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  1. Apparently her pair of shoes has her initial "KYJ" at the back....probably a gift from fans. Slide the post to see. YJ is looking great and beautiful as always:) Glad to see her smiling gleefully. Credit to uploader
  2. Credit to uploader Can you spot YJ?
  3. Credit to uploader Can you spot YJ? Has she changed her hairstyle?
  4. I'm back from my holiday and there's so much I've missed! Most of all, I missed attending YJ's FM in Singapore and I know I'll be filled with regret whenever I think about it. Those attending are really (x3) lucky as they got to interact so closely with YJ. It was such a cozy and warmth event but yet full of joy and laughter..... Anyway, congratulations to the team who worked so hard to make the event so memorable for YJ! Right now, I will just wait patiently for YJ's decision on her next project:)
  5. So I'm late to the party -- from discussing her possible role in School 2017; to her airport fashion; to her FM in SIN and to her arm injury:) Putting my thoughts about her new drama role in spoiler --- hope I won't oftend any one:) And about her FM in Singapore. I wish the FM a success and am happy that there are now over 100 attendees:) Ever since I read someone her (I believe it's @mujay commented that YJ is so brave to hold a FM, it strikes me that it's indeed unusual to see an actress holding FM. Probably most actresses and the organizers know that only actors can garner more attendees as after all it's a known fact that female are more willing to pay to support their idols:) With that in mind, I think this will be a great experience for YJ and a rare opportunity to the fans who really love her. I am sure tomorrow will be a memorable event for all of them! I am sad that I am unable to attend this FM especially after the change of venue... the lucky attendees will be able to see her in closer vicinity and more opportunity to interact with her. I am so jealous and am upset with the organiser for the late announcement of her FM date!! And then there will be a H-touch for all who attends:( I'm missing all these plus not able to hear her voice in person, her singing and she in hanbok.... and many more I hope her FM will continue in other countries in near future so that I can get an opportunity to attend one:)
  6. Credit to uploader Two more:)
  7. Credit to uploader Credit to JM
  8. Credit to uploader
  9. Here it is:) This is a bonus:)
  10. Credit to uploader @mujay Moment when your bias and my bias & our beloved YJ appeared on the same occasion.... mine was closer to her Aren't we fortunate to witness such moment?
  11. Credit to JM
  12. Credit to uploader Sexy JM! I couldn't believe this is JM... till I took a second look:)
  13. I really love her photographs from the Japanese Hanryu Top Magazine. She's so beautiful:) And YJ looks fresh in her new haircut too. So envious of fans who will get to meet her this Saturday.
  14. Credit to uploader YJ & TOP:)
  15. Credit to uploaders and owners KIm/Kim and Park/Park:)