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  1. Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    Credit to uploader YJ attended VIP movie premier today to support one of her best friends Jihee:)
  2. Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    Hi, sorry I cut your post but I just want to respond to this statements:) Yes, I too interpreted the contract term to be 2-3 years only:) Hope we are right!
  3. Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    Although I am disappointed with YJ's renewal of contract news, I'm not surprised. I think at this point of YJ's life, school is more important. Sidus is probably the only one that can offer her the freedom to choose projects of her choice so she can concentrate on her school life. I certainly hope the contract term is short! We all know that YJ is matured and smart so she must have carefully thought throught it and made the decision. Judging from some of her recent IG posts, she seemed to have gone through a thinking process for some important issues (which I think this is one of them). I am sure all YJ's fans will watch over her to make sure Sidus will treat her better. Sidus better not take her loyalty and kindness for granted! ps YJ deleted her most recent IG post. Wonder why?
  4. Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    Yes, especially her pair of eyes! So mesmerising and beautiful:)
  5. Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    Unable to post pictures here but anyway Jin Jihee in her latest interview said she wishes to be in Youth over flowers or Battle trip (both travel variety shows) with her good friends YJ and KSR. It will be great if this happened:)
  6. Deleted. ps- nothing happened, just want to:)
  7. Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    Credit to uploader Read her captions - that's exactly how I feel after I re-watched the drama and especially the BTSs.
  8. Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    Credit to uploader
  9. Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    if it's indeed true that the haters bought YJ's FM tickets then I hope they won't be able to re-sell them That to me is the stupidest trick by anyone! Credit to uploader How I wish I can meet her in person:) I too love all her Fila photos.
  10. Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    I purchased the DVD Director's cut and have watched a few episodes. I really wish those deleted scenes were included in the broadcast. There are many good scenes that I believe would have enhanced the storyline and characters (especially RaOn and the bodyguard). Don't understand why they were taken out! YJ was really good in all those scenes and it is so regretful (in my opinion) that those scenes were cut. I really think YJ's achievements will be even greater if everyone could watch them. Not being biased but she's really the best in this drama. Watched the BTSs and NGs and I totally concur that YJ is a bright and cheerful girl - a vitamin on set:) She is really well-loved by everyone. And she's a real pro because she could immerse into the emotions and seems to have little problem to deliver her lines. I noticed that she could quickly get into the character and became teary on the first few takes but what we saw on TV, I think were those takes after NGs (most times by others). Although YJ is the youngest on set but at times she's the one giving encouragement to others and helping them to get into their characters too. I hope that more people will realise how good an actress she is after watching the Director's cut. ps: just want to share one NG - remember the scene where YJ and her grandpa met at the palace walkway? The one where both recognised each other by going around? The grandpa was supposed to call her "Samnom or RaOn" but instead he blurted out "Yoo-Jung ah"! LITM is so successful largely due to great teamwork of the whole production team (not by a few of them). There were laughter most times and I could feel that they are like a big family who take good care of each other in regardless of their roles. I am sure their friendship will go on for a long time or should I say, forever:) Due to the strict rules, I don't know what can or cannot be shared here but I guess giving my personal opinion should be fine:)
  11. Credit to uploader Whenever I'm in doubt with BoYoo, I will visit videos created by this Youtube owner:) Very reassuring.
  12. Actually I only asked 2 people who yoojung1318 is. I was told (many months ago) by the first person that yoojung1318 is YJ's mum's account. Therefore I followed her on IG. She would post pictures of YJ that gave me the impression that she's promoting YJ activities (since Sidus is not doing its job!). I only have doubts when yoojung1318 started to post songs and sceneries (that unlikely would post by a mother) and random photos of YJ (which normally what fans would do). When I raised my doubts, was told that probably YJ also posted on that IG account. That's when I checked with another person who is YJ's loyal fan. She too has doubts about yoojung1318 and upon checking with one Korean fan, she was told that that account belongs to a staff. I am not sure how active yoojung1318 is on IG, that is whether or not she reads other people's IG. If she does, then she would have clarified her identity if she saw posts that assumed she's YJ's mum. It will be funny if she's really just a staff. Anyway these are just my observations and opinion about yoojung1318. I have no doubts she too loves YJ very much but because of my reservation about who she really is, I find it uncomfortable to read posts that assume she's the mother of YJ. Coincidentally before I wrote what is in the spoiler, I came across this nice sentence which I like to share it here -- "Don't judge someone by the opinion of another" -- in this case my opinion of the IG account owner:) And thanks @Kissy13 for the warmth welcome:)
  13. I have been wondering if this IG account owner 'youjung1318' really belongs to YJ's mum. Been told a while ago she is but then I checked with another and was told that 'youjung1318' is just a staff member in YJ's team - as clarified by a Korean fan. Judging by what youjung1318 posted, I have doubts that YJ's mum posted them:) Still in doubt.
  14. Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    credit to uploader Great news! Maybe they can consider to add more seats?
  15. Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    Credit to uploader Wishing YooJung a very happy 14th anniversary as an actress and celebrity! I have no doubt she will celebrate many more fantastic years as she advanced not only as an even better actress but also as a young adult:) I'm so looking forward and excited to follow her growth in this area:) YJ's first FM promotional picture is now one of my favourites. For those who are going to attend this FM, they are really lucky as according to what is written in this IG post, YJ has given plenty of ideas for the FM programme. Apparently her ideas impressed the organisers as well! I'm sure it will be a great FM and how I wish I can attend! September is really YJ month and I can't wait to read more good news about her and also to see more new pictures of her:)