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  1. Thank you! Once again, I'm impressed by how strong, mature and sensible YJ is. She is surely a young woman who thinks a lot for her future -- all in a good way:)
  2. Credit to uploader Are these pictures new or old?
  3. The total vote is indeed the most important BUT total votes are made up from the daily votes. Let's not think it's safe yet because when any of the competitor make a mass voting (which may be the tactics by keeping quiet past few days) by collecting IDs and finance. The next few days will be so crucial and I certainly hope all of us will continue to vote to widen the gap.
  4. Wow, I'm so surprised and impressed with her 2014 performance... first time watching that. Thanks for sharing! Her 'father inlaw" certainly looked very proud of her:) So happy to see her IG update. I am still waiting for her video promotion of her SG fan meeting. There should be one right? And as always, loves uriyoojungie's captions about YJ:)
  5. Credit to uploader Finally found a clip (though short) that's subbed in English.
  6. Credit to uploader and owner of caption So true!
  7. @mamun exactly what I meant, we make our own choice:)
  8. As one of BoYoo shippers, my votes will go to KYJ for the simple reason that I like to see them attend the ceremony together. Of course it will be perfect if both won the same award but as of now, we know for sure that BG will attend (someone on IG said so) and given that he is one of the nominees. However YJ will probably attend only if she won this popularity award unless she would be invited to attend as guest. If you looked at the TOTAL votes, BG is safe even if his competitors catched up on daily votes. YJ's competitors on the other hand are way too quiet and that's why it's important we widen the gap to prevent 'Attack' the last few days of the voting period. So please vote carefully:) ps I'm just giving my personal point of view and in no way trying to persuade anyone here who to vote for. After all, it's your money your choice:)
  9. @mujay I really like the posts and captions of this IG account holder "uriyoojungie". Not sure if she is active here but I like to say that her heartfelt and sincere words really show her love for YJ. I always her posts:)
  10. I've sent you a message instead. Please check if you could receive it:)
  11. Hi, I didn't receive any message from you. Can you re-send?
  12. @mujay Yes, I totally agree with you about the voting. The competitors are far too quiet and that kind of scares me. I wonder what they are planning but never mind, we should just keep on voting and keep the gap as far as possible. Another 10 days - how I wish it ends on 18Apr as I originally thought:) ps note: the important vote count to note is the Total.
  13. Credit to uploader Our cutie pie:)
  14. Credit to uploader Yoo Jung-Ah, hope to see you on stage soon:)
  15. @tok-soompi I too was thinking the actors who are still eligible and may be suitable for JM after I read the PYC's wedding announcement (But not that I ship JM with him!) In actual fact, I did ship them before but when YC's scandals were reported, I was in shock and was disappointed in him. Anyway, I certainly wish JM to find a special someone soon and if she in fact already did, then I look forward to hearing good news from her:)