the character and the viewers. Actually, the more I think about what could possibly affect SWH, the more her mom seems perfect for the job. If her mom would try to protect SWH and die in the process or if SWH presented her with the same choice as the other and mom chose to die for her, I think that might somewhat shake her up a bit. I mean that's the whole point - no one has ever sacrificed for her. She tested her dad and even he chose to live and let her die, so maybe if the mom will sacrifice herself for SWH this might be the breaking point. If she didn't feel anything even when killing the caretaker then the only people she might still somewhat care about are the people from her past and the only one alive is her mom.
  8. I loved everything about that scene and when he brushed her hair once more before going into the room and disappearing the second time. It's great to see that he doesn't restrain himself that much after finding out that he's still alive. Before that, whenever he wanted to comfort YW when she was crying, he always stopped himself. Maybe it was because he thought that since he's dead it would be better to keep a distance so that when he disappears for good no one will get hurt. Now, since he found out that he's still alive it somewhat elevated his worries. Seeing how worried YW was when he disappeared has also affected him so now it feels like he's more open about his feelings.
  9. Filming pics, because there's clearly not enough of them. I love her, she a great character to have around the leads.
  10. Hi there everyone, I've been lurking silently in this thread. I'm sorry to say but Da Il and SWH are not related. From what I understood SWH'm mother ran away from home, then the dad started drinking heavily and was burdened with raising SWH and her little brother. So one day he prepared two Cola bottles for himself and SWH. He said that it'll be all over when they drink it, they'll all end up dead and this will be the end of their suffering. SWH asked for food first and while her dad went to give her a sandwich she switched the bottles. At first, she thought that they'd all die but in the end, she was the only one who survived. Her dad actually planned to kill both of his kids and live without the burden. SWH's caretaker (now dead) managed to write the word "omma" as in "mother" on the wall of his cell before he was killed. So what we were shown is that he couldn't kill Da Il that night and instead, he brought him to SWH's mom. So now Da Il is in SWH's mom's apartment. When she saw that he woke up the woman took a syringe and tried to kill Da Il - that's the cliffhanger.
  11. nateko

    Lee Ha Na 이하나

    Look at new pictures Ha Na posted on her instagram. She looks so pretty in bright colors.
  12. nateko

    [Drama 2018] Voice 2, 보이스2

    @Aya Hong No, KW didn't kill BJS 'yet'. He beat him up and shot him in the leg but BJS was still alive when the backup team came. KW cried because 1) he thinks KJ is dead because of the explosion and he couldn't save her + 2) because he remembered whatever the hell happened in his childhood with Miho.
  13. nateko

    [Drama 2018] The Player, 플레이어

    Is anyone watching this? Is it good? I've yet to check it out, but just wondering if it's worth it.
  14. nateko

    [Drama 2018] Voice 2, 보이스2

    I'm with you on this one. The more time has passed, the more I believe that she'll be alive. Now that I've managed to look at the situation without emotions getting in the way, I think that it would be out-of-this-world ridiculous for her to end up dead. So now I feel pretty calm. About KW, honestly, I really don't want him to become evil because I feel sorry for the guy. After all that he's been through, after fighting himself to stay on the righteous path for him to suddenly become evil is just too much. I can't imagine how he'll suddenly go back to daddy dearest after all the torment he felt. Besides, we already have two villains - dad and the younger man that was in the car with him.
  15. nateko

    [Drama 2018] Voice 2, 보이스2

    Video of the cast arriving to the wrap-up party. They're cute.