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  1. Although YJ has been updating her IG about the music and food she enjoys but I am so looking forward to see her face. I guess she will be in the "reviewing the project" state till she announces her decision about her contract. I shall patiently wait for good news:) Meantime, let's continue to post nice pictures and videos of YJ. Here's one from me:) I re-watched it and realise that YJ has at least a wish being fulfilled. Credit to uploader
  2. Thank you:) I will check it out.
  3. Credit to uploads Even though I don't know what YJ was talking about but her expressions and dancing skill already impressed me much:) Any idea what's the title of this drama? Wish to find one with subtitlles. Enjoy!
  4. YJ has a pair of big, expressive and attractive eyes! Adding on to these, her sexy mole near her left eye further enhance her beautiful eyes and makes her even more irresistible:) So mesmerising
  5. Credit to uploader What's Allets?
  6. Credit to uploader Swipe to see more pictures of pretty YJ.
  7. Credit to uploader So sweet:)
  8. I've mixed feelings about Mr Sunshine .... it's going to be a big project no doubt but I kind of lost interest when the male lead was announced. The scriptwriter is popular but I also read that she's over-rated and frankly I didn't watch both her last 2 big hits so the 'over-rated' comment is just what I read:) My only wish for JM is that she will select her next drama soon and hopefully in a right role, good co-partners and production.
  9. Credit to uploader
  10. Credit to uploader
  11. Credit to uploader Pretty YJ
  12. Credit to uploader
  13. My guess is she was teasing the lady, who is one of her good friends. Think she's a stylist. Well, if anyone can translate, I'll be thankful:)
  14. Credit to uploader YJ's career experience is no joke.. at such young age, she has indeed done plenty!
  15. Credit to uploader Haha, JM is not in this photo but the fact that she liked it makes me happy. Wish she and GY will collaborate again soon:) JM put a comment but I don't read Korean language:(