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  1. Credit to uploader Wonder what program this is? She is just so adorable:)
  2. Credit to uploader No caption required, just look at the hand (love) sign.
  3. Credit to uploader
  4. Credit to uploader Cute YJ! This actor (who played her father in the movie) is rather active in theatre works.... If YJ is now interested in this area, I'm sure she will get the opportunity to stand on a professional stage one day:)
  5. Credit to uploaders Beautiful YJ:)
  6. I just read at Baidu that JM & co have rejected the drama role..... not sure where they got the info from but their news are usually reliable. Credit to Baidu HJM
  7. I think I will too, every princesses movie:) Credit to uploaders
  8. Credit to uploaders Reposting the second IG because of the caption. That man could be YJ's dad:)
  9. Credit to uploader This updated version is really good so do allow me to share it here:)
  10. Credit to uploader This updated version is very good:)
  11. JM's latest IG update. Credit to HJM
  12. Credit to uploader
  13. Credit to uploader is this congratulatory wreath from her agency??
  14. Credit to uploader
  15. Credit to uploader I'm re-posting this because this scene gives me the most feel about YJ's excellent acting. I read that her role has no dialogue but just crying scenes. Looking at her expression here, it just shows how good she is, even in a minor role.